Teen Cousins 3

John Saxton
(mfff, first time, teens, incest - cousins)

“You’re sure we can’t be seen in this field? No one will be around?” worried Nancy. Susan and John looked over at their cousin and smiled reassuringly.

“I’ve spent more hours in that pasture than I care to think about in every season,” John assured her, “and I’ve never seen a living soul yet.

“Just my luck that someone will come walking out of the woods while we’re there naked,” she fretted. “Or worse, while you and Susan are… fucking. Or Grandpa will decide to come up and see how you’re doing or…”

“Can Grandpa drive up there without you hearing or seeing him, John?” Susan asked, suddenly concerned.

“No. There’s a really steep hill just before you come into the pasture. I can hear the engine of the truck or the tractor long before he reaches the top of the hill. It’s so quiet there that those sounds really stand out.”

“Well, we’d better keep our clothes with us, then. Just in case,” Susan grinned. “How long ‘til we can take them off?”

“Well, just a mile or so from here we’ll turn off the road. After we go through and close the gate, we’ll drive up the hill to the barn. The haytruck’s in the barn, so we’ll have to leave the van there and take the truck up to the pasture – the van would never make it up that hill anyway. When we drive the truck up behind the barn and into the woods, we won’t have to worry about seen anymore. So, I suppose, once we get into the trees and out of sight of the barn, you can get naked,” John smiled broadly.

“You? You’re not getting naked with us?” Nancy asked abruptly.

“Well, I can while we’re driving up to the pasture. But I can’t buck hay nude. Hay may look soft, but it’s got a lot of pointy ends on it!”

“Too bad,” Susan giggled. “I was really looking forward to watching you work naked.”

“Well, I don’t want to be naked if John’s not going to,” Nancy objected. Susan shot her an irritated look as John pulled off the road. He glanced at Nancy with disappointment in his eyes then got out of the van to open the gate. The teens were quiet as he got back into the van and drove through the opened gateway then climbed out again to secure the gate. The uncomfortable silence continued as they drove up toward the barn.

“Oh, oh,” John warned. “Someone’s here. It look’s like Uncle Keith’s car.”

“Shit. And we’re not wearing bras – or panties!” Nancy panicked.

“Can you get your bra on really quick?” John asked quietly.

“Yeah… but we’re going to be there in a minute,” Susan replied somberly.

“Not if I stop here and walk up. I’ll drive the truck back to get you. That’ll give you time to get your bras on – don’t worry about panties; Uncle Keith wouldn’t be able to tell you’re not wearing them. But make it fast.” He let the van slow and slipped the clutch, racing the engine then, with a show of frustration at the supposedly balky vehicle, pulled the van over to the side of the gravel road. He turned to the girls and urged them to action. “I’ll say you’re putting on sunscreen while I’m getting the truck and that the van wouldn’t make it up this hill. If you get ready and I’m still talking to Uncle Keith, just walk up to the barn and join us.”

John got out of the van and, after looking at the van in apparent disgust, turned to walk up to the barn. Three figures walked out of the barn into the sunlight as he arrived. “Grandpa! What brings you up here? Uncle Keith? Tina?” John looked quizzically at the three and quickly noted a somber mood shared by the three of them; John’s younger cousin Tina was visibly upset.

Keith glanced at his father-in-law and began speaking in subdued tones. “John, there’s been some trouble at home. We… I think I’ll wait until the girls get here so I don’t have to explain it twice.” John heard his cousins walk up behind him. They soon stood on each side of him. “I was just starting to explain to John that there’s been some trouble at home. Brad’s been arrested and his Mom and I need to fly home to find out what’s going on. John, your parents have offered to let Tina stay here for awhile since we don’t know what we’ll need to do – we may not have time to take care of her properly. Your Grandfather suggested that getting out and spending some time with you guys might help her sort out her feelings; she’s obviously distressed that her brother is in so much trouble. Do you mind letting her ‘hang out’ with you for awhile?”

“Not at all, Uncle Keith,” John affirmed as the girls moved to Tina’s side with compassion.

“I don’t want to, Dad,” Tina stormed. “I just want to be left alone!” the thirteen-year-old sobbed. “They don’t want me hanging around them!”

“Yes, we do,” soothed Nancy. “We’ve always gotten along well, haven’t we? We like having you with us.”

Tina glared at her, apparently ready to dispute Nancy’s claim, but glanced at her father and shook her head angrily. “We get along, but you don’t really want me with you. You three are… well, you just would rather be alone and I know it!”

“Look, Tina,” Susan smiled sadly, “We’re just going to be driving a truck around a field while John stacks hay on the back. You don’t have to talk or anything – just sit and watch him work, ok? We won’t bug you or ask you about things you’re unhappy about – honest. And we really do want you with us.”

Tina glowered, clearly wanting to say something, but whatever it was couldn’t be said in front of her father.

“Good then,” Keith said anxiously. “It’s settled. Just relax and try to enjoy yourself Tina. You’ll feel better soon, I’m sure. And we’ll call you regularly to keep you up to date with what’s going on, ok?” He hugged her self-consciously and gestured to his father-in-law toward the car. “We’d better get going – we have to be in Medford to catch that flight soon.”

John’s Grandfather looked sadly at his tearful granddaughter then told John to be sure she didn’t get too much sun. He sighed and followed Keith to the car. The four teenagers stood and watched them drive away.

I’m sorry you’re stuck with me,” Tina murmured. “I’ll try to stay out of the way. You can leave me here at the barn, if you want.”

 Susan hugged the diminutive blonde to her fiercely. “When have we ever shut you out, Tina?” She demanded, lifting the girl’s chin with her hand to look into her teary eyes. “I thought you liked us. I thought that, of all the cousins, you were closest to us.”

“But… how can I say it,” Tina’s lips trembled. “But I know about you…” Her voice trailed off. She tried to shift her eyes away from Susan’s but Susan persisted.

“What do you know about us? What is it that makes you think you’re not welcome with us?” Susan’s voice remained firm and loving, but she glanced worriedly at her lover-cousins.

“I… I was reading in the barn night before last – trying to find a quiet place to read. I was high on the pile of bales, lying down and reading…”

“And?” Susan asked evenly, her tongue wetting her lips nervously.

“I saw you…”

“What did you see,” Susan asked softly. “Go ahead. Tell me what you saw.”

“I… I… I saw the three of you… kissing… touching… playing with each other’s… bodies.” She hung her head; Susan lifted her chin again with a somber smile.

“That wasn’t your fault; you don’t need to feel bad about it. It was our fault; I’m sorry you saw it. Do you forgive us?”

“Oh, I don’t mind that you were doing it – I just know that you want to be alone so you can do that kind of stuff. You won’t want a little kid hanging around…”

“You don’t mind? It didn’t bother you? You didn’t think it was wrong?”

For the first time Tina smiled a little. “I knew you guys got along real well – I just didn’t know how well!” She giggled a little. “But it looked like you were having fun.”

“But we’re cousins – your cousins. Doesn’t that bother you?” Nancy exclaimed.

“No, not really. I know a brother and sister that have sex and they seem to like it a lot, so why shouldn’t cousins? And don’t worry – I haven’t told anyone and I won’t either. But I know you’d rather be alone.” She ended uncomfortably.

“Well,” Susan said after a moment. “I won’t lie – we were looking forward to being naked and… having some fun while we were up in the pasture. But we don’t want you to be moping around the house, feeling bad about your brother, either.”

“Let’s get something straight,” Tina said with uncharacteristic passion. “I don’t care that my brother has been arrested.” Her cousins gasped in surprise. “In fact, I’m glad he got arrested. And I hope they give him the death penalty!”

“Tina! You can’t mean that!” Nancy cried.

“You don’t know… you don’t know what he did,” Tina retorted fiercely. “You don’t know what he’s like!”

“If it’s ok to tell us, what did he do?” John asked quietly.

Tina began sobbing again and hid her face in her hands for a long moment. Finally she controlled her emotions and raised her wet eyes to look at her cousins. “Actually, you are about the only ones I can tell, the only ones that might understand,” she said brokenly. “I don’t know the details and part of this is only a guess – but what I think happened was that my best friend, Carla, called to see if I was home yet. Brad took the call and probably told her that I was home and that she could come over. All I know for sure is that he and his friends raped her. She’s in the hospital.” Tina was crying openly again; Susan and Nancy took her into their arms to comfort her. “I know that he’s raped other girls –he’s boasted about it. He even has pictures! But he tells them that he or his friends will kill them if they tell.

Her cousins looked at each other in shock. “We knew that he was mean, but we didn’t know he was that mean,” John said. “Has he mistreated you?”

“Ha!” Tina barked bitterly. “Mistreated? He’s made my life hell! He grabs me and touches my… me. He tries to catch me naked – I have to change clothes in the bathroom because Dad won’t put a lock on my bedroom door. He’s beat me up twice for telling on him and he says he’ll kill me if I tell anything… anything like I’m telling you.

“Tina, do you know where the pictures are? Does he have other evidence?”

“I don’t know where he keeps them or the other things – he keeps the panties of the girls he rapes. But they’re somewhere at the house, I’m sure. He’s gone and got them to show them to me.”

“That doesn’t make sense! Why would he show you these pictures and the panties?” Nancy exclaimed.

Tina looked up at her somberly. “To scare me. He keeps telling me that he and his friends are going to gang-rape me and take pictures and sell them.”

“Oh my God!” Susan cried. “Do you think he means it?”

“I don’t know. He likes to scare me. But I’m not sure that he doesn’t mean to do it.”

“Why haven’t you told your parents?” Nancy asked gently.

Tina sobbed. “They would never believe me. They don’t understand what he’s really like. He’s got them fooled into thinking he’s a good person. In fact, they trust him more than they trust me! He’s done some things that made me look like a liar and an idiot. He did it on purpose – to make sure they’d never believe anything I might say about him.” She cried piteously in despair. Susan and Nancy held her close and stroked her back tenderly. “I have nowhere and no one,” Tina cried.

“Yes, you do,” John responded quietly. “You have us. And there are other people who see your brother very differently than your parents do. My parents frequently comment on how they don’t understand how your parents can be so blind about him.”

“They do? You mean it, John?”

“Yes, it’s true,” Susan agreed. Everyone but your parents see your brother’s brutality and cruelty. You will be believed by the family even if your parents don’t believe you.”

“But it’s not necessary for them to believe you,” John continued. “All we have to do is let the police know about the pictures and the panties. They’ll tear the place apart until they find them. Then there’ll be direct and indisputable evidence against him and his friends.”

“Do you suppose they’ve hidden or destroyed it?” Nancy asked.

“I doubt it. They were caught in the act and arrested immediately. The pictures and other things must be where they left them,” Tina answered hopefully. “How do I tell the police about them?”

“We make a phone call,” John said resolutely. “And the sooner the better. I’m guessing that everyone is at our house – no one will be at Grandpa’s. Let’s go there and use the phone.”

“What about the hay?” Nancy asked curiously.

“It won’t go anywhere,” John smiled grimly. “We’ll get it in, all right. It won’t take long to make the phone call.”

“This could get very nasty, you know,” Susan warned her young cousin. “Your parents may be upset with you. Especially if for some reason the pictures aren’t found.”

“I know,” Tina said sadly, “but I can’t not do this. It’s my best friend he raped.”

Fifteen minutes later the four cousins were standing around Tina as she spoke with the police department in her hometown. She told them everything including his threats to her and she agreed to act as a witness for the prosecution. Finally she hung up and turned to her cousins tearfully. “Well, that’s done. They’re sending someone here to interview me. I will probably have to testify in court. And the police want me to stay here until the trial – for my safety and to prevent my parents from applying pressure on me.” She turned to John. “Do you think your parents will let me stay? This could take months.”

John took her into his arms and hugged her gently then kissed her forehead. “Absolutely. You’re family and remember – they understand who your brother is better than your parents do.”

Tina sighed and relaxed into him, wrapping her arms around him tentatively. “I can understand why you like him so much,” she murmured to Nancy and Susan with a somber smile. Still holding him, she said, “You guys had better go get that hay in. I’ll stay here.”

“Oh, no you won’t!” Nancy laughed. “You’re one of us now. You’re staying with us.”

“But, I’ll be in the way!” Tina protested, still clinging to John. “I don’t want to stop you from… doing whatever you want to do,” she finished lamely.

“We don’t have to do that,” Nancy assured her.

“But you want to. And I won’t be the reason you can’t,” Tina asserted.

Susan smiled. “Tina, how would you feel if were naked and playing around while you were there? Would it make you uncomfortable?”

“Well, I don’t know…” Tina stuttered in surprise.

“How did you feel when you saw us the other night. Did it scare you or make you upset?”

Tina blushed. “Uh, I kinda enjoyed it to tell you the truth. I couldn’t look away. You guys looked like you were having a lot of fun.”

Nancy started to protest, but Susan caught her eye with a fierce remonstrance. Nancy stood confused and unsure of herself. Tina noted her discomfort. “I don’t think Nancy would feel comfortable with me there,” she said meekly, not looking at her.

Nancy rose to the occasion and assured her cousin. “Tina, I have no problem with you being there. It would be different if you were a guy, I suppose, but… I trust you and I very much want you to be with us. Will you please come with us?”

“But I’ll still make you uncomfortable,” Tina moaned. “I don’t want to do that. I know you don’t have much time together – especially time you can be naked and… be…  together. I won’t ask you to give that up for me.” She suddenly realized that she was still in John’s embrace and blushed again, but didn’t pull away from him. He noted her reaction and kissed her forehead again. She glanced up at him gratefully.

“We won’t give anything up, Tina,” Susan responded. “As long as you don’t mind, I’m not going to be bothered either.”

“What about John? He’d be naked in front of me – a girl. Won’t that make you uncomfortable, John?” She looked up into his eyes earnestly.

John gazed back at her with an encouraging smile. “No. To be honest, it won’t bother me at all, Tina. I trust you and I like you… a lot. It’ll be fine.”

Tina turned her face back to Nancy, still comforted in her cousin’s embrace. “You can’t tell me that it won’t bother you, Nancy. I can see it in your eyes. There’s no way you can prove to me that I won’t be in the way.”

Nancy gazed at her lovingly then smiled. “No way, huh? How about this?” Nancy pulled her t-shirt over her head and dropped it at her feet. She blushed as she pushed her shorts to the floor revealing her sex to the astonished thirteen-year-old. Nancy grinned as she reached behind herself to unfasten her bra then tossed it to the floor as well. “Am I convincing you, Tina?” Tina gaped at her but didn’t respond. Nancy shrugged good-naturedly then turned to Susan and embraced her, kissing her deeply and passionately as she fondled her cousin’s breast. After a prolonged kiss, Nancy continued to hold Susan but turned to face a scarlet-faced Tina. “Do I need to suck John’s cock here in Grandpa’s living room, or do you believe me when I say that your presence will not inhibit me in any way?”

“No! No! I believe you! All right! I’ll go!” Tina exclaimed with a slight grin. “When Dad said you guys would cheer me up, I didn’t think he meant a live sex show!”

“Speaking of cheering up,” John said quietly, still  holding his small lovely cousin, “why don’t you call the hospital and see how Carla is doing. I’m sure she could use some encouragement – especially from you.”

“Great idea, John!” Nancy agreed.

 Tina hugged him tightly. “Thank you,” she whispered. She lifted her face and kissed him tenderly.

“Looks like John’s got another kissing cousin,” Susan chortled from Nancy’s loving embrace.

Tina grinned and blushed. “I hope you don’t mind sharing him with me,” she smiled.

“Not at all,” Nancy laughed as she picked up the phone. “You are one of us now. Feel free to participate – but you don’t have to do anything at all, if you’re uncomfortable with it.” She called directory assistance and got the number of the hospital in Tina’s hometown then dialed the hospital itself.

“Damn!” Susan exclaimed. “You’re going to have a lot more time with John than either of us will – you’re going to be staying here a few weeks at least – maybe even months! I’m so jealous!”

Nancy handed the phone to Tina. “They’re ringing Carla’s room for you now,” she said somberly.

Tina held the phone to her ear, still savoring John’s arms around her. John sat and cradled the girl in his arms; she smiled at him gratefully. She talked for a half-hour, choking tearfully over expressions of regret and loudly expressing her anger at her brother and his friends. She reluctantly said her good-byes and expressed her love for her friend and handed the phone back to Nancy then buried her face in John’s chest as she cried piteously. Susan and Nancy huddled near the girl and stroked her lovingly as John held the weeping girl.

“She’s so… hurt,” Tina whispered. “They did horrible things to her. They beat her and humiliated her and raped her over and over again.” She cried loudly, clinging to John. Eventually she regained control and, sniffling, said, “He called her and told her that I was home and wanted her to come over. He told her that I was in the shower and had asked him to make the call for me. I just don’t understand why she believed him! She knows how much I hate him and I’ve told her that he’s mean and evil! Why did she do it?” She cried broken-heartedly, soaking John’s t-shirt with her tears. “Why couldn’t I have had a brother like you, John? Oh, God, this isn’t fair! Carla is so sweet, so kind. Why did this have to happen to her?” Another storm of tears wracked her tiny frame. “The only good thing is that she knows where the pictures and panties are – they were showing them to her while they abused her. They also took pictures of themselves raping her. She’s already told the police, so they’ll have them by now. I’m surprised they didn’t tell me they already had them.”

“Independent corroboration,” Susan said somberly.

“What?” Tina whispered.

“It means that two people knew of the pictures and panties. It makes the evidence stronger in court.”

“Oh,” Tina replied thoughtfully. “Mom and Dad are in for quite a shock. They’ll get there and find out I’m already on the prosecution team and have contributed evidence to put my brother in prison.” She choked out a laugh. “I hope they can understand why I had to do that and not be angry with me.”

“You’ve done the right thing,” John assured her. “You’ve done what you had to do. Surely they will understand that, but they may still be so hurt by your brother’s criminal behavior that they may be very unhappy with you. It’s not logical, but people aren’t logical beings. But whatever happens, we will always love you and support you in every way we can.”

“Thank you,” she said gratefully, looking into each of her cousins’ eyes in turn. “Thank you all for being so wonderful to me.” She leaned toward Nancy and kissed her, then shared a kiss with Susan. She looked at John speculatively then asked in a small voice, ”May I have another kiss, please?”

John smiled and bent to press his lips to hers. As the kiss deepened, her arms went around his neck. Susan and Nancy grinned at each other as they watched, titillated by Tina’s obvious inexperience and enthusiasm. Tina finally released John from her tight embrace but just lay in his arms as he withdrew slowly from her. “Oh, my,” she sighed breathlessly.

“Yep, she’s one of us,” Susan observed dryly with a warm smile. “Well,” she sighed. “Let’s go haul some hay!”

“Wait!” Nancy yelped. “I have to get dressed!”

The four teens watched as Nancy quickly pulled her clothes on – leaving the bra off once again – and moved quickly to the van, Tina sitting on Susan’s lap. John started the engine and began driving down the long driveway. “Wait!” Susan yelled. “Nancy, where is your bra?” John stopped the van and the three cousins looked intently at their fourth.

“Oh, damn! I left it in the living room!” John laughed and backed up to the house. Nancy quickly lept out and returned carrying the bra.”

“We can’t go leaving underwear around – someone will get suspicious,” Susan laughed.

“Yeah, yeah,” replied Nancy with a smile. “I’ll try to keep an eye on my dainties and not leave them lying around.”

This time John drove the van right up to the barn and park alongside the weathered-gray structure. The teens got out and started walking toward the barn when Susan suddenly stopped and ran back to the van. “We’re forgetting some essentials!” She yelled back at them. She returned moments later with a grin carrying two sleeping bags, the water jug, tanning lotion, and several condoms. Tina looked at the assortment and commented with a grin, “You guys sure do your haying different up here!” Her cousins laughed and they walked into the barn and followed John to the back of the cavernous barn..

“Yikes! That thing runs?!” Nancy exclaimed as John led them to a large, battered flatbed truck without doors parked in the back recesses of the barn.

“It doesn’t look like much, but it runs. It rarely goes on the roads, so we don’t really care what it looks like,” John smiled. He proceeded to explain the operation of the ancient truck to the three girls.

“I get to drive, too?!” Tina asked excitedly.

“If you can reach the pedals,” John laughed. “The seat isn’t adjustable anymore, so you may not be able to reach them.”

“If you can’t reach, we’ll find a way to help you so you can drive it, Tina,” Susan smiled.

The instructions completed, John held the keys high. “Who’s going to drive first,” he asked.

Nancy and Susan looked at each other, Nancy shaking her head. “I guess I drive first,” Susan laughed. “But you sit next to me, ok?”

Susan climbed behind the large, dull, black steering wheel, noting with distaste that it felt sticky and dirty. John slid next to her. Tina climbed into his lap with a grin and Nancy sat next to John. John reached forward to the dusty dash and retrieved a pair of leather gloves. “They’ll be large on you, but they’re clean and they’ll feel better than the steering wheel. Susan kissed him, smiling, and pulled on the gloves. She started the truck, jumping at the thunderous noise, then cautiously eased out the clutch. The truck jumped and rattled but moved away from its parking spot. Susan eased the behemoth out of the barn and followed John’s directions until she found a dirt road – a beaten down path really – that led into a dense thicket of trees and away from the barn area. Not far into the thicket, Susan stopped the truck.

“Does this thing have a parking brake,” Susan asked with a smile.

“No, you have to just shut it off,” John laughed.

Susan shut the engine off. The woods were quiet except for the occasional bird song or the whisper of the trees in the light wind. “What are you doing,” Tina asked. “Why did we stop here?”

“John had assured us earlier that from this point on we are perfectly alone. No one can see us. So…” Susan stepped out of the door-less cab and pulled her t-shirt over her head. “Whew, that feels good. Come here, John, I’ll give you a hand,” she leered as she pushed her shorts to the ground then tossed them on top of her t-shirt on the dash. She reached behind herself to undo her bra as John set Tina onto the spot just vacated by Nancy and climbed out of the truck to join Susan. Nancy quickly appeared, already undressed and carrying her clothes which she tossed onto the dash along with Susan’s clothes. The two naked girls pressed themselves against John and kissed him and fondled him as they quickly removed his clothing.

“I hope this isn’t bothering you, Tina,” Nancy said as she pulled off John’s t-shirt.

“No, not at all,” Tina said quietly, her eyes wide at John’s nudity as Susan happily pushed his shorts to the ground and grasped his already erect cock in her hand.

Susan looked up at her. “Are you sure, Tina? We don’t want to upset you.”

“No, I’m not upset.” She smiled shyly. “I’m kinda enjoying it.”

“Have you ever seen a cock, Tina,” Susan asked as she ran her hand up and down John’s tumescent length. Susan grinned as she noted that Tina’s eyes were glued to her cousin’s erection.

Tina spoke absently, “Uh, yeah. Brad tries to scare me by showing his dick to me sometimes, but his isn’t nearly as big as John’s! I saw a little of it in the barn, but… wow!”

“Susan, don’t get carried away,” Nancy said quietly. Let’s let Tina adjust a little to the situation before you get wild with John.”

“No, it’s ok,” Tina objected. “I don’t want to be in the way.” She added shyly, “Besides, I’m enjoying it.” She frowned a little. “Shouldn’t I be getting naked, too, since you said I’m part of the group now?”

“Only if you really want to, sweetheart,” John said. “Let yourself get used to it a little. When – and if – you decide you want to get naked with us, go for it. But don’t feel pressured at all, ok? You have the next several hours or even the next several days to decide to get naked. Or you may choose not to. You won’t be excluded or left out if you choose not to get naked, Tina. You are one of us.”

“Well, I think I will wait a little bit – it’s a little scary getting in naked in front of you, John. No guys have ever seen me naked before – and I’m not beautiful like Nancy and Susan are.”

“Oh, but you are beautiful, Tina. You are truly gorgeous.”

“But I don’t have any boobs to speak of – and almost no hair… down below.”

“Doesn’t matter, honey. You are a looker.”

“You really want to see me naked?”

“Yeah, I do. Very much. When you’re ready to show me. If you decide to show me. I want to see you naked, but not if it scares you or makes you uncomfortable.”

“Well, later then. I promise. I’m just a little… scared to do it right now.”

“Sure. That’s fine, Tina.”

“I’d like a kiss, though,” she said with a blush.

“You want to kiss a naked guy?” Susan teased.

“I don’t know,” Nancy smiled. “They wouldn’t even let me look at him unless I got naked. And now you want to kiss him! You probably want to touch him, too?”

“That’s okay,” Tina mumbled. “I’ll wait until I get naked, too.”

“Oh, don’t let me scare you, Tina,” Nancy comforted her contritely. “Here, come here.” She helped Tina from the seat in the truck and led her to John. “Go ahead – kiss him. I was just kidding – teasing.”

Tina didn’t move toward John; she just stood at looked at Nancy. “They really made you strip before you could see him?”

“Well, kinda, but it was because I was being…”

“Difficult,” Susan volunteered with a smile.

“I was going to say bitchy, but I’ll accept that,” Nancy laughed.

“You didn’t want to get naked with them?” Tina queried.

“I was afraid,” Nancy shrugged. “I don’t know why, I was just afraid. But now I’m glad they convinced me to do it.” She hugged her small cousin and kissed her neck. “Go ahead – kiss him and feel him up all you want. Play with that hard cock. We’ll all enjoy it,” she whispered, ushering her tiny cousin over to John. “Go ahead, Tina, kiss him.”

Tina squeaked in embarrassment as John gathered her slowly into his arms and bent to kiss her, but the girls noted that she readily lifted her face for his kiss. Nancy and Susan glanced at each other with a shared grin as the kiss continued and Tina visibly relaxed into her naked cousin’s embrace. Susan started toward the couple with an intent expression on her face; Nancy, guessing that she intended to accelerate the erotic pace, placed a hand on her arm and shook her head. Susan nodded in reluctant agreement, letting the young girl enjoy the kiss without being pushed to do more than she already was. They watched as John slowly drew back from the kiss; Tina’s eyes still closed and her lips parted. The girl slowly opened her eyes and looked up into John’s loving face. She blushed and looked over to her other cousins.

“That was nice,” she murmured. “Thank you, John.”

He laughed warmly. “Thank you! Have you been kissing someone? That was a wonderful kiss!”

“No, I’ve never kissed a guy before,” she smiled. “That was my first real kiss.”

“Hmm, sounds like you’ve been practicing with a girlfriend, perhaps,” Susan smiled. “Nancy and I did the same thing when we were your age.”

Tina blushed furiously. “I… I…”

Nancy laughed. “You don’t have to say anything, Tina. It’s all right. Like Susan said, we did the same thing. No reason to be embarrassed.”

“You really did that? You kissed each other… pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend?” Tina stammered.

“Well, it went somewhat beyond that…” Nancy grinned. “But that’s a story for another time…I hate to bring it up, but there’s still all that hay to be hauled…”

“Grandpa said there were only about four loads up there; it won’t take all that long,” John said. “It should be about dusk when we get to the river.”

“River? What’s the river got anything to do with hauling hay,” queried Tina, still luxuriating in John’s embrace.

“After hauling hay we’ll be all sticky and sweaty, so, by tradition, we go swimming afterwards.”

“Neat!” Tina shouted. She suddenly looked crestfallen. “But I didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

“John has his own private swimming place – we went skinny-dipping yesterday. That’s what starting all this sex stuff,” Nancy smiled.

“We’re going to swim naked? And there won’t be anyone around?” Tina asked breathlessly. “That’s great! Let’s go get that hay hauled so we can go swimming!” She reluctantly drew away from John, looking down with great interest at his erect cock. “Wow! It didn’t look like that before we kissed! Did I do that?” She slowly reached out and touched it, drawing back suddenly when it bounced at her touch. She giggled.

“Yeah, you did that, Tina,” Susan laughed. “You got him all excited,” she added hungrily, her eyes moving rapidly between John’s eyes and his hard cock. She sighed lustily. “Damn. Well, let’s get that hay in so we can do something about John’s ‘discomfort.’”

John attached a homemade loading conveyer to the truck then Nancy took the first shift driving. “See,” John told her, “just line up conveyer with the bale you’re going to load. It’ll go up the conveyer, then I’ll grab it and stack it. If I need you to stop, I’ll just bang on the cab, ok?”

“You’re sure I can do this, John,” Nancy asked, biting her lip.

“I’m sure, Nancy. Just don’t get flustered – there’s nothing you can do to hurt anything. If we miss a bale or two, we’ll just swing around and pick it up later, ok?” He kissed her and fondled her naked breast with a grin. She laughed and kissed him, groping his crotch until he finally separated from her and swung onto the bed of the truck. Susan and Tina rode on the cage above the cab of the truck, watching their strong cousin work quickly and efficiently while Susan rubbed suntan lotion on Tina then herself; Tina blushed as she helped Susan cover her hard-to-reach areas with suntan lotion. John took every opportunity to kiss and fondle the girls. Finally he banged his hand on the cab roof. “Stop! We’re done for this load!”

Nancy stopped the truck. “Let me disconnect – ugh – this contraption,” John grunted as he disconnected the conveyer; he then carefully tied the load onto the truck. “I’ll drive the truck down the hill, then someone else can drive,” he said.

“Whoa! Wait! You’re forgetting something!” Nancy protested.

“What’s that,” he asked curiously.

“You’re still dressed! Get those clothes off!” she laughed. Susan came up from behind him, laughing. She reached around him and unbuttoned his pants then pushed them to his ankles. As he stepped out of them, Tina jumped up onto the running board and pulled his shirt over his head, leaving him wearing only his Converse tennis shoes. She laughed and leaned over to kiss him as Susan knelt and removed his pants from his shoes.

“Guess you should wear the shoes while you’re driving,” Susan noted. She tossed the pants up to Tina then took her cousins cock in her hand. “Hope you don’t mind, Tina…” she took his rapidly hardening dick into  her mouth and began sucking him.

“She can’t keep that thing out of her mouth,” Nancy noted with with mock severity. Tina looked at her, then Nancy began laughing. “No kidding – she loves to suck  him. Does it bother you?”

“N.. no, it doesn’t bother me. But he pees with that… doesn’t it taste bad?”

“No, not at all. I don’t really care for the taste of sperm, but his… dick doesn’t taste bad at all. Does it taste bad to suck your thumb?”

“I guess not; I haven’t done that in a long time, though.”

Nancy shrugged. “It’s just skin, although there’s some stuff that does come out of him while you’re sucking him. It’s not pee and it doesn’t taste terrible – not good but not terrible either. Not that I’m trying to talk you into anything – I’m just answering your question. Hey, you two, we need to get going or we’ll never get this hay done!”

Susan reluctantly released his now fully erect member from her mouth and stood for a kiss.

“He doesn’t mind kissing her after she’s had his thing in her mouth?” Tina asked Nancy.

Nancy tapped the kissing couple on the shoulder and motioned them toward the truck. They reluctantly surrendered and climbed into the truck. Nancy began guiding Tina around to the other door-less doorway. “Nope. Doesn’t seem to bother him. That’s nice – a lot of guys won’t kiss you after you’ve sucked them, but John always seems to be happy to kiss us, regardless of what we’ve been doing with our mouths.

“Doesn’t it taste different if a girl’s had it in her mouth?”

“What are you two talking about,” Susan asked curiously.

“Tina was surprised that John kissed you after you were sucking him. She wants to know if it tastes different to kiss you after you’ve been sucking cock,” Nancy grinned.

“Well, you would know,” Susan laughed. “Go ahead and tell her.”

“Yeah, it does,” Nancy explained to Tina, “ – because of the stuff that leaks out of him, not because of his cock.” She smiled. “Do you want to kiss Susan and find out?”

“Umm. You mean, like French kiss?”

“That’s the only way you’re going to taste her,” Nancy laughed. “Does it bother you when Susan and I kiss and touch each other?”

“No. It doesn’t bother me.”

“You’ve kissed your girlfriend – the one you practiced kissing with, right? Did you that bother you?”

“No,” Tina blushed. “I kinda liked it. But I like kissing John even more,” she hastened to add.

“Sure. That make sense,” Susan chuckled. “Do you want a kiss? Do you want to taste my mouth after John’s dick was in it?”

Tina blushed violently, but mutely leaned toward Susan and closed her eyes. Susan placed her hands on each side of Tina’s face and kissed her sweetly, then opened her mouth to Tina’s hesitantly exploring tongue. The kiss deepened; Tina moaned.

“Oh, wow,” Tina breathed, separating from her cousin’s lips. “That was great. And you taste good,” she said shyly. She opened her eyes to discover that John had stopped the truck and all her cousins were watching her intently with loving smiles. She blushed again.

“Did someone else want to drive to the barn,” John asked with a laugh.

“Can I?” Tina asked eagerly.

“Sure,” John said. He got out of the truck then stood and watched as she arranged herself behind the wheel.

“My feet don’t reach the pedals,” she said petulantly.

“You could sit on my lap,” John offered. Tina looked at him; he laughed when her gaze dropped down to his still-hard cock. “You’re wearing shorts; you’ll be safe,” he laughed. She nodded and slid out from under the steering wheel. He slid in, then she climbed onto his lap. “Okay, what do I do?” she asked.

“Have you driven at all?” Susan asked her.

“Sure, several times,” she asserted. “I even drive a stick.”

“Okay, just tell John what to do – say ‘clutch in’ or ‘brake down’ – whatever you want him to do. You do the rest.”

“Good idea, Susan,” John agreed.

“Okay, um, clutch in and brake down,” Tina replied nervously. John replied that he had done as she requested. The small teen leaned forward and turned the key; the truck engine thundered to life. “Ooh! This is fun!” she laughed. She pushed the gear lever into position. “brake up, clutch up,” she ordered. The truck lumbered down the path as John complied. The pair were delighted at their well-coordinated actions as Tina shifted up and the truck moved along the path at a good rate. Tina regretfully brought the truck to a halt just short of the barn so her cousins could pull their clothes on. She had had John do the necessary actions to stop and shutdown the truck. “Ok, swing your legs outside,” she ordered. John complied, though his expression indicated that he didn’t know what this particular maneuver was about. Tina turned in his lap and kissed him firmly, grinding herself against his hard cock. “I’ve felt that against my butt the whole way,” she said gasped. “I wanted to see what it felt like this way.”

“And  how does it feel?” Susan laughed.

“Even better!” Tina grinned. She kissed him again, then placed her hand on his cock firmly as she got off his lap and stood on the running board. “It just seems to feel nice every way,” she blushed.

“I’ve noticed that myself,” Susan agreed.

The four made quick work of loading the hay into the barn. John placed the bales on the conveyer at the truck; the girls pulled the bales back into the hayloft. When all the bales were in the loft, John came up and quickly stacked them. “We’re done with this load; let’s go get another,” he said cheerfully.

“Wait,” Nancy panted. “I need a break. I’m exhausted.”

“So am I,” Susan agreed, lying on a bale of hay. “I feel bad, though. You’ve done all the work, but we’re the ones that are tired – and we’re slowing you down.”

“We usually rest on the trips between the barn and the field,” John smiled, “but we can take a break now, if you want.”

“But we’re not really going to be doing any work until we come back to the barn,” Nancy moaned. “So let’s go back and get this done as quick as we can. We’ll be ok.”

“We need some excitement to liven things up for us,” Susan grinned wearily. “How about this – we strip here in the loft and hope no one comes up before we get into the woods again.”

“Well, that could be exciting – if we get caught,” Nancy objected.

“A little danger gets the blood flowing,” Susan chided with a smile. “What do you think?”

“You get me into more trouble…” Susan smiled. She sat up wearily and pulled her t-shirt over her head, then pushed her shorts down over her shoes. “I’m not taking the shoes off – I might have to run!” She slowly walked over to John. “I get to strip you this time, John, by myself.” John smiled as she began pulling his clothes off, running her hands all over him as she did so. “You have so many muscles, John; now I see why, the way you toss these heavy hay bales around so easily! Can you pick me up and hold me?” John bent and placed an arm beneath her knees and one behind her back then easily swung her up into his arms with a smile. She wrapper her arms around his neck and kissed him lovingly. Finally she sighed. “I’ve always wanted to do that. You can let me down now.” He returned her to her feet, but continued holding her, one hand cupping a breast, the other holding her sex. Nancy giggled and wrinkled her nose at him. “You love doing that, don’t you. You just always want your hand on my pussy.” She kissed him again. “I’m glad you do. You can do that anytime you want.” She turned to an already naked Susan. “I’ll try to make it up to him for getting him in trouble for doing this when we were twelve.” She grinned. “I think it will take a long time to make it up though; at least, I hope it does!” Susan laughed and embraced the entwined pair.

Tina suddenly said, “I want to be naked, too!” Her three cousins stopped and turned back to regard her thoughtfully.

“Are you sure?” Nancy asked anxiously. “You don’t have to. There’s no need to feel any pressure.”

“You’re not pressuring me – I just want to have fun like you are!” the tiny blonde blushed.

Nancy turned to Susan and John. “Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this in front of Tina. She’s feeling left out – and we’re corrupting her.”

“You’re not corrupting me – I’ve always wanted to do something like this – but I was afraid. I’m not afraid anymore, I’m just anxious to try it. Please?”

“I don’t see why not,” Susan said. “It’s not like we weren’t doing fun sexy stuff at her age.”

Nancy blushed. “Ok, ok. Don’t bring that up again, please. I withdraw my objection – if Tina really wants to do it and isn’t just… being influenced by us.”

“I dream of doing much more than just playing naked,” Tina laughed, blushing even more. “I’m quite sure we won’t be doing anything I haven’t really, really wanted to do!” She paused. “I would like some help, though. Tina looked into Nancy’s eyes and blushed. “Will you do something for me first?” Nancy nodded questioningly. “Take off my t-shirt for me?” Nancy smiled and slowly walked to her then sensuously removed the girl’s t-shirt revealing a plain white training bra. Tina turned to Susan. “Will you take off my shorts for me, Susan?” Susan grinned and released her hold on John to kiss Tina then knelt to divest the tiny teen of her shorts, leaving Tina in her training bra, white cotton panties, and shoes. Tina then turned, blushing, to John. “Will you take off the rest, John?”

“Are you sure, Tina? You want me to do that?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” she smiled tremulously. “I really want you to do it. I want to be naked with you guys and I want you to be the one to make me naked. And I really want you to kiss me… naked,” she said in a small voice.

John smiled and approached her. He gently pulled her to him and kissed her thoroughly, his hands cradling her face. He released her from the kiss; she gasped and slowly opened her eyes, smiling. Still looking into her eyes he asked, “Girls, will you help me with the bra clasp?” To Tina he commented, “I still haven’t figured those out; the girls said they would teach me, but we haven’t got around to that yet.” Tina giggled as she felt the bra loosen. John held the bra to her chest, looking into her eyes, until he felt the straps fall to the side, the girls moving around to stand intimately close with John as they watched. “Sure you want to do this?” He asked tenderly. She nodded and bit her lip. He let his eyes fall to her chest as the bra slowly slid away from her. He gazed at the small, conical breasts with fascination and could see the nipples crinkle and stiffen even more as the soft breeze played across them. “Lovely,” he whispered. He looked up into her eyes. “Your breasts are beautiful, Tina,” he said with a smile. “May I touch?” She nodded again, her eyes going wider as he brushed his lips over the lower curve of her soft mounds then gasped softly when he let the stiff nipple slip gently through his lips. He looked up at her quizzically, her nipple lightly held between his lips. She somehow understood his silent question and nodded her acquiescence. He released her nipple and cupped the breast with one hand as he turned his oral attentions to her other naked breast, treating it in the same way. Tina’s breathing became shallow and hurried as she reached up and held his head to her breast. She looked up into her other cousins’ eyes and felt a wave of excitement rush through her body when she saw Susan and Nancy caressing each other as they watched their young cousin experience her first intimacy with a male. She blushed at the loving attentiveness in their eyes as they watched her and her cousin.

John stood again and held her close to him, her breasts brushing against his chest. He kissed her tenderly for a long moment and introduced her to her first French kiss. She kissed him enthusiastically, ravenously, writhing against him slowly to savor the feeling of her nipples against his naked chest. His hands roamed over her bare back and then slowly settled onto her firm ass. She caught her breath then continued kissing him as she felt his fingers slip under the waistband of her panties and then his hands as they cupped her butt, holding a firm, rounded buttock in each hand. He lifted her by her butt and gently brushed his cock over her still-covered pudendum; she gasped into his mouth at the sensation of his hardness pushing against her virgin pussy. She pulled back just enough to be able to speak, her lips moving against his. “Take them off; take my panties off. I want to feel you against me.” She continued the kiss, then moaned when he lifted her lips from hers and began kissing her neck and progressed down her body as he set her back on her feet. He knelt before her and kissed her cotton-covered sex then looked up into her eyes again. ‘Please,” she whispered. “Now.” He reached around her with a smile and slid his hands under her panties then slowly pushed them down, caressing the inside of her thighs as the panties fell. Still looking into her eyes, he removed the panties from her feet as she lifted first one foot then the other. He raised the panties to his face and savored her scent as she blushed yet again. He lightly ran his hands over her naked ass and thighs and finally lowered his gaze to her nude sex. “Gorgeous,” he whispered reverently as he drank in the sight of her almost hairless pudenda. “You are beautiful all over, Tina,” he told her lovingly as he gazed at her bare body. “Absolutely beautiful.”

“You are beautiful, Tina,” Susan echoed, kissing the blushing teen. Nancy, too, kissed her and grinned. “How do you like being naked with your cousins?”

“I love it,” Tina answered thickly. “It’s the most exciting and fun thing I’ve ever done in my life. But I think we’d better go get the hay in – before someone comes up here!”

Her cousins laughed with her and they went down the ladder to the truck, John helping each of the girls at the bottom of the ladder. “Nice view you have from down there,” Tina laughed, spreading her legs wide for his viewing enjoyment.

“Why do you think I’m standing here,” John laughed. “You don’t really need help – and we all know it!”

“How rude,” Tina grinned. “I need a kiss to make up for that!”

“Gladly,” he replied as he watched her climb down the ladder. When she had reached the bottom of the ladder, she turned to him for her kiss. He lifted her into his arms and let her slide down his body until her pubis rested on the top of his cock, his erection sliding into the crease of her ass. He kissed her thoroughly, then lifted her from his cock and put her on the ground.

“Wow, that’s what I call a kiss,” she said dazedly, clinging to her cousin. “Wow.” John smiled and led her by the hand to the truck.

“Damn, she’s cute,” Susan commented to Nancy as she watched the nude girl walk hand-in-hand with John to the truck.

“Getting jealous?” Nancy asked curiously.

“No. Quite the opposite. I want to play with her myself,’ Susan laughed. “And I would love to see her sucking John’s cock.”

“How about watching her and John making love?”

“That, too,” Susan smiled. “But she has to make both of those decisions herself; I’m not going to even suggest them to her.”

“Good. Let’s let her do what she wants when she wants to do it. No suggestions at all.”

“Of course, we’re making suggestions, in a sense, when she watches us with him,” Susan pondered.

“I know… and I feel bad about that, but what can we do? She insists that we not change our behavior because of our presence. I suppose we could restrict ourselves to being naked together and kissing, but…”

“She’d know we were holding back…”

“What else can we do? I don’t want to even unintentionally push her beyond where she is ready to…”

“Hey, what are you doing? Let’s get going before someone shows up!” Tina shouted gaily from her perch on John’s naked lap. “Besides, it’s still my turn to drive!”

Susan and Nancy glanced at each other and shrugged their shoulders. “We’ll just have to try it,” Nancy stated as they quickly ran to the truck and slid in beside John and Tina.

“Ooh! What are we going to try?” Tina asked with a grin, twitching her naked ass against John’s hardness.

Susan looked down at where John’s cock nestled in the cleft of Tina’s ass. “If you’re not careful, you may be trying something a little uncomfortable,” she grinned.

Tina returned her grin and wiggled on John’s hard staff. “I’ll risk it; this feels wonderful. But, John, you have to let me know if it feels too good – I don’t want Susan angry with me because you shoot off on me, ok?” She giggled as she drew his hands up to cover her breasts. “Ok, now, let’s go!”

They drove back to the field. Susan looked askance at John when he didn’t stop and take over at the bottom of the steep hill. “I can take over from here if I need too,” he answered her silent question.

“Hmm. In that case, next time I want to drive up the hill on your lap!” He grinned at her. “How does it feel, Tina, having a cock between your cheeks?”

Tina laughed and wriggled again. “Great! It’s so sexy!”

Susan exchanged a look of amused helplessness with Nancy and shrugged her shoulders.

Upon their return to the field, John drew on his pants again, much to the disappointment of his cousins, reconnected the conveyer belt and instructed Susan on running the truck with the conveyer. Tina and Nancy replenished their suntan lotion layer and climbed onto the rack above the cab. Once again John wrestled the heavy bales of hay into neat stacks, grabbing the occasional feel of a naked breast or a kiss from his attentive cousins. He turned once to enjoy a kiss and found the girls kissing and fondling each other. Nancy opened her eyes to find John smiling at them. “She started it!” Nancy protested at his knowing grin.

“Why should you have all the fun of playing with Nancy’s tits and pussy,” Tina asked archly, drawing her hand from between Nancy’s thighs. She thrust it under John’s nose with a sensuous smile.

“Mmm. Lovely scent; one of my absolute favorites,” he smiled. He licked her palm. “As well as one of my favorite taste sensations,” he grinned. “Though it tastes and smells better directly from the source.” Tina looked at him thoughtfully as she considered his words.

Nancy cleared her throat noisily. “Ah, John,” she noted with a smile. “The hay?” She directed her look behind him.

“Oops!” he laughed and returned to the sweaty work of stacking the now several bales of hay tumbled onto the bed of the truck. Tina murmured as she drew Nancy to her again, “Now where were we…”

John thumped the cab of the truck, signaling the completion of the load. Susan ground the truck to a halt and shut it off, then stepped out of the cab, stretching her lithe nude body in the afternoon sun. She stopped abruptly with a look of astonishment when she saw her girl cousins engaged in the sixty-nine position atop the cab. “Ahem,” she said quietly, but the girls failed to hear her. “Ahem,” she repeated quite loudly.

Nancy paused in her lusty endeavors and suddenly looked down into Susan’s smiling face. Blushing, she stammered, “Tina, uh, started playing around and then John told her that it tastes and smells better…” she grinned self-consciously. “Honest! She started it!”

Tina lifted her head from between Nancy’s open thighs, her face shiny with feminine secretions. “Do we have to stop? Just a little longer…”

She yelped when John suddenly spanked her ass with a laugh. “Sorry, babe, but you have to move so I can tie the load down.”

The tiny blonde looked at him with good-natured reproach. “But I was almost… Oh, all right,” she grumbled with a smile.

John noted that her nipples were distended and crinkled, her skin flushed, as was Nancy’s. He answered Tina’s mute appeal of upraised arms and lifted her from her entanglement with Nancy; he kissed her and lowered her to the ground. Nancy regarded him with a curious look then lifted her arms as Tina had. John laughed and lifted her as well, but found himself the recipient of a passionate kiss before he could begin lowering her to the ground. He returned the kiss enthusiastically, but finally, regretfully, lowered her as well. Nancy settled onto her feet with wobbly knees and a sigh. She returned Susan’s amused look with a shrug and a laugh. “She’s a very enthusiastic learner,” she said with a blush and a grin at her petite cousin.

Susan laughed and turned to her cousin John as he jumped down from the load of hay. “Finish up there, then strip down; I’m riding in your lap on the way back to the barn,” she said with a sultry smile. “That looked like fun when Tina was doing it.”

John returned her smile and quickly tied down the load then divested himself of his pants. He climbed into the driver’s seat; Susan quickly slid onto his lap, wriggling with a laugh to situate his hardening cock between her asscheeks. “Mmm. That feels nice,” she purred, pulling his hands up to her breasts.

“Fun, isn’t it,” Tina laughed as she climbed in beside them, Nancy right behind her.

“It is nice,” Susan agreed as she started the truck. “But we don’t fit under the steering wheel as well as you do,” she pointed out ruefully. “It’s jammed right into my stomach. Of course, it also jams John’s lovely cock into my ass nicely, too, so I guess it’s not all bad.” She pushed the clutch in and jammed the truck into second, then let the clutch out again slowly, the truck shuddering as it moved away. “Mmm. Even nicer!”

As they approached the barn, John asked his cousin, “Are you going to stop so we can get dressed.”

“No,” she giggled, “we’re going to risk it – hopefully no one has come up.” Nancy looked at her in alarm; Tina giggled nervously.

“Well, at least stop just before we pull out of the trees so we can take a look,” he chuckled. “Danger of being caught is fun, but actually being caught wouldn’t be fun at all!”

“Yeah, you’re right,” she sighed. “I love the way you touch me, John. Let’s hurry up with this hay hauling so we can go to the river and have some fun!”

There were no vehicles in evidence, so Susan pulled the truck up and backed it up next to the conveyer. The foursome quickly donned their clothes. John started up the conveyer and they were soon engaged in the hot, sweaty business of loading the hay into the loft. Eventually all the bales were loaded. John joined the exhausted girls in the loft where they watched from positions lying on the floor as John stacked the bales neatly. The girls were too tired to even become playful again when the job was done. The next two trips were accomplished in the subdued quiet of unremitting hard work; occasionally one of the girls even napped lying on the seat as Susan or Nancy drove.

“There! The last bale!” John exulted. He stacked it carefully, then turned to his cousins as they collapsed in a sweaty heap on the shiny wooden loft floor.

“Oh, God!” Nancy exclaimed. “I never dreamed it would be this much work – and you did all the really hard work. We just dragged the bales to you! How can you stand this?”

John laughed. “I’m used to it; you aren’t.

“Ohhh,” Susan moaned. “I think I’m dying. I’m sweating like a pig and I’m dying,” she groaned.

Tina smiled at her male cousin.

“You ok, Tina?”

She shrugged. “Sure, we haul hay all the time at home. This wasn’t all that tough. But I am sweaty and I’m really, really looking forward to swimming in the river. Let’s go!”

“Oh, yeah. The river,” Susan gasped. “Maybe I’ll drown and I won’t be so miserable.”

John laughed again and walked over to his cousin and knelt by her side. He leaned down to kiss her tenderly. “I told you you didn’t have to do this; I could have done it.”

“But I wanted to get it done so we can… play. But now I’m not sure I can even stand.” She opened her eyes at looked up into his. “But don’t stop kissing me. It helps,” she said with a tired smile.

“Hey, I need some kisses, too,” Nancy protested weakly.

John smiled and over Susan then lay down between his two cousins. He looked over at Tina. “Come and lie on top of me, Tina. I want to kiss you, too.”

The tiny blonde’s face blossomed into a smile as she quickly moved to the trio and gingerly lay upon her cousin then kissed him hungrily. John kissed the three girls one after another, fondling Nancy and Susan. When he wasn’t kissing Tina, she was kissing the cousin he wasn’t kissing at the moment. The kisses finally died away as the quartet collapsed in giggles and laughter.

“Think you can climb down the ladder now?” John asked Nancy and Susan. “I’m anxious to get to the river, too.”

“Yeah, you do need a bath,” Nancy laughed weakly. “You’re all sweaty and covered with dirt. We all are. It’s a good thing you have soap and shampoo in your van.”

“Mmm. And it’ll be fun getting everyone clean,” Susan chuckled throatily. “Let’s get going already.” She kissed John one last time then slowly rose from the floor. “God, I’m going to be sooo sore tomorrow,” she groaned.

The weary teens slowly climbed down the ladder and into the van. John drove back to the familiar private beach they had visited just two days before. After he parked the van, the four teens stumbled down to the riverbank, John carrying soap and shampoo and a towel.

“Wow! This is great! And no one comes here?” Tina said admiring the quiet, private beach.

“No one ever has. The farmer that owns it is a friend of mine; I haul hay for him. He lets me use it whenever I want, but he never comes down here,” John replied. “We’ve got about an hour of light left; shall we jump in?”

“I don’t think I can move fast enough to ‘jump’ anywhere,” the tiny teen responded tiredly, but, yeah, let’s get into the water. It’ll feel good.” She grinned tiredly. “I really do want to play around with you – I haven’t had the chance yet other than having you between my butt cheeks.”


Playing doctor…

Patient Susan, Doctor John, Nurse Nancy, Consulting Physician Tina

Thermometer – oral or rectal?

IPIS – Internal Pussy Itch Scratcher


“I really think you should wait awhile before you start doing this kind of thing, Tina,” Nancy stated. “It’s bad enough that you’ve be seeing us… playing around. But I hear that once you have sex, you want it all the time. It certainly seems to be true in Susan’s case. I don’t know what she’s going to do when she goes home and leaves John behind.”

“Yeah, it’s going to be really bad,” Susan agreed sadly. “I can’t stand the thought of not having John around to make love with. It’s a bummer.”

“Well,” Tina said shyly, “getting naked together isn’t having sex. I don’t think it will turn me into a sex fiend or anything.,” she said resolutely. “John, will you please… take my clothes off?”

John smiled at her, then stepped over to Susan. He embraced her and kissed her deeply then stepped back and lifted her t-shirt over her head as she raised her arms. He tossed the t-shirt to the grassy bank and bent to kiss and fondle her breasts. He then knelt before the excited teen girl and, looking into her eyes with a smile, pulled her shorts to her ankles then let his gaze slowly move down her torso then lock onto her sex. Susan smiled tenderly and widened her stance to let him see her more clearly. He leaned forward and kissed her belly just above her pubic hair line, then reached between her legs to grasp her firm butt. As he fondled her ass he bent to kiss her inner thighs and finally her wet sex. Susan sighed as he ran his hands over her as he stood, then kissed her again.

“God, if only you were always around to take my clothes off,” she sighed between kisses. He smiled tenderly at her and kissed her nose, his hands sliding away from her as he stepped to Nancy. He looked over to see how Tina was handling the situation; she stood, fascinated, watching avidly. She licked her lips then smiled at him. John returned her smile then turned his attention to Nancy.

He took a position behind Nancy and began kissing her neck while caressing her braless breasts under her t-shirt. Nancy sighed lustily. “Oh, God, you know what I like already,” she moaned, her hands raising to press against his hands. He nibbled at her ear and kissed her neck as he slowly stripped the t-shirt from her. “Susan, why don’t you take her shorts off,” John suggested.  Susan readily knelt before her cousins and slowly eased the shorts from her as she ran her hands over her cousin's legs. She blew softly on Nancy’s pubic hair eliciting a moan from the girl then, running her hands down the inside of Nancy’s legs, slowly pushed the shorts to her ankles. Tina watched wide-eyed as Susan leaned in and ran her tongue through Nancy’s nether lips. Susan then turned to Tina and winked at her.

“Does that bother you, Tina?” Susan asked gently.

“N… no, I don’t think so,” Tina stammered.

“Oh, good. I’m glad,” Susan murmured then she turned back to Nancy and began kissing her way up her cousin’s body, lavishing care on her breasts, then kissed her deeply and passionately, the girls’ breasts pressed tightly together. John continued to kiss Nancy’s neck and ears and to fondle her nude body.

“You see,” Susan said to Tina as she remained pressed up against her cousins, John now fondling her butt as well as Nancy’s breast, Nancy and I have been… intimate since we were twelve. It’s only John who wasn’t having sex with us until yesterday.”

“Really? Didn’t having sex with Nancy make you want sex all the time?”

“No, although I do give myself pleasure a lot. I guess I will continue doing that.”

“Than maybe having sex doesn’t make you want it all the time.”

“Well, you want it, but it’s not like you’re out of control. You want but you satisfy yourself until the time is right again. I’ve never made love with anyone but Nancy and John and I don’t plan to for awhile. Nancy and John love me and they won’t talk about me or do anything to hurt me. I can’t trust anyone else like that. Except you, now.”

“Me?” Tina gulped.

“You’re one of us now. I’m not saying you should have sex with us; I’m just saying that I trust you like I trust Nancy and John. And we’re trusting you with a lot, Tina. If you ever told anyone about us, it would be devastating. But we know you won’t. We trust you.”

“Thank you for trusting me. I won’t ever tell anyone, ever. I promise.”

“I know you won’t,” Susan smiled. “Ready to get naked now?”

“Oh, yes,” Tina murmured with a blush. “It looks wonderful the way John… what he did to you.”

“Do you want him to do all of that to you?”

“Yes, please,” Tina stammered. “I want to feel it all…”

Susan took Nancy into her arms and pushed John toward Tina. “You have a girl wanting you to make her naked, John. Make it good for her; I know you will.”

John moved to stand before Tina, looking intently and lovingly into her eyes. She returned his gaze with nervous affection then lifted her arms, silently asking him to remove her t-shirt. John stepped against her and took her into his arms, kissing her deeply. Tina’s arms wrapped around his neck as she returned his passionate kiss, moaning as he ended the kiss and stepped away from her. “You’re sure?” he asked. She nodded resolutely and lifted her arms again. John slowly lifted the t-shirt and then tossed it with the other clothes on the grass. Tina blushed as she stood in her training bra but stood quietly while John knelt before her, placing his hands on the waist of her shorts. He gazed into her eyes as he eased the shorts to her ankles revealing white cotton panties. She stepped out of her shorts. John reached up and behind the girl to find the bra clasp. He struggled with it for a long moment, then the bra was loosely hanging on her. He grasped the cups gently and slowly moved them away, tossing the bra on the bank as he gazed at her small, firm, conical breasts with small coral nipples. “Lovely,” he sighed. “You are so lovely, Tina,” Tina giggled nervously, visibly straining to keep her hands at her sides instead of covering herself with them. John leaned forward to kiss one nipple then the other and to run his lips lightly over the entire surface of her breast. Tina sighed and shivered as he moved to the other breast, repeating his actions there.

“Should I continue or should I stop?” he asked the girl quietly.

“Keep going,” she murmured throatily.

John covered her breasts with his hands and caressed them tenderly, teasing her nipples with the ball of his thumbs. She shivered again and bit her lip as she watched him touching her. He looked up into her eyes and smiled; she smiled tremulously. John dropped his gaze and his hands to her panties. He slipped his hands under the waistband and grasped her asscheeks, running his hands over them and savoring the feel of her soft, downy skin. She took a ragged breath and placed her hands on his shoulders as he began slowly pushing the panties down. They watched together as her rounded, prominent mons came into view with just a few fine, blond hairs to adorn it. She blushed and squeezed his shoulders. He gazed with rapt admiration at the beauty of her sex. Her lips were flushed and rounded, damp with excitement. He raised his eyes to hers and uttered a single word. “Glorious.” Her eyes shone with excitement and pleasure. He let the shorts fall to the ground as he leaned into her and let his lips brush over the entire surface of her mons. She gasped when the tip of his tongue touched her labial lips and traced along her sex. Her legs trembled as he kissed her nether lips lingeringly.

“Oh, John,” Susan murmured as she let Nancy’s nipple fall from her lips, her fingers stroking her cousin’s sex, “She’s beautiful, John. And you’re beautiful together. But she’s so excited… give her release, John, help her. She needs it. Then come help me!” She took Nancy’s nipple in her mouth again and continued making love to her cousin as they both watched John and Tina.

John rose and lifted the girl in his arms and kissed her tenderly. “Do you want me to, Tina?”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” Tina gasped, breathing heavily. “But I’m feeling very… excited, strange. It’s kinda scary… but, do it, John, whatever it is. I trust you. Are you… are you going to put it in me?”

“No, sweetheart. I’m going to touch you and kiss you until you finish. You’ll have an orgasm. Then you’ll feel better.”

“Oh, ok,” she gasped. “Go ahead, John. I want you to… whatever.”

John held the girl against him as he lay back on the sand, coming to lie on his back with her lying on top of him. They continued kissing as John stroked her body, brushing lightly over her back and fondling her butt then he gently turned her onto her back, still lying atop him. He reached down and lifted his cock from between them and let the straining member stand against her pubis. He caressed her breasts and nipples with one large hand as the other traced and fingered her sex and pushed the top of his cock against her.

“Are you going to put it in, John? I think it might be too big,” the girl moaned through her ragged breathing. “I thought you weren’t going to put it in me.”

“I’m not going to put it in you, baby. I’m just rubbing it up against you. It’s not going to go inside you, Tina. I promise.”

“I’m not sure… not sure… I think maybe I want you to… to put it in me. But it might be too big, John. It’s really big.”

“Maybe another time, sweetheart. Not tonight. Tonight we just play and you can touch it, play with it, slide your pussy against it, ok?”

“Ok, John. Thank you. I want to… but I’m kinda scared. It’s so big, John.” She reached down and took his cock in her hands, pressing her sex against it as her fingers stroked and explored it.

“It won’t go in you until you’re ready for it and want it, sweetheart. I promise. And you don’t ever have to have it inside you if you don’t want. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. We can even stop this if you don’t want to do this.”

“I want, John. It feels so good. I’m just kinda scared to have it inside me. But I want to keep doing this, I love feeling you against me, under me. I love how you’re touching me, John. It feels so good. So good…” John increased his attentions to her writhing body, intensified his caresses of her virginal sex, pinched and teased her swelling nipples. Minutes passed as the incestuous couple made love on the sand, their cousins watching as they kissed and touched each other. Finally the small girl’s face contorted, her body stiffened, and she cried out in unanticipated, unexpected orgasmic release.

Nearby, Nancy whimpered as Susan redoubled her kisses and touches then cried out her own release. Susan kissed her tenderly then disengaged from her and crawled quickly to John and Tina. She took John’s cock deep into her mouth and then let him escape, covered with her saliva. She knelt over him and smiled heatedly as John and Tina opened their eyes to see her, hovering over his erect cock. She continued smiling at them as she slid down onto him, taking him into herself with a deep, heartfelt sigh, her sex bumping against Tina’s as she enveloped him. Susan carefully rose and fell on him, sighing and moaning as she fucked herself on his rampant cock under Tina’s astonished gaze. After several minutes Susan moaned in frustration and lay down on top of her two cousins, kissing first Tina then John with passionate moans.

“I need you on top of me, John. I can’t get off this way,” she cried in frustration. She hugged her cousins tightly then, still keeping his hard cock within her, rolled the three of them over so that she lay face up beneath them, Tina’s sex against her’s and John’s within her. “Fuck me, John. Fuck me hard, lover. I need to come, John.” She began frantically fucking up against them as John started moving in her, sliding into her and then withdrawing before pushing back inside her again. “Oh, yes,” she crooned happily. “God, you feel so wonderful inside me, John. Make love to me, John. Fuck me, baby.”

An astonished Tina began feeling incredible new feelings as Susan’s clit dragged across her own, sliding through the furrow of her almost bare sex only to be replaced by the wetly sliding shaft of her cousin John’s cock on each of his thrusts in her cousin Susan’s body. Large, firm breasts were pressed against her chin and Susan was raining passionate kisses on both herself and John. For the first time Tina felt another girl’s body pressed violently against hers and that same girl’s tongue deep inside her mouth, wrestling with her own tongue. Tina grasped Susan’s breasts in her hands and felt a deliciously naughty thrill at holding and caressing them. She found herself wishing desperately that John was fucking her, giving her the incredible sensations so clearly evidenced on her cousin’s face and in the cries and whimpers she uttered in her passion. “Oh, jeez, oh, fuck…” Susan cried out passionately, clasping her cousins against her, her mouth and eyes wide. “Harder… harder… John, fuck me harder,” she gasped. John began slamming against his cousins vigorously, sliding his cock faster and harder into her… and pushing both his and Susan’s sex harder and faster against Tina’s virginal cunt.  “Oh… oh… oh, God!” cried Tina, suddenly experiencing a climax far greater than her previous first orgasm. “Oh, God, Oh, God, Oh, God, Ohhhh…” echoed Susan as her body spasmed orgasmically. Susan’s clasping pussy pushed John’s sensations over the edge and into his own climax, spurting his incestuous baby-making sperm into his cousin’s sex. The three collapsed together, gasping and moaning together in the welcome grasp of post-orgasmic stupor.

“Holy shit!” Nancy yelled, scrambling to her feet and running over to the threesome. “The condom! John isn’t wearing a condom!” She pushed at John, rolling him off the girls, then pulled Tina up from on top of Susan.

Susan opened her eyes and look crossly at Nancy. “What’s wrong? I feel so good; why are you bothering me?”

“John wasn’t wearing a condom! You have sperm inside you! You could get pregnant!”

“Really? Oh, I guess he wasn’t was he – I didn’t give him a chance to put one on. I was so hot, so horny, I just had to have him inside me.” Susan said quietly, calmly.

“Susan? Susan? Are you all right?”

“I’ve never felt better,” Susan said dreamily. “I’m all… comfy and warm inside.” She sighed happily.

Nancy stared at her in disbelief. “Susan! Wake up! You might be pregnant – or about to get pregnant! We have to do something! Wake up!!” Nancy shook her cousin, tears filling her eyes, unable to understand her cousin’s incomprehensible state of mind.

“Well, if I am, I am. What can we do about it?” Susan asked quietly, peacefully, her gaze tranquil as she regarded her cousin with a soft smile.

“Susan! What’s wrong with you! You should be crying, hysterical, distraught!” Nancy cried.

“Seems that you’re doing all that for me, Nancy.”

“But aren’t you scared? Upset?”

“No. I’m at peace. I’m… content.”

“Cows are supposed to be content! Not us! Not teenage girls! Especially not teenage girls that might be pregnant with their cousin’s baby!”

“Well, what can we do about it now, Nancy? What would you suggest; I’ll go along with any ideas you might have,” Susan stated quietly.

“John,” Nancy turned to her male cousin with a pleading look and tone. “What can we do? What if she’s pregnant?”

“If she’s pregnant, there’s nothing we can do. But we could hope and assume that she’s not and try to remove my sperm from her. That’s the only idea I can come up with. But how do we do that? There’s no douche stuff here.”

“That doesn’t work anyway – it can actually make her pregnant if she isn’t all ready,” Nancy fretted. “Well, I guess the only thing we can do is to let it drip out of her and hope for the best.”

“What if we take her into the water and wash her out,” Tina offered.

“Same problem – the water could move the sperm cells around and get her pregnant if she isn’t already. We’ve just got to use gravity and hope it works. But I’m really scared about her – she’s acting so weird. She’s got to snap out of it before we go back to the house!”

“Yeah, it is really weird. It’s like she’s drugged or something,” John said somberly.

Nancy lamented. “I’ve heard of fucking a girl’s brains out but I didn’t know it could actually happen!” Susan looked up at her with a vacant smile. Nancy shuddered in fear then wiped the tears from her eyes and composed herself. “We’ve got to stop just sitting around and do something.” She looked around, growing more and more frustrated at the lack of resources. “Ok, here’s what we’re going to do. John, you sit on that tree trunk and hold her on your lap. Tina, stand behind John and hold him steady; he’s going to need some support. Ok, good, that’s good.” She moved to her cousins and arranged Susan’s legs so her legs were outside of John’s legs. She tucked John’s semi-erect cock between Susan’s asscheeks to keep it out of the way. She stood back to watch. A little sperm ran from Susan’s pussy and dripped onto the ground, but it wasn't a lot. “This is too slow,” Nancy complained. “How can we make it come out faster?” She thought hard, her brow furrowing. “The only thing I can think of is to stimulate her so her vagina will lubricate – but we don’t want her to have an orgasm because that could get her pregnant with some of the sperm that’s still in there. Just keep holding her like that, John, and touch her to turn her on. I’m going to do what I can to get her going.” Nancy knelt between the legs of John and Susan and bent to examine Susan’s sex. She inserted a finger and wiped out as much sperm as she could; Susan smiled dreamily, her breathing becoming labored as her cousins touched her intimately. John stroked her breasts, teased her nipples, kissed her neck and ears.

“God, John, after you’ve come so many times these last couple of days, how could you possibly have filled her up so much! She’s like a cream-filled donut! I just hope this works – I can’t stand the thought that she might be pregnant.”

“Pregnant? With John’s baby? I’m going to have John’s baby? That’s nice,” Susan chattered happily.

“Oh, God!” Nancy wailed. A determined look came across her face. “Look, don’t let her have an orgasm, ok? Do whatever you have to, but don’t let her have an orgasm.” Nancy turned and sat on the ground between her cousins’ thighs and leaned forward, licking sperm from Susan’s vaginal crease. She opened her cousin with her fingers and extended her tongue as far as she could into her cousin and began lapping the sperm into her mouth, letting her tongue lightly swipe across Susan’s labial lips and clit to stimulate her further. Susan smiled even more and began moving her hips in countermeasure to Nancy’s tongue.

“Oh, nice,” Susan cooed. “That feels so good. Fuck me again, John, please. Put your lovely cock in me and fuck me again?”

Nancy pulled away from Susan’s cunt, her lower face covered with sperm. “It’s working. She’s lubricating and the sperm is running out – faster than I can swallow it, even. There’s so much! Just don’t let her have an orgasm!” Nancy returned to her task, licking Susan’s pussy and drinking as much of John’s sperm as she could, the rest running over her face and down her body. Nancy became agitated and actively forced her body against her cousin’s hands, lips, and tongues, straining for completion. “Fuck me, John. Put it in, my love. I want you to come in me again,” she moaned. Nancy pulled her face away from Susan’s sex. “Stop! Take your hands away from her. Don’t stimulate her. Let her back away from the orgasm.” John stopped and leaned back away from his desperately moving cousin, but he couldn’t do anything about his now hard cock between her asscheeks. Susan ground desperately against his cock, trying to find more stimulation.

“More… more, John, touch me, fuck me, love me,” she whined. “I wanna come, John. Come in me, fill me up, I need you!” She continued to rock on his hardness. “Ok… if you really want to you can fuck my ass… just fuck me, John. I need your cock. I need you inside me. Fuck my ass, John, please!”

“Don’t do it, John,” Nancy warned. “She’ll try to get your cock into her ass! Look, she’s lifting herself, trying to get you inside her!” Nancy scrambled to her feet and slapped Susan forcefully across the face. Susan screamed. “I want to come! I want John’s cock! Fuck me, John! Make a baby in me!” Nancy cried desperately and slapped her dearest friend, cousin, and lover again.

Susan fell back against John and lay there silently, weeping, her eyes closed. “Oh! My face! What happened to my face!” Susan cried. She opened her eyes. “Nancy! Did you hit me? Why did you hit me?”

“Susan? Susan, are you all right?” John queried tensely.

“No! Nancy hit me! Why did you hit me, Nancy?”

“Do you still want to be pregnant?” Nancy asked warily.

“Pregnant! Hell, no! What are you talking about?!”

“Oh, thank God,” Nancy cried, embracing her cousin and kissing her fervently.

Nancy pushed her away. “Why did you hit me!?”

“You were… I don’t know what you were, Susan,” John said quietly, “but you weren’t in your right mind. Nancy helped you, hopefully, to keep from getting pregnant and to regain your sanity. You were really out of it, love.”

“I said I wanted to be pregnant?” Susan said incredulously.

“Yeah. And you were begging John to fill you with more sperm to make sure you were.”

“I don’t remember any of that… the last thing I remember was John making Tina naked and getting her hot.”

“Well, he got her so hot she had an orgasm – then you charged over there and rammed your pussy down on his cock and fucked him until he filled you with sperm – lots of sperm! I can’t believe how much you had in you!”

“I have sperm in me? We didn’t use a condom?” Susan asked incredulously. “Oh, my God! What am I going to do?!”

“Nancy got as much out as she could. We’ll just have to hope that’s good enough,” John said somberly.

“Is that what’s all over your face and your body, Nancy? John’s sperm from inside me? My God! There’s so much! How much is still in me?”

“Not much,” Nancy reported with a small degree of satisfaction. “We got you excited and your lubrication washed it out of you. Then you got crazy to be fucked and that’s when I slapped you. Twice.”

Susan drew Nancy into her embrace for a long tender kiss. “Thank you cousin, friend, lover. You’ve done a heroic thing, trying to save me from pregnancy. I just hope it worked.” She shuddered. “And now we’re both covered with John’s sperm,” she laughed weakly. She kissed her cousin then began licking John’s sperm from her face. As Susan moved down to lick the sperm from her chest and breasts, Nancy laughed, “Fine. But I’m not returning the favor, Susan! I’m not licking the sperm off you!”

“What does it taste like, Nancy?” Tina asked quietly.

“Well, if you’re Susan, it tastes wonderful. I have much less enthusiasm for it myself. I don’t mind sucking John and I’ll even swallow, but I’m not going out of my way to taste it. If you’re that curious, you can use your lips and tongue to clean it off Susan.”

Moments later Susan completed the task of cleaning the sperm from Nancy’s body. She kissed Nancy; Nancy returned the kiss, but held her away from her body. “You just cleaned me up; don’t get more of it on me, Susan!”

Susan laughed and turned with a smile to Tina. “Did you want to taste some of John’s sperm?” she asked alluringly. Tina swallowed and her eyes grew wide. “That’s all right, Tina. You don’t have to. Plenty of time for that later.”

“Wait,” Tina protested weakly. “I’m… I would like to try it… I’m just not sure…”

“Just kiss her first; her mouth tastes like John’s sperm, but not too strong. If you still want to try, then you lick it off her,” Nancy chuckled.

Tina approached Susan hesitantly and lifted her face to her cousin, her eyes closing, lips parting. Susan smiled and bent to kiss her petite cousin. Several moments passed; the kiss between the two girl cousins deepened, then finally ended. “Well,” Nancy questioned. Tina’s eyes opened and a smile grew across her face. She tentatively licked a bit of sperm from Susan’s chin. Her eyes rolled up as she evaluated the taste and texture, then she smiled again. “I don’t suppose it will ever be the Baskin-Robbins flavor of the month, but it’s ok,” she smiled. She began licking Susan’s chin and cheeks to remove more of the pasty substance.

“Eww! Sperm ice-cream! Yecch!” exclaimed Nancy, making a terrible face.

Tina began licking sperm from Susan’s chest and her breasts, shyly looking up into Susan’s eyes as she lapped at her nipples. “Mmm. That feels nice, Tina. Someday you’ll have to try drinking it directly from the tap; that’s when it tastes best.” Susan murmured. Tina turned to eye John speculatively. “Not tonight, though,” Susan chuckled. “I’ve got dibs on all his sperm until I leave tomorrow!” Tina laughed with Susan then returned to licking sperm from her breasts.

“Well, “ Nancy observed, “having sperm licked off your body is a nice experience, but it still leaves you a little less than clean. We’d best get cleaned up; it’ll be dark soon and we have to go back to the house.”

“But I don’t want to go back!” Susan protested. “I want to stay here and make love to John!”

“But Grandpa said we have to be back tonight for dinner,” Tina asserted. “Our moms have spent all day cooking for the big dinner tonight.”

“Well, maybe we can do something after dinner,” John said. “If nothing else we can sneak out tonight and go to the barn – the loft would be a good place to sneak away to.”

Susan sighed. “I guess there’s no getting out of it. Let’s clean up and we’ll see what happens.” She kissed her cousin Tina with a sad smile. “I envy you, Tina. You get to spend weeks, maybe months with John but I have to go home tomorrow.” She looked up into John’s eyes. “Promise me that you’ll make love again to me tonight, John. I really need to know it’s going to happen for me at least one more time before I go.”

John took her into his arms and kissed her. “I promise. We will make love tonight, somehow.”

Susan kissed him passionately, moaning in her desire for him and her dread of their pending separation.

“Come on, Tina, let’s start getting cleaned up,” Nancy said quietly. “They could be at it for awhile yet.” She grabbed the soap and shampoo and walked into the water; Tina followed close behind.

Tina plunged into the water and disappeared, surfacing twenty feet out from the bank. “God, this feels good!” she exulted. “After being so sweaty and dirty… and hot! Come on! Swim on out; it feels great!”

Nancy looked at her speculatively then turned and tossed the soap and shampoo on the riverbank. She turned and dove into the water and didn’t reappear for a long moment. “Nancy? Where are you?” Tina shouted. Suddenly she was pulled underwater. The two girls resurfaced, Tina coughing and spitting water; Nancy laughing but staying just out of Tina’s reach. “You rat!” Tina laughed. “I’m going to get you for that!” She took a deep breath and disappeared underwater. Nancy quickly began swimming toward shore, but managed only a few feet before she was hauled underwater. Both girls surfaced again, laughing and choking on river water. They discovered that they could just stand on the bottom with their heads above water – as long as Tina was clinging to Nancy. Nancy kissed Tina good-naturedly, but the kiss lingered and became deeper and more passionate. Finally the girls clung together, caressing each other and brushing their lips against each other.

“Hey, Nancy,” Tina asked quietly.

“Yeah, Tina,” Nancy answered breathlessly.

“Why are you so concerned about me having… sex with John, but you don’t mind touching and kissing and even playing with my pussy yourself? Is that a rude question? I’m sorry if it is. I’m just wondering.”

Nancy was silent for a moment, then spoke in a choked tone. “Wow. You really nailed me with that one, sweetie. I wasn’t even aware… I suppose the obvious answer is that I can’t get you pregnant.” She paused then spoke again. “But, thinking about it now, I think the real reason is that I know that I don’t have any intention of hurting you in any way and I think that deep down I suspect all guys of being careless with a girl’s feelings. Even John, though he doesn’t deserve that suspicion. Guys can be really cruel, not necessarily intentionally, I guess, but they just care about getting their fun and who cares about the girl. But John isn’t like that. I’ve always known that – well, except for the time that he grabbed my crotch… that was pretty thoughtless, but it wasn’t… cold or cruel. He just wasn’t thinking; his hormones drowned his brains, I guess. But that was only once and even then he apologized very sincerely and has never done anything like that again. But I’ve just lumped him in with all the guys that have treated me or my friends badly – which was just about every guy we ever got involved with. Either I have rotten taste in men – quite possible considering my mother’s experiences – or there just aren’t many men like John. Maybe both.”

“Do you still think I should wait? You said that you and Susan… became intimate… when you were twelve. I’m a year older than that and I think that because of the hell my brother has put me through I’m possibly more mature or at least more aware than you two were. I really feel that I can trust John. And, just as important, I want to make love to him. I want to have a little bit of what Susan has with him. I know they’re a special case – it’s clear they both are deeply in love with each other – but, if I can have just a little bit of what they have I would be really happy. I’m not looking for a lifetime commitment – I just want someone I can trust to love me and share some really special intimacy with.” She cleared her  throat nervously. “And I want that with you, too, Nancy. I want to make love with you like you and Susan make love.”

Nancy kissed her cousin tenderly and squeezed her asscheeks with a wry smile. “I guess you really are one of us, love. Welcome to the group. I really think you are more mature – who knows why – but it seems like you have reasonable expectations and are aware of the limitations. If you are willing to risk the dangers of having cousin-lovers, I think you should make love with John and Susan… and I would be very happy to make love with you myself. We’ll discuss it with John and Susan tonight – we need to go throw cold water on those two before Susan tries to impregnate herself again.” Nancy had glanced to the shore and discovered that John was lying on his back with Susan above him. Their crotches were grinding into each other; Nancy hoped they were just grinding against each other instead of fucking again.

Nancy pulled Tina ashore and the two dumped handfuls of water on the rutting couple.

“Hey!” Susan objected, torn from her world of passion and love by the cold water. “What’s the idea?!”

“You two aren’t fucking without a condom again, are you?” Nancy asked bluntly.

“No,” Nancy responded sheepishly. “But I’m afraid we were getting kinda close.”

“Let’s get in the water and wash up so we can be home before dinner – otherwise our parents will start asking questions. And Tina has something she wants to say while we’re washing up.”

John and Susan helped each other up from the ground, sharing a couple more kisses and intimate smiles. Nancy good-naturedly pushed herself between them and urged them into the water. “Don’t get in past your crotch, Susan. We don’t want any water in your vagina to move any remaining sperm cells around. You just stand in the water and we’ll wash you.”

“Oooh, sounds lovely,” Susan laughed. “Six hands washing me?”

Soon Susan was reveling in the feeling of six hands fondling and caressing her soapy and shampooed body. “Aw, is it over already,” she pouted as the hands pulled away.

“All but the rinse,” chuckled John. He placed a hand firmly over her vaginal opening to keep the water out and the three teens lifted Susan off her feet and dunked her into the river. Susan rose sputtering and laughing. “Hold on, Susan, we’re not finished yet. Hold your breath; we’re going to hold you under until we can rinse you thoroughly.”

“Hold on… let me get my breath first,” Susan giggled. “And make sure you keep your hand where it is – I’m not so concerned about getting water in there, I just like the feeling of your hand there.” She took a couple of deep breaths, then nodded. Her cousins plunged her under the water and quickly rinsed the soap and shampoo from her body and hair then pulled her back to the surface. “Wow. That was great. You guys have to all try it!” Susan enthused.

The other three teens were treated to the same sexy process, though John dragged all three girls underwater with him when they rinsed him. Finally the quartet were clean and in great spirits and resigned to returning to a world where they would have to be guarded in their actions again. They began wading toward the bank.

“Oh, wait,” Tina exclaimed. “We’ve all obviously been swimming – but what were we supposedly wearing? We can’t tell everyone we were naked together!”

“Good thinking, Tina!” John agreed. “Let’s get our clothes wet; obviously we went swimming in our shorts and t-shirts.”

Susan giggled. “That alone will give Grandma a conniption fit. But I think our parents will be cool with it.”

The four teens retrieved their clothes from the bank and tossed them into the river. “Don’t let them float away; it would be very awkward going home without any clothes,” John warned with a laugh as they began retrieving their soaked clothing.

The cousins mounted the bank; Tina and Nancy began dressing. “Hey, you guys, stop kissing and get dressed. Brr, these wet clothes are chilly!” Nancy remonstrated.

“Ah, I think we’ll wait until we’re almost home, Nancy,” Susan answered. “John and I will be in the back… on the couch. Will you drive, please, Nancy,” she asked sweetly.

“Sure,” Nancy said with a resigned smile. “Enjoy him while you can.” Tina and Nancy got into the front. John and Susan fell into an embrace on the couch.  Tina kept glancing back at the amorous pair. “Just turn around and look all you want, Tina. They won’t care. They won’t even notice,” Nancy laughed as she started the van and began driving across the darkened field toward the road. “I guess we’ll have to wait until we sneak out tonight to tell them your news.”

“We’re all going to sneak out? I thought just Susan and John were sneaking out,” Tina spoke with delighted surprise.

“No, we’re all together, Tina. It’s all for one and one for all,” Nancy smiled. “Hmm,” she thought worriedly.  “Tina, look in the glove box. You’ll find a box of condoms there. Do you see it? Yeah, that’s it. How many are left?”

“Just one,” Tina answered.

“That’s a problem,” Nancy worried. “Both you and Susan want John to be inside you… but we have only one condom.”

“Well, he doesn’t have to… come… while he’s making love to me. He could start with me and finish with Susan,” Tina blushed as she spoke.

“Well, I guess that’ll work,” Nancy agreed reluctantly. “We’ll just have to be careful. I guess you’re excited about it, huh?”

“Yeah, I am,” Tina said earnestly. “To tell the truth, I’ve had a lot of fantasies about having sex with John.”

“Really? For how long?” Nancy queried.

“Well, since last summer. John has always been nice to me and I’ve had kind of a crush on him for a long time, but last summer I started thinking about what it would be like to kiss him… then it just went on from there. I remember I first wondered about it when we were swimming and he dunked me. I choked on the water and he felt bad and held me up in the water until I stopped choking. It was the first time he’d ever held me like that; he was so tender and gentle, but really strong. I felt safe with him – even though he had just dunked me! He was holding me and our faces were really close; I could feel the heat from his face against mine. I suddenly wanted him to kiss me. It shocked me – I’d never wanted anyone to kiss me before, but I really, really wanted him to then. Ever since then I kept thinking about having him kiss me and… other things. Eventually I was fantasizing about him – a lot.”

“Don’t you fantasize about other guys, too, though?”

”Oh, sometimes, but nothing gets me as… excited as fantasizing about John, somehow.”

“So tonight will be a realization of… Hey, guys! We’re almost there! Get dressed fast!”

“Oh, damn,” Susan sighed heavily. “Quick, John, help me get dressed. All you have to wear is shorts.” John quickly pulled Susan’s shorts up her long, lovely legs as Susan drew her bra on and then her t-shirt. By the time she finished, John was already in his shorts. They pulled into the driveway moments later.

“Okay, guys, back to ‘normal’ life. Tina, look sad, ok? I’ll explain later. Nancy and Susan, take Tina into my sister’s bedroom and look concerned while you’re doing it. Once you’re there, Tina, tell the girls every detail about what your brother has been doing to you. Every little detail, ok? This is important. I’m sorry – I know this is going to make you unhappy, but it’s got to be done. If you have time, tell them everything you know about the other girls that have been raped or abused as well. You won’t have much time, so you’ll have to talk fast, Tina. Can you do that.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Tina answered somberly. “Can I call Carla again?”

“Maybe. It may be after hours at the hospital, but we’ll see. You might try that first; my sister has as telephone in her room.”

“Thanks, John,” Tina replied.

The four walked into the house in an apparently somber mood. John’s father looked at him questioningly as the girls went down the hall, clearly wanting to be alone. “Can I talk to you and Mom… alone?” John asked quietly.

“Sure, John. Go in the garage; Mom and I will be right there.” John offered polite but remote greetings to his aunts as he went through the kitchen and into the garage. John’s whispered to his wife; she shrugged at her sisters and followed her husband into the garage.

“What’s going on, John?” his father asked quietly.

“Tina’s in bad shape. I don’t know how much you know about what’s happening with Tina’s family, so I’m going to give you a short version of what I know. Cousin Brad raped Tina’s best friend, Carla.” John’s father’s jaw tightened visibly. John’s mother gasped. “He and his friends raped her repeatedly. They have done this before with other girls and they’ve threatened to do it to Tina. This time they got caught. I owe Grandpa some money – I had Tina use his phone to call Carla and I owe you money ‘cause she’s calling Carla again in zzz’s bedroom.. She also called the police; she’s going to be a witness for the prosecution. The police want her to stay here and not have any contact with her parents until the case goes to court, because they’re afraid her parents will intimidate her or talk her out of testifying. There’s going to be a court order for Tina to stay here – if you’ll let her – and to prohibit any contact with Uncle xxx and Aunt yyyy. If you won’t keep her, she’ll be placed in foster care. You’ll keep her, won’t you?”

“Yes, of course,” his mother assured him tearfully. “That poor girl. Joan is so blind! Everyone but her and xxx could see that boy was no good! And they always took his side over hers. Of course she can stay – as long as she wants to.”

“Don’t worry about the phone bill, John. You did the right thing,” his father said somberly. “Well, at least zzz is a camp this week; Tina can sleep in her room this week.”

“But what about next week? Unfortunately, those girls do not get along at all,” John’s mother worried. “And with Tina’s night terrors… John, camping out may not be a good idea. Tina gets night terrors – wakes up screaming and fighting. What will you do if she does that?

John shrugged. “Susan and Nancy will be there to soothe her. I’ll warn them without letting Tina know about it. It’ll be ok.”

“And we’ll  worry about where Tina will sleep when zxzz get’s back from camp,” John’s father stated. He looked at his son somberly. “There are some things that we’ll have to talk about later, John, but Tina is probably very concerned about whether she can ever go home again. And there’s a possibility that she won’t. I want you to assure her that regardless of what happens, she can stay with us and be very, very welcome. If and when she goes home, it will be because she wants to and no other reason. Make sure she understands that What can we do to help otherwise, John?”

“She’s improving. Susan and Nancy have been great at helping her talk it out and... whatever it is that girls do to help each other. There is one thing – the only time she really perked up today was when the girls were telling her about camping out last night. She got all excited and wanted to know all about it. She’s never been camping. So, I thought…”

“Let me talk to my sisters,” John’s mother said, “but I’m sure that will no problem. You can all head out after dinner.”

“Would it be ok if we packed some dinner and took it with us? Tina really doesn’t want to be around anyone right now – answer any questions.”

“Oh, of course,” his mother agreed. “I’ll pack something for you. You go tell the girls to pack a change of clothes and I’ll be right out with your dinner. Do you have everything you need?”

“I’m going to grab another sleeping bag for Tina and we’re going into town for supplies – Tina’s never had smore’s.”

John’s father pulled thirty dollars from his wallet and handed it to his son, looking him in the eye. “I’m proud of you, son. You’re doing a great job of helping your cousin in a time of great need.”

“Thanks, Mom, Dad. You’re the best.” John turned and walked into the house and into his sister’s bedroom. All three girls were in tears and hugging each other. John bent and kissed Tina tenderly. “Did you call Carla?”

“I did, but her Mom answered. She was so sweet to me – she thanked me for calling and for helping the police. She’s been reading Carla’s diary – I didn’t even know Carla kept a diary! – and she found out that I’ve protected Carla from my brother and his friends a couple of times. But Carla is sleeping now under sedation, so she asked me to call tomorrow morning after ten. Will that be ok?”

“Sure. How’s Carla doing otherwise?”

“Better, I guess. Her mom said she perked up a lot after I talked to her, but she’s still a mess. Are you going to explain why we’ve been hiding in the bedroom now?”

“Not quite yet, but I do have a surprise for you. You three need to go out and get in the van. I’ll be there in a minute, ok?”

Nancy smiled somberly. “You’re so mysterious, John. But, ok. We’ll just be your obedient little cousins and go sit in the van like you told us to.”

John grinned at her. “That’ll be the day! But I can’t explain here; I promise to explain the minute we’re on the road, ok?”

“Well, all right,” Susan laughed. “But this had better be good!” John smiled and left the room. The girls stood and started to leave. “I guess we should still look serious and sad,” she said.

“Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m a mess after all that crying!” retorted Nancy.

The girls were surprised a few minutes later when John appeared with a sleeping bag and his mother showed up moments later with a large container. “You kids have fun, now, and we’ll see you in the morning… whenever,” she said quietly then turned and left.

The girls turned and stared at John as he started the van and backed out into the street. They were still staring a block later when he finally spoke. “I convinced our parents that, in the interest of cheering up Tina, we should go camping tonight.”

“What! How did you do that?!” Susan exclaimed.

“I told them that Tina is really shocked and upset – which is true – and that the only thing that seemed to cheer her up was talking about camping. That’s all I said – they said to go and packed our dinners. That’s what Mom brought out to us.” The girls cheered and yelled, hugging and kissing each other and John as he struggled to drive. Finally the girls settled down.

“Well, where are we going now?” Nancy asked. “Camping? But the river is the other way.”

“We’re going to a different spot. Farmers get really excited about fires in their fields. I know a great and very private spot about ten miles the other side of town. But first we have to go into town for supplies – chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, soda…”

“and condoms!” Susan exclaimed. “We’re almost out.”

Nancy and Tina looked at each other and smiled. “John, can we pull over before we get into town? We need to talk for a little bit and I would like to have your full attention while we talk. Please?”

“Wow,” Nancy commented. “This must be important. Nancy said ‘please!’”

“Sure, we can pull over,” John replied, glancinging at Nancy curiously. “There’s a spot just down the road here…”

A few minutes later the four teens were standing outside the dark and quiet van a dozen feet or so from the road. “What is it, Nancy” Susan asked. “What’s the problem?”

“Oh, there’s no problem. Tina just has a favor to ask of John. Tina?” Nancy turned with a smile to Tina.

Tina swallowed and a nervous smile flitted across her face. “It’s really a favor I’m asking of all of you – especially Susan. You’ve all been great and you’ve made me feel a part of the group – made me feel loved and accepted. I know that tonight was supposed to be your night, Susan, but you got to make love with John and Nancy; John, has been kind and loving to me all my life and I’ve been fantasizing about making love with him for a year. I would like to make love to you with all three of you. Will you make love to me? Will you accept the gift of my virginity?”

Susan looked at Nancy. “And you’re all right with this? You’ve been so concerned about her becoming sexual at such a young age.”

“While we were swimming and you two were dry-humping, Tina called me on that… very sweetly and lovingly. She wanted to know why I didn’t want her to make love with John, but I was more than willing to make love to her myself. I suddenly realized that I was being very unfair to John. I was lumping him in with all the creeps that I’ve had to deal with – guys that use girls for their pleasure but don’t care about them at all. And I know John is nothing like that – I owe you an apology, John. I owe you a huge apology and I’m sorry I’ve wronged you like that. Will you forgive me?”

John stepped forward and took the tearful Nancy into his arms and kissed her tenderly. “You’re forgiven, sweetheart. I love you and it’s forgotten, ok?”

“No, it’s not forgotten, John. I really owe you. And I will be making it up to you the rest of my life.” She suddenly grinned. “For starters, anytime, anyplace you want I’ll be delighted to give you the very best, most passionate, most thrilling blowjob I can give. How’s that for starters? And I’ll swallow – enthusiastically!”

“Wow! That’s huge!” Susan gasped. “You’ve never liked giving blowjobs – and you’ve never swallowed. At least that’s what you told us.”

“That’s true, but since I’ve come to realize how much I love John, I actually want to suck him and swallow. It blew me away when I discovered that I was fantasizing about that while I was watching John naked after we were swimming. I was actually salivating, thinking about tasting and drinking  his sperm!”

“Well, that’s super, Nancy,” John stuttered. “Obviously I’d love it, but you don’t have to feel obligated; I’d rather you did it because you wanted to.”

“Oh, I want to! In fact, if you’re willing I’ll give you one right here and now!”

“Uh, sorry to deprive you, Nancy, but remember I have dibs,” Susan scolded her with a smile. “And it appears that John’s going to be making love to Tina tonight, too! I’m so excited! It’s going to be wonderful!”

“It is wonderful, but there’s something that bothers me,” John mused aloud.

“What could possibly bother you about that,” Nancy asked in exasperation. “You’re introducing Tina to real sex and making love to Susan, too. And I’m going to give you an incredible blowjob, even if I don’t get to swallow.”

“That’s going to leave you as the only virgin, Nancy. That can’t feel good to you.”

Nancy face sagged then tears began falling as she sobbed.

“Nancy! What’s wrong?” Susan asked anxiously.

“John, you… you thought about how I would feel? I was feeling sad about being the only virgin left, but I felt so good about how I feel about you now that I was content to be happy with that. I can’t believe you would be so thoughtful! And I’ve never been thoughtful about you or anyone else!” John kissed her tears away and then kissed her lovingly on the lips. “Everyone else wants to know what I’ve done for them before they’ll do anything for me – and it’s because I’m so stingy and rude! But I’ve been terrible to you – the person who has treated me with more love and respect than any other person in my life – and yet you thought of how I would feel… I love you, John. You are incredible and I love you with all my heart.”

Susan and Tina put their arms around the other two and kisses and hugs were exchanged freely for several minutes before Susan finally broke the tearful silence. “There’s really no problem, you know. We have all night and until ten tomorrow morning. John, I believe that you will be able to make love to Nancy and a few hours later to Tina and later still to me. Then we’ll all be… not virgins. And it will be an incredibly wonderful and sexy night!”

“Are you sure you can do that, John?” Tina asked anxiously.

John grinned. “Like Susan said, we have all night and most of the morning. Yeah, I think I can manage that… with three beautiful women to inspire me.”

“Well, what are we waiting for,” Susan asked. “Let’s get those supplies and get to camping!”

“And don’t forget the condoms!” Nancy giggled, her face still wet with tears.

Continued in Part 4 of Teen Cousins, coming... eventually
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