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Kandy, Kiddie Porn Star

by Small Wonder

Parts 1-4 (M+F/g(+) cons inc ped)

1. Fan Letters

Thank god, the school day was finally over. Not that Mindy minded school, far from it. She actually enjoyed it a lot, the fourth grade was fun and 10-year-old Mindy Harrison had some good friends. Plus she thought her teacher, Ms. Halloway, was really hot, but it didn't look like anything was going to happen there anytime soon. But the last few days Mindy was having a harder and harder time concentrating on her schoolwork, which happened every now and then.

So she sped home on a two-speed bicycle that was just a little too big for her, out to the house set off from its neighbors on a large tract of land. She sped up the driveway, stashed her bike on the porch and went into the house.

"Hi, Mom," she called on the way to the kitchen. Her mother, Evelyn, was sitting on the couch watching a soap opera.

"Hi, sexy, you got some letters," Evelyn said.

"Sweet! How many?"

"Joe dropped off four. Do your homework before answering them."

Yeah, yeah, Mindy thought. She didn't want to do her homework, she wanted to run upstairs, strip off her clothes, get into the pink silk robe a fan sent her, but she knew that her mom was right. Mindy had to wait a bit before "getting into character", and today she was really looking forward to it, especially since she has letters to answer.

"OK," Mindy said, giving Evelyn a hug. Evelyn handed her stack of letters, and Mindy thanked her with a nice little open mouthed kiss, slipping in a bit of tongue. She took the moment to admire her mom. 34 years old, with the same light-brown hair that Mindy had, but in long loose curls instead of the Mindy's straight hair. Evelyn was petite, but with nice C-cup breasts that Mindy hoped to inherit one day. Mindy wished her own totally flat chest would hurry up and start growing, some of the other girls in class were starting to get them and they couldn't appreciate them. They were actually embarressed that the boys would lewdly comment on them while they were on the playground. Those girls had no idea how much fun was in store if they used their tits.

Oh well, Mindy would just have to wait. There were probably a couple of fans she'd lose when she started sprouting, the type that only like the perfectly flat, perfectly straight body Mindy had now, but there were others who she'd pick up too, so it all balanced out.

Mindy began to climb the stairs.

"Oh, by the way, I invited Joe over for dinner, so don't tire yourself out if you want to have some fun with him for dessert," Evelyn called out.

"I don't tire out! But I'll make sure I'm all nice and wet for him," Mindy said, thrilled that Joe was coming over. That's just what she needed, and it'd been a couple weeks since she'd played with him. Of course, her mom and her dad played all the time, but Mindy loved being with others too.

She scampered up the stairs. Instantly she sat down and got to work on her homework. Her parents insistance that her school came before sex made her a very good student. Sure, it wasn't the most conventional motivational method, but it worked wonders: Mindy got straight A's and was in the advanced reading and advanced math classes.

Forty-five minutes later, she closed her workbook, done even thinking about school until tomorrow morning. The rest of the day was playtime, and it looked like she had a nice full afternoon and night ahead of her. She threw off her blue shirt, took off her jeans, and stepped out of her panties. She was wearing just cute white socks. She grabbed the robe off of a hook on the wall and tossed it on, then looked at herself in the mirror.

She wasn't Mindy anymore, she was now Kandy, the preteen pornstar.

Kandy, one of the most poular kiddie-porn girls in the world, or at least amongst those who knew how to get the really good stuff.

Kandy looked at herself in the mirror. She kept the robe open so she could see all the fun parts. Straight brown hair that went down to the middle of her back, tiny little nipples that would one day be the centerpieces of a nice rack. No hips, no hair. She was already shaving her legs but that was just to get rid of the few light hairs that saved the place of the real leg hair that would one day try to invade.

And in the center of all that, her completely bald pussy, already getting wet from anticipation of the day ahead, and because Kandy was a horny girl anyway, even more so the last few days. That happened one or two times a month, she would have three or four days in a row where all she could think about was sex. Getting fucked, sucking cock, licking pussy, swallowing cum. Showing off for all the men who wished she was their daughter, and some women who wished the same thing. And best of all, getting filmed having fun, getting filmed being nasty, getting paid to be the slut she naturally was, and getting paid well. The large two story house she lived in was half paid from her lack of inhibitions and sexual enthusiasm, and she was proud of that. Proud that her mom didn't have to work (although she still danced at a couple of local strip clubs to "keep her chops up," as she called it). And most of all, proud that there were a few thousand people who have gotten off while watching her do what she loved to do.

Kandy sat down at her desk, grabbing the stack of letters, flipping through them quickly before opening any of them up. She recognized the handwriting or style of envelope for two of them and knew instantly who they were from. One looked sort of familiar and one was totally new to her.

She started with one of the ones she knew. It was from Jan, a man in Amsterdam (half her fans were from the Netherlands). Jan's letters were always great. He had used Kandy's movies to seduce his own daughters, a fact she was particularly proud of. A year ago, his two girls barely knew what sex was, now they had been with at least eight different men and women each, and were apparently loving every minute of it.

Kandy tore the letter open. Inside was a Polaroid of his two daughters, ages 8 and 9, getting fucked by two men. All four people were grinning for the camera. Jan was the one fucking Lina, the 8 year old, and Kandy didn't know the one fucking Anjelika, but wished she did, his cock was nice, thickly impaling the nine-year old.

"Dear Kandy,

See the man with his cock buried inside my sweet Anjelika? Well, I've got great news! You're going to see more of him and my two girls, because they're going to start making movies. That's right, they're going to be my sweet little porn stars, and that man is going to be the first one to fuck them on camera.

I can't thank you enough for how helpful your movies were in teaching my girls how wonderful sex could be. I know I say that all the time, but now that they're going to start acting too, it really seems important to say it again. I hope hope my girls' movies will help other daddies have sex with their children the way your movies have helped me with my girls.

The movie should be great. Not only is that man going to fuck both the girls, but he's going to fuck Anjelika in the ass as well. She's never done anal before, except for a finger or two, so it will be a true deflowering, and I can't wait to watch it. I've fantasized about sticking my dick up her ass many times, and after the movie, I'll be able to whenever she and I want. I remember the first time I saw you getting fucked in the ass, and how hard I came watching it. I can't believe you were only eight! But you looked like you enjoyed it a lot. That man sure did, that much was obvious.

Sexy Kandy, I have a favor to ask you. Could you write a little note to my girls, wishing them luck in their debut? You're a hero to them and they've been watching your movies over and over again in anticipation, so it would mean a lot to them.


Well, that got Kandy excited! Her pussy was tingly and wet, and she could smell her excitement wafting up. She dipped a finger into her slit, rubbing her clit and coating her first two digits with her juices. She imagined how hot it would look, that man slowly working his thick cock into Anjelika's ass.

She immediately sat down and started writing her reply. She used to write them in crayon, which was her dad's idea. He thought it would be more "childlike", but she recently changed to using a regular pen, because she wanted to write longer replies and the crayon was just getting in the way.

"Dear Jan,

That picture is so hot! Your girls are so sexy, and they look like they're really enjoying your cocks. I'm so happy that you've been able to teach them all about sex, and I'm even happier that they're going to start acting!!! You better send me a copy as soon as it's ready! I'll have my dad fuck me doggy-style so that we can both watch it at the same time. You know what? I think I'll have him fuck my ass when that guy fucks Anjelika's, that'll be fun.

You know, even though she's younger, Gwen is old enough to get fucked in the ass too. I was 7 when daddy first fucked my ass. OK, it was the day before I turned 8, but still, I bet Gwen can handle it. In fact, I think it's important that she get some too so that she doesn't feel bad that Anjelika gets to have her ass fucked. I understand if you don't want that guy to fuck both their asses -- you're their daddy, you should get to be the first for one of them. Just remember to go slow and use lots of lube (and tell that guy to do the same). Take your time and they'll love it and you'll get to fuck their asses every night if you want. Just don't forget to pay attention to their little pussies too!

Oh, guess what?!! Last week daddy said we'd be going to Europe for the summer! And of course we'll be spending a bunch of time in the Netherlands. Hopefully that means we can get together. I bet you'd love to see me and your girls have sex with each other, and I want to ride your cock and make you cum. Hey! Now that they're going to be acting, maybe your girls and I can do a movie together!

By the way, I'm going to write a note to your girls right now and put it in with this letter. I'm so happy for them, and really proud that I've inspired them a little.



And her note to the future stars:

"Hey Sexy Girls!

You're going to start making movies now? That's awesome! I can't wait to see them, you two are going to be a big hit, I just know it. You're both totally sexy. I just wish I could be there for your first movie. Pretty soon you'll have lots of fans of your own.

I'm so excited about this! Just thinking about you two having sex on camera gets me so horny. That guy looks hot, and his cock looks like a lot of fun. Well, what I saw of it anyway, most of it was inside your sexy little pussy, Anjelika.

So, here's some advice, since you're joining our little club. First of all, always give it everything you've got. I know sometimes when I'm having sex, I just like to lay back and let the guy do his thing while I just relax and enjoy it. That's fine, and the guy won't complain, but it's different on camera: Go for it, pull out all the stops, put your hips into it, use your mouth whenever you can. And make lots of noise, let everyone watching know how much you're enjoying it.

Also, don't be afraid to be really nasty. In my first couple of movies, I was scared to be really dirty, it just seemed so embarrassing, but I quickly realized how much hotter it was when I did whatever sexy thing that popped in my head. Like the first time I stuck my finger in a guy's asshole while sucking him off, or telling this girl I was having sex with to spit in my mouth. And that's just the beginning. The point is, you know how sometimes when you're having sex, you just forget everything and turn into like a sex animal? That's how you want to be everytime the camera is rolling. If you need any inspiration to keep going, just remember how many people will get off watching you be really dirty and slutty. That guy has his dick so far down your mouth that you're gagging and choking or his big cock stretching your ass so wide you think you're going to rip open and think you can't go on, just think about all those men and women who will be jerking off watching you and do it for them.

Also, if you're getting filmed with a man on camera, make the cumshot as sexy as possible. You see how much I love it when a guy cums on my face, and that's 'cuz I know how good it will look with his cum dripping off my chin while I'm grinning in the camera. Swallow the cum, take a finger and dip it into his cum then into your pussy or ass, whatever, just make it as hot as possible.

And other than that: Have fun! It's the best job in the world, and one that very few girls get to do. I know you're going to be great at it! You two are both very hot little sluts and I'm so proud of both of you. Hey, we might even get to play together soon (ask your dad about that, he'll tell you why). Good luck and Fuck hard!


Kandy dipped her fingers into her slit again, getting her fingers all wet, then wiped them on both letters, then put them in an envelope and sealed it with her wet fingers. It was a nice little touch, she thought.

The second letter was the one from the total stranger, which was always thrilling. Sometimes it was from someone who had just seen one of her scenes for the first time, and just had to write. Other times it was from people that either didn't know they could write to her or were working up the courage. Every now and then it was from a fellow little starlet or star, and those were always fun. Unlike the grown-up porn industry, her world didn't suffer much from petty jealousies or silly rivalries. Every now and then it was a letter from some little boy or girl, probably the first fan letter they've ever written to anyone. She loved those the most.

The handwriting was a woman's, and it looked grown-up. The pages were scented with a sexy perfume, and the stationery was obviously expensive. That was another nice thing about her fans, they tended to be loaded. Aquiring copies of her movies took money, which was one of the things that kept them off the internet.

"Kandy, you pretty little slut,

I've never written to one of you girls before, but I just saw you in 'Mommy's Whores' and I've got to say, I think I've fallen in love. I'm not kidding girl, 100% in love and I just had to write and tell you that.

I loved the expression on your face as you were being eaten out by the woman playing your mom, it looked so sweet. How I wished I was in her place, giving you that pleasure. I could practically taste your cunt on my tongue watching it and I could almost smell your delicious flower of a pussy. And the way you stroked her hair as she was licking you, running your fingers through it... Wow... It looked like real heat and real feeling between you two. I've never seen anything like it before, and I've watched more than my fair share of your type of movies.

And later, when you were seducing that little girl Kelly. I don't know if that was really her first orgasm or if that was just something she said for the movie, but it sure looked like it really was. I've given a few girls their first orgasms, so I know what it looks like and that looked totally real, that surprise and shock at how much pleasure her body could bring her. How old was she? Six? Couldn't be much older. And there's nothing hotter than seeing a six year old and a ten year old giving each other deep french kisses like that, especially with her juice coating your lips.

But my favorite scene was you with the four men. Normally I don't like gang-bang scenes, they seem sort of brutal, but this one was something else entirely! Yeah, the men were fucking you really hard, but you kept begging for more. That little groan of disappointment everytime one of them pulled out, and then that squeal of pleasure everytime one of them stuck a cock in one of your holes. I think I came five times watching that scene. Your ass must have been sore for days after that. Oh, the way you lovingly sucked each man's cock after they shot their loads on your face was just so sweet! I think I finally see why men like those gang-fuck scenes so much. It's not about degrading the girls as I always thought. In a weird way, it's about tenderness, isn't it? Because you really have to trust the men a lot to let them do anything they want with your body, and even more so for you to enjoy it. And I could tell you definitely were enjoying it, those were real orgasms. You even squirted a couple of times, and I've never seen that in a girl as young as you.

Since then I've gotten a couple more of your movies, and they're incredibly hot as well. 'Birthday Bitch' might even be hotter, but I'll always remember 'Mommy's Whores' as my first introduction to sexy little Kandy.

I've ordered everything else you've ever been in from my connection. It's not going to be cheap, but like I said, I'm in love. I would give anything to spend one night with you, and I promise I'd give you several mind-blowing orgasms. I'm including a picture of myself, it's me using my trusty pocket rocket on myself while watching one of your movies.

I've got to say, lots of girls in these movies are sexy. Hell, you've been with many of them, you know what I mean. But you're something else, someone really special. You're not just incredibly sexy, you've got this amazing personality that comes through in your movies that's funny and charming and smart and dirty and innocent and mischevious all at the same time. Your parents are very lucky, and I hope they're proud of the amazing girl they're raising.

With all my love,

p.s. I was serious about wanting to spend a night with you. If you find me attractive, maybe you can talk with your parents and we can all discuss it. I hope this doesn't offend you, but if there's any sort of monetary issue involved, I'm sure you'll find me very generous. If you don't want to get together with me, I hope I can at least keep writing to you, I really do think you're an amazing girl."

The last page of the letter was the photo printout that Michelle had promised. Obviously someone else had taken it for her, because both her hands were busy, one rubbing a pocket rocket on her clit, the other playing with a nipple on her little A-cup breasts. Michelle looked like she was in her late thirties, early forties, but with a nice trim body. She had a few black tattoos, one on her arm, another half surrounding her left nipple and another just above her cunt, which had a little landing strip of dark hair. She had short black hair in the sexiest of the standard lesbian haircuts. The woman was grinning, and her face and chest were flushed with what were probably the after effects of a rather intense orgasm (or two). The blanket beneath her was soaked around her crotch area, more proof that she was having fun.

Kandy grabbed the digital camera she always kept near her, and set the timer, then took a picture of her with her face against the woman's picture, her tongue near Michelle's crotch. Then she snapped another full body shot with her left leg up on the bed, and leaning back a bit to shove her crotch closer to the camera. Then finally a third shot, a close up of her pussy with three fingers deep inside her pussy, and her own little vibrator up against her clit. Her pubis was glistening, and when she grabbed the camera, Kandy had to be careful not to get her juices on the lens. She had already ruined two other cameras that way.

"Jesus, that letter must have really turned you on, fuckster!" she heard a male voice say from behind her.

"Daddy!" Kandy squealed, turning around. She ran up to him, her robe billowing out behind her, half off, and hopped into his arms. Her naked legs wrapped around his waist, and she kissed him with all the passion and heat that had been brewing up since she started the afternoon. He slid a hand around her bottom, slipping a finger over her asshole then into her pussy, and nibbled on her little earlobes, which caused her whole body to shudder. Her daddy, Stewart, had been sexual with her since she was four and knew all the tricks to making her feel good. Her body melted against his and she groaned in pleasure.

"Wanna fuck me, daddy? I'm so fucking horny!"

"I do, but I want to save it for later tonight. Joe's coming over for dinner."

"Yeah, mom told me. That'll be fun. Are you sure you don't want a little fun before then? Can't I just suck your cock a little bit, daddy?" she asked sweetly, eye fluttering. She'd learned tricks of her own.

"Ha ha ha! You've never sucked cock 'just a little bit' before in your life, and you're sure not gonna start now," Stewart said with a grin.

"OK, but you have to promise that you and Joe and mommy will all fuck me extra hard after dinner for making me wait!"

"Well, if that's how it has to be, OK. Now get back to your letters, fuckster, Joe will be by in about an hour and a half."

She reluctantly climbed down off his body and turned around. He took the opportunity to give her ass a playful slap. It was actually a surprisingly hard slap, but anything less than that was just plain disrespectful at this point in her life.

She bent over and wiggled her ass, inviting another spank. Instead Stewart leaned down and gave her ass a little kiss.

"Jesus your ass is hot," he said, leaving the room.

Kandy got back to her desk and started her reply.

"Michelle, you hot bitch,

You sure know how to make a girl feel good! I'd love to have sex with you sometime, you've got a rockin' bod! Plus you sound like you know how to give a good orgasm, and I NEVER turn those down. I'll talk to my parents, but they're pretty cool. I bet if I show them your picture, both of them will totally want to do you too. It'll be so much fun. I bet you like 69, huh? I hope so, 'cuz I love it.

Thanks for all the compliments on my movies, I'm really proud of them. 'Mommy's Whores' was a lot of fun to make. Julia (the woman who played my mom) and I had been wanting to get with each other for a long time, but never got the chance. I've had sex with her son a bunch of times before that (he's one of the guys I do it with in 'Li'l Lapdancer'). So the director noticed how hot we were for each other and figured out it'd be great to get it on film. When we did the scene, he made us make out for like fifteen minutes before he allowed either of us to take off any clothes. Most of that got cut out for time, but that's part of what made the scene so hot, since we were so worked up. I love kissing, it turns me on so much. Everyone says I'm really good at it too (a bit proud of ourselves, aren't we?). And as for the little girl, Kelly, you guessed it, that was really her very first orgasm. She's been playing with her dad for a while, but he's one of those guys that doesn't know how to lick pussy very well, and he thinks she's too little to get fucked yet. I'm actually going to a party next month where he's going to take her virginity, isn't that cool? She actually just turned six a couple of months ago, but she was five when we did the movie.

And the gang-bang scene was totally wild. I was so cum-drunk after that. You're right, my ass was sore, but the next day I begged my dad to fuck my ass anyway 'cuz I was still so turned on. And I think you're right about the tenderness. It's hard to explain, but after sex like that, all those guys treat you differently, like they're your buddies now. You get a lot closer to them. Like I know I can have sex with any of them and we both know how good it will be because of how wild we can get, and there's all this trust there. Like I said, hard to explain, but the sex with them is better after a scene like that.

If you liked that movie, you should totally check out 'Li'l Lapdancer', they say it's my breakout movie. I figure that's true, 'cuz I got more letters after that than any other movie ('Mommy's Whores' is catching up). And check out 'Nature Girls 4', I think you'll like that one a lot. I'm only in one scene, where a dad and his son find me skinny-dipping, and we end up all having sex together. I think you'll like that one, it's all sex outdoors and there's a lot of pretty girls in there, including my friends Tina and Keiko who have a really great sexy scene together. They even pee on each other. I hope that doesn't turn you off, I really like it. Also, you should definitely get 'Lewd Lolita'. I'm not in it, but it's my favorite movie ever. The sex is really good, and it's funny too! I've seen it like a hundred times.

Anyhow, I really think you're hot, and your picture turned me on a lot. I took some of me just for you. Even if we don't get to have sex together, please write to me again. I love getting letters. Maybe you can tell me about those little girls you gave their first orgasms too, I'd love to hear about that.


The next letter was the one she thought she recognized. It turns out, it was from someone who had written before. He didn't write very good English, but she understood it.

"Dear Kandy,

You body is SO PRETTY. You body make me squirt very much tonight. I view '#9 Dirt Girlcamper' ['Dirty Girlscouts Vol. 9' --Ed] and you body make me for twice give.

Do you like cock suck? You look very happy when to do it. I think you must to enjoy it. I wish my daughter act like you, she very pretty too. But I never to have fuck her, but I want it to. Does you hurt much when to fucked for first time? I want not to hurt her or scare her, but her body so beautiful I think of it always. When not I think of you body, I mean.

When do you movie next one? Supply don't know, but I tell him to get me for it when it come. I wish you to fuck my daughter and me.

For next,
Daddy Gregor"

Kandy was used to letters like this. Many of her fans were from other countries. Those from the Netherlands tended to speak prety good English, but it was hit and miss with everyone else (except the Americans, of course). It used to freak her out a little, but now she found it charming. Besides, part of being a good little starlet was to treat all her fans with respect.

"Dear Daddy Gregor,

Thank you very much! I'm glad to know I made you cum so much. Twice in one movie, huh? I must have turned you on something huge. '#9 Dirt Girlcamper' is one of my dad's favorite's too, I think it's the uniforms. And 14 girls all having sex together helps a lot, too.

I understand you worrying about not wanting to hurt or scare your little girl, that's very sweet. A lot of men don't care, I think it's great that you do. But you really shouldn't let that stop you from having a sexual relationship with her. It's not fair to you or her if you keep your feelings to yourself. Trust me, every little girl wants to have sex with her daddy. Just take it slow, and don't stick anything in her little pussy until she's ready for it. But besides that, you should really think about playing with her. It's easy to get her naked and to lick her little pussy, she'll love it. Just remember that a good dad loves his daughter.


All that was left was the last letter. She saved it for last because it scared her, and she saved it for last because it excited for. She took a deep breath and opened the black envelope. Inside was three pages, written in large block lettering.






Now, normally a letter like this would never, ever get through. And if it did, the sender would be told in no uncertain terms to never, ever contact any of the performers again.

But this was different. First of all, Kandy liked getting his letters, and second of all, because she'd had sex with him eight times over the last year and a half. He was actually the sweetest, most considerate lover she'd ever been with, incredibly gentle, totally devoted to her pleasure, the 100% complete opposite from the persona in the letters.

Kandy had a secret fantasy, one that she didn't tell anyone except Tina and Keiko, neither of whom approved, and that was to have sex with him in his "Darker Fuck" character. It excited her because it was the only fantasy she had that really scared her, the only fantasy she didn't want to fulfill, and the only fantasy of hers that her parents would never let her do -- and they were pretty liberal parents.

She didn't answer this letter, she never did any of his.

"Sweetie, Joe's here! Come on down, dinner's almost ready," she heard her mom call.

Kandy shook off the willies the last letter gave her, grabbed the three letters she finished, slipped off her robe and was quickly running down the stairs to greet Joe and start a sexy evening she'd been looking forward to for a while.

2. Kandy's Kontakt

Joe Banks held a bottle of wine in one hand and a DVD case in another while Evelyn gave him a big kiss. He broke off the kiss when he heard footsteps running down the stairs looked up just in time to see Kandy running down the stairs. His cock gave a little jump at the site, this sexy little 10-year-old nymph, totally naked, completely smooth with a huge grin on her face. He'd seen her nude more times than he could count, he was one of the first men besides her father to have sex with her, but he never got tired of looking at her sexy little body.

"Joe!" she cried and ran up to him, wrapping her arms around his chest. He leaned down to kiss her, and her one of her hands slid around his body down to his crotch and gave his hard cock a squeeze through his pants. Evevlyn took the wine and DVD from him so that his hands would be free to explore her, and Stewart just looked on approvingly. Joe slid his hands down and grabbed her ass, feeling her cheeks which were so soft yet surprisingly firm. Before he knew it, his pants were unzipped and she was stroking his seven inch cock, his precum smearing over her belly.

"Hey, hold on, sweetie, let me walk in the door first," he said, laughing.

"Awww... why doesn't anyone want to have sex with me?"

"Kandy, everyone wants to have sex with you, believe me. I promise all three of us will prove it to you tonight!"

"You fucking better!" she said, giving his dick a little squeeze to punctuate it.

"How ladylike," he said. He gave her a kiss on the top of her head and followed her parents into the dining room.

Kandy and Joe found their seats. Stewart stopped Evelyn just before she went into the kitchen to grab the food, "It's all right, why don't you take a seat, honey, I'll serve the food."

"See, now that's a man!" Evelyn said, sitting down. For a total sex-fiend perv, Stewart is a surprisingly classy fellow.

"What, I don't get any credit for bringing the wine?" Joe asked.

"Sorry, Joe, thanks for the wine. Oooh, you didn't skimp either! Nice!"

Stewart walked in with a salad bowl and placed it on the glass table. Through the table, you could see naked Kandy. She didn't feel embarrassed about being the only naked person in the room, in fact she actually enjoyed it, it made her feel slutty and bold, though by now she was so used to not wearing clothes that she barely noticed it, especially around her parents and Joe. She thought back to the first time she had met him, two and a half years ago, before she had ever done any porn movies. It was at a summer party thrown by some very close friends of Evelyn's brother Rich. Her dad had taken her virginity a couple of months earlier, and Rich was the second lucky man to get to have sex with her. This party was the first of its kind she had ever been too, a wild all-ages sexual free for all for families in a very exclusive little clique. Rich didn't have kids of his own, which would ordinarily preclude him from attending a party like this, or even being aware of this group's existence, but he had a way with people and an amazing sexual appetite, so he was one of those lucky bastards that got invited to all the "exclusive" parties.

But this was the first time Stewart or Evelyn (or Mindy) had ever been to one. Well, Evelyn and Stew had been to lots of swingers parties, of course, but nothing where kids were invited until now. On the way to the party, Rich reminded Mindy to "pace yourself, this thing is going to go on for hours and you don't want to have all your fun in the first half hour there."

That sounded like excellent advice, none of which she bothered to take. They got to the party, held in a mansion in the Pasadena hills, and took off their clothes per the custom of the party, and within four minutes, she had a man's cock in her mouth, eagerly slurping away.

That man was Joe. He too didn't have any kids, but if you were in the know, you invited Joe, because this lifestyle depended on guys like Joe. You wanted Joe at your kiddie sex party. He could bring kids if there weren't going to be enough, but more importantly, Joe brought the porn.

That was his job. He worked as a middle man between the black market companies that made kiddie-porn and the customers and performers. On the customer side, he was known as a "supplier", the guy you went to when you wanted to get the good child pornography. Of course, you could always download stuff off the internet or get it from other sources, but there were a couple of problems there. First of all, the internet had inherent risks, it was really easy for the cops to bust your ass and cyber-policing was getting better all the time, most of it directed at exactly the type of content Joe's customers wanted. The other, bigger problem Joe's merchandise solved was that internet kiddie porn was crap. Sure, it's hot if it's all you've got, but a lot of it was made during the glory days of the Netherland's progressive child sex laws, and was looking increasingly out of date. All the new stuff was fine, but it was so hard to find anything new where the kids looked like they were enjoying themselves. Most of it was made in molestation situations, not consensual situations. Even if you liked the "Chester-style" movies, and plenty of people did, they weren't fantastic. Some guy trying to pop off a few shots from his handheld polaroid of his sad little girl sucking his cock before Mommy comes home usually didn't care about good lighting or proper composition.

Joe's stuff was a thousand times better than that. Shot and edited by professinals with performers who loved having sex, unique combinations of performers, scripts (when needed), his stuff was just like regular porn, only it had kids in it. Once you've seen the type of porn Joe sold, you never looked back. And people paid a lot for his movies, often a thousand bucks a pop or more. And that price allowed him to be choosy about who he sold to, only to people who knew how to take security measures, who knew not to post that stuff on the internet, and, most importantly, knew how to keep their damn mouths shot.

The other part of Joe's job was as a "contact", essentially an agent for kiddie porn stars. He was the go between for the various companies that made high-end child pornography and the kids and adults who starred in them. This meant he was also a talent scout, always looking for hot little boys and girls to be in the movies.

The night of the party, Joe wasn't looking for any new performers, he hadn't even known that there were going to be any kids at the party he wasn't already very familiar with. Even if there were, he assumed they wouldn't meet his standards of "cutest of the cute, horniest of the horny". But the way the little brown-haired seven year-old furiously rubbed her clit and sucked on another man's cock while he came inside her pussy told him everything he needed to know -- she was going to be a star.

He watched her have sex five more times that night, with men, with women, with boys, with girls, and with all at once. He had Rich introduce him to her parents, and they struck a deal that night to get her making movies soon (if she wanted to, of course). Since that night, he'd been their contact, but more importantly, the relationship turned into a real genuine friendship between him and Kandy, as most of the world knew her, and Kandy's parents. He even thought up her name, but Kandy thought of spelling it with a "K". She actually wanted to spell it "KaNDy", like all the cool kids spelled stuff online, but grown-ups don't go for that l33t shit, so Joe convinced her of the marketing advantages of proper capitalization.

And now Joe was sitting at their glass table, unable to keep his eyes off of Kandy's bare pussy, but managing to keep up a steady flow of genial conversation anyways.

"Hey, did you know Jan's girls are going to start making movies?" he asked.

"Yeah, he just told me in his letter," Kandy said.

Evelyn was more surprised. "Really? That's great. I hope their stuff goes over well, they're such cute girls!"

"Well, I'd buy it!" Stewart said.

"Yeah, but you don't have to. That's the privilege of being a performer, you get all the movies for free," Joe said. "Anyhow, yeah, sister/sister stuff sells really well, and those two are just really hot, so I'm really excited for them. And apparently, Kandy, we have you to thank for it! According to Jan, they want to grow up to be just like you."

"Grow up? They're only a year younger than me."

"Yeah, but you're like a hero to those girls."

"Well, I think that's adorable, honey!" Evelyn said.

"Yeah, I wrote them a little note kind of congratulating them and stuff, it's in my letter back to Jan," Kandy said, tapping the stack of envelopes on the table.

"That's why you're a star, fuckster, you got a great relationship with your fans," Stewart said.

"I thought it was because my pussy was so tight!"

"Well, there's a lot of reasons why you're a star. The way you thrash around when you cum helps to."

"She got that from me, you know," Evelyn said.

Joe grinned lewdly: "Trust me, I know."

"Hey, is that my movie?!" Kandy said, noticing the DVD Joe had brought for the first time.

"Sure is, little lady," Joe said, "hot off the presses. This is the first copy."

"Wow, that was fast. We shot that just last weekend!"

"Well, these gonzo movies are really easy to edit together. Plus, you're incredibly popular right now, we wanted to get it out the door as fast as possible. I have standing orders for anything new you do with five different clients, and at least ten more that I know will buy it immediately."

"Really!" Stewart said, "hear that fuckster, you're the 'it' girl right now!"

Fifteen orders doesn't sound like much, but at a thousand a pop, that's $15,000 right there, and that was just the beginning. If Joe could sell fifteen copies without even trying, it probably meant he could unload sixty of them, and there would be another couple hundred sold throughout the rest of America, a hundred in South America, three-hundred or so in Asia and a good five-hundred in Europe. Kandy was a big enough star now that she got a percentage as well as a fee for performing, so it turned out to be extremely profitable, and she was scheduled to make four more over the next six months.

Dinner quickly progressed along to the main course. The bottle of wine, a fruity 1998 Merlot, was already three-quarters gone. Most of it went to the adults, but they let Kandy have a small glass along with her milk. Small glass, but the 80-pound little tyke was pretty buzzed already. Kandy's parents were really good not to let her get too drunk, there's nothing less hot than the little girl you've got your dick in throwing up on your chest, and it tends to draw undue attention when you go to the fifth grade with a hangover.

Granted, a Merlot doesn't necessarily go best with spaghetti, but what the hell, Joe didn't know what the main course was going to be and no one here was one of those irritating wine snobs. Spaghetti is hard to eat naked, there's no where to tuck your napkin into, but if Kandy got some spaghetti sauce on her flat smooth chest, someone was always willing to lick it up. She seemed to get some on her a bit more than would be expected. Maybe that's because of the wine, but it's doubtful.

No one noticed that Kandy finished her plate before them, but they did notice her crawl under the table and between Joe's legs and start unbuckling and unzipping his pants. He didn't protest this time. She had his pants off just as he finished up, and was sliding her mouth onto his nice hard cock.

"God-fucking-dammnit, you really know how to use your mouth. You know, I didn't fuck Julia last night because I wanted to make sure to save you a good load." Julia is Joe's girlfriend, a 13-year-old half-Asian girl whose parents are hoping Joe might get her pregnant one day soon.

"Awww, how sweet!" Evelyn cooed, "now what say we move to the Family room, pop in Kandy's new DVD and get down to business. I can't wait to get out of these clothes."

3. Kandy gets Kock and Kunt

When you have a really, really active sex life, interior design takes on a surprisingly large role. Sure the Harrison's spacious family room looked innocent enough but the practiced eye recognizes that it's a well crafted fuck-space. The sectional L-shaped sofa has deep, comfortable cushions to easily accommodate prone bodies, the soft carpet is highly stain resistant, and a large flat-screen TV is perfectly positioned for viewing porn. Added to that, the upholstered coffee table is light enough to be easily moved out of the way, but sturdy enough that it can form it's own play surface, positioned at the perfect height for a ten-year-old to get on her slutty knees and administer some grade-A oral sex to whomever was sitting on it. There's a lot of blankets and pillows, and --if you know where to look -- an abundance of sex-toys, lube and the occasional pair of handcuffs. The lighting is designed to go from very well-lit to romantically dim, but the lights usually stayed on because when you're fucking little girls, you want to see their little tight pussies stretched around your cock in the best possible detail.

The rest of the house is the same. Mirrors everywhere, each shower can easily accommodate two or more people, a whirlpool bathtub, a hot tub in the privacy-minded back yard and needless to say, every bed is extremely comfortable. The only room in the house not designed for maximum sexual comfort is the basement, for those times when maximum discomfort is desired.

There's a cum stain of one sort or another on nearly every single piece of furniture in the entire house.

The TV had just started playing the new DVD, a collection of scenes involving two guys fucking a variety of different little girls. Kandy's scene was the anchor, so they had some time before they got to it. Currently on the screen, an eleven-year-old Hispanic girl was dildo-ing herself while the two men slowly jerked off over her. They'd start fucking her soon, but no one was watching the screen.

Stewart and Joe flopped on the couch, both sets of eyes on the two whores in front of the TV, oblivious to the little cutie on screen getting her pussy ready for a pounding. Kandy and her mom were making out, making little passionate mewing noises, and Kandy was slowly sliding off Evelyn's dress. Evelyn had to slouch down to be able to meet Kandy's wet lips, but the effect was worth it, especially as Kandy slipped the straps of her mom's light sundress over shoulders, releasing Evelyn's lovely tits. Gravity tugged at them, making them appear even fuller than they already were, but it was lust that made her nipples so sexily erect. Evelyn stood up, her boobs right at Kandy's mouth level, so it's no wonder a breast found her way to Kandy's mouth so easily. Evelyn threw her head back and murmured pleasurably, at the same time reaching behind Kandy's head, and pulled her daughter's face harder into her chest.

A drop of cunt juice slid down Kandy's left inner thigh.

Kandy kept working the dress down, and when it passed Evelyn's hips, fell to the grown in a naughty clump. Evelyn stepped out of the ring of cloth and sat on the padded coffee table, spreading her legs lewdly while laying back. Kandy stepped between her thighs and ran her hands from her mom's breasts down to her shaven crotch.

"Mommy, you've got such a sexy cunt," Kandy said, getting on her knees, "so soft and pretty and tasty. Doesn't she, Dad?"

"That's why I married her!"

Both men were getting their clothes off. Their hard erections invaded the room. Stewart's cock was an average size, six inches, decent thickness. Joe's larger and thicker, but still a size most little girls are capable of accommodating with practice and patience (and -- occasionally -- booze). At any rate, Kandy had been fucked by larger.

"Joe, you want first crack?" Stewart asked, as polite a host as is possible.

"Yes I do!"

Kandy's ass was swaying in the air seductively. Her pussy glistened slick with her juices, the horny little girl. Underneath her mouth, her mother's pussy was getting a loving, lustful workout. Evelyn was moaning in pleasure, astonished as always at how talented her daughter's tongue was.

Joe walked up behind Kandy, slid a hand onto her petite ass and let it roam down to her cunt. He slid a finger into her tight, hairless slit. Kandy lifted her head up for a moment.

"No fooling around, Joe, I need cock so bad! Just fuck me as hard as you can!"

"What a fucking hot little whore you are," Joe said. He positioned the head of his cock right at the entrance to her pussy, getting the head wet with her cunt juice. He could smell the sexy aroma of her pussy, it made him even harder. He slowly slid his cock in. The best thing about a little girl's vagina is that no matter how hard and how often they've been fucked, even by very large cocks, they stay tight. He didn't keep count, but this was the thirty-seventh time he'd stuck his cock into her, and each time, he had to slowly work it in, an inch at a time, even when getting sloppy seconds or sloppy fifths or whatever. And her pussy is hot, not just warm but hot.

She groaned feeling his cock fill her up. The groan made her mouth vibrate on her mom's clit, which caused her to moan. Kandy felt her knees go week with pleasure, and she started licking her mom's pussy even more vigorously.

"Ungghhh, fuck your pussy feels so fucking good! Shit, the way you -- holy shit, that feels good!" Kandy was squeezing his cock with her pussy, well developed kegel muscles in this bitch.

Stewart wasn't sitting on the sidelines. He noticed his cock was untended and his wife's mouth was empty, and soon she was swallowing his cock like a pro. As soon as his cock touched her wet lips, her mouth went into overdrive, wanting to give the same pleasure she was receiving from her little girl.

When Joe finally got his cock buried in to the hilt, he started the serious fuck tip. He settled into his rhythm, a slow pull out, and a fast thrust back in. Each time the head of his cock passed through the tightest parts of her pussy. He was speeding up, faster and faster.

"Fuckster's pussy feels great, doesn't it? God she looks so good with your cock in her!" Stewart said.

"Yeah, it sure does. Your fucking slut of a wife's mouth looks good with a cock in it, too. I'm gonna have to get me some of that later tonight, but first I gotta get your daughter off, she feels like she needs a good hard cum."

"I do!" Kandy nearly screamed. "God, fuck me really hard. Oh, fuck yeah! Harder! Holy fucking shit that feels good!"

Joe was slamming into her pussy. He loved how when he thrust hard enough, the motion would travel from his hips to Kandy's body, through her mouth to Evelyn, who's tits would ripple and roll back and forth. Kandy added two, then three fingers from her right hand to the job she was doing on her mom, and soon was furiously finger-fucking her while madly licking her clit.

Every nerve on Kandy's body was burning with pleasure. She moaned in pleasure and let forth an erotic stream of obscenities, most of which were muffled by the cunt she was licking.

Joe pulled out completely, heard Kandy whimper for more, spanked her HARD three times, than jammed his cock right back in. Kandy was on the verge of a wild orgasm, and when it hit, her whole body shook and spasmed and writhed and squirmed around his cock.

"Fuuuuuuuuck! Fuck me, fuck!!!! God-fucking... that feels so fucking good Joe! God, I'm gonna fucking cum, don't fucking stop fucking me!" Kandy was so caught up in her orgasm she had to stop licking her mom's pussy while the bulk of it hit. She grabbed the cushion on the coffee table, white-knuckled, and threw her head back moaning. "Yessssss! Shit, yes!!! Ohhhhh! Ohhhh!" she was practically screaming, smearing her mother's pussy juice on the upholstery. Just before the height of her orgasm, Joe slipped a hand underneath her, stroking her engorged clit, which instantly doubled the orgasm she was having. Her moaning ceased to sound like English, almost ceased to sound human. Her pussy gushed juice, drenching Joe's crotch, and filling the room with her scent. Evelyn breathed the scent in deeply, the smell of her daughter's cunt mixing with the smell of her husband's cock made her go light-headed, the ultimate contact high.

As her orgasm began to subside, Kandy dove in once more to her mom's crotch, licking hard with long fast strokes of her tongue, like a kitten grooming herself. The sound of Kandy's orgasm and the renewed assault on her pussy drove Evelyn over the edge and she released Stewart's cock from her mouth so she could have a loud, thrashing orgasm. Evelyn wasn't kidding, Kandy really did get her wild orgasms from her mom. Her legs wrapped around her daughter's shoulders, squeezed hard while Kandy continued to lick and suck her mom, tasting the gush that flooded her mouth. The excitement of making her mom cum so hard and the fucking Joe was giving her was driving Kandy wild, and she kept licking Evelyn even harder. The feeling of her soft little tongue on Evelyn's already over-sensitive pussy was too much, so she scooted down so that she and Kandy could start kissing again. Before the kissing was sensual and erotic. This time it was passionate and energetic, their tongues finding each other. Kandy felt the texture of her mother's tongue against hers. She grabbed her mom's hair, gently tilted her head back, and started devouring her neck. Kandy could feel Evelyn's throaty purr while she gave her mom a dark hickey. Kandy was careful not to bite too hard, but the growing pleasure as Joe fucked her harder and harder was making it harder and harder not too. Evelyn switched to working on Kandy's ears and neck, very careful not to give her a hickey because that's the sort of thing that fifth-grade teachers notice.

"Hey Joe," Evelyn said, "Why don't you get your dick up her and Kandy and I can suck your cock together."

"Yeah, that sounds good, but that means I have to pull my cock out of Kandys pussy, and it's feeling especially good tonight! Jesus, Kandy, did you line your snatch with velvet or something?"

Kandy giggled at the thought of a velvet-upholstered snatch, but Eve was insistent. "Come on Joe, Stewart's standing there with his dick in his hand like a chump, just aching to get at Kandy's cunt. Let us suck your cock!"

"I don't know, you promise to do it really well?"

"We promise, Joe," Kandy said, "And, if you let us suck your cock, you can fuck my ass too!"

"What if I don't want to fuck your ass?"

"Fuck you, Joe, you're fucking my ass! Now get up-- Oh god that feels good!" Joe gave Kandy one last extra special thrust before reluctantly pulling out (her pussy really does feel like velvet), and sliding his cock into Kandy and Evelyn's waiting lips. They started devouring him hungrily, licking, sucking, slurping. It was feeling really good, but what really made Joe's eyes roll into the back of his head was when Kandy stuck a slick finger up his asshole. Kandy and Evelyn could feel his cock twitch against their lips every time her finger moved.

Stewart, in the meantime, really was aching to get into Kandy's tight cunt. Even though she had just received a thorough fucking from Joe, her beautiful vagina was still very tight. He slid his cock along her slit, getting as much of her juice on it as he could, then used his fingers to spread it around his cock. He positioned the head at the entrance of her cunt and began to push in. The head disappeared into her, and her pussy puckered around his cock. She gave a grunt of pain from the friction but didn't complain, she was used to it. He pulled out a little, and her little pussy lips released their grip. After that, he could slowly slide in a lot more comfortably. Evelyn reached down between her legs to help guide his cock into Kandy, though she knew neither of them needed the help. It just gave her such a thrill to feel his hard penis sliding through Kandy's tight hole, and to rub her pussy lips as they stretched magnificently around his cock.

"God, daddy, that feels so good," Kandy moaned, though much of it was muffled by Joe's cock pressed against her lips. Kandy felt her need growing, that hunger in her pussy to be slammed hard, and her body instinctively gave more lube. Liker her mom, Kandy got really, really wet when she was horny, so much so that sometimes at school, she'd be embarrassed to get up from her desk at lunch because she was afraid it would show and people would think she'd peed herself.

"Oh shit, fuckster, my cock has been dying for your pussy all day. Goddamn you're such a sexy little girl, I'm going to fuck the shit out of you tonight. Fuuuuuck," Stewart said, working more of his cock into her in slow in and out thrusts. When he got over half of it in, he pulled nearly all the way out, took a deep breath, and put all his weight into his cock, and in it slid, slowly but not gently, and he felt an intense wave of pleasure as her pussy stretched to accept his dick. Evelyn moved her hand so that she could finger Kandy's engorged, hyper-sensitive clit.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, oooooooooooohhhhhh," Kandy groaned, feeling her daddy's cock invade her pussy and the way her stretched out pussy lips tightened the skin of her clit, which made her mom's fingering even more pleasurable. Once he finally was all the way in, his hips shoved against her butt cheeks, Kandy felt that very familiar feeling of fullness in her pussy, and she ground her ass against him, trying to get that extra centimeter of cock. She also felt that same surge of pride that she experienced the first time she took her dad's thick cock into her pussy, a feeling of accomplishment, like she climbed a mountain.

A tingly rush of feeling washed over her whole body, and reinvigorated, she started sucking Joes cock passionately while her mom gently bathed his balls with her tongue.

"Fuck, you know how to work my dick. Kandy, you were born to suck cock. You were born to fuck. Jesus Christ you're a nasty little whore!" Joe said. By now, his cock was oozing out a solid stream of pre-cum, and Kandy's tongue lapped up the salty slick fluid greedily. She released his cock from her mouth then passionately kissed her mom. Their tongues slid against each other, their tongues slippery with Joe's drip. They moaned in unison and Evelyn's knees slid up to get a better grip on her daughter's waist. Kandy broke off the kiss, held Joe's cock so it was pointing towards Evelyn's open mouth and drooled a stream of saliva that hit the shining cockhead and slid off over his piss slit into her mother's hungry lips. Their mouths met again, with the head of Joe's cock between them, and they each tongued all over it.

Joe grabbed a handful of Kandy's hair and used it as leverage to slide his cock into her mouth, fucking her lips, relishing the sight of her innocent-looking face lewdly invaded by his thick hard dick. Kandy took over, bobbing up and down, sucking hard enough to draw her cheeks inward, her tongue in constant motion all over the underside of his shaft. Then she offered the cock to Evelyn, who did the same thing, greedily sucking his cock. They traded it back and forth between them. Joe was in heaven feeling his cock passing from one wet warm mouth to the other. Every now and then, Kandy and Evelyn paused the cocksucking to kiss deeply, each tasting the remnants of Joe's dick that lingered, their tongues and mouths warmed by his cock.

All the while, the pace of Stewart's fucking was increasing, and before too long, he was jack hammering Kandy's tight pussy. With each thrust, Kandy could feel every inch, every vein, of his cock as it slid in and out of her. Her whole body was so sensitive that the palms of her hands tingled and burnt with lust. She grabbed onto one of her mothers full breasts and squeezed hard, rubbing the nipple against her own flat chest in rough tight circles. The sensation in Evelyn's tits caused her to turn her hand to her own pussy, sticking her two middle fingers deeply into her cunt while using the heel of her palm to stimulate her clit. They both moaned at once. Evelyn's was a deep sigh of contentment, while Kandy's was a higher, more needing sound.

"I LOVE GETTING FUCKED!!!" Kandy yelled at the tail end of a moan. Joe laughed, grabbed his dick, wrapped a large lock of Kandy's long brown hair around it, and started jacking off with his cock surrounded by her fine main. His precum oozed out of his cock and into her hair, and Kandy got a thrill knowing any part of her body could bring pleasure to someone else. Evelyn reached around and took over stroking his cock with her hair.

"Like I said, baby, you were born to fuck," he said.

"Sweetie, I'm so proud of what a dirty little whore you've become. I get so wet just thinking about all the men and women who watch you fuck every single day," Evelyn said.

"I do too, mommy, all those guys that watch me and then go up and fuck their daughters, or those guys who fantasize about fucking my ass and shooting their cum inside my ass."

"Well, fuckster -- ughhh -- I love thinking about all the little girls who watch you and learn that it's all right to fuck their daddies or uncles or mommies or teachers," Stewart said. He paused slamming his cock with a final thrust deep inside of her pussy. Kandy let out a happy squeal and her body shook in one of the mini-orgasms she had as she built up to a big one.

"Oh, daddy, spank me, spank my ass. Please? Spank it really hard, as hard as you con!"

"Oh you fucking whore!" He slid his cock out and ran a couple fingers over her clit and pussy which became slick with her juice. He brought his hand up to his mouth and licked the juice off, savoring her taste. Then SMACK! SMACK! pause. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

He whacked both of her cheeks, and instantly red angry handprints formed on her ass, but in her state of arousal, all she felt was pleasure and gave a pleasured grunt with each hit. Evelyn was furiously rubbing her own pussy when the smacks fell, she was so turned on with the way Kandy's body reacted against hers each time she was spanked.

"Oh, God, Stewart, let me do that too! Fuck that's hot!" she said.

She moved Kandy off of her, feeling a cool breeze as the air swept over the sweat that formed between their bodies. Kandy pointed her ass into the air, in perfect spanking position. Joe quickly moved his cock deep into Kandy's mouth, trusting that she had the experience not to bite down no matter what happened.

Evelyn got behind Kandy. With her left hand, she was finger fucking herself, three fingers disappearing into her pussy. Her right hand reared up and flew. Stewart's spanks were designed to sound loud and sting a little. Eve's were meant to sound loud and sting a lot. Evelyn could do this: women understand how hard you can get spanked when you're in the middle of a good fucking, and it's a lot harder than men think.



"Feel good, you slut? You like getting spanked, don't you you little cum whore?"


At the instant of contact, it hurt, it stung, Kandy's whole body tensed up. The very next instant, even before Evelyn's hand left her daughter's ass, pleasure rippled through Kandy's core, from her pussy to her lips and spread outward. With Joe's cock stuffed in her mouth, Kandy gave a "MMmmmppphhh" that was shock then joy.

Evelyn knew how to time the slaps, varying the interval so it was impossible for Kandy to anticipate them.


"Jesus that was hot. OK, honey, I think that's enough," Evelyn said.

"Just a few more, mom? Please? I fucking love it! Just three more?" Kandy begged, literally begged.

"One more sweetie, just one more."

"OK, but do it as hard as you can! Wait, let me start sucking Joe's cock again," Kandy said, ang quickly got her mouth settled on his cock, as deep as it could go without her gagging. She curled her lips underneath her teeth so that she'd bite herself before biting his beautiful cock.

"OK, honey, here it comes!"


Kandy let out a frustrated, pleading moan.

"Just kidding, honey. For reals this time."




"Auggghhhh!!! FUCK YEAH!!! OH, FUCK YEAH!!!! OH GOD, THAT TOTALLY NEARLY MADE ME FUCKING CUM!!!! HOLY SHIT!!! OH GOD!!" Kandy's whole body was flushed red, her skin covered in sweat, her eyes clenched closed. She didn't even realize it, but she had started furiously rubbing her pussy right in the middle of the onslaught.

"Thank you, mommy! That felt so good!"

"You're welcome, sweetie! Hey Joe, you ready to fuck this tight little ass yet?"

Joe looked like he just awoke from hypnosis, his eyes were riveted to the abuse Kandy's ass just took.

"Oh god, that turned me on so much, plus this little bitch's cocksucking. If I stick my cock in her ass I'm going to cum before I'm even halfway in. You gotta give me a few minutes."

Stewart was gently rubbing his daughters ass and sucking on one of Evelyn's tits. "Well, if you're not gonna fuck her ass yet, I've got an idea. Kandy, turn over, I want to see my cock stretch out your little pussy from the front. Evelyn? Why don't you have Joe eat out your pussy while he's cooling down. You deserve a good pussy licking after that performance. Kandy? After your smooth little fucking pussy milks your daddies cock dry, Joe will fuck your ass up. And if I get a second wind back after that, I'm gonna take a dip myself."

Stewart always had the good plans. For a total sex-fiend perv, he's surprisingly well organized.

"I love you daddy!" Kandy said, getting on her back. Stewart smiled, and climbed over her to give her a deep, passionate kiss. His hand held the back of her neck while his other hand slid all over her body, owning every part of it. Evelyn looked on happily, she always experienced a feeling of deep contentment seeing her daughter and her husband make out, there was just something so right about it, something so beautiful and loving. She was so absorbed watching them kiss that she didn't even notice that Joe had climbed between her legs until his tongue started lapping up the juice leaking out of her cunt. His lips covered her clit and lightly sucked on it, her legs squeezed his shoulders in pleasure. She ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head further into her crotch.

Stewart and Kandy finished a final kiss, then he moved into his fuck position between her legs. Evelyn tapped Joe on the shoulder, knowing he'd want to see the insertion. Stewart started by slapping his cock lightly on her pussy, the rubbing her clit with his shaft. Kandy squirmed with pleasure. Then he let his cockhead find the wet entrance to her cunt. He slid in very easily this time, but still slowly for the enjoyment of their onlookers. Kandy gave a contented sigh, and absentmindedly began playing with one of her nipples. They aren't as sensitive yet as they will be, but she likes the sensation anyway.

"All right, fuckster, you ready? Cuz I'm gonna start fucking you really hard, and I'm not going to stop until I shoot my load inside your little, tiny snatch," Stewart said, rubbing her clit with his thumb while his cock remained buried inside of her.

"Oh God, do it, dad," she said. All traces of playfulness were gone from her voice, she wanted him urgently, needing to feel his powerful strokes as his cock stretched and invaded her pussy. "Fuck me!"

He placed his hands on her hips, and gently started sliding his cock in and out. But after the first few strokes, he started increasing in speed, and soon he was thrusting as fast and hard as he could.

At first, Kandy laid there silently, letting the wonderful stimulation of her vagina run through her. But soon, as the very beginnings of another orgasm crept up on her, she started moaning. She let a hand drift towards her clit, but Stewart caught it and moved it away. He wanted to make her cum with his cock and didn't need any help. Kandy loved the confidence of the action, loved the erotic feeling of knowing that for the moment, her body was not her own, it was his. She was her daddy's little fuck toy, and it turned her on even more.

"Aaaahhhhhh, oh, daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Kandy was so lost in the pleasure of her dad's cock she wasn't even aware of the moans and squeals she made.

But Evelyn was. This is heaven, she thought to herself, reveling in the physical pleasure of Joe dining on her cunt and the visual pleasure of seeing the two people she loved beyond anything else give pleasure to each other. She watched as Kandy writhed underneath her daddy, as her head whipped back and forth and her hair became a jumbled mess. She saw Kandy's body alternately tense up and relax as each as she was brought closer and closer to her climax. Kandy's arm unconsciously flopped outward, towards her mother. Evelyn grabbed Kandy's hand and squeezed and Kandy squeezed back. The sexual tension in their bodies was transmitted between their hands.

Stewart was almost lost in his own lust. He gave no thought to his daughter's pleasure, only the amazing sensation of his cock plunging into her incredibly tight, hot pussy. But still, even though his goal was his own coming orgasm, the energy of his fucking was driving Kandy wild. He looked down, fascinated by the site of her pussy wrapped tightly around his cock, gripping it, almost sucking it. He'd seen this very site hundreds of times before, but it still hit his eyes like a lightning bolt. To see a little girl's delicate pussy gleefully accepting a nice, thick, juicy cock like his is too powerful and sexy an image to resist. Everyone who's seen it can agree, it's the rawest, most purely sexual image imaginable. The sight alone sent shockwaves through his cock that raced up his spine and fedback in an even more animal like fucking.

Suddenly, almost without realizing it, Evelyn found herself on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Joe had added fingers, sliding them into her pussy, then into her asshole, as his mouth continued to work hungrily on her snatch. She didn't know it, but he was determined to make her cum before the Joe and Kandy, because he didn't want to miss watching their orgasms.

Evelyn only had a few seconds to brace herself for an incredibly intense climax. Watching her little girl get fucked while her own pussy was worked over sent her into a frenzy, and soon Evelyn was screaming and shaking as her orgasm hit her. Her pussy squirted a powerful jet of fluid as she came, which Joe greedily let fly into his mouth or all over his face and chest. He was drenched in her juice. He inhaled deeply, turned on in a very animal way by the primal reaction to her sexy, musty scent.

Seeing her mom's powerful wet orgasm drove Kandy over the edge. Swiftly her body took her past the point of no return, where her only thought was of the incredibly pleasure the hard cock in her pussy was bringing her. Each stroke brought her orgasm nearer and nearer, just out of reach. She clenched her jaws and her face contorted in almost frustrated anticipation. She arched her back, wrapped her legs around her daddy's hips, squeezed hard, using her ankles to pull him in deeper with each thrust. Her hips bucked, rising to meet him, to get as much of his cock with each stroke as possible. A non-stop stream of obscene moans and purrs flooded out of her mouth. She hit the plateau just before orgasm, where her entire body becomes one giant sex organ, and where her shoulders met the table or where her legs touched Stewart's skin or the sensation of Evelyn's palm tightly gripping hers became another point of unbearable pleasure. The moment seemed to stretch on, then her body instinctively surrendered to the climax.

"OH FUCK FUCK YEAH FUCK YEAH YESSSSS YESSSS YESSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed. Her whole frame shook with pleasure as the orgasm racked through her. Her vision became cloudy and all thoughts were swept aside as her climax took over. Her pussy instinctively tensed and released and each contraction of her orgasm broke over her.

Stewart felt her orgasm through his own cock, and the sound of Kandy's cries and the uncontrollable writhing of her body kicked him out of the lustful trance he'd been in. Seeing Kandy's face contorted with pleasure was the final straw, and he collapsed onto her, wrapping his arms around her, his mouth finding hers. The energy of his fucking seemed to double as they hungrily, desperately kissed each other. He started moaning into her mouth.

"Yeah! Shoot your fucking cum in Kandy's fucking pussy! Fucking fill her up!" Evelyn said, barely aware she was saying it, an intense afterglow fueling her. Stewart pulled his mouth off of Kandy's.

"I'm gonna fucking cum right now! Holy shit you feel so fucking good!!!!" he said, then lost all control. His cock started squirting semen deep into Kandy's pussy and he rammed hard with each contraction to get the most feeling out of it as he could. He felt Kandy tense up again, herd her start screaming and felt her teeth bite into his shoulder as another orgasm rocked through her. Stewarts cum had finally finished emptying into her, but he kept fucking away, getting every last stroke of pleasure for himself and powering through Kandy's orgasm as well. Stewart could feel the difference as his cock slid into a pussy filled with his cum.

Eventually, as Kandy's orgasm subsided, he felt her arms loosen their tight hug on him. His own cock was beginning to soften, and the rush of total relaxation that followed his orgasm was coming on strong. His thrusts tapered off, his mind cleared up, and he was surprised to find that both he and Kandy were continuing to moan in post-orgasmic pleasure. Finally he collapsed on top of her, spent, realizing their bodies were covered in sweat. He rolled over, taking her with him, so that he wouldn't crush her underneath him.

They both looked over at Evelyn and Joe, whose jaws hung open, shocked at the intensity and heat of the climaxes they just witnessed. Evelyn herself was still coming down from her own sexual high, still breathing heavily.

"Jesus, you two are so hot. Sweetie, I'm so proud of how hard you made daddy cum!" she said.

Joe, meanwhile, had a raging hardon that had to be satisfied. He could feel his separation from the other three, the difference in pent-up energy by being the only one in the room who hadn't orgasmed yet. He knew he needed to give Kandy some time to regroup, but it wasn't going to be much time, that's for damn sure.

Joe watched father and daughter give each other warms, slow post-sex kisses, bringing themselves slowly back to reality. All Joe could think about, though, was getting in Kandy's ass. He wondered how long he should wait. Was five minutes enough? Surely they wouldn't make him wait ten minutes, that would be just plain rude. Yeah, five seems about right, five minutes for her to catch her breath, five min--

"Hey, Joe, it's ass-fucking time!" Kandy said, her dad's soft cock still embedded in her pussy. She climbed off of him, her tight cunt reluctant to let go of it's grip on the snake inside her. When the head slid out, a glistening string of cum and girl-juice tied them together for a moment. She walked over to Joe and grabbed his cock with her tiny hand. It jumped at the contact. "Yeah, you need to cum badly, dontchya? Come here!"

She led Joe by the cock to the area of soft rug just by the ottoman, and lightly pushed on his chest. He got the idea, and laid down.

"Yeah, you need to cum real bad, I can feel it!" she teased.

"I doubt I'm going to last ten seconds in that tight ass of yours," he said.

"Oh yes you can, I bet you can make me cum first."

"Are you kidding, with the orgasm you just had? That's not the type that leaves you with much to spare, even for a horny little kitten like you."

"Yeah, well, if you tried real hard, I bet you could hold out. Let's play a game: If you can make me cum first, I'll come over to your house for a weekend, and you and Julia and whoever else you want can do anything you want with me."

"Well, that sure is motivating. But what if I cum first?"

"Then... um... then we get Julia for a weekend, and you have to go the whole weekend without any sex at all. Not even jerking off!"

"Hmmm... a whole weekend. Will you use condoms? We're trying to get Jules pregnant, so I wouldn't want one of Stew's to slip one past the goalie."

"Oh come on! Daddy hasn't worn a rubber in his life, he shouldn't have to start now."

If Evelyn and Stewart didn't know Joe so well, and didn't know how he and Kandy got along when they were turned on, they'd have definitely reprimanded their daughter for being so bossy about such a serious subject. But they were used to things like this, Joe and Kandy were both very sexually competitive with each other. Besides, Kandy was right, Stewart would as soon jerk off with sandpaper as he would fuck a little girl with a condom.

"I don't know..."

"Chicken? Afraid of a little girl?"

"All right, you're on!"

"Sweet! Let's get you lubed up!"

"All right, but you better let me do it, I don't want you taking unfair advantage of my cock before game time," he said, smiling. The compulsive daredevil in him, the imp that likes to live on the edge, was relishing gambling over sex. Evelyn was a step ahead of them, having pulled out a couple of bottles of lube from a covered basket by the couch. She handed one to Joe and one to Kandy.

"OK, and I'll lube up my ass."

Within seconds, Joe was wondering if he'd made a mistake, because Kandy made greasing up her asshole, coating her hands in lube then sliding her fingers into her little anus, then pumping them in and out, especially erotic.

But luckily, she didn't keep that up for long, she really was looking forward to feeling his cock pushing past her sphincter.

She straddled his hips, facing away from him, and began to lower herself towards the cock he was holding straight up. He was a little thankful for that, the sight of her face as he slid his cock in always brought him close to cumming. But tonight, she was also performing for her parents, who watched in rapt attention on the couch. Evelyn sat in Stewart's lap, and his hands lightly toyed with her pussy.

"Ooops! I almost forgot!" Evelyn said jumping up and runing to the kitchen. She came back holding a small brown glass bottle filled with liquid. "Want some poppers, honey?"

"Good idea," Kandy said, smiling. She unscrewed the top, and offered the bottle to Joe who declined, citing their bet. Whatever, more for her. She held it to her nose and breathed in the aroma, once in each nostril. She capped it just as the rush hit her. Instantly, her whole body felt like it was brighter and warmer and her head swam in the quick light-headed euphoria, and the desire to share her body with someone became a tingly hunger. She smiled and lowered herself onto Joe.

Kandy's little hole met his cock, at first just kissing the head. She put a little more weight on her ass, and the head was gently swallowed up. Lubing up her ass earlier loosened things up just enough to make this first step easy. But she was a pro, she knew the steps. First, relax, take a deep breath and let it out, feel your asshole relax and submit to the cock inside it. Then, push out like you're taking a shit, which opens the sphincter up. Apply more weight and slide down a little further. Repeat the process, working down a little more. For a girl her size who hasn't had anything in her ass all day, a quarter inch at a time is an excellent rate. Every couple of inches, slide up and down on the cock to get your asshole used to expanding and contracting and to help spread around the lube some more.

Enjoy the feeling of fullness, feel the way the cock stimulates the pleasure nerves, and the way it pushes on the wall of the vagina.

Every now and then, take another hit of poppers, but not so much that you give yourself a headache.

Keep repeating the process, concentrating on the relaxing. It helps if someone is rubbing your clit, the way Joe is rubbing Kandy's. Soon there was only an inch of Joe's dick waiting to find a home in her ass. For this, she just took a deep breath and sat right down, the last inch sliding in forcefully.

"Ooooofff!!!!" Kandy exclaimed. She let herself settle onto his cock, throwing her head back and exhaling deeply. She loved the feeling of her asshole stretched tightly around the base of his cock, and the full feeling inside her body. She couldn't even think as the whole of her being was devoted to the hardness filling her up and the pleasure it brought her. She loved the pain, too, not a tearing pain that indicated something was wrong, but a burning stretch of muscles not designed for this sort of abuse.

She clenched her ass, squeezing his dick. Joe groaned in pleasure, squeezing her hips tighter. He slid a hand up her body and pinched a nipple forcefully, twisting it a little. She barked in surprise at the unexpected pain and pleasure. "Oh fuck!" she exclaimed through gritted teeth. Her body bucked and her hair whipped around as her head jerked. Instinctively her right hand flew to her pussy and buried three fingers deeply into her cunt. She squeezed hard, causing the heel of her palm to grind against her clit and her fingers to stimulate her G-spot.

"Oh, yeah, that's right slut, now start fucking my cock!" Joe demanded, "Ride me fucking hard."

"Yes sir!" she said. She started to rise, letting his cock slide nearly all the way out then slid back down it, and quickly established a rhythm that was just a bit faster than what was comfortable. She had the experience to know her ass would catch up and soon all she'd be feeling was the pleasure his cock brought her ass. She looked forward to it, that tipping point where she was lost in the fucking, but her favorite part was right now. Now was the time she had to push herself, now was the time her tight ass continued to rebel against the rough impaling, and she felt that she was getting truly and completely fucked. This is sex in its rawest form, and she was nothing but a little tiny toy for men to blast their cum in. She loved this part the most, because this was where she earned her orgasm.

She was riding him passionately, and they both were groaning in raw pleasure. She had take her hand from her pussy so she could lean back and support herself with her arms on either side of him. Evelyn saw Kandy's red, engorged sopping cunt abandoned and hungry. Instantly she dug into the basket by the couch and retrieved a strap-on dildo which she got on in record time.

"You gonna fuck me, mommy?" Kandy asked.

"Yeah, baby, I'm fucking the shit out of you," she said, then climbed in between her legs and easily slid the smooth dildo into her wet pussy. Kandy sighed as she felt both her holes filled up and she started smiling wickedly. Kandy felt Joes hand creep around to the front of her body and start rubbing her clit. Now this wasn't fair, how long can a girl be expected to hold out when she's being fucked in the ass, fucked in the cunt, having her clit rubbed. It didn't help that she was pinching and squeezing her nipples. She removed her hand from her chest and grabbed one of her mom's breasts that were swaying in front of her. She squeezed it and shoved the nipple into her mouth and started sucking hard. Evelyn loved the feeling and loved how the little fingers on the mount of the strap-on stimulated her clit.

"Kandy, I love your ass so much! It feels so fucking good!" Joe moaned loudly. Kandy barely heard it over her own loud, profane moans, begging Joe and Evelyn to fuck her wholes harder. Kandy's ass clenched instinctively, and she realized she was on the verge of an orgasm. Joe's cock was giving her a lot of pleasure, her mom's fucking was giving her even more and the fingers working her clit were sending jolt after jolt of electricity through her. But what was really pushing her over the edge was the sight of her father lustily watching her. She felt his eyes burn into hers, and even though she wanted to clench her own eyes and give in to the pleasure, somehow it was hotter to force herself to keep eye contact with him. Her face contorted unontrollably in pleasure, her mouth wide open, her brows furrowed and raised. Stewart was playing with his cock, which still hadn't recovered from cumming inside her earlier, but felt good nonetheless. Their eyes were locked and his expression was pure, total lust concentrated entirely on her. It drove her deep into a place of pleasure, and soon she was overtaken by her orgasm.

"Oh god! Oh god! Oh GOD! FUCK ME YES HARDER FUCK MY ASSHOLE FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed, right on the verge of her orgasm, keeping her eyes open and focused on her dad. He was hypnotized and the connection between them was as strong as it was between her and the two people fucking her.

Evelyn felt her daughter was on the verge of an orgasm, and she knew she was close to her own as well. Evelyn pulled out of her daughter and Kandy took over finger fucking her pussy.

"Aaaaahhhh!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!!"

Even at the height of her orgasm, she kept her eyes open and planted on her dad's face. Her orgasm swallowed her completely. Her body shook and she started squirting a surprising stream of juice from her cunt. Her mom eagerly got down and let Kandy's cum drench her face and tits, all the while rubbing her own clit.

Soon Evelyn gave into her own orgasm. "Oh, baby, you're making me cum again. Take mommy's juice, baby!" Evelyn said, standing up over her daughter and drenching her, from her pussy to her face, with a hot powerful stream of her cum. Kandy opened her mouth to catch as much in it as she could. Her hair got blasted and some of it dripped down onto Joe's chest.

Evelyn collapsed against the couch, and wrapped an arm around one of her husband's legs and rested a head against his thigh. Kandy herself was coming down from her orgasm, still moaning and moaning and rubbing the final twinges of orgasm from her cunt.

"Hey, Joe?" Kandy said, "I think you won!"

"Fuck yeah!"

They all started laughing. Joe wrapped his arms around Kandy and pulled her onto his chest. She turned to kiss him, their lips matching passionately. He started fucking her again. She fucked back. She desperately wanted to make him cum. She leaned forward and started bucking her hips hard, slamming his cock into her over and over. He grabbed her hips and guided them up and down his cock. His balls started to churn, and he gripped even tighter.

Joe spoke up, his voice raw with lust. "Cum in my little baby daughter, cum in my little girl's ass. Fill her fucking ass up with cum, fuck her hard, fuck her really hard!"

Joe didn't need the encouragement. He was on the verge of cumming, reveling in the feeling of Kandy's tight sweet ass wrapped around his super-sensitive cock. He started to moan. His knuckles turned white, gripping her hips slamming her ass up and down on his cock.

She felt his dick twitch as she heard him bellow loudly and knew he was shooting his hot semen into her ass. On the next stroke, she felt the slickness of his cum lubing up her ass. He squirted over and over into her ass, and she squeezed tightly, milking every last drop of jizz out of his penis. He let go of her hips, grabbed her around her chest and dragged her back onto his chest as his hips continued to pump her ass. He squeezed her tightly, finally slowing down his thrusts. He was done cumming but his cock still felt great, almost glowing, as it continued plunging in and out of her. Finally, totally spent, he let go of her. She laid against him, he kissed her cheek. She turned around and gave him a deeply passionate but relaxed kiss.

"Fuck, that was great. Kandy, your little ass is just heaven, just heaven."

"Thanks," she said giggling.

"I think you should make it your goal to let as many men fuck your asshole as possible. You'll bring world peace."

She laughed again, and reluctantly got up, loving the thrill of feeling his cock pulled out of her ass. She climbed onto the couch, laying across it ass up.

"Hey, Joe, watch this!" she said. She took her first two finger and plunged them into her ass, pulling them out coated in his cum, then licked them clean like a lollipop.

"Oooh, that's hot!" Joe said. Evelyn dipped a finger in and licked some cum off, and Stewart did the same, the entire family snacking on the mixture of Joe's cum and Kandy's ass juice.

Kandy sighed, happily fucked away. She smelt like little girl sweat, Joe's cologne, cum, her mom's pussy juice and Pantene. The entire room was bathed in a communal afterglow. If you've never had group sex, you don't know the feeling, but it's even more than just a couple's post-sex glow.

Kandy looked at the TV screen, where the DVD had just switched to a new scene. On screen, a motorhome drove down an empty industrial street, pulling up to a little, very familiar looking girl who was dressed in a tight miniskirt and bikini top. The girl was Kandy.

The door to the motorhome opened up, and a man stood in the doorway, and held out a twenty dollar bill. Kandy smiled and climbed in, and the motorhome started to drive off.

"Hey, this is my scene!" Kandy said excitedly.

"That's some good timing," Evelyn said, sitting down on the couch beside her, pulling Kandy onto her lap. Joe and Stewart, looking tired but content, got on the couch and they all settled in to watch Kandy's performance.

4. That Special Something

So here's Kandy, the "it" girl of kiddie-porn. Like regular porn, the boys and girls in pedo-porn have fame that can only last for so long. They grow up. Some of them cross over into mainstream porn, others become strippers, others become housewives, others become crack whores and others become whatever they wanted to be when they grew up. At 10, Kandy's got about five years left in her career in this industry, if she decides she wants to keep doing it.

And she does.

Because she's a star. Some of the little performers become celebrities in this community but, like every competitive industry, only some of them. Most of them are more or less interchangeable. Kandy isn't. She's in demand. She has that special something that people just can't get enough of. Her star is rising fast. For people in the know, she's the next big thing and the current big thing all at once. She's popular enough that you can safely say that at every minute of every day, someone somewhere is madly jacking off to one of her movies.

And why is that? Why is Kandy such a hot commodity? What is Kandy's special something, that something that Joe saw instantly in her when she was sucking his cock all that time ago? It's a complicated answer, but it starts with shame, or rather the lack of it.

Most of the boys and girls in this business feel some guilt over what they do. Not all of them, just most of them, just like most performers in mainstream porn feel. It's a holdover from a judgmental society that tells them they're bad. Most of the little kids in this business, at least in the high-end corner of it that Kandy operates in, don't feel sex is bad, don't have any shame over having sex with their parents or other adults or other children. Some of them have been participating in sexual activities since before they could crawl, nursing on tits covered with daddy's cum or teething on cock-shaped pacifiers or having their little cocks sucked while their diapers were being changed. The shame comes from having sex as a job. Having sex so that strangers could watch them. They feel, because this is hard-wired into society, that even if you like sex a lot, it shouldn't be your job. Everyone fucks, but it's wrong to fuck for money, whether as a prostitute or a porn star or both.

But why is that? Everyone can sing, even if very badly they can still put one off-pitch note after another off-pitch note. But some people are born to sing, and they become singers. Everyone can make themselves a meal, even if it's just microwaving leftover pizza, yet some people are born to be chefs. Everyone can help people heal, even if it's just applying a band-aid to a cut that doesn't even need it, yet some people are born to be doctors. Everyone can be a total fucking greedy asshole at times, but some people are born to be politicians.

So, sure, everyone can fuck, and nearly everyone will, but some people, like Kandy, are born for it. She loves doing it, and she's really, really good at it. If a singer loves singing for money, why shouldn't a kiddie-porn star love having sex for the camera? That's how Kandy feels, even if she can't put it into those words. So when she's straddled over one man whose cock is buried in her pussy, and the man's son has his dick in her ass and she's sucking off the man's brother, there's no shame there for her.

And that helps her popularity a lot, everyone who watches her videos sees nothing but love, lust and enjoyment in her face as two bull-dyke lesbians work her pussy with pocket rockets. But that's not enough to explain her growing fame.

The lack of shame dovetails with a great personality. She's got charisma and charm, she's funny, smart, and always girlish, if not always lady-like. Some of the girls in this business have attitude worse than the flamingest of flaming queens, prima-donna's that think they're better than the guys they fuck just because they're little fucking whores and everyone wants to get in their expensive silk panties. Kandy is little-miss-laid-back up for anything and always says thank-you when you eat her out. And you don't have to be Mr. or Ms. Perfect to score with her. You make her laugh, she'll suck your cock, and she laughs at everything. And that carefree, everything for fun attitude comes out in the playful, lusty sex she likes to have.

Which is not to say she isn't a hard worker. She's a professional and takes her job seriously. A little girl can take an adult penis in her mouth, but Kandy worked for three months straight on learning to suppress her gag reflex so that she could take even very well-endowed men in her mouth right down to their balls. That's the same with anal sex, which was always pleasurable for her, but not so easy at first. But the little slut worked at it, with her dads cock, with other men's cocks, and now one of her proudest skills is slowly working the 9x5 triple-bump butt plug into her tight sphincter right to the hilt. She's even done a double anal penetration once, with a man and his fourteen year old son, and Joe kicked himself in the ass for not having a camera nearby when that happened, because it would have sold like fucking hot cakes.

So her scene between her and Mr. Q, an actor whose cock would intimidate even very slutty adult women, has become a classic. They spent fifteen minutes and a whole jar of Vaseline just working his giant cock into her ass, a centimeter at a time. He kept saying they should stop, she was clearly just too small, and she kept demanding they go on, even though she had tears running down her cheeks. When he finally got it all the way in, the look of pride on her face, you'd have thought she was the first pre-teen porn star to walk on the moon. And in some ways she was: At just barely 10 years old, she was the youngest ass he's ever impaled by four years. He started fucking in and out, she started rubbing her little clitty, sticking her fingers in her pussy, him pulling her hair. When he came, he was ramming her furiously, she had already made herself cum twice. He was supposed to pull out and cum on her gaping fucked up asshole, but she said "You better fucking cum in my ass! I fucking deserve an ass full of cum." So he did, shooting a huge load. It was the best orgasm of his entire life, and he's had some wild fucking little-girl sex so that's saying something.

She took the next three days off of school while her butt healed. It was two weeks before she could even have a finger in her ass, but in the miracle of little girls bodies, her asshole is as tight today as it ever was.

She's got other skills too. Everyone should get to experience one of her lapdances, she's got all the moves down, and she leans into your ear and whispers the nastiest shit she can think up while she's doing it. Imagine her light little body grinding up against your cock as she says "Daddy, I want you to whore me out to all your friends. Stick me in a bed and have the come by and fuck the shit out of me, one by one. Let them tie me up and blindfold me and tickle me while they fuck my little pussy!" or whatever perverted fantasy is running through her sexed-up mind at the time.

Plus she's as good with women and girls as she is with men. She gave a three-year old little minx an orgasm with her tongue and you wouldn't believe how well she finger-fucks her two best friends at the same time.

And as for kissing, Kandy is an all-star. French-kissing a 10-year-old is heaven no matter who it is, but she somehow makes it extra sensual, and you can tell how much she enjoys by the way she whimpers while her little arms are wrapped around you. Lick her ears, she squeezes tight and moans. Lick her neck, she squeezes tight and squeals. Pinch her nipples while kissing her, she wraps her legs around you and pulls her crotch as close as possible to yours. One time, a European collector, a real heavy-hitter client who normally only likes boys, flew all the way from Germany just to make out with her for three hours straight, even though he had the money (and was a big enough customer of the various studios) to ask for -- and receive -- much more. But all he wanted to do was to kiss her. Of course, next summer he's gonna fuck her, that goes without saying, but kissing was all he wanted the first time, and he jacks off nearly every night remembering it.

Oh, she's also just plain really hot. Her long, dark brown hair set against her light skin, her perfect face, super-sunny smile... she's a beauty just wearing jeans and a sweater. Nude, she's an angel, your heart skips a beat, even if you're not a pedophile. The truth is, everyone is a pedophile looking at her naked body, no curves, no hair, but she'll get you hard or wet instantly not matter what your opinion on little kids is. Dress her up like a slutty whore, in fishnets, a garter belt, platform-high-heels and a silk see-through robe (all provided by DeShelle's, the leading purveyor of hand made pre-teen lingerie), with bright red lipstick, prostitute eye-shadow and really excessive rouge, and you consider becoming a pimp just to get fuck her.

She's always down for a good hard spanking.

But the number one reason why she's the kiddie-porn Marilyn Monroe? She cums really, really fucking hard. Her flat chest and cheeks go flush red, her head thrashes around, her hair whips all over the place, her body shakes, her pussy squirts and her whole body breaks out in a glowing sweat. She yells and screams: "Jesus Fucking Ch-- FUCK!!! THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! Holy shit! HOLY SHIT!!! FUCK YES YES FUCK ME YESSSSSS!!! OH GOD!!! MORE MORE MORE!! YESSSSSS!!!! OH, fuck me!!! Fuck meeee!!! Oh Fuck yeah!!!" or whatever. And it's really not hard at all to make the tiny slut cum.

Plus, she's multi-orgasmic. That always helps, doesn't it?

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