This story is intended exclusively for open-minded adults. If you're under 18, you'd be better served exercising your own imagination rather than being corrupted by mine. This story is purely a work of fiction, and the actions described herein are not condoned, encouraged or even considered morally acceptable by the author. This story may be reposted as long as it is unaltered and unedited (including this disclaimer), and as long as credit is given to the author.

Kandy, Kiddie Porn Star

by Small Wonder

Parts 5-6 (M+F+/g(+) ws cons inc ped porn)

5. Afterglow

The four of them lounged on the couch naked, basking in the warmth and relaxation that eight orgasms brings to a room. Evelyn sat lazily between her husband and Joe. Kandy was on her lap, but across it so she could rest her head on her dad's shoulder with her feet propped up by Joe's leg. Periodically she'd use her toes to play with Joe's cock.

They all watched the DVD on their TV, a scene Kandy shot less than a week ago. In it, Kandy, dressed like a little ten-year-old hooker, is picked up by two guys in a motorhome for $20. In the scene, each man fucks her on the bed in the back of the motorhome while the other one drives. Eventually they come to a secluded clearing in the woods and the men lead her outside, take off her clothes and fuck her together. The scene has all the gonzo porn buzzwords: anal, double penetrations, A2M, throat gagging, fish-hooking, spitting and couple of really fun money shots with the girl finger-fucking herself while the guys shoot two impressive ejaculations all over her open-mouthed face. She swallows all that shot into her mouth as well as the cum she has to wipe off of her eyelids so she can open her eyes. The rest she leaves dripping off her face and down her chest. The guys wipe their dicks off with her hair and take turns peeing on her. She swallows a good deal, giggling the entire time. The take her by the hand and lead her back to the motorhome. She seems to have forgotten that her clothes are still outside. Oh well! They drive away and the final shot of the movie is the motorhome pulling up to the same bit of industrial-district road where they picked her up, and she climbs out of the motorhome naked with cum flaked on her face and congealed in her hair. She waves to them, they flip her off, she laughs and they drive away. She walks down the street naked as the scene fades out.

All three adults broke into applause for another excellent scene from their little starlet. Somewhere in the middle of the scene she began sucking her dad's cock, and almost didn't realize the scene was over. But hearing their clapping, she stands up, takes a bow then turns around, and takes another very deep bow to give them a view of her round girly ass and her freshly fucked pussy.

"Great job, fuckster!" her dad said enthusiastically. "Look, I'm giving you a standing ovation!"

"Ha ha ha ha. That means I have to give an encore, right?" she said. She dropped to her knees between his legs and resumed blowing him. She could feel how close to cumming he was and knew that it was probably a mean thing to stop for her curtain-call, but the showoff in her can't resist hamming it up.

But she made up for it by swallowing as much of his cock as she could, nearly gagging on it. Kandy released his cock, took a deep sultry breath, and slapped his dick across her lips a few times before diving back on.

Her hand corkscrewed up and down his shaft as she bobbed her head on it. Stewart grabbed the bottle of poppers and took a couple hits, then turned to his wife and started kissing her. The sensual warmth of the poppers made the kisses feel extra intimate and he groaned at the sensations coming from his lips and cock. After the kiss, he placed his hands on Kandy's head and gently accelerated the pace of her blow-job. Her tongue worked overtime caressing and exploring the skin of his penis. His hips thrust forward a little and his balls started the countdown to his orgasm.

He sent a hand down to pinch Kandy's nipples and she groaned at the contact. She raised her eyes to look at his face and saw that his own eyes were closed and his head tilted back in pleasure. He ran his feet along the carpet, suddenly hyper-aware of the texture against his soles.

His eyes opened and found hers and he couldn't resist smiling at the sight of her angelic little face lewdly pleasuring his cock.

"Baby, I want to cum on your face, it's so pretty and sexy, I want to cum all over it."

She grinned and murmured in agreement. A few more strokes with her mouth brought him right to the edge. She released his cock from her mouth with a wet smacking noise and pumping his cock with her fist.

"Cum for me daddy! Squirt it all over. Make me pretty!"

"Oh shit, yeah! Here it comes, fuckster! Daddy's gonna fucking cum for you!"

She angled his cock at her face and opened her mouth in a hungry smile, stroking furiously.

"Oh, Mindy! Oh God, Mindy..."

She felt a rush of pride and intimacy knowing that hearing her real name meant he was lost in pleasure.

His cock twitched in her hand. He began groaning as his semen shot out the head of his dick. It landed on her forehead and nose like liquid heat. Then a second squirt shot into her mouth and on her cheek. A third shot dribbled onto her chin. She giggled sexily and stuck her tongue out to catch a few late breaking drops of cum oozing out. Stewart groaned the entire time but kept his eyes open so he could watch her face get painted.

She squeezed his cock gently, and continued giving little half strokes, carefully avoiding the super-sensitive head. After letting him calm down a bit, she gently slid his cock into her mouth again and licked off the dribbles of cum that ran down to her fingers. She milked out the last few drops, savoring the familiar, pungent sexy taste of her father's sperm. It was a taste she knew well: at a sex party a few months ago she was able to identify his cum out of four other men's while blindfolded.

"Whew! Thanks, fuckster, that was incredible."

"You're welcome. How do I look?" she asked, holding her smiling cum-covered face up proudly.

He examined the sight carefully. "You look..." He struggled to find the words.

"Beautiful," Evelyn said, almost without realizing it, "it's beautiful."

"Yes, beautiful!" Stewart said, almost whispering. "My God, you look so beautiful. I mean it, there's something deeply beautiful seeing you like this. It gets me right here," patting his chest. "Sweetie, I love you so much."

She blushed at his loving words and her chest swelled with the emotion she felt for both of her parents. "I love you too, daddy!"

The room beat in an awkward silence as the family became re-aware of Joe sitting next to them. Joyfully sharing their bodies and their lusts with other people came naturally to them, but they still felt some shyness about sharing an intimate family moment. Joe smiled inwardly, though, knowing that it was a testament to his deep friendship with this family that they would even let a moment like this happen in his presence.

Quick thinking Stewart broke the silence. "Hey, go show Joe, I bet he really wants to see your sexy face!"

Kandy grinned and seductively walked over to him, drops of cum running down her chest. She climbed on top of him, straddling him. "So, Joe, whaddya think?"

"I think I really have to remember to bring my video camera!"

She laughed and he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Their mouths opened and he happily tasted Stewart's cum in her mouth and on her lips.

"Mmmmm... frosting!" he said, then stuck his tongue out and began eagerly licking the semen off her face. She giggled. He licked her face clean, licked the semen running down her neck, lapped up the drippings on her chest and within 30 seconds no trace of her dad's spunk was left on her body.

"Ahhh... Evey, tell your husband his cum tastes excellent."

"Sweetie, apparently your cum tastes 'excellent'. Of course, I wouldn't know since no one left me any!"

Kandy dipped a finger into her pussy, "Just a second, I think I have some right here... Yup, here it is," she said, holding up a digit covered with Stewarts earlier orgasm.

Evelyn licked it off and then smacked her lips loudly. "Yeah, a girl could get used to that!"

"OK, OK, is everyone finished eating my cum?"

"For now," Kandy sighed, then slumped her body against Joe's, resting her head on his shoulder. She suddenly found herself drowsy and let herself drift into a comfortable half-sleep against his warm chest.

"Hey, Joe, how did they do the scenes on the street? I thought it was going to be like a deserted country road or something like that, not in a city," Evelyn asked.

"Yeah, you know that's what I thought, too. After I saw the scene, I asked them about it and they said that it was a private street in an abandoned factory complex. They threw up a couple of neon signs and added street noise to make it seem more populated. They say it was very safe, but I don't know, I'm actually a bit uncomfortable with it."

"Same here! It just seems like it'd be really hard to be 100% sure that no one would see," she said, sitting up a bit.

"Or worse, that site could be recognized if the video ever gets out into the wild. I mean, if it is genuinely abandoned and there is no one to claim ownership, it's probably secure, but frankly I could just see those bozos paying off someone to let them onto the property and that someone would be more than happy to give them up if any heat came," said Joe. He tried to keep his voice down to avoid disturbing Kandy who was relaxing sweetly in twilight sleep. "And if it were just this once, that'd be one thing. But they've been starting to take bigger and bigger risks lately, so I'm sort of considering withholding any of my kids from their shoots if they don't tighten things up."

"What sort of risks are they taking?" Stewart asked.

"I mean, it's nothing too dangerous yet. But in their previous video there's a part where they're driving down a freeway in that motorhome to meet this guy and his two sons, and they pass this school bus. Tony's in the passenger seat doing the filming. Anyhow, so he starts filming the schoolbus and they're which kids they'd like to do, like 'oh that little blonde has probably got a real tight snatch!' and 'I bet we could make that little Mexican bitch cum if we DP'd her' and 'that one's too fat, I bet her cunt smells' and stuff like that."

"Jeez," Stewart said.

"Yeah, I know! I mean he's not even trying to hide the fact that he's filming them, and that's the sort of thing that attracts attention. But that's not even the worst part. Clark starts rubbing his dick through his pants, and I totally bet that some of those kids could see him if they were paying attention. Plus between feeling himself up and oggling the kids, he's barely paying attention to the road and nearly crashes right into this SUV that cut in front of them! Fucking retards!"

The three adults were laughing at Tony and Clark's stupidity, but it was a rueful laugh about a very serious topic. Security and extreme prudence was what kept them off law enforcement's radar while the amateurs in the biz got taken down with regularity.

The laughter woke Kandy up enough to hear her mother ask, "So, despite all that you still let our daughter do this last film?"

"Well... yeah. I'm sorry. The truth is, until recently I've been sort of accidentally on purpose ignoring the issue."


"Because... you know... greed. I mean that's what it comes down to, I guess. The riskier stuff sells really well. People really get off seeing things that look like real life where there's a risk of getting caught. It's like reality TV for us or something. That's why their Vegas video is one of my top sellers."

"Ah yes, the Vegas video," Evelyn said. She wasn't happy hearing about Tony and Clark getting more and more daring, but she had to admit that the Vegas video was really hot, even if their favorite starlet Kandy wasn't in it.

"Keiko was really pretty in that," Kandy said, fully awake again.

"Hey, sleepy head! Have a nice nap?" Stewart asked.

"I didn't fall asleep completely," she said, a little defensively. For some reason, kids think it's a sign of baby-ish weakness to fall asleep before bedtime, and Kandy was no exception.

"OK, sweetie. How were the letters today? Get any good ones?" asked Evelyn.

"Yeah, you gotta read Jan's. Oh, and there's another one that was really cool. I'll go get them." She jumped off Joe's lap and scampered up the stairs.

While she was gone, Evelyn wandered to the kitchen and returned with another bottle of wine and a few glasses. She was uncorking it when Kandy returned with a couple of the fan letters.

"Check this out!" she said, showing everyone the picture Jan had sent.

They all admired the photo and commented on how sexy the two smooth naked girls were. Kandy read them parts of the letter.

"Dad, can we go see them when we go on our vacation this summer?" she asked.

"Sure, fuckster," he said, taking another look at the photo. "Yeah, we should definitely go see them. We should definitely, definitely go see them. I think that's a very good plan. Evelyn, honey, don't you think that's a very good plan?"

"I call dibs on the little one," she said.

"I was thinking the three of us could do a couple of scenes together," said Kandy.

"That'd be hot. I'll talk to Jan's contact and set it up," said Joe. "You know, those girls really idolize you, you're like Brittney Spears to them."

"No one listens to her anymore, Joe"

"Well, whoever then, you're their hero," he said, giving her a little hug and a squeezing her round ass cheek.

"Now look at this one," she said, passing the photo the woman named Michelle had sent.

"She's sexy," said Evelyn, "is she a lesbian?"

"I think so. Read her letter," Kandy said. Stewart and Evelyn read it together, grinning with pride over the woman's praise.

"So, can I have sex with her? Please? She's really hot!" begged Kandy.

"Oh, sweetie, I don't know, we'll have to see. We can't let every single person who asks have sex with you," Evelyn said.

"Joe, you know anything about this woman?" asked Stewart.

"Yeah, actually she's pretty interesting. Skeeter is her contact and he told me about her when he gave me her letter. She was an MFCC for a while but she's retired from that. Now she has the coolest job in the world. Her job is so cool, I wish I had it," Joe said.

The room waited breathlessly.

"You're gonna make us ask, aren't you?" asked Evelyn.


"OK, Joe, what's her very cool job?"

"She's a tutor. Specifically, dads or parents of little girls hire her to get the girls ready and excited to have sex with them. She works with these girls, who usually are completely innocent, and introduces them to sex and gets them comfortable with enjoying their sexuality. By the time she's done, the girls are eager to let their dads fuck them! That's her job, turning innocent girls into little incest bunnies."

"Wow, that is a cool job!" said Evelyn.

"And important. She's really good at making sure the girls aren't ashamed or afraid. If these guys tried to do it on their own, a lot of them would just end up screwing up their heads."

"Well, if she wants to have sex with our little girl, I'm fine with it. If Kandy wants to, of course," she said.

"I do!" she said.

"We'll have to meet her first, though, make sure the vibe is cool," said Stewart. It was a bit unnecessary to say, that was generally the first step for fan-sex. "Plus I want to hear more about her job."

They chatted and finished their wine, getting a decent buzz all around. Kandy yawned.

"Well, fuckster, I think you need to start getting ready for bed soon," Stewart said.

"Joe, you're welcome to spend the night," offered Evelyn. She didn't need to say it, but the offer was more than just avoiding a long nighttime drive. If he spent the night, he'd be spending it in Kandy's bed with Kandy's naked body nestled up against him, and it was assumed that they would find some playtime during the night. It was another sign of their friendship; there were only a couple of people that they would extend this offer to on a school night.

"Thanks, I think I'll do that. I have to see a couple of clients down this way tomorrow, it'll save some drive time. Plus I love waking up with this little hunny next to me," he said.

"All right then, it's shower time for you!" Kandy's mom said.

"But first, I really gotta pee," said Stewart.

"Same here!" Joe said and Kandy said she had too as well. The three of them marched to the upstairs bathroom while Evelyn began cleaning up. She'd seen this part several times before and even though she found it very hot, the living room wasn't going to clean up itself, and she hated walking downstairs to get her morning coffee fix and finding the living room a mess.

The other three, led by Kandy, walked into a surprisingly spacious bathroom. Kandy climbed in the tub and looked up at the two naked men holding their dicks above her.

"Hey, we didn't even have to ask!" said Joe.

"Yup, my little fuckster is one eager beaver."

Kandy sat cross legged facing them, leaning back with her elbows resting behind her on the rim of the tub. Kandy admired the view, two impressive, recently satisfied pieces of meat pointed at her like floppy water pistols. She watched both the men visibly relax. She smiled at them, blinked demurely and whispered "do it" to them.

Her dad started to release first, and aimed the stream of his lightly colored urine at her body. He doused her stomach and her pussy, which she began fingering happily, then slowly traced his stream up her body.

Joe let his pee start flowing out too, taking over her pussy drenching as Stewart coated her face. Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was open and she playfully swallowed his warm, slightly bitter piss. Joe soon joined in working her face, wetting her hair before aiming for her mouth as well. Both men separately sighed in relief and Joe's piss-shiver traced a small figure eight on her cheek. Kandy ran her hands over her body, spreading the two men's urine all over her skin, loving the intimate but nasty feeling she got. The sound of the two thin trickles splashing off her body echoed against the tile. Mindy started rubbing her pussy again, adding a wet smacking sound to the flowing noise. The arc of Joe's piss was interrupted with a couple of false stops before fading out completely, but Stewart's was still going strong.

Joe found himself once again in awe of Stewart's big bladder. The man was like a garden hose sometimes. As Stewart's water pressure began to die out, he brought his cock closer to his daughter's lips. The next moment, those lips were wrapped around his soft cock and he was urinating directly into her mouth. Joe saw the skin of her throat shift up and down while she eagerly swallowed as if she were drinking chocolate milk through a straw. Stewart shook the base of his cock to dislodge the final drops before withdrawing his penis from her mouth and patting the top of her damp head.

She squeegeed the urine from her face with her hands and brushed her hair back with her fingers. "OK, now who do I get to pee on?" she asked sweetly.

"Me, and then we'll take a shower together," Joe said.

He climbed into the tub and lay down. Kandy got into a high crouch, straddling him, and closed her eyes. She spread her puffy mons apart and soon her pretty little pussy let loose its shower. She wiggled her hips around, trying to cover him and then aimed for his face, returning the favor. She pushed with her stomach muscles, increasing the force of her jet. It squirted all over his nose and lips, splashing off in unpredictable directions. He stroked his cock using her pee as a lubricant. Stewart dipped his fingers into her stream and slid them into his mouth, savoring the taste.

Soon the urine began to slack off and then died out completely. Joe opened his eyes, sat up and buried his face in the folds of her pussy, his tongue greedily lapping up the last drops of piss. He blew a strawberry on her pussy, making her giggle and shudder in pleasure.

"OK, kids, I'm gonna go help your mom with the dishes," said Stewart, quickly rinsing his hands in the sink.

"Good night, daddy," she said.

He leaned down and gave her a deep, loving kiss on her piss soaked face.

"Good night, Mindy, I love you," he said.

"I love you, too," she replied.

And with that Kandy turned back into Mindy. They're very similar girls, both sexually active with her parents and with others, but Kandy is the adventurous, nasty porn star. Mindy is the sweet girl that does her homework. Kandy likes it when women pull her hair as she's eating them out. Mindy likes it when the school serves pizza for lunch.

Of course, at the moment, both of them are covered in two men's pee.

6. Sleepytime with Mindy

Showering with a cute and bubbly petite little 10-year-old girl is one of the great joys in life. It's a shame that so few grown-ups in modern America get to do it, because a naked, soaking wet little girl is beauty distilled to its purest essence. Her youthful skin glistens and her little hairless pussy, already an adorable sight, becomes almost hypnotic when beads of water slide down it. She tilts her head back into the running water and douses her hair, getting it soaking wet. She brings her head back, opens her eyes and smiles at you. Her wet, sleek hair makes her seem older and more sophisticated, but the way she clasps her hands in front of her chest is so innocent and girlish. The contrast is so beautiful it strikes you somewhere deep in your core, forcing all other thoughts out of your head. Without realizing you're doing it, you reach out to touch her, to run your hands over her slick skin. Then you wrap your arms around her and kiss her and your mouths open up. Kissing her wet face, tasting little droplets of water that have found their way past her lips, sends your heart racing. Her wet hands hold your wet face, her wet nose bumps against your wet cheek, she rubs her wet nipples against your wet skin. The shower masks all other noise, so it's just you and your sweet little girl, and the two of you are all that exist in the whole world during that one lovely kiss.

And that's Joe right now, with his hands wrapped around Mindy's little body, bent at the knees so their faces can be level. His hands slide over her round ass. Their tongues gently caress each other lovingly. Joe is still recovering from the incredible orgasm he had while buried in her little ass, so even though her warm, wet body is dizzyingly erotic, his hard-on only lasts for a couple of minutes at a time. Her smooth, soft thigh presses gently against his cock, sending breezes of pleasure to his brain, but the genie isn't quite ready to wake up yet.

Still, he treasures the kiss. Not having his penis screaming for attention, he can let himself get lost in the kiss, wishing it could last forever.

For a moment while kissing her, drawing her naked body against his and feeling the heat from her pussy against his thigh, he's jealous of Stewart and Evelyn. It's not a lasting or consuming jealousy, but he's aware -- and not for the first time -- that there's an intimacy in his personal life he's missing despite all the children he gets to have sex with on a regular basis.

"Mindy, you're such a special girl. I hope you know that," he quietly tells her.

The red flushing of her skin from the hot water hides her blush. But she blushes, nonetheless.

"Awwww..." she says, trying her best to pretend she doesn't cherish his words deeply by giving him a quick coy peck on the cheek. She grabs the bar of soap and says, "now soap me up, slave!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

He briskly works the bar over her, using his hands to lather her up, making sure to cover and re-cover every inch of her skin with a white carpet of suds. She takes back the bar of soap and does the same to him, taking her time running her hands over his well-built chest and muscular arms and gently soaping up his thick, soft cock. Her eyes light up -- she is clearly enjoying his body on a very womanly level. It's kind of a new experience, but lately she find some people have bodies that she really enjoys touching, and Joe has one of those bodies.

Soon they found themselves kissing again, playfully enjoying the way their soap-slicked bodies slid against each other. Crouching down to her height was beginning to wear on Joe's knees (the man is in his forties) so they found themselves laying in the tub, Joe on his back and Mindy on top of him, writhing around with their slippery skin. Mindy kissed Joe passionately and ground her pussy against his stomach. Joe grabbed a bottle of shampoo and lathered up her hair as they made out. She found his fingers massaging her scalp to be as sensual as anything they'd done that night, though -- typical male -- he was shortchanging the tips of her hair, and that leads to split ends. She made a mental note to take care of the conditioning herself. But that's for later, at the moment she was enjoying the heavenly feeling of Joe's thumb massaging her clit as she leaned her body back into the spray to rinse out her hair. She writhed her hips against his thumb and sighed contentedly.

"Get up, baby, Uncle Joe needs to wash your pretty little smooth pussy and your tight little asshole. After a fucking like you got tonight, they need special attention."

She rose to stand up over him, feeling like a gladiator over a vanquished opponent. She briefly wished she had to pee again. Joe sat upright, his face directly in front of her cunt. He gave it a quick brush with his fingers before lathering it up, then scrubbed it with the palms of his hands.

She was really enjoying the feeling and was a little disappointed when he stopped and told her to turn around, but he stood up behind her and took the removable showerhead from its cradle, bringing it between her legs to rinse off the suds. Of course soon it was less than an inch away from her pussy and on its "masturbate" setting, which was mislabeled "massage". He rinsed the soap off of her slit very carefully, maybe even over-rinsed. She whimpered in pleasure. That showerhead has been one of her best friends over the years.

Then he soaped up his hands and started washing the crack of her ass. There was actually a lot to do there, with dried cum, tacky lube and a hint of poo-poo to deal with. But he paid a lot of attention to the region, even burying a soapy middle finger in her sphincter, making her shudder. She clung to the hose for support, which actually isn't good for the hose but her tiny frame didn't damage it. Joe carefully rinsed away the lather then repeated the process before replacing the showerhead.

"Bend down, sweetie," he commanded. He knelt behind her and said, "Let's see if you're clean enough to eat off of."

He attached his mouth first to her pussy, kissing the lips and sliding his tongue between the folds. His tasted the tart, fresh flavor of her pussy with the tip of his tongue. One of her hands found a clit to rub and rewarded him with a bit more juice. He ran his tongue up and was soon tonguing and kissing her puckered asshole. He forced his tongue in, amazed at the tightness of her hole so soon after he'd fucked it with his very own cock.

Satisfied, he got back up. "Yup, clean as a whistle!" he said to her. She grabbed the conditioner for her hair and he began shampooing himself. From experience (he'd taken showers with dozens of boys and girls over the years) he knew that the height difference made allowing the kid to shampoo the adult a frustrating experience.

After she finished rinsing, they traded places so he could wash the shampoo out of his hair. She handed him the bottle of conditioner, and he playfully squirted a bit of the white liquid on her chest.

"Oooops, I came on you!" he said and she giggled, even though she was a bit dismayed because it was pretty expensive stuff. But she did enjoy the sight of semen on her tits, even if it was fake semen.

They took one last overall rinse and turned off the water. In a comfortable silence they dried each other off, once again taking pleasure in getting to explore each other's bodies. She made sure to dry her own hair though, can't be too careful about those split ends.

They brushed their teeth. He used a guest toothbrush, she used an electric one with a handle shaped like a cartoon princess. While brushing, they shared a foamy, minty and surprisingly exciting kiss.

He flossed, she didn't, choosing instead to brush her hair, but not too much because over brushing with wet hair also leads to split ends.

Then, suitably clean, dried, primped and in Joe's case flossed, they took another lingering glance at each other. She drank in his broad shoulders, manly chest and his thick cock hanging carelessly between his legs, which she found both inviting and intimidating. He fixated on her eyes, the shape of her mouth, her adorable nipples, her flawless skin, the flatness of her stomach and the hairless mound between her legs, which he found just inviting.

She took his hand and they padded off to her bedroom together. His cock began to grow as they approached her doorway.

Mindy frequently slept in her parents bed, falling asleep between them, glowing from the orgasm one or both of them had just given her. It wasn't uncommon to engage in a little more play sometime during the night, the silence and darkness of the house combined with cobwebs of sleepiness made for very casual and intimate lovemaking. Sometimes she woke up to find her parents quietly fucking each other, and she would often pretend to sleep, not wanting to intrude. It made her feel safe and warm to see them expressing their love for each other, and to hear them whisper sweet nothings as they came to breathless, urgent orgasms. Of course, other times she joined right in, helping her mom suck off her dad or fingering his asshole as he thrust into Evelyn.

Yet some other nights, she slept in her own bed. There was no pattern to it, except sometimes she went to bed first or sometimes -- like tonight -- they finished their sexplay earlier and bedtime was just bedtime. Of course even then, she never minded when one or both of them climbed into her bed in the middle of the night.

Evelyn and Stewart climbed up the stairs together, arm in arm, just as Mindy and Joe were about to enter her bedroom. Stewart wore his boxers but carried the rest of his clothes with him. Evelyn had her thin dress slung over her shoulder. She hadn't worn anything else that night, so the only thing she was wearing was the hickey Kandy gave her a couple of hours ago. She wore it proudly.

"You guys going to bed?" Mindy asked them.

"No, we just came up here to check the email and stuff, I'm going to watch a little TV afterward. I'll come tuck you in in a bit," said Evelyn.


"See-ya, fuckster!" said Stewart dismissively, walking down the hall in a slow but exaggerated gait.

"Hey!" yelled Mindy in mock outrage. Stewart turned around, grinning broadly. Joe wondered how long they'd been playing this little game, he hadn't seen it before.

Stewart turned around, knelt on one knee and spread his arms out wide. Mindy ran into his arms, which wrapped around her. She embraced him tightly for a moment, then kissed him.

"Good-night, Mindy," he said again.

"Nighty-night, daddy!"

Joe stood right behind her. After Mindy and Stewart got up, Joe gave him the least gay hug he could while naked and semi-erect.

"Thanks for letting me spend the night, man," Joe said, giving Stewart one of those casual half-slap guy handshakes.

"C'mon, you're a friend. Mi casa es su casa. Mi hija es su hija."

Mindy knew the meaning of the first Spanish phrase from television. The second wasn't familiar but deduced its meaning. Smart girl.

Joe looked down at Mindy who grabbed his hand and literally dragged him to her bedroom.

"What, I don't get a hug?" Evelyn asked Joe.

"You said you were gonna tuck us in!" he answered, but he did give her a playful slap on her rump.

Mindy glanced at the clock as she entered the room. 10:34. She did a bit of math in her head: Got home at about 3:30, homework took about 45 minutes, that meant she'd spent the last six hours and twenty minutes naked. Of course, she wouldn't be wearing any clothes until she had to get dressed for school tomorrow, and if she could put that off until 7:15, she'll have spent fifteen of twenty-four hours nude. Well, OK, she had worn the pink silk robe earlier and she'd worn both her parent's ejaculate as well, but neither of those counted as clothing.

Fifteen out of twenty-four hours nude. Not bad, most weekdays she was naked less than twelve, although a half-day at school might mean she was bare-ass for nineteen hours. But her record was spending four and a half days naked during summer at the Freeley's vacation home outside Cabo San Lucas. Being in the advanced math class, she could easily do the multiplication in her head necessary to tell her that four and a half days (actually four days and fourteen hours, give or take) was 110 hours in a row. Maybe this summer's trip to Europe would give her the chance to break that record.

Joe had seen her bedroom many times before. In fact after helping the Harrison's move into this house, he was the first person to have sex with her in her new room and her brand new bed. They sprung for a queen-sized bed with white wooden posts, which at the moment was unmade. Her clock radio sat on a little bedside table. The two drawers of the table held fourteen different sex toys, many of them gifts from adoring fans, and, for some unknown reason, an issue of The New Republic from 2003. The wall above her bed was decorated with a poster of a unicorn and another of a Russian teenage lesbian rock duo. A white dresser against the opposite wall was covered in assorted ten-year-old necessities -- a can of hair spray, felt-tip markers, magazines, books, a small stereo and CD cases stacked haphazardly, a pocket rocket, a little unicorn sculpture, three sports trophies, a couple of candy wrappers and a collection of ticket stubs from basketball games. A large mirror hung above it, and next it was a swiveling full-length mirror. Her desk was a hand-me-down from her dad, and on it sat a hand-me-down computer lacking any child-safe web filtering software installed on it. Stuck in the frame of the mirror were pictures of her friends Keiko and Tina, her parents and various other special people in her life, including Joe. Next to the dresser was her impressively filled bookshelf, including hardback copies of a popular series of books about a daring young wizard. A pile of clothes blocked the doorway to the walk-in closet, partly because that's where she piled her dirty clothes instead of the hamper right next to it, and partly because she believed it would make it harder for the monsters to open her closet door. Of course, she doesn't believe in monsters anymore, but just in case...

"I'm sorry the room is so messy," she said, using her feet to clear a better path to the bed for him.

"Hey, that's what I get for not giving you advance notice," he said.

She turned to face him and noticed that his cock was almost totally erect. "You're gonna let me take care of that for you, right?"

"I don't know, you think you got much left in you?"

"I don't have anything 'in me', that's the problem."

She threw herself face-up onto the bed and then scrambled backwards to the head of it. "You coming?" she asked.

"Hell yeah, but I want to enjoy the sight for a second. Seeing a little naked girl on a bed is so sexy!"

She laughed and ran through a quick series of sexy poses for him, first on her hands and knees with her ass facing him, then turning around and sitting up with her fingers squeezing her nipples, then sitting again, legs wide open, with a pair of fingers holding her pussy open. The whole routine took less than 10 seconds.

She quickly got under the covers and Joe scrambled to meet her their. Their bodies met, she wrapped her legs around him and they began kissing heatedly. For the record, showering together is excellent foreplay. Within a few minutes, they were lost in each other. Mindy began kissing her way down Joe's body.

"Suck on his nipples, sweetie," said a voice from the doorway. Evelyn leaned against the frame of the door admiring the view. She walked in, dressed in a white terrycloth robe, and sat on Mindy's side of the bed.

"You put on a hell of a show tonight!" she said.

"Thanks, Mom, so did you! Does the living room still smell like our pussies?"

"I think so," said Evelyn. She pulled the covers over Mindy a bit more, patted her head and leaned in for a hug and a quick kiss.

"Good night, sweetie, I love you," she said.

"I love you too, Mom"

"Sleep tight... when you get around to it," said Evelyn, then looked at Joe. She got up and went to his side of the bed and sat on it.

"Thanks for coming over, Joe, we don't get to see you enough."

"Thanks for having me," he replied. She went in for the same hug and quick kiss. Joe was surprised how having a woman give him a little kiss goodnight while he was under the covers made him feel like a little boy.

"Good night, Joe" she said, giving the little pup-tent he pitched in the blanket a gentle squeeze before rising and heading for the door. "Don't keep her up too late," she added.

"Mom!" cried Mindy.

"What? it's a school night," said Evelyn. She switched off the light before walking out of the room, but didn't close the door. Harrison family tradition, no one bothered to close the door regardless of what they were doing. Changing their clothes, potty breaks, sex... for people that valued their privacy, they sure didn't seem to have any around each other.

She dimmed the hallway light before heading back to the den where Stewart was waiting for her.

"So, where were we?" Mindy asked, turning to Joe, her mouth reaching for his lips.

"Actually, I think you were heading a bit more south," he said interrupting her kiss.

"Oh yeah!" She flipped the blanket covering his crotch and resumed kissing and licking her way down his belly. A bit of precum leaking from his hard cock glistened in the faint light from the hallway. She grabbed the base of his shaft and flicked a tongue out to scoop up the drop oozing out. Her mouth opened up and swallowed the head of his cock. Her lips slid down his shaft, and she ran her fingers gently over his shaved balls.

"Oooooh!!!" he said, feeling her tongue caressing his dick. "Give me your pussy, honey, I've got to eat you out!"

She lifted a leg over him and soon he was face to face with her already wet snatch. He licked the surface in long broad strokes and heard her gasp and moan and tasted a fresh serving of her cunt juice. He greedily inhaled the scent and Kandy felt his cock harden even more in response. She blew him with deep gentle strokes. In this position she could get even more of his cock in her mouth which made up for not being able to use her tongue as easily on him.

She felt Joe's wet fingers gently stroking her asshole and then felt them budging their way in. She relaxed her ass and pushed with her hips, sinking further on his two middle digits. His tongue began to concentrate on her clit as he finger-fucked her her asshole. Her wet vagina began to get hungry for him and she instinctively ground herself harder onto his mouth. He used a free hand to grab and squeeze a handful of her left ass-cheeck.

She moaned and writhed and released his cock from her mouth. She drooled a generous helping of saliva onto his dick as lube to stroke the his length. Her hand on the base of his cock kept his skin tight as her other hand wrapped around the head of his cock and acted like a tight little vagina, opening up just enough for his cock to penetrate her fist. The sensation on the head of his cock drove him wild and he greedily ate her pussy.

He loved the way her smooth pussy let his tongue roam everywhere. He forced his tongue into her tight hole, letting it expand inside.

"Joe," she panted, "I want you. Please, Joe, I want you so bad."

He lifted her leg over him and she spun around and soon had her lips locked onto his mouth and tasted her own pussy. Her legs strattled his waist and her hips searched for his cock. His hand guided his cock closer. He found her pussy and rubbed his erection up and down the slit, massaging her clit with the soft underside of his hard cock. She moved her hips trying to catch the head of his cock and trap it into her cunt and he kept dodging it, teasing her hungry snatch with the promise of fucking.

He started teasing her with his mouth as well, dodging her kisses, just letting his lips brush hers before retreating. The frustration of pleasure just out of her reach was driving her wild. Her pussy got wetter and wetter, her legs spread wider and wider, and her body pressed itself as hard as possible against Joe. Finally when she couldn't take any more she grabbed his shoulders, bore all her weight down on him and forced herself onto him. She forced her lips onto his and trapped his cock underneath her pussy. She reached down and grabbed his cock, and forced her pussy onto it. The simulated reverse rape turned both of them on and with the addition of Mindy's pent-up arousal they were soon fucking each other passionately and energetically.

"Oh, thank you Joe! Oh God, your cock feels so fucking good fucking me, Joe! Thank you!"

Her cunt squeezed and sucked on his dick. They rolled over and he bent her legs up and drove in and out of her in ruthless deep strokes. She panted in pleasure with each forceful thrust. All she could do was wrap her arms around his neck, close her eyes and surrender to the explosions of pleasures that rocked through her entire body. Their mouths kissed hungrily, and when they weren't making out them, one of them was licking and sucking on any exposed piece of sensitive flesh they could reach.

The passion of their screwing was so intense that they didn't even notice Stewart and Evelyn looking in on the two lovers as they passed through the hallway back downstairs. Mindy's parents soaked in the sight. Even though most of what they could see was her legs and Joe's back and ass, they could tell from the pair's passionate cries and the creak of bedsprings that Joe and Mindy were swallowed up in pleasure. They couldn't see the way Joe ground his pelvic bone against Mindy's clit, but Evelyn new from experience that it was one of his power moves and he wielded it expertly.

The parents watched long enough to catch the first of Mindy's orgasms, which was accompanied by a lot of thrashing, loud pleasured moans and her fingernails clawing Joe's back.

The parents continued on their way just as Joe began to relax the pace of his thrusts a bit. It wasn't much, just enough to let little Mindy catch her breath and relax her embrace, let her legs wrapped tightly around his hips loosen just a bit. It wasn't much of a break, and for most people, even his decreased break would be considered very energetic sex, but Mindy knew how to reset for her next orgasm which she already could feel was on its way.

Joe didn't wait long before picking up the pace again. His ears were ringing from the loud moans of Mindy's orgasm which were released less than an inch from his right earlobe. It took all his willpower and concentration to keep from ejaculating right then, especially as he felt her already tight pussy squeezing his cock even harder when her orgasmic contractions hit. But he didn't want to stop or even slow down, he wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck this incredible little girl until she made him explode. Her orgasm made her pussy even wetter and hotter, which meant he could fuck her even faster.

Mindy felt him speed up again and she readied herself for her next orgasm. She knew Joe wanted to make her cum again, and hopefully again after that, each one even more intense. She wanted it too, but of course she also wanted to make him cum as hard as she had. So she fucked him back, her hips rising to meet him and using her legs to pull his thick hard cock into her. She was still in her sexual sweet-spot and knew her next orgasm was just around the corner. She focused on the sensation of his hard, manly thrusts, and rubbed her nipples back and forth against his chest which sent little lightning bolts right down to her crotch. She barely even noticed as her barks of pleasure increased in volume.

She looked in his eyes and saw pure, out-of-control lust in his expression. The desire in his face pushed her over the edge and instantly her whole body shook with another orgasm. As she cried out, he grabbed the back of her hed and drew her mouth to his. Uncontrollably, she moaned into his open mouth as his tongue explored hers.

Her body broke out in a sheen of sweat. Their mouths remained locked as her ograsm subsided. She loved how his cock kept driving into her as she came down from her orgasm. She didn't even realize that she was still moaning, but Joe did. He loved the sound of her pleasure muffled and contained between them, and the way each moan vibrated his cheeks and the back of his throat.

He let her roll them over, but kept their mouths together. On his back, he could fuck with greater leverage. He grabbed her hips and guided them up and down as she rode his cock. He kept up his pace which was slower than her bouncing. Together, it made every stroke different, some shallow, some deep, some even past bottoming out which stretched her vagina.

She sat up and put her hands on his chest to support her as she rode him. Joe took one of his hands off her hips and slid it back into her ass. She accepted it in and savored the new sensation combining with the pleasure from his cock. She began to finger her clit very lightly. He used his other hand to help her, and soon they were massaging her clit to a third orgasm.

The new pleasure forced her to collapse on him, laying on his chest. He fucked her harder as she rested her head against his shoulder, her hair matted with sweat against her forehead and cheek. She hasn't stopped moaning since the onset of her first orgasm and still wasn't completely recovered from her second, but he could tell from the way her cries changed that another was just about to hit.

His own balls were aching and full and deep in his cock he could feel the fuse light for an explosive orgasm. He drove his fingers deeper into her ass, adding a third to the mix. Her body responded happily, surrendering to every source of pleasure.

She knew his orgasm was about to hit and knew hers was too. She wanted to do more to bring him even greater pleasure, but was too lost in her own to have any control over her body. Her entire skin tingled with sexual fire. She loved the way Joe was fucking her, as if his cock owned her pussy, owned her whole body. She felt herself rise and fall with the heaving of his chest. She heard his grunts of pleasure travel through his throat.

His thrusts became deep and uncaring and almost angry. She knew that until he came, she was just a little fuck toy to him, and at this moment he was incapable of giving a shit about her pleasure. This turned her on even more, and somehow made his thrusts even more pleasurable. His selfish, hungry fucking drove her over the edge and soon she was cumming without even realizing it. She couldn't move but her cries and the contractions of her cunt told Joe that she was orgasming again.

His cock twitched and was on the verge of cumming. Feeling her smooth tight pussy gush a flood of girl juice broke him, and he clenched his teeth and grunted loudly. His cock erupted in a flood of cum. He almost went blind with the pleasure but his hips kept fucking hard. Heearing him cum and feeling his eruptive thrusts extended and heightened Mindy's orgasm. In turn, her louder cries did the same for his orgasm. He shot over and over again, his semen filling up her cunt. Their simultaneous orgasm made them lose all control. Tears of pleasure streamed from her eyes and ran down her sweaty face. He grabbed her ass and pulled her as far onto his cock as he could.

Downstairs, Mindy's parents heard their loud orgasm. Evelyn saw Stewart's cock harden in his boxers at the sound.

Even as their orgasm passed, Mindy and Joe held on tight to each other. It was over a minute before they even realized they could begin to relax. Slowly Joe let go of Mindy's ass. Slowly she opened her eyes. Slowly he unclenched his jaw and slowly she was able to raise herself off of his chest.

Breathing deeply she lifted herself up. She wanted to keep his cock stuffed in her pussy for as long as possible, but she needed to feel the cool air running over her sweat-soaked chest, so reluctantly, she climbed off, feeling his softening cock slip out of her cunt. She flopped back onto the bed next to him and nestled closely against him. He put an arm around her shoulder. They stayed like that, panting and recovering. She lazily ran a hand over his chest, straying down to briefly squeeze his cock, finding a bit more pleasure to give him. He moaned as he felt the remnants of his orgasm.

Total relaxation overtook him, he felt his muscles weaken. He was still breathing hard and his heart pounded in his chest but both were quickly coming back to normal.

It was another couple minutes before either of them had the strength and concentration to speak.

"You were amazing," she said. Her voice was a little raw and breathy which sounded very sexy to Joe.

"So were you! I figured after the wild time downstairs that this was just going to be a small, relaxing little fuck before bedtime."

"Same here, but that shower really turned me on I guess."

The refreshing cool air over her sweat was a relief to Mindy but soon she began to get cold so she drew the blanket back up over them. She nestled back into Joe's arm and turned on her side towards him.

"Plus, I've been really horny the last couple days," she continued.

"Why's that?"

"I dunno. I get like that sometimes, just get really horny all day long," she said, propping herself up on one elbow. "I think it started at school this time. There's this girl at school named Marie, she's 12 I think, and her dad picked her up the other day. And he gave her a hug, and it looked like one of, you know, 'those' hugs. It turned me on a lot, plus she's really hot and he's pretty good looking too."

"Really? Think they're in the lifestyle?"

"Well, I've never seen them at one of the parties or anything, so they're not part of the community. Maybe they're an island family, but I don't think so. I think he just really wants her and doesn't know how to start it."

The words the two of them had just used had special meanings for families like the Harrisons and people like Joe. "The lifestyle" meant any family into family-love, or child-lovers that were active but not abusers. People in the lifestyle were divided into to groups. The first group was "the community", which meant that they were open about their lifestyle with other families that were as well. Strictly speaking, this meant only that they were known and accepted as a lifestyle family by other community families, but in practice community families were swingers as well, often having sex with other community families or going to the incredibly fun sex-parties that community families often held. "Island families" were families who practiced family-love, but in isolation, like they were on an island. They were generally unaware that there was a community of like-minded families with whom they could share their experiences without fear of being reported to law enforcement. Regardless of whether they were community or island, lifestyle families (and lifestyle individuals) were consensual and non-abusive with their children. Actual child-sexual abuse was considered just as abhorrent to people in the lifestyle as it was to anyone else, and very few had any sympathy for abusers.

"You think she wants him?" Joe asked, referring to Marie and her dad.

"All girls want to have sex with their daddies. You know that, Joe"

"Yeah, and all daddies want to have sex with their little girls. I'm surprised it's still so controversial."

Joe gave her a squeeze with his arm and she nestled back into his warm embrace. Their hands roamed over each other, not sexually but very intimately. It was the sort of gentle touching that only happens after really great sex.

"Anyways, the rest of the day I was imagining the two of them playing together. I'd love to have sex with both of them," she said.

"Maybe you can help him out, you know, teaching Marie about sex and getting her ready to have sex with her dad, like Michelle does."

"That'd be so cool. I wonder if I could?"

"If anyone can, you can."

She gave him a little kiss as thanks for the compliment.

She settled into the bed a bit more and closed her eyes. Joe nearly drifted off to sleep.

"Hey, Joe?"


"I'm looking forward to our weekend. I'm really glad you won our little bet."

"Same here! I really am worried about someone getting Julia pregnant before me. Your dad really wouldn't have worn a condom?"

"Hey, a bet is a bet. Actually, I don't know... if he knew how important it was to you, he wouldn't risk knocking her up. What does her dad do when they have sex?"

"Condom or fucks her ass. But even then, he's cut back on having sex with her," he said. "She spends most nights with me nowadays."

Mindy remembered when Joe first announced that Julia was his girlfriend. She was just a bit jealous, but understood when she saw Joe with the pretty fourteen year-old half-Asian girl. Not only was she beautiful, but she could tell that Joe and Julia had a special spark between them. In fact, she saw it better than Joe did, and could tell he didn't know how close he was growing to her.

A few months later when Joe told Mindy and her parents that Julia's parents had taken her off the pill and were hoping he would get her pregnant, he was asking whether he should break up with her. It took all three of them to convince him he was being an idiot, he had no idea what he would be giving up. Eventually after he got used to the idea, he realized they were right, it would have been a huge mistake. But still, he had a bit of obliviousness about their relationship that everyone else could see. He had no idea he had fallen in love with her and only dimly aware that she had with him.

Mindy knew it and wanted to help him figure it out for himself.

"So, you're really serious about getting pregnant with her, aren't you?"

"You know, I am. I know I wasn't at first, but now I'm really excited about the idea. And not just sexually, like I'm one of those guys who gets off seeing little girls all preggers or anything, it's just... I don't know..." he said.

"I can tell"

"I've been thinking... look you can't tell anyone about this, but... Jesus I can't believe I'm saying this. I'm thinking that if I do get her pregnant, and it's going to be a girl, I'm thinking about asking her parents if I can marry her."

"Really? Holy crap, that's awesome! You totally should!" she gushed.

"You think so?"

"I do. I never would have guessed it, Joe getting married. But you should. You know what else I think?"


"You really like her, right? I mean, like, a lot?"

"Yeah," he said. Then he thought about it some more. "Even more than that. It's different with her."

"So first of all, I think that this 'if the baby is a girl' thing is totalluy retarded. I think you should ask her to marry her no matter what the baby is. You should marry her if even if it's going to be a frog or something."

"Yeah, I know. I mean, I'm sure I'll lo-- I'm sure the kid will be really special no matter what."

"Oh my God, you're scared to say 'love'?"

Joe really hoped she hadn't caught that.

"OK, fine, I'll love the little tyke."

"You better! Anyhow, OK, that's like the first thing. Now, since you're going to LOVE the baby, why wait until she's pregnant? Why don't you ask her now?"

"Well... I don't know. Jeez, you're really digging in here!"

"You need someone to dig in to you. So, why don't you ask her now?"

"I just.... it just seems like... I don't know," he said, exasperated. Joe felt himself getting annoyed but at the same time realized that she was asking him questions he had been asking himself.

"Are you going to stop loving her if she can't get pregnant?"

"Wait, I never said I loved her!"

"But you do, don't you? I mean, you're not gonna ask a girl you don't love to marry you, right?"

"Yeah, but I've never been in love."

"Joe! You're 45 years old! You're older than my dad. You've had to have fallen in love before, right?"

"No, I was too worried about just getting laid."

"But you do love Julia, don't you? Come on, Joe, we all see it, you love each other. What are you scared of?"

"Wow, you're tough!" he said, desparetly looking for some upper hand and humbled that a 10-year-old was kicking his ass. "Wait a second, you've never been in love, right? I mean, I know you had a crush on Bobby, but that was just a crush."


"So can you tell I'm in love? How do you know what love looks like?"

"Well, duh! My parents! I konw what love looks like, I see what it looks like every day. You kiss Julia the same way dad kisses mom."

"I kiss Julia the same way I kiss you."

"No you don't. You kiss her like dad kisses mom, and you two make love the same way they do."

That stopped him dead in his tracks. He did kiss her differently, and kissing her felt different than kissing Mindy or any other girl. In fact, if Mindy wanted to press the issue, he'd be forced to admit that even though Mindy was a much better kisser and a more exciting lover, he'd rather spend a night in Julia's arms then a night between Mindy's legs.

Mindy wanted to press the issue.

"I'm right, aren't I? You love her and she loves you."

"Well, I don't know if she loves me," he admitted.

"She does. She's told me."

"She told you she loves me? Julia said that?"

"She called me up crying when you went out of town the other week because she missed you so much. Plus she was on her period, but mostly because she missed you. And she told me she loved you."


"Yes! Now, do you love her? Now that you know she loves you, do you love her?"

"Well... shit, I do. I didn't know for sure until you said she said she loves me. But hearing that, well, it made me so happy."

"Great! Now all you have to do is tell her."

"Maybe I should call her right now!"

Mindy laughed at his enthusiasm. "You can't call her right now, Joe. You can't call and wake her up and say 'I was fucking Mindy and realized I loved you'. You just can't."

He considered this bit of wisdom. "It's probably better face-to-face anyway, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Yeah, same here."

Mission accomplished, Mindy thought. She smiled to herself happily and gave him a peck on the cheek and then yawned.

"Well, it really is a school night so I really need to go to sleep."

"OK" he said. She snuggled up against him and soon they were spooning, her back to his stomach. "Hey, Mindy?" he asked a moment later.

"Yeah?" she answered groggily.

"Thanks. Thanks a lot. You really are an amazing girl."

"Welcome," she answered, pretending to be a bit sleepier than she actually was. But soon she was that sleepy, and drifted off, feeling satisfied from a night of great sex, feeling warm from his compliment and his arms wrapped her, feeling proud that she helped Joe see the light, and feeling his cock pressed against the small of her back.

Joe wasn't sleepy at all. It was a bit past 11:30, much earlier than he usually fell asleep, but the main thing keeping him awake was suddenly realzing that after four and a half decades of life, after having sex with more women, men, girls and boys than he could count, love had found him. His mind was racing, imagining telling Julia, imagining getting on a knee and asking her to marry him, imagining the two of them raising a family together. And he kept returning to the thought that if it weren't for the little naked girl in his arms, he never would have known.

At about 12:30 he heard someone padding towards the door.

"Joe! You awake?" a voice whispered. He looked over to the doorway and saw Stewart there, sillouheted against the dim light from the hallway. He held something in his hands but Joe couldn't make it out.

"Yeah," he whispered back, trying not to wake Mindy.

"Evey and me are gonna have a midnight snack, you wanna come downstairs with us?"

"I don't know, I'm all settled in."

Stewart held up the object he was holding and waved it temptingly. It was a bong.

"I'll be right down," Joe whispered.

Stewart walked down the stairs as Joe tried to gently extricate from the bed. Mindy stirred. "Going to the bathroom?" she asked, groggily.

"I'm going downstairs with your parents," he whispered back.

"You're gonna get high, aren't you?"


"Cool. Have fun," she said.

She lifted herself up just enough for him to get his arm back and then flopped onto her back and was fast asleep again by the time he reached the doorway. Getting out of the warm bed and into the cool air naked, his dick shrunk up and he hoped his boxers and shirt were still downstairs. He walked quietly down the hall to the stairway to meet Stewart and Evelyn.

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