Creampie Corners - When The Wife's Away

Marcie, a college girl of 19, sat and attentively listened to Judy Stubbletrap fill her in on her duties for the next two weeks.

"While I'm gone, you'll take care of the house, fix meals for my husband, care for our pets, tend to the yard, household things like that. Now, you mentioned that you'd broken up with your boyfriend, is that correct?"

Marcie's bare legs were nicely framed with a tasteful skirt that settled about mid thigh. She unconsciously put her knees together and pointed her toes in. Her innocent-looking face registered a slight blush. Judy Stubbletrap smiled at the sweet countenance of the girl-next-door look that Marcie wore.

"Yes Ma'am. Since I'm not seeing anyone, I can devote the time to taking care of your house." She wanted the job, as it promised to pay well.

"You can level with me, Marcie," Judy said sweetly. "Tell me the circumstances of your breakup. It wasn't that long ago that I had boyfriends and relationships."

Marcie pressed her lips together and ran her hands over her bare legs, which delighted the older woman. A deeper blush spread across her face.

"He told me I was too much of a cock tease," she tentatively answered. "He was kind of impatient and I wanted to enjoy things."

Judy's eyes gleamed. "I wanted to be sure you were unattached before telling you that you'll be doing everything a wife would do while I'm gone - including taking pleasure in the marriage bed with my husband."

Marcie's face paled, and she opened her mouth wide in surprise. "Oh my gosh!" She fidgeted, and tensed her leg muscles.

Judy laughed at the girl's reaction, which was exactly as she expected. Now that she had the advantage of surprise, she worked on reeling her in.

"You see, Marcie, I do think you are something of a cock tease. And that makes you perfect for this job. Please follow me!"

She got up and confidently walked to her bedroom, with Marcie anxiously following behind. When they got there, Marcie gasped. She took in the view of a large bed with rings and binding straps strategically positioned along the four edges. Also there was an item of bondage furniture that looked like a narrow, low bench which could be used for binding a submissive in place, whether face up or face down.

"My husband Jerry has a voracious sexual appetite. He is also impatient, as was your former boyfriend. I like to enjoy a lengthy session of intercourse, but left up to him, it would be over too soon."

Marcie's chest rose and fell with her deepened breathing, something that was not lost on Judy.

"Jerry must wear a chastity device - a cock cage - all the time except when we have sex. I let him have sex as often as he wants, provided that he is bound to the bed or the bench before I remove the device, and I lock it in place before I release his bindings."

"Why all the precautions, Mrs. Stubbletrap?" Marcie almost panted.

Judy smiled. "There are two reasons, dear girl. First, I like to tease him mercilessly before I allow him to ejaculate. I too am a cock tease - and an accomplished one. I may tease him for upward of two hours before I accept him inside me."

"Oh my gosh! And the second reason..."

"Every time he ejaculates inside me, he eats the pie. Every time. Often he's reluctant, so he must remain bound in place until he satisfies me."

"Eats the pie? You mean... you have him -"

"Yes, girl. He sucks on my pussy and extracts everything he put in there, along with my juices of arousal. And he must swallow, too."

Judy knew that Marcie was aroused. The girl stood wide-eyed with her bare legs pressed together.

"It's a mind blowing trip," Judy continued. "My orgasms are so much more intense when I know that he's sucking his own sperm from my vagina. Have you ever tried that?

"N-n-no, Mrs. Stubbletrap!"

"It's simple. You bind him face up, and only then unlock his cock cage. Tease him for as long as you like, then have intercourse - with you on top, of course - and make it last as long as you like. After he ejaculates, his ardor for following through will have abated, so you just step forward, pinch his nose shut until he opens his mouth, and settle your pussy down on his mouth until he satisfies you."

Marcie visibly trembled from her runaway imagination.

"I keep a syringe bulb handy in case he's especially reluctant, in which case I'll extract the semen into the bulb, hold his nose shut, and squirt the residue into his mouth. Always lock the cage in place before you release his bindings."

Marcie did not know what to say.

"Do you accept the job?"

She blushed deeply at the thought of openly discussing having sex with Judy's husband. She bit her lip. "Y-y-yes, Mrs. Stubbletrap!"

"Very well. Jerry is due home in a few minutes. Then I will show you how to remove and put on his cock cage. Let's go the other room."

Judy showed Marcie where she kept the keys to the cock cage locked up in a combination safe, and had her open it and hold the keys. Jerry came home, and immediately Marcie felt his gaze on her lovely legs.

Wow, who's this? Oh God, those legs, they're terrific!

"Jerry, this is my friend Marcie - she'll be taking care of things when I'm away. I want you to take all your clothes off, now."

Marcie had to restrain herself from giggling when she saw Jerry's look of surprise.

"Wha -"

"I'm going to show the girl how to operate your cock cage. Now go ahead and strip - right here!" Judy had to appear stern.

The girl's going to fool with my cock cage?! I wonder if I'll be able to release my stress a few times while Judy's gone!

Jerry self-consciously removed all his clothes, and stood sheepishly in front of the women. His cock hardened and pressed against the merciless confines of the cage. Judy had him stand directly in front of Marcie and guided her through unlocking the cage, taking it off, and putting it back on. Marcie's fingers felt heavenly to Jerry as they lightly touched his ball sac and groin area during her exercise. His member profusely seeped pre-cum by the time she locked it back in place.

Judy then told Marcie to return with her things the following day. "I'll be flying out in the morning, so you can come over then. Jerry will be taking the day off to get me to the airport. He can also answer any questions in case I've missed anything. You have your list of duties. Remember, you live here now, until my return."

"Yes Ma'am. Thank you! I'll be here tomorrow morning!"

Judy noticed the girl's new enthusiasm. She told Jerry she needed to get caught up and was tired. That meant no relief for him that night.

Fantasies drifted through Jerry's mind that night. He could not get the image of the pretty girl who would live with him while his wife was away - a girl who had the keys to his cock cage, the keys to satisfying his voracious sexual appetite.

Judy also enjoyed her fantasies - that of a younger female cock tease who would drive him incoherent before allowing sweet relief - and the subsequent price of admission.

When Jerry got home from seeing Judy off, he saw Marcie preparing the dinner menu.

"Hello, Jerry," Marcie confidently said. She enjoyed her new role of authority. "As soon as I get a few things done maybe we can have some fun."

Jerry's cock struggled when he looked hungrily at her legs, her midsection and sweet face. Her red skirt was a little shorter than the one she wore the previous day.

She knew his desperation. She had sensed it in her former boyfriend many times. "While we wait, I want you to take all your clothes off, get on your knees, and wait for me in the bedroom." When she sensed his awkward hesitation, she said, "You heard right. Do it now! And put your hands behind your back!" She pointed toward the bedroom with a flair of authority.

Jerry hurried to the bedroom and did as his erstwhile surrogate wife commanded.

Damn, she's bossy. I wonder how much Judy told her. I'll go along with her game and see where this goes. I hope I can get her to take this damn cock cage off.

He waited about twenty minutes in the humiliating kneeling position, naked and with his hands behind him, before Marcie entered the room. She giggled.

"First, no touching me without permission!"

She pointed her toes in and put her knees together and slowly raised her skirt. then she put her hand in front of her sex and gasped in mock surprise.

"I'm not wearing panties! How forgetful of me! You almost saw my pussy!" Then, with an excited teasing smile, she continued, "Do you think I should let you see my pussy? I'm all creamy! Huh? Should I let you see it?"

"Yes..." he squeaked, in a trembling voice.

"You should show more respect for a lady," she scolded. "I want you to call me 'Miss Marcie' whenever you address me. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Miss Marcie!" he excitedly complied.

"Well, since you were polite..."

She positioned herself immediately in front of the kneeling husband, and spread her legs. Slowly, inch by inch, she raised her skirt. Jerry got a close view of Marcie's firm smooth thighs as the skirt gradually inched upward. When her pussy was exposed, she opened her legs more. Jerry's eyes widened as his gaze locked on Marcie's womanhood.

What a sweet cunt! I bet she's tight. She's aroused, too, her pussy lips are lubricated and gleaming. Ohhhhh.

Jerry's cock pulsed once and a spurt of pre-cum leaked from his captive member. "Oh, Marcie!" he whispered.

She tried to fake a scolding tone while at the same time delighted that he gave her an excuse to tease him even more. She wagged her finger at him. "Uh-uh-uhhhh! What did you call me?"

"OH! I'm sorry, Miss Marcie! Please, I'm sorry!"

"Just for that, you're going to have to wait a little longer! Get up and follow me."

She ordered him to lie face up on the bondage bench. He quickly complied, and she bound his ankles, then his wrists. She disappeared for a few minutes and got the key to the chastity cage, and unlocked it. She giggled when his seeping cock throbbed and swayed.

Marcie slowly approached Jerry's desperate member with her hands, acting as if she had never touched a male's cock before. Her fingertips barely made contact, and she yanked them away. "Oh my gosh, you have a hard cock!" She ever so lightly stroked it for a few seconds, and withdrew her hands. "(Gasp!) I don't want to make it cum yet!"

"Gaaaaah! Please, Miss Marcie!"

"(Giggle!) Please what! You want me to do that some more?"

"Y-yes Miss Marcie! I mean - Aaaaugh! Yes!"

She removed her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her naked hips were all the more alluring to Jerry. She knew she had to have the lightest of touch if she wanted to avoid bringing her charge to ejaculation.

She straddled the bench so that her wet pussy was over his face. "Are you any good at eating pussy? I want you to make me feel good!"

She put her hands on her hips and bent her knees slightly until she felt his tongue swipe her wet slit. Not bad, she thought to herself. "Suck it!" she commanded, and felt Jerry's mouth fervently kiss and suck on her sex.

They're so much more responsive when they're horny. I bet Judy has him give her several orgasms before she lets him spurt.

Marcie freely gasped and moaned as she came to orgasm. Jerry whimpered from the tantalizing scene and the sounds of her orgasm.

This is fun. He'll have to give me more before I'll let him cum.

She cupped her hands around Jerry's throbbing cock and giggled when drops of pre-cum oozed out. In a hoarse whisper he implored her to let him ejaculate. She disregarded his entreaties, of course, and continued her expert teasing.

Over the next two hours, while Jerry panted, moaned, and pleaded with her, she brought him ever closer to ejaculation, and backed down. She made sexy faces. She giggled and taunted. She had him believe each time that she was going to bring him to the finish line, and then suddenly drew her hands back. She had him suck on her nipples and her pussy, and crested four more times.

Jerry was practically incoherent when Marcie straddled the bench and placed her pussy so it almost touched the tip of his raging erection. She had bound his hips tightly so that he could not pump and thrust.

With a conspiratorial look on her face, she quickly took in Jerry's throbbing cock, and settled so that it was inside her up to the hilt. She kept perfectly still for a moment.

If he thinks I'm going to let him cum right away he's wrong. It's going to be fun teasing him with my pussy.

"Your cock feels good, Jerry. Does this feel good?"

"Uhhhnh! Yes! Oh, yes, Miss Marcie!"

She slowly withdrew from him, and when he was completely out, she teased, "Oh! Look at you! You're still hard - and you have pussy juice all over your cock!"

Marcie repeated her pussy teasing, sometimes giving a few slow pumps before withdrawing. Her pussy juice was profuse and gave an indication of her arousal. She took perverse delight in Jerry's desperate pleading. She knew he would promise anything for a chance to spurt.

She had done her pussy teasing for well over a half hour when she lightly grasped his cock with her hand. It pulsed, and a spurt of pre-cum danced out from the tip.

"If I let you cum, I want you to eat every drop, and swallow! Got it?"

"Oh yes, Miss Marcie! I'll do it! I'll be glad to!"

Judy said he tells her that, and when he's ejaculated, he's reluctant.

"I don't want any resistance, or else I might not let you cum next time! Maybe I will, maybe I won't!"

"Please, PLEASE! I'll do anything!"

Marcie regarded Jerry's past resistance as a challenge to overcome. She giggled. "I'll tell you what. When I say 'open', I want your mouth open and ready to gulp down everything that's in my pussy. If you do that, I might let you cum sooner next time."

"Yes, please!" he panted.

She took him inside her, and pumped slowly enough that he couldn't ejaculate. Ten more minutes of his being so close to release, and Marcie was almost trembling with excited arousal. She unbuckled the restraint around Jerry's waist, and put her hands on her hips.

Jerry's hips had a will of their own, and he involuntarily pumped his desperate cock inside Marcie's teasing pussy. Marcie simply bent her knees a little and gave her teasing smile while Jerry frantically pumped. She got an idea for the next time she would tie him to the bench.

She felt Jerry's cock expand inside her, and scarcely a few seconds later, he exclaimed incoherently as he spurted his ample reservoir of sperm inside Marcie. After his lengthy orgasmic episode she kept him inside so he wouldn't slip out, and periodically rocked her hips to extract as much residual sperm as possible.

Neither one said a word for a few minutes, and more occasional spurts shot through Jerry's cock into her already full pussy. Marcie kept her hands on her hips and gave a mischievous smile.

Jerry's ardor for sucking on a sperm-filled pussy, of course, vamished after his intense release, something that always happened. He expected that he'd get accustomed to performing his cleanup duty, although he wasn't completely there yet. He knew that Marcie, even though she was a terrifically frustrating tease, meant what she said and that he had better put his mind to it if he wanted to have a chance at a shorter length of teasing next time.

"Jerry," Marcie softly spoke in an authoritative tone, "open!"

A look of distaste formed on the bound male's face as he forced himself to open his mouth. Marcie straightened her legs and withdrew. A stringy glob of translucent mixture of male semen and feminine juice of arousal hung from her opening as she took her position directly over his face.

"Get it all, now!" she ordered as she bent her knees enough to settle her pussy on his mouth.

"Gmmmmmmf!" Jerry exclaimed as his mouth and tongue accepted the reality of the copious juices from her pussy. Marcie shuddered from the first swipe of his tongue. The realization that the guy who had just wildly ejaculated inside her was now licking and cleaning her pussy was erotic almost beyond words.

"Suck all that sperm from my hot pussy!" she commanded in a saucy tone. "Swallow every last drop. Get it all! Come on, suck it! There's more in there! Yes!"

Marcie deliberately held back from her orgasm until she was sure that Jerry had gotten and swallowed most of his profuse ejaculate. Then she surrendered, and her raucous exclamations communicated her enjoyment of her first creampie experience.

She abruptly got up, put the cock cage on Jerry, and released his bindings. "Dinner is in 30 minutes," she said, and put her skirt and sandals on. "Oh, and you can shower and all, but don't wear anything more than your briefs!"

They ate silently. Jerry stared at Marcie frequently with longing. She enjoyed the attention and made subtle teasing motions with her legs and mouth. Jerry's cock had become aroused again inside his cock cage. When they finished eating, Marcie spoke. "Off to bed with you now. I'll be there in a while."

She's a bossy little bitch. I'd love to show her what a good fucking feels like - with me on top, and her tied up! Is she going to sleep in the same bed with me?!

Marcie did some chores, and just when Jerry was about to drift off to sleep, she, completely naked, climbed into the bed. She tenderly caressed his face and said, "Good night, Jerry." Then she gave him a quick kiss on the lips and turned away from him.

"Good night, Marcie - I mean, Miss Marcie... Uhhh, Miss Marcie, would you -"

"No Jerry - you are to wear the cock cage all the time except when I'm using you."

She reached behind her and grasped his arm and had him snuggle up to her. She enjoyed the feel of the protuberance of his cage between her legs, knowing that she was safe from penetration. Jerry took a while to get to sleep in his aroused and excited state, and reasoned that he needed to sleep in preparation for going to work in the morning.

A while later she uncovered them both, shook him awake, and said in a sultry, aroused whisper, "Jerry - there's still a little sperm inside me - can you suck it out?" and lay on her back with her legs spread in an 'asking for it' position. Jerry, in his aroused state, had no problem sucking on her pussy to extract his sperm, and did manage to get the few remaining vestiges of his seed. Marcie, meanwhile, bucked her hips through two orgasms while her pussy got the desired attention. She quickly went to sleep, and Jerry, aroused and frustrated, settled for feeling her sexy body against his.

He awoke the following morning to the delicious smell of breakfast being prepared, got out of bed, and quickly dressed. He went to the other room to see his sexy surrogate wife clad only in her panties and sandals. They ate heartily, and she kissed him sensuously on the mouth as he left for work.

Jerry could not get the previous day's events out of his mind as he worked as his desk, and tried to think about something else. Shortly after lunch he answered his phone and heard Marcie's sensuous and breathy voice. "This is Miss Marcie. Can you get away from work and come home early? I'd like to have some fun!" Then she hung up.

Jerry's cock struggled in its cage. It took scarcely a moment for him to make an excuse to leave early. His heart raced as he drove home. When he walked in the door, he saw Marcie standing, hands on her hips, a teasing gleam in her eyes.

"In ten minutes I want all your clothes off with you on the bench!" she commanded in her saucy tone, and left the room.

Jerry's cock enjoyed the scene more than his mind did. He didn't like being ordered by a girl much younger than his wife, although his cock, if it were free of its confinement, would be fully hard and pointing straight out.

When Marcie went into the bedroom exactly ten minutes later, he saw that Jerry had complied with her command. He was naked, face up on the teasing bench, and his cock was obviously uncomfortable in its confinement. She giggled as she bound his wrists and ankles. After wrapping a binding strap around his hips, she got the key and removed his cock cage. As expected, his member throbbed as it hungered for her touch.

Using her pussy juice as lubricant, she gasped and giggled as she teased and lightly touched Jerry's desperate cock. She continued for close to an hour, during which Jerry repeatedly begged and pleaded with her to let him cum.

After that, she removed the binding strap around his hips. "Now Jerry, I want you to develop some self control," she scolded in her teasing voice. "You are to keep your hips from thrusting or pumping, until I tell you. This will be hard for you, and every time you pump your hips even once, I'll add ten minutes to the time you have to wait. And if you pump more than 6 times, I'll put your cage on and you won't cum tonight!"

Jerry whimpered. He knew he'd have to bring his will to the fore if he were to survive Marcie's game.

Marcie bent down and teased with her mouth, acting as if she were about to suck on his member, while never actually touching it. Jerry panted and groaned. He desperately wanted to thrust his frustrated member into her sensuous mouth, but knew she'd simply pull back and give him a demerit.

Marcie continued to tease his hungry cock for another thirty minutes. Her mannerisms and her giggling caused Jerry to involuntarily pump twice, and thus his torment was extended for twenty more minutes.

"One more little test of self control," the young tease exclaimed with a gleam in her eye. "I'm going to put you inside me. No pumping until I tell you." She wagged her finger at him. "If you thrust once, that's it for the night!"

"Oh God, Miss Marcie!" Jerry's heartbeat was as fast as if he'd been sprinting. He could not imagine what agony he would endure if he were not allowed to cum that night. His eyes pleaded with his young tormentress.

Marcie straddled the bench above Jerry's midsection and locked her gaze on his eyes. She opened her pussy with her hand and inserted the tip of his throbbing member until he was about a third of the way in. Her legs were spread and her knees were slightly bent in an agonizingly sexy way. Jerry panted aloud.

Marcie was in cock-teaser's heaven. Her womanhood creamed heavily from her arousal as she counted the seconds to herself. Jerry's whimpers were almost completely in the background. When the count reached thirty, she smiled and said, "Okay Jerry - go for it. Pump my hot pussy and give me all the cum that you've been saving!"

Jerry's hips went wild as Marcie held still and continued her saucy suggestive commands. "Squirt that nasty sperm inside me! Shoot it way up there! I want every drop of your seed! Come on, Jerry! Give me your cum!"

His orgasm was intense and continuous as he felt his member shoot its frustrated payload inside Marcie's wanton pussy. He continued to pump until the feeling subsided. When he came out of his reverie he gave a satisfied sigh and saw Marcie's anticipating smile. Her hands still on her hips, she pulled back.

"Open!" she commanded. Jerry considered hesitating, and thought better of it. His will was weakened from his ordeal with her teasing, and he opened his mouth. His eyes tracked her womanhood as she easily positioned herself.


Marcie, in her saucy and cock-teasing voice, told him what to do. "Lick it! Yes, scoop it with your tongue! Swallow it! I want you to swallow every drop of that nasty sperm you shot into my PUSSY! Oh! Yes, keep licking like that! Mmmmm."

A few moments of that and Jerry had swallowed several times, surprised at the amount that Marcie gave him.

"Now suck it!" she ordered. "There's more in there. You squirted your nasty seed way up there - I want you to get every last - OH! - every last drop of sperm! OH! Yes! Keep - OH! AH! - keep sucking my hot pussy!"

Jerry, spurred on by her words, enthusiastically applied his mouth to her sloppily wet pussy, and saw her through two intense orgasms. In bed that night, Jerry, of course, wore his cock cage. He begged Marcie for another chance to ejaculate. Her response was to have him suck on her pussy through another orgasm, and then to say goodnight.

For the next two days, Marcie did not have sex with Jerry, but simply teased him with her mannerisms and words. She received oral servitude from him in bed, and had him give her three orgasms before she turned around and promptly went to sleep.

Jerry was driven almost crazy with his constant arousal and anticipation. When he came home from work on the third day of denial, he was heartened when Marcie ordered him to go to the bedroom, put the wrist and ankle restraints on himself, and wait for her in a kneeling position by the bed.

When she entered the bedroom she was bare breasted. Jerry squirmed in discomfort as his member pressed hard against its cage. Marcie giggled and had him lie on the bed face up. Then she bound his wrists spread wide, and did the same with his ankles. After unlocking his cock cage and removing it, she teased him with oiled hands for about 30 minutes. Then, with a saucy smile, she mounted him and lay prone on top of him.

She very slowly pumped her hips while making cooing and giggling sounds. It did not take Jerry long to ejaculate with sweet abandon after his days of denial. When she straddled his mouth afterward, he gratefully licked and sucked her to an explosive orgasm.

Marcie attached his cock cage and ordered him to stay naked. She served dinner, and they ate in silence. She kept her top off, and Jerry felt awkward being at the table completely undressed.

After dinner, Marcie again tied Jerry spread-eagled on the bed and removed his cage. She teased his cock for several minutes and left him alone for a while. When she returned, she mounted him without saying a word, and sensuously rode him until he cried out in ejaculatory relief. She deliberately waited several minutes before straddling his mouth. After he sucked her pussy to a delirious orgasm, she told him, "Let's go to sleep now. I'm going to leave you tied like that, and every time I wake up I'll fuck you. If you want to be untied for any reason, the cage goes back on and that's it for the night!"

She turned around, and within a minute she was sleeping. Jerry didn't know how much sleep he'd get in his bound and spread-eagled position, but the prospect of Marcie repeatedly relieving him of his lust and his sperm was something he looked forward to.

He dozed, and awoke twice more that night to the feel of his sexy surrogate wife on top of his, inserting his cock into her aroused and juicy womanhood. She pumped wildly amid his ecstatic groans, and greedily received his lust as it spilled into her pussy. Of course, she got her creampie satisfaction and two orgasms when she straddled Jerry's mouth and had him extract everything he squirted in her.

For the remainder of Judy Stubbletrap's absence, Marcie played the every-third-day game with Jerry, sometimes mercilessly teasing his cock with her hands and then putting his cock cage back on. The nights when she took her creampie pleasure in bed were pure heaven for Jerry.

Marcie timed the sessions so that there would be two days of denial before Judy was to return. Since Jerry had begged her to let him have unbound intercourse with her (which she refused), she came up with a plan.

Marcie was at their house when Jerry made the trip to the airport and returned with his wife. Judy and Marcie retreated to the bedroom for a private discussion while Jerry anxiously waited the half hour they were occupied.

Marcie returned from the bedroom by herself.

"Okay, Jerry, I want all your clothes off in two minutes! And kneel right where you are, with your hands behind you!"

She stood with her hands on her hips to make sure he complied.

"Don't move," she admonished, and went back to the bedroom with Judy.

Jerry wondered what was happening between the two females. He heard an occasional giggle from the next room, which made his heart race. About ten minutes later, Marcie returned and led him to the bedroom. What he saw surprised and aroused him at the same time.

Judy was completely naked, seated on the edge of the bed, her slender legs spread, her pussy hair glistening with her natural lubricant. "I jilled myself every night thinking about this girl teasing you and fucking your brains out," she said. "But the orgasms from your mouth down there are more intense. Why don't you kneel here and remind me what your mouth feels like."

Jerry looked at Marcie, who let her panties drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and retreated to one corner of the room where she could watch. As Jerry knelt before his wife's pussy to pleasure her, Marcie slipped her hand under her skirt and began to jill herself.

Judy's first climax arrived quickly, and she told him to keep going. After her sensuous sounds of pleasure filled the room for the third time, Marcie unabashedly gasped with the sounds of her own orgasm. A string of pre-cum hung from Jerry's caged cock.

Judy caught her breath, and then said, "Jerry, Marcie tells me that you might be ready for unhampered intercourse. So over the next week I'm going to test you to see if you will voluntarily eat the pie after you've ejaculated. You will still wear the cock cage, and you'll still be bound when I tease you. But I'm going to try having you unbound for the main course."

Jerry's cock was clearly in a state of intense discomfort from its quest for satisfaction. Judy continued.

"If I am satisfied at the end of a week, we'll continue that way. Otherwise it will be like before. Do you agree to the trial?"

Jerry panted, "Yes!"

"One more thing. If I'm happy with you a week from now, I want to watch Marcie fuck your brains out and serve you dessert - after we've teased you, of course. Marcie, please remove his cock cage."

Marcie slowly and teasingly performed her task. Jerry's member sprang forth, and drops of pre-cum already leaked.

Judy reclined on the bed and extended her arms. "Okay Jerry, go inside me!"

Jerry looked toward Marcie. "With her here?"

"Of course."

That was all the encouragement he needed, and he tried to ignore the fact that he had an audience as he plunged into Judy's blonde pussy. He tried to savor the feeling of the position that Judy had not allowed for so long. Before he was ready, he felt strong spurts course through his cock and into his wife's pussy. He grimaced as he wildly pumped several days worth of tension. Judy had an excited smile as she kept her arms around him for a while and he pumped residual spurts inside her.

"Okay, Jerry," she whispered, "have some dessert."

He pulled out and prepared to put his mouth on her cum-filled pussy. His usual reluctance set in, and he stared for a moment at the sight of his own sperm, mixed with her juices, oozing from her pussy. If I can go through with this, he reasoned, it will be easier next time.

Marcie giggled in the background, and Jerry brought his will to the fore. Judy shuddered when she felt Jerry's tongue lick up the cream that had escaped. A few more swipes. "That feels good! keep going!"

As Jerry sucked on Judy's pussy, Marcie again crested and freely voiced her orgasm. Those sounds encouraged Jerry to intensify his efforts, and he dutifully extracted the cream from his wife's blonde pussy. She thrashed about when she crossed the line into another intense orgasm.

"That was a good start, Jerry! You'll practice more tonight. Marcie, please put his cage back on."

When Jerry was in the shower Judy handed Marcie an envelope. "Well done, dear girl! Come over after lunch a week from today and you can have some fun!"

Later that night Judy drained Jerry and received her ultimate pleasure when he put his reluctant mouth to her freshly spermed blonde pussy. Four nights in a row, she got as much as she could from Jerry. He freely gave as much as he could, and got accustomed to paying the price of admission. He had to admit that being unbound during intercourse was preferable to being strapped to the bench.

After the hedonistic pleasures of the following several days, Judy left his cock cage on him and did not permit release for the few days remaining before Marcie's adventure.


Jerry's aroused whimpering was sweet music to both Judy and Marcie. Being teased and edged at the same time by two females had a far more powerful effect than when he was alone with one of them. Judy wore nothing but a short white skirt - she was barebreasted, barelegged, and barefoot - and she had long since discarded her panties. Marcie was clearly enjoying the session, and had dispensed with her clothing entirely.

Jerry had been edged by both women for over two hours, and was sure he could not bear another minute. Since he was strapped to the bondage bench he had no choice, and endured whatever sweet torment the two vixens chose for their entertainment. For yet another hour the femmes giggled, taunted, and laughed as they lightly stroked his raging member.

Judy released Jerry's bindings and told him to get on the bed. The women giggled when his purple cock stood up like a flagpole. His nuts were obviously in discomfort from the extended teasing.

When Judy dropped her skirt and knelt on the bed, Marcie straddled Jerry's cock and took in his rock hard member. She moaned, and Judy's hand went to her pussy as she observed.

Marcie had no inhibitions as she rode Jerry's midsection, and enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside her - which she had not felt in over a week. As Jerry tried to pump, Marcie kept her pussy against him so that there was little actual friction. She giggled and said she wasn't ready yet.

She lay prone on top of him, and determinedly pumped, very slowly, until he crossed the line and bucked like a stallion. It was indeed sweet relief for him when his spurting member shot pulses of sperm into Marcie's sexy snatch.

Both women knew that Jerry was giving her a profuse serving because of the denial and the extended teasing. Marcie kept him inside her for a few moments to collect the post-ejaculation pulses of semen.

"Are you ready for dessert?" Marcie taunted as she pulled back. Jerrry groaned, and Judy's eyes widened with the realization that she was about to watch her husband suck his own sperm from another woman's pussy. When Marcie's pussy was over his face she said, "Get all of it out, Jerry! Every drop - and swallow!"

Marcie was oblivious to Judy's presence as Jerry licked and sucked on her pussy. While she moaned, Judy furiously jilled herself as she watched her husband extract his own payload.

When he gulped the first of several wads, Judy surrendered to her own orgasm. Jerry continued to eat Marcie's pie, and when she was convinced that he had indeed extracted everything his impatient cock had spewed, she let her own orgasm take over, and had him keep going until she had crested a third time.

Marcie then lay on the bed, panting.

"You have no idea how sexy that was, watching you two!" Judy exclaimed. "But Marcie, I don't think you've fucked his brains out yet. Can you stay the night?"

In the dim late night hours, Judy mounted Jerry, pumped for a while, and before he would have ejaculated, straddled his mouth and had him pleasure her to orgasm. Then she gave Marcie the green light to bring Jerry to the finish line and feed him dessert, after which they slept until Judy wanted to be pleasured again.

The women enjoyed several longer sessions of intercourse with Jerry, and by morning Marcie felt that she and Jerry had indeed fucked their brains out.

While Marcie and Jerry slept into late morning, Judy fixed coffee and made plans for the following week.

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