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Our Innocent Daughter Ashley

by Small Wonder

Chapter 4: Waiting Sucks When You're Waiting to Suck

Ahsley and I cheated.

We had about 20 minutes to kill before Steve was due home. And since poor, unsuspecting Steve had missed out on so much sexy fun already, we decided that we wouldn't play anymore until he got to join in. Ashley had a towel wrapped around her and I was wearing the short, pink, heavily cum-stained waffle bath-robe Steve and I stole from a swingers hotel a few years back. Our hair was still wet from the hot tub, and Ashley's skin glowed with the after-effects of her first orgasms. I wish I had a photo of the two of us cuddled together on that couch, we were really fucking hot. Unwrapping my little girl's naked body from that towel was tempting the shit out of me, but I had put my foot down: No fooling around until Steve got home.

Except I just love making out, and even though Ashley just discovered it today, she found she loved it to. So cuddling leads to hugging, hugging leads to an innocent, parental peck, and that leads to making out. But you really can't blame me for that. And besides, kissing isn't really "fooling around" right? And I didn't let it go any further than that. When Ashley started feeling my breast through my robe I gently guided her hand back down to a safer zone.

Of course, five seconds later I got restless so I slipped my boob out of the robe and took her hand and returned it to my chest. Then I placed my fingers over hers and taught her to pinch and pull on my nipples. First I showed her how if she did it gently, they would stiffen up. Then I showed her how stiff they would get if she's a little rougher with them.

"... and sometime tonight, when I'm not expecting it, like when your Daddy is eating me out, you should pinch one and give it a good hard twist!" I said, almost whispered to her.

"Won't that hurt, Mommy? They call that a titty twister at school, Bobby Tub'o'lard got in a bunch of trouble for doing it to New Jenny," she said.

"Well, yeah, but that-- wait, his last name is 'Tub of lard'?"

"No, it's really Tuboli, but everyone calls him Tub'o'lard cuz he's really obese," she said, "I know it's mean but he's a total assho-- uh, can I say 'asshole'?"

"Not unless you're blowing him and you're asking to lick it," I said.

"Ewwww!!! Gross!!!! BLECCCHHHH!!!"

Little did she know that eleven years later, she'd marry Bobby Tuboli... Just kidding! Actually a little while later I met him. It's cruel that his classmates made fun of his weight, but Ashley was right, the kid is a world-class assmunch. Plus I think he stole my iPod. Little fuckin' punk.

Nice cock, though, I'll give him that.

"Hahaha.. actually, yeah, it will hurt a little bit. But us sluts like a little bit of pain during sex, it feels so divinely dirty. A bit of pain during sex feels good, you'll see," I said. She was twisting and pinching my nipple a bit harder, and I felt so fucking adventurously naughty starting my daughter's education on the sleazier side of an already sleazy lifestyle.

Ashley grabbed a handful of boob and flicked the nipple with her tongue. My beautiful baby daughter is a natural. She stopped licking but kept a firm grip on my breast. "Am I a slut, Mommy?"

"Well, baby, not yet. You gotta have sex with more than one person, even if it's your mom, before you're officially a slut. For that matter, you can't be a virgin and a slut at the same time. But if you want, you can be a slut. Do you want to be a slut, Ashley?"

"Uh... I dunno. Could I really be one?" she asked.

"Yeah. You can be a good 'ol puts-out-on-the-first-date-slut. Or you can be not quite a slut, just a girl who likes good, hot sex. Or the seductress collecting trophy fucks. Or..." and here I leaned in close, my lips so close to hers that she could feel the heat coming from them, lowering my voice to a throaty purr, "or you can be a total slut. A nasty, uninhibited, dirty, horny, insatiable, unrepentant, cum-hungry, pussy-eating, cock-crazy, anal-loving semen queen slut, just like your Mommy. Is that what you want, Ashley?"

"Yeah! I wanna be a slut just like you! " she said, bouncing up and down.

"All right! Your daddy and I are going to teach you to be a fucking dirty horny little slut. It's something you've got to earn, but don't worry, the work is fun."

Just then we heard the motor for the garage door opening. We looked each other in the eye and I gave her a final sexy little kiss.

"You ready to make your daddy the luckiest man in the world?" I asked her. She nodded an enthusiastic yes and I swear my pussy juiced up so much I'm sure my bathrobe was soaked through.

We heard the garage door close then Steve calling out "Honey? I'm home!" like we lived in the fifties. Like this is some unaired pedophile-incest episode of "Father Knows Best".

I stuffed my boob back into my robe and noticed that the thin waffle cloth did nothing to hide how hard my titties had gotten. Then I re-adjusted Ashley's towel so that it wouldn't come off too soon.

"We're in here, Daddy!" Ashley called out, and a moment later I heard him coming through the kitchen.

"Go!" I whispered to Ashley just before he walked into the living room. He saw the two of us casually sitting on the couch for just an instant, just long enough for his face to betray that he noticed how fucking hot we looked too, and then Ashley was up in a blur rushing towards him.

"Daddy!!!" she squealed and threw her arms open to give him a hug and a kiss. He crouched down to catch her just as he did nearly every other evening since she was old enough to walk. But this time her arms went around his neck so that he couldn't get away as she mashed her lips against his.

Instantly she began opening her mouth and sliding her tongue to his lips, trying to get him to return this first French kiss he'd share with his daughter. I watched in amusement as he instinctively began to give into the kiss, then tried to pull back as he realized who he was kissing, then give in again as he realized how good it felt, then pull back as he realized I was in the room watching them both, then finally give in completely as he saw me smiling and leering approvingly. I had never seen such a rapid-fire parade of surprise, pleasure, terror, relief and finally lust cross one man's face so quickly since I offered to let my eighth-grade history teacher butt-fuck me if he'd be a bit understanding about me not doing that lame "Constitutional Notebook" project.

I have no idea what was going through his mind at that moment but I knew his playbook when it comes to making out with someone for the first time:

Step 1: He closes his eyes, then moans lightly.

(That's when I silently got off the couch and slipped my robe off.)

Step 2: Hug girl tighter, switch head angle of kiss.

(I walked over to the two of them, as quietly as I could, but I knew I only had moments before...)

Step 3: Raise right hand and place it on the back of girl's head, lacing his fingers into her hair. Take left hand and place it on the side and back of her neck, gently caressing her earlobe with the pad of his thumb.

Now with both hands off her towel, I was free to gently open Ashley's towel and drop it on the ground. Steve opened his eyes at the sound and noticed me there, my hands seductively groping our little daughter's body, both of us naked.

His jaw dropped and his eyes drank in the sight. He looked us both over, then slid his eyes up and down Ashley's nude body. His gaze settled on my hand as I guided it from Ashley's flat chest, down her flat abdomen, over her navel, and down to her soaking wet cunt. I nibbled on her earlobe just as my finger separated the folds of her slippery slit. Her eyes closed and she moaned uncontrollably as my finger stimulated her outer lips and her swollen clit at the same time. I gave her aroused pussy a couple more gentle strokes before looking up at Steve.

He met my eyes.

"Baby, you have no idea how much we've been waiting for you to get home!" I said.

Chapter 5: "So, How Was Your Day?"

I couldn't read the expression on his face. I hoped to see his lusty grin but it wasn't there. Nothing was there but a blank, unreadable stare.

Suddenly, I was scared. I hadn't even considered that he might object, this is what we both wanted,. Right or wrong, we wanted this. So many nights spent fantasizing about it, screwing our brains out hoping for it, he should be thrilled! But at that moment, I realized he might just react different when faced with the reality of me molesting our daughter.

He might divorce me. He might send me to jail.

Jesus, he might kill me. He might beat the shit out of me and kill me.

Panic made my pulse rev up into overdrive, and cold lightning shot through me as I realized how badly I might have just fucked everything up.

I was freaking out, and thank God, Steve noticed. The fear on my face broke him out of his trance, he blinked once and lunged for me. In the heartbeat it took him to cross the distance between us, I met his eyes and saw love in them. I saw trust in them. I saw acceptance and sympathy and happiness and every other beautiful fucking feeling he shares so generously with anyone who needs it. There in his warm eyes lived every reason I married him. I'd fucked hundreds of men before him and, except for Daddy, I never once considered spending the rest of my life with any of them until, as sudden as an earthquake, I fell in love. Within seconds of meeting Steve I knew I wanted to be his wife and I wanted him to be my husband.

So here, now, as our lips met and we kissed each other with blind abandon, it was love rather than lust that fueled us. Between our mouths, our promise of forever. My heart was still racing, but not from from fear and not from shame.

I was still holding Ashley, clutching her with my inflamed passion. I could tell Steve was holding her too, and if I were the least bit rational at that moment I would have worried our bodies would crush her petite frame. But she was fine and soon we both felt her arms encircle us, heard her astonished voice whisper:


I opened my eyes and started chuckling, which became giggles then full body laughs. I guess there's only so many emotions you can experience in 30 seconds before your brain gives up and just opens up the endorphins. I must have sounded like a crazy woman. A hot, naked crazy woman.

When I finally got myself together, I remembered that Ashley and I still had phase two of "Operation: Daddy Cum" to start in on. I sat down onto the floor, pulled Ashley onto my lap and kissed her cheek and whispered an instruction in her ear.

"Hey, Daddy! Watch this!" she said giggling and then we leaned in to kiss each other. Her natural exhibitionism seemed to match mine because knowing our man was watching us made us hunger for each other's mouths even more. What started as a sensual, erotic kiss turned into something dirtier, nastier and altogether more lascivious. This wasn't "making out with your best friend" kissing, this was "horny drunk chicks about to get gang-banged during Spring Break" kissing. This was the sort of kissing that goes well with fishnet stockings and excessive tequila, or the sort you do when you're wearing a dog collar and a torn sweat-stained blouse.

And holy shit, knowing Steve was watching us made me imagine the scene from his point of view, how hot it must look seeing me devouring the tiny, naked angel I'd given birth to only ten years ago. The unbearable hardness of his cock as he sees how small her body is compared to mine. I'm sure his eyes noticed every detail: The flatness of Ashley's chest and the two tiny nipples that were hardened in arousal. Her round little perfectly formed ass that rested on ruler-straight hips and the perfectly smooth little pussy glistening with her own juices. I was intoxicated. I could smell a hint of chlorine in her hair from the jacuzzi and felt her luxuriously soft skin slide under the palms of my hands. God, her mouth was so small and my tongue seemed so large inside of it. It thrilled me to think of how Steve's tounge must have filled her mouth almost completely. I was so lost in the raw sexual hunger we shared that I didn't even realize I was mewing in pleasure, or that my daughter was as well.

But I finally managed to tear myself away from her lips. A strand of our spit briefly bridged our two wet mouths. Her eyes sparkled with excitement, her red-flushed chest rose and fell as she panted. I noticed that her hands were trembling, then saw that mine were too.

"Baby, didn't you have a question for Daddy?" I asked her, while winking at Steve.

"Oh, yeah!" she said, "Daddy? I want to learn how to suck cock and since Mommy doesn't have one, she said I should ask you if I could suck your cock. Can I, Daddy? Will you teach me to be a good cocksucker like Mommy?"

"Uh.... sure, I mean yes," he stammered, his face breaking into a huge shit-eating grin while his cheeks blushed red.

"Why you hesitating? She's offering to put your penis in her mouth!" I said. Teasing is fun.

"I was trying to think of something witty to say, but uh... It's just my brain, I'm having trouble thinking word things... fuck it, you two are just both way too sexy... hey, could you kiss some more? It's really neat!"

Neat? Oh well, he's the man of the house, who are we to say no? Ashley and I briefly made eye contact and giggled a bit before we started making out for Steve again. As we did, I raised my thigh between her legs so she could grind her clit against it. I heard her moan, and then heard Steve growl.

"Come on, baby, let's go to the bedroom and get your Daddy naked," I said, turning her into the hallway. She giggled and scampered off into our bedroom, gleefully unaware of just how hot her ass looked while scampering.

I looked back at Steve. He was looking at the stripe of girl-slime on my thigh. I didn't have any trouble reading his expression now. I held my hand out so he could pull me up. His erection was so strong it almost bopped me on the nose as I stood. I began to lead him by the hand to our bedroom.

"So..." he said, "how was your day?"

"Hahahaha. Eventful. Fucking crazy hot. Yours?"

"Just getting started, I guess," he said. We reached the end of the hall and he stopped me and lowered his voice. "Julie, are you sure she's ready for this?"

"Trust me, she's ready. The question is, are you ready?"

"I think so, I don't know... I think so," he said.

"Why don't you take a peek inside the room, then try answering again," I suggested. We both poked our heads around the corner. Ashley was sitting up on our bed, legs spread. A wet spot was already forming on the duvet beneath her. She lazily rubber her pussy with one hand, and when she saw us she smiled and waved with the other. We pulled our heads back into the hall.

"Well?" I asked.

"Oh, fuck yeah! I'm ready!"

"I bet you are!" I said. I squeezed his penis through his pants. It was hard as marble and feverishly warm. Even through two layers of fabric, I could feel every vein and ridge pulse with hunger. It was as thick and manly an erection as I've ever felt, intimidating and proud. "Goddamn, Steve! We gotta get these pants off of you, an erection like this needs to be free. A little girl couldn't ask for a better cock than this for her first. Ashley is so fucking lucky! "

He smiled at me and growled, "Come on, let's introduce our little beauty to this beast!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Chapter 6: Beauty Sucks the Beast

Steve followed me into the bedroom. I climbed onto the bed next to Ashley, hugged her nude little body to my nude body and couldn't resist running a finger over her slit. She moaned and my finger came away soaked and warm. Like her mommy, Ashley gets very, very wet.

"Well, Ashley... doesn't it seem unfair that Steve has to wear clothes while we get to be all naked and ready to play?"


"I bet Daddy would love it if you would undress him."

"Oh, cool! I've wanted to do that for a long time!" she said, excitedly.


"Yeah, I've... you know... like, imagined it before," she said. It was cute, here we were, the two of us naked. Only minutes ago she asked her daddy if she could suck his cock, and yet she had this sheepish grin on her face while admitting to having fantasized about her dad before. I mean, she was actually blushing!

"I didn't know that! How adorable! Sweetie, how long have you been imagining this?" I asked.

"Well... I don't know, for like forever I think, but I started doing it a bunch more that day we got the swimsuits. You know, when I was naked in front of you guys? You remember that?"

"Yeah, we remember it!" Steve said, "I remember it very well! I couldn't believe how sexy you'd become!"

Oh my god! You should have seen the smile that spread across her face when she said that. "Come on, I'm being serious!" she said bashfully.

"He is serious, he told me that night," I said, hugging her, "Anyhow, so you were saying?"

"Oh, yeah! Anyhow, so that night when I went to take a bath, I pretended I was taking off my clothes in front you you guys again, and like showing off for you ad pretending I got to spend the rest of the night without any clothes on. And then that night I didn't put on my panties when I put on my nightie and I felt really naughty when I went to kiss you guys goodnight, cuz I wasn't wearing anything underneath my nightie. Then after I got in bed I decided to get really naughty so I took off my nightie. I started imagining one of you would come into my room to tell me something and discover I was naked and sorta start feeling me and touching me and hugging and kissing me and stuff. And while I was imagining it, I started, you know, rubbing myself and..." and then she just started giggling and covered her face in embarrassment.

"Wow, you started playing with yourself?" I asked. "Did you orgasm that night?"

"No, I didn't have one until this afternoon with you, but it felt really good! Anyhow, that night I dreamt that I was naked, and that we were out at that campground we went to last summer, and I just started taking off Dad's clothes!"

"Did you get him completely naked in your dream?"

"No! It was a total gyp! I woke up just before I was about to take his boxers off! Anyhow, after I woke up, I heard you guys and... hey! You were having sex with each other then weren't you? That's what I was hearing, wasn't it?"

"Yup! You caught us!" Steve said. I didn't realize, but at some point he had started stroking her hair while she was telling the story, and she was leaning up against him. His pants were tented so she must have seen that, but I don't think she realized what an effect having her face so close to his cock must be having on him.

"Oh, cool! If I had known that, I'd have tried to peek in and watch!"

"Well, honey, you know what we were doing when we were having sex that night?" I said. I guided one of her hands and then the other to the top button of Steve's shirt and she instantly got the message and started unbuttoning it. "We were pretending that you were with us and we were teaching you about sex and making love and sucking cock and eating pussy and all of that. Baby, we were imagining the same thing you were that night!"

"And now our dreams are coming true!" she said, and I tell you, she had no idea how right she was.

She had just finished his third button when he cupped her face in his hands, tilted it upwards and bent down to start kissing her again. She kissed back sensually and I just sat back and watched. Even thought they were kissing, she was so intent on taking off his clothes that she kept up unbuttoning his shirt, speeding up actually so that by when she had the last button undone, she was tugging frantically at his shirt to get it out of his pants. I could see he was just about to stop kissing her to help take his shirt off, and that seemed like a bad plan to me so I grabbed his arm to stop him, then got behind him and started tugging at the shirt as well. Once we had it untucked, Ashley sat up so that she could slide it off of his broad shoulders, and I noticed how her hands instinctively slid down his arms so that she could feel the muscles underneath. Once it was off, we repeated the same tugging procedure with the t-shirt that he was wearing underneath (I wish he wouldn't wear one, it's so sexy to unsnap a button of his and slide my hand in his shirt and pinch his nipples).

Ashley lifted up his t-shirt as much as she could and then he did the rest. Ashley's hands roamed over his chest and through the small tuft of chest hair he had, and for the first time she was able to explore his build like a girl rather than like a daughter. I saw her eyes light up as she felt his pecs underneath her palms. She leaned in and kissed his stomach which wasn't as flat as it had been when I first met him but was still firm. I always appreciated that he kept himself in shape. He wasn't a gym rat, he doesn't ripple in some ridiculous comic book way and he's doesn't shy away from a cold beer or two with a steak dinner. But he does work out and it shows, plus he surfs whenever he gets a few spare hours, which means his ass is fantastic and it annoys me no end that he gets to do something cool to have a nice ass while I have to literally work my butt off on a stairmaster, but it certainly does make licking his asshole an even more enjoyable experience.

So while the results of his time spent in the gym were appealing to me even under normal circumstances, I really was grateful for it as I watched Ashley exploring his torso with her hands and her mouth. I could tell from the way her jaw hung open in wonder that some very primal part of her brain that makes women attracted to men was kicking in for her in a way that it never had before. She kissed his stomach again, and licked his skin. Her tongue found the trail of hair that pointed temptingly to his hard manhood below. He groaned and then groaned again as I gently bit and sucked on the side of his neck.

Standing on my tip-toes, I could peer over his shoulders and watch Ashley. She was about to unbuckle his belt when she looked up, possibly for permission or confirmation that she should take this next, big step. I nodded and mouthed "do it" to her and she smiled and began to work on getting the tail of the belt out of it's loop. I grabbed Steve's hands and brought them behind his back like I was arresting him in order to prevent him from helping her to get the belt off. She was going to fuck a lot of guys (and hopefully a lot of women) over the course of her lifetime and getting a belt off is just one of the things you have to learn how to do well, like men learning to get a woman's bra off.

But soon it was un-buckled and hung off to the sides. Ashley was now lying chest-down on the cover, with her round bubble-butt teasing us. I got back on the bed and straddled her ass with my thighs. My wet pussy slid against on of her ass cheeks and it felt so good that I pulled her hips so that I could get more contact as I ground my clit against her firm buttocks.

Ashley slid his pants down his legs and they fell to the ground. I got onto my hands and knees above her, leaning down so I could see the same view she was seeing, as Steve stood there in a very sexy pair of tight low-rise, high-cut boxer-briefs. There was a dark spot of precum spreading from what was the tip of an obviously very aroused penis hidden beneath that fabric.

"Ashley," I said, stopping her just before she was about to pull down his shorts, "you're about to see your very first cock, and it's one hell of a nice one, believe me! Let's make it special."

She looked up at me, and I took hold of one of her hands and guided it over his hard dick, so she could squeeze it through the fabric.

"Look at Daddy's face while you squeeze it. See how good it makes him feel?"

Steve growled a hungry "oh, fuuuuck" as Ashley squeezed and instinctively stroked up and down. And I was so proud of her as she let her hand explore the outline of his cock, caressing his scrotum gently, pressing firmly on the underside of his dick. She snaked her other hand out and grabbed onto his hip for leverage, pulling his crotch toward us. Then she realized how nice it was to have her hand in that general area and greedily grabbed onto his ass, squeezing hard. I've told you about Steve's surfer's ass, right? Well, it turns out one of the nice benefits of having ocean hardened buttocks is that your horny preteen daughter will get her jollies by giving it a lusty, hungry groping. And she'll do it nude!

I felt a jolt of pleasure run through my body and realized it was because beneath my spread legs, Ashley's hips were gyrating back and forth. She was squirming, trying to press her cunt into the mattress to get whatever relief for her pent up sexual tension she could. I spread my slit wide with my fingers to get as much contact between my pussy and her ass as I could. It felt incredible, I was so wet it was like I was kissing her with my cunt.

And while all this was going on, her hands were taking bolder liberties with her dad's cloth-covered shaft. She pushed herself forward and started kissing and licking his meat through his boxers. He hissed and she purred and he grabbed her head and pulled her mouth tighter against his crotch in a rough and manly signal of sexual ownership.

Once he loosened his grip, she turned to me, with a huge grin and said, "Can I take them off yet? I really want to touch it!"

"Ask your father," I said.

"Daddy, can I?" she said and batted her eyes. Daddy's girl had that move down pat. I chuckled to myself.

"You're going to learn to be my little cocksucker now?" he asked with a straight face.

"Yes, I promise!"

"OK, little princess, take them off," he said, now grinning. I bent down so I could get a close look.

She pulled them down quickly. She hasn't learned to tease yet, but that's all right, I wanted them off too. Ashley gasped as it sprang into view, and I did to. Even though she had just been feeling it, the size surprised her. Next to her small hands and her little face it looked huge. I mean, like pornstar huge. Her jaw dropped open and even as wide open as her mouth was, it still didn't look big enough to swallow that cock.

I swear, a chorus of angels fucking sang.

"Mommy, it's so big!"

"Scary, huh?"

"A little," she confessed.

I imagined it punishing her cunt and nearly came. I could smell the combined scent of our sopping pussies beginning to fill up the room. Steve could, too, which was why he kept taking deep breaths through his nose. But you don't care about his nose, right? You care about his penis, or rather what Ashley was doing with it.

Well, as soon as his shorts hit the floor she grabbed it and started stroking it. I guess she was paying attention when I was showing her our dirty videos earlier. Her technique was a little jerky and she was holding it a bit too low on the shaft, but I don't think Steve gave a fuck because he said "Oh, goddamn, that feels so fucking good, Ashley!"

"Am I doing it right?" she asked.

"You're doing great, princess!" he said, but I wasn't about to let her get away with an amateurish handy. No little girl of mine is going to be a poorly trained slut. I took her hand and moved it up his cock a bit, and smoothed out her rhythm, and he let us know he appreciated the tweak by groaning even more.

Pretty soon a nice drop of liquid formed at his piss slit. I pointed it out to her: "See this, right here? Why don't you lick this little drop up?"

She looked at it curiously.

"Is that... uh, is that, uh, is that his pee?" she asked, clearly a bit concerned about this crazy urine-licking idea I had.

"No, honey, it's called precum, it's what comes out when a man is excited to help lubricate the penis. But even if it was pee, it would still be all right to lick up, we play pee games sometimes when we're fucking," I said.

"Ewwwww!" she said, "am I going to have to do that?"

"No, baby, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. But it's a lot of fun, so I think if you're not completely grossed out by it, you should think about trying anything once or twice just to see if you like it. But we'll save that for another night. In the mean time, since it's not pee but precum, you wanna lick it up?"

"Ummm... ok," she said. She hesitantly stuck her tongue out and just barely touched it to the drop, then took another, bigger lick.

"Hey, that wasn't bad at all, it didn't taste like anything, it's just slippery!" she said, looking back at me. She didn't realize how much Steve was turned on by that one little touch of her tongue to his cock, so she was really surprised to see an even larger drop form when she turned back to look. But when she did, she lapped it up, eagerly this time, and I Steve and I shared a naughty glance at each other while she licked his glistening head.

"All right, baby, let's let daddy lie down and I can teach you all about giving daddy a great blowjob," I said.

"Wait, I want to kiss Ashley some more," Steve said and flipped her body over and around and scooted her up the bed to give himself room. I could tell how horny she was by the way her legs naturally parted themselves wide. I believe animal behaviorists call this 'presenting'. Whatever the case, her spread thighs and the reddish, swollen and glistening pretty little cunt between them looked unbelievably sexy.

I only got to glance at her tight little sexy body on the bed for a moment before Steve climbed over her, sliding his torso between her legs and enveloping her with his arms. He started making out with her, and when he began kissing her neck, she wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed, pressing herself against him, hips grinding. He took the hint and pulled her against him tighter.

I laid down next to them and a moment later one of her hands reached out and started playing with my tits. Thank fucking god, too, I was beginning to get jealous! of course, I had an afternoon of pussy licking with her, so I didn't mind taking a backseat to the action here, but still, it made me happy to see that she wanted me in on the action too. Plus it felt great.

Steve rolled over so that Ashley was on top, and she started climbing down his body so she could kiss and lick his nipples. Her ass rose up in the air straddling him, right over his cock. She was mewing more and more loudly with every spare breath. I slid my hand down her arched back, over her round butt cheek, and dragged a finger down her crack. Her body jumped as I touched her asshole, and the sweat from her excitement combined with some runoff from her vaginal juices made things slippery enough that I felt I could slide my finger right inside her little puckered hole, but I managed to resist the temptation. I would someday soon, I promised myself.

My finger kept moving downward, sliding down her sopping wet slit, over her tight little hole until I found her clit which was swollen and apparently super sensitive because as soon as I touched it she moaned loudly and she got twice as wet in seconds. My hand was covered in her juice so I reached down to Steve's cock and gave it a couple of wet strokes. He bucked his hips up and I lifted his cock so that the head touched Ashley's pussy. I rubbed it back and forth against her clit and I got so turned on I had to finger myself with my free hand.

As I masturbated our little girl's pussy with Steve's cock, I used broader strokes and soon I noticed I had the head of his cock coming into contact with the entrance to her virgin hole. I held it there, right at the threshold. I could feel all three of us tense up. I could put this cock right into her cunt if I wanted too, it would be so easy, and we all knew it. And I knew that if I told Ashley to fuck her daddy right now, she would. And I knew that if I told Steve to fuck her right now, he would, even if she didn't want him too. I imagined him spearing her and her loving it, and then I imagined her crying and fighting against him. I was shocked to realize both thoughts thrilled me the same.

Meanwhile, both of them were completely still, waiting for me to do something. The room was dead silent. All three of us were hoping I would stick it in her and at the same time, hoping that I wouldn't. My hands shook.

I had to close my eyes, take a deep breath and make myself to let go of his cock. It took me three tries get the willpower to do it. But finally I released it and instantly we all exhaled at the same time. Maybe I imagined it, but Ashley looked a tiny bit disappointed.

"Whoooo! OK, Baby, you better get down here and suck this cock before daddy's head explodes!" I said, and she giggled in relief and crawled over to where I was. I scooted aside and patted the spot between his spread legs where I wanted her to lay. She was staring at his huge cock while I sucked her pussy juices off of my hand and then quickly gave her a wet kiss that tasted like my honey.

Then we turned our attention to the cock in front of us. It glistened like a disco ball. I told Ashley to hold it a bit above the base and point it upwards.

"OK, now let's start by having you lick it, like an ice cream cone, but take your time, don't go too fast," I said.

"I normally bite my ice cream cones," she said.

"Well, don't do that!" Steve said, chuckling.

"Actually, that's a good point," I said, "Rule number one for cocksucking: No teeth. A man's penis is very sensitive and even letting your teeth scrape along it a little bit can be painful to a guy. Anyhow, forget the ice cream, lick it like you were licking my pussy earlier. I know you know how to do that right!"

She grinned and then started licking, mostly on the head of his cock, lapping up the precum that was flowing out. She certainly seemed to like it now. She also started to stroke his shaft, so I put my hand on hers to stop it.

"That's good, honey, stroking his cock while sucking him off feels really good, but I bet Daddy is way to close to cumming, and I've got a lot more to teach you so I don't want you to make him shoot too soon," I said.

"But I wanna make him cum, I wanna make him feel really good like we did, can't I just keep sucking his cock after he cums?" she asked.

"Well, men have to rest after their orgasm's, they can't have a bunch in a row the way we girls can."

"Why not?"

"Because civilization would end, no one would do any work, we'd just fuck all night and sleep all day," I said.

"Fine with me!" she giggled.

"All right, now, see this area here?" I said, pointing to the area below the head on the underside of the shaft, "This area is very sensitive, so try licking there more."

She stuck her tongue out and licked it like a kitten grooming her self, all in one direction, but a moment later she started licking in both directions. Up and down, up and down, like the fence painting thing in The Karate Kid. I hummed "You're the Best Around" in my head.

I was just about to give Ashley another pointer when I noticed that she started experimenting on her own. First she started snaking her tongue around the side of his cock, then started flicking it side to side quickly across the underside of his shaft.

"Oh my god!!!" gasped Steve. Ashley's eyes lit up with pride hearing that. I was impressed, this was an advanced move for a beginner. Maybe Ashley is a sex savant. The Mozart of slutty fucking.

"Wow, honey, where did you learn to do that?" I asked.

"I remembered you doing it to that big Black guy in one of your videos!"

Oh yeah! March Madness! For the sake of discretion, I won't mention which college that young stud played basketball for, but trust me, if any of Steve's former classmates from USC knew the depraved shit I let that energetic young man do to me, they'd be pissed as hell.

"You showed her our videos? Man, I missed out on so much fun stuff today!" Steve said.

"Sorry, baby, I promise we're going to make it up to you, aren't we baby?"

"You bet!" she said and started licking his cock enthusiastically to prove her point.

"You already are," he said.

I winked at him and said, "Oh sweetie, we've barely even started yet!"

I looked back down and saw Ashley was alternating between kissing his cock and licking it. "Well, baby, let's see what else you learned. Do you remember what else I did to his cock?"

"Yeah, you put it in your mouth, can I do that to Daddy?" she asked, knowing full well the answer would be yes.

I grabbed the cock and pointed it towards her face, then pushed her head towards it gently. She got the hint. As it approached her lips, she opened her mouth. I took my hands away and watched her.

She almost had it to her mouth before pulling back her head and taking another look at it. Then she opened hour mouth wider and lowered face to his cock head. Her lips touched the head, but then she pulled back again.

"It's really big!" she said.

"Yeah, you have to open your mouth really wide! Go on, baby, you can do it!"

She looked worried a moment, then opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly slid the head into her mouth. The head was halfway in before she took her mouth off of it and looked at me with worry.

"What's wrong, honey?" I asked. Were we going too fast? Was this the part where she starts crying and I realize I'm a monster?

"It's my teeth. I'm worried about hurting Daddy!" she said.

"Oh, thank God! I mean, good girl! Way to pay attention! Ok, here's a trick, try curling your lips in like this so they cover your teeth," I said, demonstrating it for her. She burst out laughing because if you don't have a cock in your mouth, it's actually kind of a funny face.

"Trust me, it works. I've sucked plenty of cock, I should know!" I said.

"OK, let me try again," she said. Christ, the cock-teasing Steve was getting right then must have been unbearable. His hands were clutching the bed quilt, and his knuckles were white. I don't know how he kept from grabbing her head and ramming his cock in and face-fucking her out of sheer frustration. I would have loved it if he did.

With her mouth opened wide and her lips wet lips curled in, she took him into her mouth. First the head, and once the thickest part of that was past her lips, the next couple of inches were easy. She looked at me, so I stuck my first two fingers in my mouth and bobbed my head on them to show her what she should do. She got the hint and started sliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Look at that, Steve! Can you believe it? She's sucking your cock! Does it feel good?" I asked.

"Oh God! It feels incredible. You're doing such a good job, little princess, you're making Daddy feel soooo fucking good!"

She smiled as best she could with a mouth full of meat.

I kissed him while he was getting blown, and I could tell from the way he kissed me back that he was close to cumming. I better get my last couple pointers in really quickly.

I tapped her on the head and she pulled his cock out of her mouth. Steve gave us a pleading gasp of disappointment. It sounded kinda girly.

"So what do you think of your first cock?" I asked her.

"I LOVE IT!! It was like when I licked your pussy, Mom, I love making you guys feel good!"

"That's my girl! Well, you're doing great, honey. OK, now, when you've got his cock in your mouth, actually suck on it a bit. Most women just stick it in their mouths, but they don't actually suck like they should," I said.

"OK!" she said and was just about to dive back in I stopped her again. Steve whimpered again. I'm such a bitch.

"Oh, and remember the thing you were doing with your tongue earlier? Keep doing that when his cock is in your mouth. In fact, that's rule number two of cock-sucking: Use your tongue as much as possible... actually that's good advice for all sex stuff."

She didn't wait for me to give her the go-ahead, she just smiled and started sucking his cock again. Goddamn, she looked so fucking hot sucking his cock like that. It was lewd, nasty, absolutely taboo. I reached for my pussy and then felt Steve grab my hands and hold them behind my back. He was getting his revenge, and the sudden feeling of submission plus the sight of Ashley sucking his cock made my pussy juice up hard. I tried squeezing my kegels to get a tiny bit of relief, but it wasn't enough.

"Fuck, Ashley, you're turning us on so much!" I said, and then went into deep dirty-talk mode, "That's right, baby, suck your daddy's big hard dick! You're going to be such a good little slut for us! You're going to be a nasty little cum-whore just like your mommy, huh? You're so fucking sexy, baby, I love watching you suck that cock!"

I felt Steve free one of his hands, holding both my wrists with the other. He pushed me gently on the shoulder blade, and I bent down. My face was inches from Ashley's, so I now had a perfect view. I could see her saliva dripping over her fingers, I could see how she was trying to take him deeper and deeper, almost to the point of gagging. I heard every slurp and gurgle and smack of his cock invading her mouth. And the scent, Steve's funky crotch and Ashley's clean, girlish skin, and I realized I could tell the difference between the aromas of her pussy and my own sopping cunt.

Not being able to pet my kitty was killing me, but Steve, God bless him, started fingering me with his free hand. Oh, fuuuuuuccckkk. It felt soooooo goooood. He found my g-spot inside my vag and brushed it gently, then rolled my clit with the pad of his thumb. I bucked my hips and he finger-fucked me harder and harder. I closed my eyes and moaned and swore and told him to "slam my fucking cunt harder, Daddy!" or something like that.

Steve was getting close to cumming himself, that much was clear from the energy he used to work my hungry pussy. The noise I was making caused Ashley to stop briefly and crane her neck to get a better view of what he was doing to me. I took the opportunity to grab her by the back of her head and force her lips against mine. I started to cum as soon as I tasted her dick-flavored tongue in my mouth. It caught me completely by surprise, I had no idea I was this close to an orgasm, or that it would be this strong, but there was no stopping it. My climax slammed into me like a fucking train. I think I screamed. I could feel Ashley try to pull away, worried that something was wrong or that I was hurt, but I wasn't about to let those lips go, so I held her head even harder against my face. I might have been even been pulling her hair a little bit, but I didn't give a fuck, I was lost in a crazy fucking orgasm.

The pleasure ripped through me, my vision went red and just when I thought it was over, another wave crashed and I finally had to let go of Ashley so I could squeal and howl like a bitch. Steve pulled his fingers out just as I squirted pussy juice in a powerful, sudden stream. Steve stuck his face right in the flow and let it shower him. A split second later, I felt his lips on my pussy and his tongue deep inside me and I straightened up and straddled his face so he could get a good access and so that Ashley would have a better view.

She was slack-jawed, and rubbing her own pussy furiously as she watched me get eaten out by a fucking master of the art. My body was covered in sweat, and Steve's chest was soaked in my juice. His tongue worked on my clit. I grabbed my nipples and pulled and pinched on them. Seeing Ashley masturbate while watching us was too much and I went from the first to the second orgasm with no downtime whatsoever.

As soon as my voice rose while the second climax boiled inside me, I heard Ashley yell out, "Yeah, Daddy! Make mommy cum again! I wanna see it! Make her cum again!"

OK, here's the thing about me and squirting: When I'm super turned on and my partner (or partners) know how to work my buttons right, it sometimes happens. I love it, I wish I squirted more, but it's like five percent of my orgasms are sprayers, and never -- never -- twice in a row. But when I heard Ashley cheering Steve on, watched her chest and cheeks and lips flush red, saw how wet her fingers were getting from her own pussy... I squirted again. Even harder than before. My whole body shuddered, and I collapsed on top of Steve. His cock pressed into my right tit. I panted.

Steve says I blacked out. I don't think I did, but I honestly am not sure. I definitely zoned out for a moment, and the next thing I knew, I felt two small hands on my back. Ashley was running her fingers in the pool of sweat that had formed in the crease of my spine and the small of my back and the two dimples above my ass.

I felt Steve's cock twitch, the hard, hot erection crushing my breast. I suddenly remembered that the whole point was to bust his nut, not mine, so I quickly climbed off of him. I noticed I had some precum on my tit, which I bent my head down to lap up with my toungue.

I went to Ashley's side and she gave a me big hug and said, "Jesus, Mom! That was awesome! That was totally cool! I see what you mean, peeing during sex can be really hot!"

"Yeah, but that wasn't pee, that was pussy juice. But, baby, I gotta explain about that later, because right now, Steve really needs to cum, dontchya, honey?"

"Please!" he begged. He wasn't kidding, that was totally sincere.

"OK, Ashley, you're about to make him cum. You can let him shoot it in your mouth, or you can let him shoot it on your face or you can let him shoot it on your chest or whatever, just whatever you feel most comfortable with," I said, talking quickly.

"Daddy, where do you want it?" she asked him.

"I don't know, baby, I just need to cum!" he said.

She looked at me. I really wanted to see it coat her little face, but decided otherwise.

"In your mouth, baby, he deserves it. Now suck his cock again, and you can jack him off at the same time now and whatever you do, don't stop stroking his cock until I tell you," I said.

She nodded and grabbed his cock and slid it right into her mouth, no hesitating, just hunger. She seemed to intuitively grasp the idea of stroking and sucking at the same time, and also understood that she should go faster and faster the closer he got to cumming.

Little cock-sucking Mozart, I tell you.

Steve was writhing, he bravely fought the physical instinct to rape the little girl's mouth. I loved hearing him like this, and seeing my daughter sucking him off like a porn-star made me literally glow inside. I laid down next to him. He wrapped an arm around me and held me tight. I pressed my lips against his ear a softly whispered, "that's it, honey, shoot that fucking cum for our baby girl. Fucking shoot all that hot cum into her little ten-year-old mouth. She's our little fuck-toy, daddy's little preteen slut. You can do anything you want with her, baby, anything! I'll let you! Feed her all your jizz, Daddy, then we can make her cum together."

He groaned the entire time, faster and faster. I thought about warning Ashley, but decided it's more fun to let him just shoot.

His eyes were clenched, he had a brutally hard grasp of one of my ass cheeks and I had a bit of trouble breathing with how firmly he held me against him.

"OHHH,FUUUUCCCCCCKKK!!! GODDAMMNI UGHHHHHHH!!!! ARGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!". His mouth was so close to my face, and his orgasm so loud that it made my ears ring. I watched Ashley as her mouth was flooded with his semen. Her cheeks puffed out, filled with jizz. Some began to dribble down her chin. Her face showed a mixture of lust and revulsion, clearly the gooey, slimy liquid wasn't entirely what she was expecting, but the trooper tried to keep up with it. The whole question of where he should cum was entirely academic, there's no way she could take his entire load in her mouth. She had to pull it out of her mouth, but she kept on pumping away at his cock and it kept shooting, so I got to see three strong squirts blast onto her face. She clenched her eyes tight and crinkled her nose but she didn't try to dodge his juice.

Her face was coated in his cum, some of it landed in her hair. The final smaller sputters from his cock landed on her chest and shoulder.

I should have grabbed a camera or something, got pictures or video, it was the sexiest thing I've ever seen, and it's a real shame I can't show it to anyone. A little girl's first taste of cum, the birth of a cum-slut.

She looked at me with her puffed-out, jizz-filled cheeks. She raised her eyebrows, and I realized she was asking me what to do with that mouthful of cum.

"Swallow it," I said. Her eyes widened, her eyebrows crinkled. I'm sure she would have told me that I'm fucking nuts if she didn't have a mouthful of jism.

"C'mon, honey, swallow it. It shows the man you love making him cum, and he'll love it because it's sexy as hell. Here, watch," I said, and then bent down slid my tongue up her chest, scooping a healthy dollop into my mouth. I opened my mouth to show it to her, swallowed it down and showed her my empty mouth.

"Mmmmmmm... See honey? That's what nasty sluts do," I said.

She must have been reconsidering her earlier enthusiasm for joining the sisterhood of debauched whores right about then, but give the girl a gold star, she swallowed it all down. It took her two tries because of just how much jizz was in her mouth. The first swallow was done with an expression of severe reluctance, the second, though, was with an expression of "that wasn't so bad, I can do this."

Steve was missing this whole drama because he was still coming down from the biggest orgasm I ever remember him having. Hell, he hadn't stopped moaning yet.

After swallowing, she coughed and gagged a bit, and a tiny drop of cum flew right at me. She wiped some of the cum off her face, including the drip on her forehead that was threatening to plop into her eye. She looked at her cum covered hand and I could see she was trying to work up the courage to gulp it down. Out of mercy -- and thirst -- I licked it off of her fingers for her.

I suddenly remembered the first time I had tasted my daddy's juice when I was a little girl. It tasted like shit to me, but within a couple weeks, I grew to love it because that taste meant I had given him so much pleasure. Once your brain associates a certain taste with sexual pleasure, it begins to crave that taste. Now, the smell of semen makes my mouth water the same way the smell of chocolate does.

It looked like Ashley would be a cum-connoisseur like me, and probably soon. After watching me eagerly lap up his juice, she decided she'd do the same. She squeegeed the most heavily coated side of her face with her fingers and fed it to herself, then repeated the action with the other side. I don't think she realized she still had a fair sized dribble on her torso.

I looked down and noticed that, believe it or not, she was still stroking Steve's softening cock. No wonder he was still moaning. I couldn't believe it, I had told her to keep stroking and she did it. This from the girl who can never write down a phone message ever, no matter how many times I tell her too. I touched her arm and said, "OK, baby, you can stop stroking now."

"But I like doing it, it's fun!"

"Yeah, but a man's cock gets really sensitive after he cums, epecially on the head, so you gotta let go at some point," I said.

"And I want you to come up here and kiss me some more," Steve said. It was the first intelligible words to come out of his mouth since before he started cumming, so it caught me off guard. But Ashley was eager to make out some more, so she hopped on him, rubbed her pussy on his stomach and kissed him with her sperm-coated mouth. Luckily Steve digs the taste of cum almost as much as I do, and has no aversion to his own, so he kissed her as passionately as she kissed him.

While they were necking, I took the opportunity to clean off his softening cock. I loved thinking about how this thick piece of meat was just in my girl's mouth. And the combined taste of cum, crotch funk and girl-spit.... it tasted fucking fantastic. I buried my nose in his pubic hair, stuffing his whole cock in my mouth, the head beginning to tickle my tonsils a bit but I'm a practiced hand so I know how to keep from hurling.

"Wow, mom, how do you fit the whole thing inside?" she asked.

Laughing with a throat full of dick is not advised.

After laughing/choking/spitting a bit (very ladylike), I said "Well, it's easier to get the whole thing in your mouth when it's soft, but you can learn to take the whole thing even when it's hard sometimes. That's called 'deep-throating', and it's sort of like that sword swallower we saw on TV, you remember that?"

"Yeah, I remember. You and dad were laughing about something and you wouldn't tell me what it-- hey, where you guys joking about him deep-throating?"

"Yeah, sorry about that," Steve said, "but now you get to share in all our dirty jokes!"

"And a lot more than that, too!" I said.

We relaxed and caught our breath for a minute. Ashley was laying on Steve, and I could see strands of her fine hair beginning to stick to his sweat-soaked chest. I was on my side right next to them. Steve's eyes met mine and something very loving passed between us. We both ran our hands over Ashley's body. After a couple of minutes, he and I both noticed that Ashley was grinding herself against him a bit.

"So, Ashley, I've been dying to taste your pussy for so long now!" Steve said, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to insist on eating you out and making you cum."

She sat up and grinned and pretended to frown.... "Well, if you must!" she said and then bounced off of him, and next to me, throwing one leg over mine. She twisted the upper half of her body towards me and started sucking on my tits. I cradled her head in one of my hands and pulled her tighter against my nipple. Her tongue felt so good that I groaned out loud.

Steve got between her legs and started kissing her chest, working his way down. I bet he wanted to go slowly and sensually, but he was so eager to make his way south that it took like five seconds or something. He spread her pussy lips wide with one hand, stretching her aroused clitty. He started kissing and licking her sweet pussy, making her moan against my tit.

"Wow, Ashley, you taste fucking great! I hope you don't mind, I'm going to have to do this a lot more often!" he said and started licking and sucking her pussy even harder.

"Oh, god! That feels soooo gooooood, Daddy. You can do this all you want to me, you can do whatever you want to me," she said, panting. I have no idea if she knew what she was really saying, but I let my imagination run wild.

Her hips were squirming on the bed underneath him. Her moans were growing louder and faster, and soon she had to stop suckling me and just give into the pleasure she was feeling. Her eyes were shut tight and sweat was breaking out on her forehead. I ran my fingertips over the smooth skin of her writhing body, tracing my nails lightly across her flesh. Her cheeks and her chest bloomed with a hot red flush. She thrust her hips up off the bed, pressing her pussy harder against Steve's mouth. She gasped as she felt his tongue squirm it's way into her tiny hole. I slid my hands down and started to rub her very aroused clit. Instantly she started moaning twice as loud, and I could tell she was on the verge of another orgasm. Her pussy was so wet that I could hear a sopping squishy sound as I stroked her, even over the sounds of her pleasure. Blindly, her hands roamed over me until they found my breasts. She started pinching and pulling on one of my nipples, and a moment later she twisted on my nipple hard as she began to cum. Juice flooded over my hand and into Steve's mouth, and the sharp pain on my tit caused my thighs to fly open. I started rubbing my own pussy and found Ashley's mouth with my own, and we started kissing madly as her orgasm subsided and mine began. A moment later I felt Steve's mouth on my cunt and I grabbed the back of his head. Ashley's hand was already there, she had guided his mouth from her pussy to mine.

My whole body shook as I came. Ashlely climbed onto me, straddling my stomach with her wet pussy, and kissed me while I slowly came down from an orgasmic high more powerful than I'd felt in years.

The relaxation that took hold of me afterwards was so strong that before I knew it, I had nodded off. I woke up a couple of moments later to the sounds of my husband and my daughter laughing. He was tickling her. They stopped when they saw me open my eyes.

"Look who's up, it's Sleeping Beauty!" Steve said.

"I wasn't out that long!" I said defensively.

"Hey, mommy?" Ashley asked.


"I'm hungry!"

"You just ate!" Steve and I said at the same time, then we all started laughing even though the joke wasn't that funny. After we recovered a couple of minutes later, I stood up and quickly grabbed a towel from the bathroom, and started mopping up the cum and sweat Ashley was covered in.

"Well, I'll tell you what, why don't you two hop in the jacuzzi while I order us a pizza, how's that sound?"

"Sounds good... after dinner, can we watch some more of your videos?" Ashley asked me.

"Sure honey," I said.

"And, um... uh... "

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well, uh... can I -- I mean, do you mind if I.... I wanna watch you guys fuck!"

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