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John Saxton Stories

(MF, FF, anal)
Middle-aged John had an internet relationship with Shasha for over a year, but had been discovered by his wife and broke off the relationship. Now, a few years later, he re-establishes the relationship and travels to Asia to meet his internet lover.

Shasha Goes Camping
(MF, anal)
John has gone to great pains to find a remote, private camping place. But will Shasha be willing to relax and get naked outdoors?

Teen Cousins - On the River
(mff, inc, voyeur, teen)
Sixteen-year-old John and his two girl cousins get intimate on the river

Teen Cousins 2 - Roadtrip
(mff, inc, first time, teen)
John has to make an overnight trip to deliver some papers. Susan and Nancy get to go along.

Teen Cousins 3 - Making Hay
(mfff, inc, first time, teen)
John has to bring in the hay. His cousins help...

Other Stories by John Saxton

Captive Teens 01
(Mf, mf, teens, first time, rape, inc)
Karanaught takes four teen siblings captive.

Captive Teens 02
(Mff, mf, teens, rape, inc)
The second day's experiences

Relatively Incestual Teens
(mfmf, first time, inc)
Melody from Captive Teens loses her virginity with her cousin Hank while watching her cousin Katy lose her virginity to Katy's brother, Mike.

Twins Gone Wild

Twins Gone Wild 01
(Mf, ff, inc, teen)
Bryan's nieces, Cassie and Melanie, show up unexpectedly for a three-week visit. Their babysitter comes, too.

Twins Gone Wild 02
(Mf, ff, inc, teen)
Bryan takes the girls shopping for a new wardrobe. But first, he finds out something about the babysitter, Cynthia.


Roommates 01
Roommates (MF, MFF)
Melanie invites middle-aged Frank to move in with her and Trish, twenty-year old students, when his wife throws him out of the house because of his porn addiction.

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