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Bawdy stories from the pen of Jad.....
Amongst these pages you will find strange tales that feature the lewd antics of angels, devils, humans, elves and other such beings. The stories are written mostly in the form of journal entries. They are full of accounts of demonic couplings.

This site was last updated in February 2003.

"700 Elfin Maidens, Lost"
(New revised version)
A picturesque account of Karlos Mendoza's famous tour of the Kingdom of Hades and the unholy acts he witnessed therein.
(MF, Blasphemy, Buggery)

"Mayble's Hell Diary"
(MF, anal, supernatural beings, humor)
Part One - Arrival in Hell
Part Two - Mayble's training
Part Three - The Anal Brides - coming soon!
Part Four - Satan's Slut

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