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The Academy – 1

Beth was excited. The moment she had spent the last eight years studying for was finally here. She had been accepted into the Academy! There had been over 1000 applicants, the top from every school in the country, trying for only 100 openings in the class. She had worked hard to get in. When the rest of her friends had been having fun partying, she had been studying; when they were enjoying lazy summer vacations, she had been taking a full summer course load. Now she was joining the most elite in the country for special training at the Academy.

She stood for a moment nervously looking at the Academy entrance. The building was huge. For the first time in her life, she was alone. Regulations required her to travel alone, without her parents, and not bring anything except a few necessities. It seemed strange to be going off to school with less than she might have carried with her on an overnight trip.

She might have been alone, but she had been supervised the whole trip. A car had picked her up at her house and taken her to the airport. There she had been met by an Academy representative who had traveled with her on the plane and had dropped her at the entrance to the school. The representative had explained to her about the program. The Academy would provide everything for her. It was almost like a military academy without the military drill and customs. There was a uniform of sorts but the students were allowed some latitude. They would be provided a variety of things to wear but all clothing was supplied by the Academy and no “outside” clothing was allowed.

Not wanting to be late, even though she didn’t really have an appointment, Beth walked up to the entrance and went in. Strangely there seemed to be very few people there. A quick glance around and she saw a desk along a side wall with a sign which read “Registration”. Beth walked over and a polite woman asked her name. “Elizabeth Arnold” she answered.

The woman scanned down a sheet and said, “Oh yes, we’re expecting you. Let’s see… you’re only 13?”

“Well, technically. My birthday is next week. I’ll be 14 then, but right now I’m still 13,” Beth answered.

“That’s fine. You may be the youngest here though. Most are between 15 and 16 when they start. You must be very smart!” the woman complimented, making Beth blush a little. “The guide explained our program to you and explained the registration process?” the woman continued. Beth answered that she had. “OK, let’s get you started then. The first part is probably the worst. You’ll be taking a whole battery of intelligence tests and, of course, the physical also. You are going to hate today’s “fashions” – a hospital jonnie, but as soon as you finish they’ll have a change of clothes for you. The rest of your things will already be in your room when you get there.” She pointed to a door next to her desk, adding, “Go into room 3 and you will find the jonnie. Put it on and a guide will be in shortly to collect the clothing you’re now wearing and take you from there. Leave your bag here and I’ll have it brought to your room.”

Beth handed the woman her bag and walked into the room the woman had pointed to. There she found a jonnie neatly folded on a small table, a chair, and a rack with hooks. As instructed, she began to take her clothes off. Although she new about the physical, it still made her uneasy. She had been through physicals before and new they didn’t hurt but they were still embarrassing. Quickly she took off her top, bra, and pants and quickly covered her nudity with the jonnie. She always hated them. They never really covered, especially in the back. She smiled as she looked up. On the wall was a sign – Yes, your shoes too. She sat down on the chair and dutifully took them off.

The door opened as Beth was pulling her socks off. “Hi. I’m Linda. Are you ready?” Beth nodded. Linda placed a box on the floor and began to place Beth’s clothes into it. “I think we’re missing something,” Linda grinned. “You have to take all your clothes off.”

Beth blushed as she stood up and pushed down the last protection her modesty had. Her panties fell to her ankles. Still blushing she picked them up off the floor and dropped them intro the box.  “I know… I remember when I went through my physical I did the same thing,” Lynda consoled. Somehow Beth wasn’t consoled though. She still felt humiliated knowing she was completely naked save the jonnie, which could reveal her at any time. Fortunately she was small and the jonnie overlapped as much as possible. “OK, you can stay in here until they call you. When they do, just go out this way and turn right. There is a desk right there,” Linda instructed and then left the room.

Beth nervously waited. A few minutes later, a woman called, “Arnold?” Beth stood up and walked out of the room. As soon as she turned right she stopped; a boy, dressed in a jonnie, was standing in front of the desk. “Elizabeth?” the woman behind the desk asked looking at Beth. Beth’s throat went dry, preventing her from speaking but she did manage a nod. “Well, come on,” the woman ordered. Beth shyly walked to the desk, keeping one hand on the jonnie making sure it didn’t open. “This is your partner, Nicolas Adams. Nicolas, this is Elizabeth Arnold.”

Nick smiled at Beth weakly and said, “Hi.”

Beth couldn’t believe he was there. She knew the school paired students but she never expected she’d be taking a physical with a boy. Beth had never even had a date. She had gone to an all girls private school and the closest she had ever come to a boy was if one sat next to her someplace. She had seen boys on the beach and had been seen in her one piece swim suit but she felt a lot more covered in that than she felt now.

The woman behind the desk shoved a folder at Beth and Nick. “Keep these with you and give them to the doctor at each station. You will start by going into the room there. When the doctor comes in, hand your folders to him. Once he finishes, you will go to the next room and continue in that manner until you’re finished.” The woman, after pointing to a door, went back to her work and Beth and Nick walked into the room.

They stood in the empty room for a moment before Beth finally spoke. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m being kinda rude to you not speaking. I just was a little surprised to see you standing there.”

“That’s OK, Elizabeth,” Nick answered trying not to sound as nervous as he was.

“Please don’t call me that. I hate the name Elizabeth. Everyone, except teachers, calls me Beth,” Beth said boldly, forgetting for a moment she was with a boy who was also probably naked under his jonnie.

“OK, Beth, and you can call me Nick, OK?” he answered.

Before Beth could say any more, the doctor entered the room. The two handed him their folders. He opened and studied them for a moment and then began a barrage of questions. He asked things like operations, tattoos, which made Nick smile, allergies, and many more questions with each answering “No”. Beth and Nick were standing shoulder to shoulder answering his questions. He then asked about birthmarks. Nick answered “No” but Beth had to tell the doctor she had one. When he asked where she turned bright red.

“Um… ah… it’s on my bum,” she mumbled staring at the floor. The doctor stood and Beth thought the interview was over. Instead the doctor walked behind her and lifted the back of her jonnie, verifying her birthmark. Beth gasped as he did, turning scarlet. Granted, he was a doctor, but Nick was right there next to her. There was no way he could have seen anything but he had to have known the doctor had lifted her jonnie and looked at her birthmark. Nick also knew where the birthmark was. The doctor went back to the desk, wrote something in each of the folders, and handed them back telling the pair to go through a door into the next room.

The next few hours went smoothly. The partners went through a battery of written tests and then eye tests, hearing tests, and then to what they were told was the last room. Beth had gotten used to Nick being with her but still was embarrassed about wearing the jonnie. They had time to talk some between doctors and found they really got along very well. They didn’t realize it but the school had actually used the preadmission tests and interviews to pair them. By the time they entered that last room, they both felt as though they had known each other for years. Neither would have picked the fashions they were wearing though but both were a little more relaxed by this time.

Beth and Nick walked into that last room to find the doctor already there. He took their folders but just placed them on the desk without opening them. “I really don’t like working this station because it’s probably the least favorite,” the doctor began. “As you know, at the Academy we do everything as a group; sometimes a large group and sometimes just with partners, but never individuals. You two are partners and will be doing everything together. This is where it will start. Both of you may be embarrassed but try to keep the partner idea in mind.”

Beth understood what the doctor was saying. The day had been rather embarrassing for her. Nick had proven himself to be a great partner though. He was intelligent, liked most of the same things she did, and seemed really nice.

The doctor spoke again. “I always use the alphabet to see who goes first and, Nicholas, you’re the one. Please sit up on the exam table.” Nick jumped up on the table. Beth remained standing although she was still facing him. The doctor checked his reflexes and then reached behind Nick, untied the jonnie, and let it drop to Nick’s lap. Beth didn’t think anything of it as the doctor listened to his heart. “OK, jump down now,” the doctor instructed.

Nick did as he was asked, holding onto the jonnie with one hand. “This is the tough part. Remember, everyone goes through it,” the doctor stated as he reached out for the jonnie. “Let go now,” the doctor told Nick. Thinking the doctor was going to hold up the jonnie, Nick released his grip. The doctor dropped the jonnie to the floor.

Beth gasped. Just a few feet away from her Nick stood, now completely naked. He immediately bent down to grab the jonnie. “Stand up straight,” the doctor said softly but firmly. Nick, totally red in the face, slowly stood. His eyes shifted around the room but he never looked at Beth.

Beth couldn’t believe what was happening. She was in a state of shock; frozen, unable to move anything, including her eyes. She had studied anatomy in school so knew what boys looked like but she had never even seen a baby boy let alone an older boy. His crotch was covered with hair. His penis hung limply down. His balls hung loosely beneath. Her initial shock wore off some and she looked down at the floor for a moment but raised her gaze some out of curiosity. The doctor put on a rubber glove and told Nick to open his legs a little.

It was now time for Beth to blush. The doctor reached between Nick’s legs and began to prod his ball sack. A few seconds later, the doctor told Nick to get on the table again. This time he had Nick lie on his back while he prodded his belly. The room was arranged so that Beth was actually standing at the end of the table. Although she felt she shouldn’t look, Beth couldn’t seem to stop herself from watching the doctor examine Nick.

After a few minutes the doctor told Nick to roll onto his side and pull his knees to his chest. As he did, the doctor squeezed something from a tube onto his asshole. “Try to relax,” the doctor told him. Beth’s eyes widened as the doctor pushed his finger into Nick’s ass. Her own ass clenched as he did. Beth was shocked as the doctor’s finger wiggled inside Nick for a moment and then pulled out. “All done,” the doctor announced as he handed Nick some tissue. Nick wiped himself then jumped down from the table. He looked at Beth and turned bright red.

“You’re next, Elizabeth,” said the doctor looking at her. Suddenly Beth thought she was going to faint. “Sit up on the table,” the doctor told her. “Nicolas, please move over there,” the doctor ordered as he pointed to the spot Beth had been standing. Beth, not wishing to face Nick right now, moved toward the table, keeping her back to Nick.

“Jump up,” the doctor ordered in a slightly irritated voice. Reluctantly Beth sat on the table. The doctor reached around her and pulled at the top tie of her jonnie. Instinctively she stopped it from falling. “Don’t be shy now,” the doctor stated. “I’m going to treat each of you the same. Now put your arms at your side.”

“No… please…” Beth begged. The doctor gave her a stern look and Beth realized he was not going to give in. Slowly she dropped her arms letting the jonnie fall. “OK, now just try to relax and we’ll be done in no time. Take a deep breath,” the doctor reassured. As he listened to her heart and lungs, Beth looked up at Nick. He immediately dropped his gaze to the floor. The doctor then began to knead her breasts. Beth blushed as Nick looked up for a moment and then looked back at the floor.

The doctor pulled his hands away and then told Beth to lie down on her back. She complied, staring up at the ceiling. Beth felt the jonnie being pulled down more, but, thankfully, the doctor didn’t pull it down all that far. He proceeded to prod her belly. Beth breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor told her to sit up. The jonnie was still covering her womanhood at least. He pulled the remaining string of her jonnie and added, “Move to the end of the table, please, and lie back down. As she did, he pulled the jonnie off her and threw it into a basket next to the table.

Beth clamped her legs together as they hung over the edge of the table. Her eyes were also clamped shut. The doctor moved something and then Beth felt him touch her leg. Her eyes snapped open when the doctor pulled on her leg and told her to relax. “No!” she cried out.

“Just relax,” the doctor said in a calming voice as he placed her leg in a stand next to the table. He then grabbed her other leg, placing it in a similar stand on the opposite side of the table. Beth’s face flushed knowing her virgin pussy was now in clear view. Suddenly something touched her.

“What are you going to do!” she exclaimed.

“Just relax. It won’t hurt. I’m just going to take a look inside,” the doctor answered.

Beth gasped as something slid into her. Not only could Nick see her, he was now watching something go inside her. “When did your last period end?” the doctor questioned. Beth told him it had just ended. She felt humiliated having to admit it in front of Nick. “OK, we’re almost done. This may hurt slightly,” the doctor told Beth.

The words were barely out of his mouth when Beth felt a stabbing pain deep in her belly. “Ow!” she cried out.

The doctor pulled his instrument out of her and handed her a wad of tissues. “All done,” he smiled. “Hold the tissues on your vagina while I fill out your paperwork. You may have a little blood but there’s nothing to worry about.” He went over to his desk, leaving Beth still with her legs wide open.

A few moments later he walked back to Beth and let her legs down. Beth, once free, stood up. The doctor took what looked like a bandage and stuck it on Beth’s lower belly, adding “You’ll find some clothes to wear in the next room.”




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