Teen Cousins

Teen Cousins Part 1
(mff, ff, inc, teen)

"Hey, want to go swimming?" John asked his two cousins. "I've got some inner tubes and we can float down the North Umpqua. It's got some nice rapids." John had just finished putting down the last younger cousin for a mid-day nap. The prickly August heat and utter lack of any breeze whatsoever had rendered everyone drowsy and grouchy. Roseburg, Oregon was known for its lack of wind; some retirees from windy Wyoming had recently astonished John by telling him that they had consulted a weather map and selected the Umpqua valley for that very reason. During the dog days of summer, however, even the wind-weary would have gratefully accepted a breeze.

The attractive blonde, Nancy, looked quizzically at her darker cousin, Susan, who shrugged with a resigned smile. "If we do, our parents will make us take some of the younger kids. I'm tired of baby-sitting." Nancy shifted her gaze to include John; she colored slightly, noting his interested, cautious gaze. Nancy and Susan had donned the briefest attire their parents would allow.

John smiled conspiratorially. "No, they won't. It's too swift and the rapids are too hard for the younger kids. My parents won't let them tube down the North, so I'm sure your parents won't either."

"Hmm. Sounds like fun - good rapids and no younger kids. Let's do it, Nancy!" Susan unfolded her lanky sixteen-year old body from the lawn recliner, pulling the shorts from where they had ridden up her butt. John savored the view as Susan bent over, revealing a deep cleavage between two firm slightly conical breasts. They were all of an age at sixteen with only six weeks separating their birthdays - John's in the middle - and they had grown close from an early age. However, though Nancy and John saw each other frequently, living only an hour's drive apart, Susan's trips from California occurred less frequently, perhaps two or three times a year. Not nearly often enough for John, who harbored a huge crush on both his cousins.

Eventually they obtained reluctant permission from the six relevant sets of parents - this side of John's family being excessively prolific. John threw three over-inflated inner tubes into the back of his ten-year-old blue Ford van and the three cousins left their Grandfather's farm for the short drive up the scenic North Umpqua River, laughing and enjoying their freedom from younger siblings and watchful parents. After stopping at the country store for soft drinks and snacks for the voyage, John pulled over at a gate opening to a large, open pasture.

"Why are we stopping here?" queried Susan.

"It's my favorite launching point. I know the farmer - I've hauled hay for him for the last couple of summers - and I have permission to use his river frontage whenever I want."

"Great!" chimed in Nancy. "Our own private beach!"

"Actually, it is a pretty decent beach. There's even sand. And the river's pretty deep and quiet here instead of rocky and fast. We have to float around the bend before we get to the faster water and rapids."

They pulled into the grove of trees lining the river and John parked the van at the bottom of the bank, next to the river."

"This is nice, John! I bet you come here a lot."

"Sure do. It's not far from Grandpa's and it's a nice place to hang out. I even built a little grill here, so I can cook the fish I catch."

"Ew, I hate fishing," shuddered Nancy. "Slimy worms and slimy fish. No fishing today, John. But I see there are blackberries growing here - ripe blackberries! Let's go pick some!"

Soon the three teens were picking and eating the large, succulent berries that hung on the thorny bushes next to the beach. Then sated, scratched, and tired, they used the inner tubes as easy chairs and sat contentedly at the water's edge, feet dangling in the cool river. The shade and the coolness of the water offered welcome relief from the oppressive August heat.

Nancy spoke lazily, "This is so cool. I wish you had brought us here earlier, John."

"And when would he have had the time to do that? This is the first break our parents have given us from baby-sitting," rejoined Susan.

John sighed. "Yeah, I guess we'll just have to enjoy the time we have. What little there is of it."

Nancy slid lazily from her tube into the water with a grin, then abruptly stood with a yelp. "Hey, John! You didn't tell us the water was going to be so cold! I don't think I want to sit in water this cold for - how long does it take to float to the park?"

"A couple of hours."

"No, that's too long to be in water this cold, don't you think, Susan"

"Yeah, I agree. How about we just hang out here. We can swim, eat berries..."

John shrugged. "Works for me. I just thought you'd enjoy riding the rapids."

"Maybe another time," Nancy said. "I'm quite content here for now."

"Me, too."

"Okay. I'm easy."

"Yeah, that's what I hear about you," Susan laughed.

John splashed water at her, grinning at the shrieks of protest. Susan leaped up from her inner tube and pushed John's over, dumping him in the river. Nancy laughed and threw berries.

"Hey, don't throw the berries away! I bled for those things!" John swam after the floating berries, sucking them into his mouth as he caught up to them and munching them down. He began lazily swimming across the river, enjoying the relief the cool water provided from the hundred-degree heat. Soon his two shapely cousins followed suit and the three of them swam and dove in the clear waters of the North Umpqua. After some dunking and other horseplay the teens became chilled and weary from the exercise.

Back on their tubes, the comradely trio contentedly sat and watched the easily flowing river in the quiet of the afternoon. John was particularly enjoying the way the wet cotton T-shirts clung to his cousin's bodies.

"Nancy, I don't know about you, but my bra is really damp and uncomfortable."

"Yeah, but my T-shirt is almost invisible when it's wet. I can't take off my bra with John here."

"Hmm. Mine, too." Susan pondered the situation. "But, it's really uncomfortable. If you'll take yours off, I'll take mine off, too. John won't mind." She grinned at John who was sitting, wide-eyed in interest.

"Susan! You're kidding!"

"Nope. I'm serious. I would be concerned about John telling someone, but I know from experience that he can keep his mouth shut."

Nancy looked at Susan warily, then at John, and back at Susan. "What do you mean? What experience?"

"Well, you know your dad wouldn't let you come down for the first week?"


"And you know that Terry, my boyfriend, was with me last week. John caught us naked together..."

"You're kidding!" Nancy laughed, wide-eyed.

"…but he didn't tell anyone -not even his best friend, Dan. I was sitting on the porch and overheard them talking -"

"You mean you were eaves-dropping," Nancy grinned.

"Well, yeah. I was. I was really afraid John would tell someone about what he saw, and I figured that he would tell Dan if he told anyone. So I eavesdropped. To see what he would say."

"And what did he say?"

"Dan was really pushing John to setup a date between me and him - as if I would go out with that jerk! - and asking him lots of questions about me." Susan turned to John with a warm, amused laugh. "And John told him a lot of things. Very nice things. Things I'm sure he didn't mean for me to hear." John turned red in embarrassment as he remembered how he had expressed his admiration for Susan and especially for her curvy body. "But he didn't say anything about what had happened. And he didn't even hint that he had ever seen me nekkid - even though Dan pushed really hard about exactly that. Our cousin is a gentleman, Nancy. He had some interesting things to say about you, too." Nancy turned an alarmed face to John. "But again, in a very respectful way. He was especially respectful about your butt," she laughed.

"Now I'm definitely not going to take off my bra, Susan!"

"Come on, Nancy. Most guys would have been really crude and boasted about things they never saw or did with a girl. Even a cousin. We have another cousin, Brad, who hasn't been so gentlemanly."

"Tell me about it. He keeps trying to feel me up. And I heard he told a bunch of guys that he has had sex with Connie and I know she hasn't even kissed him." Nancy grumped. "Come to think of it, John copped a feel once, too."

"When?!" Susan asked intently.

"When we were twelve. We were playing tag in the yard and he pushed his hand between my legs!"

"John! Really?"

John had really turned red now. "But I apologized, Nancy! It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment impulse thing."

"Really? He apologized?"

"Well, yeah - when I threatened to tell our moms about it!"

Susan laughed long and loud. "No guy ever apologized to me after he felt me up. Even when I threatened them."

"It's not funny, Susan," fumed Nancy. "It was a really shitty thing to do."

"Has he ever done it again?"

"Well, no."

"And he did apologize. Did you accept his apology?"

"No. I hit him and ran in the house."

Susan laughed again. "Nancy, I really think you should accept his apology. Especially now that after four years he hasn't done anything else."

Nancy sat, warily watching her two cousins. Forgiveness didn't come easily to Nancy. Too many people had repeatedly committed offenses too often. But as she thought about it, John really had treated her very well -except for the one occasion.

"Why did you do it, John?" she asked quietly.

"I was twelve. I had a crush on you. I don't know really how to explain it - it wasn't something I planned or did intentionally. I was just really attracted to you and you were standing there in the yard looking so pretty. I remember thinking about the times we played out in the barn at my house earlier that summer. Then it was like my hand just did it all on its own. I'm sorry - really sorry that you were so upset about it. I didn't want anything bad to come between us." John spoke haltingly, pleadingly.

"Out in the barn?" Susan sat up and looked intently between her two cousins. "What was it you did out in the barn that summer, Nancy?"

"Oh, Jeez! I had forgotten all about that," moaned Nancy, covering her face with her hands. "That's what you were thinking about?"

"Hey! What did you two do in the barn?!"

Nancy kept her face covered and groaned again. "I can't tell. John, you'll have to tell her."

John shrugged but blushed. "It's no big deal, Susan. We were playing doctor in the barn that summer a few times is all. I'm sure you've played doctor at that age."

"Yeah, who with?!" Nancy snorted. "When I did see a cousin remotely near our age, I was having to fend off Brad's groping hands. No way I was going to do anything like that with him. I never played doctor with anyone. How come you didn't ask me to play?"

"Believe me, if he'd had the chance he would have," Nancy snorted. "He was always after us to take off our clothes. It's just that you usually came up for Christmas or we went to Grandpa's when you come during the summer. There's no chance to do anything like that with Grandpa wandering around all the time. But he didn't forget you. He asked me if I had seen you naked."

Susan looked at John with amusement… and some relief. "Really? What did you tell him."

"I told him it was none of his business!"

"Damn," Susan sighed. "I missed all the fun. But I really think you should forgive him, Nancy."

"Oh, all right. I forgive you, John," Nancy mumbled.

"We have a situation here," Susan continued. "John has seen me naked, by accident. You have seen each other naked playing doctor, though that was several years ago. But I haven't seen John naked. That's not fair."

"Where are you going with this?" Nancy asked warily.

"I think we should all go skinny-dipping," Susan said matter-of-factly. I've always wanted to go skinny-dipping outdoors. And that way, I get to see John naked."

"No way," Nancy said flatly. "That's not going to happen."

"Of course, I do know some other secrets that John might find interesting, Nancy. Don't you think?"

Nancy paled and looked positively ill. "You wouldn't..."

Nancy's thoughts turned back to a summer four years ago during another family reunion. Nancy and Susan were sharing a bedroom - a rare event during a family reunion, as the children usually all slept in sleeping bags on Grandma's living room floor. But on this occasion, Nancy and Susan had the luxury of the extra bedroom and some privacy. As twelve-year old girls, their topic of conversation frequently turned to boys and dating.

"But what will I do when some guy wants to kiss me," moaned Nancy. "I haven't the slightest idea of what to do."

"I don't either," agreed Susan. And what about when his hands start to roam? What do I do then? If he's a nice guy, I don't want to make him mad and not ask me out again. But I hear they all try to feel you up, just to see how far you'll let them go. How do you deal with that? Do you have a guy you want to kiss, Nancy?"

"Well, yeah, I guess. I'd like Terry Kristen, from school, to kiss me, I think. He's real cute and he's popular."

"For me it's John."

"John? John who?"

"You know. Our cousin."

"Ewww! Susan! You want to kiss our cousin?"

"Why not? He's kinda cute and he's really nice."

"But he's our cousin! That's incest!"

"Only if we had sex. I'm just talking about a kiss, Nancy."

"You sure kissing a cousin isn't incest?"

"I can't see how it could be. Incest is about having idiot kids with deformities. If you don't have sex, you can't have kids, right?"

Nancy looked doubtful. "I don't know, Susan. Yecch. Let's don't talk about that. There must be someone else you want to kiss, someone at home."

Susan looked disappointed but thoughtful. "Well, I guess it wouldn't be too bad kissing Mike. He's ok."

Nancy looked at her incredulously. "You would rather kiss our cousin, John, than a good-looking guy at school?"

"Look, just forget I said anything about kissing John, ok? I want to kiss Mike. I'll even let him touch me, a little."

"Where," Nancy asked suspiciously. "Where will you let him touch you?"

"Above the waist, of course! Jeez!"

"Oh, ok. But how are we going to know how to kiss a guy? And what will we do when they touch us? Especially if they try to touch below the waist?"

"My friend, Jamie, practices kissing her hand."

"That's dumb. A hand doesn't kiss back," Nancy grumped.

"Well, I'm sure we could get someone to kiss us. Lots of guys would. We could just practice on somebody."

"I don't want to kiss someone and have them laugh at me," Nancy complained. "I want to know what to do."

"Well, we could practice on each other, I suppose," Susan said, almost cringing in anticipation of Nancy's certain objection. Nancy didn't say anything. "I said, we could practice on each other."

Nancy finally turned to her and looked at her speculatively. "How would that work?"

"Well, one of us would pretend to be a guy. We would kiss - figure out where everything goes, how it works."

"That's not lizzie?"

"You mean lezzie? Lesbian?"

"Whatever. It's not?"

Susan shrugged, "I don't think so. I think they actually have sex, somehow."

"How can two girls have sex?"

Susan shrugged again. "I don't know. Maybe… I don't know. But we obviously wouldn't do whatever they do. We'd just practice kissing, pretending one of us is a guy. Lesbians certainly wouldn't pretend that one of them is a guy, would they?"

"I guess not," Nancy said thoughtfully. "So it wouldn't be weird or anything. But we wouldn't tell anyone…"

"Of course not!"

"Well, who is going to be the guy first?"

"I guess I can pretend to be a guy first." Susan twisted around on the bed to face her cousin. Both girls wore t-shirts and shorts since nightgowns were unthinkable with the heat. "Then you can be the guy, ok?"

"OK," agreed Nancy. "We should do it standing though. I don't think we'll be kissing anyone on a bed for awhile."

Susan giggled. "I'm sure they'd like to, but, no, no kissing on beds for awhile." Both girls jumped off the bed and stood, looking at each other. "Let's pretend that I, Terry, just brought you home from a date. We walk up to the door and then I kiss you, ok?

Nancy nodded nervously. Susan took her hand and they walked across the room to the door. Nancy turned to Susan. "Thanks, Terry. I had a really good time tonight. The movie was really funny."

Susan responded gruffly in a low voice, "Thanks for going out with me, Nancy. I had fun, too. Would you like to go out again next Friday?"

"Sure, Terry," Nancy answered. "That would be great. Well, good-night, I guess."

Terry/Susan leaned into Nancy. Nancy leaned forward and the two girls brushed their closed lips together. Terry/Susan moved closer and put her arms around Nancy, drawing her close. The girls softened their lips and held the kiss longer, Terry/Susan stroking Nancy's back. Susan opened her lips slightly and brushed the tip of her tongue against Nancy's closed lips; Nancy drew back suddenly.

"You don't French on a first date!"

"If you really like the guy you can. I thought you really liked Terry. Besides, is this necessarily the first date?"

"Well, I guess not necessarily."

"Besides, the whole idea is for us to learn to kiss, right? We only have this week. We can't practice again after you decide you want to French with someone."

"Well, ok. But take it a little slower, ok?"

"Guys don't take it slow, cuz. You want this to be realistic, don't you?"

"Oh, all right. But part of learning this way is to give us time to adjust. So slow it up, just so I can get used to it, ok?"

"That makes sense. Ok, I'll slow down a little."

The girls moved back into an embrace. Susan brushed her lips gently over Nancy's several times, then did the same with her cheek and her neck. She then returned to Nancy's lips. Eventually she felt Nancy relax a little and soften in her embrace. She opened her mouth and touched the tip of her tongue to Nancy's lips. Nancy's lips hesitantly opened and the cousins' tongues touched."

Nancy withdrew from Susan's embrace again. "Jeez, that feels weird," she exclaimed. "Are you sure you're doing it right?"

"Well, I think I am. I've never done it, though. I've just seen other people do it and heard other girls talk about it. Do you want to quit?"

"No, let's try it again," Nancy said softly. "When are you going to touch me?"

"Soon - if you stop interrupting. Guys don't kiss and immediately feel you up. They wait a little bit to get you interested in kissing before they do it."

"How do you know?"

Susan shrugged. "That's what I hear."

Nancy eyed her cousin, shrugged, then came back into Susan's arms. Lifting her face for her taller cousin's kiss, her lips softened right away and Susan felt her relax against her. Susan filed that information away for future discussion, then again touched her tongue against her cousin's. The initial shock of the sensation soon subsided and the girls began exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. Susan brought her hand around and pressed her palm against her cousins' nearly flat chest. Nancy immediately pulled her hand away, but continued the kiss. Susan caressed Nancy's back and then lightly squeezed her butt. Nancy moved her hand away again. After a few more moments of kissing, their breathing become labored, Susan pressed her hand against her cousins pussy. Nancy jumped back.

"Guys don't do that! Not until after the girl let's them touch above the waist!"

"Some guys do. My friend, Alice, went on a date and the guy actually put his hand down the front of her shorts! First date!"

"Did she let him?"

"She says she didn't, but I'm not sure. He asked her out again for the next weekend."

"She probably let him, then. If you stop them, they don't usually take you out right away again."

"Maybe. But the fact is, he tried to touch her down there the first date. So we need to know what to do if someone tries it."

"Well, even if we like him, we shouldn't let him touch down there. Not for awhile. Not until we're older," Nancy said primly.

"Yeah, I agree. So we stop them, until we're older, right? So you did the right thing. What about the butt? Do we let them touch our butt?"

"I guess so, if we want to," Nancy said thoughtfully. "They can't do anything to our butt. Okay, now try touching me again above the waist. Let's say that by now we've been out several times and I really like you, so I have to let you touch me."

"Okay." Susan took Nancy into her arms again. She felt Nancy relax immediately, but she once again worked up to the French kiss and carried on the kissing for awhile before raising her hand to Nancy's breast. She gently squeezed the tiny breast and began carefully teasing the nipple. Nancy pushed her breast into Susan's hand, then drew back slightly from the kiss. She spoke softly, her lips brushing Susan's as she talked.

"Am I supposed to act like I like it or let him know that I'm just letting him do it to be nice to him?"

"I don't know. Do you like it? Does it feel good?"

"Mmhmm. It does feel good, kinda. You need to be rougher, though. Guys are rougher."

"Well, I guess you just enjoy it, then. Just be yourself, I guess, and not play games. But when you do it on me, don't be rough. My nipples are kinda sore today."

"Oh, ok. Let's try it again."

Susan embraced Nancy again and they kissed. Susan caressed Nancy tenderly as they explored the other's mouth. Eventually, after Nancy was breathing more loudly, she began touching Nancy's butt. She stroked her and touched her, then began squeezing her firm cheeks, trying to estimate how roughly a boy might play with a girl's ass cheeks. She felt Nancy moving closer to her, but wasn't sure whether it was to resist the butt fondling or because she was enjoying it. She made a mental note to ask her cousin when they stopped to talk again.

Susan moved her hand to Nancy's front, sliding the hand under her cousin's t-shirt. She caressed her cousin's flat tummy and moved up to cover her cousin's small breast with the palm of her hand. Nancy pushed her breast into Susan's hand, moaning slightly into Susan's mouth. Susan found that stimulating and wondered how much Nancy was enjoying the practice. She dismissed her concern, deciding that learning to like kissing and being touched was important, too. She began squeezing and pinching Nancy's nipple vigorously, remembering that boys seemed to be quite fascinated with girl's nipples. Just as well, Susan thought to herself, she found her nipples rather fascinating herself. And it was kinda fun to be playing with Nancy's nipples. She moved her hand to the other breast and repeated her performance there, then she brought both hands to bear, one on each breast. Nancy was now enthusiastically kissing Susan while moaning and pressing her chest against Susan's busy hands. After a few minutes of Nancy's positive responses, Susan once again pushed her hand against Nancy's sex. For several seconds, Nancy pushed back against her hand, grinding her pussy against Susan's palm, then she suddenly went rigid and pushed Susan away, grabbing her wrist and holding her hand away from her pussy.

"That's a good response," Susan panted. "But a little slow, don't you think?"

"Well, we're going to have to be careful, Susan. The guys can get us real distracted so we don't really know what's going on right away. I didn't realize at first what was happening. It's really weird."

"Hmmm. I guess we'll have to practice more so we can keep our minds clear while guys are kissing us and playing with our tits. I think it's your turn to be the guy now, ok?"

Nancy nodded reluctantly. "Ok. And I'll remember to be careful with your nipples." She cleared her throat. "Should we start from the beginning, like you did with me, a first date thing?"

Susan wrinkled her forehead thoughtfully. "No, I don't think so. We've pretty much decided what to do in that situation. It's later, when we get distracted by the kissing and touching that's more important. Don't you think so?"

"Yeah…" At that moment they heard footsteps approaching the door. They drew away from each other and quickly sat on the bed. Nancy's mother opened the door and stepped inside.

"It's ten o'clock, you two. Time to go to sleep. Now stop your yakking and get to bed." She turned and left, closing the door.

The girls turned to each other. "I didn't get my turn," Susan complained.

Nancy looked at her cousin thoughtfully. "Well, we could practice for even later, when we will be kissing our boyfriends lying on a couch or even a bed."

Susan located her pajamas and began undressing. "Yeah, I guess we can. It's still your turn to be the boy, though, ok?" Nancy stripped off her panties and was pulling her pajama bottoms on. Susan noted that her blonde twelve-year old cousin had just a very few hairs on her pussy; she was rather proud of her short but dense growth of hair down below. "Don't you wear panties under your pajama's, Nancy?"

"No, I prefer not to. To tell the truth, I sleep naked except when I'm around other people."

Susan shrugged, "If you want to sleep naked, go ahead. I don't care."

"But you're not sleeping naked. I'd feel funny, sleeping naked and you wearing pajamas."

"I guess I can sleep naked, too. It's hot tonight, anyway." She pushed her panties to her knees and let them drop to the floor, then put them into the clothes hamper. She noted Nancy's envious look at her pubis with satisfaction, taking a moment to yawn and stretch as Nancy looked on. The stretch lifted her breasts, another area where her development exceeded her cousin's. Susan turned down the covers and started to get into the bed.

"Shouldn't we turn back the blankets, too, since it's so warm? Grandma always puts on too many blankets. I'm sure we only need a sheet." Susan helped her cousin turn back the blankets, leaving only the sheet. She slipped under the sheet and waited for her cousin to join her. Nancy looked into Susan's eyes, then smiled and joined her under the sheet. Susan reached out and turned off the lamp.

"Ok, let's see," Susan's voice came from the darkness. "So it's later. We've been dating the same guy for awhile. Now he's come to our house and we're lying on the bed, watching television, I suppose. Our Mom has left to buy groceries, so we know she'll be gone for at least an hour. So does our boyfriend. He's going to push for more than we've done before, because we're alone and on a bed - or couch, doesn't matter." The girls' eyes adjusted to the darkness, they could now see their cousin dimly. "So, now you're the guy and you're going to - what kiss and touch and try to get me distracted so you can go further, right?"

Nancy cleared her throat nervously. "Yeah, I guess so. But we're naked. We won't be naked with our boyfriends."

"No, we'll just pretend we have clothes on. So you'll have to pretend to put your hand under my clothes. It doesn't matter anyway, because he's going to be touching us under our clothes where we're naked anyway, after just a few minutes."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Nancy replied nervously. "Well, ok. Here goes…"

Nancy reached for Susan and pulled her somewhat roughly, as she figured a guy would, into her arms. Susan giggled at encountering Nancy's naked breasts against her own. "My, what nice breasts you have, Mike," she laughed.

Nancy giggled as well. The giggling caused their breasts to jiggle against each other, nipples against nipples. "The better to tittilate you with, my dear," Nancy spoke in a low voice. Susan began laughing loudly.

"You shut up and go to sleep, girls!"

"Yes, Mom," yelled Nancy. She giggled again. "Sssh! We don't want anyone coming in and finding us making out naked!"

Susan giggled. Quietly. "Ok. Now, go ahead and distract me and try to go farther," she instructed her naked cousin still pressed against her.

Nancy stroked her face and neck, looking into her eyes. "You are so beautiful, Susan," she said in a low, hoarse, and very quiet voice. "I love you so much." She brushed her lips against Susan's, then kissed her tenderly. She continued stroking Susan's face and neck as the kiss deepened. Tongues encountered and played with tongues. Lips pressed with urgency against lips. Nancy felt Susan's lips soften against hers and pressed herself closer to her cousin. Nancy ran a hand slowly down her cousin's leg and back up to her hip. Nancy pushed her leg between Susan's and felt the cushiony softness of Susan's pubis press against her leg. She shivered at the erotic feeling. Susan moaned into her mouth.

Nancy brought a shaky hand up to cup Susan's breast and gasped at the feeling of the fullness firmly filling her palm. Her thumb found Susan's nipple and stroked against it; Susan pressed her breast into her palm more firmly. Nancy lightly pinched the hard nipple, remembering Nancy's complaint about it being sensitive. Clearly she had not caused Susan any discomfort; Susan pressed both her breast and her pubis against Nancy more firmly. Nancy tried to ignore the answering hardening of her own nipples and the wet feeling of her own sex. She tried to imagine what a guy would do now, with a compliant, responsive girl on a bed with an hour's privacy. She mimiced the raising of Susan's t-shirt and the release of her bra, then began licking her nipples, sucking them, lightly biting them. This brought a chorus of sighs and groans from her cousin. Nancy found it very odd, but also very stimulating to be sucking Susan's nipples. She decided that she liked it, but that she would never admit to it. The fullness and firmness of Susan's breast under her lips were intoxicating. The feeling of the responsive, hard nipple against her tongue even more so.

"Let's see, what would a guy do next," Nancy thought. Clearly, Susan was enjoying her boyfriend's advances thus far; Nancy was quite sure that she would also and would probably be quite amenable to moving further. Nancy thought to herself, "Well, I hope no one comes in. This next step would be very hard to explain." She took Susan's breasts into her hands, continuing the stimulation of her nipples with her fingers, and resumed a hotter kiss, then rolled Susan onto her back as she moved onto her, using a leg to separate Susan's thighs. Now lying between Susan's thighs, she began moving against her for a dry-hump. Only, of course, both girls were naked so the 'dry-hump' forced one slightly hairy naked pubis against another more hairy naked pubis, stimulating both girls significantly. As the girls ground their naked pussies together, their breathing became labored, their kisses gasping. Susan threw her arms around her cousin's neck for a much more passionate kiss, spreading her long legs wide and wrapping them around her cousin's butt, pressing their cunts even closer together. Had her cousin been a boy and both had been as naked as the two cousins were, the boy would have had no problem at all sliding his cock into Susan's open cunt. Instead, wet nether lips opened and separated, allowing swollen clits to slide together in wetly lubricated trenches. As a dry-hump, it would have been spectacularly successful. Both Susan and her date would have been left with sticky pants, as indeed, Susan and Nancy would have been if they had been wearing pants. Within just a few minutes, Susan and Nancy experienced their first non-solo orgasm, together, open mouth to open mouth, tongue against tongue, clitty against clitty.

The girls collapsed into each other's arms, breathing heavily, still intertwined. Breast against heaving breast, softening nipples and clit rubbing tenderly, carefully against the cousin's softening nipples and clit. The kiss continued, no longer demanding and urgent but soft and nurturing. "Oh, God, that was good!"

"Yeah," Nancy panted, "it was. But does that mean we're lesbians?"

Susan laughed weakly and kissed her cousin tenderly. "No, cuz. Lesbians wouldn't be pretending to be dry-humping boys, would they? No, it was just good."

"Oh, that's good. 'Cause I really enjoyed it and I wouldn't want it to be wrong."

"No, I don't think it was wrong, although I don't think we should go around telling everyone about it. It might be hard to explain properly."

Nancy giggled and kissed her cousin, her hand still caressing a breast. "No, I don't think I would want to try to explain it to anyone."

"Just one thing unfortunate about it, though," Susan mused.

"What's that, Susan?"

"We didn't find out if we could resist a boys improper advances. It's ok to dry-hump with your boyfriend and let him touch your breasts. That's all we did. You didn't try to finger my pussy or get me to suck your cock or anything."

"Oh," Nancy said. "I guess you're right. We'll have to do it all over again."

Susan giggled softly. "Yeah, I guess we will. Tomorrow, though. I'm tired now. I want to sleep."

"Good night, Susan," Nancy sighed softly. She kissed her cousin goodnight. It was a goodnight kiss unlike one they'd shared before, a kiss with much deeper loving and caring - and quite a lot more tongue. Both girls decided that it was ok, though, especially since they were still intertwined, breast to breast, pussy to pussy.

"Goodnight, Nancy," Susan mumbled, already sliding into slumber, her hand closing softly but convulsively over Nancy's pussy. Nancy was momentarily startled into semi-wakefulness by the sensation, but quickly succumbed to sleep, feeling oddly peaceful yet comforted by the intimate incestuous embrace.

The girls slept, waking in the morning somewhat sheepishly. A quick, searching look on the other cousin's face, however, revealed no angst or discomfort. The girls shared a simple, shy kiss then got up and began the new day with a new sense of intimacy and trust and a gladness of heart, Susan's only discomfort being that she couldn't share this with her cousin, John.

Over the years, the incestuous girl-girl sexual activities had become a centerpiece of their relationship and something they both looked forward to each time they were able to see each other. They soon discarded the justifications and merely enjoyed the comfort and fulfillment of their lovemaking. Both girls became adept at making love to another girl, though neither girl ever experienced sapphic love other than with the one cousin. It was a bond never shared, never disclosed to any other person, but now Susan threatened to share it with their cousin, John…

"Wouldn't I? Nancy," she said earnestly, "remember what we talked about last year when we slept in the hayloft? Who fits the description better than John does? We've known and trusted him all our lives. He's proven that he's trustworthy. And he cares for us more than anybody I know or could imagine. I'm not proposing anything more than a little skinny-dipping. That's harmless, right?"

Nancy stared at her cousin with a great deal of anger and consternation. "I don't want to, Susan. I won't. And please don't blab our secrets - not even to John. Please?"

The conversation in the hayloft had centered on their growing frustration in finding male lovers. Both girls continued to be virgins, other than their incestuous girl-girl lovemaking. And both girls longed to be ex-virgins, to be penetrated and thoroughly fucked; but whom to gift with their virginity? It was a troublesome decision. Such a gift should be given carefully, to a worthy man. They had debated until late into the night, a discussion interrupted tender caresses and delicious kisses, which lucky male should be the recipient of this precious token. They had even discussed a highly desirable scenario, as they fingered each other's cunts and shared hotter, fevered kisses, which would allow them to share the giving of their gift with each other. That was even more troublesome - how to accomplish the sharing of the gift with the cousin. Clearly, both girls could not give the gift to the same person… or could they?

It occurred to Susan as she was lapping at her cousin's cunt and thoroughly enjoying Nancy's sucking of her own clit, that another cousin, specifically cousin John, would be the perfect solution to the problem. But, much to Susan's disappointment and chagrin, Nancy would not consider the one perfect recipient of their gift. The one who could receive the gift from both of them, share the giving of the gift with both. The one young man both worthy of the gift and capable of keeping the secret of their intimacy because he would share in that same special category of incest. Cousin suckers. Or, in his case, cousin suckers and fuckers. The very idea of cousin John filling her cunt with his long, hard cock… it was just too delicious to imagine.

Susan returned her gaze earnestly, then dropped her gaze. "OK, Nancy. I won't tell our secrets, even though I really think John is the only person we'll ever know who is worthy of knowing them. The only person who would keep them and... damn!"

John turned away, not wanting to intrude in their conflict. The idea of skinny-dipping with his favorite cousins - his nubile, beautiful female cousins - was a fantasy come true. But he wasn't willing to jeopardize the relationship for it.

After a long, uncomfortable silence, Susan turned to Nancy. "Nancy," Susan began hesitantly. "Will you promise to keep the secret for John and I?"

"What secret?" Nancy asked dully. She was saddened by the conflict with her closer-than-a-sister cousin but was just unable to do what she asked.

"I want to go skinny-dipping and I want to go skinny-dipping with John. You will have to go sit up in the field, because you can't see him naked without getting naked yourself - it wouldn't be fair."

Both Nancy and John stared at Susan, startled and surprised. Nancy finally answered in the same sullen tone. "Yes. I'll keep your secret." She stood and began walking up the hill.

"You don't have to go yet. I want you to see that it's no big deal. You don't have to go until its John's turn to strip."

Nancy turned back to her cousins with a questioning look.

"It's no big deal for you to see me naked. You're a girl and you've seen me naked plenty of times. I want you here as long as possible. Hell, I want you here for everything, Nancy. I don't want there to be any hard feelings between us. So sit down, please? I'll tell you when you need to go, ok?"

Nancy nodded, not trusting her voice to respond. Her throat ached with sadness at the conflict between them.

"John, are you cool with this?" Susan asked. "I haven't even asked you if you wanted to do this."

John smiled, but shrugged unhappily. "I'm cool with it. I just wish Nancy weren't unhappy about it."

"Me, too. But that can't be helped. I'm not going to pass this opportunity up just because she's afraid." She paused. "Well, I guess it's up to me to get things rolling. This is what I think we should do. I'll strip and you can look at me all you want. Then Nancy will have to go up the hill where she can't see and you can strip and I'll look all I want. Maybe we'll even play doctor," she grinned nervously. "Then we'll go swimming, ok?" In spite of her bravado, Susan's voice quaked in betrayal of her nervousness and excitement. She looked once more with sadness at Nancy, who sat quietly. "You going to be ok, Nancy?" she asked. "I don't want this to cause problems for us."

"Am I being a stick in the mud?"

"Yes," Susan replied. "Yes, you are and I don't understand it. You were willing to play doctor with John. Why aren't you willing for him to see you now?"

Nancy shrugged impassively. "That was four years ago. A lot has changed. I don't know. I'm just afraid, I guess."

"You're not mad at me?"

"No, except for your threat to tell the secret."

"I didn't did I? And I won't. Even though..."


"Never mind. I'm just disappointed. This could be so cool, if you could just get into it." Susan took a deep breath and turned to John. "John, are you ready to see me naked again?" John nodded, wide-eyed. "Uh, John, what's on the other side of the river? Is anyone going to see us?"

He shook his head. "No, that's all woodland. Acres and acres of unimproved woodland. I've never seen anyone over there. And, as you can see, we'll see anyone floating down the river long before they get here. Although, almost everyone gets in downstream of here."

Susan closed her eyes briefly, then opened them and looked into John's eyes. "Ok, here goes..."

Susan kicked off her tennis shoes. Looking into John's eyes, she began lifting the bottom of her t-shirt. She lifted the bottom up to her neck, exposing her slender, barely rounded tummy and bra. She grinned at the eager expression on John's face and suddenly felt good again about doing this. She glanced at Nancy who sat looking on uneasily, then returned her gaze to John. She lifted the t-shirt over her head and tossed it onto the pile of inner tubes, revealing her industrial-strength variety bra, approved by mothers everywhere and despised by teen-age girls. As long as her mother - or any of her aunts - was around, Susan wasn't able to wear the sexy underwear she had hidden in her luggage. Well, perhaps she could arrange a sexier strip tease for John later. Though John didn't seem to have any complaints.

Susan felt the blood rush to her face as she pondered her next move. Forcing a sexy smile, Susan began pushing down her shorts, slowly, as she turned round in a circle. She felt that her ass was one of her best assets and she wanted John to appreciate it - although he had given her plenty of reason to believe that he was much more appreciative of her full breasts. It felt strange to be stripping for John, really strange but also very exciting. Her shorts puddled at her feet and she bent over to remove them completely, aware of John's eyes on her ass. She glanced again at Nancy who was watching with growing interest. Well, now it was time to really reveal something. Susan lifted her sagging smile - God, she was nervous - and reached behind her back to the bra strap. She giggled at the intensity of John's gaze, then stopped giggling as she let her eyes wander downward and found even more firm evidence of his interest. She felt warm all over as the clasp gave and she held the cups over her breasts. Taking a deep breath, she slowly lowered the heavy cups to reveal slightly conical medium-sized breasts. The slight breeze brushed her hardened nipples, eliciting a gasp from the electric sensation. She thrilled under John's enthralled gaze. She let the bra drop on top of the t-shirt and shorts, bending at the waist to allow her breasts to sway. She giggled again - she almost never giggled! - at John's rapt fascination.

It was time for the finale. Susan licked her dry lips and propped up her smile one more time. As she inched her panties down - those damned cotton granny panties that her mother insisted upon - John's eyes grew wider and wider, especially when her pubic mound was revealed with its thin growth of hair. Susan blushed as she realized that the sparse hair failed to conceal her vaginal lips - lips that felt excruciatingly full and moist. She knew what John was seeing - she had stroked those lips into the same full, moist sensation while standing in front of her full-length mirror in her bedroom. Anxiously she searched his face. A rich heavy wave of pleasure flooded her as she saw full and enthusiastic approval reflected in his eyes. She smirked at seeing the tent in his shorts. As evident as her excitement might be, when he did his strip tease he was going to reveal a great deal more excitement!

Susan turned gracefully and slowly, savoring John's full and appreciative perusal of her beauty. Again she faced her cousin and basked in the appreciation and excitement she found in his face. She walked almost like a ballerina over to the van and bent to get a soda, reveling in the knowledge that John was soaking up every detail. The nude teen then sauntered over to the inner tubes and sat, pushing the clothes aside so they wouldn't be wrinkled. For the last part of her presentation - her eyes locked on John's - Susan slowly allowed her long, slender thighs to part and open to his careful perusal. John could now see all of her, especially her most feminine self. She wondered if he could tell how excited, how turned-on she was.

Susan turned to Nancy. "It's time for you to go now, Nancy," she said with evident regret.

Nancy sat, looking at her naked cousin, more than a little affected by Susan's presentation.


Nancy looked down, then up at John whose disappointment and discomfort at the tension between them was evident, then back at Susan.

"Susan," she began quietly, "if you will help me, maybe I can do it."

"Are you sure, Nancy? I don't want you to do this just because I'm pushing you."

"I still don't really want to do it, but even more, I don't want to be excluded - to feel like an outsider. The three of us have always been... us. And I know I've been unfair to John." She took a deep breath. "So if you will help me, I think I can do it."

"Ok. How do you want to do it?"

Nancy stood shakily and walked up to John, taking a stance just out of his reach. "I'll do it right here, so he can see me. I owe him that." She turned to Susan with a pleading look. Susan walked over to her cousin. "Please, just take my clothes off while I stand here. This is the best I can manage, Susan."

Susan took her cousin, her closest friend, into her arms for a long, tender hug then kissed her tenderly on her dry-with-fear lips. "Ok, Nancy. It's going to be all right." Susan stood behind Nancy and began lifting the bottom of the t-shirt. Nancy smiled tremulously and forced herself to look into John's eyes. John smiled tenderly, lovingly. Nancy exhaled tensely. John reached out and stroked Nancy's cheek softly. A tear brimmed then trickled down Nancy's cheek, wetting John's hand.

"You don't have to do this, Nancy. We can stop now and just leave. It's not worth it if you're going to be upset."

"No, John. I don't want to stop. I'm just scared."

John dropped his hand so Susan could lift the t-shirt over Nancy's head. Nancy smiled jerkily at John's uncontrollable impulse to look down at her chest. She laughed and sobbed simultaneously. Susan kissed her cheek and turned Nancy's head so that they were looking directly in each other's eyes. Nancy met her gaze and nodded, lifting the corners of her mouth in a pained smile.

"You ok, Nancy?" she asked.

Nancy took a deep breath and nodded.

"Want me to stop?"

Nancy shook her head, then turned her gaze back to John. Susan released the bra clasp then reached around Nancy to hold the bra cups. Susan lowered the bra cups slowly, teasingly. Nancy sagged against Nancy as her nipples, crowning full, smoothly rounded breasts, peeked over the bra cups. Susan let one side of the bra fall, then flipped it over onto her own small pile of clothes. Nancy's breathing was labored as she regarded John through half-open eyes. John gravely returned her gaze, looked down onto her chest for a long moment then raise his eyes to hers again and gave her an encouraging smile.

"Lovely," he croaked, then cleared his throat. Both girls laughed, easing the tension just a little. Nancy struggled to regain her balance and stood on her own again.

"Go ahead, Susan," she murmured.

Susan pressed up against her half-nude cousin, startling Nancy into a shiver as Susan's nakedness pressed against her. Susan reached around and unsnapped Nancy's shorts, the sound seeming loud in the hushed silence, then slowly unzipped them. Susan pushed the shorts down until they fell around Nancy's ankles, John watchful and fascinated. Unlike Susan, Nancy's panties were brief, feminine, and closely molded to her body. Nancy continued watching John's rapt expression, her lips parting to facilitate her labored breaths. John lifted his eyes to Nancy's and held her gaze for a long moment, communicating love and concern that warmed Nancy's heart and quickened her pulse. Nancy's fingers found the waistband of Nancy's panties and she began pushing them down until they were bunched below Nancy's blonde-auburn thatched pudenda. Three pair of eyes gazed upon the sight, then the three cousins shared a long, complicit look. Three tremulous smiles emerged as the trio of cousins achieved a new, more profound level of intimacy. After a long moment of silent communion, Susan knelt and removed Nancy's panties, waiting as Nancy lifted first one foot then the other. The tiny panties joined the other clothes in the pile, then both John and Susan helped the weak-kneed Nancy over to her inner tube.

"Not done yet," Nancy muttered, as she pushed a little further from John. She slowly turned to give him a full view of her nakedness, then settled onto the inner tube. After a long pause and a searching gaze on his face, she let her legs slowly fall open and fully revealed herself to his appreciative appraisal. "Oh, God. I can't believe I'm doing this," she breathed.

Susan squatted next to Nancy and held Nancy's face against hers, stroking her hair. "You did great! Now just get your breath and relax a little." Grinning, she looked up at John. It's John's turn now, so we can relax and enjoy ourselves now." Noticing that he was looking between her slightly parted legs, Susan spread them wide and stroked herself with her fingertips. "Like?" she grinned. She laughed at his enthusiastic nod and smile. "Your turn!" she sang, as she slid into the inner tube next to Nancy, taking Nancy's hand in hers. "Come stand right here between us."

John moved to a spot in front of and between the two naked girls and let his eyes travel over their nude bodies, dwelling on the two pair of fully exposed labial lips. Licking his lips, he smiled then slowly lifted his t-shirt over his head. Years of hauling hay and other farm work had built strong arms and wide shoulders. Flushing at the girls' sounds of appreciation, he slowly unbuttoned the cut-off Levi 501s then held them for a long moment before letting them drop to reveal 'tighty-whities' pushed out in front by his almost painfully hard erection. Both girls licked suddenly dry lips. "And for the final attraction..." John spoke as he carefully lifted the waistband over his cock then pushed his underwear to his ankles as his cock bobbed in the air, prompting gasps from his cousins. He kicked the underwear onto the now complete stack of discarded clothing. Turning slowly and flexing his hard-on, he completed the show for his attentive cousins.

"Wow," breathed Susan.

"Yeah," agreed Nancy.

"Incredible," intoned John, as his eyes roamed over the girls' bodies. The three teens laughed.

"Now the skinny-dipping," crowed Susan as she helped Nancy to her feet and into the water. The naked teenagers swam lazily - their knees too weak to allow much more - in circles around each other, laughing conspiratorially. The tension eased with each passing moment until they were soon back to their old banter and easy conversation, although with a new sense of shared intimacy.

After the cold water chilled the three thoroughly, they waded out into the hot sun once again. Nancy stopped abruptly, looking down at John. Susan covered her mouth and tittered. He noticed the focus of their attention and laughed ruefully.

"You haven't heard about the effects of cold water?"

"No! Wow! It was so big... and now it's so small."

"It just needs to be warmed up again, that's all."

Susan started to reach out, then looked into John's eyes. "May I?"

"Ok," he replied, wonderingly.

Nancy gaped at Susan, "You're not!"

Susan carefully grasped him in her hand. "So small, so soft," she murmured wonderingly, gazing at his diminutive sex organ. She lifted her gaze to grin at Nancy. Susan fondled him, watching, fascinated as his small, chilled member grew longer and stiffer. She took Nancy's hand in hers and put it on him. Nancy looked wonderingly at his growing erection as it moved and expanded under her hand. She looked up into his eyes and found trust, encouragement.

Shaking slightly, Nancy extended her right hand and captured John's left. Three pair of eyes widened as Nancy brought John's hand to rest between her legs.

"You can touch, but don't go inside," she said breathlessly. "Is this what you wanted four years ago?" John nodded. "Much better than I'd hoped for," he whispered. He looked into Susan's eyes. After a moment's hesitation, she nodded solemnly. He extended his hand and covered her pussy with gentle, tender fingers moving and exploring over her. The three of them shivered and continued touching and exploring as, for the first time, the cousins became kissing cousins with tender, loving kisses. John leaned into Nancy and kissed her tenderly, tongues meeting and shyly exploring while he continued stroking her sex and she his. She drew back from the kiss and urged John and Susan together. As they lovingly shared their first passionate kiss and continued their touching, Nancy lovingly stroked both bodies. Finally, Susan cupped one of Nancy's full breasts in her hand and tenderly kissed her as well while John watched, awestruck, and gently stroked his fingers over both labias.

Gaining the beach, John lifted a towel and turned to the girls with a grin, "May I..." Both female cousins laughed and readily assented as John flipped the towel over their heads and around the two lovely teens, drawing them to him for another kiss. Lifting a corner of the towel in each hand, he then patted dry the two glowing faces then began slowly, painstakingly blotting each drop of water from the warming teen girl flesh. He paid particularly close attention to each rounded breast, pausing to bestow kisses upon four pert nipples, and then went to his knees to continue the careful drying of his loving cousins. Bellybuttons required especially thorough and careful drying though he started by licking out each indentation with a tender tongue which caused a great deal of writhing and gasping from the girls. He hobbled on his knees around the duo to lavish careful attention on two delightful derrieres before again moving on his knees. John moved the towel to their ankles and slowly worked his way up slender legs and thighs, then once again hobbled around them, kneeling before them. He looked up at the girls, now fallen quiet, with a smile then bent to place a tender kiss on each pudendum before carefully blotting all excess moisture away from those delicate nether lips. He then rose to his feet and gathered the two girls to himself for long tender kisses.

Nancy gazed wonderingly at her cousin, stunned at the loving attention she had just received. Though playful and certainly erotic, he had touched her with a gentleness and tenderness she had never encountered in her few experiences with boys. Susan observed her cousin's wonderment with satisfaction, knowing from long girl-talk sessions about the fear and trepidation her cousin's past had imposed upon her.

"Our turn," Susan laughed, taking the towel and exchanging it for a dry one. "Come on, Nancy, let's dry our sexy cousin, shall we? You take that side and I'll take this side - we'll share the best part," she laughed. She began by kissing her cousins, first John then Nancy, then the two girls laughingly began slowly toweling him dry. Susan lightly bit then sucked at his nipple then encouraged Nancy to copy her actions. John was startled to discover that his reaction was so strong - a reaction visibly obvious to his amused cousins. Both girls took great pleasure in watching him grow and stiffen as they continued their efforts. Continuing down his body, the girls copied his earlier actions by leaving his most vibrant aspect for the last. Both girls had giggled over his firm butt as they had dried him, kneeling behind him.

Then Susan turned to Nancy and raised her eyebrows suggestively. Nancy furiously whispered "No, no!" but her lovely cousin just smiled and jiggled - much to John's delight - back to his front side. Nancy crept around his other side, watching Susan regard John's hardness thoughtfully. Susan reached out and took him in her hand, looking up into his widening eyes as she stroked the firm object of her interest. Then, continuing to look into his eyes and ignoring Nancy's gasp, she leaned forward and pressed a kiss on the underside of his flaring cockhead. Turning to Nancy, she told her, "You can dry him now." She then pulled Nancy by her arm around to John's front side and handed her the towel. Nancy glanced up into John's eyes, holding his gaze for a moment, then turned her attention to his last damp body part. Nancy tenderly dabbed his member with the towel then carefully blotted all the moisture from his balls and the juncture of his inner thighs. With a heavy sigh she sat back and looked up at him. "All done."

John laughed, "I may have to get jump in the river just so we can do that again!" Both girls laughed and the three enjoyed another warm, loving moment as he pulled Susan then Nancy to their feet. Nodding regretfully at the reddening sun, John quietly announced that their free hours had expired - they were expected at the house soon. He drew the girls against him and they shared a last lingering three-way kiss, thrilling to the press of bodies against each other under the soft evening summer air and the setting sun.

"Damn. I'd much rather stay here, just the three of us."

Nancy agreed with a deep sigh, "I've never felt so wonderful in my life. This was great. I hope we can do it a lot." The other two agreed enthusiastically.

"And next time, we're playing doctor!" Susan laughed, "but now I want to watch John get dressed - I especially want to see him get his underwear over that hard cock," Susan laughed.

"So long as I get to watch each of you dress, sure," agreed John. "How do you hum "The Stripper" backwards?"

The loving cousins laughed, then the girls watched raptly as John drew his underwear on, carefully lifting the waistband over his hardness."

"Hold on!" sang Susan, as she quickly moved to John. "I've got to try that!" She suited action to word, reaching into his underwear to draw out his cock. She stroked it a couple of times, marveling at the soft hardness, then gently deposited it back under his briefs. This set the tone for the next few minutes as the teen cousins 'helped' each other into their clothes. Breasts were stroked as they were tenderly hidden away under bra cups and pubii were cupped and caressed while panties were slipped over them. Regretfully, the trio finally found themselves fully dressed. They threw the inner tubes into the van and gathered for one more long, passionate kiss as the three groped each other over their clothes. With a deep, contented sigh, the threesome climbed into the van and bid a fond farewell to their sanctuary as the sun set over the hills.

As the threesome pulled into the driveway, Susan's mother came outside. "Hey, we need two of you to run into town and pick up some groceries for dinner. But only two, one of you needs to stay and watch the kids."

Nancy turned to her cousins with a loving smile. "I know you two would like some more time together. I'll stay and watch the kids."

Susan looked at her gratefully. "If my mom weren't here, I'd kiss you for that. I owe you a kiss later, ok?"

Nancy winked at her, then smiled at John. "Have fun," she sang.

Susan's mother reached the van and handed Susan a shopping list. "Don't take too long. We're all waiting for dinner."

"Ok, Mom. We'll be back as soon as we can."

John backed the van out the driveway and they started toward town. "Is there someplace we can stop for a few minutes where no one can see us?" she asked her cousin, shifting to the engine cover and draping her arm around his neck.

"Yeah, I know of a place just before we get to town."

"Good. Let's get there quickly. We don't have much time," she smiled tautly. She kissed his cheek. "I wanna fool around a little."

John grinned his agreement, caressing her leg. Ten minutes later he pulled off the road and began driving up a steep graveled road. A few minutes after that John took a dirt road to the right and drove off the road and pulled into a small canyon in a place not visible from the gravel road.

Susan jumped out of the van and looked around. She couldn't see any evidence of houses or roads. "This is good. No one will be coming here?"

"No. Mr. Stevens owns the property. He has his cattle moved to a lower pasture right now. There's no reason for him to be coming here."

"Good." She moved in to his arms and kissed him passionately. "That was so hot today, being naked together. Do we dare get naked here?" He just grinned at her and started unbuttoning his shorts. "No, wait. I want to do that," Susan laughed. She continued undoing his shorts then reached inside to grasp his already hard cock. "God, you feel so good, John. I love your cock. I really want to come, will you touch me and make me come?"

John lifted her t-shirt above her breasts; she grinned at him. He bent to kiss her nipples and nibble at them gently as he undid her shorts and let them drop to the ground. She stopped stroking his cock long enough to push his shorts to his ankles and pull her t-shirt over her head and throw it into the van. The cousins stepped out of their shorts and embraced, kissing while caressing and stroking each other. They rubbed their bodies together sensuously, his cock pressing against her pussylips. "God, if only we had a condom. You don't have a condom, do you, John?" John regretfully shook his head. "What kind of a teenage boy doesn't carry a condom around," she complained only half-playfully.

"I'll pick some up in town. But that doesn't help us right now, I'm afraid," he said regretfully. He slid his hand down to her pubic patch and began stroking her pussy.

"Oh, that feels so nice, John. John, you're really good at that! Oh, yes…" Susan lifted her face for his kiss. They kissed deeply as John continued fingering his cousin's pussy, artfully stroking around but not directly on her clit. Susan's breathing became labored, her hand closed convulsively around his cock as her face contorted with passion. "Oh, John… John… finger me, John, make me cum, baby. Oh, my… Oh, my, God!" Susan clamped her strong thighs on John's hand, forcing his movements to stop as she cried out orgasmically. "Oh, God, that felt good," she moaned, kissing him lovingly. She laughed stutteringly. "Damn, you really know how to finger a girl, cuz! I think you did that better than I can!"

John kissed her tenderly, continuing to gently stroke and touch her naked body. His eyes devoured her hungrily, memorizing every detail of her lush nudity. Susan opened her eyes and saw him studying her nakedness. "Like a picture, baby?"

"Oh, yes. I'd love a picture, Susan."

"Too bad. I don't think that would be a good idea. It's one thing for your mother to find your stash of Playboys. It would be another for her to find naked pictures of me!"

John laughed, "Yeah, I suppose it would be awkward."

"When you have your own place without a mother to snoop through your stuff, maybe we can do something. Maybe. I would love to model for you naked. I would love to do anything for you naked. Will you make love to me, John? Will you fuck me? Put that big cock inside my pussy and take my virginity? I want you to have it, John. I want to give it to you and give myself to you. All of me."

John kissed her tenderly. "Yes, love. I'll be very honored to receive your virginity. And, if we can do it soon, you will have mine as well."

"Really? Oh, that's lovely, John. We can take each other's virginity! Tomorrow, down by the river, ok?"

"What about Nancy? Is she going to watch?"

"If that's what we need to do, I don't care. I want you inside me. And if she has to watch, that's fine. I would prefer that she join us, that you make love to her as well. I know she's a virgin, too. But I don't think she'll do it with you, John."

"I just don't want her to be uncomfortable, Susan. It was hard today, her not wanting to get naked with us. Making love with us will be much more challenging. But I don't want her to feel left out, either. So how do we do that?"

"Let me talk to her tonight, John." Susan kissed him again, beginning to rub herself against him. "Damn, I'm wanting it again already, John. I'm insatiable."

"Good," John laughed. "I'm kind of needy myself. It's going to take a lot of lovemaking to satisfy me, cuz."

"Oh, I hate to get dressed and leave, but we just don't have much time. Maybe later tonight we can sneak away together - into the barn, maybe. I hear haylofts can be a lot of fun!"

"It's a date, lover. About midnight, ok?"

"Midnight, you and me, naked in the hayloft. Bring those condoms - and more than one, ok?"

"You got it, sweetheart."

"That's good, cousin-lover, because I want it!" She drew him close for one last kiss and dry-humped him vigorously, pushing her cunt up against his cock and wrapping her long legs around his butt. "Damn, if only we had a condom now," she sighed.

Regretfully the two turned away from each other and dressed. It seemed to be the only way they could stand to dress - not seeing the other. Susan cuddled up to him, kissing his cheek and neck and groping his still-hard cock as they drove back to the main highway. She reluctantly let him go as they reached the road, unable to kiss and grope him without being very conspicuous.

As they reached the grocery store, John took his leave of her. "Susan, I have to go to the drug store for the condoms. I'll be back as soon as possible." Her eyes spoke of her intense desire to kiss him, but she just smiled wryly and waved good-bye. She watched him until he was out of sight, then sighed and turned to her shopping.

John went into the drugstore and groaned. The clerk - the only clerk other than the pharmacist himself - was none other than Cindy, older sister to one of his best friends. He was looking her usual self - which is to say very fine indeed. A healthy, farmgirl, Cindy exuded a comfortable sensuality that John had always found stimulating, but she had never seemed to pay much attention to him. Oh well, he thought to himself, I guess this is the way it's going to be. He went to the condom rack and hurriedly selected a good-quality natural lambskin, guessing that something substantially more expensive than the cheapest must be, by definition, good quality. He steeled himself and walked up to the counter, tossing the condoms onto the counter.

"Oh, hi John," Cindy said with a smile. Her gaze dropped to the counter and locked onto the condoms. She looked back up into his eyes with an inscrutable smile. "Haven't seen you for awhile, John," she said casually, ringing up the purchase. "Been busy?"

"Yeah, pretty much," he said as casually as he could manage.

"Uh, you going to be busy next week, Thursday?" she said with that same smile.

He thought rapidly of his schedule. His cousins would be gone, his regular work schedule would be back in place. "Only until about two in the afternoon. What did you have in mind?"

"I could use some help at the ranch. Everyone else will be gone for the day and I have some hay to move from the upper pasture. Would you be willing to help me?"

"Sure, Cindy. Around two be ok?"

"Well, sooner, if you can, but two would be all right."

"I'll see if I can move my schedule up. Maybe I can be there around eleven."

"That would be great," Cindy purred, her smile suddenly warm and intimate. "See you then, John."

"Looking forward to it, Cindy," he smiled.

"Oh, so am I, John," she breathed. "So am I!"

"Damn!" John thought to himself. "I should have bought some condoms sooner!" He rushed back to the grocery store, anxious to find his cousin and lover. He found her at the checkout line. "Hey, Susan," he smiled.

She smiled back and kissed him lightly, caressing his face. He quickly scanned the area to see if anyone noticed. "Don't worry, John. No one knows I'm your cousin. They'll just think you've got a new girlfriend."

His eyes went wide with the realization. "Hey, you're right!" He took her into his arms and kissed her lovingly then held her in his arms as they waited for their turn in line.

"Hey, John! Hey, buddy!" John turned to see a classmate waving and heading toward them. "I didn't know you had a girlfriend!"

"Hey, Mark. This is Susan. Susan, Mark."

Mark shook her offered hand, looking her over with obvious approval. "I haven't met you before. I thought I knew all the good looking girls at school."

"Well, I'm from California, Mark. You won't be seeing me in school here," she laughed.

"Known John long?" he asked seemingly casually.

"Yeah, a long time. Years," she smiled mysteriously.

"Long distance relationship, eh? So that's why John doesn't date. I understand now," Mark said enviously.

"Well, we've been together quite awhile. Glad to hear he isn't running around on me," Susan laughed.

"You know John. True blue and rock steady."

"Yeah, I do. That's why I'm with him," she grinned.

"Well, it was great meeting you. Just wish I'd met you before John did!" He laughed and began walking off.

"Nice meeting you, too, Mark," Susan laughed. She turned to John and kissed him again. "See, I'm making a reputation for you as a stud!" She laughed and kissed him more intensely.

"John? John Saxton?" John and Susan interrupted their kiss to see who was bothering them now. "It is you! Oh! And who is this, John?" The girl looked at Susan, clearly disturbed at seeing him with someone even more attractive than herself.

John's face set, clearly not welcoming the new intruder. "Oh, Hi, Karin. Susan, this is Karin, Karin, Susan."

"Susan," Karin nodded curtly.

"John! How ya doin?!" A massive teenager came up and punched John on the arm with delight, clearly happy to see him. "Oh, and who's this?"

"Hi, Stan," John smiled. "This is Susan, my girlfriend. Susan, this is Stan the Man. I've told you about him."

"Oh, he sure has," Susan smiled broadly, taking Stan's arm, much to Karin's consternation. "I've heard so much about you! I've always wanted to meet you!"

"Well," Stan said, confused, "he hasn't mentioned you to me! John, why have you been hiding Susan from me?"

"Oh, Stan, it's not that he's hiding me. I live in California. We only get to see each other a few times a year. I've asked him not to say anything about me to his friends - so few people understand long distance relationships. It's easier just to not say anything. Stan, do you and Karin have a few minutes? I'd love to chat with you a little."

"Sure, we've got the evening free. Shall we head to the park, hang out a little?" Karin's shot fierce looks at Stan, but he was oblivious, clearly taken with John's girl.

"Well, is there a private place we can talk?"

"Yeah, down by the river. John knows it. We've had a few beers there together."

"We'll meet you there in a few minutes, ok? We don't have a lot of time, but I do want to talk to you. Shall we all ride in John's van?"

Stan shrugged. "Sure, sounds good."

"But, honey," Karin interrupted, "we're supposed to meet Chris and Tony for dinner."

Stan looked at her with a frank stare, behavior she was clearly not expecting from him. "They'll wait. John and Susan want to talk. We will almost never have a chance to spend time with them. So we'll go talk." Karin quailed and meekly agreed to go talk, though she was clearly nervous and unhappy with the situation.

The foursome drove to a quiet spot on the river near the park, just ten minutes from the grocery store, Stan engaged in conversation with Susan most of that time. They got out and sat on the riverbank, relaxing in the evening breeze. Except Karin who sat quietly next to Stan.

"What did you want to talk about, Susan?" Stan directed the question to Susan, but was looking at Karin.

"I think you know, Stan. I'm unhappy with what Karin tried to do to John, setting him up that way."

"Yeah, I know," Stan said quietly. "I'm really unhappy about it, too. Karin could have gotten me hurt." Karin turned to gape at Stan, astonished. Susan, too, gazed at him in amazement.

"What do you mean!" Karin demanded. "You're twice as big as him!"

"Yeah, I am. But he's tougher. No one fights John that has a brain in his head," Stan grinned, looking at John.

"What do you mean, Stan?" Susan asked. "Does John fight? I've never heard of him fighting."

"Well, no, he doesn't fight. He just wipes the floor with the guy who's stupid enough to make him mad. It's only happened once, as far as I know."

"But, I've never heard of this!" Karin muttered.

"You won't, either, from him. Or from anyone else. And," he spoke menacingly at Karin, "if I hear of it from anyone, I'll know you talked. And you will regret it, you will really, really regret it!" He turned back to Susan. "John won't talk about it and he won't let anyone else talk about it. Is it ok if I tell Susan, John?" John started to object, but Susan caught his eye with an imperious look. He nodded sheepishly, allowing Stan to continue. "Well, it was last year, the third day of school. Brian Blakely decided he was going to have some fun with Cindy Sommers. She's a cute little blonde, tiny, pretty. He pulled her out behind school and was running his hands under her blouse, feeling her up, when John showed up. Cindy and John have been friends for a long time - nothing more than friends, but good friends. Cindy was trying to struggle, but she was no match for Brian. Well, a few minutes later Brian was in dire need of assistance instead of Cindy. There were just three of us that saw it and I never want to see anyone beat that badly again. John didn't seem angry, just stern, but he beat the shit out of Brian. Brian didn't come back to school for almost three weeks and he was still in pain."

"But Brian's even bigger than you are, Stan! How did John beat him up?" Karin's eyes were wide with disbelief.

"Being big is one thing, but John is tough as nails. He doesn't look it, but he's powerful and relentless. He just kept dragging Brian back when he tried to crawl away and beat him some more. There wasn't even any blood, just some major ass-kicking. It must have gone on for a half-hour or more." He turned to Karin with anger burning in his eyes. "And this is the guy you tried to make me jealous of! Did you want me to get the shit kicked out of me by one of my best friends?! Besides, you should have known that I wouldn't believe John would make a pass at you!"

"No… no… I thought you would rough him up, get jealous and just shove him around some."

"Well, Stan, if I'm not wrong about Karin, here, she's done more than that to you," Susan said softly.

"What do you mean, Susan?" Stan continued to glare at Karin.

"I know her type, Stan. Let me make a couple of guesses. I'm guessing that she's not giving it up to you. You're not getting anything at all, not even bare tit or a blowjob. Am I right?" Stan nodded curtly. "But she probably has this 'friend,' an older guy in college or maybe even a young professional of some kind - lawyer or something like that - that she calls a 'friend of the family' or something of that nature. Am I right?"

"Yeah, Stuart. He's a law student at the U of O. She and her brother go up to see him now and then. Why?"

Karin began looking panic stricken. Stan's eyes narrowed as he watched her in growing suspicion. Karin sputtered, "Honey, she's just talking, trying to make you mad at me. She can't know anything about me. She's never even met me!"

"She seems to know an awful lot about you, Karin. Shut up. I want to hear what she has to say." Karin recoiled, stung by his look even more than his words.

"Well, you're the safe bet, Stan. She figures that you'll graduate and she'll marry you, unless something better comes along. She knows she can keep you in line and doesn't have to give you anything - you're a nice guy. But Stuart, or some other guy, is her long shot. If she can be a lawyer's wife - wow! Big time. Karin likes expensive things, doesn't she?"

"Yeah, she likes very expensive things," Stan said quietly.

"More expensive things than you'll probably be able to buy her, Stan. But Stuart, now he would be able to afford the nice car, nice house. But Stuart's not such a nice guy, Stan. He won't put up with her bullshit. He's got a half-dozen girls just like Karin that all want to be Mrs. Stuart. So she's been putting out for Stuart. He's had her six ways from Sunday and she begs him for it, pleads to give him a blowjob, screams for him when he fucks her little cunt." Stan's looks became murderous. Karin became pale and appeared on the edge of fainting. Her fear confirmed everything Susan was saying. "But, Karin might work out for you, if you think you might want to keep her, Stan."

Stan looked at Susan. "Why would I want to keep her? Not that I ever had her."

"Well, once she understands that you are her future and she has no chance with Stuart, she can become a good little wife for you. And, once she makes a choice for you, she'll be a good little fuckslut for you. If you maintain control - that's what she needs and really wants from you, Stan, is to keep her under control - she can make you happy, Stan. She's not bad, she just wanted something more. Something she can't really qualify for. You see, Stuart will never marry her. He just enjoys fucking her and playing her. But you better take charge soon or he'll start letting his friends fuck her and she'll be lost. Do you want her, Stan? Are you willing to take control of your little slut?"

"I don't know. I don't like the idea that she won't ever be happy with me. She'll always want more."

Susan moved to stand over a cowering, tearful Karin. "Karin, look at me." Karin meekly turned a tearful face to Susan. "Do you understand that Stan is a wonderful man and much more than you really deserve?" Karin nodded, her lip trembling. "And that Stuart is just playing with you, enjoying watching you fuck and suck for him, knowing that he will never consider you for any part in his life?" Karin began crying quietly and nodded. "Do you want Stan, Karin?" Susan asked softly.

"Oh, yes. Yes, I want Stan. I'm so sorry. I've been a bitch and I really, really want to be with Stan," Karin cried. "Please, Stan, I don't deserve you but I promise to be good to you, to make you happy."

"Well, Stan?"

Stan stood up and walked over to Karin then looked into her eyes long and hard. Finally, he began speaking to her quietly but firmly. "You owe John, Karin. You owe him big time." Karin nodded fearfully. "Here's the deal. You will be totally faithful to me… except for anything John wants, at any time, John gets."

"Wha… what do you mean, Stan?" Karin quavered.

"If John winks at you, you go to him and ask him what he wants. If he wants you naked, you get naked. If he wants a blowjob, you suck him. If he wants fucked, you fuck him. If he wants to cornhole your ass, you spread your asscheeks and smile. And you will always be excited and eager to do whatever he wants. The day he tells me you were reluctant or not eager to do him, we're done."

"Stan! You can't mean that!" Karin wailed in tears. Stan grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet as she screamed in pain. He stared at her balefully. "Ok, ok, Stan. You're sure you want me to be John's slut? Really?"

"Yes, Karin. You will be John's slut. Anytime he says."

"Anytime? What about my reputation, Stan?" Karin cried earnestly.

"Everyone will know that you're John's slut, Karin. If he winks at you in the middle of class, you will gladly, with a huge smile, take his hand and lead him to someplace somewhat private where you can fulfill whatever his wish might be. If he wants to strip you and fondle you while he fucks you in public, you will smile and be happy about it. If you're with your parents and he walks in and asks for a blowjob, you'll go to your knees on the spot with a smile and ask him if he wants you naked while you're sucking his cock. You were Stuart's slut, Karin. If you want to be with me, you will be my slut and John's slut. What's your answer?"

Karin nodded defeatedly. "Ok, Stan. You're right. I was Stuart's slut. You deserve whatever you want from me. If you want me to be John's slut, I'll be John's slut. I don't deserve a good reputation - I'll just be known as John and Stan's slut. But how long will this go on, Stan? When will it be enough?"

"As long as you want to be with me. If John comes to you just before our wedding, you will fuck him on the spot with a smile - and ask your brides maids to strip for his enjoyment as well. If you're in the hospital delivering our baby and John walks into the delivery room wanting a blowjob, you'll give him a blowjob with a smile. Our children will not think it the least unusual when Uncle John comes in and strips you and fucks you in the living room. Nor will our Grandchildren, if he still wants you by then."

Karin sobbed, but nodded in resignation. "Ok, Stan. I give up. I'm your slut and John's too, for life. Thank you for keeping me, Stan, after what I've done. I don't deserve you, but I will do everything I can to make you glad you've kept me."

"I think you'd better get started, then, Karin. Go ask John what he wants and give it to him with one of your dazzling smiles. Now."

Karin looked up at him, saw the determination in his face, and stood. She walked to John and knelt at his feet. "I'm sorry, John, for having been such a bitch. But now I'm your bitch. How may I give you pleasure?"

John looked at her then looked at Susan. Susan smiled and nodded encouragingly. "Karin, today I'm in a hurry and I'm reserving all my vital fluids for Susan, here, but I would like to see you naked. Stand here in front of me, Karin, so I can strip you."

Karin gulped and looked back to Stan. Stan looked steadily back at her, then smiled. Karin returned her gaze to John and forced a smile. She stood and stepped in front of John. John looked her over with obvious enjoyment then placed his hands on her breasts. "Nice breasts, Karin. As firm and full as they look, evidently." He unbuttoned her blouse slowly, savoring each bit of flesh revealed as each button was released. He removed her blouse, then unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to her ankles. "Step out of your shorts, Karin." She stepped out of them and placed them on her blouse to the side, standing in bra and panties. He pushed her bra cups up, releasing her firm breasts. He cupped them in his hands, weighing them, feeling them. He brushed her nipples with his thumbs, then pinched them between his fingers. "Very nice, Karin. Lovely breasts and nice nipples."

"What do you say, Karin," Stan asked quietly.

"Thank you, John," Karin stammered.

"Look me in the eyes, Karin," John ordered. Karin looked into his eyes. "I am going to really enjoy Stan's generous gift, Karin. I look forward very soon to taking you out of classes so you can strip for me and suck me. I'm anxious to come by your house and take you from your family dinner table up to your bedroom where I'll fuck you. I'll enjoy your pleading for my cock so your mother and father will hear it. It's going to be sweet to sit on your couch with you naked on my lap, fucking me, while I talk with your little sister. And it's going to be marvelous to strip you and fondle you in front of my friends. Take your panties off and give them to me, Karin."

Karin stripped off her panties and placed them in John's outstretched hand, smiling tremulously. John placed them over her head so that she was looking out through the leg holes, then began running his hand over her body, paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy.

"Stan, you have practice weekday mornings, don't you?"

"Yeah, John, I do. What do you have in mind?"

"I think I'll have Karin come over and wash my van on Monday mornings."

"Great idea, John. What should she wear?"

"Oh, whatever she wants. But, Karin, you will also wear a very revealing bra and panties. That's what you'll wear while you wash my van. And when you're done, then we'll use the bed in my van. I'm looking forward to fucking you, Karin. It's going to be a pleasure. See you Monday morning at seven, Karin. Understand?" Karin nodded. "Oh, and whenever you see me, wherever that might be, you'll come up to me very sweetly and give me a very passionate kiss. Then you'll ask me if you can make love to me. You'll make it very clear that you are very, very anxious to make love to me. Understand?" Karin nodded. "Ok, let's see how you're going to do that."

Karin looked at him blankly, then was startled into action by Stan swatting her butt. She smiled very sweetly and embraced John, kissing him passionately and at length. She then drew back and, putting her arms around his neck, implored him to please make love to her. "Please, John," she said breathily, "I need you to make love to me. Please take me, strip my clothes off and fuck me now, please."

John felt her up one last time with obvious enjoyment then sat and turned her over his knee. He slapped her legs open and felt her cunt, then began spanking her vigorously as she cried out in pain. He finally stood, lifting her to her feet. He kissed her again, feeling her pussy and tits, then released her, crying. "See you Monday if not before, Karin."

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Karin," Susan smiled.

John kissed Susan then they turned toward the van. "Coming Stan, Karin?"

"No," Stan smiled. "We have some making up to do. Karin's going to fuck me until I can't get it up anymore. We'll walk back later. It's not very far."

John smiled. "Ok. Catch you later, Stan. Fuck you later, Karin."

Susan smiled back at the couple, Karin still naked and now kneeling before Stan, reaching for his belt. "They'll be ok, now, John. And you're going to have a wonderful time with Karin, as well, you lucky dog!"

"Well, for as long as that will last," John laughed. "We're sixteen, Susan. Next week she'll dump Stan and move on to someone else she can control."

"No, I think you're wrong, John. She really wants to be controlled, it's part of her nature. There are a few girls like that and she's one of them. I recognized her when you told me about what she had done and described her. She'll stay with him and most likely marry him. You'll be enjoying her favors for years to come, John."

"Well, in that case I guess I owe you big time, cuz. What can I do for you?"

Susan gazed at him. "Pull the van over, John." John pulled into the next opening and turned to her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him fiercely with tears in her eyes. "Fuck me, John. Fuck me with love and imagination and fuck me often. That's all I want, John. Your love and your cock."

He kissed her back, caressing her face. "Gladly, my love. Gladly. As often as I possibly can." She buried her face in his shoulder and held him close. "John," she sobbed, "I only have three more days here with you. How can I possibly make love with you enough in that short time?"

He held her tenderly, then kissed her softly. "We'll make love as much as we can. And we'll make new opportunities to be together more often. We have cars and driver's licenses now. We are mobile. We aren't restrained like we have been in the past. We will find time and opportunities to be together much more frequently now."

Susan slid into his lap, squeezing behind the steering wheel. They kissed for long minutes, she pulling his hand to her breast and baring it for him. "God, I want you so bad, John. I need you to make love to me."

"Tonight, love. Tonight we will make love. I promise."

She smiled tremulously at him. "Promise? Tonight you will put this," she ground her pussy against his hard cock under her, "into my pussy and take my virginity?"

"Tonight, lover. Tonight without fail."

She kissed him again lingeringly. She laughed through her sobs, "That was a brilliant idea, fucking Karin while you talk to her sister. Will you fuck me while you talk to Nancy tonight? I want her to be with us, to be part of us. I would love it if you talk to Nancy, even kissed her and fondled her naked body, while we make love. Can we do that?"

John laughed tenderly. "Yes, sweetheart. I will very gladly make love to you while I talk to Nancy and fondle her naked body. Provided, of course, that she cooperates."

"Oh, she'll cooperate. I promise, she'll be there naked for you to talk to and fondle while your cock is buried deep inside me." She kissed him again, then groaned bitterly. "I don't want to stop this, but we're already late getting home. Everyone is going to be mad that dinner will be delayed." She ground her pussy against him once again. "Bite my nipples, then we'll go," she laughed, lifting her t-shirt and pulling down her bra. "Yeah, that's it, bite them, oooh, John, God I want you to fuck me right here and now. Damn!" She pulled his face to hers and kissed him hungrily. "I can't get enough of you, you cousin fucker."

"Well, not yet," he smiled.

"Soon. Tonight. You promised," she giggled. "Ok, let's go," she groaned, pulling herself onto the engine cover next to them, pulling her bra and t-shirt into place. "Back to the house, my love."

Continued in Part 2 of Teen Cousins
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