This story is intended exclusively for open-minded adults. If you're under 18, you'd be better served exercising your own imagination rather than being corrupted by mine. This story is purely a work of fiction, and the actions described herein are not condoned, encouraged or even considered morally acceptable by the author. This story may be reposted as long as it is unaltered and unedited (including this disclaimer), and as long as credit is given to the author.

Kandy, Kiddie Porn Star

by Small Wonder

Kandy's Movies, Part 1: Slut Makers 7 (M+g cons inc ped porn)

NOTE: The "Kandy's Movies" stories are designed to be pure stroke action. They're supposed to be relatively fast little things that don't waste time on all the characterization and such of the longer stories. I hope you enjoy them.

OK, I've been reading these stories about Kandy, and you know what? It's great getting to know my favorite little pre-teen porn slut better, but where the fuck are the movies? So I told the fella writing them that he should write up better descriptions of the movies and he was like "Yeah, yeah, I'm getting to it. But first I want to have this 12,000 word scene about her emotions and her relationships and the blah blah blah blah fuckity-blah."

Jesus Christ! Hey, everyone who came here to find out how she likes to fucking shampoo, raise your hands. Anyone? Anyone? That's what I thought.

So, I told him I'd do him a favor and write something people could actually get off to, and he was like "but the characters! And the descriptions! How can you enjoy the story without knowing how the family DECORATES THEIR HOUSE???"

But fuck him, I showed him his first Kandy movie so he owes me. He'd still be thinking Little Linda Labia is the shit if it weren't for me. So I'm going to tell you all about her movies, and I'm going to start off with "Slut Makers 7", which is the first movie I ever saw her in, and its still one of my favorites.

Here it goes.

This guy is sitting on a couch in his shorts. If you know the "Slut Makers" series, you know who I'm talking about. He's in his late forties or whatever, and he's addressing the camera.

"Hey all you Daddies and dirty-old-men out there, I think I've got something special for you today. Charlie called me up and said 'I have a girl you just have to fuck! She's one cute little girl just aching to become a total slut.' He wouldn't tell me anymore about her he just told me to get the camera ready. But if she's everything he says she is, we're gonna have some fucking fun making a little slut out of her! Cuz we're the Slut Makers! I tell you, she better me fuckin' hot, cuz I haven't gotten to fuck any little girls since Sunday, so my cock is ready to fucking explode. Hey, I think that's them now. Hey Charlie!"

"Hey" an offscreen voice says.

"Is that the little girl who wants to be a slut?"

"Sure is, ain't she a cutie?"

"Fuck yeah, bring her over here, let's show this chick off."

The guy named Charlie, who looks like he could be the first guy's brother (which he is) comes into the picture holding the hand of the sexiest little girl you ever saw. She's skinny with long brown hair, this light white skin, blue eyes and no tits at all. She doesn't have hips but she does have a real shapely ass on her, you can see it in those tight blue shorts she's wearing, they type some of those girls wear on those cock-teasing child-modeling websites. She's got on a tight black t-shirt that has some writing on it, but you can't see what it says because she has her side to us.

"Goddamn, Charlie wasn't kidding! Look at you!" the guy says, running his hands along her arms. She looks just a tiny bit nervous, but not that much. "So, darlin', how old are you?"

"I eight. I'm almost nine!"

"I love eight-year-olds! And nine-year-olds. So, what's your name?"

"It's Kandy," she says, almost proudly.

"Kandy! Sweet name for a sweet girl! It's really nice to meet you, Kandy, I'm Uncle Jeff."

"Nice to meet you, Uncle Jeff," she says.

"Awww... give me a hug!" he says, opening up his arms wide. She hugs him, he runs his hand over that really great ass of hers and gives a thumbs-up and an exaggerated wink into the camera.

"All right, Kandy, first, let's let everyone see you. Smile big now!" he says, and turning her to face the camera. She brushes a bit of hair out of her face and shakes her head a bit then smiles this big bright smile into the camera and gives a cute little-girl wave. Her shirt says "I {heart symbol} boys!" She's got perfect teeth, but no braces which disappoints me at first. I was gonna fast forward when I saw that she didn't, 'cuz I knew another girl on this DVD did have braces, but I decided to at least stick around to see what her ass looks like out of those shorts. Best decision I ever fucking made.

Jeff sits down on the couch, pulling her with him onto his lap. He brings his hands around and rests them on her smooth legs. Charlie

"Wow, Kandy, you just gave a bunch of guys a heart-attack. You are sooooo pretty. People tell you that sometimes, don't they, that you look pretty?"

She giggles in embarrassment.

"C'mon, they do don't they, sometimes total strangers say 'you're quite a pretty little girl', don't they?"

"Yeah, sometimes," she admits.

"Yeah, of course they do! Do you know what they mean when they say that?"

"They're just being nice."

"No, Kandy. When they tell you you're pretty, what they mean is, you're really sexy. They mean you're really, really hot, and they're imagining what you look like naked. So, whenever someone says you're pretty, they're really saying they want to take off your clothes and fuck you!"


"Hah! 'Really?' she asks! Holy shit you're so fucking adorable! That's another word for sexy, by the way. Also, when they tell you how smart you are or tell you how charming you are, they mean sexy. Even the women!"

She busts up laughing, her hair flings around, she bends over a little bit and Jeff clearly is enjoying her moving around while sitting on his lap.

"But what would you rather be called, pretty or sexy?"

"Sexy! Definitely Sexy!"

My heart melts. I ain't fast-forwarding shit!

"All right, then, why don't you tell everyone watching this," and he whispers into her ear. "Go on, tell them," he says, pointing at the camera.

She looks right into the camera, gets that big cock-sucking smile on her face and says, "Hey out there! If you ever see me walking down the street, you can call me sexy and tell me how hot I look! Oh, and ask to see my pussy!"

"Hahahahahahaha! Hey, I didn't tell you to say that!"

"Sorry," she says with a devilish grin.

"Hey, that's all right, it's a really good idea. Ask to see her pussy, fellas!"

Charlie pipes up: "That was a really good idea. You're a bright girl."

"You know what he means by that, right?" Jeff asks.

"Yeah, it means I'm sexy!"

"Damn right it does! It means you're sexy. And being sexy is great, but you came here to be slutty, right? You want to be a sexy little slut?"


His hands creep a bit further up her inner thighs. She spreads her legs almost without thinking. Check out Kandy's awesome camel-toe.

"That's a good girl. OK, well you're gonna be one today. You've had sex right?"


"What have you done, have you sucked cock?"

"Oh, yeah, lots!"

"Lots of cock, eh? OK, and I bet you've had your little pussy licked, haven't you?"


"Hey, sounds like you like that. Have you licked pussy yourself?" asks Charlie.


The more questions they ask, the more she smiles. Watch closely, she shifts her hips to bring Jeff's fingers just a bit closer to her crotch.

"And what about getting fucked, you've been fucked before, right? Some guy stuck his hard cock in this tiny little pussy?" he says, patting it lightly.

"A bunch of guys!"

"Wow, you're halfway to being a slut already! How many guys have fucked you?"


"Oh, shit! 12! And you're only 8! Fellas, can you believe this? What about your Daddy, has he fucked you?"

"Yeah, all the time!"

"Fucking awesome! He popped your little cherry?"

She nods.

"How old were you?"

"I just turned eight," she says.

"Holy shit! You've only been having sex for less than a year and already you've had sex with 12 guys. Fuck, my dick is hard! You can feel it, can't you?"

"Yeah, it's really hard. It feels really big too!"

"What a fuckin' sweetie! So your dad gets to fuck you, that's awesome! You're a very lucky girl, you know that? A lot of daddies don't have sex with their daughters, isn't that sad?"

"Why not?"

"They think it's wrong. Even a lot of the daddies watching us right now think it's wrong. You don't think it's wrong, right Kandy?"

"No, it's so much fun!" Her eyes light up. The chick ain't acting.

"I know it is! Lots of fun. Well, you can help them. Look into the camera and tell all the daddies out there that it's all right to have sex with their little girls."

I swear, it's like she's looking right at me. Her face turns serious for a second.

"Hey, Daddies! Do you want to have sex with your little girl? Take it from me, it's all right to have sex with her. They want to do it. I wanted to do it, and the first time he had sex with me was the best night of my life! Don't be scared, all little girls want to have sex with their daddies. I have sex with my daddy all the time and I love it! Trust me, your little girl is hoping you'll do it with her, she wants to see you naked and suck your cock and show you her body and let you kiss her and fuck her and cum in her mouth! If you love your daughters, please show them by teaching them all about sex and fucking."

Jeff looks at Charlie, Charie looks at Jeff and their jaws hang open.

Charlie sums it up succinctly: "Holy fuck!"

Jeff expands on that thought: "Kandy, you are so fucking cool! Goddamn, Kandy, you're a little angel. Sexy, sexy little angel," and then kisses her on the cheek.

"Oh, come on," she says, bashfully hiding from the compliments.

"You know what? You did such a good job with that, why don't you tell all the little girls out there that they should have sex with their daddies. And then all the daddies watching this can show this to their daughters and they can start to play together. You wanna do that?"


"OK, wait, let me set this up right... Ahem. Hi, all you little girls out there watching this, oh you're all so pretty! So pretty! Anyhow, I want you to meet someone very special. Girls, this is Kandy, say hi Kandy."

"Hi girls!" she says waving.

"Now, Kandy, you wanted to say something you think is very important to all the little girls out there, didn't you?"

"Yes I did, Uncle Jeff."

"OK, well girls, listen closely now, because Kandy here is a very, very smart girl and she's got a big secret to tell you! Go ahead, Kandy."

"Hey, girls! Yeah, I'm gonna tell you a secret. You know sometimes at night when you touch yourself down there? It's all right, we all do it. Don't feel bad about it, it's fun, there's nothing wrong with it and there's nothing wrong with you. But guess what? You know how good that feels? Well that's nothing. If your dad does that to you, it'll feel ten times better! That's what sex stuff is and it's not dirty or bad at all. And that's just the beginning, there's so much more, and it all feels so good! But here's the best part, not only can your daddy make you feel really good, you can make him feel really good too! Wouldn't that be fun, you can make him feel really, really good and he can do the same to you! And you get to see what his willie looks like! And when he makes you feel good, he's showing you how much he loves you. And when you make him feel good, you're showing him how much you love him! And it's so much fun! It'll make your daddy so happy to see you naked and to touch you and hug you and kiss you all over, and you'll have so much fun playing naked games with him and kissing him and even kissing his willie! And you can do it with other people too, but it's really, really special with your daddy. And even though some of what he's going to teach you will seem weird at first, you'll be learning the stuff big girls know. Don't let him tell you you're too little! So when he comes to kiss you goodnight tonight, I want you to say 'Daddy, could you teach me about sex? I really want to learn about it from you. Can I show you what I look like naked?' and then take off your nightie and show him how pretty you are. Then say 'I love you Daddy, and I want to make each other feel really good!'... Oh, and the best part is, you get to kiss like grown-ups! It's really, really cool! It's so much fun, I love to do it! Watch!"

Then she turns around and kisses Jeff, and Jeff they're both so turned on that it's an incredibly hot kiss. And then Jeff rubs her crotch with one hand and rubs her tits with his other hand. She grinds her pussy against his hand and moans and it's like 30 seconds before she remembers she was in the middle of something else and turns back to the camera.

"See? You can do that with your Daddy too! I do, and it's the greatest thing in the whole world!"

Jeff and Charlie started clapping and whopping and Jeff is squeezing Kandy and gives her a kiss on the cheek and stuff.

"Jeez, Charlie, what did you of that?"

"See! I told you Kandy was amazing! All right, I gotta get a kiss from you too," he says and Kandy practically lunges for him and starts giving him a huge, wet kiss. He rubs the crotch of her shorts and she wiggles against him. Jeff has to stop them when Charlie tries to reach into her shorts to get a better feel, but who can blame him?

"Hey, hold your horses horn dogs, we've got a little bit of business to take care of first," Jeff says. He pulls Kandy back onto his lap and turns his attention to her. "OK, you've licked pussy, you've been fucked. Have you had sex with other little girls your own age? Like 14 or younger?"

"Yeah, and boys too!"

"And boys too! Now how many guys have you had sex with at once?"

"By myself?"

"Yeah, by yourself."

"Just three," she says, and she's actually disappointed the number is so low!

"Well that's not very many! We have to get you back here for one of our gang-bangs. You'd like that, right? That's what I thought. Well, you're definitely qualified to be a slut. No questions there. So let me ask you, are you a slut, Kandy? Is little Kandy a certified, card-carrying, cock-sucking slut?"

"Fuck yeah!" she says, bouncing up and down.

"Not so fast, little lady! You're not a slut yet! You see, being a slut means you'll let anyone have sex with you. And it's a special honor, not every little girl gets to be one, even if she has sex all the time! Now first of all, we need to get your top off for this part, so raise your arms."

So she does, but she adds a flourish where she sweeps her hands through her hair like in those shampoo commercials, which is apparently a lot harder than it looks because she ends up with total JBF hair. Don't know what that means? Google it, motherfucker. Jeff pulls the hem of her shirt up and underneath she's got on this white white half shirt that also has writing on it. The "I Heart Boys" is replaced with "But I Fuck Men!" and if that wasn't hot enough, you can totally see her nipples through her shirt. Jeff and Charlie both bust up when they read it, and while they're laughing, Kandy strips off the undershirt really seductively, crossing her arms in front of her and pulling it up and over her head.

Fuck, her little flat chest is awesome. I wanted to lick my TV. OK, I actually did lick my tv. But her smooth skin and her little nipples which are as nice and perky as possible for a pre-pubescent girl are fucking perfect. She flings the shirt right on to Charlie's face and then strikes a Marilyn Monroe pose and blows a kiss at the camera.

"Should I take my shorts off, too?" Kandy asks. Dammnit, the answer better be yes!

"No, no, we'll get to those in a moment," Jeff says because he's an asshole.

"Jeff, if Kandy wants to take her shorts off, I say we let her!" Sing it, Charlie!

"Well... Kandy, if you want to take your shorts off, you can, but you have to promise me that you'll be extra super-slutty when we start fucking, all right?"

"I promise!" she says, and works those tight camel-toe shorts over her lovely ass and slides them down her legs. She sits back down on Jeff's lap and spreads her legs wide. Her cunt is beautiful, still a girlish mound but pink with excitement and her pussy lips are all shiny with wetness. She runs a couple fingers over her slit, smiling at the camera the whole time. She leans back into Charlie and spreads her legs a bit wider. Her pussy looks so hot and tight and totally fuckable.

"OK, Kandy, now to be a slut, you have to be willing to have sex with any guy that wants to fuck you. So what we're going to do is pick out a word for you, and that will be your special slut word. And then you're going to make a vow, right here, that you're a slut and will fuck anyone that says that word to you. And everyone watching this is going to hear that word, that means lots and lots of men will be ready to fuck you if they are lucky enough to see you walking down the street. And some of them will, trust me. Are you ready to make that vow? To take the vow of sluttiness?"

"Yes I am," she says, "Uncle Jeff, please turn me into a total slut."

"OK, let's pick out your word," he says and Charlie hands him a big dictionary. "What we're gonna do is I'm going to cover your eyes and flip through this dictionary. You put your finger in it and whatever word it lands on will be your slut word. You ready?"


"Good girl!" he says and places a large hand over her eyes. He opens up the dictionary and positions one of her hands above it. "OK, I'm gonna start flipping, and you just put your finger down whenever."

He starts flipping, she drops a finger and marks a spot. Jeff uncovers her eyes and they both take a look.

"Well, tell everyone what word you picked."

"Gypsy Moth" she reads. The word pops up on the screen in big letters. I commit it to memory instantly.

"Gypsy Moth, that's a good word. Now, it's time for the vow. OK, you pinch your left nipple with your right hand," he says, guiding her hand to her chest, "and I'm gonna play with this other little tittie of yours. Ohh, this is nice. Now, look into the camera and repeat after me."

The sexy little bare-ass girl who is pinching one of her own nipples and letting a grown man pinch her other one looks right at the camera.

"I, Kandy," he says, "promise that I am a slut."

"I, Kandy, promise that I am a slut."

"I promise that I love to fuck, suck cock, swallow cum and be a nasty whore."

"I promise that I love to fuck, suck cock, swallow cum and be a whore."

"Nasty whore," he corrects her.

"Oh, yeah, sorry, and be a NASTY whore."

"I promise that if you say the word 'Gypsy Moth' to me, I will happily and eagerly let you fuck me."

"I promise that if you say the word 'Gypsy Moth' to me, I will happily and eagerly let you fuck the shit out of me."

"I promise that my pussy will be tight and wet for you."

"I promise that my pussy will be tight and wet for you."

"... and that I will make you cum really, really, really hard."

"... and that I will make you cum really, really, really, really, really hard."

"Good job, Kandy!"

"So, am I a slut now?"

"You sure are! And now the fun part, you know how in weddings, they end with the groom kissing the bride? Well we do the same thing, except we fuck the slut. Now, what are you?"

"I'm a slut!"

"You're a sexy slut."

"I'm a sexy slut!"

"You're an 8-year-old tiny sexy little cum whore slut."

"I'm an 8-year-old tiny sexy, dirty, nasty, horny, cock-loving little cum whore slut," she beams then turns right to the camera and says, "and I want all of you out there to fuck the shit out of me!"

"Good girl!! All right. Now, take off our clothes, you little slut!"

"Yes, sir!" she says happily, then jumps off of Jeff, turns around and starts pulling his shorts down. Her round ass and plump pussy are pointing right at the camera and you can totally see how wet her cunt is. Jeff's cock springs up out of the waistband of his shorts, and if you haven't seen it before, I should tell you that it's quite intimidating. Eight inches or so (he says it's ten inches, but that's guy talk. Eight inches is huge, no reason to fudge the numbers). She gets his shorts off and then rubs them on her pussy.

"Nice! Wow, this is a big one!" she says, and strokes his cock a couple times.

Then she turns to Charlie, who's wearing a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. She starts unbuttoning his shirt and kisses down his chest as it comes into view. Jeff starts rubbing her ass and sliding some fingers over her slit. He flips off the camera, then sticks that middle finger right into her pussy. Kandy stops unbuttoning Charlie and gives a nice grunt in approval.

"Shit, your pussy is hot! Hot and wet and tight! You really are in the mood to get fucked, aren't you?"

"I'm dying for it, it was all I could think about yesterday. I'm so horny, I just can't wait to for you guys to fuck me and cu--"

SLAP! Jeff gives that tiny ass a determined spank. Kandy's head jerks back and she winces in pain, then exhales slowly and smiles. Jeff finger fucks her some more and slaps her ass again. She gasps in what sounds to me like pleasure. A red handprint covers her entire left cheek.

Jeff starts finger-fucking her harder and with two fingers. Kandy makes a weird sex-moan and rips open the rest of Charlie's shirt. A button flies off and hits Jeff in the face.

"Hey, watch it!" Jeff says and punishes her with another spank, but this time underhanded right on her pussy mound and actually fairly playful. Kandy is running her hands all over Charlie's chest and stomach and tonguing a nipple with her tongue.

"I actually kinda liked this shirt," Charlie says.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she says in a very little-girl-voice, "I'll make it up to you, I promise!" Then she unsnaps and unzips his jeans and works them down his legs. His cock tents the gay-ass pair of boxer-briefs he's wearing. He kicks his legs to help her get the jeans past the bend in his knees.

Kandy has his boxers off a few seconds later. Naked, you can tell Charlie and Jeff are brothers. Their cocks are almost identical. Same length, same width, both cut, both decent size balls with a pronounced seam on the sac, and same gentle upward curve. Charlie has his pubes shaved and Jeff doesn't and that's the only obvious difference.

Well, there's one other difference: Kandy is sucking on Charlie's cock. This must be what she meant by 'making it up to him'. Jesus this little girl sucks dick like a fucking demon. Within a few seconds, she has his shaft all nice and shiny with tons of her spit. One of her hands is playing with his balls and the other is squeezing his nipples. Her head is bobbing up and down his hard cock. Charlie brushes her hair away from her face so the camera can get a real good view, then rests his hand on top of her head, pushing down at the bottom of her strokes to get a bit more of his cock into her mouth. You can tell that she comes close to gagging a couple of times but this little girl has obviously learned how to suppress the reflex as much as possible. I'm envious of her daddy for getting to teach her that!

Jeff starts eating out her little pussy from behind, making a big show of running his big tongue up and down her slit, then spreading her ass cheeks and forcing his tongue into her little puckered hole. Kandy moans in pleasure which Charlie can clearly feel through his cock.

"Fuck, yeah, make the bitch moan! That feels so fucking good! Kandy, get down on that dick you slut," Charlie says, thrusting up his hips and pushing on her head. More of his cock slips into her mouth. His fingers curl in her hair, tugging at it. Her face begins to turn red and her eyes water. Finally he lets her up and she releases his cock from her mouth and inhales deeply through her mouth.

"Oh yeah! Do that again!" she says, grinning with a lewd, lusty expression, looking Charlie directly in the eyes.

"You like that, huh?" Charlie asks her.

"Fuck yeah, it's so slutty!"

"You're our little cock whore?"

"I'm everyone's little cock whore!"

"You got that right! Now get back down there," he says, guiding her head back to his cock. "Hey, Jeff, you gonna fuck this slut or what?"

Jeff still has his face buried in her snatch. He doesn't respond.

"Yo, Jeff! You with us?"

"Huh?" he says, like he just woke up.

"Jesus, welcome back!"

"Sorry, it's just this slut has an amazing fucking pussy. Kandy, you know you got a great little pussy, right?"

She nods, not taking her mouth off of Charlies cock.

"I gotta show it off again," he says, and then gets on his knees, grabs her left leg and lifts it up. Her body twists around because she has te keep her head down to suck Charlie's cock, but her pussy is proudly displayed for the camerea. Her little cunt is wet and puffy and reddish and ready. With her legs spread this wide, you can see her her inner lips and her tiny tiny little hole. And you can see her sexy clit, which is swollen and red with excitement, and surprisingly large for such a little girl. I don't know why the other guy never doesn't mention it more, but her clit is... well, it's just really, really fucking pretty. Just begging to be licked and sucked and you can tell from looking at it that she's a horny slut, because clits like that have a mind of their own.

While holding her leg up, Jeff puts his cock right at the entrance of her pussy. He rubs the head up and down her slit then puts it right at the entrance of her hole. He pushes in and the head of his cock begins stretching that tight twat.

If you ever get a chance to see this movie, pause it right here and take a good look, because it's super fucking hot. Here you've got this little tiny girl eight-year-old girl, half the size and a quarter the weight of the two men molesting her (and Clitty, her B.F.F.). She's greedily sucking one cock and another is sliding into her tiny litttle cunt. And it's a giant fucking cock, totally stretching her little pussy lips. It doesn't even seem possible that she could take this dick, but there it is, invading. But he has to go slowly because her little pussy is so fucking tight, even though he's not the type to go slowly or gently. So he pushes as hard as he can and 10 seconds of grunting and Kandy's cute little furrowed eyebrows trying bravely to mask the discomfort, and he's bottomed out inside of her.

Or so I thought.

"Holy shit, baby, you're tight!" Jeff says.

"If you put my leg down, I bet you can get a bit further in me," she says. he lets her leg down and true to her word, sinks another half inch in. They both groan delightedly. He pulls out then back in, and soon is fucking her happily, setting a nice pace. Within a couple of minutes, the pain in her face has disappeared and she's squirming and groaning as Jeff screws her tiny, tiny twat.

"Sounds like she's enjoying it!" Charlie says, gently tugging on her hair and raching underneath her to pinch and pull her nipples.

"Yes, it certainly does. That's my cue to speed the fuck up!" Jeff says and goes from a trot to a gallop in five strokes. I can't tell if this hurts Kandy or brings her even more pleasure, but the sensations are definitely overwhelming for her tiny body because she (finally!) releases Charlie's cock from her lips and belts out a full-on quivering groan, then buries her face into Charlie's stomach and gently chomps on his belly. He brushes the hair away from her sweet prett face, and lifts her chin up and up some more until she's forced to lean back into Jeff, straddling him while he pumps his cock in and out of her. Charlie starts making out with her, really slobbery wet kisses, lots of tongue and some lip biting, then he pushes her back a bit and starts working his mouth down her body, licking all the fun parts along the way like her ticklish neck and barely-there nipples and her flat tummy, but we all know where he's really heading for.

That's right, he's going downtown to dine at that awesome rockin' clit of hers that the other guy never mentions. When his mouth is an inch away from Kandy's love Skittle you can see Kandy try to prepare for what's in store by biting her lower lip and closing her eyes but the combination of cock and tongue is still almost shockingly pleasurable to her.

"Oh my fucking Jesus FUCKING AGHHHHHHHHHHH!" she yells and it's pure surprised pleasure and lust in her voice. "OH MY GOD!!!"

She grabs Charlie's head and grinds it into her snatch and wails and hits a high note well above a castrati's range. Her eight-year-old body visibly quivers in pleasure.

Pretty much every time I get to this point in the movie, I cum really hard. Usually all over my hand and stomach, but a couple of times over a pretty little Romanian girl from Eagle Rock and once on Kandy herself, but that's another story entirely, though if you guessed it involves the phrase "Gypsy Moth", give yourself a gold cockring, 'cuz I've fucked the slut three times now.

But you don't give a fuck about me cumming, right? You want to know how the rest of Kandy's scene plays out, right? Well settle the hell down, because it's about to get really, really fucking wild.

So there she is, reverse cowgirl-ing one guy, having her slim little pussy lips and swollen clit spread tight and super-sensitive by his hard, thrusting cock, and another guy is licking her pussy and clit at the same time. She's wailing in pleasure and her hair whips around, smacking Jeff in the face. He fucks her harder in revenge. she throws herself back into him, laying on his body. She twists around to deep French kiss him while he slams her abused pussy. She must have accidentally pulled to hard on Charlies head because he grunts in surprise, jolts his head up, and without warning slaps Kandy's pussy.

"Owwww!!" she cries, "Motherfucker!"

"Sorry, Kandy, I promise I'll make it up to you," Charlie says and dives right back into her pussy, licking and slobbering his way back into her good graces. It takes three seconds. She's back to moaning and making out with Jeff. She breaks off the kiss and says "hey, Uncle Charlie?"

"Yeah, slutty Kandy?"

"I like the sound of that! Um... You wanna fuck me now?"

"You fucking bet I do!"

"Then slap my pussy again! Just as hard as last time."

"You sure?"

"Hell ye-- FUCK!!!" Kandy yelps in surprise and then exhales as pleasure replaces pain. "Harder!"

It's harder. Her whole body spasms with the shock and her hand instinctively flies to her cunt. WIthin a few seconds she's wildly rubbing her clit while it's still throbbing from the slap. She squeals.

"Oh yes!!!! OK, hey, Uncle Jeff? It's Charlie's turn to fuck me! Can I suck your cock?"

"Yes you can, sweetie, but treat it good, it's gotta get ready," he said.

"Ready for what?"

"To fuck you in the ass, of course!"

She giggles and climbs off him. A drooly line of precum and girl juice connect them for at least a foot.

"All right, Uncle Charlie, how do you want me?"

"Get on your knees so you can suck Uncle Jeff's cock while your pussy juice is still fresh. But first..." he grabs her head by the hair and guides her lips to his, and runs a hand down her flat, skinny torso to her glistening bald pussy and easily slides a couple of fingers into that wet, freshly fucked cunt. She grinds her hips onto the palm of his hand while his fingers explore her silky hole.

"All right, now suck that cock!"

Instantly she's going down on Jeff, rubbing his cunt-juice covered cock over her face before swallowing as much of his cock as she can. You can tell how hard she's sucking by the way her cheeks deflate, like Dizzy Gillespie in reverse (and without his inventive musicality but apparently matching his lung power).

"Oh shit!!! Jesus this slut can sure suck cock!"

"Whankpfh" she says through a mouthful of cock. I'm pretty sure she was going for "Thanks".

"Goddamn that feels good," Charlie says, "You know, Kandy, I hope you grow up to be a cheap, streetwalking little whore, because every man should get to have his cock sucked by you at least once!" (for the record, I agree, but I've heard she's, like, smart and stuff, so she's probably gonna go to college. What a waste)

"That's what Mommy says!" she says grinning.

"Shut the fuck up up and keep sucking!"

"That's what Daddy says!"

Charlie and Jeff both start laughing their asses off. "Jesus, Charlie, she's funny too!"

"What'd I tell 'ya? This slut is awesome!" He says. His fist is wrapped around his hard, throbbing cock, working it into her tiny little pussy. He slips the head in then suddenly sinks a couple of inches of shaft into her soaking cunt. "Ohhhhhhh.... fuuuuuuuckkk.... Wow, this pussy feels so fucking good!"

Charlie grabs a handful of her soft ass and uses it like a handle to guide her up and down his shaft. His cock shines with their glistening juices. He starts fucking Kandy and she starts whimpering in pleasure.

"Oh, yeah... Charlie, fuck this slut deeper, her fucking moaning is shaking my cock like crazy." I don't know if it's because Charlie really does start fucking her harder, or if she's just encouraged by Jeff, but Kandy starts purring like a '68 Corvette, only 10 times as sexy and much, much younger.

Much younger.

Goddamn, watching this 8 year-old little minx, with her flat chest, straight hips, tiny little nipples, little girlie voice, sexy little-girl hair with a cock stuffed in her pussy and another one pounding away in her mouth is so fucking nasty.

But the best part about fucking a little girl is that they way almost literally nothing. Kandy is sixty pounds, top. That means while Charlie is burying his cock in her pussy, he can grab her thighs and lift her knees right up off the couch, plowing into her like an actual plow. Or like a wheelbarrow or something like that. No, wait, it's like she's a bridge. That's it, she's like fucking bridge between these two hard cocks. Charlie is holding her up with one arm around her waist, pumping that dick in and out of her. She has to wrap her arms around Jeff's hips to keep from biting his meat off, but she's a trooper, bobbing her head up and down his cock, moaning in pleasure with each hard slam Charlie puts to her little pussy.

I don't know if they practiced this maneuver, but the two pedophiles are able to turn Kandy over like a pig on a spit, rotating on her on their hard cocks. With her head thrown back, Jeff's cock can slide deeper into her mouth. She's eight, so deep-throating that monster is out of the question, but still he manages to work another inch or so of his meaty dick into her mouth. Kandy gags on his cock but tries valiantly to keep sucking him. She has to give up and take a deep breath of fresh, non-cock air, and you can hear Kandy gasp for air with that first deep inhale. Her face is red, tears have welled up in her eyes, but she's smiling like a crack-whore about to get paid.

"Holy shit, baby, need to take a break?" Jeff asks.

"Yeah, I think a min--"

"That was rhetorical, sweetie, you ain't getting one!" Charlie says, pulling out of her pussy with a distinct ppphhhlopppphhhh sound. Then he lifts her up like a drawbridge, pushing her cunt up towards Jeff's waiting mouth. As soon as his lips touch hers, she starts grinding those non-existent hips against his mouth. Her whole body squirms in delight as Kandy soaks up as much pleasure as she can from Jeff's tongue. She wraps her legs around his chest, under his arms.

"Mmmmm... Charlie, I love tasting your cock in some little slut's pussy."

"Quit being a fag, and get her ass ready for fucking!" says Charlie, but makes up for being politically incorrect by getting on his back to help Kandy suck Jeff's throbbing penis.

Jeff obeys, dipping his flip-off finger into her soaking pussy, then working it into her tight sphincter. Maybe it's my imagination, but it looks like her asshole literally sucks his finger inside.

"Shit, Kandy, I can't wait to get my cock in here."

"I can't wait either, I love having ANYTHING up my ass!" she says, and reaches up and starts grabbing at one of her ass cheeks. A bit more work, and soon her finger is joining his inside her shitter and together they finger-fuck her butthole.

He let's her down and grabs a handy bottle of lube, dribbling an excessively large amount of the slick shit onto her asshole, which Kandy is helpfully holding open. They both start fingering her asshole, coating her colon with a generous layer of lube. All the while, Jeff's cock is bouncing up and down, straining for it's chance to get inside the hottest piece if pre-teen ass I've ever seen.

"Ready, slut?" he asks.

"Oh, God, fuck my ass, uncle Jeff! Please fuck my ass really hard!" Her voice is throaty and raw with lust.

Jeff pulls his finger out. Kandy doesn't.

"Kandy, your finger is in the way! I can't fuck your ass with your finger stuck in it."

"Try! I want to see what it's like!"

"Oh, shit!" Charlie says and then gets a huge grin. He grabs the base of his cock and aims it at her sphincter.

"Ohhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuccckkkk! Yesssssss!!!!" Kandy groans as Jeff persistently pushes his cock, a millimeter at a time, into her asshole. "God, this feels SOOOO GOOOOOOODDDD!!! UNNNNhnnnnhhhh!"

"Shit, Kandy, it looks amazing! Fuck, you're so fucking nasty!" he says. All of a sudden, you get the sense that he's forgotten he's being filmed, forgotten he's performing. He's lost in the filfth of it, just enjoying the pleasure of an eight-year-old slut managing to teach him something new.

But we're watching. We're watching as he's sliding his cock into that asshole that already has her finger inside, and it's clear from her animal whimpers, she's enjoying the wild new sensations inside of her.

"Fuuuuccckkk!!!! Jesus, this feels so good!" he grunts.

"Soo good!" she gasps. He's buried as far as he'll go inside of her. He pulls out entirely then slides back in. She slides her own finger in and out, rubbing against his cock and her asshole at the same time. They both moan in pleasure, and he grabs both of her ass cheeks and spreads them wide, so the camera can catch the obscene act in all its glory. Charlie slides under her and Kandy starts hungrily kissing him. You can practically smell the sex. She moans wildly while lustfully making out with him. He holds her by the throat, not squeezing, but clearly she's at their mercy.

God, she's so hot, arching her back seductively in order to be able to reach her finger her butt. "Fuck me, Uncle Charlie! I want you so fucking bad!" she says, looking him straight in the eye.

Charlie grabs his thick cock and easily slides it into her wet pussy. Kandy moans something incomprehensible, yet nasty, as she feels two cocks and her finger plugging up her holes. Jeff pulls his cock out of her ass and she whimpers in displeasure.

"Don't worry, baby, it's going right back in!" he promises, but first he guides his middle finger into her asshole. Then his cock comes back, stretching her little tiny asshole even further open. Amazingly, with one of her fingers and one of his fingers inside, he can still stuff his dick up that crowded shitter.

This is stand up and cheer stuff. I mean, you don't see adult porn stars do shit like this. She breaks out into a sweat and squeals in discomfort, but fuck, these guys aren't about to let up, and you can tell she doesn't want them to.

"Ohh fuuuuuuuckkk!! FUUUUUCKKKING CHRIST THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!" Jeff yells. "Kandy, you're such a nasty fucking little eight-year-old slut!!!! What are you going to do if a man says 'Gypsy Moth' to you?"

"I'm gonna let him fuck me. I'm gonna suck his cock and stick it in my pussy swallow his cum let him slap his dick in my face and cum for him and let him spank me!" she screams. Holy shit!

"Spank you like this?" Charlie asks, slapping her ass.

"No, harder!"

"Like this?" two harder smacks.

"No, harder!! Fucking harder!!!"

"This hard???!!!" and he smacks her ass five times in a row, as hard as he fucking can. These hot fucking red hand prints appear on her ass cheeks and she clenches her teeth and jams her eyes shut and fucking grunts in high-pitched pain.

She recovers her breath, and then he pinches a nipple and twists it hard... really hard. She screams.

"YOU FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!!!" she yells at him, then plants her lips on his and devours his mouth in an uncontrollably hungry French kiss, moaning and whimpering into his throat. This little whore is more turned on than ever!

When my niece turns five, I'm going to give her this video as a birthday present. My sister can thank me later.

Charlie's hand starts guiding itself towards her asshole. "I want in, too" he says, and again, Jeff pulls out. Finger number three enters. Somehow Jeff manages to navigate the knuckles in his way and works his cock back into her. Three fingers and a huge cock stuffed up an eight-year-old's tiny little colon. It's so beautiful I almost start crying. She's not going to sit right for a week.

It's clearly not comfortable for her, and I'm almost to the point of pity. But the Charlie yells, "Holy shit, I'm gonna fucking cum! Open your fucking mouth, you slut!" and pulls his finger out of her well-fucked ass, his cock out of her well fucked pussy and gets in front of her. She grabs his throbbing, glistening dick and starts stroking it, keeping it pointed at her face. Three strokes later, his cum blasts over her pretty little lips into her mouth.

"OH SHIT!!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU KANDY!" Charlie screams. It's a huge load that splashes over her face and drips down her nose, squirts onto her cheeks, but most of it winds up in her mouth. When it finally subsides she brings that cock to her lips and sucks out the last droplets of his cum. Then she uses his cock like a squeegee to wipe off the semen decorating her little face and lewdly licks all that off too. She swallows it all and smiles like it was ice cream.

"OH FUCK!!!" Jeff yells, as his climax approaches. He pulls his dick out and aims it at her gaping asshole, held open wide by their two fingers. His load is even larger than Charlie's. "FUCK FUCK UGHHH.... GWROOOOGHHHH!!!!!!"

Bellowing in Klingon or something, he shoots so much cum into her asshole that it begins to over flow and drip out. She removes her finger and licks the jizz and ass-juice off of it. He removes his finger and feeds it to her to lick clean. Then he dips his still hard cock into her asshole, twirls it around like a coffee stirrer, and pulls it out.

She flips over, laying on the couch, and throws her legs over his shoulders. He pushes his cock towards her waiting mouth and she obscenely sucks it clean, licking all the cum off of it. He repeats the dip and lick procedure twice more before finally collapsing on top of her, exhausted, with her legs bent back like a gymnast. They make out, sharing the remnants of the two orgasms lining her mouth.

Her face glistens with cum and sweat. Her whole body is shaking and her little chest heaves with exhausted pants. Her hair is completely fucked up and a bruise is forming on her arm where one of them gripped her too hard during the double-fucking she just endured.

"Oh my god, Kandy, that was fucking unbelievable. Un-fucking-believable. You dirty slut...

Finally he gets off of her and pulls her to her feet. She can barely stand.

"Say good-bye to the nice people, Kandy!" Charlie says. She staggers towards the camera and smiles into it.

"Well, girls, I hope you learned how fun fucking can be. Tell your daddy you want him to fuck you and want to make them feel as good as I've made Uncle Jeff and Uncle Charlie feel! Tell your daddy that you'll fuck anyone he wants you to, because you want to be his slut forever. Show your pussy to the men in the park.

"And all you daddies out there, and all you men and women that watching us: Remember, if you want to fuck me, all you have to do is say 'Gypsy Moth' and you'll get to fuck my pussy and fuck my ass and fuck my mouth and cum wherever you want, 'cuz I'm a real slut now! Remember, 'Gypsy Moth'... I can't wait for someone to use it! Pussies!"

And then she blows a kiss to the camera and the scene fades out.

Someday I'll tell you the story of the time I got to fuck her. I'm way too tired to go into it now, but it involves handcuffs and a dildo and a twelve-year-old boy.

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