My Spanking
by Erika Z.

Category: ff (first time), Spanking.

Summary: I'm in for a surprise and much, much more when a childhood friend recalls a spanking game we played as children.

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"You're not embarrassed about that, are you? Susan asked.

"No," I answered trying not to sound defensive. "We were just kids."

"And I spanked your bare rear," she said giggling.

"You got it too," I said.

I was sitting in my neighbor Susan's room, she is two years older than I, and I was 16 at the time. My family had come over to Susan's family's house for the evening. It was tradition for our families to get together on Christmas Eve and eat dinner, exchange gifts, and such. After the gift exchange Susan and I found ourselves in her room listening to music and hanging out.

Somehow the naked game of tag we had about nine years before had come up. Susan had come along with my family to the beach for the day. After we had gotten back my mother had made us wait in the garage while my father and her took showers and got cleaned up. My mom had wanted our suits right away to wash so we stripped down. There we were, Susan and I completely naked in the garage. The door was closed. We were too young to really care. We found ourselves in the backyard, and we started playing a game of tag. After a short time the idea was to smack the other's bottom.

We played our game for a while until my mother finally called us in. Susan and I ended up showering together, and we stilled played the game, that is still spanking each other on the bottom, until we were done showering. The only thing I seemed to remember is that Susan and I kept trying to slap each other harder and harder. Although, it was painful we were laughing and giggling so hard it didn't seem that bad. It's hard to say why I remember that as such an enjoyable experience, and why it remains a striking memory.

"Did any of it?" Susan finally asked.

I wasn't quite sure how to answer, and I was somewhat alarmed by the tone of her voice. Did she mean seeing each other naked or spanking each other? I had heard of lesbians, but I knew Susan liked boys, and I had no idea of what to make about the idea liking to be spanked. I wasn't too sophisticated back then, and I didn't know what to make of her question. "It was fun," I answered honestly and rather innocently.

"Being spanked?" she asked.

"It was part of the game," I answered.

"Did you ever want to play it again?" she asked.

"I loved the game, but it was one of those one-of-a-kind things. We're older now."

"No one has to know," she said as if we were sharing secret. "We could just try the spanks." I was dumbfounded by her request, and I just stared at her not knowing what to say. Then she suddenly stood up, took off her shirt, her jeans, and then her bra and panties. She stood in front of me, naked, smiling, and doing pirouettes. Then she turned around and wriggled her rear a little. I continued to stare at her in stunned silence. "I'd better lie across your lap," she said.

I was sitting on the side of her bed, and she laid across my lap, her bare bottom right there staring up at me.

"Do it," she said. "But rub it to make it warm first."

"This is weird," I returned.

"Come on, do it," she continued. I gave her buns a quick rub and patted her rear once. "Yes, now harder." I spanked her again, a little harder. "Real hard, make your hand hurt." I managed to spank her hard four or five times. I was keenly aware that she moaned like she was aroused each time I hit her. Then she stood up suddenly, rubbing her bottom. "Thanks," she said looking at me smiling.

I just sat there not moving -- I was frozen.

"Well, take off your clothes," she demanded. "It's your turn."

A shock passed through me, collecting in a knot in my belly. I don't know why, but I found myself pulling my shirt over my head as she watched. While I unbuttoned my jeans I wondered if she might hear my heart beating. I was overwhelmingly self-conscious, as she seemed to study me in great absorption while I undressed. Before I knew it, I was standing naked before her feeling scared, excited, and slightly aroused.

"Little plaything," I heard her say under her breath as she stood before me.

She ran her hand over my face, my cheeks, and my eyelids. She had a look of desire in her eyes. I felt myself begin to shake. I was scared, but fascinated at the same time. Susan, who is taller than I, seemed to tower over me. I bit my lip as I caught myself staring at her great white breasts, and the dark circles of her nipples. I had never had the opportunity to study another naked woman so close before. I made no sound and kept my hands at my sides. I felt if we stood there much longer that I would be overcome with panic.

Susan sat back on the bed and motioned for me to lie across her lap. I had not realized I was so aroused until I felt my breast rub up against the softness of her comforter, and my sex against Susan's bare thigh. I found the notion of having my buttocks exposed to Susan's scrutiny strangely exciting even though I was completely embarrassed at the same time.

Susan lifted my hair. Goose bumps formed on my arms as she ran the tips of her fingers down my spine.  Then I felt her hand on my neck, massaging it. My breath left me in rapid gasps as I felt her fingers brush across my shoulder, down my side, and onto my left breast. She touched my nipple with her long fingers. I tried to keep myself still even though I felt the sudden urge to rise and escape. I don't know what was more frightening, realizing I was enjoying the way she was touching me or knowing that Susan was about to unleash an unknown quantity of pain onto my backside. I felt myself tense up as I felt her other hand close over my buttocks just as she closed her first hand over my left breast.

The Susan commenced to spank me. It felt like one great hard slap after another. I tried to be still, to be quiet, but I felt myself trying to squirm away from it. I heard myself crying out suddenly in gasps as the slaps stung me. I tried to stifle my cries not wanting anyone else in the house to hear us. Her hand seemed immense; it felt like it shaped itself around my cheeks as she spanked me.

Susan's other hand pinched my breasts, stretched my nipples one at a time, letting them go, and stretching them again, as the spanks went on and on until I was sobbing. There was nothing in my existence, but the pain of my enflamed buttocks, and pleasure of her fingers on my nipples. The thought never crossed my mind to make her stop. She spanked my left buttock, then my right. I clenched my teeth to stifle my cries, and grabbed fiercely onto the comforter with my hands.

When I couldn't take it anymore I broke my grasp of the comforter, and covered my buttocks with my hands. I became alarmed at first when she tried to move them away, but then she stopped. We were both out of breath. My buttocks seemed to swell and throb unbearably. She pulled me up into her lap so that I faced away from her sitting on her upper thighs.

"My little plaything," she whispered softly into my ear as she wrapped her arms around me holding me close.

I felt the warmth of her breasts as they pressed into my back. I was shaken, sore, and sat there quivering on her thighs. Susan's skin felt cool under my burning buttocks, and I took great comfort as she cradled me in her arms.

I looked down through tears as I felt her right hand examine my nipples. I watched her long fingers gently pull at them, making them erect. I felt overwhelmed in conflicting sensations as I felt her warm lips against the side of my neck, the continued pressing of her ample breasts into my back, my hip against her smooth stomach, and pain of my swollen buttocks. I felt safe and protected in her arms, even though I still felt the stinging of her violent assault on my backside.

"You are so sweet," Susan said softly in my ear.

I bit my lip.

"Susan..." I said breathlessly, but I did not know what to say.

Susan's hand plunged down between my legs and felt my sex. My instant reflex to pull away was overwhelmed by the wave of pleasure that pulsed through me. I was on fire, dripping in wetness I hadn't realized I had.

"There is no need to be afraid of my hand," she whispered when she first felt me twitch in pleasure. "I will be gentle." Susan bent and kissed my tears, tasting them on my cheeks, and eyelids. "Sugar and salt," she whispered.

I resisted the urge to start sobbing as her hand, between my legs, massaged the moist portion of my body. I knew my face was flushed. The mingling of pain and pleasure was overpowering. My head fell back against her shoulder, and my mouth went slack. I realized Susan was kissing my throat, and heard myself moaning softly. I gasped as the pleasure between my legs washed through me, mounting and mounting. I felt like my hardened nipples might burst, and I relentlessly felt every inch of the abraded flesh of my buttocks against the skin of her thighs.

"Now, come on, did I spank you so very hard, tell me?"

She took me by the chin and turned me so that faced her, staring into her eyes. They were huge and blue. The lashes curled upward, she seemed to have a great casing of glass over her eyes, so deep, so brilliant.

"Answer me," she whispered with her full, moist lips.

"It was...hard..." I said breathlessly as her hand still pleasured me between my legs.

"Of course, for such a fresh little butt."

Susan kissed me. Her hair thick blonde hair fell around her, full of perfume, I felt the velvety skin of her face, and I realized her breasts were pressed against mine. She looked so incredibly beautiful to me at that moment.

My hips moved forward, I started to gasp. I open my legs wider as her fingers continued to penetrate my wet, throbbing cunt. My hungry little sex wanted, for all the world, her hand go all the way inside. I buried my face into her neck, and the shocks of pleasure pulsed through me. Holding Susan tightly, I wanted to feel all of her flesh against mine. I moaned and throbbed my body against hers as my climax overwhelmed my body with pleasure.

"You are wicked," I said after I finally gathered my wits.

She just smiled at me. She lay on the bed naked, and I sat next to her after we disengaged from each other. The throbbing in my buttocks was now reduced to a dull ache. I studied Susan's long body before me; I couldn't make myself stop staring.

I reached out and put my hand on her belly. I moved my hand along the outside of her hip and down her thigh. I pinched the flesh of her thighs, and then reached underneath the back of her legs at her calves. I felt a tingling feeling as I explored her body with my touch. I was fascinated by the smooth, hairless, softness of her skin. This was the first time I had touched a woman so intimately.

I proceeded to examine her nipples. I watched my fingers turn each nipple this way and that, testing the soft circle of skin around it. I felt great satisfaction as I heard Susan's breath become uneven while I pinched and caressed her nipples.

"Spread your legs," I said to her.

Susan stared up at me as she spread herself wide enough so that each of her knees were pressed into the comforter. I felt her shudder as my fingers felt the moisture in her secret, exposed spot, playing with Susan's pubic lips, smoothing her small tuft of pubic hair, and finally catching a lock of it to pull and tease idly. Her hips rose as my thumb entered her.

"Turn over," I said pulling my hand away from her sex.

I caressed each cheek of her ass, gently pulling and pinching. I touched her sex again, wetting my fingers, then sliding up her crotch and along the rim of her anus. I smiled to myself as she squirmed and moved her hips while I touched her.

I felt wicked and nasty as I was overcome with lust and desire. I put my hands on the back of her thighs and spread her legs so far apart, and forward that here hips rose up off the bed. She was sprawled apart, her sex protruding, hanging down, and her buttocks split resembling a ripe fruit. My hand was under her sex, weighing it, feeling the roundness and heaviness of the lips, pinching them.

"Arch your back," I said, "and lift your buttocks, my little cat...little cat in heat."

Susan was visibly trembling. I felt like my fingers commanded her passion, and I was squeezing the flame to make it burn hotter. Her pubic lips were swelling, and their juices flowing. I bent down and kissed her left buttock. I savored the taste of her soft flesh under my mouth. I peppered her backside with kisses, nibbles, and licks of my tongue.

She squirmed her body and moaned into her pillow as my mouth explored the outer regions of her sex. I tasted her salty sweet nectar as the tip of my tongue caressed the edges of her labia. I felt her wetness on my face as I buried myself in her engorged sex. I found her feminine scent and taste intoxicating. My mouth covered the area between her thighs in a frenzied pace. I wanted to eat her up and at one point I found my face between the cheeks of her ass, licking and kissing her puckered rose bud, and penetrating her small orifice with my tongue. A part of me couldn't quite believe what I was doing, but I so possess with passion I couldn't help myself.

I motioned for her to turn back over and spread her legs for me. I went down on her again, this time concentrating on her clit. She was twisting from one side to the other, her hands gathering up the soft sheets at her side into knots; it seemed her whole body grew pink, and her nipples looked so hardened as if they were tiny stones. I continued to taste the sweet moisture of her womanhood as she struggled, blushed, and moaned in front of me. She arched her back, her breasts were suffused with red as I mercilessly assaulted her clitoris with my tongue. She began to shudder so violently she threatened to bounce me off the bed. Her loud cries of pleasure were muffled as she turned her face into the pillow.

She threw her head back, her teeth clenched. "Erika, my princess!" she grunted. Her wet sex, stretched wide over my fingers, throbbed and pulsed in a frenzied rhythm until she was screaming in release.

She finally came down from her heights of pleasure, and began to lie still, moist, pink, with her eyes closed, breathing deeply as the sweat from her exertions shined off the skin of her body.

"That was lovely, my darling," I heard her say softly as she laid there looking up at me. "I had no idea you would be such a talented lover."

I was suddenly overcome with shyness, my previous boldness slipping away. I lay beside her, nestled into her arms, buried my head in her warm sweet smelling hair, and welcomed her gentle, deep, affectionate kisses. My lips played with hers. She whispered my name in my ear, and laid her hand between my legs sealing my sex with her palm as she clung to me.

We awoke with knock to her bedroom door. We quickly dressed, and I went home with my parents. I could not fall asleep that night. My tender bottom scraping against the sheets reminding of what happened earlier that evening, reminding me that what happened wasn't some far away dream. I stayed up with the events of the evening running through my head, overwhelm by what had happened. I knew I had changed, but at the point in time I could not fathom in what way.

For the next few weeks Susan and I made love, spanked each other, explored pleasure mixed with pain, dominance mixed with submission. I couldn't get enough of her. When she left to go back to college I was both disappointed and relieved. I missed her, but I found our encounters almost too intense. I still see Susan every once in a while, and even though she is married, we still find time to spend together.