Stephen Gray's Erotic Fiction

Dear Readers,

As many of you have noticed, it has been over two months since my last story was posted.  This is due to the fact that I am currently dating someone very special, and I have had little time for writing (or anything else).  I hope to eventually continue these stories in the future - but for now, all stories are "temporarily on hold".  Thank you all for your kind words over the past few years; it has meant a lot to me.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me at (though this address is getting rather cluttered from junk mail).

Book One:  
The Purple Potion

Status:  Finished
(last updated 7/9/01)

As Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker has never managed to best his caped adversary - until now.  Having discovered a method to control the minds of others through chemicals and sex, the Joker sets in motion a diabolical scheme to wreak havoc upon Gotham City.  Will Batman be able to stop him, or will he fall prey to the lustful madness that threatens to engulf all of mankind?

Book Two:
Arabian Nights
Status:  Temporarily on Hold
(last updated 3/13/03)

Long ago, in a distant desert kingdom, there lived a king who came to believe that all women were evil temptresses.  He took many wives to his bed, only to have them executed the next morning.  One brave woman seeks to end the king's madness by enchanting him with a series of exotic tales.  Her life depends upon her stories - for if she fails to please the king, her own life is forfeit.

Book Three:
Victoria's Secret
Status:  Temporarily On Hold
(last updated 1/26/02)

Something strange is going on in the world of sexy lingerie.  Beautiful women go shopping one day, only to disappear without a trace.  British secret service agent Richard Proudstaff is assigned to investigate these disappearances, along with his beautiful companion, Angela Honeywell.  The two of them soon find themselves entwined in a sinister web of danger, conspiracy and irresistible sex.  Will they be able to escape this web?  Will they want to? 

Book Four:
Cult of the Triangle
Status:  In Progress
(last updated 8/6/03)

At a prominent college, students have found themselves becoming distracted from their studies.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that more and more girls are wearing less and less -- and the guys want to help them out of their clothes entirely.  In the deepest hours of the night, it is not uncommon to hear sinister chanting and lust-filled moans -- but where are they coming from?  And why are so many people now wearing these strange triangular amulets around their necks?

Book Five:
Voyages of the U.S.S. Intercourse
Status:  Finished
(last updated 12/08/02)

During a scientific expedition to the garden planet of Faslekh, one the crew of the Intercourse comes into contact with an alien parasite with the ability to mutate its victims into depraved sex-addicts.  One by one, the ship's crew members fall prey to this virulent plague of lust.  Will the captain and his valiant crew be able to find a cure in time?