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Some of my stories have illustrations. Look for the red illustrated tag.
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(Another) Author's note: I am seeking audio narration for some of my stories from a female narrator. If you would be willing to generate audio tracks of some of my stories please contact me at rick_oh @onolanke.router5 .com . Thanks - Rick

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**New Stories**
Female Dominant Spanking Stories

The Kimberwillow Clinic (Female Dominant Spanking)
Rick tells of his adventures at a unique flavor of a "naughty nurse" clinic. (Now combined in 1 file instead of 5 parts, with minor edits.)

The Story of Jenny (Female Dominant Spanking)
A continuing series. Jenny and her boyfriend have a series of adventures as Jenny explores the realm of female dominance. She particularly likes to involve her female friends in the adventures. New stories will be added as they are written.

Enema Stories
Creampie Stories
M/F Stories
Romance and Other Fetishes

Comments about my stories? Email me at rick_oh @onolanke.router5 .com