Story: The Punishment Mistress Works At Home (F/M spank)

(Introduction: Deanna is a Punishment Mistress at an institution for probation violators. As described in other stories, she administers severe discipline and comes home to Rick, her lover, and relieves the day's tensions by describing some of the workday's sessions. In their sex play, Rick often calls Deanna some nasty names. Although this is intensely arousing to her, she uses Rick's insolent talk as an excuse to administer severe discipline to him. He knows this is going to be the case, and although the thought of the forthcoming discipline session is erotically stimulating, it is often an enormous challenge for him to refrain from breaking down and begging her to stop, often soon after it starts. He never quite succeeds, and fervently begs Deanna for mercy, knowing that she will likely show none.)

Rick had recently constructed, at Deanna's urging, a punishment bench much like the structures used at her workplace. Deanna had, on the previous evening, administered several particularly severe sessions at "the facility", as she calls it, and Rick had teased and titillated her with leading questions and calling her nasty names as he stimulated her to raucous orgasms. During their intense sex play, Deanna told him that she intended to fasten him to the punishment bench and give him a severe strapping for his naughty language, and mentioned that she would do that the following day. Rick, as he always does, melted in her arms and kissed her passionately as she described the forthcoming session.

Deanna, until now, had not ever restrained Rick when administering discipline to him. Paying close attention to his reaction when she teasingly broached the subject on several occasions, she concluded that he would be willing, at least in part, to add a more non-consensual flavor to the sessions. And Deanna was itching to do just that.

The light of a bright blue dusky sky softly illuminated the room in which Rick had set up the newly finished punishment table. Deanna had fixed a light supper and waited on Rick "hand and foot", wanting to achieve a contrast with her usual dominant demeanor. This was Deanna's way of temporarily casting off the burden of appearing constantly in charge. Somewhat to his discomfort, she poured the wine into the goblets and brought him the libation, placed the food on the dinner plates, and cleaned up afterwards. Her sweet smile was no illusion - along with her bright eyes, it reflected her genuine enjoyment of their relationship and her deep caring, in spite of the fact that during spanking play, she always played very hard.

Rick knew that the time for the session was drawing near when Deanna sat next to him on the sofa. After a few moments of cuddling without words, Deanna hoarsely whispered, "Rick - I want you to take off all your clothes. And then I want you to bend over the punishment table and I'll fasten you down so that you can't move. That bare ass of yours is going to be all mine, and you're going to get the strapping of your life. I can't wait to begin, Rick. Go. Now."

Rick's heart jumped when he heard Deanna's words, and he felt his stomach flip-flop as the inevitability of his impending strapping became apparent. He got up from the sofa and removed his clothes. He slowly walked up to the punishment table and stood there.

"Deanna -"

"Hush!" she snapped. "Bend over right now!"

Rick, his heart pounding and his mouth dry, breathed a sigh and bent over at the waist. He fit the contours of the punishment table perfectly, and relaxed in submission to his lover's will.

Deanna tightened the waist cinch, then secured a binding strap just above his knees, finally tightening the cuffs around his wrists. She was already becoming aroused, even as the familiar dialogue of conflict played in her head.

This is just a game, isn't it? It turns me on so damn much, though. It's okay, it's okay - he likes it too, and the sex is terrific. Damn, I love doing this! Is something wrong with me? He wouldn't stay with me if he didn't like it. Okay, damn it! Shut up now and get on with it.

She went to her bedroom to change clothes - she cast off her panties and put on a white blouse and a black knee-length skirt. After slipping into black fashion boots she formed her dishwater-blonde hair in a ponytail and looked in the mirror. Her boots and skirt smartly displayed her bare legs to her satisfaction. After unfastening the two uppermost buttons of her blouse, she slipped a black glove on her right hand, went to her dresser and fetched a sturdy two-tailed leather tawse.

Deanna slowly and deliberately walked to where Rick could see her, faced him, and stood still, conspicuously holding the tawse which would soon sear his helpless bare nether cheeks. Rick was inspired with awe and respect for Deanna as his eyes took in the scene in front of him.

God, she's beautiful, Rick thought to himself. She's my lover, and yet she's going to hit me with that strap beyond the point where I beg her for mercy. Why do I do this? It's going to hurt so damn much, but I get so excited. God, I'd do anything for her.

"Rick - do you know why I'm doing this?" queried Deanna.

"Y-yes," Rick responded shakily.

"Demerit! Yes, what?!"

"Uh, Yes Ma'am!"

"When you answer a yes-or-no question, you will address me as Punishment Mistress Deanna! Is that clear?"

Damn, I hate doing that! Rick thought to himself. She's my lover! I've been inside her body, she knows my secrets and she's confided her secrets in me - I've held her when she's cried, she's comforted me, and now I'm supposed to fucking -

"I'm waiting for an answer, Rick!"

Feeling a wave of loving submission overcome him, and knowing that he did not have much say in the matter, he responded "Yes. Punishment... Mistress... Deanna."

"I dare say you will be more willing to say that when you're feeling the kiss of the strap," Deanna declared with a triumphant smile. "Now - why am I doing this?"

"Because - uh, because I've called you names in bed."

"Very good! Tell me some of the names you've called me."

"I've called you 'bitch', and, uh, 'cunt', and 'nasty girl'."

"You can do better than that, Rick!" stated Deanna calmly. "I want you to spell out the full names, so to speak."

"Okay - this is hard for me to do now... I've called you fucking bitch, and nasty little cunt."

Deanna felt a zing of arousal when Rick elaborated. "That's more what I was looking for," she said.

"I'm sorry, Deanna!"

Please, she mentally intoned to the heavens, let him realize it's all a game! Don't ever let him stop calling me those names when we're in bed - it makes me so hot I could scream. I don't want to spoil the mood by telling him now that I love him doing that. I'll have to tell him afterward, but I hope he knows.

She stepped forward and tenderly ran her fingers through his hair and whispered, "Oh, Rick." Then she stepped back and, adopting an authoritative demeanor, announced, "You are about to get a severe strapping, young man! You are secured to the punishment table so that you will take every last stroke of the leather strap that I intend to give you. I will begin now. Are you ready, Rick?"

"Yes," he tentatively responded.

"Demerit! Yes, what?!"

"Oh damn! Yes, Punishment Mistress Deanna!"

Deanna giggled and then said, "There will be no warmup. This will be just like at the facility," and took her position to administer the strap.

I'm going to enjoy this, Deanna thought to herself. This is so sweet. He can't get out of position. He is totally under my control, just like the ones at work. What am I doing? Why, why, why?

Deanna drew her gloved hand far back and swiped the tawse powerfully across Rick's captive bare bottom. Just three seconds later, she followed with another swipe, noticing the momentary indentation made by the strap on Rick's bare bottom and the subsequent brief jiggling of both ass cheeks due to the sheer force of the swat. When she vigorously swiped the third stroke, she barely heard the raucous "Oh!" that Rick shouted in response.

To Rick, each swipe of the tawse, with the follow-through that Deanna expertly imparted, felt like a blazing kiss of fire on his bared bottom. The vulnerability he felt while being bound to the punishment table added to the effect of the discipline. He had taken severe discipline from Deanna on many occasions. He had not, however, received discipline while being bound. He knew that he could not escape, and that Deanna could - and indeed would - mete out the strapping until she decided to stop.

Deanna dispensed the next seven strokes with her characteristic punch, taking a full swing and a tennis player's follow-through each time. She paused for a moment after the set of ten, as she was accustomed.

She commenced the next set of ten strokes, counting them to herself and becoming more aroused at Rick's vocal protests.








"Deanna! Please!"

Fifteen. Oh, this is so sweet! The way he carries on gets me so hot. I can't hold out much longer. I need relief now!

"Oww! Ohhhhh!"


"Auuuhhhh!" Although Rick could scarcely move from his waist to just above his knees, Deanna had not secured his ankles to the punishment table. Since a binding strap was secured above the knees, he began to kick his feet wildly each time the tawse snapped and swiped across his bottom. The visual spectacle of Rick's struggling from Deanna's skilled handling of the session served only to intensify her arousal.




"OW! Stop!"


"OW-OW-OWWWWWW! Please!"



Deanna's trembling free hand quickly rushed under her skirt and stroked her wet, slippery womanhood.

Geez, I'm so wet it's about to drip down my legs. I wish his mouth were there, I'd absolutely scream! And the slurpy noises he makes when he's sucking on me there - Oh! God, I'm so hot!

"Ahhhhh... Gaaaaah! Ahhh... Mmmmm! Woahhhhhh!"

The climax forcefully grasped her. She shook violently - her knees buckled as she struggled to remain on her feet as each wave swept through her. When her rapid breathing subsided, she straightened up and took her position to continue Rick's discipline.

Deanna administered the next two sets of strokes in a more deliberate and dispassionate manner. Delivering each swipe of the tawse every bit as forcefully as before, she walked the pattern of stripes from the upper portion of Rick's bottom down to the top of his thighs, and precisely overlapped the strokes accordingly while Rick begged for mercy.

I'm getting hot again. The fact that he can't escape makes it so much sweeter. He has to take what I give him and he has no choice. Maybe I'm being too hard on him. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this at all, but lord, I can't help it - it just makes me so damn hot, doing this! The sex is so good afterwards - and before, too, just thinking about doing this. I'll have to make it up to him - but then we get so much mileage from a good session. Why am I cursed with loving to do this?

Deanna applied the next set of strokes particularly vigorously, bringing the count to fifty, and evoking the most strident pleading from Rick, who earnestly promised her anything if she would stop.

Deanna walked around in front of Rick. "Okay, my precious stud muffin! That was the main course. I did quite nicely, if I do say so myself. There's one sweet little item for dessert - the matter of the two demerits for not addressing me properly."

"No, Deanna," Rick gasped. "No, no! Please, no more! Please!"

"Now, now. You know you're going to get them, so there's no point in trying to dissuade me. You have two demerits, and I'm giving you ten strokes for each one. And guess what? I'm going to do the forehand-backhand thing." She put her hand tenderly on his face. "Don't earn a third demerit, my love. This is a yes-no question. Don't you think you deserve extra for the demerits?"

Rick hesitated, wondering if he could get away with telling her that his ass felt like it was on fire already; on the other hand, he knew that she had made her decision to give him the extra twenty strokes and there was nothing he could do to escape it. He swallowed and stammered "Yes, Punishment Mistress Deanna, I deserve more for the demerits."

"Very good!" Deanna pranced directly behind him and stepped back just the right distance.

What a trip this is. Damn, it's starting to run down my leg! Giving him these extra isn't going to take long, but it will be so very - I really don't want to hurt him, but then this isn't more drastic than a severe strapping at the institution - and I did tell him last night that I was going to do this. He can say no anytime - but then I'm not giving him a choice after it starts. Oh hell, I know he likes it. He should get a caning from me if he doesn't like this!

Deanna pressed her lips together in an expression of stern resolve, and, keeping her eyes on her target, rapidly and vigorously whipped the leather tawse on Rick's backside using alternating forehand and backhand strokes. The tawse struck the more tender area of the nether cheeks toward each side, rendering a sensation which can only be described as intensely agonizing, consuming, and searing. In this fashion, she presented the twenty strokes in under half a minute. They were accompanied by increasingly strident shouts from Rick, which only intensified Deanna's arousal.

God, I love the sound of the strap when it snaps against his bare ass. And their reaction is sweet music to my ears.

She loosened each binding strap and led Rick into the bedroom. Lying down on the bed, she pulled him close and tenderly whispered, "Rick, just in case there was any doubt, I don't mind it when you call me those names when we're playing. You know that don't you? In fact, it gets me so hot I could scream. I know I really gave it to you good, but you knew I was going to, didn't you? I mean, I don't want you to think that - "

Rick covered Deanna's mouth with his hand. "Shut up, bitch," he teasingly whispered as he felt an erection stiffening, and removed his hand.

"Rick, I'm sorry if I got carried away..."

"No you're not! I heard you cum when you were whipping me." He slid his hand under her skirt and easily inserted a middle finger into her dripping womanhood as she sharply inhaled. Working his finger in and out, and getting more aroused, he continued, "Oh, you nasty girl, look how you're getting off on this!"

"Ohhhhh, Rick..." she moaned. He slid the tip of his thumb around her protruding clitoris. Deanna climaxed after a moment, tossing her head from side to side and exclaiming incoherently as her entire body shook. He pulled his finger out and spread her juice on her mouth, and then entered her.

"Rick," she gasped with wide eyes, "I want you to -"

"Shhhh!" He planted his mouth firmly on her lips and kissed her passionately as he pushed his raging erection into her with lunging thrusts.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmhmmmmm!," she moaned repeatedly as his frenzied thrusts brought him to ejaculation. He arched his back with his eyes tightly shut and convulsively spurted jets of pent-up emotion, frustration and sexual energy into Deanna's welcoming receptacle.

After a few moments, Deanna tenderly ran her fingers through Rick's hair, and they exchanged whispered words of love just before drifting off to sleep.

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