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The next day Rachele was at Marie's house. Normally she only wore a leotard when dancing, but now had found a new use for them. Over the leotard Rachele wore a short denim skirt and, naturally, no panties.

“Hi!” Rachele greeted as Marie opened the door. “Are we going to play again?”

“Of course,” Marie giggled as Rachele walked in, “but my Mom said she would take me to the mall. You can come and when we get back...”

“Oh... um... I only wore my leotard and skirt. I didn't bring anything else and I'll look dumb,” Rachele sighed.

“We can fix that. Come on,” Marie replied as she led Rachele to her room. Once there Marie rummaged through her closet a but and pulled out a blouse. “This will look cute with your skirt,” Marie announced.

“That's short sleeved and my leotard is long sleeved,” Rachele pointed out.

“Duh... take off your leotard!” Marie countered.

“There's another problem... I don't have anything on under my leotard,” Rachele stated.

“So what? You don't wear a bra anyway and the blouse isn't see through,” Marie countered again.

“I don't have ANYTHING on under my leotard,” Rachele repeated.

Marie smiled evilly. “Is that what's bothering you?” Marie giggled as she reached up under her skirt and her panties puddled at her feet. “What can you see?”

Rachele blushed slightly as she muttered, “Well, nothing... but...”

“No buts! You can't see anything,” Marie said as she stepped out of her panties leaving them puddled on the floor. “Don't wear any. I won't either.”

“Are you serious?” Rachele gasped.

“Look,” Marie pointed out as she lifted her skirt showing Rachele her nakedness and then let it drop again. “It might be fun.”

Rachele hesitated before finally saying, “OK”. She took off her skirt and leotard. After putting the blouse on she stepped back into her skirt. “It feels weird,” she giggled.

“You look fine, but I know you're not wearing any panties,” Marie teased.

Marie's mother called them and soon they were at the mall. At first Rachele seemed about she and it was Marie who was giggling and teasing, but that didn't last long.

“You like not wearing panties, don't you?” Rachele asked.

“It's fun!” Marie giggled.

“Hmmm...” Rachele responded. “I dare you to go walk up those stairs.”

Marie looked at the stairs. The nakedness under her short skirt made her look at them in a different way. She realized that when walking up the stairs, if a girl was wearing a short skirt as she was, anyone might see her panties. Marie wasn't wearing any so she knew a lot more might be seen. She thought for a moment, turned toward Rachele, and whispered, “OK.”

She hesitated at the bottom of the stairs. Part of her wanted to turn away, but another part was excited. A man brushed by her and climbed the stairs. Marie realized that had she not hesitated, he may have been able to see her naked ass as she went up the stairs. The thought scared her, but also made her move.

Marie began walking up the stairs. She was nervous. She didn't want to walk too slowly, but didn't want to attract attention by rushing either. She fought the instinct to hold the back of her skirt down and instead let it flow naturally. Every step might mean someone saw her. After what seemed like an eternity she reached the top and looked down to see Rachele smiling.

Rachele motioned for her to come back down. Marie waited a few minutes. She was not only trying to calm herself, but felt she had just got up there and didn't want anyone to notice her coming back down the stairs so soon. After waiting what seemed to be a reasonable time, Marie went back down the stairs. When she reached the bottom step, she jumped instead if stepping down. She smiled as she felt her skirt settle back down and touch her legs. It flared up when she jumped, as she knew it would. The only thing she didn't know was how high it went.

“Nice,” Rachele smiled as she winked. “Let's go look around the stores.”

“Um... OK,” Marie agreed. She secretly wanted to dare herself a bit more.

The two girls walked through the stores. Occasionally stopping to look at something. Marie would turn sharply, causing her skirt to twist and ride up at times. She sort of knew it wouldn't go high enough to really show anything unless someone was really watching, but the thoughts excited her anyway. The girls would make comments about the things they saw, but no reference was made about either being without panties.

“Let's go look at shoes,” Rachele suggested. They browsed through the isles until Rachele picked up a pair. “These are cute. Try them on,” she suggested. Marie took the shoes and looked around for a chair. “What are you waiting for?” Rachele asked.

“I'm looking for a chair,” Marie answered.

“Just put them on here. Why do you need a chair?” Rachele responded. Marie squatted down to untie her shoe. “No, just bend down,” Rachele grinned.

Marie immediately knew what Rachele was telling her to do now. She looked around, faced the people closest to her, and bent at the waist. Her skirt was short anyway and Marie knew it would ride up even higher. She had no idea how high though. The skirt rested on her bare ass, so she knew it was there, but how low it was hanging she wasn't sure. Marie quickly slipped the shoes on, stood and asked, “How much... err... how do they look?”

“They look pretty good,” Rachele giggled. “Did you see these?”

Marie turned around to see what ones Rachele was pointing too. “Oh, they are nice!”

“Try those... without turning this time,” Rachele challenged.

There was a man and woman shopping near them. The man was close enough that her had looked when Marie had asked Rachele how the shoes looked. Since she had turned around, Marie's back was now towards the couple, but she didn't know if they were still there or not. There were also a few other people a short distance away.

Marie took the shoes. For a moment she just stood with her heart pounding. She took a deep breath and finally bent down and put the shoes on. She fumbled with the strap on the shoe, having difficulty because her hands were shaking. After what seemed like forever, the shoes were on and Marie stood up. Rachele was smiling.

“Do you like them? Do they look good?” Marie asked nervously.

Rachele giggled. “Yeah...”

“Cute,” a man's voice commented.

“Huh?” Marie gasped as she spun around to see a man a very short distance from her and now facing her.

“The shoes... They are cute on you,” he smiled.

Marie turned back to face Rachele. She could feel the blush coming over her face. “He's right... cute,” Rachele giggled. “Take them off and let's go.”

Marie kicked of the shoes, tossed them onto the counter, and shoved her feet into her shoes. She almost ran out of the store with Rachele following. The man had to have seen something he was so close. The only question was how much. Once in the mall again, Marie gasped, “He had to have seen me!”

“I know,” Rachele laughed. “You should have seen the look on his face!”

“I did! He was smiling when I turned. Do you think he saw much?” Marie blurted.

“I don't know... I did. You looked great – hahaha”

A smile grew of Marie's face. She had been embarrassed to see the man, but part of her was also proud. A grown man had seen her bare ass and he liked it. She wondered if he had been turned on by her. It was no longer “little girl” Marie, but now she was grown up.

“I can't wait to get home to the barre,” Marie giggled.

“You're so lucky to have one,” Rachele pouted.



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