Daddy Fantasy

TITLE:Daddy Fantasy
LENGTH:8,900 words
MAIN CHARACTER:Female (Chapter 1)
Male (Chapter 2)
COMBINATION(S):Twosome (1 Female, 1 Male)
ORIENTATION(S): Heterosexual (Female, Male)
RELATIONSHIP(S): Daughter-Father
KINK(S): Exhibitionism

COMMENTARY: This story isn't for everyone. I usually don't care for or write about rape stories. The author makes it clear that this is a fantasy not a true story. I would probably not be recommending this story if it was a true story or I thought it was a true story.

With the exception of the first few paragraphs, this story is told in the second person, but from two different perspectives. The first chapter is told by the daughter; her father is the intended audience. The second chapter picks up where the first one leaves off and is told by the father; his daughter is the intended audience. Prior to this I don't think that I have ever written a spotlight or review for a story told in the second person. For that matter, I haven't read more than a handful of stories told from this perspective. I usually avoid them.

One more thing that stands out in my mind about this story is the fact that the daddy goes down on his daughter while he is raping her. The physical, verbal, and sexual abuse he subjects her to seemed in character but licking her cunt did not seem in character to me. Maybe I am rushing to judgement. He is definitely not a simple character. Despite what he does he also believes he loves her. It is when she deviates from what he considers acceptable that he gets violent and abusive. I'm not saying that his actions are acceptable, just that he is much more interesting a character than he would be if he wasn't conflicted about his feelings for his daughter.

This story offends my sense of morals but I also find it aestically pleasing. That's my fancy way of saying that I found it arousing when I was reading it, but after the fact I feel icky about the effect it had on me. I don't know how to reconcile these two emotions. If I just focus on the story I am sexually aroused. If I think of the story in the context of the real world it disturbs me and the fact that I enjoyed reading it disgusts me.



Daddy Fantasy
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Spotlights : July 2002