Tommy joins Katie and her mom for some skiing and find themselves snowed in. Tg

After the little party with Gina and Brian, everything got busy and time seemed to fly. Katie and I had only been able to get together, I mean really together, once in several months. We were both busy with school and athletics and her family was leaving town over the Christmas holidays to be with her grandmother.
I was invited to several Jr. High parties, most were adequately chaperoned and featured punch and cookies and a few games to mix boys and girls that tended to line up on opposite ends of the rooms. There were a couple of after-school dances and one party where I got paired up with a short, pixie-like eighth grade girl named Tammy. She was a little on the plump side but had nice tits and, to my surprise, let me feel them over her blouse when we made out for a few minutes at a parent-less party.
Once, at Larry’s house, after school when his mom was gone, his girlfriend, Joyce, had offered to call a friend of hers to keep me company while they made out. I declined, and was assigned to be a “look out”. They were comfortable, almost careless, around me and I had glimpsed a little of Joyce’s flesh before they adjourned to the bedroom. Another glimpse through the crack of the not completely closed door inspired an interruption of my “look out” duties to deposit a quick shot of come in a hallway bathroom toilet.
All the while I kept thinking about Katie. I told myself I was nuts. There were other girls more my age I could be hanging out with. Some had tried to get my attention and I simply ignored them. Some might even let me do some of the things I had done with Katie.
I had scraped together enough money to buy her a Christmas present. The afternoon that school let out and the day before her family left, I hurried over to her house to take it to her. Her mother was bubbly as usual, noted that everyone had been so busy and then announced she had some errands to run and would be gone about an hour and a half. Even without the subtle wink it was obvious she was giving us some time alone. Neither Katie nor I expected the opportunity for anything other than exchanging gifts. Her eyes asked the same question mine did, would we have time for more?
We traded small, neatly wrapped boxes. I unwrapped mine finding a nice gold chain. She discovered a similar gold chain but with a small pendant holding a single pearl. We stood fastening chains around each other’s necks. Katie turned around and looked at me expectantly, her face even with mine, slightly flushed, and beaming. I pulled her to me, guided her arms around my neck and gave her a gentle kiss.

“Merry Christmas,” I offered. “Merry Christmas,” she answered and returned the kiss. Then our arms locked around each other and the warmth we had missed for a couple of months surged through us. She had grown to almost as tall as I was. I was constantly conflicted with how out of place she looked with other girls her age and still only a few weeks past twelve years old. Around our friends or family we were just pals maybe even like siblings. But when we were alone together it was as if we read each other’s minds and felt what each other felt. We were both old souls locked in young bodies.

Katie had celebrated her birthday with Gina and a bunch of her girlfriends and our families had celebrated the occasion with dinner, after which the two of us were allowed to go to a movie. To our displeasure, there was no opportunity to do anything but hold hands and steal a quick peck on the lips.

This was our first chance in weeks to be together and we were ready. I pressed her body to mine and felt her press back. My hand went behind her back and down to her firm butt. She was still wearing her school clothes, a skirt and blouse as was the custom at the time. When my hand gripped her firm cheek her legs spread slightly under her skirt and I felt her body press against the hardness growing in my Levi’s. We kissed harder and our mouths opened letting our tongues wrestle. Our pulses raced together and our body temperature rose.

My right hand found the hem of her skirt and fumbled under the half slip until it found the thin silkiness of her panties. I slipped my fingers under the elastic at the top and pushed down over the firm bare cheek.

“There’s something else I’d like to give you for Christmas,” I breathed into her ear as my hand rubbed her bare ass. Her pelvis rotated against mine trapping my dick under her pubic bone recognizing the gift I had in mind. As I pushed up on the hem of her skirt and started to push the thin panties down she stopped me and pulled back with a slight grin.

“Let’s go to my room,” she breathed. I accepted the invitation.
“How much time do we have before your mom comes back?” I asked.
“At least an hour,” she answered, glancing at the clock, “But we should hurry just to be sure.” I had no objection to that and reached under her skirt again. Katie unzipped the skirt at the back and let it fall to the floor. I tugged at the panties pulling them down to her thighs then pushed her on to the bed. She let her knees come up and her panties came off the rest of the way. Her half slip fell up to her waist as I pulled her knees apart to view my object of affection.
I undid my belt and pulled the buttons loose on my 501’s and pushed my jeans and underwear to my knees. My dick was directing my actions but I hesitated a moment noticing a slight dusting of downy fuzz just over the lips of Katie’s treasure. It was acting like a thin collar around the little knob that was sticking out between the puffy lips.
“Hmm, something’s growing down here,” I observed. Katie smirked.
“A couple of other things are growing, too,” she answered. My dick was aching for relief but I had to investigate. I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and discovered a training bra.

The thin fabric revealed two pointed bumps that had not been obvious before. Sliding my fingers up Katie’s breast bone and under the bottom of the training bra, I lifted it up and over the two points. The previously pointed nipples were now surrounded by a slight swelling, the start of fleshy cones. They certainly couldn’t be called tits yet, but they were beginning.

Katie eyed me smugly. “I better check these out,” I said and bent my mouth to the tips. I traced around them with my tongue then sucked first one then the other between my lips licking and sucking until Katie complained that they were a little sore. “But you can do that somewhere else if you want,” she added slyly, recalling what I had experimented with once before.

What I wanted was to bury my dick in the warmth it was now pressed against but I succumbed to the request and slid down, tracing Katie’s firm stomach with my tongue, skipping over the slip bunched at her waist and surrounding her little eraser-like knob with my lips.

I pressed my tongue into her crevice and worked it up and down, coming back up to play with the new formed fuzz and the small pre-teen clit. Inspired by some of the “dirty” books and magazines I had read, I probed with my tongue into her opening. The whole exercise had been going only a minute or two when Katie’s pelvis started lurching upward and she groaned pulling me upward.

I didn’t linger or prolong the event. My dick was ready to explode. Instead I moved between Katie’s knees and spread her already moist lips with my fingers. I felt her hand between us searching for my phallus, and finding it, aiming toward the sweet spot. Again I marveled at how her body could feel so tight at first then sort of open up and let me in. I slid slowly into her wetness until I felt the end touch her inside then slowly withdrew and did it again.

Katie’s eyes softened with satisfaction as I began moving in and out. Her legs came up around me and she flexed her hips in motion with mine. I knew I wouldn’t last long.
“I’m really horny,” I whispered. “Me too,” she responded, a faint flush coming over her face. “It’s OK, go ahead,” she added.
I took that to mean she knew I was ready to come and in seconds I was thrusting quickly, trying not to go deep enough to hurt her. Then a load of pent up boy come rushed through my body and into hers. Four or five spurts had pulsed from my dick. I could tell she hadn’t come yet so I kept thrusting into her, willing my dick to stay hard and my balls to hold out until I felt her shudder and she gasped.
We lay there several minutes letting the feeling subside, until I shifted a little lower and kissed her softly. I lifted up taking some weight off her slim body and letting my dick start to slip out. Katie’s hands gripped my naked butt and pulled me back.
“Don’t go away yet,” she whispered. We both felt that my dick was still hard.

Needing no more encouragement I moved back up between her legs that were still spread widely on the edge of the bed and with my feet still on the floor moved my dick back into her wetness pushing slowly in. Katie’s hands gripped my arms as my boy dick stiffened even more and spread her tightness. I was overcome with the sensation and with Katie’s response to my body and in seconds we were pounding away again with mounting urgency.

We had only done this a few times before. We could still count the times on one hand. But our bodies seemed to sense each other’s need and our passion rose together until another explosion of seminal fluid blended us together as one. Katie’s body flexed around my boyhood, and milked me for several minutes. We relaxed for a few minutes in each other’s arms and kissed repeatedly.

Without disengaging we lamented how difficult it had been to get together and how much we wanted to. I teased about her new down between her legs and her growing tits and she assured me that I had grown as well. It occurred to us that I was still hard and still imbedded. Glancing at the clock we decided there was still time and proceeded to move together again.

This time we interlaced our fingers and watched each other’s eyes as our passion mounted again. We paced ourselves and talked to each other until by mutual agreement our bodies began to spasm together and I loosed another smaller salvo of semen.

This time we were spent and my tool was rapidly shrinking. We smiled at each other, kissed, then giggled at how horny we had been and how many times we got off. We quickly mopped the sticky residue from between us, wished each other a Merry Christmas again, and quickly got dressed before Katie’s mother got back.
Katie and I both got new skis for Christmas. I had ridden a bus to get a couple of lessons on rentals and needed some of my own. Katie had outgrown hers in a year and moved to a larger size. We had enrolled in a ski school at a resort about an hour and a half away where she and her mom had started skiing the year before. Arlene volunteered to drive us to the slopes on Saturdays, joining her own group of lessons.
Within a few weeks I had caught up enough in ability to ski with the athletic Katie and we were able to ski together for an hour or two after lessons while her mother reclined in the lounge. We enjoyed each other’s company a fact not lost on Arlene. She was free with teasing little comments but didn’t embarrass us in front of other people, and I think really approved of our relationship.
Little digs like, “I think my daughter has the hots for you,” and “You guys are starting to look like a couple,” would cause us both to blush on occasion. While riding up the chair lift I asked Katie if she thought her mother knew we were messing around.
“Probably,” she answered, “But if she does she doesn’t care. She thinks we’re good for each other. She tells people we’re like brother and sister.” We looked at each other and chuckled, thinking the same thing.
“Of course if we were like her and her brothers she knows we mess around,” Katie added.
“Really, she admitted that?” I asked, remembering a comment she had made to me once.
“Well not in so many words. But we were having a little talk one time, about when Gina and I started playing around with Brian, and she said that it was normal for kids to be curious and experiment, and then something about her and her brothers in the barn.”
We got off the lift interrupting our conversation but leaving me curious about her mom’s attitude. It was the sixties. The sexual revolution was under way. Hippies were espousing free love and standards were changing. There was actually some research going on about human sexuality by Masters and Johnson and others. Nudist magazines abounded on news stands and we had progressed from furtive reading of “Peyton Place” to “Show Me” and the “Kama Sutra”.
But not all of society had bought in to the revolution. We lived in a quiet, conservative community and attended a middle of the road but semi-conservative church where some members would never admit to drinking, let alone condoning some of the “hippie” lifestyle. My observation of Arlene, Katie’s mom, was that she identified with much of the change, perhaps even envied others living it, and had certainly taken a liberal approach to raising her exceptional daughter.

Arlene’s understanding of what we might be up to came clearly to light for Katie and me one Saturday in March. The hospital staff where Katie’s mom worked was having an annual ski party. She allowed that we could do our ski school thing then join her party afterwards.

The weather was warm but blustery as we drove up and a late winter storm was threatening. Arlene wasn’t deterred and simply allowed that we’d come down early if it got bad. A few light snow flurries had met us on the mountain and the wind had picked up but nothing unusual by the time Katie and I joined her mother and about 30 or so of the medical people. Several had kids with them mostly younger than us so we ate at the buffet and watched with amusement as the adults relaxed and partied. A few were drinking beer but mostly it was laughing and joking. I was introduced several times as “Katie’s friend”.

Katie and I went back out for another run or two only to find the weather going downhill rapidly. It had gotten colder and the wind was blowing. When we gave up and went back to the lodge, several members of the group had left. At about the time we started gathering up to leave one of the staff of the resort came over and informed us that the road below was closed due to an avalanche. He promised to inform the remainder of the group as soon as it was cleared. With no other options the group continued socializing.
By about 4:30 it was beginning to get dark in the mountains, the weather was getting worse, and the same staff member had returned to the group to announce that the avalanche probably wouldn’t get cleared until morning. At that point, rather than dismay, a small cheer of celebration erupted from the group, they were snowed in.

In these situations, the resorts were required to provide basic shelter and accommodation. They didn’t mind since many affected opted to spend additional money upgrading the minimum requirements, buying food and partying. After phone calls to Katie’s dad and my parents and assurances that we were all right, Arlene negotiated with the resort for a deal on a condo in an adjacent building, as did several other members of the party group.

The little convenience and gift shop sold us small packets of toiletries, obviously packaged with this situation in mind, and we added sodas and snacks before checking in. Despite being a smaller “locals” oriented resort, the ski area had several new structures and this one was definitely new and deluxe. We stashed our skis in the lockers on the lower level, and rode the elevator to our floor. Arlene worked the key in the door and when it swung open we were pleasantly surprised.

The place was spacious with high ceilings and large windows that allowed a view of the mountain. There was a tiny kitchenette, a small eating bar and table, and a sunken sitting area next to a large fireplace. A plush looking leather couch, that held a pull out-bed, and two plush chairs finished the room. A door led into the ample bedroom.

Arlene tossed her parka on the bed and announced, “OK, I’m sleeping here, Rob gets the pull out, and, “turning to Katie she added, “You can sleep where ever you want.”

Katie’s eyes widened a little in surprise, Arlene flashed a grin at me. “Well officially you’re sleeping in here with me,” and cruised out the door with a cackle of laughter. We followed her around the corner and through a sliding door and had another surprise, a hot tub.

It wasn’t large, room for maybe four if two were small. But it was nice. A window offered another view of the mountain and small fans discouraged the steaminess. Arlene had known it was there and beamed at our surprise. Katie and I quickly recognized the potential and just as quickly realized we had no suits.

As if reading our minds Arlene observed, “Well with no suits I guess that means we rough it,” and cackled again. “At least you two can,” she added with a grin. “I’m going back to the bar and party with the troops, since none of us has to drive.” She eyed us both and her voice leveled in explanation. “Lots of people dream about getting snowed in and never get the chance.” She grinned at us both, “We wouldn’t want to waste it, would we? Let’s go get something to eat.”

A small pizza café joined the bar where most of the party was hanging out. Pitchers of beer were already flowing. Arlene got the pizza ordered and situated us with a young father from her office who was attending two younger kids, a boy and a girl. A low railing and a couple of steps was all that separated the bar from the little café but marked the line that minors couldn’t cross.

The little girl appeared to be about nine and struck up a conversation with Katie. Her dad had joined Arlene and the others more into the beer than the pizza. I tried to talk to the boy, who was maybe a year older but he was on the shy side and watched as his sister whispered and giggled with Katie.

When the last of the pizza was gone, and the younger kids and their dad had gone, Arlene broke away from the group and came over to us. “If you kids are getting bored you can go back to the room.” She handed me a room key. Then she leaned forward and said quietly, “You kids will probably want to try that hot tub, and then you’ll have to make up your bed.” Leaning a little closer and beginning to show the effects of the beer, she added with a sly grin, “I promise I won’t come home until the bar closes at midnight.”

It was an unbelievable opportunity, the stuff of fantasies. I was invited to spend a romantic evening alone with the girl I had shared more with and cared more about than anyone, by her mother. And then she had hinted that we could even sleep together. I didn’t intend to waste time and stood up while Katie eyed her mom to confirm what she had said. “Go on,” she said and added in a whisper, “And don’t do anything I wouldn’t enjoy.”

Katie blushed slightly as we turned to leave. I couldn’t help noticing a young intern that Arlene had been talking to, had been watching and she was heading back toward his table. I wondered if she might have some plans but didn’t mention it to Katie.

I unlocked the door to the room and we went in. We stood in front of the window and admired the view of the snow covered mountain. I slipped in behind Katie and hugged her before closing the drapes next to the couch. “Let’s see if the hot tub is warm,” I suggested. We rounded the corner and opened the sliding door. Steamy warmth escaped and we confirmed that the temperature was up.

“I guess we should get in.” Katie looked at me and chuckled. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“The little girl in the pizza place?” she quizzed. I nodded. “She said their room had a hot tub in it, too. She was all excited because they were going in naked and she and her brother would get to see their dad’s thingy.” We shared a laugh and then she turned and moved up close to me putting her hands on my shoulders. “Maybe we should get naked so I can see your thingy”

“I thought you’d never ask,” I answered and slipped the straps of Katie’s bib style ski pants over her shoulders. As I slowly worked the zipper down at her side she smiled slyly. When I started to tug down on her ski pants we realized that our after ski boots had to come off before much else would. So we sat on the adjacent bench and pulled them off.

When the shoes were on the floor Katie stood up and pulled my sweater off, leaving me in a thermal turtle neck. Then we commenced to take turns pulling ski clothes off one piece at a time until I was in my jockeys and Katie was in her training bra and panties. We stood up facing each other and I slowly slipped my fingers under the training bra brushing the pointed nipples and slid it over Katie’s head. Looking down at her muscular chest I bent closer to inspect the pointed nipples that recently begun to swell. Extending my tongue I touched the end of it to the tip of a nipple. Slowly, I circled around it before gently sucking the end with my lips. Katie groaned and let her hands circle the back of my head.

I worked from one nipple to the other commenting in between, “They’re growing.” Then I knelt slowly letting my tongue trace the front of my pre-teen lover and as I reached them with my tongue, I pulled her thin blue panties down past her knees leaving my face in front of her downy mound.

I had seen it now several times, even had my tongue in it. But it couldn’t have looked more inviting than right now. The lips had become puffier than when I first saw them and stood apart slightly revealing the little knob of flesh that seemed longer and more tubular. A fine down of tiny hairs, that had not yet gone dark or coarse, faintly appeared on the side of each of the lips. There was a slight scent of a girl and I could not resist planting a kiss right at the top and flicking it with my tongue.

Katie winced and giggled pulling me up to my feet. Then she dropped to her knees and hooked her fingers in the elastic of my underwear. She carefully pulled it over the rigid tent pole that bulged in the front until the garment dropped to my ankles. She circled her fingers around the shaft squeezing gently then felt underneath cupping my balls before looking up and smiling. Then keeping her eyes on mine she opened her lips and covered the end of my dick with them.

I was flabbergasted. This was something new. She had never done this before and her eyes twinkled at my reaction. Instinct caused me to press forward trying to get more in her mouth but she gagged slightly and I pulled back. Then she fisted my phallus and moved it in time with her lips as they sucked two or three inches at a time.

“I’ll give you a half hour to quit that,” I groaned. Katie giggled and stood up. “You wouldn’t last a half hour,” she quipped and mounted the steps to the hot tub.

We settled in soaking in the warmth for several minutes before my dick dominated my thoughts once again. I put my arm around Katie and pulled her to me kissing her solidly and brushing my fingers over her pointed nipples. The flesh around them felt sort of swollen. Her tits were definitely growing. I bent my head to her chest and with my face partly in the water sucked first one then the other in my mouth.

Bowing her back to give me better access, Katie circled her hands around my head and groaned at the sensation of having her budding tits sucked. I had moved into the water in front of her between her legs and while still sucking her chest my hand found her feminine treasure and I slipped a finger slowly into her wetness. Katie’s hips rolled in response and pulled my hand back then went in again. The water began sloshing as let my hand speed up. I let first one finger then two imitate the motion of fucking and rubbed her clitty with my thumb under the water until the precocious girl began to gasp.

Then I pushed and encouraged her to sit on the edge of the tub and quickly buried my face between her legs. My tongue found the hole where my fingers had been and I virtually gobbled her sex into my mouth. She began to buck and groan and shudders went through her body. I was pleased that some of the techniques I had read about in Playboy Forum worked so well.

Katie got quiet for a few seconds after coming down from her orgasm. Then suddenly she pushed and pulled at me. “Now you,” she uttered, and willed me on to the side of the tub.
Taking my swollen prick in her hand she dove over it again sucking as much into her mouth as she could and began bobbing up and down. It was incredible, a teen boy’s dream. I felt my internal temperature mount to match the water and was torn between losing it this way or the other.

Quickly I pushed Katie off my cock and slid back into the water, pulling her over my lap. She recognized my intent, straddled my lap and helped me guide my turgid tool into her. The combination of the warm water and her natural lubrication allowed my shaft to bury itself to the hilt in one smooth motion. I started pumping up into her and she immediately started to ride my teen boy cock.

In only a few short passionate strokes I felt my loins explode. A few seconds later I felt Katie’s pussy clench tightly around my shaft as she groaned and bucked even harder than before.

Each of the few times I had come with Katie I was sure it couldn’t get any better. But then it did. She was twelve years old and simply amazing. She had the height and stature of a sixteen or seventeen year old. She acted more mature and carried herself much older than her years and most people assumed her to be older. She was a stellar athlete with a well toned muscular body. But her secondary sexual characteristics were still immature.

I sensed that sex was still mostly fun and games for her. Although we obviously cared about each other, I wasn’t sure if she had the same fantasies that I did of us being together, getting married and living happily ever after.

We slipped apart and settled back in the water ignoring the few little white floaters that appeared. We hugged, kissed, felt each other up, and lounged in the hot water for almost an hour. I got her off with my finger again and started to slip my dick back in when we decided to move to the bed. We shut off the tub and climbed out. Clothes were gathered after we dried off and we padded nakedly into the sitting area. I lit the already prepared fire and pulled the sleeper out from the sofa. Sheets and blanket were already in place and we had located a fluffy quilt.

Katie’s nakedness attracted my attention again. She bent over to arrange pillows giving me a good rear view of her pussy. I moved behind her pressed my dick to her and she turned giggling, and evaded me. I stalked her around the bed and caught her by the arm close to the fireplace. My hands were all over her nakedness and we slipped down to the floor. Her legs spread and quickly I was imbedded once again in her tight, wet tunnel.

“You are so horny,” she breathed.

“So are you,” I answered, moving in and out of her in a steady pace. “I just want to do this with you all the time and never stop.” She nodded and smiled as kissed her first on the nose, then her cheeks and finally on the lips.

Looking into my eyes with a little concern, she said, “What happens when I start my periods?”

“Then we’ll have to be careful,” I answered, “And I’ll have to buy a lot of rubbers.” Then some kind of instinct of procreation flashed within me. I had never considered more than sex before but now I imagined pouring my seed into my intended and actually creating new life. The thought went racing to my loins and sped up quickly.

“Are you ready?” I whispered, as I felt Katie’s body respond. She nodded and her eyes were closed. I had barely asked when I felt spurts of boy seed squirting into Katie’s infertile womb. I had keep going for several minutes before I felt my lover’s legs splay out and her hands clamp my butt as she groaned.

I retrieved some tissue from the bathroom and after we wiped up residue we lay back on some pillows in front of the fire. We sat quietly enjoying the warmth and the view of the mountain at night. As the first burn of the fire died we both began to get cold.

Slipping under the covers we pressed our nakedness together to quell the chill. Katie’s back was against my bare chest and my semi limp dick was nestled in the crack of her firm butt. I could not keep my hands off her nakedness. I wanted to enjoy every part of her body. She didn’t seem to mind and in a very short time our libido resurged. My dick was hard again and after pressing it between her legs for a few minutes; I climbed over Katie’s legs and spread her knees with mine. Her receiver was as anxious as my lance and I slipped in again to begin a long, slow, steady fuck. We even paused a few times to prolong the event noting that we still a couple of hours before Arlene had said she would return.

“So do you think that little girl got to see her daddy’s thingy?” Katie asked with a chuckle.

“Probably,” I answered. “And maybe she and her brother are doing this.” I wiggled my probe a little.

“Maybe,” Katie added. We both laughed. Perhaps we conjured up an image of two little kids playing touch pee pee or just had been at it long enough. But our eyes met in the dark and we knew that we both were ready again.

I could boast over five inches now and I was plowing all of it into the willing receptacle of my twelve-year-old lover. And she was clutching at my cheeks, spreading her knees widely and encouraging all I was giving her.

Bending my head I locked my lips to hers and pushed my tongue in and out of her mouth in the same rhythm as my dick. I tried to push up enough that the top of my shaft would rub her clit. Katie’s breath started coming in gasps. She shuddered and squealed around my tongue just as my loins erupted. I continued stroking in and out as long as I could, probing with my tongue until I felt another shudder go through Katie and she went limp under me.

It must have been after midnight when I heard the door to the condo open. I could see Arlene’s shadow in the dark as she paused to look at her daughter wrapped in the arms of her fifteen-year-old lover. I thought I detected a smile when she moved to the bedroom, weaving slightly from the effects of alcohol.







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