Raping Teacher

(Rape, teen, torture, snuff)

John and Craig were both excited about today. It was a Sunday morning in May and the sky was cloudless, the sun blazing hot above the green and pleasant countryside. John and Craig were best mates and lived in a small village, in the North of England. They both attended the same school, one that was situated in the nearby town. Previously the pair of teenagers had been obliged to get the bus to school but now John was old enough to drive and had received a car for his seventeenth birthday a couple of months ago. Both he and Craig liked the freedom and independence of the car and would spend a lot of time just driving about the countryside.
They were a fairly good looking pair of boys. Seventeen-year-old John was tall, slim and had short dark hair and big dark eyes. Craig, who was sixteen, was average in height with broad shoulders and muscular arms. He had spiky blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Both had been out with a few girls, and fucked a few, but had recently began to talk of more darker things.
"I wonder what it'd be like to rape a woman," John had wondered whilst he and Craig had been driving around one day.
"Probably good fun," Craig had laughed, "You wouldn't have to fucking buy her a meal before hand."
"Yeah, plus she can't whinge about having a headache!" John had added.
"Why do you ask anyway. You thinkin' of raping someone?"
"Dunno...I was just wondering. I've been reading all those serial-killer books that you lent me, they've been giving me ideas."
"Yeah, I love reading about that shit. Ted Bundy raping and killing women and stuff, it's fuckin' far out!"
"You think we should try something like that?"
"Rape someone?" Craig quizzed, wondering if his friend was serious.
"Sure," John shrugged, "I think we could get away with it. And it would be a great laugh!"
"Yeah...but not if we got caught."
"So we won't get caught! We won't leave a witness, we'd kill the bitch after we rape her."
They had both laughed about this and largely forgotten about their chat. It was passed off as just an idle bullshitting session between two teenaged boys. However, they had shortly talked about it more seriously, both agreeing that rape and murder sounded like something worth trying.
Now, this Sunday morning, they were going to try it out...

Miss Johnson was the Physical Education teacher at John and Craig's school, and she was the intended victim of the dark desires. There were three reasons she had been selected. First off, she was a good looking blonde with a nice figure. Secondly she was a complete bitch who shouted at her pupils to run round the field faster and showed furious anger at any hint of rebellion, which meant she spent a lot of time telling off John and Craig - the most rebellious and arrogant teenagers imaginable - humiliating them in front of the class. Thirdly, John and Craig knew where she lived. John had spotted her address on some document left lying around a staff-office at school. It was a house in a nearby village and furthermore, Miss Johnson lived alone.
"Not to far now," John said as he drove his small red car into the village in which Miss Johnson lived.
"It's one of these houses along here, along the main road," commented Craig sitting in the passenger seat. It was such a sunny day that both boys were hot even just wearing jeans and T-shirts and with the car windows rolled down.
"She should be in," John said, "It's a Sunday and the bitch probably doesn't go out."
"I fucking hate that bitch," Craig muttered. Both of them recalled the last PE lesson, a few days ago, when neither John or Craig had put much effort into the pointless run around the school playing-fields. They were both quite fit and would be good at PE if they had tried hard, but they couldn't be bothered and didn't see the point, so as usual, when they had spent most of the 'run' just walking, Miss Johnson had ran over and shouted down at them. "Fucking bitch," Craig spat again at the memory of the humilation at the hands of Miss Johnson, "It's payback time today anyway."
"Yeah, we'll have our revenge and have some damn good fun too. I'm feeling fucking horny."
"Same here. I want to rape her several times before we do her in. Up the arse too. She's got a good fucking arse. I wanna plunge my pork-sword up her brown-scabbard."
"I'm gonna rape her fuckin' mouth. A cock down her fucking throat is the only way to shut her up, I think."
"Yeah! That fucking cunt. She'll be silence forever when we've finished with her."
The plan the boys had concocted was to attack Miss Johnson in her home, then burn the place down at night once they'd finished with her to remove any evidence. If questioned, they would both declare that they had been driving around elsewhere in the countryside, as they often did anyway.
"Here we are," John said, spying the small cottage set back from the main road, "I'll park the car elsewhere in the village, somewhere tucked away from prying eyes. We don't want it sitting outside her house."
"Good idea."
John drove onwards and left the car a mile away, just outside the village, down a little track leading into some woods. Then he and Craig got out and trecked across the fields, out of sight of the nearby houses, until they came to the small fence at the back of Miss Johnson's garden.
"Looks like we can just go through the back," John said. The fence was low enough to clamber over, and the two teenagers did so, finding themselves standing in the neat back garden of their intended victim. The back door of the house was left open and the two boys scampered across the lawn. They slipped through the back door and into the kitchen, carefully shutting and locking the backdoor before they stood silently, listening out for any noise to figure out where in the house Miss Johnson was.
"The living room," whispered John, he and Craig both hearing the sound of the TV coming from down the hallway.
"This will do us," Craig added, taking a twelve-inch carving knife from the worktop, "Let's get the fucking whore."
The sneaked down the hallway and then burst into the living room. Miss Johnson was doing aerobics in front of the TV. A true-fitness fanatic, the sexy blonde was wearing tight lycra shorts and a skimpy top as she stood working out whilst an aerobics video was playing on the TV in the corner of the room. She didn't notice the two intruders in the doorway as she had her back to them and was busy doing squats, her mind focused on working out. Craig and John admired the woman they both loathed and lusted after.
Miss Johnson was the terror of pupils due to her bad temper and the way she quickly stamped down on any sign of independent thought or mutiny from her pupils. However, many were content to put up with this because the young woman was without doubt the hottest teacher in school. Miss Johnson was aged twenty-six, five-foot-eight and slim, with short wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She had a pretty face, at least when it wasn't contorted with rage when she was screaming at some poor boy or girl who had failed to run a hundred-metres in under eleven-seconds. Her body was fantastic, as you would imagine for a woman who seemingly lived for working out and physical training. She was slender, her breasts average in size but evidently shapely and firm. In her tight lycra gear, working out in her living room, her gorgeous long legs were on display, as was her flat mid-rift. The tight shorts hugged her cute round bum.
John and Crag admired their victim for a moment whilst she was ignorant of their presence.
Then it was time to attack...
"Hey bitch," John said, striding into the living room.
Miss Johnson whirled round, her face full of surprise, then anger.
"What the...!" she began, then was silenced as John punched her hard in the face. Miss Johnson fell down flat. Then Craig came up, wielding the deadly, foot-long carving knife.
"Don't fuck with us cunt," he spat at the woman.
"John? Craig?" frowned Miss Johnson, trying to comprehend what her two most rebellious pupils were doing in her living room, one of them with a knife, "What are you...?"
"Shut up," John interrupted, "We don't want to hurt you," he lied, "Just do what we say or Craig here will cut your fucking head off!"
"What are you doing in my house?" asked Miss Johnson, getting to her feet, her lip bleeding a little from where John had punched her, "You can get into so much trouble for this! I'm going to call the pol..."
She was punched a second time, this time by Craig.
"Do you not get it," John spat at the teacher, "Are you fucking stupid? Are you fucking deaf? We're not fucking around here, we honestly will slice you up and nail you to the fucking wall if you don't shut your mouth!"
"What do you want?" Miss Johnson asked, her voice now more pleading than aggressive as she realized how serious these two teenaged intruders were.
"You'll find out," John said, "Take your fucking clothes off."
"Do it!" Craig roared, kicking the terrified blonde woman in the stomach. She cried out. Then she got to her feet and meekly began removing her clothes. John and Craig grinned as they thought back to all the times this attractive bitch had shouted at them, putting them down and declaring them 'pathetic' and 'hopeless', and now here she was, at their command. Shortly, Miss Johnson was naked and the boys admired her beautiful slender body.
"Right, let's tie her up," John said. He took a pair of handcuffs he'd had in his jeans pockets and got Miss Johnson to turn round. He cuffed her wrists together. "Lie down," he said, shoving Miss Johnson and causing her to stumble and fall. She cried out as she hit the floor.
"I can't bear to hear her fucking whining voice anymore," Craig commented, and he took some heavy-duty duct-tape that he had bought along, slapping a strip over their victim's mouth. Miss Johnson lay naked on her back on the floor, hands cuffed behind her, tape over her mouth, terror in her crystal-blue eyes.
"Damn I'm horny!" John laughed, gripping his crotch and feeling his impressive hard-on through his jeans.
"Let's get to work," Craig added. He put the knife aside and he and his companion began undressing. Shortly, they were both nude, their long, hard cocks throbbing with erectness as they contemplated their victim.
"You rape her first," John said to Craig, "I'll watch." He sat on an armchair and stroked his prick.
Craig, meanwhile, got down between Miss Johnson's legs, spreading them roughly. He admired the teacher's cunt, a neat pink slit, bordered with trimmed blonde pubic hair. The woman tried to plead but the duct-tape over her mouth meant she could utter little more than muffled moans.
"Oh, shut the fuck up you whining cunt," Craig spat, punching the teacher in the stomach. She rolled over, doubled up in pain and Craig had to use his strong hands to roll her onto her back. He spread her legs again and lay on top of her, guiding his rock hard teen prick into her pussy. "Ah, fucking hell, nice and tight," he groaned as he slid all the way into the terrified woman's cunt, "This bitch hasn't had a dick in a long while, you can tell. So tight!"
"Fuck her Craig," John urged his friend, "Rape that fucking cunt."
Craig was doing exactly that. He grunted as he slammed his prick repeatedly into Miss Johnson's twat, ramming it in hard and looking down at the gagged woman's face, tears running out of her horror-filled eyes. Craig thrust and thrust, his cock throbbing and already on the verge of unloading his cum. After a few moments he let out a long gasp of ecstasy as he began spurting his hot cum into the depths of Miss Johnson's womb.
"Holy shit that was good," he spluttered as the last of sperm shot out of his young prick.
"My turn," John said, standing up. Craig withdrew his wilting dick out of Miss Johnson and staggered to oneside, lighting up a cigarette as he slumped down onto the sofa, tired from his orgasm. Meanwhile, John knelt between Miss Johnson's thighs and got down, guiding his erection into the woman's slit. He drove in with one thrust and began roughly fucking the blonde woman, ramming hard and delighting in the way the teacher who used to shout and scream at him during PE lessons now lay there, naked and handcuffed, helpless as she was subjected to another act of rape. Like Craig, John was no virgin, but he hadn't fucked all that many girls and certainly had never had the pleasure of raping a woman. He thoroughly enjoyed this activity, grinning as he slammed his prick into Miss Johnson whilst she writhed in a futile attempt to get out from under her teenaged rapist.
"Stop squirming you cunt," John spat, slapping the woman. She stopped writhing but John found that it had excited him inflicting pain on the woman, so he roughly slapped her twice more. She whimpered into her gag and lay still, John smiling evilly as he rammed his prick harder and harder into the woman's cunt. Soon, his sperm began to rise.
"Here it is Miss Johnson," he grunted, "I'm cumming in your fucking pussy you bitch...oh fuck...uuuuh! Yeah, you fucking cunt!" He drove his prick one last time into Miss Johnson's tight slit and began shooting hot wads of fuck-sauce into her womb where it joined Craig's cum. "Uuuuuh!" John groaned, his climax ebbing away. He took a deep breath and got up, his cock leaking cum as it popped out of Miss Johnson's messy slit.
"She's some fuck 'aint she?" Craig laughed, "I'm getting hard again already."
"I'll be hard again in a minute too," John said, "Let's have a second round."
"I wanna fuck her arse this time," Craig said, stubbing his cigarette out and getting up, stroking his stiffening prick, "I'm going to bugger this fucking pretty bitch." He walked over and hauled Miss Johnson roughly onto her feet. The teacher suddenly squirmed free of Craig's grip and turned to flee, but John stepped in and delivered a powerful punch to the woman's face. She went sprawling to the floor.
"Fucking bitch, stop trying to escape from us," John said, stepping forwards and stamping on Miss Johnson's stomach. She doubled up, bawling into her gag in pain and terror.
"Lemme smash her in," Craig said, jealous of the obvious fun his friend was having beating the woman. He slammed his barefoot into Miss Johnson's face a couple of times, bloodying her nose, before he knelt down. He gripped her hair with his left hand and slammed his right fist repeatedly into her face, cracking her nose and sending more blood squirting out her nostrils. John laughed then said "Drag her over to the coffee table. We can bend her over it and give her a bit of anal lovin'." Craig did so, hauling their victim over and getting her to kneel in front of the low oak coffee table. He bent Miss Johnson over it, the blonde woman helpless with her hands still cuffed securely behind her back. Her beautiful arse was thrust out, the cheeks spread, her tight pink anus winking out.
"Mmmm, what an arse," Craig said, stroking his erection, "Lemme wet it a little bit so I don't tear her too much." He leaned over and spat a big glob of phlegm onto Miss Johnson's anus. He rubbed the spit in with the tip of his forefinger, sliding the digit up the woman's arsehole a couple of times. Then he knelt directly behind her and nudged Miss Johnson's anus with his cockhead. The woman squirmed a bit, clearly horrified at having her tight nether hole raped too. "Stop struggling cunt," Craig shouted, bestowing a few hard smacks on Miss Johnson's buttocks. She stopped squirming and Craig got back into position. He held the base of his hard eight-inch dick and shoved it forwards, roughly ramming the head into Miss Johnson's bum. She squirmed, cried into her gag and sobbed in pain. The woman's humiliation only turned Craig on more. He gripped the woman's shoulders and rammed the whole length of his cock into her arse, lodging himself fully in her rectum.
"Is it good?" John asked, standing nearby and watching, wanking off his cock which was fully erect.
"It sure is," Craig stammered, thrusting his prick to and fro in Miss Johnson's tight shitter, "Oh yeah, it's good! Much tighter than her fucking cunt." He settled into a steady pace, pumping his prick in and out of the prone woman's rectum, delighting in the way she sobbed in pain and humiliation, bent over and being buggered against her will by a teenaged boy in her own living room. John knelt and slapped the woman's bloody face a few times. He considered taking her gag off so he could fuck her mouth, just as he'd promised too, but he began to worry that she might bite him, so he was content just to slap her a few more times, roughly pull her hair until she shrieked into her gag, and then masturbate in her face, nudging his cockhead against her tear-streaked cheeks. All the while, Craig was roughly sodomizing Miss Johnson, hunched over her and panting hard as he arse-raped the helpless woman.
"I'm gonna cum," he announced a moment later, "Oh fuck yeah...oh fuck...UUUUUH!" He rammed his cock to the hilt in Miss Johnson's tight arse and began pumping his hot seed, his cock throbbing as it spewed creamy sperm into the woman's rectum. Craig almost fainted with the force of his climax, his body shuddering with pleasure as he filled his victim's bowels with the contents of his nuts. "Aaah, what a cum," he smirked shortly, tugging his cock out of the woman's arse. He moved aside as John eagerly came round to take his turn.
"Yeah, nothing like arse-raping a helpless bitch," John grinned, kneeling behind Miss Johnson. Without ceremony he swiftly planted his cock into the woman's arse, driving it in hard and making her writhe in pain. "Fucking slut, take it," he spat, fucking her hard and fast, "Take my cock in your arse you dirty fucking cunt. You bitch! I bet you're sorry you fucking shouted and Craig and me know aren't you? Shouting and yelling at us in front of all the other kids, making us feel like worthless morons...you fucking cunt! The boots on the other foot now isn't it? You cunt! I'm raping your fucking arse, who's sorry now you cunt!" He thrust furiously, savouring the obvious pain and humiliation of his victim. Soon enough, with a long sigh of ecastasy, John began shooting his hot sticky cum into Miss Johnson's rectum. He shafted her arse throughout his climax, ramming his cock hard and fast into the woman's shitter whilst firing out his jism. When his orgasm was over, John slid his dick out of the teacher's arse and slapped her buttocks a few times.
"Phew, I'm spent," he said, sitting back.
"Me too," Craig agreed, "At least for now anyway. Let's relax for a moment then we'll rape her again."
"Good idea," John said, "Let's put this bitch to oneside." He got up and he and Craig hauled Miss Johnson to her feet. They threw the naked, handcuffed woman into the corner of the room where she lay in a curled up heap, sobbing and shaking. Then the two teenaged rapists helped themselves to some beer and lit up cigarettes, relaxing naked and watching the aerobics video that still ran on the TV. The hot women dancing about in leotards on the screen made the boys feel horny, and once the tape ended they rewound it and played it again. An hour after they had started their break the boys had impressive hard-ons again.
"Time for seconds," Craig said, getting up. He walked over to Miss Johnson and hauled her up, dragging her once again towards the centre of the living room. He knelt her down in front of the coffee table, bent her over it, and rammed his dick up her arse. Miss Johnson gave a muffled squeal of pain as once again she was subjected to this indignity. Craig grunted lustilly as he buggered Miss Johnson, holding her waist to stop her from squirming away as he slid his long erection back and forth in her gripping anus. Her arse was tight and hot, probably never penetrated by a cock before, and Craig was really getting off on not just sodomizing this bitch but also by the fact that it was non-consensual. It turned him on so much to be invading this woman's intimate hole against her will.
"This is so fucking cool," he said to John, "We've gotta do this again sometime."
"Damn right," John agreed, "We'll rape our way through all the female teachers in school! Heheh! Fucking cunts! I hate teachers. Fucking scum."
"We'll do a fellow-pupil next," Craig said, still buggering the whimpering Miss Johnson, "A first-year perhaps. A nice little eleven-year-old!"
Craig continued sodomizing their victim deeply until he ejaculted into the depths of Miss Johnson's rectal passage. With a long groan of pleasure he spurted his fuck-sauce up Miss Johnson's tight bum before he withdrew. He stood and moved to oneside. "I'm spent," he declared, "You have a go John, then we'll finish up."
'Finish up' was a euphamism for Miss Johnson's death. The boys had no intention of letting this cunt live and furthermore her death would be just as exciting as the rape.
"Get ready Miss," John said as he knelt behind Miss Johnson, "One last time...up the arse you fucking slut." He rammed his prick into the woman's arse, shoving it in to the hilt and roughly sodomizing her, loving the way she writhed and gave muffled moans of pain and terror. He thrust hard, gritting his teeth as he bum-fucked the terrified, humiliated young woman. As his orgasm approached he had an idea. "Craig, get the knife," he said.
"Okay," Craig said, picking up the razor-edged twelve-inch carving knife he had taken from the kitchen.
"Cut her throat," John said, ramming his cock back and forth in Miss Johnson's arsehole, "Cut her throat wide open, kill her whilst I'm still buggering the bitch!"
Bent over with her hands cuffed behind her back and John's pistoning prick in her shit-hole, Miss Johnson attempted to squirm upon hearing this dreadful sentence of death imposed upon her, but there was no escape. Craig stepped up, leaned down and grabbed a fistful of the woman's hair. He tugged it, yanking her head up, her throat exposed. She let out a muffled cry as Craig bought the long blade up to her throat. With an elegant sweep, the villanious sixteen-year-old drew the blade over Miss Johnson's throat, applying pressure as he swiped it along, the blade biting deep and carving open the woman's windpipe and arteries.
"Holy shit," laughed Craig, stepping back as blood exploded forth. He kept grip of Miss Johnson's hair so her head was still pulled up, her eyes full of shock as arterial blood sprayed hotly from her hacked open neck.
"Oh yeah, yeah," John grunted, sodomizing the woman, "Fucking hell, what a lot of blood...holy shit, you did a good job Craig...fuck, I'm about to cum...UUUUH!"
He drove his prick one last time into Miss Johnson's arse and began emptying his nuts. His orgasm was intense, his prick throbbing as it spurted hot cum up the woman's rectal passage as she died. Craig let go of their victim's hair and her head flopped down, the spray of blood dying down as her heart began to stop pumping. Her life was fleeing her in red pumps from her split throat and at the exact moment she died, John shot his last pump of sperm into her bowels.
"Holy fuck," Craig was grinning, admiring the blood-dripping knife he held in his gory hand, "I almost cut her head right off! I didn't expect to cut that deep into her neck. I carved almost to the spine!"
"Yeah, that was brilliant," John said, "Wow! I came in her whilst she fucking died. Look at the blood! It's all over the floor and sofa. Shit man!"
"Is she definately dead?"
"I think so mate!" John laughed, popping his wilting prick from out of their victim's arse and standing up, "Phew! What a fucking afternoon!"
Craig gave Miss Johnson an undignified shove with his foot, sending her body rolling off the coffee table and onto it's back. Her eyes were open and glazed over, totally lifeless. Blood was still leaking out of the terrible wound across her throat.
"We'll do a little girl next time," John said, "just like you suggested. A girl of eleven or twelve or something. We'll fuck her cunt and arse then hack her to bits. We'll swap the next time round - you can fuck her up the arse and I'll cut her throat."
"We're gonna have some fine adventures aren't we!"
"Damn right. We've got to ensure we get away with this little act of mischief first! Let's clean up here. You better have a wash, you got a lot of blood on you."
"Okay dude."
Craig went upstairs and had a quick shower. Soon, he and John were dressed and freshened up. They lay Miss Johnson's violated body on the sofa and splashed lighter-fuel all over it. After throwing a match onto the body, sending both it and the sofa blooming into flames, they hurried out the backdoor, over the fence into the fields and on to their car. The whole house was blazing in the distance by the time they reached their car and, whilst driving down the winding country roads to their home, they passed some fire-engines zooming along in the opposite direction, sirens wailing. They knew that investigators would determine that Miss Johnson - already a charred corpse being consumed by flames - had been murdered rather than died in the fire, but there would be no evidence surviving the blaze to link the them to the killing.
John and Craig grinned to each other, already thinking what mischief they could get up to next time!

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