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***** Safety Tips for tying-up games ***** Please read these safety tips! 2002/12/30
Richard's Stories The index of Richard's stories 2004/03/30
Richard replies to comments on his first story Some explanatory text about Richard's stories. 2004/03/30
List of "Richard UK" fans You consider yourself a fan too?  Email me to be added to this list. Not Updated
Other Stories Stories not by Richard UK 2006/07/09
Story Submission Guidelines Want to send me a story?  Read this first. 2005/10/18
About Jason Masters My depressing story 2003/01/03
My Favorite Links Links to similar stories and sites 2003/04/19

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I now have a dreambook for stories of tie-up games.  This is the link to my dreambook.  Post if you will, but follow my rules.

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