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I'm making a small change to my feedback forms. In the past, I've been very hesitant to reply to comments because of the nature of my stories. However I think that's pretty inconsiderate those of you who have been kind enough to leave feedback and would like a reply. Plus, why even have an email address field if I'm not going to use it? So now there's a checkbox if you'd like a reply.

And while I'm on the subject, I've gotten a lot of great feedback since I've started posting here at ASSTR, and I just want to say "Thank You" to all of you, I really appreciate it a lot! I'd have abandoned this little project of mine were it not for your encouragement. Thanks a ton!


Yay! Another "Ashley" chapter. Plus I've made good progress on "Chubby", which everyone keeps asking about.


Well, chapters 4 & 5 of Ashley are up. You'd think writing a blow-job scene wouldn't take a year and a half, wouldn't you?


Welcome, Kristen Archive readers! Over the weekend, I noticed a huge spike in reader feedback. Apparently, the moderators of The Kristen Archive have graciously linked to my little space here on ASSTR. I'd like to say "Thank You" to them. If you've never visited the Kristen Archives, you really should. They're by far the largest, most active and highest quality archives of erotic fiction on ASSTR. It's been one of my favorite corners of ASSTR for a long time now.

Now, the number one thing people ask me in the feedback I've received (thank you for all of it, by the way) is when am I going to post something new? That's a good question, since it's been over a year since I last added anything. Clearly, I'm one lazy motherfucker. But the good news is that I've actually been working on the next chapters of the Ashley series. I resumed writing in earnest a couple days before what I now call The Kristen Flood* started, and the feedback I've received has encouraged me to work harder. So, the answer is "soon", but it won't be this week because writing takes me longer than it should — mostly because I keep needing to jerk off after I write a few paragraphs. I have no idea what willpower our more prolific authors possess, but I'm envious of it.

* Yes, Gia, I was thinking of you when I named it


I uploaded html versions of Ashley and plan to do the same for Kandy. Also, this page itself should be a bit less tough on the eyes.


My New Year's Resolution is to write more and smoke less. Sadly, it's likely to turn out the opposite. However, long ago I started a story I still frequently fantasize about, one that I like quite a lot. I thought it was lost, but nope, I found a copy of it. It wasn't quite the masterpiece that I remember, but I've done some editing, done some additions, added a really hot new scene and posted it here for you to enjoy. I like Chapter 3 the most so far, but the unwritten chapters are (as is always the case with unwritten chapters) fuckin' intense.


If any of you think I've been straight up negligent in not updating, you're fucking right. I promise to spank myself tonight for my being so irresponsible. Of course, I'll be drunk and high on poppers, so I'll enjoy it, but you go to bed with the ass-slapping you have, right Rummy?

Anyhow, based on all the fantastic feedback I've gotten, there's a lot of interest in "Chubby" so that's the story I'm turning my attention to. I'm glad, because it's also the story I jerk off thinking about the most, but unfortunately, I get so turned on thinking about it that it gets in the way of writing it.

But as an act of good faith, and to whet your fucked-up appetites, I've posted a (very, very brief) introduction to the story. It's pretty hot, and hopefully the last line will make you laugh.

If you like it, let me know. If it weren't for your feedback (complimentary, nagging or otherwise) I'd have stopped writing long ago.

About My Stories

Obviously there's a lot here that isn't for everyone. Let's be clear here, I do not condone, encourage or practice anything depicted in my stories, they exist purely for fantasy purposes.

Well, now that that's out of the way. My stories are intended to be well-written and as original as possible in a genre where originality is rare. I enjoy writing the sex scenes, but that's nothing compared to the thrill of creating a character who, while existing in outrageous and unbelievable circumstances and doing outrageous and unbelievable things, feels both real and compelling.

I'm also finding that as I write these stories, a fictional community is beginning to form that really fascinates me. Within these stories, I'm starting to explore how a community open to incest, family love and child/adult sex would actually function. What would be the dynamics within and between families and individuals?

Of course, don't let that stop you if you're just looking to bust a nut or pet the little man in the boat (depending on gender, of course). The stories are first and foremost about sex and if they don't make you want to beat off, I'm doing it wrong.

I love feedback

If my stories made you cum, please let me know!