Not With My Daughter!  Part 3
by Spunk N. Wagnels
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Not With My Daughter!  Part 3
by Spunk N. Wagnels

Just when Marnie felt her life seeming to get back to normal, there would be
another contact from the Larchers.  Like the time she was leaving to go
shopping, the gold Cadillac pulled across her driveway and the passenger door
opened up for her.  She walked up to the door, like she knew she would have to,
and pleaded,  "What is it going to take for you to leave me alone."  She said to
Jeff the driver.

"Let's go see Pop and find out, okay?"  He replied.

During the ride, the kid grazed the side of his index finger along Marnie's left
nipple to see if he could get it to show through her bra and blouse.  Marnie
initially pushed his hand away, but when it came back, she merely put her
fingers of her right hand on her lips, resting the elbow on the window ledge,
looking out at the passing scenery with her eyes that were tearing over,
contemplating her lot.

They pulled up to a small office building, where Marnie first got to know Jeff
and his dad.  This time, the building was occupied by Suits and Mini-dresses.
There was an energy to the place that Marnie hadn't experienced the last time
she was there with everyone gone.  The water fountain with the exotic plants was
running; young men and women were crisscrossing the lobby in business suits; and
support staff in sexier business attire, like mini-skirts and sheer blouses,
were talking and visiting as Jeff and Marnie walked past them and over to the

The elevator was being held for them by a young buck,  "Going up?"  He asked.

"No," Said Jeff, "going down.  We'll wait." 

On the next pass, they got in and rode to the basement.  Down a corridor, they
entered a door, and there was Mr. Larcher, Jeff's dad.

"Nice of you to come on such short notice."  He said, with saccharine
politeness.  "So you are probably wondering why we brought you here." She
nodded.  "Well, you see, I have this opportunity to get in good with the boss,
and you're going to help me.  If you blow it, well you know the rest.  I'm sure
you won't."  He said, motioning her to approach him with his fingers closing to
his palms.  "Let's see if you have been keeping yourself clean shaven, shall
we."  He said, as he reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down to
her ankles.  "Spread'em and lift the shirt."  He said, and then inspected her
pussy with her new quarter-inch hairs.  "Gee, I didn't even recognize you at
first.  Next time I see you, these have got to go.  Since we don't know when
that will be, I suggest you just keep it shaved."

"About this next time, what do you want of me?  When is this going to end?  I
can't go on like this.  My family is going to find out."  She said in despair.

"Lets play it by ear.  You help me, and I make life easier for you." He said.

"You know, if my family ever finds out about any of this, you'll have nothing to
hold over me any longer."  She said with a new boldness.

"Well Missy, it would have been a nice ride till then, now wouldn't it?"  He
said in retort.  "Now we are going to go upstairs and meet the boss."  He
stepped on the panties as she tried to pull them back up.  She just ended up
stepping out of them, and watched as he placed them in his pocket.

"What do they do here anyway?"  Marnie asked, as they were heading out the door.

"Well, you'd just have to say they are "people brokers".  There is a division,
which places people in temporary situations, another head hunts, there is a
talent agency, and modeling agency.  Like I said, 'people brokers.'"  He
explained as they rode the elevator to the top floor.

The walk down the hall was uncomfortably familiar, as was the office they were
let into. There was the altar of a desk and the overstuffed leather furniture.
A balding man was looking out the window behind him when they entered.  When he
was through talking on the phone, he turned around to place the receiver back,
and acknowledged their presence.  "So Walter, what have we here?"

"Ah, Mr. 'J', this here is the Missy I was telling you about.  The one with the
talent."  Larcher said respectfully.

"Come here.  Let me get a good look at you."  Said the man, as he held out his
hands for her to stand before him behind his desk at his side.  Marnie
approached him looking back at Larcher.  "Now turn around. Yes, that's nice.  So
you want to be in our movie, well have you ever done a movie before?"  He asked
her seemingly entranced by her well-toned legs.

Marnie looked at Larcher for a clue.  "No Sir, I have not."

"Well, lets get these clothes off and have a better look at you then."  He said

"I think I have changed my mind.  I don't think I want to be in the movies any
longer."  She said backing away from this stranger. 

Larcher blocked her exit from around the desk.  "Let's do as the gentleman
requests.  We mustn't keep a busy man waiting."  He said with an insistent air.

Now cornered, Marnie backed away from both of them and slowly removed her
sweater, blouse, bra, skirt, and panties.  She tried to cover her ample breasts
with one arm and her pubic hair with her other hand. 

"The hands, Missy, the hands."  Larcher insisted.  Marnie removed her hands.
"Please turn slowly for the man."  He went on to instruct.  "So what do you
think Mr. 'J'?"

"Nice body.  Good tits.  Good legs and rear.  Nice job Larcher, she'll do
nicely.  How old are you Miss?"  He said.

"Thirty-nine, Sir."

"I would not have guessed.  With makeup you'll pass for twenty-nine easy.
You've done well keeping yourself up.  They're shooting scenes you'll be good
for this afternoon.  That'll give us just enough time to get you over to the
shoot, made-up, and briefed on your scenes.  Larcher, can I count on you to get
her here by 1:00 PM?"  He asked, as he handed Larcher an address on a card.

"Sure Mr. 'J', no problem."  He responded.  "Okay, Missy, get your things, we've
got to hurry."

Larcher drove them to the warehouse district.  The ride was quiet, except for
the kid who wanted to know if he could be in the movie, and what the name of the
movie was.  "The working title is 'Cumming On Like
Gang Busters.'"  Larcher replied to his son.

They entered a warehouse that had been converted to loft spaces.  On the second
floor, they got off the large elevator and entered a space that was bustling
with people.  There were two "sets", if you would call them that, one with a
bedroom setup and the other with odd framework, padded structures and an array
of leather objects hanging on the wall.  Larcher looked around to see what he
guessed was the makeup area, a couple of mirrors, beside a couple of barber

The nude and semi-nude men and women milling around took Marnie aback.
"Larcher," he looked at her sternly.  "I mean, Mr. Larcher, I can't do this, not
here, not like this, this is so degrading."  She said imploring him.

"Sure you can Missy, we both know what a slut you are.  You will fit the part
nicely.  Over here.  I think they want you to take your things off."  He said,
directing her to the makeup area.

Marnie took off her clothes, waited with arms crossed on her chest for a chair
to become vacant, and sat down.  "Here you go, Missy, sign here.  You're even
going to get paid for this, unless you'd just let me have the money instead."
He said handing her a pen and a contract.  Marnie was going to read it, but she
was so overwhelmed by what she was going to be doing that when a lady came by
and started powdering her breasts, she quickly signed and handed it back to
Larcher out of the way.

As she sat there receiving heavy makeup, and then a pussy hair trim, she got
briefed on her scenes. "In the first scene, you are walking the street and you
are picked up by a fancy car.  Don't worry; the street scene was already shot.
You will wear this wig for continuity."  She held up a pageboy light blonde wig
in front of her.  "You come to a house, where the master of the house likes to
watch.  You will be brought to orgasm before his watching eyes."  She continued.

"But, I don't think I'll be right for this, really."  Marnie protested.

"From your looks and hot body, Lady, you'll do just fine.  Okay, then in the
next scene, you'll pull a train with the staff."  She said, as she hurriedly
placed the wig on her head.  Then she held out her hand for Marnie's and said
"Follow me, you're on now.  You're going to have to put these on quickly."

"But, but, I don't think . . ." Marnie tried to say as she was helped by two
young women get into hooker duds.

"Okay now, you just do exactly as the director tells you to do, so they can do
this in one take.  I don't think you'll be able to last for more than one, and
they only get one good shot per stud usually, for these pictures.  If you don't
want everyone in this place mad at you, you'll just do your best to follow cues
right from the start.  Okay? Now stand here.  That person there is the director.
Do exactly as he says, as soon as he says to do it.  Good luck.  I'm sure you
will do just fine.  I, for one, am looking forward to your scenes."  The make-up
lady said as she left Marnie outside a door leading to the bedroom set.

Another young woman came up and coached her that she would enter the room, walk
up to the camera pretending it is a wealthy old man who likes to watch and do a
slow striptease dance in front of him.  Then slowly, coyly walk back to the bed
and lie down in the middle with arms and legs outstretched.  The rest would fall
into place from there.  Any direction she was to get from anyone, she was to
just do without question, or the scene might have to be shot again.

Marnie heard, "Ready on the set."  Everyone went quiet.  "Okay Street Slut,
enter and dance your clothes off."  Marnie heard over a P.A. system.  She
hesitated trying to catch her breath and slow her heart rate down before passing
out.  "Lets go.  Tapes rolling."  The P.A. voice said again.

Marnie entered the room.  She sort of went to autopilot.  Everyone in the place
was staring at her as she sauntered over to the camera.  It was at an angle
pointing up, as if it was the viewpoint of a seated man.  She fought the
overwhelming humiliation and embarrassment of playing to a camera as best she
could, managing to grind her hips and doing what she thought would be sexy.
With her top off, she danced with her arms forward, squeezing her breasts out in
front.  When she removed her miniskirt, she turned her back to the camera and
slowly slid it down the length of her statuesque legs.  When she was completely
naked, she could feel her heart pounding a beat that synced with the music and
she danced with her hands over her head and her knees apart, leaning her pussy
forward to the camera.  Much to her mortification and surprise, she was starting
to get turned on by this wanton display, as if it was fulfilling desires from
the deepest of recesses. 

"Good."  The director said.  "Now head for the bed.  That's it. Good."

Marnie laid down on the bed as instructed and waited spread-eagle for what would
happen next.

There was a quick double clapping sound and two ladies in see-through lingerie
entered through the door with wrist and ankle restraints, and approached her on
either side of the bed.  Marnie laid there in horror as the two gorgeous ladies
restrained her arms and legs to the corners.  They guided Marnie to lift her
rear so they could place some pillows under it.  Then they started caressing her
body, one at her legs, and the other at her chest.  Her breasts, not as firm as
in her twenties, lay like water balloons a little out to the sides of her chest.
She scrunched her face, forming an "O" with her lips and pulled on her bonds in
ecstasy as they moved their caresses to her nipples and love patch.  When they
stopped, she was panting.

Then the ladies removed their garments for the camera, giving Marnie a slight
reprieve.  Then much to her horror, they climbed on the bed with her and started
to make love to her in tandem.  She had never even fantasized about having a
woman between her legs.  All she ever wanted from life was to be loved by her
husband, Roger.  Marnie's revulsion was replaced by ecstasy as she closed her
eyes.  She let the sensations flood her.  They were bringing her to a peak when
they stopped and backed off the bed.  Marnie continued a second, bucking her
body to the imaginary hands and tongues that were no longer there, then opened
her eyes to discover that the two ladies were waiting to the sides.  A double
clapping sound preceded a tall medium built man, with the erection of a horse,
waking in.  He turned to the camera and said, "Yes Sir, I am ready." 

A voice was heard, "Please proceed."

The man started to approach Marnie from between her legs.  Marnie tried to
struggle in her bonds.  She wanted to crawl back away from him and curl up into
a tight impenetrable ball.  "No, NO, NO!  I can't take it! He won't fit.  Oh
God, please NO!"  She pleaded loudly, as she thrashed in her bonds.  The ladies
in waiting approached her.  One stroked the hair of her head back to comfort
her.  The other started working fingers in her quim to keep her juiced up and
ready.  The man spit on his hands and coated the tip of his cock for extra
measure.  He knelt between her legs.  The lady working on Marnie's cunt guided
his cock head to her opening.  The stud applied a little pressure, but his girth
still made it a little too tight.  The lady started massaging Marnie's clit to
get her hungry for penetration.  The man forced just the head in and held it
there.  Marnie twisted and screamed like she must have done at her daughter,
Brenda's birth.  The man pushed in another inch.  "Arrgh!  Ooooo, Argh."  Marnie
moaned loudly.  He pushed in some more with the same result.  Then he started
sawing his cock in and out for the length he had managed to get in.  "Oh, don't.
Stop! Please stop."  Marnie implored with a guttural wail.  The man started
sawing in a little farther with each thrust until he was sawing at full thrust
working on his own relief. 

Marnie's vagina was starting to turn from excruciating agony to an itch that had
to be scratched.  She was transforming into a wild bitch in heat.  As the pain
subsided, she was screaming, "Don't stop!  Don't Stop!  Please don't stop."
When the man was reaching his peak, Marnie went stiff in the most overpowering
orgasm she had ever experienced.  The man kept pumping, bringing himself to his
orgasm.  Marnie was literally about to pass out, when he came in a forceful
thrust, nearly splitting her in two. Marnie came again, on top of the other
orgasm, and did pass out.

When she awoke, she was back in the makeup chair being made up some more.  Her
knees were wide apart and her hole was gaping.  She couldn't close her knees
with any comfort, so she continued to sit in this wanton display.  The lady
making her up began to talk to her.  "Well, the words you spoke were not in the
script, so we're going to have to do another take." 

Marnie gripped the armrests in horror. 

"No, only kidding.  You were great!  It was much better footage than they ever
anticipated.  You should have seen yourself, you were 'Hot' Lady." The makeup
lady said, as Marnie relaxed her death grip.  "So how do you feel down there?"
She said, referring to her cunt.

"I've never been fucked like that in my life.  I never thought I could do it."
She said frankly.  "Even though it hurts, I could still fuck my husband's brains
out right now."

"That's good, because they are setting up the scene where you pull the train."
She said, powdering Marnie's chest.

Marnie looked across at the set and couldn't see any train yet.  "Will it be
heavy to pull?"  She asked naively.

"It should prove to be something you'll never forget."  The lady said assuredly.

Marnie was growing less self-conscious about being naked on the set.  The crew
acted as if they had seen it all hundreds of times before. Although, when she
did have eye contact with them, they invariably gave her a facial expression
that communicated that they thought she had an exceptional body.

Marnie stood to watch the activity around the next set, legs apart to let
soothing air lick her stretched out pussy, observing each of the crew members at
their tasks.  She still didn't see any train when she was given her instructions
to walk into the room with the apparatus on cue.  Then she was to walk over to
the camera, take the boa that was given to her, wrap it around the back of the
camera and pull one end until it all came back around to her.  Next, she was to
walk in a sexy fashion over to a padded trestle, bend over it and grab the bar
sticking out under it on either side.  From there, the scene would take care of

On cue, she walked a sexy naked walk over to the camera and did a seductive boa
move, put it around the back of her neck and bent over the trestle as directed.
The ladies in waiting from the earlier scene fastened cuffs around her wrists
and secured them to the bars.  Marnie started to worry herself out of her sexy
reverie and became truly panicked when her legs were fastened apart to rings on
the floor.  She was now bent in place with very limited ability to move at all,
with her open sex facing the camera at a forty-five degree angle and with her
breasts bulging out on either side of the padding.

In walked a parade of men in costumes.  There was a butler, a gardener, a
pool-boy, a carpenter, a plumber, a mailman, and a cook.  They all lined up in
front of the camera bowed in unison, and declared, "Ready Sir."

"Please everyone, proceed."  The voice was heard to say.  This was the cue for
the ladies to assist the men with removing their pants and open their shirts to
expose their sexual equipment.  They were cut and uncut, big and average,
straight and curved, thin and wide, comprising a smorgasbord of cock meat.  The
butler was first in line and was stroking his cock to get it hard.  A lady in
waiting knelt down and laved the head with her mouth, which helped him get all
the way to full staff.  Marnie tried to look behind her to see what was
happening but couldn't get her head all the way around.  She learned what was
happening though, as she felt his hands stroking her rump, down the back of her
legs, then up the inside to her crotch.  She felt the tip of his cock at the
opening of her snatch; it eased its way past her absent defenses and sit buried
in her to the hilt.  His hands went to the top of her butt for support and he
started a slow sawing of his meat into her tunnel.  She felt the ladies' fingers
on her nipples as he picked up the pace until he was lunging into her with full
thrusts from stem to stern. 

Meanwhile, the next man in line was lead around to face Marnie and she was
forced to take his penis in her mouth when her nose was held closed by one of
the ladies in waiting.  He got himself hard and lubricated in her mouth and took
the butler's place after he came.  And so it went, front to back, and then back
in line.  Marnie never felt more like a slut as she did at that moment.  She was
raw and in pain, but came in shuddering orgasms over and over again despite the
humiliation, until she just screamed and passed out somewhere in the second time
around for the bunch.

When she came to, most of the people had gone, the studio lights were off and
people were still saying goodbye.  One crewmember came by to say,  "Nice job
lady, you were fabulous."  Before he too left.

"Well Missy," Larcher said, "I think you just discovered some new things about

"Please have mercy and just take me home."  She said with a pained look of
disgust as she tried mopping up the pool of cum that had oozed out of her pussy
during her rest.

"Okay Missy, you did good for me today.  I'll spare you from my horny bastard
son here.  But, you know what they say?  'Once a woman has pulled the train, she
finds she can never get enough sex.'  So if hubby doesn't do it for you anymore,
you can always call 'Hornbusters', that's us."

Marnie was not amused.  Right now, the last thing on her mind was having anyone
or anything anywhere within a mile of her cunt.  She rode silently home and had
to figure another story to get past Roger and Brenda's attention and questions
for her appearance and mood.

Roger bought that she having a worse than normal period, when Marnie agreed to
see a doctor about it, but Brenda wasn't buying it.  What worried Marnie most,
as she went to sleep early that night, were Larcher's words about never being
able to get enough sex after "pulling the train".  "A ha, so that's 'pulling the
train'."  She thought with a chuckle to herself, as she drifted off into
wet-dream land.

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