My own works

Puppy Dog Jen (Mg+b+/g, humil, spank, dog, bdsm, enem, nc)

10 years old Jen is made to be a puppy dog by her father who want her to be trained like that. She is given, just to be trained some more, to another little girl of 9 who soon shows her childish cruel attitude. For poor Jen it will be just the start of an escalation of pain and deep humiliations. Children could be cruel but here they are wild! :)

The Evil School (Fg+/b, humil, spank, bdsm, nc)

A story in a school setting (as I love them so much!!!!). Alex is a normal 12 years old seventh grade but his school life is just ready to change in a living hell thanks to the new school rules and with the help of a so "dear" little sister. Alex's first day of the school year starts bad just to become worse....

St.Ann & James Middle School (MFg+/bg, humil, spank, bdsm, tort, nc)

Another story with a school setting. This time we are in a catholic co-ed grade school (1 to 8)which has very strict rules on the discipline side. 12 years old Peter and 9 years old Laura will learn the hard way how bad it could become what would have been a simply normal school day.

Summer Camp (FM/gb, spank, humil, scat, bdsm, nc)

Two stories set in a fantasy summer camp in which the kids are subjected to very strict rules. All and every infraction even if little is corrected in various very creative and humiliating ways. Both the stories either if set on the same place could be read as a standing alone one. Mike in the show was my very first story I ever wrote.

Short Stories

Robert is a young boy of 10 and is playing war with his friends against another rival gang. When he's captured by the enemies starts for the young boy the most painful and humiliating nightmare of his short young life. It's based on a real life experience of mine. Of course actually facts went in some way different than in the story but it could be in this way if only....