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Our Innocent Daughter Ashley

by Small Wonder

Chapter 7: Jacuzzis Turn Me On. Apparently, So Does Pizza

We bought this house about a year before I got pregnant with Ashley. We were actually going to buy a different house, a larger one for a bit less money, but our realtor asked us to take a look at this one as a favor to a friend of hers that was representing it. Certainly it had its charm, and it was in a slightly nicer neighorhood but Steve and I had pretty much made up our minds on the other one.

Then the realtor led us out into the backyard, and Boom! There it was! Paradise!

Sunk into the corner of the beautiful wooden porch, rumbling quietly, was a nice, big jacuzzi. Glistening faux-marble fiberglass, easily capable of holding eight people, or sixteen very good friends. Powerful, pussy-tingling jets firing full blast under the surface and more than enough room on all sides to sit on the edge, spread your knees apart, lean back on your elbows and let some talented lover feast between your thighs. It was the promise of the Disco era made true before our eyes.

Steve and I looked at each other, then let our eyes wander around the yard. High fences, tall trees... all of it nestled against the base of a hillside.

I swear the realtor could read our minds because Steve and I were both trying to figure out how to delicately ask her something when she piped up with the magic word, 'privacy'. As in: "The owners made sure that the backyard had complete privacy, so there'd be no nosy neighbors able to see into the yard... naturally that includes the jacuzzi and grilling area as well."

I don't know what came over me, but I just blurted out, "Wow, Steve, we could fuck each other in the jacuzzi anytime we want!!"

"Julie!!" Steve gasped.

I realized what I said and that I'd said it in front of a total stranger and blushed madly. But she wasn't offended. Realtors are like sharks and this one smelt blood.

"She's right, you know. Your neighor's wouldn't see you," she said, smooth as butter, "Hell, they wouldn't even hear you... unless you invited them over of course."

The shark circled us and went in for the kill.

"I'll tell you what, why don't I go out to the car and make a call to my friend. Let me see if his clients are a little flexible on the price if you're willing to make an offer today. It'll take at least fifteen minutes, you two can talk it over. Just come out front whenever you're ready. By the way, I'm the only one showing this property today."

She winked at me -- well at both of us, but mostly at me -- as she left. This chick totally had my number.

To make a long story short, we both knew this was the house for us, but Steve pretended to be reluctant so I got on my knees and blew him right there on the porch to pretend sweeten the deal. Truth is, we were both horny from picturing the debauchery suddenly within our grasp. Afterwards, I decided to do a bad job cleaning up the drop of his cum that accidentally plopped right onto my satin blouse. Showing off makes being naughty so much more fun.

One morning a month later, the realtor stood on the front lawn and handed us the keys to our new house. We invited her inside to share a bottle of celebratory champagne. I only brought two glasses, so we had to share those as well. Before the bottle was half gone, we started making bad jokes about the fact that champagne glasses are called "flutes" and other various flute-related entendres. Two-thirds through the bottle, and she was taking sips from her flute and dribbling the champagne from her lips to ours. By the time we finished the bottle off, she and I were sitting on Steve's lap in the jacuzzi, making out and sucking each others tits and putting on one hell of a sexy show for him.

Naturally, none of us had brought swim suits. Hell, Steve hadn't even worn underwear. So it was birthday suits all around, and a good thing too, she had an awesome pair of exotic, puffy pink nipples (and I secretly was proud that my tits were a little bit bigger).

We ate each other out and I fucked her with the empty champagne bottle while she blew Steve and she finger-fucked my ass while Steve pounded her pussy and we capped things off by clinking two semen-filled champagne flutes together and then draining them down in a single gulp.

All of that was in the middle of the fucking day.

Goddamn I wish I could remember the realtor's name. Cathy? Katherine? Whatever.

Anyhow, that's all a long way of saying that we bought the house for the jacuzzi, and the jacuzzi for its inherent sexual opportunities, which we put to good use whenever we could. Of course, "whenever we could" was severely limited by the little munchkin we were soon raising. But now that I was watching Ashley lead Steve to the hot tub, guiding him by his cock which she held like a leash, and gingerly lowering her nude body into the turbulent water... well clearly the jacuzzi's glory days were just beginning.

I watched Ashley and Steve from inside the house while I ordered the pizza (one large with pepporoni and olives, one medium with pesto and pineapple, and keep your comments to yourself, it's better than you think!). Ashley snuggled up against his side, resting her head on his shoulder and chest. His arm was lazily slung over her. Her eyes were closed, while his roamed over her body. Both were glowing from the warmth of the water and the natural effects of sexual release, and I could see their chests rising and falling in slow, relaxed breaths. At first I thought Ashley had fallen asleep, but I saw her smile and her lips move, then his lips move, then hers... father and daughter enoying some post-orgasmic father-daughter bonding. A few moments later they both laughed at some little joke one of them made and they both looked so happy I was a bit jealous that I wasn't there to laugh with them. But then I remembered the entire afternoon Ashley and I had spent making love to each other and suddenly jealousy, even in small doses, seemed petty and cheap.

Before heading outside, I grabbed a juice box and a couple of bottles of Corona from the fridge. I carried them out with me and saw that while I was in the refrigerator, Ashley had changed positions and was now sitting on her daddy's lap, nestled against him and I realized it's been a couple of years since she's sat in his lap like that. Steve smiled as he saw me approach and then smiled even brighter when he saw I had refreshments.

"Oh, God bless you, honey! This is just what I needed" he said, as I handed him his beer.

"I figured you two had to be as thirsty as I am," I said. I sat down on the rim of the jacuzzi behind him, letting my legs dangle into the warm water on each side of his broad shoulders. I scooched forward so Steve could lean back and rest the back of his head against my belly and my cunt. Warm jets of water blasted against the soles of my feet. I leaned forward and ran my nails through Steve's wet hair and let myself melt into bliss. High above our heads, Venus twinkled brightly.

"Aren't you coming in, mom?" Ashley asked after a deep drag from her juice box.

"In a little bit, honey, the cool air feels pretty good right now," I said, letting my head roll to one side. I closed my eyes and let the breeze dry the sweat off my chest.

We relaxed in silence together for a couple of minutes. I dipped my hand in the water and sprinkled some drops onto my face and across the tops of my breasts.



"Mom... you're really pretty. I think you're really, really pretty."

I opened my eyes and saw her smiling up at me.

"What? Where did that come from?"

"I dunno. I always thought you were, but I didn't want to sound silly or nothing so I never said anything. But you're so... I mean your hair, your eyes, your mouth, your... uh... your boobies. I think you're the prettiest person I know!"

"Ohmygod! Thank you Ashley! That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me!"

"Well, I'm glad I can say it to you now! I feel like I can tell you anything, now."

"I know what you mean. I'm so glad I can finally tell you how goddamn sexy I think you are. I swear, seeing you naked turns me on so fucking much!"

"Really? Well seeing your boo-- uh, your tits-- is totally turning me on, Mom!"

I winked and pinched my nipples seductively. Ashley lauhed and raised her hands to her chin, stuck her tongue out and panted like a begging dog. It was so adorable I nearly had a cute-gasm.

"And what about Daddy here?" I said, mussing up Steves hair.

"Yeah, what about me? I must be the funny lookin' one in the family, huh?" he asked.

"Oh, jeez, Daddy, are you kidding me?" said Ashley. She snaked her arms around his neck, pulled him in for a quick, sloppy kiss and looked him right in the eyes. "Dad, come on, you're hot as hell! I've always thought so. All my friends do too, you know? Shawna and CeeCee still won't stop talking about how sexy you looked that day you took us to the beach! CeeCee says you've got the best ass she's ever seen on a grown-up."

See? What did I tell you about the surfing? But for the record, I can't say CeeCee is wrong.

"Man, I guess we really can say anything now, can't we?" Steve asked.

"I guess so," I said. Ashley grinned up at me.

I reached out and carressed her cheek. I decided right then and there that I'd never let myself feel guilty about wanting sex with Ashley ever again. After just a few hours of sharing pleasure with her, our family was closer than ever. More trust, more honesty, more tenderness. How can anyone keep something this loving from their children? Sex is something families should share! How can you trust someone you're not sleeping with? How can you know you're making someone happy if you've never given them an orgasm? How can you be truly honest with someone you've never even fucked?

And where the hell was our pizza? I glanced at the clock inside the house. We had at least another five minutes, but with the sliding door closed, I wouldn't be able hear the doorbell if he came early.

"Ashley, honey, could you hop up and slide open the door? I'd hate to miss our pizza."


She hopped up and scampered to the door.

"I'm totally gonna rim the hell out of that sexy ass tonight," said Steve.

"That's a great fucking idea, baby!" I said.

Ashley slid the door wide open and then ran back to us. She plopped down beside us and spread her legs wide.

"My pussy wants a kiss!" she announced. I had the easier angle so I dove right in, licking, kissing, caressing and finally blowing a strawberry on her swollen clit.

She squealed in delight and then used her fingers to open and close her cunt lips like a little mouth. "Thank you, Mommy!" she made her pussy puppet say in a weird low voice.

"Why does your cunny sound like the Cookie Monster?" Steve teased.

"I don't know! What does Mommy's cunny sound like?" shot back the pussy puppet with the Cookie Monster voice.

"I sound like this!" said my pussy puppet in a high-pitched warble.

"Ahh! Like Miss Piggy!" Ashley said between giggles.

"Oh, it was supposed to be like Mickey Mouse!" I protested.

"I think you're gonna have to trust me on this one, Mom. I'm ten years old, we know our muppets!"

"Little stinker! OK, you got me, I guess she sounds like Miss Piggy."

"I guess that means dad's cock sounds like Kermit, huh?"

We both looked at him to see if he'd play along.

"Actually," he said, playing along, "when he's soft, he sounds like the Swedish Chef. And when, he gets hard he sounds like Beaker. Wanna see?"

And suddenly he stood up with a pretty nice erection given how long he spent in the hot tub, and did a pretty good impression of Beaker while waving his prick puppet all over the place. A couple of seconds later and I'll be damned if Beaker didn't somehow find his way into Ashley's mouth.

She sucked him gently for a little bit but his cock wasn't quite ready to rejoin the party yet. Right after she stopped, she looked at me and said, "Hey, we're all naked!"


"I mean... when the pizza guy comes... you aren't gonna pay for it naked are you?"

"Oh! No, honey, I'll throw on my robe, it's right where we left it in the living room. But I might show him my tits, it's always polite to tip your pizza guy."

"Are you kidding?"

"I've done it before. You want me to?"

"Yeah! Can I watch?"

"Hmmm... OK, but you have to watch from the family room and keep the lights out so he doesn't see you, all right?"


And then, talk about good timing, the doorbell rang. Ashley and I walked into the house. I picked up my robe from the floor and threw it on, and also grabbed the cash I'd set aside to pay the kid with. The front door of our house leads to an atrium, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows separating it from our family room. The windows are tinted a bit, so if it's night, and the lights in the atrium are on and the lights in the family room are off, you can stand in the family room and have a perfect and perfectly hidden view of the goings-on in our atrium.

After double checking to make sure Ashley was out of sight, I opened the front door and invited the pizza guy to step into the atrium with me. He looked to be in his early twenties, and had a slight southern twang to the way he said, "Pizzas, ma'am. That's uh... $24.60"

I handed him a twenty and a five. "Thanks, I'm sort of screwing you out of a tip here, I totally apologize, this is all the cash I had on me."

"Oh that's fine, I appreciate the --"

"No, it's not, I know you guys depend on your tips. Here, tell ya what, let me make it up to you a bit. How's this?"

I pulled open the lapels, exposing one breast then the other. I squeezed them together with both palms, like strippers do and then gently released them.

"Holy sh-- I mean... Um, wow! Lady, you just made my night! Thanks, that totally makes up for the tip."

"It does, does it? Cuz I was planning on letting you have a quick squeeze, too."

"Well, you know..."

He was like a deer in the headlights, struggling to decide whether that was an invitation or a joke. I let him twist for a couple of heartbeats before letting him off the hook.

"Oh, come on, you earned it. Cop a feel if you want, I don't mind at all. Just don't call me ma'am again, OK?"

"You got it!" he said, finally willing to let himself openly gawk at my breasts. He actually licked his lips.''

"Don't be afraid, hon, they're not the kind that bite," I said, stepping a bit closer to him and thrusting my chest out. I was close enough to him that I could feel the heat from his breath on my naked shoulder and the side of my neck.

His hands shook as they reached out, but they were nice and warm from carrying pizzas. I let him run his hands over them and use his thumb to explore my hard nipples. Shocks of pleasure made me groan and purr. The tingles running up my spine from his touch were amplified by the excitement of knowing Ashley was secretly watching my brazen sluttery. I almost wanted to tell Pizza Boy that a naked, preteen nymph was watching him grope me just to see his reaction. I didn't, of course, but thinking about it lit my cunt's fires. Could he smell my pussy?

After a few seconds of pawing, I gently stepped back, out of his reach, and he got the hint and withdrew his hands.

"Cool!" he said. "Hey, uh... is this like one of those old porn movies, you know, pizza dude gets lucky?"

"Fraid not tonight, pizza dude. My husband and I have a new sexy little girlfriend to play with tonight and we don't feel like sharing just yet."

His jaw hit the floor. He scopped it back and managed to regain his composure rather quickly. "That's all right, it's still my lucky night. I'll let you get back to your fun, enjoy the pizza!"


"No! Thank you!" he said and turned to leave. I was stuffing my fun bags back into my robe when he looked back and said, "Oh, and just so you know, that's one awesome pair you got there."

And with that, he lifted the brim of the stupid baseball cap they make the delivery guys wear like a cowboy in the old west and turned back around and swaggered his way back to his car.

As soon as I closed the door, Ashley came running into the atrium, and her mouth was running as fast as she was.

"Ohmigosh, Mom, that was soooooo cool, Mom I wanna be just like you, his eyes totally popped out of his head just like in a cartoon, he was kinda cute, too, huh? I wanna do it next time, can I? I probably hafta wait until I have boobs or it won't work, I could show my pussy, though, I bet guys wanta see that, how many times have you done this before? You're so awesome, Mom, I can't believe how bold you are, hey the pizza smells good I guess I am hungry, but I'm horny too, I wish dad was watching also, he doesn't mind you doing that, right, I guess not since you did all that stuff in those movies and he didnt mind that, you let him touch your boobs, I can't believe that, he's a total stranger, that's awesome, I bet he tells all his friends about it, does it bother you if he tells his friends about you? I bet it felt really good when he was touching you, I got we just watching, I bet you got really wet when he touched you, oh, hey, you ordered breadsticks too, awesome!"

I'm pretty sure she didn't even breathe during all of that. While she was carrying on I handed her the bottle of soda so she could carry that as well. She was skipping along beside me as I made my way back out to the hot tub where I was pleased to see Steve had already gotten some napkins and paper plates, plus a glass for Ashley and a few more beers for us.

The truth is, Ashley's excitement made me feel pretty proud of myself, the sexy, adventurous, slutty, nutty, nympho soccer-MILF, and my daughter's admiration fed my vanity. By the time I made it outside, I was strutting like the proud showoff I was.

Steve took the pizzas from me and asked, "Are we eating at the table or in the tub?"

"More fun in the tub."

Ashley handed the soda to Steve and helped herself to a quick squeeze of his cock.

"So, did Mommy tip him well?"

"Yup, VERY well!" she said, "Didn't you, Mom?"

"Sure did. I'll let her tell you about it in a second," I said, and then opened up my robe, and let it slide down my body. I spread my feet apart and used my fingers to open my vulva and expose my button. "Letting that guy feel me up made me crazy horny and I really need to cum really fuckin bad. Ashley, baby, since you're the one who wanted me to do it, I think you should eat Mommy's cunt, OK?"

She grinned and nodded enthusiastically. I put my hand on her bare shoulder and pushed her to her knees. She shuffled forward a bit until her face was right in front my crotch. I grabbed the back of her head, wrapping my fingers in her wet hair, and pulled her mouth to my soaking pussy.


The moment her lips and her tongue touched me, my whole body went hyper sensitive. A thick rush of pleasure erupted deep inside my gut and spread out to my skin. I curled the fingers in Ashley's hair even tighter, pulling her against me even harder. I'm sure it hurt, but I didn't care and she seemed to like it, lapping at my pussy faster and deeper. I juiced up hard and felt her lips become slick with my honey.

Soon Steve was by us, kneeling down to get a close-up of the action. I moaned again, then again and again.

"Oh, she loves the way you're sucking Mommy's pussy, honey. Yeah, that's right, eat your slutty mom's slutty cunt, Ashley, you're gonna maker her cum so hard, baby."

Steve's dirty talk was driving me wild, and since I didn't think I could pull Ashley's hair any harder without ripping it out, I ran my free hand into my own hair and pulled it hard. I gasped at the pain but not because it hurt but because it felt so fucking good. I started thrusting my hips, fucking my little girl's face with my clit. I twisted my fistfull of hair even harder, gasping at the way ecstasy transformed pain into heat and shuddering when I loosened my grip as pleasure rushed up through me.

Steve kept on with his vulgar cheering: "Goddamn, that's so fucking hot, seeing my little baby girl being used like a whore by her own mother. I bet it was so hot seeing her be all nasty with a total stranger, huh? You're so fucking lucky, baby slut, so fucking lucky to have such a dirty slut as your mom so she can teach you how a real whore acts."

Steve grabbed a handful of my ass. I felt an amazing vibration from Ashley's mouth. She was groaning in pleasure and it rattled my clit perfectly. I was so deep into my pleasure that I was having trouble making my eyes go where I wanted to, but when they did, I saw that Ashley had started masturbating herself. The faster she moved her hand, the harder she moaned. The motion of her hand made her head bounce against me.

With Steve holding me, I could lean back against him. His warm chest supported my shoulders and I arched my back, spreading my thighs even wider and thrusting my hungry cunt further down her fingers and harder against her mouth.

"Oh, fuck! Baby, that feels -- aahhh -- so fucking good," I squealed, "Oh, god, yeah! Eat me like a fucking whore! More, baby, fuuuuuuck god MORE! I'm a dirty fucking slut, a dirty slutty fucking whore!"

"Make your slutty nasty mom cum, Ashley. Show her you know how to work a cunt like her's," commanded Steve.

She stopped licking and planted her lips around my clit, sucking it like a cock. I nearly screamed as my orgasm hit me like a truck hitting a wall. I thrashed my head against Steve's chest. If he hadn't wrapped an arm around my ribs, I'd have collapsed. My whole body was shaking. Juice ran from my vulva down Ashley's arm in big wet drops.

I came so hard that soon my pussy was hyper-sensitive and I nearly pulled Ashley off it until I saw how close she was to her own orgasm. Her tongue on my clit sent unbearably intense sensations all over me, from my face down to the soles of my feet. I didn't know if I could stand anymore but I wasn't about to interrupt Ashley's orgasm.

Mercifully, I only had to endure the torture for a few more seconds. As soon as she began to cum she pulled her fingers out of my pussy, lifted her mouth off my clit and shouted in short, ravaged breaths. Her whole body went rigid. I watched in fascination as she squirmed on the wooden deck, one hand blurred in motion between her thighs, the other digging her tiny nails into my calf. It was so hot seeing this that I nearly ordered Steve to fuck her virgin brains out but managed to hold back. Even when the orgasm passed, she kept her eyes clenched shut, her fingers tighty grabbing my leg and her hand pressed tight against her vagina.

I had to tap her on the head to bring her back to reality. She looked up at me like I woke her up from a dream, confused momentarily as she realized she wasn't floating on a cloud.

"Ashley, baby, you were incredible!" I said. She smiled in pride.

"I hope the pizza isn't cold!" she finally said, "I'm starving! And thirsty!"

"Well, do we need to take care of this first?" I asked, lightly stroking Steve's now hard cock.

"Actually, I wanto eat first," said Steve.

"Really?! Patience of a Sphinx!" I said.

"Well, we promised our little sex grasshopper here that we'd let her watch us fuck, and I want to make sure I'm going to be at my best. Plus, I'm starving too."

Seemed fair to me.

Dinner was fun. We ate in the hot tub, which is always a treat but plays hell with the filter. We all kept sneaking gropes and kisses from each other. We even let Ashley have a swig or two of beer, which she thought tasted "like crap".

"Hey, Ashley," I said, finishing off my beer, "you know why you and I are lucky?"

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, you and I don't have anything to do tomorrow. School's out for you and I'm a stay-at-home mom." I turned to Steve, leaning in close. "Now, Daddy, on the other hand, he has to go to work, and spend the whole day thinking about all the sexy fun he could be having if he weren't at work. I don't see how he could get any work done, at all. If it were me, I'd be waaaaayyyy too distracted to be able to make any meaningful contribution. If it were me, I'd just hate having to work tomorrow, and wouldn't be able to shake the thought that since it's Friday, if I were somehow not at work, I'd be able to have the best three-day weekend ever. I'd probably even begin to think that I should have called in sick. I tell ya, honey, your Daddy is in for a rough day tomorrow, don't ya think?"

"Yeah, sucks to be him!" she giggled. Twelve hours ago, I'd have scolded her for using the word 'sucks'. But I'm letting that slide now that I'm teaching her to literally do it.

"You know, now that you mention it," Steve said. "I think I'm -- cough, cough -- I think I'm coming down with something. For some reason I'm getting really hot, and there's this weird stiffness below my belly. You know, I don't know if I'm sick or not, but if I am, I'd hate to spread that to any of my co-workers. I think I'd better call in sick, and spend the day in bed."

"Yayyyy! Don't worry, Mommy and me will be your nurses, we'll make you feel much better!"

"'Mommy and I', honey, 'Mommy and I will be your nurses'" I corrected.

They both looked at me like I was insane. I cracked open another beer and tried to pretend I wasn't.

We finished off the pizza and I had a nice buzz going from the booze. I think Steve did too. At any rate, soon he was asking Ashley whether I showed her the best feature of a jacuzzi.

"I don't think so," she said, so innocently.

"Shame on you, Julie! Well, it's time you learned why your mom calls them 'magic jets'."

Well, needless to say, it didn't take long for Steve to teach Ashley how to thrust her pussy up against the jets and get a nice cum from them. I realized he had an ulterior motive when he had her turn around and spread her ass and let the jets shoot against her tight little pucker as well.

"It feels good, but it feels better when it's shooting against my clit," said Ashley.

"I know, honey, but I think what's coming next is really the fun part," I told her, winking at Steve. "I think Daddy is going to teach you about rim jobs."

"What's that?" she asked.

"Funny you should ask," Steve said, sliding a finger betweeen her cheeks and rubbing her little rosebud, cleaning off anything the jets might have missed. "Here, lean over the edge, like this."

He lifted her and bend her over the hot tub's ledge. Fuck, her ass looked so hot, glistening wet and white as snow. I moved to get a better view, which (not coincidentally) also let me find a jet of my own to rinse off my sphincter with. Steve knelt behind her and spread her cheeks. He looked at me with an evil grin and wagged my tongue around at him.

"Well, honey, this is rimming!" he said, and slowly brought his lips to her spread ass. First he kissed and licked one globe, then the other. Ashley smiled and sighed, but was clearly a bit unimpressed. That changed as his lips and tongue started inching closer and closer, and she gasped in surprise when he rounded the curve just outside her hole.

He took a deep breath and planted the most loving, fatherly, gentle kiss that has ever been placed on a little girl's asshole. She sighed, then started giggling as his tongue joined his lips, and then she shrieked when he swiped and flicked at her hole swiftly with his tongue.

"Ha ha ha ha heee heee! That tickles, Daddy!"

Her asshole clenched and released under the assault by Steve's tongue. Soon she got used to the new sensation and let herself relax.

"You're not grossed out doing that? I mean, I poop from there!"

"No, I love it! Does it gross you out, honey?" he asked.

"Not anymore! It feels kinda good. It feels -- oh! That feels really good!"

Steve had started working his tongue inside her ass. Just a bit, but this was the first time she ever experienced something going in rather than out of her backside. She looked at me and blushed, and I would have tried to reassure her with a smile, but I was lost in my arousal and could only leer.

"You wanna try that, Mommy?" she asked.

"I'd like to see that too," said Steve, moving aside to make room for me.

I got behind her, placing my hands where Steve's had been. I squeezed that perfect preteen ass, spreading it, loving how smooth her skin felt against my puckered fingertips. I wanted to start slowly, sensuosly, but I couldn't control myself. As soon as I tasted that tart, forbidden fruit, warm and wet with my husband's spit, I lost control. I dove in like fat people at a buffet. Her incredibly tight asshole was like a challenge, and I was determined to tongue-fuck her. My pointed tongue worked its way inside her. If I had a cock, I'd have fucked that ass right then and there. To this day, Steve's self control in those early days is unbelievable to me.

Soon my blood was pumping through me and I was pure lust. Ashley's scent, her taste, hearing her moan and feeling her tiny body squirming underneath my hands lit a raging fire deep inside my guts. I've only been this aroused, this excited, this hungry a few other times in my whole life and with the crazy fucked-up shit I've done that's really saying something. And it came out of nowhere! Just minutes earlier, I was relaxing with pizza and beer and pretty horny but well within reason. Now as I devoured Ashley's hot little shitter, I became an animal -- no thoughts, just need. Fuck, 'need' isn't even the right word. I don't think there is one. It's like anything that wasn't pleasure was unbearable pain. I needed sex like a drowning person needs air.

I pulled my face out of my daughter's ass and said, "Fuck me! Steve, it's time for you to fuck the shit out me!"

It wasn't a question, it was an order.

Chapter 8: Finally! Fucking!

I don't remember getting out of the tub, or walking to the bedroom or climbing onto our bed. I don't remember what any of us said. Steve told me later I didn't even pick up a towel, I just ran in the house and hopped into bed soaking wet. Ashley told me later that I looked crazy and was snarling as I begged Steve to fuck me. She also told me she could smell my pussy as soon as she followed Steve into our room. I was already on the bed, holding my legs apart and pulled up, my ankles almost behind my head.

The first thing I remember was feeling Steve's cock enter me in one forceful thrust. It would have hurt if my cunt wasn't drenched in my own juice. Instead it felt like that breath of air for the drowning. It was pleasurable, of course, but it was relief too. Until his cock entered me, I wasn't just horny, I was suffering. Once it was inside me, my body spasmed in ecstasy.

He pounded into me a dozen times. I was on the verge of an unimaginably good orgasm when he pulled out.

I nearly punched the motherfucker. If I thought it was possible to hit him without limping up his dick, I probably would have. Instead, I did the next best thing, I yelled out, "No! What are you doing to me? Put it back, baby, I need it, put it back in me and fuck me!" I had an expression of anger and pathetic begging all at the same time. Grown ups never look like that, but if you've ever taken a toy away from a toddler, you've seen that face before.

Steve flopped onto his back, his hard cock flat against his stomach.

"Get on top of me, you slut, reverse cowgirl. I want Ashley to have a better view."

Somewhere deep inside of me, I felt annoyed that while I needed a rough hard pounding, Steve wanted to fuck like porn stars, showing off for an audience. But that emotion was overwhelmed by my need for his cock. I couldn't deny anything he wanted, anything his penis wanted, any more than a light bulb could deny a switch. I could only obey.

And he knew it, too. Something in the way I reacted told him that I was his, completely, lost in sexual servitude to my man and his big dick. So when I climbed on top of him he grabbed my buttocks and held me above his cock. He didn't have the right leverage for him to keep me from lowering myself if I wanted to, but I wasn't about to because he didn't want me to and I was in this state of lust-fueled hypnosis.

All I could do was whimper. But since I knew it must be turning him on, I didn't mind whimpering.

"Give me your hands, honey, don't touch yourself," he said softly. How did he know I was thinking about risking a much-needed rub on my clit? I bit my lower lip and put my hands behind my back. He crossed them behind me and held them with one hand. God-fucking-damn that turned me on so much! I was soaking wet and so horny I was shaking.

"Hey, Little Princess, you got a good view of us?" Steve asked. "You can see mommy's cunt up close, right, Little Princess?"

"Yes, Daddy!" she said. I loved hearing him using her pet name while we were all naked.

Ashley was laying on her stomach, in between Steve's spread legs. She was watching this little exhibition of sexual power play with those innocent, childish eyes opened wide. I was so jealous that she got to masturbate while I couldn't do anything but beg, especially since seeing her hips and ass writhing was turning me on even more.

"Do you want to help Daddy fuck Mommy, Little Princess?" Steve asked. I gasped at how fucking dirty this question was.


"Say it for us, baby, I want to hear you ask to help," he said.

"Daddy, can I help you fuck Mommy? Please, Daddy? I'll do whatever you want!"

FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!! Read that sentence back to yoursef in a little girl's voice. I'm not fucking kidding. Close your eyes, imagine my little girl, naked and masturbating, asking in her childish voice to help us have sex, telling us she'll do whatever he wants.

"Uggnnnhhhh..." I moaned. Ashley looked up at me and met my eyes. I have no idea what the expression on my face was at that moment, but I know she'd never seen it before. Her eyes went wide open. A lock of her hair fell forward, covering up one of her eyes. I tried pulling one of my hands away so i could brush her hair back, but Steve wasn't letting me have any freedom with my hands. The harder I tried to pull my hands away, the harder he gripped my wrists. Half of me was almost angry, the other half thrilled at his control.

"OK, Little Princess. Grab my cock and hold it up. Point it straight at your mother's cunt."

She reached a hand out and hesitantly touched it, like checking if a stove was hot. She wrapped her hand around it and lifted it up.

"It's really leaking a lot, Daddy!"

I was so glad to hear that. I needed to know that he was as turned on as I was.

"Why don't your rub some of that juice around the head, honey?" he said. She used her thumb, and I could hear the wet squish as she smeared the tip of his cock with precum. I involuntarily tried to lower myself onto it but he pushed my ass and my crossed wrists, reminding me he was calling the shots. I clenched my eyes in frustration.

"Now, hold it there and watch closely, Little Princess, ok?"

"Like this?" she said.

"Yeah, Ashley, just like that. Hold it up so Mommy can slide my cock up her pussy!"

Do you remember that thrilling rush you got the first time you ever looked at porn? Or the first time you french kissed or the first time you let someone take your clothes off? That feeling of "Oh my god, this is soooo dirty but I love it!" sweeping through you and you almost felt ashamed or scared because it was such a new experience? I hadn't felt that in years, not since I was Ashley's age, but suddenly my head was spinning with that sensation.

"....please...." I begged quietly.

"Here it comes, Julie," he said.

He slowly guided me down. I tried to go faster but as soon as I did he stopped lowering me until I gave up and let him take control again. I felt Ashley's breath against my pussy. Her eyes were riveted on our genitals.

The last half inch of space separating him from me seemed to take forever, but it couldn't have been more than a few seconds. The closer I got to having his cock inside me, the more of an animal I became. A real bitch in heat. I was on the verge of panic that he'd stop just to show he could, but he needed my body as much as I needed his.

The final millimeter separating us took an unbearably long blink of an eye, thn suddenly OH MY GOD! FUCK, YESSSSS!!!!!! My slobbering pussy lips spread easily, and I felt the unbelievable pleasure of being filled with hot stone. I felt the slight curvature of his cock stretching my pussy and pressing all these different spots on the inside of my cunt. And he was so hard!

I kept sinking down further onto him. My eyes were closed and as I slid down I let out a long, high-pitched sigh. I was breathing so hard and my heart pounded wildly beneath my breasts. And then out of nowhere, something was pressing against my vulva, something warm and bony.

"Holy shit!" I said, gasping and looking down. It was Ashley's hand I felt, still wrapped around her Daddy's cock. As soon as I realized what I was feeling, I started shaking in something like fear -- only heavenly. Steve groaned and I wanted to see the pleasure I was giving him on his face, but I didn't dare take my eyes off Ashley. He let go of my ass but kept his grip on my wrists. I rose and fell a couple of times, loving the feeling but also hungry to have him deeper inside of me.

"Honey," I whispered, and Ashley read my meaning and let go of the cock as I drove myself downward. I swallowed Steve down to the base of his shaft, and Ashley held her fingers out and let the tips brush against my clit when it passed by. The double jolt of pleasure from the complete penetration and the friction of Ashley's fingers nearly made me collapse.

She kept her fingers rubbing me in small circles as I rose back up. I couldn't stand it.

"Oh, baby! Please stop, I don't want to cum yet!" I begged her.

"OK" she said, but not before giving me one extra sensuous fondle. Then she sucked my juice off her fingers while keeping her eyes glued to the obscene sight in front of her.

"Ugghhh! Ugghhh!!! Deeper, Daddy, deeper!" I cried. I just called my husband 'Daddy'. And not as roleplay, but because I realized I liked calling him 'Daddy' as he fucked me. I was too worked up to think about it then, but it was that moment that I decided I just like saying 'Daddy' during sex. The word feels so warm and tasty in my mouth.

I panted and moaned some more as I fucked him and he fucked me. His hips rose to drive his perfect fucking cock deeper and deeper into my hole. I squeezed him as hard as I could and heard him swear and finally let go of my arms. As soon as they were free, I let myself fall forward, landing my palms onto his sweaty, hairy thighs, using the leverage to slam harder and harder up and down his cock. Ashley had to move back a bit to make room, so she straightened up and we were looking each other right in the eye.

"Enjoying the show, sexy?" I heard myself say.

"I fucking love it, Mom! You two look so sexy like this!" she said. "I'm so turned on right now!"

"Same here! I can't believe how hot it makes me letting you watch us fuck!" I turned around to see Steve. His neck was craned trying to see as much of me and Ashley as he could. "Hey Daddy, does it turn you on as much as it turns us on? Knowing your little girl is watching you fuck me like a goddamn dirty fucking whore? She's getting so wet seeing you use me like the fucking slut I am!"

His face was red and covered in sweat. He was breathing hard but managed to answer.

"Hell yeah! Oh, hell yeah! Show her what a real slut is like! Ashley, your Mommy is so nasty in bed! She's the wildest, sexiest woman I've ever known. You wanna know how big a slut she is, Ashley? Tell her, Mommy. Tell our Little Princess how many men you've fucked in one night. Tell her about our anniversary party!"

Oh fuck, somehow I didn't want to reveal this. After everything we did tonight, it turned out there's something that still scares me to reveal to Ashley.

"How many, Mommy? I wanna know!"

"Are you sure about this?" I asked Steve while he kept thrusting harder into me. I prayed he'd reconsider and let me off the hook and spare me the humiliation, but I knew he wouldn't and I was frightened and grateful at the same time. I was so fucked up with lust at that moment I craved the shame admitting this to our daughter would bring.

"She wants to know, darling. Tell her."

I hesitated, but didn't stop thursting. Please don't make me do this.

"Tell her!"

I looked in my daughter's wide eyes. She had no idea the torment I was in. She thought this was all fun and games. And then Steve grabbed my hips and held them still, his cock barely inside of me. The meaning was clear: Confess or no more candy.

I took a deep breath and held her stare and didn't close my eyes.

"Seven....teen. Seventeen, baby," I said. Steve slammed me down on his cock and I was on the verge of either crying or cumming.

"Really??!! Seventeen?!!"

Guilt and humiliation tore through me.

"Yes, Ashley. Seventeen different guys had sex with me in one night on our second anniversary." Something stirred inside me as I told her. "Seventeen, and more than half of them were complete strangers. I don't even remember most of their names. I let seventeen guys gangbang the shit out of me, and I loved it!"

That stirring inside me. Holy shit, it was fucking pride! I wasn't ashamed anymore, I was fucking proud of being a slut again! How the hell did he know I needed to tell her this tonight? I love Steve so much.

"It lasted over six hours, and I could barely walk for days afterwards. Seventeen guys and they fucked my pussy and my mouth and fucked me up my ass. They peed on me and called me filthy names and made me lick their assholes. I don't even remember how many times they came in me or on my face. I fucking loved being slutty for all of them. They spanked me and spat on me and slapped my tits and my face and pulled my hair and I just kept cumming and cumming and begging for more."

"Weren't you scared?" she asked.

Steve kept fucking me, harder and harder.

"Very, some of them had HUGE cocks. But being scared made it more exciting. And you want to know the really fucked up part?" I asked. Telling her all this was sending me over the edge. I was on the threshold of a huge fucking orgasm. Every word and every thrust brought me closer and closer. "This was your daddy's anniversary present to me! He asked me what I want and I told him I wanted the biggest gangbang of my life. And he set it up for me! Can you believe that?"

"Wow, that's awesome, Mom! What did you give Daddy as a present?"

"Tell you later!" I said quickly. The train was coming into the station fast and I wanted her on board. I straightened up, slammed myself forcefully onto Steve's cock and ground myself against him. I grabbed Ashley and pulled her to me, face to face, and shoved my tongue down her throat. As soon as I was in her mouth, I started to orgasm. I wrapped both my arms around her tight and kissed her forcefully and saw bright red spots behind my closed eyelids as I screamed into her mouth. My cunt gushed -- again! -- as the orgasm crested. I twisted my torso back and forth, rubbing electrified nipples across the skin of my daughters chest and over the silky locks of her hair caught between us. As soon as it began to pass, another one started, a smaller, more humane cum but strong enough that I clenched my fingers and scratched Ashley's smooth and perfect back.

Steve kept fucking me, harder and harder.

I stopped kissing her so I could scream louder, and released one of my claws so I could finger her clit while I came and I pressed my forehead into her shoulder for support as I shuddered hard. Just as I was coming down from my orgasm, Ashley started hers. Her pussy was soaked -- not as much as mine but still wet enough that my fingers made sloshing noises as I molested her. She threw her head back and and screamed, "Yes! Yes! Right there! Don't stop, mommy, don't-- YES!"

Steve kept fucking me, harder and harder.

She grabbed my left tit squeezed hard, crushing it against me. I could see veins popping out on her forehead. She grabbed my hand to make me stop rubbing, she'd peaked and was hypersensitive. Still moaning and purring from pleasure, we heaved in each others arms while the scent of our juices filled my nostrils.

"Oh, and to answer your question," I whispered, "I got him a Playstation."

She laughed. I kissed her throat and then tossed her down on the bed beside her Daddy.

Then I got up off of Steve.

"No! I'm so close!" he screamed. He made a grab for my hips to slam me back down, but then thought better of it -- I guess the scales had shifted. I considered taking revenge on him for teasing me so fiercely before, but decided I could save that for another night. I was dying to have his hot cum flooding my cunt, and didn't feel like waiting.

"Don't worry, honey," I said and fell on my back next to him, spreading my legs wide, "I'm just changing positions so you can slam the shit out of me while you cum. After that, I think it'd be hot if Ashley ate your load right out of my pussy."

"Fuck! Wild woman!" he said. And that's all he said. He climbed between my thighs, grabbed my ankles and put them on his shoulders. He looked over at Ashley to make sure she was watching and then pressed himself back into me. He wrapped his arms around me like I was a little teddy bear and thrust deeply into me, as hard as he could. I didn't think I'd be able to have another orgasm but feeling him slam me against the mattress and the way his body pressed against mine lit me up, and soon I started buiding one up inside me again.

Ashley rubbed her pussy with slow lazy strokes, and I heard her softly saying, "Wow, fuck her daddy, fuck her real hard. That looks so hot!"

Steve was grunting, his forehead pressed against the side of my neck. I spread my legs wide to take him as deeply as I could. When that wasn't enough I bent them back, resting my knees on his broad shoulders. We were both so sweaty that they kept slipping off until Steve grabbed the back of my thighs and pushed them against me, pinning them in place.

In this position, Steve was hitting my g-spot like a marksman, and suddenly we were in a race to see who'd get off first. My body was tensing up and I was a minute from peaking when he let go of my kneed, collapsed onto me and started giving me one magnificent, hard deep thrust after another. His grunts smoothed into one continuous sound of deep pleasure. I started to cum just a second after he slowed down, spent, releasing my legs and smothering me with kisses. I was too close to stop so I grabbed his ass and pulled him as deeply into my body as I could. I ground my hips against him, using his pubic bone to stimulate my clit. I climaxed while his cock softened inside of me, not as strongly as before but I don't think I could have handled another one like that on top of all the other orgasms I'd had that day.

Steve rolled off of me and I raised my knees and curled my hips up a bit to keep as much of his semen from leaking out of me.

I sighed and let myself recover for a moment, then turned my head to Ashley, who had started rubbing her hands over my sweat-slicked torso. "Hey, baby, so, you want to try eating Daddy's cum outta my pu--"


I guess she was hungry. And to think, a couple of hours earlier, she had to force herself to swallow his jizz. She hopped between my legs and I propped myself up on my elbows to see her as she started lapping away. I squeezed with my cunt muscles to force out as much as I could, but if she wanted to lick the bowl clean, she'd have to use her fingers. Her mouth was so nice and soft after the hard pounding I had just taken. She was like a cute little kitten lapping up spilt milk. Steve watched her with the same perverse thrill I did, stroking his soft cock.

"Here's a few droplets more, baby," he said, holding his cock out to her, and she stuck out her tongue to catch the fat droplet of juice sloooooowly oozing out, then very politely gave his dick a tongue bath, washing it clean. Steve was slack-jawed seeing how eagerly his little girl swallowed every drop she could.

Soon she was back at my pussy, digging her tiny tongue as deeply inside of me as she could, and then using her fingers to scoop out the rest. It felt heavenly, and if I had it in me to do so, I'd have cum again, it was so erotic. But I didn't, my muscles were weak and my arms shook just trying to hold myself up. I realized I was thirsty as hell but I didn't want to move until Ashley was finished.

So I flopped back down on my back, and just let myself enjoy the sensation. I wiped sweat out of my eyes and felt tingling all over my body. Heaven.

"Let me have a taste, little princess," I heard Steve say, and watched as he started frenching Ashley. They swapped the remnants of his cum and my honey between them while Ashley slid her fingers inside me again to get whatever was left. She pulled them out and held them up to him. He took one finger into his mouth and sucked it clean, then guided the other to me. I opened my lips and tasted her tiny, slimy finger as it invaded my mouth.

Then Ashley climbed up my body straddling my stomach and stretching her wet pussy out over abdomen. She bent down and we kissed, and my tongue sought out any pocket of cum left in her mouth but there was nothing left but a sensual aftertaste. Oh well, it was a good kiss anyways.

When we were done, she laid down on the other side of Steve, resting her head on his chest.

"Is everyone as thirsty as I am?" I asked. I got grunts that meant 'yes', so I told them I'd be back with some water, and climbed off the bed and made my way on shaky, unsteady legs to the kitchen.

I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge (very bad for the environment, but perfect for occasions like this) and drank the entire thing right there, with the frigid air cooling down my body. I didn't even have the energy to take it to the recycle bin, so I just tossed it in the sink and grabbed a few more to bring back.

By the time I walked back into the bedroom, Ashley was fast asleep, snoring softly and drooling a bit onto Steve's chest. I handed him a bottle and he drank it nearly as fast as I drank mine. I opened another one and took a more reasonable sip and got into bed next to them. We kissed and looked into each others eyes and whispered "I love you" to each other. After resting for a few minutes, we started talking.

I told him all about the day, everything that led to him coming home to a changed world. We talked about how happy we were that Ashley was so excited to join in and learn, and how amazed we were that this was all actually happening. And then we got to the question that I know he was dying to ask.

"So, uh..." he said, "when do you think... Not that I'm trying to rush things or anything, I'm just curious, but uh, how long or .... when will she be ready for, uh..."

"How long before you get to fuck Ashley?"

He looked like a guilty dog, but a cute one. "Well, yeah."

"Well, I figure we should probably wait about a year."

I knew that wasn't the answer he wanted to hear, but to his credit he did his best to hide his disappointment, he knew I knew best. But still, his face was crestfallen.

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense," he said bravely.

It did make sense. A year and she'd be ready -- I meant it. Or at least, I meant it right then. I'll save you the suspense: As it happens, we ended up waiting two weeks and two days, and it was only because of Steve's patience that we even waited that long.

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