Mary, Mary (F/M spank)
(Illustrations courtesy of Dave B)

Mary looking at photo album

"This is a series of photographs of an actual paddling at our facility," Governess Alisha said. "This is the mildest discipline that we administer. The standard dose is about thirty to thirty five swats. The male is bent over across what we call the punishment bench, and he is secured in place so that he can not move. Then the discipline is administered."

Mary almost visibly trembled with excitement as she stared at the photographs. The series showed action shots of the progression of a paddling. The woman administering the discipline had her hair in a ponytail, which showed obvious motion as she wielded the instrument. She bent her knees as she propelled the swats into the bound recipient. The photographs of her face showed lips pressed tightly together in an expression of determination. The photographs of the male's face showed wide eyes and a surprised, pained expression. The pictures of his naked bottom plainly showed the effects of the expert woman's attentions.

"Uhm.. interesting," Mary replied, and turned the page of the album to the following section.

"This next section shows some strappings. The instrument used is called a tawse, and is very effective."

Mary gazed at the pictures of a serious-looking woman wielding the tawse with obvious force. The recipient in this case displayed clenched teeth and a contorted expression on his face. Other pictures showed the progressive accumulation of strap marks on his bared bottom and further action shots of the governess wielding the strap.

"A strapping ordinarily consists of fifty strokes. A more severe strapping will have a hundred or more strokes, at our discretion."

Mary's hands visibly trembled as she turned the pages.

"What you see here is a caning. These are among the most severe discipline packages we offer. The cane is a length of rattan. As you can see, each stroke leaves a raised weal on the buttocks. Canings are administered in sets of dozens. A caning of one-dozen strokes is given after a preparatory paddling of twenty strokes. When a caning of two or three dozen strokes is selected, we dispense with the warm-up paddling."

Mary's breathing deepened when she saw the pictures of the progression of a caning. The recipient's face showed his mouth wide open, no doubt shouting from the acute sensation.

"As you will see when you turn the page, when a caning of more than twenty four strokes is given, about half of the strokes are given on top of previous ones, and are diagonally placed. This also has the effect of intensifying the punishment."

Mary gazed for a while at the picture of the criss-crossed weals. "I think I've seen enough. My mind is made up."

Alisha smiled inwardly. She had seen the reaction before, and knew that she had a new customer. She was confident when she met the spry, bright-eyed Mary, that the conclusion of their meeting would be one or more sessions.

"When you make the appointment a non-refundable deposit of half the fee is required," Alisha stated. "Also, we request that you accompany him to the clinic on every visit."

"Will I get to watch him while, uhm..."

"We ask that you not observe the first discipline session. During subsequent sessions, should they be required, you are welcome to view the session from an adjoining private observation booth."


"If I may be very candid, some women find that observing the administration of discipline is... highly erotic. Thus, the privacy."

"Can you tell me more about the sessions..."

"When you bring your boyfriend or husband in for discipline, two members of the staff take him to the asssigned room where his treatment will take place. There are always two of the staff in attendance at a session - the discipline administrator and a nurse. The nurse also takes notes on any details of the session. The door is then locked, and the male is to strip completely and position himself at the punishment bench, bent over at the waist. The governess in charge then affixes his bindings in place. She binds his wrists and ankles to the punishment bench. Then she will cinch a binding strap around his waist to assure as little movement as possible."

Alisha had Mary's wide-eyed attention.

"The nurse will record his pulse rate and temperature, after which the governess initiates the prescribed discipline. The discipline itself never requires more than a few minutes. Afterward, the nurse will again record his pulse and temperature. The recipient must then stay secured in position for ten minutes before being released."

"I can almost anticipate your next question," Alisha said. "Let's see if I have it right - you want to know about the governesses on the staff."

"That's amazing! How did you know?"

"You are far from the only one on your situation. After all, if there were no demand for our services, we would not be offering them."

Mary was releived to know that she was not alone.

"Back to your question about the staff. The governesses - those who administer discipline - are very experienced at what they do. They typically are employed part time by us, and may have part time employment outside the clinic. They could be at the checkout counter of the grocery store; they could be your hairdresser; a department store clerk; a student at college - or a housewife."

A flash of insight came to Mary when she recalled her latest hair appointment. A printed flyer had been left as a bookmark in a magazine she was reading. She was about to discard it when the wording caught her eye. 'Ladies: Discipline problems with your husband/lover? Let us do it for you.' It went on to suggest that a woman doesn't need to learn the complex art of administering discipline, and that the staff at this clinic could assist, and gave a phone number for more information and an interview. She inconspicuously folded the ad and kept it. That led to the present interview.

Now Mary wondered who had placed the ad where she found it - was it one of the hairdressers, or was it a satisfied customer?

Alisha spoke again. "You may need some time to make a decision and arrange things. Feel free to call the clinic if you have any questions." She stood up, shook Mary's hand, and left.

The previous evening, Mary had told her boyfriend, Max, that she wanted to break up. He, predictably, promised to treat her better - as he had done several times before. She told him no, this is a predictable pattern and the same thing will happen again in a couple of months. After a long and sometimes heated discussion, Mary told him that this time will be different, and that she will decide the conditions under which she will keep seeing him, and to come over the following evening and she will let him know.

When he did come over he was astounded when she outlined the terms of staying together - he was to receive physical discipline at the clinic, whenever she decided that he needed it. They discussed; they argued; they talked. In the end, Mary stood firm and gave him twenty four hours to agree to her terms, and even if he did, there would be no sex until after the first appointment.

He reluctantly agreed, and Mary made an appointment for Max to be paddled. She agreed that a dose of thirty five swats would be good.

Two days later they went through the clinic's main entrance and were shown a small waiting room in which Mary would spend her time while Max received his due. They were both excited for different reasons, and both tried not to show their excitement. Max's was more trepidation than excitement.

The door opened and two women told Max to come with them. His heart pounded as he followed Nurse Sabina and Governess Kat. They went into a rather large room, in the center of which was a padded structure that was bolted to the floor. On each wall there were several small windows which appeared to be mirrors. He noticed one of the two video cameras inconspicuously mounted near the ceiling.

Nurse Sabina told him to strip completely. Kat had him bend over across the punishment bench, and secured his wrists to each side of the structure. His bared bottom was well presented for what was to come. Kat secured his ankles to the bench, and snugly cinched a binding strap around his waist.

Max's mouth went dry. He didn't know quite what to expect, and the inevitability of the situation became clear as he realized he would have to take all the punishment that Kat was to give him.

Kat Holding the paddle

Governess Kat retrieved a hardwood paddle and stood in front of him while Nurse Sabina recorded his pulse. The nurse went behind him and inserted a rectal thermometer.

Max wondered how hard Kat would spank him. He looked at his spanker - she appeared to be in her mid twenties, and dressed in ordinary street clothes - a short dress and sandals. Her medium length dark hair was in a ponytail, and her full lips betrayed no emotion.

Kat then slowly paced around the room while Max retained the rectal thermometer. Kat knew that there were observers in some of the booths - probably new applicants in training for governess positions. This was becoming very popular and there was always an oversupply of women wanting to be hired by the clinic.

Kat always experienced sexual excitement from wielding the paddle and strap. She felt fortunate that her current boyfriend accepted discipline from her. Not that he had a choice if he wanted to be her boyfriend.

Nurse Sabina removed the thermometer, made a note, and stood before Max, signifying that the discipline was to begin.

Kat took her place, spread her feet, slightly bent her knees and touched the paddle against Max's exposed bottom to gauge her position.

"Thirty five strokes is your prescribed punishment," Kat announced. "We will begin now!"

Kat had done this countless times before. She kept her eye on the recipient's bared bottom, drew the paddle far back, and swiveled her hips as she expertly delivered the first swat.

A loud "whack!" reverberated through the room, immediately followed by Max's exclamation of "UHHHHH!"

"One!" Sabina announced.

Kat counted to three, drew the paddle back again, and delivered the second stroke.

Whack! "AUHHHHHH!" "Two!"

Whack! "OWWWW!" "Three!"

Max was bewildered by the intensity of the hot stinging sensation all over his backside. Each paddle stroke had a cumulative effect, and added to the one before it.

Whack! "AHHHHHHH!" "Four!"

Whack! "OWW! NOT SO HARD!" "Five!"

Mary sipped coffee in the small waiting room and absent mindedly flipped through a magazine while Max was being paddled. She wondered about several things - how Max was taking it; whether it would do any good; if the session she chose was either too severe or not severe enough. There was one thing that occupied her mind above all else - she wanted to observe Max getting it. While she did not acknowledge any erotic stimulation from this, she did wonder about the twinges she felt between her legs, and dismissed those to general excitement. Meanwhile, the paddling relentlessly continued.

Kat Administering a paddling

Whack! "NO MORE! NO MORE! PLEASE STOP!" "Eighteen!"

Whack! "STOP! JUST FOR A MINUTE!" "Nineteen!"

Whack! "AHHHH! PLEASE! PLEASE STOP!" "Twenty!"

Max had never gone through anything like this before. Every swat of the paddle seemed hotter than the one before. Both nether globes felt ablaze. And she kept hitting him. Max wondered why she couldn't stop for a minute. He could not understand why she had to paddle so hard.

Whack! "AAAAAAAAAH!" "Thirty one!"

Kat readied the next swat. Four more and it'll be over. I wish I could go on longer with this one. The way he carries on makes my work worthwhile. And he's got to take every last swat I give him. I'd better make the rest of them really count for something. I love it. Unhhh...

Whaaaack! "OWWWWW! AAAAUGH!" "Thirty two!"

Whaaaack! "NO! NO! STOP!" "Thirty three!"

Whaaaack! "PLEASE! MERCY! AAAAH!" "Thirty four!"

Whaaaack! "AAAAAAAAUGH!" "Thirty five!"

Kat hung the paddle on the wall and watched as Sabina again inserted the rectal thermometer and recorded the pulse of the bound male. Then for the remainder of the ten minutes she paced around the room.

Max looked visibly shaken when Kat and Sabina returned him to the room where Mary waited. Without a word, she got up, took his hand, and they left.

That evening they had an especially intense lovemaking session, and Mary was satisfied for a few weeks. Characteristically, old patterns set in again, and Max backslid into his prior mode of behavior.

Mary dreaded having to confront the problmems in the relationship, but decided that if it was not going to work, she should know before any long term commitments. She told Max that he would have to receive another discipline session or not see her again. They argued for a while, and he reluctantly agreed to a discipline session. Mary chose the three-dozen stroke caning for Max, reasoning that a very severe session would determine the direction of the relationship. When she made the appointment she mentioned that she wanted to observe the session.

Mary in the observation room

They arrived together and were quickly led to a waiting room. As soon as the nurse and Kim, the canemistress, led Max to the discipline room, the receptionist escorted Mary to one of the many observation rooms.

Mary, her heart pounding, locked the door to the small dark room and seated herself on the padded bench provided for the observers. There were two video screens in view in addition to the one-way window through which she could see the entire room. Every sound from the room came through the speakers. She watched Max being secured into place, and one of the video monitors focused on his bared bottom. The other monitor took in the entire punishment bench from the front, so she could see the governess administering as well as Max's facial expressions.

Kim, a tall, slender blonde, appeared very young - as if still in college. She had a small mouth with full red lips. She wore a white blouse and her jeans came down just below her knees, nicely showing off her legs and sandaled feet. She retrieved a straight rattan cane and paced while the nurse was taking Max's temperature.

"Oh God," Mary said aloud to herself. Although she knew that Max was going to be severely punished, she had to admit now that she was highly stimulated by what she saw.

The nurse stood before Max. Kim ran her hand lightly all over Max's bare bottom for about a minute, as if gettting a feel for the target area.

Kim preparing to administer a caning

Then in a rather high but dominant voice, she announced, "Your prescribed punishment today is thirty six strokes of the rattan cane. It will be very severe, and you are likely to beg me to stop. It will do no good to beg, however, since I will give you the entire prescribed dose. We will begin now. Nurse, please count the strokes."

Kim lightly tapped the rattan instrument several times on Max's anxious bottom. A flick of her wrist and a swivel of her hips, followed by the sound of a switch through the air, and suddenly a flash of pain invaded Max's consciousness. The sharp pain, all across his nether region, intensified for a couple seconds and then peaked. As the weal turned red, he cried out, "AHHHH!"

A few seconds later Kim placed another striation immediately next to the first one.

Max's exclamation of "OHHHH!" filled the room.

Whippp! "AAAAUGH!" "Three!"

Mary watched with wide eyes; she couldn't get enough of the scene before her. She had conflicting emotions about what she saw. Max was, after all, her lover, but then he needed to learn a lesson. This was very severe, and she felt for him, but she could not doubt the effectiveness of the punishment. And, the tingling between her legs got stronger with each passing moment, and was impossible to ignore.

Kim giving a caning

Max cried out with longer and more strident shouts as his punishment progressed. As most do, he fervently begged Kim to stop. Only for a minute, he pleaded. If only she wouldn't stike so hard, he was convinced, he might be able to take it. But Kim's arm relentlessly applied the sleek cane as she had done countless times, without stopping, and each stroke was accurate and effective as the previous one.

When Kim had applied half the allotment, she placed subsequent strokes diagonally across both sides of his bottom. The sudden intensity of each flash of pain from the intersecting striations convinced Max that he could not endure Kim's administration of discipline. He begged her to stop; he shouted that he could not take it. Kim had heard this litany over and over, and paid no heed as she continued to apply the overlapping stripes.

Mary could stand it no longer, and breathlessly shoved her hand inside her damp panties. She was taken aback at the profuse cream she encountered. She kept her gaze upon Kim's dispassionate and relentless caning of Max's captive bottom and the intersecting striations, and used her slippery cream as a lubricant. It took scarcely a half minute for Mary to climax. By then Kim had applied the full measure of discipline to Max, and the nurse inserted the rectal thermometer. Mary felt her whole body blush from the afterglow of her orgasm, and stared into the room through the one-way window. She knew she had to seriously think about what she had seen that day.

Three weeks later, she waited nervously after dialing the telephone. "Alisha, this is Mary - you may remember that I brought Max in for a session recently. I - I'd like to talk to you about working there... Oh, thank you! No, I don't mind - I admit I have a lot to learn... Twenty five hours a week. Thank you... I'm looking forward to starting there. I'll be there!"

Mary after talking to Alisha

"I can't take this anymore," she said aloud after she hung up the phone. She hurriedly yanked down her panties and took them off, then hiked her dress up above her naked hips. She reclined on the sofa and splayed her legs. Her head back, she closed her eyes and visualized herself in the discipline room at the clinic, a rattan cane in her hand, administering stroke after stroke on the bared buttocks of the captive male. Her fingers worked feversihly on her slippery womanhood. In her fantasy she saw the angry red striations appear on her target as the nurse dispassionately counted the strokes. Flashes of light intruded on her fantasy scene when her orgasm took hold and wrenched her insides.

The following day she stepped inside the clinic and began her training.

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