Story: Oh! Governess! (F/M spank enem)
(Illustrations courtesy of Dave B)
Part 1

"She was an enema nurse before she became a governess," Shandra said, referring to Governess Clarissa. "You know what that means - every time she's going to discipline you, it's two quarts of warm and sudsy... and it all goes in without stopping. Then it's another two quarts of rinse. And you'd better do everything she tells you, or she adds a lot to your spanking."

Shandra, a year or so older than Rick, filled him in on the house rules. He was new to the arrangement, and she had been there for a couple of months. Governess Clarissa was one of several women in the area who agreed to supervise one or two college-age students who had shown academic promise, and had either gotten into some trouble, or had some self-discipline problems which threatened their success.

Rick came to regard Shandra as an insolent girl. He could see why she was here, although she probably could not. She was accustomed to getting her way by being attractive, which she was. Long dark brown hair, a pleasant smile when she bestowed it on others, beautiful pale skin, and large eyes. Her somewhat nasal voice, while at times whiny, had a sensual sound to it.

Governess Clarissa, on the other hand, had a quiet authority about her, and almost always spoke softly. A slender woman in her late twenties, her forehead and face showed a few wrinkle lines, and her brown hair framed her face nicely.

Rick's first meeting with Clarissa was memorable. She sat him down and, with penetrating eyes, told him about living there. She made it clear that she was to be addressed only as Governess, and detailed the house rules. Then the subject got around to discipline.

"Once a week," she said, "and more often if necessary, I will review your behavior and if you need help improving I'll give you some motivation. I trust Shandra will give you some information on that. Keep in mind that during those motivational sessions, I expect you to do as I tell you." Her smile conveyed that she really did care about improving those in her charge.

Their motivational sessions were usually held on Saturdays, since they required a fair amount of time. Rick remembers his first one. Shandra got it first. That morning Governess Clarissa told her to be at the administration room, as she called it, at 2:30 in the afternoon. "And you, Rick, are to present yourself there at 3:30."

The administration room was upstairs in Clarissa's house, and when Shandra went up there Rick made a point of hanging around at the bottom of the stairs in hope of hearing some of her session. He was delighted that Governess Clarissa did not close the door to the administration room, although he could not distinctly hear the conversation.

With some trepidation, along with a persistent erection, he listened. After a few moments he heard Shandra moaning. "Uhhhhhh! Owwwww! Governess, please!..."

He gathered she was receiving her enema. A while later he heard similar protests, and gathered that she was getting her rinsing enema.

He waited a long while and then heard Governess' voice, then a loud whack. A few seconds later, another whack. Then another. Shandra chimed in with her sexy, nasal voice as the whacks continued. "Ahhhhhh... Ahhh-ahhhhhh... Ahhhhh!" His erection throbbed inside his trousers as he imagined Shandra in a submissive position taking the paddle. At the same time, his fear increased as he visualized Shandra at the bottom of the stairs, listening to his forthcoming punishment less than an hour away.

She must have taken about twenty five or thirty whacks with the paddle. From the sound of them , Rick knew they weren't love taps, but real physical discipline.

A few moments later Shandra shakily came down the stairs, her face flushed and her eyes wet. She walked past him without saying anything, and obviously knew that he heard her being punished.

Five minutes later he walked up the stairs for his first appointment in the administration room. Governess stood at her desk, and told him to come in.

"The first thing you must do when you come in here," she began, "is remove all your clothing. Without being told to. Go ahead, now."

With trembling hands he completely undressed in front of his governess, and looked to her for more direction.

"When you have removed your clothing, get into position for your enema. Again, you are to do this without being directed to. Come over here and get down on your hands and knees... Yes, like that. Now put your forehead down until it contacts the carpet... All the way down now. Yes. Now you are positioned for your enema. I want you to keep your head down like that while the enema goes in, and while you hold it. You are required to retain your enema for about five minutes. I will then tell you when you may get up to expel. Today I have already prepared the first of two enemas for you. Other times, you might have to wait in that position while I prepare it."

A moment later she returned with a very full red enema bag with a douche nozzle on its hose. The nozzle glistened with lubricant. Rick gasped as she gently and firmly inserted it.

"When you feel cramping, rock back and forth. The cramps shouldn't last longer than ten to twenty seconds each."

He heard a click, and the warm soapsuds solution started to course into him. After a few seconds, he felt extremely full, yet the liquid continued to intrude.

"Governess, I -"

"That's normal, Rick. Start rocking back and forth. You're going to take the whole thing."

He did as she suggested, and eventually the cramping diminished. A new cramp gripped him.

"Oh! Governess!"

She said nothing, and the enema continued to fill him up.

"Uhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Governess, please!" He heard himself echoing Shandra's words.

"Keep your head down!" Governess ordered.

He struggled, panted, and groaned. Governess removed the nozzle, and he felt extremely full.

During the retention period, between cramps, Governess talked about why he was there and asked various questions. Most of his answers were "I don't know, Governess," and "Yes, Governess," and "No, Governess."

The five minutes of retention seemed much longer, and he finally got precious relief. He was then in position for his rinsing enema, which was a little easier to take, although he still had to retain it for five minutes before he got rid of it.

Governess told him to take a quick shower afterward, and to present himself to her when he had done that.

After his shower he went back into the administration room. Then Governess, with a ceremonious flair, rolled up the sleeve on her right arm, and picked up a paddle. It was about a foot and a half long, made with hard wood, and had several holes drilled in it.

"Bend over the desk, Rick. Grasp the other end and don't let go until I tell you. Five extra every time you get out of position."

The first swat reverberated through the room. The second swat came soon after, and added considerably to the hot sensation on his bottom. He gripped the desk harder and gritted his teeth. He cried out with the third swat and could not keep from twisting and writhing. Each succeeding swat added to the intense burning sensation on his backside. As Governess continued to paddle, his outcries became more urgent. He pleaded. He kicked his legs and writhed. She kept on. He could stand it no longer and he stood up.

"Get back over there! You've just earned extra."

With new resolve, and a blazing bottom, he bent over again. Governess resumed his paddling, and he resumed his kicking, pleading, and twisting. When she stopped, he stayed bent over. She gave him a minute or so to recover, and then said, "Now I'll give you your five extra for getting out of position. It may be difficult, but I expect you to stay in position for these as well."

Governess delivered the extra swats with considerable strength, and Rick unabashedly cried out with an anguished "Auhhhhhhhhh!" with each one.

"You may get dressed now," she calmly stated.

Shandra smiled knowingly when Rick gingerly walked past her when he got downstairs.

That night in bed, while he still felt the soreness from his paddling, Rick could not get to sleep as he fantasized about Shandra getting her enema and paddling. He then brought himself to an intense ejaculation, and only then drifted to sleep.

The following several weeks went much like the first one, with the exception that he followed Governess Clarissa's directive about removing all his clothes and assuming the enema position without being told. The paddlings varied in severity, depending on what the week's accumulation of demerits from school or from behavior at home. During one severe paddling he got out of position despite his best efforts, and had to take extra swats.

There were a few times when Governess used leather straps. She also warned that some day she would use switches on them. After a couple of months there was one week when Shandra and Rick both had earned severe punishment. The punishment day was most memorable, as were the following weeks.

Around mid-afternoon, Governess told both of them to go up to the administration room together and remove all their clothing. They looked at her questioningly.

"Go on, before I decide to add to your punishment!"

They hurried upstairs and looked sheepishly at each other as they both removed their clothes. Rick became embarrassed as he could not keep his erection from prominently showing. A few moments later Governess entered the administration room.

"Shandra, you're getting your enemas first. Get in position."

Although she was mortified at the thought of getting her enema and punishment in front of Rick, she complied. The sight of Shandra naked on her hands and knees with her ass high up did nothing to assuage the erection that he could not hide.

Governess prepared her enema, inserted the nozzle, and started the flow. Shandra made an erotic spectacle of herself with the expressions on her face, her moaning, and her twisting and writhing as the soapsuds solution relentlessly entered her. During the retention period in which Governess conducted her 'motivational questioning', neither Shandra nor Governess Clarissa mentioned exactly the nature of what she did to earn this severe punishment. Governess referred to it as 'the breast thing'. Shandra choked out her answers, which were strikingly similar to his: Yes, Governess; No, Governess; and I don't know, Governess.

She allowed Shandra up, and waited until she had taken her rinsing enema and had cleaned up before she prepared Rick's soapsuds enema. It was his turn to be in the enema position, take the nozzle, struggle with the nonstop flow, and offer his answers to her questioning during the interminable retention period, and come back for a second dose.

After he got rid of the enemas and cleaned up, Governess mentioned that she would paddle him first, and told him to assume the position. The paddling progressed as always - with his astonishment at how much it hurt, along with kicking and dancing, and "Oh! Governess, please!" outcries. The only difference is that this paddling was longer than the others, probably consisting of nearly fifty strokes. It was a wonder that he didn't get out of position and earn more.

He stood and watched while Shandra got her paddling. She got thirty hard swats, and carried on much as he did. He had to admit a certain satisfaction from seeing her bottom get thoroughly reddened, and watching her kick her smooth pale legs.

Governess allowed her a few minutes to recover, and then ominously said, "Shandra, please step to the center of the room here." She produced leather wrist cuffs joined by a short length of heavy chain, and secured them on her. Then she got a length of nylon rope, threaded it through a sturdy hook in the ceiling, through the wrist cuffs, and raised Shandra's bound wrists high above her head. This caused her firm breasts to jut forward.

"Rick," Governess directed, "stand immediately behind Shandra... get right up against her... that's right, now put your arms around her waist... no, like you're hugging her... yes, that's it. Now I want you to hold on to her so that she can't turn around. Hold on very tight."

"Shandra," she continued, "I thought long and hard about how to punish you today. Since breasts were the focus of your misbehavior, it's only fitting that they should be the focus of some of the punishment. Because of your insolence about the breast thing, you are to be whipped on the bare breasts with a switch!"

"No, Governess! Please no! Please! Oh, Governess!"

"My decision is not subject to appeal, young lady. Rick, you'll need to hold her steady with your body. Hold on tight. I'll get the switch."

There was a tall slender vase in one corner of the room, which had escaped their notice. Governess Clarissa pulled out a switch from the vase and whipped it through the air a few times.

"These switches have been soaking in a brine solution for several days," she commented while the switch made a fearful sound cutting through the air. Since Rick pressed the front of his body against the back of Shandra's, his member had become nestled vertically along her butt crack. It was firming up, and he hoped that Shandra would not notice, although he suspected she knew.

Governess stood in front and to one side of Shandra, pressed her lips together, and whipped the switch across both her breasts. Shandra's head jerked backward, her whole body jumped, and she let out an open-mouthed yell. Rick tightened his grip around her waist and hugged her firmly. The switch struck again, and he restrained her as she ferociously attempted to wiggle from side to side as she yelled. Again and again, Governess whipped the switch across Shandra's bare breasts. Rick was aware that his erection, snuggled between her nether cheeks, was now ragingly hard, and her squirming only served to further stimulate him.

Governess picked up the pace of her switching, and Shandra's squirming became more pronounced. Rick was completely helpless to refrain from being erotically aroused, and the feeling of her nether cheeks writhing and twisting with his boner lodged between them, was too much, and he felt jets of hot semen spurt forth. He closed his eyes. His knees buckled somewhat, and he grasped Shandra's waist even more tightly until his ejaculatory paroxysms subsided.

Governess finally stopped and discarded the switch. She told Rick to let go, and released Shandra's bindings.

Governess told Shandra to go ahead and sit down, and then squatted down where the punished girl had stood, wiped her finger in a puddle of creamy white liquid, looked up and said, "Rick?"

He knew there was no denying what happened, and he didn't say anything. A few stringy droplets still hung from his member, and he just looked down. Shandra had been too preoccupied at the time to know that he profusely ejaculated while holding her, but as she saw Governess' interaction with him, she surmised what had happened.

"I know I need not say more about this, Rick, except that I'm now going to give YOUR naughty bottom a good switching, and let Shandra observe from whatever part of the room she chooses. Present yourself for punishment, NOW!"

His mouth went dry, and after seeing what the switch did to Shandra, he was almost in a panic. Knowing there was no escape, he meekly bent over the desk and grasped the opposite edge.

"Shandra, you may observe from wherever you'd like," Governess said as she obtained a fresh brine-soaked switch. He cringed when she whipped it through the air, knowing that it would soon be striating his bare bottom.

"I suggest that you don't let go or get out of position, Rick. I'm going to switch your bottom until this switch is worn out. If you get out of position, I'll use a second one on you. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, Governess," he squeaked.

Shandra, her hands on her sore breasts, stood behind him to watch. Governess commenced the switching, giving an energetic stinging stroke about once per second. He squirmed and writhed from the start.

"OW! ... Oh! Governess! ... Please! ... Oh God! ... Mercy! ... No! ... Governess! ... Please! ... Oh, Governess! ... Ahhhhh! -"


She resumed the awful switching, and he made a determined effort to avoid kicking his legs, and compensated with increased twisting and writhing.

"Ahhhh! ... Governess! ... Please! ... OH GOVERNESS! ..."

On and on it went, and Governess Clarissa mercilessly switched him. She paid no heed to his most urgent pleading. He knew that he absolutely had to keep his grip on the other edge of the desk, so he wouldn't get a second switching.

After what seemed an eternity, she stopped, and told them the session was over, and that they could get dressed. She also asked that Shandra stay so that she could talk to her.

The next day, Governess Clarissa announced that she had a family emergency and that she was going to be gone for a period of one to two weeks, and that she was leaving right away.

"Since you both are college age, I hope I can trust you to conduct yourselves accordingly. Shandra, you will be in charge of the household in my absence. Rick, I want you to regard Shandra as YOUR governess during that time. You are to follow her instructions as if it were me. Shandra, you may NOT administer discipline to Rick, and you must not abuse your position. I believe I will know if you do, and the consequences of that would be especially severe. You can keep a written record of events, and I'll go over them with you when I get back."

While Shandra's eyes lit up at the news of her position of authority, she was clearly disappointed at being told not to administer discipline.

A few hours later, when Governess Clarissa left the house, Shandra came up to Rick and said, "Now that I'm in charge, you are to address me only by the title 'Governess'. Do that, and we'll likely get along well. Is that clear?"

He knew he had no choice, and whispered, "Yes... Governess."

"Good - now come with me," she ordered. She turned around and he followed her to her room.

"Take all your clothes off. Right now!"

He suspiciously eyed her as he removed his clothes.

"On the bed now, on your tummy. I want to put some lotion where she switched you."

Rick was surprised at Shandra's gentleness as she gently massaged his punished nether cheeks. His suspicion vanished, and her hands felt good; He couldn't help voicing his pleasure: "Oh... Governess... mmmmmmmm, oh yes, Governess."

Then she had him turn over.

"You know why she switched you, don't you?" she asked.

"Y-y-yessss, I think so..."

"Tell me!"

"Uhm, well, it's because I - I, uh, ejaculated."

"You ejaculated... when?!"

"Uhm, when Governess was switching you."

"When she was switching me where?"

"On the breasts."

"So that turned you on, seeing me switched?!"

"I couldn't help it..."

"Well," Shandra interrupted, "It turned me on no end seeing YOU get switched! The way you kicked your legs and danced when she whipped you. I loved how you wiggled and gyrated your ass, it's like you were asking for it."

She paused, and lightly stroked his face with her hand, then continued.

"I'd like to see you dance and wiggle like that some more. I wish I could give you the switchings. I have some ideas of how I'd like to have you in different positions when I SWITCH YOU, and SWITCH YOU, and SWITCH YOU, to see you twist and move!"

Shandra came closer, and whispered, "I got a couple hours of pleasure last night thinking about your switching. You know what I mean, don't you?"

He felt himself becoming erect.

"Yes, governess," he smiled.

"In fact, just seeing the switch marks on you does something for me..." She got up and cast off her panties, and sat on the edge of the bed. "Get up, and kneel in front of me."

He knelt before her spread legs and caught sight of her dark-haired pussy. "Kiss me and lick me there, and don't stop until I tell you!"

While he inhaled the musky scent of her womanhood, he kissed, licked, and sucked on her through several orgasms. All the while, his boner was erect and hard.

"That wasn't too bad," she said. "Maybe I'll have you do that more often - like every day. It's great for stress relief. Stand up now." She got the bottle of lotion and a hand towel, poured a generous amount of lotion into her hand, and massaged his throbbing erection until he spurted into the towel.

For the following several days, Shandra had him satisfy her orally, and followed each session by quickly hand-jobbing him. He carefully observed her and listened to her closely as she fantasized out loud of her desire to give me enemas and administer switchings. He did that for a reason.

Friday, however, she didn't. He did not ask her why, and she offered no explanation.

During that night, Rick was startled awake by Shandra's presence in his room. She was sitting at his bedside when he awoke, and she looked agitated. She wore a top and shorts pajama set.

"I can't sleep, Rick," she stated. "I can't stop thinking of that scene where Governess gave you that switching, and how you displayed your ass. I wish I could give you whippings, Rick - I'm so hot to do that."

He used the information he had gathered in the past week, and wanted to see how far he could go with it.

"Governess," he said, "I have something to tell you."

That got her attention, and she quickly asked for details.

"Governess, I've got to tell you that I have fantasies about you punishing me... First, the enema... getting down on the floor with my forehead on the carpet, as I wait for your hand to stick the nozzle inside. Then, as the enema goes in, you watch as I tell you how full I was, and I rock back and forth with the cramping."

Her eyes were wide, and she clearly enjoyed his feeding her fantasy. He grasped her hand, and she didn't pull back, so he continued.

"I'd beg you to stop - I'd say, 'Oh, Governess, please, please stop, I can't take any more enema!' And you wouldn't stop, you'd just say 'No, you've got to take it all, and you know what, Rick - you've got to hold it in for a full five minutes!' I'd wiggle and squirm, and I'd say, 'Oh please, Governess, please!'"

Her breathing deepened, and he pulled the covers off. He lay back, his boner pointing straight up, and put his hands behind his head, and continued.

"You make me hold the enema for five long minutes and watch me struggle and squirm. I'm so full and I beg you for relief. 'Oh, Governess,' I say, 'can't I get rid of it now?' You look at your watch and say, 'No - hold it a little longer!' Finally I get rid of it, and you give me another enema! After that, you pull a sturdy switch out of the vase."

He deliberately paused to see what she would say or do.

"Well? What next," she asked impatiently. That told him that she liked his verbal descriptions of a fantasy that appealed to her.

"Kiss me, Governess," he said. "Kiss me and I'll tell you more!"

Shandra was visibly aroused by the story, and wanted to hear more. She slowly brought her face close to his and gingerly pressed her lips on his. She held there for a moment as he gently kissed back.

"And then," he continued, "You look me in the eye and smile as you force me to see you whip the switch through the air several times. My bottom tingles with dread and anticipation as I come to realize the inevitability of the switching that you're going to give me. You tell me to bend over the desk and arch my back so that my ass will be presented to you, and you warn that getting out of position will get extra strokes. Kiss me again, Governess."

She kissed a little more sensuously, and he kissed back more fervently. Her wide eyes looked into his as he continued.

"And then, you start the switching. The first stroke hits me like a lightning bolt, and I wiggle and cry out, 'OH!' You press your lips together as you continue - whip! whip! whip! I dance! I wiggle! I kick my legs! I beg you to stop. 'OH! Governess! Please stop, please stop!'"

He drew her close and kissed her. She responded warmly and moved so that she was prone on the bed, next to him. He pulled her on top of him, and they kissed again.

"Rick, do you think that could really happen?" she asked.

He thought for a moment before he replied. "Yes, I think I could arrange it - but I'd do it only for a girlfriend - a lover."

She slipped off her top and shorts, and got on top of him. His raging boner stuck straight up between her legs.

"Tell me more of the story!" Her eyes were bright and her excited smile aroused him more.

"Okay, so there I am dancing as the switch marks appear on my ass. Finally I just can't hold my position, and I stand up and plead with you to end it. 'No way,' you tell me, and you pick up a fresh switch. Then you sit down and have me kiss you down there because it turns you on so much. When you resume the switching, you apply the strokes slower, and every time it hits, I cry out: 'OH! Governess!'"

He pulled her close to him as their lips met again, and concurrently rolled over until he was on top of her. She had spread her legs, and they kissed passionately. She grasped his erection and guided it toward her womanhood. He easily entered her, and knew then that she had been profusely lubricating from his words.

"Rick, that feels so good," she hoarsely whispered. They had slow, sweet intercourse; Her wide eyes sparkled, and her smile radiated arousal. Several times he felt the tingling of approaching ejaculation and slowed appropriately. Finally, the enticements and pleasures of Shandra's pussy coaxed his pending ejaculation forth. He closed his eyes and pumped forcefully. As he crossed the threshold into the inevitability of ejaculation, he exclaimed, "Oh! Governess!" and spurted forth the erotic tension of the past week into Shandra's eager receptacle.

During the night they had two more sessions of intercourse, each one commencing with his whispering a story into her ear - a story about her administering enemas and discipline; followed by his orally servicing her musky womanhood; and a finale of a wrenching ejaculation.

The following night, Saturday, they went to bed together in his room, and spent that night in the same kind of sexual bliss as the previous night. Exhausted and deprived of their usual rest, they slept deeply in each other's arms, and awoke much later than usual.

When they stirred upon awakening, they were treated to the sight of Governess Clarissa standing in the doorway with her arms folded.

"Oh my gosh!" Shandra exclaimed.

Governess Clarissa smiled slightly and asked "Sweet dreams?" When no answer was forthcoming from either of them, she continued, "I am not surprised at you two getting together. In fact, I pretty much expected it, which is why I talked to Shandra after the ejaculation incident. That is also why I insisted that she religiously use birth control. I AM going to punish both of you - not for getting together, but for neglecting your household cleaning duties. I want to see you both together in the administration room at three this afternoon. This morning, however, I wish to speak with each of you privately. Rick, I want you to be first. Simply come to my study after breakfast. And Shandra, speaking of breakfast, don't you think you should be attending to that?"

"Y-yes, Governess," she sheepishly replied.

"What are you waiting for - get out of bed! In case you forget, I've seen you naked before, many times. Come on!"

After breakfast, Rick had an interesting conversation with Governess Clarissa, in which she asked probing questions. He chuckled to himself when Shandra made her way into the study for her talk, as he knew she was in for quite a grilling.

That afternoon they each took their two enemas and got cleaned up. Then Governess had Rick assume the enema position again while she demonstrated to Shandra how to administer a prostate massage. Shandra donned a glove and probed and felt inside him, and worked on his prostate for several minutes.

Governess Clarissa had Rick stand up and told them to listen to her. Then she announced that, as a result of her conversations with them that morning, she would be training Shandra to administer discipline, with emphasis on the erotic aspects for both of them. She strongly reminded Shandra that all discipline that is not truly deserved punishment must be balanced by at least an equal amount of pleasure, and that she would hold her accountable. Further, she stated, their sleeping arrangements were up to them, and she would not interfere there. The biggest change was in her next statement.

"After today's session, I will only administer discipline to Shandra; she will be responsible for disciplining you, Rick. She may use the administration room for erotic play for both of you, as well as for punishing you. For the time being, all of her disciplinary attentions must be approved by me in advance. When I am satisfied that she will not abuse her authority, I will no longer require that."

She paused to let this sink in. "You, Rick, have unlimited access to me for any concerns, and you may confide in me. I will not break any confidences. Now, let's get on with why you two are here today."

Governess Clarissa placed clamps on Shandra's nipples. She exclaimed, "OH MY GOSH, GOVERNESS!" as they bit into her. She then bound Rick's arms behind his back, forearms horizontally. She bound Shandra in the same manner, and then had them make contact, front to front, and cinched a binding strap tightly around their waists to keep them together.

She picked up the paddle and gave each of them twenty hard strokes. That was followed by a lengthy strapping with a two-tailed tawse, administered forcefully to each of their backsides. Each of them saw the other's reaction up close since they were bound front-to-front.

She released their bindings and removed Shandra's nipple clamps. Then she instructed, "Rick, when Shandra administers discipline, you are to address her as 'Governess'. So that there will be no confusion, refer to me as Miss Clarissa. I am still governess to both of you, and she must continue to address me as she always has. In the next few weeks I will train her in the fine points of being a governess, and I will decide the general severity of your discipline. You two may get dressed now."

From then on, Shandra, after taking her discipline from Miss Clarissa, administered Rick's punishment. For a few weeks she did this under Clarissa's supervision. Then she was free to be unsupervised. They spent their nights together, during which she would tell him what she learned. "I learned how to prepare your enemas, Rick," she said one night. Another time it was, "Governess showed me how to cut switches and prepare them."

Rick was on the receiving end of some severe punishments from Governess Shandra. While she strongly and dispassionately administered stroke after stroke of the paddle or strap he did his best to avoid begging and pleading, and was rarely successful. Those nights, however, Shandra's musky womanhood welcomed him inside her more eagerly than usual.

Shandra finally got to use switches on him. A few days after she excitedly told him that Miss Clarissa showed her how to use them and had her practice on a pillow, she used the switch during a punishment session. She had taken her enemas and been soundly paddled by Miss Clarissa, and then it was his turn. Shandra gave him his enemas, and when it came time for discipline, Miss Clarissa watched while Shandra pulled a sturdy switch from the vase and told him to present himself for discipline. She tried to conceal the arousal that he knew she felt.

His shouts filled the room as Shandra wielded the switch. She whipped briskly, and scolded him several times to keep his feet on the floor. He had no choice but to twist and writhe as the switch repeatedly striated his bottom and hips. He knew that his dance of discipline was extremely arousing to Shandra, but that knowledge did not diminish at all his fervent wish that she stop.

Shandra whipped until the switch was worn out. When he got up, he saw that her face was flushed, no doubt from arousal.

"Don't get dressed yet, Rick," Shandra instructed, "I want to put some cream on your bottom. Get your clothes and come with me."

Miss Clarissa smiled as they left the room. She knew the score. Rick often wondered if she became sexually aroused while administering or watching discipline, and if so, what she did about it.

Shandra soothingly rubbed skin cream where she had applied the switch. After that, she told him to lie on his back, and she took her panties off and straddled his mouth. He sucked her creamy womanhood until she exploded in orgasm. That night, her eager receptacle welcomed him with a fervor that he had not expected. Twice that night he erupted inside her, and settled into a refreshing sleep in the arms of his governess/lover.

In the following weeks, Miss Clarissa added a new twist to Shandra's discipline, which Shandra in turn was happy to add to Rick's. It was no longer sufficient to just bend over the desk in the administration room to present yourself for punishment. After bending over, Shandra was expected to arch her back and stick out her bare bottom, as if begging for the punishment. Governess Clarissa added an unspecified amount of extra discipline if Shandra could not maintain the position.

This new twist proved to be quite troublesome for them both, so Miss Clarissa, after several weeks, acquired a solidly built discipline structure to take the place of the desk.

The structure allowed them to be bent over it and bound in several places, in the position that Miss Clarissa had wanted them to maintain - with back arched and naked bottom sticking out. Now they had no choice but to endure the paddlings, strappings, and switchings tightly bound so they could not move. Shandra especially liked to wield the strap when Rick was bound to the structure. She also administered several switchings, which aroused her to an incredible degree.

Shandra's stay of six months came to an end, and the sad day came when she left. For the remainder of Rick's stay there, he was the only student, so Miss Clarissa became Governess to him again. The weekly enema and punishment sessions continued as before, and Governess Clarissa became more exuberant in her administration of discipline.

Toward the end of his six months there, he had many open discussions with Governess. She surprised him with her knowledge of matters sexual and erotic.

"I really can't allow again the kind of thing that you and Shandra had going," she later said. "I let it go because of the chemistry between you two. I knew her attraction to you before she acknowledged it. Plus, she's a natural governess type."

A few days before Rick's term was finished, Governess Clarissa mentioned that she was going to take a break from her contract as a governess for a term or two, and that she was going to have some things done around the house, take some short trips, and sometimes just do nothing. Rick got an idea.

He knelt before her and grasped her hands.

"Governess," he implored, "let me stay here with you. I'll do those things around the house, and when you're gone I can take care of things, or - or go with you if you want, and you can teach me things, and you can still do... I mean, you can be my... well, I mean, I can..."

He was totally flustered since he hadn't really formulated how to say that she could still give him enemas and discipline. She pulled her hands from his and caressed his face.

"I know what you mean, Rick - at least I think I do. I won't say yes right away, as I need some time to think about it. But I do want you to stay at least a week past the end of your term, to help me with a few things. I will communicate my decision during that time."

On the last day of his term, Governess Clarissa gave him enemas, but no spanking.

That night, just past midnight, Rick was awakened by Clarissa. She had come into his room and she gently shook him awake. He started to ask if something was wrong.

"Shhhh! Get up and come with me." She took his hand and pulled him out of bed. She was fully dressed; he was naked. She led him to her room, which he had never been in before. It was a spacious bedroom, very nicely furnished.

She stopped, turned to face him, and stated, "As of now, you are no longer in my care as you were before. You are not required to call me 'Governess' any longer, though you may if you choose. I have thought about your offer to stay, and these are the conditions: I will discipline you, sometimes very severely, purely for my pleasure. From time to time I will extend your limits of endurance. I will use you in different ways to give me pleasure. You must always, as far as you are able, submit to me. Just as I instructed Shandra, I will balance your discipline with at least an equal amount of pleasure for you... If you accept those terms, kiss me on the lips." She stood passively still.

Rick never forgot how he grasped her head, how he drew near for a kiss, and how he passionately and lengthily kissed her on the mouth. She responded in kind, and they stood for several minutes, their mouths locked together.

She finally broke away, told him to get in bed, and she removed all her clothes. She turned off the lights and crawled into bed. They embraced again, front to front, mouth on mouth. A few moments later she guided his raging erection into her creamy womanhood.

He slowly and thoroughly probed and plowed her while recklessly and hungrily kissing her. Her moans and gasps were exquisitely arousing to him. A few moments of this, and he felt the tingling of approaching inevitability. he pumped harder, and as he started to spurt uncontrollably he exclaimed, "Oh! Governess!"

Part 2

Rick spent his first night with Clarissa exploring her body, in her arms, and in hungry intercourse. She did not conceal her appetite for sexual satisfaction, and he tasted her lips, her pussy, and her feet. He probed her pussy with tongue, fingers, and cock. He explored the inside of her pussy as she willingly lay back with her mouth sensuously open. She handled him all over; grasped him firmly, palpated his testicles. They were lovers.

In the months that followed she was true to her word about using Rick for her pleasure, and sometimes very severely.

She began by increasing the volume of his enemas and required him to retain them longer. She administered enemas more often, up to three times a week. She used a very thick nozzle - it was curved like a douche nozzle and it was huge. Rick began to enjoy the sensation of the liquid coursing into his back way, before he got full. Clarissa enjoyed his groans as the soapsuds enemas penetrated and filled him up. Sometimes during retention she manipulated his testicles with her slender fingers; other times she was satisfied to stand there with her arms folded and dispassionately look on as he struggled and occasionally pounded the floor with his hands as the ever-increasing volume of soapsuds solution intruded inside him.

During the first week they were lovers, Clarissa introduced Rick to taking her strap-on after his enemas. She smiled broadly as she stepped into the harness and fastened it around her hips. Then she had him lie face down over firm pillows on the bed, with his legs well apart. He sighed contentedly when she lightly stroked his raging erection and testicles, then generously lubricated him with her finger. He knew the moment of penetration was near when she spread his nether cheeks apart.

Clarissa giggled at his loud raucous groan when she penetrated him and slid her strap-on probe slowly and steadily in until it was inside up to the hilt. She stayed there a moment and wiggled her hips. The sensation of the probe pressing against Rick's prostate reminded him of the prostate massages that Shandra gave him.

Clarissa fucked him, although fairly gently, for several minutes the first time. She told him that he would get accustomed to it quickly and that soon she could let go and fuck more exuberantly within a week.

Clarissa often tied his hands in front of him when she took him with the strap-on. When this happened she bound his hands well apart. After she lubricated him, he felt her hands spread him apart, and then she entered him. With her feminine hands firmly grasping his hips, she fucked, and fucked, and fucked. Rick moaned and yelled, which only whetted her appetite. Often she rode him until she climaxed.

Afterward she always offered her pussy to him and they participated in the exquisite dance of intercourse in her bed.

Clarissa kept Rick's bottom almost constantly sore from spankings. There was the usual paddling, in which he would bend over her desk and offer her his ass for her pleasure. Occasionally, however, she wanted to extend his limits of endurance. That was always a very lengthy session.

In the first such session to extend his limits, she waited until all the soreness was gone from the previous spanking. Then she announced a day in advance her intention to administer such a session.

Rick got his enemas, as usual. Then, since the session was to be especially severe, she bound him to a specially built structure. The structure was like a punishment bench that had a padded cylindrical portion which caused his bottom to stick out to the rear. First she bound his ankles and knees to the bench, so that they were vertical. Then she adjusted the padded cylindrical structure so that his hips were pushed back. Then she bound his wrists as far forward as he could reach. In this position, his nether cheeks were very nicely presented to Clarissa, and he had very little freedom of movement.

Before she administered discipline, she always took him with the strap-on when he was bound in this manner. She fucked long and hard. Then the work began of extending his limits of endurance.

She started with the paddle, and gave about thirty hot, burning swats. At that point his bottom was tender, hot, and sensitive. Then she followed with an interminable strapping. She used either a two-tailed tawse, a doubled-up leather belt, or the punishment strap with a wooden handle. The leather really bit into him, since the paddle had tenderized his skin prior to that. She leisurely and dispassionately wielded the strap with full, energetic strokes, and strapped him well beyond the point where his shouts filled the room, and well beyond what he thought he could endure.

After the thorough and lengthy leathering of Rick's bottom, Clarissa waited a few moments and retrieved a supple switch from the vase where they had been soaking in brine for a few days. Briskly, and paying no attention to his strident outcries and supplication, she whipped him with the switch until it was nearly worn out.

After she released Rick from the punishment structure she led him to her bed and massaged him while he relaxed. Since she was aroused beyond words from having administered very severe discipline, the lengthy massage ended up with a spurting ejaculation inside her after he satisfied her orally.

For the week or so following one of those sessions, Rick was free to take her whenever he wanted, and with the exception of giving her discipline, however he wanted. He always took advantage of those times, having her wear dresses and go without panties almost all the time. Some days he teased her by probing her pussy with a raging hard cock several times during the day, without release for either of them. He explored the delights of her mouth, having her slowly, leisurely, and sensuously take him to heights of pleasure before he spurted into her throat.

Rick also let Clarissa take him with her strap-on. After his enemas he lay prone on the bed, on his tummy, and offered his willing bottom to her. She generously lubricated him and the probe, and insatiably ravished him until she had climaxed several times. Then as she lay on the bed exhausted, he removed her harness and kissed her, slowly and passionately. With his mouth locked on hers, he entered her. Over the next hour he slowly and deliberately pumped her pussy, with his lips pressed against hers much of the time. Finally he felt the tingling sensation of his forthcoming ejaculation. He let it engulf him, and as the feeling spread throughout his body the paroxysms of ejaculation gripped him. He yielded to it, and profusely and uncontrollably spurted within her.

After about four months into their affair, Clarissa announced that she had unexpectedly seen Shandra, and that Rick's former lover would be paying a visit later that day. When he asked Clarissa to wear a short dress without panties, she giggled and agreed.

The look on Shandra's face showed surprise when she came over and saw that Rick was there. After some light conversation Shandra said that she should be going, whereupon Clarissa told her to stay and listen.

"I know why you wanted to come over even though you didn't say," Clarissa stated. "You have no doubt been through a couple of relationships since you left here, and they didn't measure up to what you were accustomed to with your then lover." Shandra's expression showed that Clarissa was exactly correct. "Rick was deeply affected when you did not keep in touch with him as you said you would when you left," she continued. "It took some subtle and creative maneuvers on my part to bring him out of his obsessive thinking about you. Although I always thought that you two would be very compatible, there are some important ways that you are not mature enough for that to happen. You should know that Rick and I are lovers now - we are in a relationship where I use him for my pleasure - and I give him pleasure in return, abundantly. He has seen a side of me that I never showed to you."

Clarissa went on to describe the ways that she uses Rick. She described the sessions where she extends his limits of endurance, and emphasized the necessity for the governess to be intimately and lovingly tuned in to the recipient of her attentions.

Shandra sat with a shocked expression on her face, and Clarissa continued. She subtly opened her legs as she spoke.

"I am taking a sabbatical from being a professional governess. When I go back to doing that, I couldn't very well have the same kind of relationship with Rick that I'm enjoying now. Back to why you're here. You wanted to see about getting back together with him. But you've still got some growing to do. I have an invitation for you. If you want to go through a period of training such as what I'm doing with Rick, I am willing to do that. I must have your solid commitment to go through with it."

Shandra stammered, "What - how, what will you be doing ...?"

"I will use you for my pleasure, as I do with Rick. In doing so I will teach you how to give and receive exquisite pleasure. You will have to go through intense self-discipline. I will extend your limits, as I have done with Rick. You will also administer discipline and pleasure to Rick. But you must submit to me, always."

Clarissa stood up before continuing.

"When Rick decided to stay, I told him to signify his acceptance of my terms by kissing me on the lips. I'll tell you the same thing - if you want to experience dominance, submission, and pleasure in a way you never thought possible, and you accept my terms, kiss me on the lips."

Clarissa stood passively and silently while Shandra struggled with herself. After a few moments Shandra stood up and slowly inched her way toward Clarissa until she was directly in front of her. She gingerly leaned her head forward and brought her lips to Clarissa's, and pressed forward. For about ten seconds, their lips touched.

Clarissa informed Shandra that she should be prepared to at least spend weekends there, and possibly one or two nights during the week as well. She also decided that when either one of them is to receive her disciplinary attentions, she wants both of them to be there, without any clothing. Since the next day was Saturday, Shandra was to return that evening with her things for the weekend. She also announced that the next day's session would be to extend Rick's limits of endurance.

That night Clarissa was especially responsive sexually, and they had a refreshing sleep afterward.

On Saturday Clarissa announced that she would give Shandra enemas and a spanking before she did Rick's session, and told them both to go upstairs and remove all clothing. Shandra, of course, was to present herself for enemas.

Since it had been several months since Shandra experienced discipline and enemas, she had a hard time taking the first of her two enemas. Rick looked on with a firm erection at the spectacle of Shandra's exclamations and writhing as she struggled to take and retain her enema. The second one was somewhat easier for her. Afterward, Clarissa told Shandra to bend over and lean across the desk.

Then to Shandra's surprise, Clarissa undressed completely.

"Before I paddle you I'm going to take you with a strap-on. You will no doubt be using one and you must experience it first. Rick, please lubricate her as I do to you."

That told him that Shandra was going to take the strap-on in the tail end, not in her pussy. Clarissa made sure that Shandra saw her stepping into the harness and tightening it up, and the thick gel probe. Shandra squirmed as Rick packed the thick lubricant inside her. Then he lubricated Clarissa's probe.

Soon enough, Clarissa spread Shandra's nether cheeks and jutted the first inch of the probe inward. The bent-over girl exclaimed, "Ahhhhhh!"

Clarissa stayed there a minute so that Shandra would get accustomed to the intrusion.

"I'm going to go in all the way now, Shandra," Clarissa stated, and then very slowly but steadily pressed in up to the hilt.


Clarissa smiled and then pumped with long slow strokes.


This erotic spectacle was over in a couple of minutes, and Clarissa stepped out of her strap-on harness.

"Now I'm going to paddle you, dear. Remember to stay in position."

The sting of the paddle on bare skin should never be underestimated. After about two or three swats, the paddle imparts a most urgent sensation to the recipient, who truly does not know, from one stroke to the next, if she can stay in position.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

"AHHH!" Whack!

"OHH!" Whack!


The litany of Shandra's paddling went on like that for twenty strokes. Her hips twisted, she kicked her legs and wiggled her midsection until it was over.

Then Rick took his enemas. Shandra was impressed by the huge nozzle that Clarissa used on him, and the larger volume of enema than she had seen administered before. She was no doubt aroused by his choked wordless indications of his struggle to retain the soapsuds solution. Then came the second enema, after which he got cleaned up and presented himself to Clarissa.

"I'm not going to bind you today," Clarissa announced. "I want you to take all your discipline without the benefit of being tied to the structure. Bend over the desk, and I will first take you with my strap-on. Shandra, come over here and you can watch."

Rick presented himself, bent over, and Clarissa demonstrated the lubricating ritual prior to penetration. She emphasized that the administrator must pull out frequently and re-lubricate. Then she thoroughly fucked him as Shandra looked on. The fucking went on and on, and as Rick squirmed he heard Shandra say, "Oh my gosh!" several times while Clarissa pumped.

Clarissa instructed, "Shandra, go around in front of him and try to keep him from getting out of position. Give him encouragement, hold on to him, anything. If he gets out of position, I'm going to give both of you a good thrashing! Get ready for the paddle, Rick!"

The only way to prepare for a bare bottom paddling is to resolve to do everything in your power to stay in position. The first few swats were painful, but the ones that followed really got a reaction from him. Shandra had placed her hands lightly on his shoulders, in preparation for holding him down if she judged that she needed to. He didn't count the strokes, but he must have gotten around 35 good hot swats from Clarissa's paddle.

As Clarissa fetched the leather strap, Shandra whispered, "Rick - you can do it, darling."

Clarissa commenced the leathering, and the strap bit into Rick's already paddled bottom. Every time it snapped against his bare skin, it left a hot stripe where it contacted. She kept going, interminably. He shouted; he begged her to stop; he pleaded and pleaded. She kept going. Shandra pressed down on his shoulders and whispered endearing encouragements.

At long last, Clarissa ceased the strapping. Shandra remarked, "That was quite an ordeal for you."

"We're not finished yet," Clarissa said, and drew a switch from the brine vase.

"Oh my gosh!" Shandra exclaimed.

Rick tried to get out of any further discipline. "No, Clarissa! Please, no more! Please!" He felt as though he had already been pressed far beyond his limits.

Shandra pressed hard on his shoulders and pushed until his chest was firmly against the desk surface. "Hold on to me, honey," she said, and he grasped her naked hips.

Clarissa tickled the switch on Rick's naked and punished bottom for a moment before she drew it back and whipped it against him.

"Ahhhhhh!" he exclaimed, and kicked his legs as Shandra pressed harder. A couple of seconds later the switch struck again.

"Owwww!" He squirmed and dug his fingers into Shandra's hips.

Clarissa kept on like that, and briskly switched with energetic strokes, while Rick squirmed, danced, and yelled. The naked Shandra pressed harder and desperately held him in place. Finally the switch broke, and Clarissa announced an end to the session.

"He's yours for a week," Clarissa announced to Shandra. "Take good care of him."

Shandra had never seen a session as severe as the one that just took place, and she indeed took care of Rick. Freely addressing him as "honey" and "darling", she massaged him and soothed his well punished bottom. She could not deny that she was intensely aroused, though, and when Rick got some of his energy back, he brought her to climax with his mouth. Her pussy still had the musky flavor and scent that he recalled from their past adventures. During the night he went to sleep face down, next to her. One of the times he awoke, she hoarsely whispered, "Rick - get on top of me - I want you inside me."

The feel of her body aroused him in short order, and he entered her. He plowed and probed, and with his face next to hers, emptied a healthy ejaculation, along with the day's tensions, into her pussy, and went to sleep in her arms.

A few days later Shandra gave him two enemas, using the huge douche-style nozzle, under Clarissa's supervision, after which she received instruction on how to use a strap-on. They took turns fucking him, and he knew from Shandra's reaction that she would frequently be using him in that manner. He got a thorough drilling from each of them that day, followed by enjoyable intercourse with Shandra that night.

A couple of days later Shandra gave him another series of enemas. That night she donned a strap-on and insatiably fucked him. She made no effort to conceal her lusty exclamations of pleasure as she took him, her hands firmly grasping his hips. His raucous reactions to Shandra's plunging and thrusting must have reverberated through the house, and they were sure that Clarissa heard every sound. When Shandra was finished, she removed the strap-on harness. Rick pried her legs apart and entered her. He plowed and probed, and took his pleasure inside her.

A little over a week after Rick's severe session to extend his limits, Clarissa sent them both upstairs to prepare for a session with her. When they had removed their clothes, Clarissa came in and announced, "It's enema time - you first, Shandra."

After they had their enemas and cleaned up, Clarissa stripped and donned a strap-on. Then she produced a ball gag with breathing holes, and told Shandra to open up. Rick's erection betrayed his arousal at the sight of the naked Shandra with her mouth spread wide, lips tightly hugging the large ball gag.

Clarissa had Rick assume the position over the punishment structure and bound him to it. His hips were presented in such a way that his bottom was prominently and conveniently presented for use. She handed the paddle to the gagged Shandra and told her, "Give him a good paddling."

While Clarissa stood in front and watched, Shandra paddled with smart brisk strokes. She paddled and paddled while Rick struggled at his bindings and begged Clarissa to make it stop.

Clarissa permitted the paddling to go on and on. It had progressed well beyond fifty strokes before she said, "That's enough, Shandra."

She stepped behind Rick and spread his blazing cheeks to lubricate him for her strap-on.

"Ahh-ahhhhhhh!" he exclaimed when Clarissa penetrated him and drove the probe all the way in. Then she fucked him until she climaxed. Shandra was aroused from administering a lengthy paddling and watching Rick get such a thorough drilling from Clarissa.

"Okay, my dear," Clarissa said to the gagged Shandra after she released Rick from his bindings, "it's your turn now. Present yourself and I'll bind you in place."

Clarissa, after binding Shandra to the structure, gave her a sound paddling. She delivered about thirty five strokes, to the accompaniment of urgent wordless sounds of distress. Rick, of course, became aroused seeing Shandra's bared bottom turn bright red to the accompaniment of as much twisting as her strict bindings permitted..

Clarissa handed him the lubricant and told him to get Shandra ready for the strap-on. Shandra made some incoherent sounds as he packed the lubricant back there. Then he watched as Clarissa, her hands firmly grasping the hips of the bound female, pumped in and out. She varied the timing and the energy of the thrusts as she fucked, and subjected Shandra to several minutes of probing. Then she withdrew and, seeing his erect state, said, "Now you can fuck her."

Rick parted Shandra's pouty vaginal lips and Clarissa interrupted, "No - the other hole."

An incoherent protest immediately emanated from the bound and gagged Shandra. Rick spread her reddened cheeks and placed the tip of his raging hard-on against the entrance that had been used by the strap-on. Another protest: "Uhhhhyaaaugh!"

Then he nudged inward and penetrated her about an inch.


He slowly worked in and out until he was in to the hilt. Clarissa suggested that he re-lubricate Shandra, and he pulled out. After packing more lubricant back there, he re-entered her. She emitted more sounds as he journeyed further in. Her sounds became more contented sounding as she realized that his erection was more pliant and flexible than Clarissa's strap-on probe. He took long steady strokes for a few moments. Then he reached around with one hand and stroked her labia and clitoris while he pumped. Her protests turned to moans of pleasure and she climaxed in short order. Rick felt the buildup of his impending ejaculation, which he delayed as long as possible while keeping the rhythm of his pumping. Finally it overtook him and he bucked like a wild horse as he spurted inside her.

Shandra told him later that she felt his cock hardening and expanding before his ejaculation, and that she even felt the jets of semen as they were propelled into her. She added, to his pleasant surprise, that she wanted him to take her that way more often, and that she would never have considered it on her own.

Clarissa mentioned that she would be claiming Rick for the week, and that Shandra would sleep alone for that time. Shandra appeared disappointed and frustrated with that situation.

"You were gentle with her," Clarissa told him that night as she undressed. "I know she's disappointed because I'm claiming you now, but trust me - she'll be all the more eager for you to repeat today's performance when she does have you next. Now, having seen you work on her, I know I can trust you. Here's the lubricant. Take me - now!" She lay face down on the bed with her hips raised by pilllows.

Seeing her like that was enough to bring on an erection. She sighed with contentment when he inserted a lubricated finger and wiggled it inside her. He repeated the action, making sure she got a generous supply, and then he lubricated his raging cock. She reached back and spread her own cheeks and he nestled up to her, and penetrated a couple inches. Another sensuous moan from her. He gently pumped, going in further each time, and her moans became louder. When he was in all the way, he lay on top of her and steadily pumped, using the longest strokes possible.

"Clarissa - that feels so good!" he said.

"Mmmmmm - yes, it does. I love it!" she responded.

Rick was able to last a fairly long time since Shandra had drained him earlier that day. The feel of Clarissa's sensuous body and her reactions eventually coaxed forth an intense ejaculation, and he thrashed about while spurting inside her. A while later, with his mouth on her pussy, he saw her through several orgasms before they slept.

About a week later Rick found out that Clarissa was right - when he spent a few nights with Shandra she had him take her in the tail several times. She, of course, took him with the strap-on whenever she could, and had him orally service her pussy several times a day.

A week or so later there was an interesting twist to their sessions. One of Clarissa's friends, who she called Jinny, participated. She was a petite woman with Oriental features and a commanding voice. Jinny administered the enemas. She loved the big, thick nozzle. The enemas went in without any pauses, as was usual. She used a somewhat faster flow than Rick and Shandra were accustomed to, which resulted in a greater struggle for them. Jinny and Clarissa took great delight in their most urgent protests.

When Shandra and Rick had taken their enemas and had cleaned up they were led downstairs and told to lie face down next to each other on Clarissa's bed, with firm pillows under them to raise their hips. Clarissa and Jinny, each with a leather strap in hand, proceeded to thoroughly strap their backsides. Clarissa leathered Shandra, and Jinny administered to Rick. As soon as one of the ladies administered a stroke, the other one immediately followed. The result was an interesting collage of sounds - the biting leather and the almost concurrent shouts and vocal reactions from both recipients. Rick was more than a little aroused hearing Shandra's sexy voice reacting to her strapping.

When their bottoms had been thoroughly reddened, the strapping stopped, and both Clarissa and Jinny stripped and donned strap-on harnesses with gel probes. After packing considerable lubricant inside, they each plunged in, Jinny doing Shandra, and Clarissa entering Rick. The chorus of vocal reaction from Rick and from Shandra must have been at the same time entertaining and arousing to the two governesses.

The concurrent sounds from them - "Uuuuuuh! Ooooh! OH! Ahhh! Unnnnh! Whooooooah! Uhh! Uhh! Ohh! Ahh! OH! UHHH!" - obviously whetted their sensual appetites, as the fucking from the governesses became more fast-paced and frenzied. They each climaxed within a minute of one another.

Later that afternoon Clarissa and Jinny undressed and lay side by side on the large bed with their legs spread, and had Shandra and Rick satisfy them orally. It was Shandra's first time orally servicing another woman, and she got to do Clarissa. Rick thoroughly enjoyed the taste and scent of Jinny's pussy and cream, and brought her off twice in the half hour of servitude.

Clarissa asked Jinny to spend a couple of nights there, and enticed her with the thought that each of the governesses could have either Shandra or Rick for the night, and swap the next night. Jinny immediately agreed, and said that she wanted Shandra first. Clarissa assented, and then suggested that they all take a nap to get rested for the nocturnal adventures ahead.

After a late dinner, Shandra led Jinny to her bedroom. Rick suggested that he and Clarissa spend the night in the room next to Shandra's so that they could get an idea of what was going on. She liked the idea and got her strap-on and other equipment together and they settled in next to Shandra's room.

As Clarissa teased Rick's erect member they heard moans that sounded like Jinny's voice, and they gathered that she was being pleasured by Shandra. The sounds from the next room soon turned to orgasmic gasps. Clarissa had Rick orally service her to orgasm after Jinny quieted down.

A short while later They heard Shandra's voice. She was uttering contented sounds of "Oh... Oh... Oh... Ahhh... Yes... Oh-Yes!" and the like. She was no doubt being taken with Jinny's strap-on, probably in the pussy.

After Shandra's obvious climax, Rick entered Clarissa and held her close. While slowly plowing her pussy, Shandra's voice again wafted from the next room:

"No... No, please! (unintelligible phrase from Jinny) UH! OH! OH! UNHH! OWW! OH! AHHH! OOOOH!"

Shandra was getting the strap-on in her tail end. After a short while of this, the mental picture of Jinny insatiably fucking Shandra in the ass sent Rick over the edge and he filled Clarissa's vaginal basket as he spurted forth.

They slept some and after a couple hours Clarissa nudged him awake. She had him turn over face down; she put on the strap-on harness and probe, and gave him a good fucking. After she climaxed they slept until morning.

That afternoon Shandra and Rick got another series of enemas from Jinny.

Evening came and Clarissa, with Shandra in tow, went to her bedroom, and Jinny, with her collection of equipment, accompanied Rick to his. She stood proudly as he gently removed her clothes, and then he undressed. She reclined on the bed and wordlessly guided his face between her legs, and he tasted her sweet nectar until she climaxed. Then she had him lie on the floor while she straddled his face for another oral session.

Rick saw her put on her strap-on. Then she had him get on the bed and lie face down. After lubricating him, she thoroughly fucked him while he squirmed and groaned, and then they went to sleep. A couple hours later he orally serviced her to orgasm and she fucked him again with the strap-on. Another two hours of sleep and they repeated the scene, except that she fucked him long, hard, and deep. Rick liked the way that Jinny handled his testicles and boner during her relentless pumping.

Afterward he turned over, aching for relief, and she inserted his throbbing erection inside her pussy and lay on top of him in a full-body position. She pumped her hips slowly to make sure he didn't pop off right away. After a long period of this stimulation he felt the approach of the inevitable, and spurted wildly as an incredible orgasm wracked him. Jinny kept on with her steady pumping throughout his lengthy ejaculation. He stayed inside her and they both drifted to sleep until morning.

The following weekend, Clarissa informed them that she was going to extend Shandra's limits the next day. Shandra was quite nervous about it that night, after seeing what Rick went through a few weeks previously.

When the time came, they both went to the administration room and got undressed. Clarissa came upstairs and gave them enemas - Rick was first, and she subtly increased the amount and the flow rate, causing him to be quite vocal in his reaction. Shandra, too, struggled and protested mightily in response to her thorough cleansing.

Clarissa fastened Rick to the structure, since he was to get a spanking first. This was not his day for an extended limits session, although it was still quite severe. After he was bound so that he could scarcely move, Clarissa undressed and took him with the strap-on while Shandra, all the while dreading her part of the session, observed. The thoroughness with which Clarissa pumped was an indication of her arousal. She then gave him a good paddling, administering hard, brisk strokes. Unable to do anything except take the strokes, he reacted predictably - his shouts filled the room.

Then it was Shandra's turn. Clarissa fastened her in place, drawing the bindings fairly tight. Her tail end was nicely presented for whatever Clarissa's plans were, which became apparent soon enough.

Shandra groaned as Clarissa penetrated her in the tail end with the strap-on probe. Clarissa gave her as thorough a fucking as she gave Rick, and maybe more so, signifying that her arousal was at a high level. The short punctuated "UH!" sounds coming from the bound young woman as she repeatedly took the full length of the strap-on intrusion, had a stimulatingly erotic effect on Rick. Afterward, the moment arrived that Shandra had truly been dreading.

Clarissa picked up the sturdy paddle and made a point of having Shandra see it in her hands. Then it began.

Clarissa delivered forceful swats to Shandra's bared bottom. The bound girl cried out with each stroke, at first more from fear than from pain. After a few strokes, her outcries were definitely a reaction to the hot sensation of the paddle striking bare skin.

Thirty strokes she took before Clarissa went to the next phase.

She retrieved a tawse, walked in front of Shandra, and displayed it prominently. She touched it, handled it, and whipped it through the air. Then she liesurely took her administering position and commenced a thorough strapping of Shandra's nude reddened bottom.

She strapped forcefully while Shandra's shouts reverberated throughout the room. The bound female struggled in any way she could, which was limited.

"Ahhhh! ... Governess, NO! ... Ohhh! ... Oh, PLEASE, Governess! ... Ahaaaaa! ... Please stop! ... No more, no more, PLEASE! ... I can't ... No, NO, NOOOO!"

Shandra's outcries did nothing to ameliorate the extended strapping from her governess. Her bright red bottom progressively bore the imprints of the tawse as Clarissa inexorably strapped, and strapped, and strapped!

The authority with which Governess controlled Shandra, combined with the most severe discipline the bound girl had ever received, aroused Rick at the same time that it was somewhat unsettling.

At long last, Governess stopped wielding the strap, and put it down. She paced around the room for a few moments while Shandra's sexy nasal voice pleaded for an end to the session.

"You're doing well, my pet," Clarissa said, tenderly running her fingers through the bound girl's hair. "Now for the frosting on the cake."

Shandra knew what this meant - a switching on top of the paddling and extended strapping.

"NO... NO! Governess, I can't take any more! Please, Governess! No more! No..."

Clarissa pulled a switch from the vase, whipped it through the air a few times to shake off the salt water it had been soaking in, and took her position.

She whipped briskly. Crimson streaks rapidly appeared on Shandra's squirming bottom as her voice filled the room. Long and short, thick and thin lines. By the time the switch was worn out, Shandra had truly been pressed to the limits of her endurance. Her intense struggle to deal with and mitigate the amazingly intense sensations of the switch she felt was erotic to her lover. She would come to realize that future sessions to extend her limits would likely be more severe than that one.

Rick took Shandra downstairs to her room and did his best to soothe her punished bottom. She wanted to sleep, so he left her alone.

He spent that night with Clarissa. She was aroused; her eyes were bright and excited - and her pussy was wet and creamy. Rick slid in easily and filled her with his own hardness.

"You're thinking of this afternoon, aren't you?" he asked while slowly pumping in and out.

"I get so hot doing that!"

"I know." he continued pumping and felt her hips stir under him.

"Admit it," she said, "you got hot seeing that girl get it. Up till then you'd been on the receiving end - but now you got to see her get it good."

He thrust harder, and Clarissa moaned.

She continued. "After I warmed YOUR bottom good, you were all the more excited when I started in on her!"

"Clarissa -"

"And you were captivated by the strap, weren't you? Seeing me give it to her again and again and again!"

"Clarissa, I'm -"

"And then the switch. You liked seeing her get it and me give it! She's given YOU the switch, now you got to see her get it. That really turned you on, didn't it?"

Her excited eyes, the words she was saying, and the way her body responded to his plowing her pussy, sent him across the finish line.

"Oh God, Clarissa! Aaaaaugh...."

She giggled, and he plowed hard and spurted into her pussy.


Over the following months Clarissa put Shandra through an incredible amount of discipline, and also taught her the finer points of being a governess and giving pleasure. Many times Rick watched while Shandra's mouth slurpily licked and sucked on Clarissa's pussy. He saw (and heard) Shandra beg for mercy as Clarissa took her with the strap-on, and then extended her limits. Clarissa, of course, also kept Rick's bottom almost constantly sore during that time (frequently allowing Shandra to severely discipline him), and Shandra enthusiastically used him for her pleasure with the strap-on.

And then there were the nights. The nights he spent with one or the other of them, wrapped in their arms, in full body contact, tenderly kissing their lips or labia, steeped in their affection. Those mystical nights, when he penetrated the sweet portal between their hips, while their vaginal womanhood caressed and tenderly embraced his meaty erection. The long, slow, thrusting, the soft moans leading to a crescendo of deep excited breaths. Feminine gasps of orgasm, then Rick's exclamations as he writhed uncontrollably, pumping spurt after spurt into his excited lover.

Some of those nights, though, he was face down on the bed, or bent over the edge of the bed, taking his lover's strap-on. He was the one moaning and exclaiming then. Clarissa or Shandra plowed and pumped, insatiably and interminably. They whispered words of encouragement as he writhed and wiggled under them. A few times both women were in the bedroom, one of them thoroughly pumping him with the strap-on while he had his mouth between the other's legs.

The strap-on play, of course, followed the administration of enemas. Shandra's enemas were a little different from Clarissa's. Both women filled him up without pausing the flow. Clarissa's technique was relentless in a clinical manner. Shandra made them sensuous, even when the solution firmly coursed into him and he begged her to stop. They never stopped. He always, always, took the full measure of the enema, much to their pleasure and arousal.

As Shandra became more adept at taking discipline and giving pleasure, Clarissa allowed her ever greater latitude in her interaction with Rick. During the week, when Shandra was away, Clarissa gradually decreased the discipline and enemas that she gave, and concentrated on intensifying and prolonging orgasm for both of them, more through mental means than purely physical. She said that she took great pleasure in listening to the sounds coming from the administration room or the bedroom when Shandra and Rick were engaged in discipline or sexual sessions. It aroused her no end to hear him begging Shandra to stop the enema as it relentlessly pushed, knowing that she wouldn't. She pleasured herself repeatedly when Shandra wielded the paddle, strap, or switch, as he exclaimed, begged, and performed the dance of discipline. He didn't know where all this was leading until several weeks later.

Clarissa announced to them that she decided to be a governess again, and that as long as she did that, she would not have the time to regularly give to a lover. Rick needed to find another place to live. Clarissa assured him and Shandra that although she would be seeing a lot less of them, this was not an end to the relationship she had with them. She gave them two months advance notice so that they had ample time to decide what to do.

Shandra and Rick talked it over and she suggested that they find a place to live where the sound from their sessions would not be a limiting factor, and Clarissa helped them find exactly such a place. They also established ground rules for their relationship.

Their last night at Clarissa's was memorable. Shandra and Rick spent the night with Clarissa in her bed, repeatedly pleasuring her.

On the first day in their new place, Shandra gave Rick a discipline session. They agreed that he was to address her as "Governess" only during such sessions. First she gave him two enemas. Then she sat spread-legged while he orally satisfied her through more than one orgasm. This was followed by a severe paddling, during which he begged her several times, calling her Governess, to stop. Later he was on his tummy, moaning from taking her strap-on. She fucked him thoroughly and enthusiastically, after which they spent much of the night in sweet intercourse.

Clarissa came over the next weekend with her "toys", and put them through the paces. Two enemas each. Then she tied them together, front to front, and walked around them while wielding the strap between their waist and knees. When they were thoroughly reddened, they lay face down on the bed, side by side, with pillows to raise their hips. Clarissa fucked them silly with her strap-on. Rick was greatly aroused from feeling Shandra's movements on the bed and hearing her voice as she was taken in the tail end. She, no doubt, was aroused from his reaction when Clarissa fucked him and fucked him.

Following that episode, Clarissa lay on the bed with her legs wide apart and had each of them in turn service her orally, and then she left. Then Shandra lay on the bed while Rick had his way with her.

Over the next several weeks Shandra gave Rick some severe discipline sessions, followed by giving exquisite pleasure. In turn, he showed her some of the techniques that Clarissa taught him about increasing and sustaining pleasure. He always looked forward to those sessions - a slow and leisurely climb to the stratosphere of erotic arousal, followed by motionless intimate contact, completely nonverbal, with his hard member inside her, their lips gently touching, their affection for each other saturating their beings from the center of the hips outward. After considerable time in this position, a sensation that can only describe as a tingling vibration emanates from Shandra's insides; Her breathing gradually deepens over a few moments and then she throws her head back and practically screams as her orgasm grips her. About the same time a wrenching climax overtakes Rick, and he hangs on through what he calls a full-body ejaculation. He feels as though every part of his body is having an orgasm, and his cock pulses, twitches and squirms inside Shandra as she drains him of his reserve of semen and welcomes all of it into her body.

Shandra is no longer the insolent girl that she was when Rick met her. Her extensive discipline that she received from Clarissa, along with her willingness to undergo that training, has turned her into an emotionally mature woman who can give and receive pleasure. After she experiences exquisite pleasure from giving a severe session, she is almost submissive. She sensuously surrenders herself, and in so doing, experiences further pleasure while giving it. Rick feels her silky smooth skin, he tastes her lips and labia. She gives him a come-fuck-me-silly look and he enters her body and feels her internal muscles caress his engorged erection. After a while he can no longer hold back from the increasing stimulation and he feels the ecstatic pulsing and spurting of ejaculation as she hoarsely whispers endearments.

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