Welcome to My Erotic Fiction and Fantasy Web Site.

I want to thank all of you who have mailed me after reading my stories and I am hereby giving brief introduction about myself, mainly to answer some of the many questions, asked in those mails.

I am  in mid-30's. I am told that I am good-looking, vivacious, and invariably look elegant and sophisticated - an image I work hard to maintain. However once you get to know me you will quickly realize that under the thin veneer of sophistication I am easy-going and enjoy doing just about anything. I believe that I am a kind and caring individual, who is constantly concerned about the happiness of those around me.

I am from India and and I have a very successful career. I am working as a senior executive in a multi-national company in USA.

I love to travel and I work out and keep myself toned and fit. My vital statistics are a very trim & pert 36C(US)-28-36.

My Lifestyle:
I'm a divorcee and bisexual. I live alone with my dog (german shephard), Sultan. I love parties and I smoke and drink socially. I am a very open person and  my bisexuality or my other sexual interests are no secrets in my social group. Infact, the idea of developing the website for my stories was suggested by my friends during a party.

I have a very strong fetish for high heeled sandals and guess what, more than a hundred pairs are part of my wardrobe. They really make me feel sexy and are integral part of my sexual fantasies.
I also thrive on reading and writing erotic stories. I am not a professional writer and just try to pen down my erotic imagination in spare time, thus my stories may come across as amateurish. I prefer to use informal language, "hinglish" (hindi + english) and also dirty hindi words.

I also want to thank Michelle for designing this website and to Julia, Kimberly and Anupama for their creative (naughty) ideas.

Lastly, to answer the most frequently asked question: YES, I REALLY AM A WOMAN. It seems most of the "Indian Men" have trouble believing that any Indian Woman can write such erotic and graphic stories. Well, I don't care if you believe it or not and I don't want to make any efforts to prove my gender. On the other hand, many guys have tried to proposition me over the Email (some have even offered money), which is very typical of sexually frustrated Indian men. Believe me, this is total waste of your efforts, since I'm NOT interested in meeting you, nor do I want to talk to you for phone sex.

I hope you enjoy my stories and please let me know about your reaction/activity after reading the stories. I would like to know which part(s) of these stories you found most erotic. Some of you have sent me your own fantasies/stories. I'm really grateful for that and surely I'll incorpotrate those in my own stories in future.


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