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Chapter Seven - Erin: A Slut for Daddy


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Synopsis: Fourteen year old Erin is a catholic schoolgirl struggling with newfound sexual desires. When she catches the eye of Heather, a senior cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, things become even more complicated as Erin discovers the truth about herself...and her mother!

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"Don't get my seat all wet," Stacy told me, giving me a little look and I smiled innocently.

"I'm not!" I had my feet on the dash of her Mercedes, keeping my legs up as I pressed a wad of damp paper towels against my pussy.

"God!" she giggled. "How many guys did you fuck, Erin?"

"Ummm…" I shrugged. "All of them, I think."


"Except that Chinese guy in the dress," I said with a laugh. "He just wanted to eat me out mostly."

"He's weird," Stacy nodded.


"Ask your mom if you can spend the night with us tomorrow," she said. "It's gonna be a full moon."

"Okay," I said. "What's the moon got to do with anything?"

"Nothing really," she grinned at me. "But it's a good excuse."

"For another party?" I laughed and stuck my tongue out at her.

"No! Something better than that," Stacy told me. "You'll see."

"You guys are so weird."

"Yeah!" she giggled too.

"Did, um…" I looked at her in the dim light, "…did you do it tonight?"

"Do what?"

"Have sex with somebody?" I asked, because so far as I'd been able to tell, the only one having sex was me. And all the guys, I mean, you know.

"No way!" she rolled her dark eyes. "I wouldn't let any of those guys touch me with a ten foot pole!"

"Really?" I blinked at her. "What about Lisa?"

"Lisa?" she giggled. "Well, yeah. I'd let her touch me."

"Shut-up!" I said. "You know what I mean."

"If we were sluts, we wouldn't need you," she said with a smile. "Would we?"

"Ummm…" I shrugged and I had no idea what that meant.

"You don't have to worry about the game either," she told me. "Did Heather talk to you?"

"I don't?" I narrowed my eyes. "Why not?"

"I guess she didn't," Stacy shrugged. "We got someone else to play, so you don't have to."

"But…" I frowned because I sorta did want to play. "Who?"

"Justine!" she said, laughing like it was a great joke. "She's a total virgin, can you believe that?"

"I don't know," I said, half smiling and wondering what she was talking about.

"She just wants to be a slut," Stacy said. "That's why she fooled Heather."

"She did?"

"That girl never fucked anybody!"

"She didn't?"

"Especially Gary!" Stacy snorted. "God! I can't believe we set you up with a virgin!"

"You did?" I frowned. "But I thought he just liked me?"

"You're lucky you didn't grow horns or something!" Stacy grinned at me. "That would be kinda hard to explain!"


"Heather thinks it's because he totally loves you, but…"

"He does?" I smiled.

"…Lisa thinks it's because of her spell," Stacy rolled her eyes. "She's so stuck up sometimes!"

"She is? What spell?"

"She thinks she's Lazarus or something."

"Who's Lazarus?"

"But I knew you were the one," she nodded her head and smiled at me. "I can tell!"

"Tell what?" I blinked at her. "I'm the what?"

"You'll find out!" Stacy said, totally teasing me as she pulled up in front of my house. "See ya tomorrow!"

"Ummm…" I frowned because I wanted to know what shed been talking about, but Stacy just kissed me, pulling my mouth to hers and working her tongue eagerly against mine for a breathless minute.


"Roses?" I stared at the flowers sprouting from a water pitcher on the kitchen table. There were a dozen of them. Red ones with thorns and everything, baby's breath too, and I found a little card on a wire. "I'm sorry – G" was all it said and I frowned because I suddenly remembered I'd promised to call Gary and it was already midnight.

I heard some muffled noises, the squeaking of Mom's bed and some soft grunts and groans. I wondered if she'd invited those black guys over again and I smiled at the thought, still holding the paper towels to my cum filled pussy. God! I must have had like a gallon of spooge inside me and I just wanted to get to the bathroom so I could let it all go. Trying to keep it all inside was giving me little cramps, kinda, but I liked the feeling too. Like I was seriously hot and squishy inside and my thighs were damp and I probably reeked of sex. I hadn't really fucked all those guys, but at least a dozen of them for sure, and I'd sucked off three other ones. My tummy was kinda full too!

"You're fucking my mom?" I'd only wanted to take a peek before getting in the shower, but now I was staring as Mom rode Gary's hard cock like a cowgirl.

"Erin!" Gary stared at me, flat on his back on my mom's bed with his hands on her hips while she straddled him with her knees spread wide.

"Oh! Don't stop!" Mom gasped. "Fuck me!"

I didn't think she even knew I was there because Mom seemed to be in the middle of an orgasm or something. She had her palms on my boyfriend's chest, rolling her ass like a hula dancer, and looking up at the ceiling like God was waving at her. What as slut! Fucking her daughter's boyfriend after he'd come over to apologize, bringing flowers and everything. I mean, it was obvious, right? Gary hadn't gotten my phone call and being the love-sick, hormone-filled, cheating teenage boy that he was…Mom decided to comfort him?

It made me sorta mad!

Mostly at Gary, since I could pretty much understand Mom's point of view. Any man was fair game if his girlfriend wasn't around, or even if she was, sometimes. I should have been keeping a closer eye on him, that's what Mom would say and she'd be right. I'd have done the same thing to her. But Gary? He was cheating on me! After telling me how much he loved me in front of the whole school! What a jerk!

"You asshole!" I frowned at him, unzipping my skirt and walking into the room. "I can't believe you're fucking my mom!"

"I'm…ugh!…sorry!" he groaned, but I didn't believe him. It wasn't like he was trying to stop!

"Ohhhh…Yesss…" Mom sighed, biting her bottom lip and grinding her horny cunt around my boyfriend's hard cock. She was definitely out of it. Lost in that special place and I knew what that was like, believe me!

"Just…Don't talk!" I told Gary, climbing onto the bed. "I'm not gonna believe anything you say anyway!"

"But Erin…Mmmph!" I pushed my steaming, cum-filled pussy onto his mouth, and that shut him up!

I honestly don't think Gary had ever licked a girl's pussy before in his life, but that was his golden opportunity to learn. He owed me something and my cunt was kind of sore after fucking all those guys at the party. If Gary really wanted to be forgiven, if he was really sorry and wanted to be my boyfriend, he'd do whatever he could to make me happy. This was like a little test or something, that's how I looked at it, a last chance for Gary to show me that he loved me, not just say it. Anybody can say anything, it doesn't really mean a whole lot, you know?

"Erin?" Mom stared at me and her blue eyes were shining, her beautiful face flushed with the pleasure of her orgasms. Her nipples were dark and puffy and her pussy was wrapped around my boyfriend's cock as she sat on his thighs, frozen for a second as she realized I'd caught them in the act.

"Hi Mom," I smiled at her as we faced each other with Gary beneath us. Like how could I be mad at my own mother?

"I didn't expect you to…Oh!" she blinked rapidly when she realized I was naked except for my too small halter top and sitting on Gary's face.

"Ummmm…Lick me, Gary…" I sighed with a soft giggle, rolling my hips and feeling the boy's tentative tongue lapping at my gaping pussy. "…Show me you love me…Lick my pussy…"

"I'm sorry, Erin…" Mom looked nervous, glancing around the room and then down at her pussy where Gary's cock was stuffed inside her. "…We didn't mean to…Um…It just sort of happened and…"

"It's okay, Mom," I nodded my head. "It's not your fault."

"But…" she was frowning, "…I should get up and, um…"

"No," I made a face at her and gave my boyfriend's mouth a little grind. "Ohhh yeah…Gary…That feels good…Like that, boyfriend…Get all that cum out of me!"

"All what cum?" Mom asked, narrowing her eyes and trying to slip into Mom mode, but she'd started moving again too, just a little as she worked her pussy around the cock inside her.

"Ummm…I went to a little…Oh!" I gasped as Gary's long, stiff tongue went as deep inside my spermy cunt as he could get it.

"Uh-huh," Mom smiled at me, enjoying the look on my face as she began to lift her ass and rock that cock again.

"A little party," I finished with a happy sigh. "Ohhh…I'm full of cum, Mom!"

"Take this off," she said, reaching for my top and pulling the pink halter over my tits.

"Yeah!" I nodded, rubbing my pussy all over Gary's sucking mouth as I lifted my arms and leaned forward.

"Is he doing it?" Mom asked, pulling the halter free of my arms and tossing it over her shoulder. "Is he licking your pussy, baby?"

"Yeah, Mom!" I nodded happily. "Oh! God…He's gonna make me cum too!"

"Ummm…Good…Lick her good, Gary…That's a boy!" Mom was giggling, riding his swollen cock harder, dragging her horny pussy up and down the shaft while she watched him clean the spunk from my sex.

"Mmmphh!" Gary tried to say something, but mostly he was really sucking my cunt pretty good for a beginner. His butt would come off the bed as he tried to fuck my mom, and his hands were all over me now, stroking my thighs and squeezing me, pulling and pushing me so he could lick and kiss my slutty hole and get a little breath of fresh air every now and again.

"Swallow it…" I breathed, "…Eat that nasty cum for me…Swallow all of it, Gary…"

That's what was really bringing me off, knowing that my cheating boyfriend was licking the ball juice of a dozen guys out of my seriously fucked pussy. That stuff was thick too, and gooey, and it would run out of my sex in big salty, milky globs to fill Gary's hungry mouth. I could feel him swallowing, hear it even as he'd gulp loudly and smack his lips and use his tongue to dig inside me for more.

"Ohhhh…That's so sexy!" Mom decided and she had her hands on my tits, holding my aching boobs and squeezing them while we fucked my boyfriend.

"Yeah," I agreed, nodding and licking my lips and looking into my mom's eyes. It was like looking into a mirror, a magic mirror that showed me who…and what…I'd be in fourteen more years.

"You're so pretty, Erin," Mom told me, rubbing her thumbs around my fat, pink nipples and making me shiver.

"So are you, Mom," I whispered, moving my hands from her shoulder to her hair, that thick blonde hair that looked just like mine, soft and slightly damp with sweat. I pulled her close and we both knew what we were going to do.

"Ummmm…" she sighed into my mouth, following it quickly with her tongue and I met it eagerly with my own.

I pulled us tightly together and Mom's arms went around me as our breasts found each other. I moaned at the sensation of her stiff, hot nipples pressing into my soft flesh. Her tongue filled my mouth and I sucked on it and played with it while my fingers dug through her hair. It was as good a kiss as I'd ever gotten from anyone, except maybe Heather, but she wasn't on my mind just then. Mom was riding my boyfriend's cock while I rode his tongue and we were making out hot and heavy.

"Ahhh!" Mom blinked at me suddenly, breaking our kiss and Gary was pulling me hard against his mouth as he arched his back.

He was cumming! Mom was cumming too, the sensation of my boyfriend dumping his hot load inside her pussy had brought Mom off and I kissed her again, wanting to share her orgasm. I tongue fucked her mouth deeply, like I was trying to lick her tonsils or something, and her body trembled with pleasure. It was the coolest thing ever, kissing my mom and holding her while she came all over a hard cock.

"I want to taste it," I told her a minute or two later and Gary's cock was softening anyway, not completely, but enough that Mom's pussy was pushing him out of her.

"Yeah…Oh God!" Mom giggled with the giddiness of her orgasm, smiling and nodding and it was easy to get her off my boyfriend.

"Ohhh…" Gary breathed as I lifted my pussy from his face. He was red and wet! God! His face was covered with the juice from my pussy. Girl cum and all the semen those guys had put inside me, it was all over Gary's handsome, smiling face.

I didn't spend a lot of attention on him though, I wanted to know what a pussy tasted like after being fucked. Mom didn't mind, she pulled me on top of her in a lesbian 69 with my pussy over her face and my mouth pressed against her freshly soaked cunt. I could smell her strong! The odor of Gary's semen and especially her own sharp musk filling my nose and making my heart thump quickly with raw excitement. I split her loose labia easily, they were fat and greasy, and inside Mom was hot and pink, the entrance to her vagina covered with a thick glaze of pale fuck juice.

"Ohhh!" Mom groaned softly, spreading her legs with her knees bent, pushing herself up to meet my tongue as I began lapping at her sperm-filled sex.

The flavor was rich and salty and bitter-sweet, a heady mix of their orgasms filling her pussy like cream of sex soup. I dug into her pussy greedily too, using my fingers to pull Mom's lips apart and I pursed my lips, kissing her hole and sucking noisily to draw the cum into my mouth. I swallowed quickly, eating my Mom's pussy the best I knew how and she was doing the same to me. I gasped and moaned and rocked my hips as I felt her own tongue moving across my pussy and against my small clitoris.

"Jesus!" I heard Gary saying and I thought he was just sitting there watching us, but I couldn't see him. "That's crazy! God! You're really doing it!"

He sounded like he couldn't believe it and I almost giggled, but I was too busy swallowing my boyfriend's cum as I sucked it out of my mom's pussy. I wanted to make her cum again, just like she was trying to bring me off and I was close anyway. Gary hadn't quite got me there, but Mom really knew how to suck clit! She must have been a serious cunt lapper back in high school because she was good at it! My whole body felt like a coiled spring, getting tighter and tighter as I tried to hold back, but it was useless. When I came, it was lights out and all I could do was hold my mom's thighs and kiss her pussy and grind my cunt against her face.

It was a monster cum!

Halfway through it, Gary decided to get in on the action. His cock was hard again and he pushed it into my pussy from behind, sliding it right over Mom's tongue as she continued licking and sucking my clit. That just pushed me higher, feeling that long, fat dick driving into my well-used pussy. It felt nothing but good and especially with Mom's tongue licking around the shaft, teasing my clit as Gary stroked me at a nice, slow pace. That was beautiful and I came again, shivering with pleasure and practically whimpering between Mom's smooth thighs as I kissed and licked them.

Every now and then Gary would pull his cock out of me completely, making me groan with frustration at the sudden emptiness. Mom sucked my cum off his prick and then she fed it back to my cunt so that Gary could slam his cock inside me fast and hard, making me yelp with joy. I don't know how many times I came, but it was a lot, and when my boyfriend finally unloaded deep inside my pussy, I had one last orgasm to mix with his.

I think my mom was sucking his balls while he sprayed semen hard against my cervix, but I couldn't be sure. I was floating away on the rush of ecstasy that filled me. I could feel my pussy spasm with those wonderful contractions around Gary's dick, grabbing him and massaging the boy's throbbing prick for every drop of sperm his balls could give me. It was perfect and beautiful and by the end of it, when he pulled his cock out of my pussy so Mom could wash him clean in her hungry mouth, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.


I'd fallen asleep and when I woke up Gary was gone. Mom was awake though and she shook my shoulder gently.

"…wake up, Erin," she said. "You're going to be late for school."

"Mmmm…" I pouted and pulled my pillow over my head, rolling over on her disheveled bed.

"No, you don't," Mom took it away from me. "If I have to get up, you have to get up!"


"Ow!" I jerked my head as she spanked my bare naked butt.

"Get in the shower," she said. "I'll make you some breakfast."

"Where's Gary?" I asked, sitting up slowly and scratching my head.

"He went home," Mom said over her shoulder. "I think we wore the boy out."

"Wore me out," I sighed, falling back on the bed as she left the room.

It seemed really strange waking up naked in Mom's bed and knowing we'd both fucked my boyfriend…and each other! I'd had sex with my mom! I blinked at that because I'd actually forgotten it as my brain tried to wake up, which means I hadn't really forgotten at all. It felt like it though and I had no idea what that meant. She'd been acting pretty normal, but all Mom had been doing was rousting me out of bed, so that didn't mean anything. Was she nervous? Was Mom a little scared by it? I thought I was, but I couldn't be sure. If she was okay, I'd be okay. Probably.

I took a shower, a quick one, and washed my pussy really good. I was kind of sore down there, but I'd had a lot of sex the night before, so that was understandable. I mean, I was still practically a virgin, but I'd been gang-banged twice already too, so I wasn't that sore. My pussy seemed to like cock just fine and I fingered myself carefully and I was relieved to find my pussy was still tight. I'd been sort of worried that I'd be all stretched out or something, but I wasn't. I could feel the walls of my sex squeezing my finger and that felt pretty good. Thumbing my clit felt good too and…I didn't have time for that!

"How do you feel?" Mom asked as I walked into the kitchen dressed in my school uniform.

"Tired," I shrugged, sitting down at the table and mostly avoiding her eyes until I knew what she was thinking.

"Well, thank God it's Friday," Mom laughed lightly and she'd taken a shower before waking me up and was dressed in a t-shirt and panties.

"Yeah," I nodded and then I saw the pill, the second morning after pill, sitting on the table. "Is this still gonna work?"

"I hope so," she sighed. "But no more unprotected sex for you, right?"

"Uh, right," I nodded, swallowing the pill with my orange juice.

"I mean it," she told me, but then she relaxed because we'd already had this talk and didn't need to go through it again. Mom wasn't much of a nag about stuff.

"I can't believe Gary had sex with you," I said, sounding more cautious than outraged.

"He's a boy," Mom shrugged, putting a plate of scrambled eggs in front of me. "They do that sort of thing."

"But you're my mom," I giggled nervously. "Was it, um…his idea?"

"His idea?" she laughed and I blushed a little. "He looked so sad, Erin. I don't know. He needed a hug."

"So it was your idea," I said, finally looking at her and Mom shrugged.

"Girls are like that too," she told me. "It's your fault."

"I know," I sighed.

"You have to keep a close eye on him."


"Especially if the other girls find out how good he is with his tongue!"

"Did you try it?"

"For about an hour after you fell asleep!" Mom grinned at me. "That young man loves to eat pussy."

"Yeah," I giggled. "He didn't even care that I was full of spunk!"

"Hmmm…" she smiled over a cup of coffee. "There aren't a lot of boys like that running around, Erin."

"He took me to a gang-bang on our first date," I laughed. "God! You think he wants me to have sex with other guys?"

"Gary wasn't complaining last night," she said. "Just be nice to him, okay?"

"Yeah," I agreed. "I will."

"Some of the other boys might give him a hard time."


"Because he's a sperm sucker," Mom shrugged and I gasped at her, giggling as she smiled at me.

"Did you ever have a boyfriend like Gary?" I wondered. "I mean…"

"Once," Mom nodded. "My senior year of high school, when you were still a baby, one of my teachers sort of dated me all year."

"Really?" I smiled around a bit of toast and my mom had never talked a whole lot about this stuff with me.

"He was married, so…" she shrugged, "…but he took care of me, gave me money to help us out. He used to buy you a lot of clothes."

"Yeah?" I smiled at that.

"And I was seeing other boys, you know, guys at school or whatever and Larry never complained."

"His name was Larry?"

"Uh-huh," Mom nodded. "I'd come to school full of cum, just soaked in the stuff, and he'd clean me out every time."

"That's cool."

"Yeah," she agreed. "It was nice while it lasted."

"What happened to him?"

"I don't know," Mom shrugged. "After I got my diploma I didn't see too much of him. I had to get a job and he still had a wife and kids of his own. I went to school with his youngest daughter."

"You did?" I giggled.

"Uh-huh," she sighed with a smile. "That was kind of weird, seeing her in class and knowing her dad was going to be fucking me later."

"Hey Mom, um…" I cleared my throat, "…what we did…"

"Oh, don't worry about," she scrunched her nose at me. "That was just girl fun, right?"

"Yeah," I smiled. "Do you think we can do it again…sometimes? I mean, do you want to?"

"Sometimes," Mom grinned at me. "You're pussy is sweet, Erin."

"So is yours," I giggled, showing her my tongue and blushing a little. This was really weird, but it felt kind of normal too. I can't explain it really, but it was more like Mom was my sister than anything else, but I knew she'd always be my mom, so…

"You'd better get to your bus," she said, glancing at the clock. "And I have to get ready for work."

"Yeah," I nodded, standing up. "I'm glad you're not mad."

"About what?" Mom narrowed her eyes and pulled me down for a hug and kiss goodbye.

"About, um…me being sort of a…slut."

"I don't think getting mad would help," she laughed lightly, kissing my cheek as I hugged her. "And besides, I'm a slut too, so…What's there to complain about?"

"I love you," I sighed.

"I love you too," she pushed me away. "Have fun in school."

"I will!"

"And use condoms!"

"Nag!" I laughed, closing the door behind me and I really did have to run for my bus.


I took a different seat on the bus, just to see what would happen. I found a bench seat facing forward, the way they usually do, towards the back where the bus was still empty. I lived near the beginning of the route which was why I always got the same seat and by the time the bus got downtown half an hour later it would be fairly packed.

Anyway, I sat up straight when the bus rolled up to the second stop after mine and Clark Kent got on with a small crowd of businessmen. He looked a little confused for a second when he saw my usual seat empty, the one he always sat down next to. He looked kind of disappointed actually and I smiled at that, and then he saw me and he smiled too. Not a big smile, not a grin or anything, but just a little one and I could see the wheels turning as he decided what he was going to do.

"Hi!" I said as he sat down next to me and that was the first word I'd ever spoken to him after two weeks of riding together every morning.

"Hi," he replied softly. "Sitting back here today, huh?"

"Yeah," I shrugged, smoothing my plaid skirt as I looked down.

"My name's…" he started introducing himself, but I stopped him.

"Clark!" I said with a giggle. "I want to call you Clark, okay?"

"Uhhh…" he chuckled softly and his warm eyes fixed on mine.

"You look like Clark Kent," I told him before he could ask why. "Like, Superman kinda."

"I do?" he smiled at that. "So what do I get to call you? Lois?"

"No!" I rolled my eyes playfully. "I'm Erin."

"It's nice to finally meet you, Erin."

"Yeah," I bit my lip and pulled some hair out of my face.

"How, um…" he glanced around the bus as it stopped again and more people got on, "…How old are you?"

"Old enough," I said softly. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Oh yes," he nodded, taking the excuse to look me all over. "You're very pretty."

"Thanks," I smiled, pushing the tip of my little pink tongue between my teeth.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked, but he knew I had someone because I still had the fading hickeys Stacy had given me on my neck.

"Yeah," I sighed. "But he knows about me anyway."


"That I like boys," I giggled. "A lot."

"I see," he drew a deep breath and nodded.

"But I like men better, I think," I sucked my lips, looking into Clark's handsome face. "Do you like me?"

"Yeah," he said with a nod. "I like you a lot, Erin."

"You can touch me," I whispered. "If you want."

"Uhhh…" he smiled and looked around.

For a moment I didn't think Clark would do it, but then I felt his hand, his fingertips tickling my bare thigh where my skirt had ridden up. I took a breath and nodded, looking straight ahead and feeling my heart going faster. The man carried a coat with him, like a trench coat sort of thing that businessmen like, and it was soft and dark and he used it to cover his lap and mine. That might have looked a little suspicious, but nobody could really see what was going on as his hand moved across the top of my thigh and inside.

I hitched a sharp breath when I felt his fingers touching my panty covered sex. I spread my legs for him, shifting slightly and trying to look bored, staring out the window, but my tummy was tumbling and my heart racing. My pussy had already grown moist and now he was stroking me through the thin cotton, rubbing up and down my slit so that y panty was pushed inside me a little.

My own hand moved as well, crawling under Clark's coat until I felt the soft wool of his suit pants. I found the lump of his cock easily as it strained for freedom and he seemed very large to me. I could feel the shape of him and his penis was thick! God! And hot too, I could feel the warmth through his trousers as I caressed and squeezed him. I was jerking him off awkwardly through his clothes, feeling both excited and frustrated by that wonderful tease.

It was easier for Clark as he pulled the crotch of my panty aside and I had to bite my lips as he massaged my bare, hairless pussy. I closed my eyes, not wanting to make a sound and my fist gave the man's prick a real hard squeeze, but I couldn't help it. He was fingering me slowly, curling one of his fingers and sliding it inside my humid pussy. He got it all the way in, with his hand turned awkwardly, and began wriggling it around slowly.

I groaned weakly and wanted to close my legs, to trap his hand between my thighs. He didn't fuck me, didn't pump my pussy or anything, but just played against the soft walls of my sex, massaging the hot flesh of my cunt until I couldn't help but gasp and shiver with the effort of trying not to cum. He fingered me for a long time, for twenty minutes probably while the bus made its lazy circuit through suburbia, and I did cum. Clark made me cum in his hand like three times, bringing me off with the small, delicious orgasms that I loved. The roller coaster cums, up and down and leaving me hungry for more.

All I wanted to do was fuck him! My pussy was hot and ready, dripping cum onto the vinyl seat beneath me. My thighs were wet, my butt sat in a puddle of girl goo, and the air was thick with the tang of my arousal. Every guy there could smell my cunt and I wanted a cock inside me so badly I could almost taste it. I hunched my haps and fucked myself on his fingers, but it wasn't the same and maybe that was the best part in some strange, torturous way. I'd cum three times, but I was jacked up for more and the anticipation was beautiful.

"We have to find a way to fuck," I whispered as the bus stopped at its destination. We were downtown and I had to transfer to another one. Clark had to go to his office.

"Soon," he whispered back.

"Yeah," I blinked and nodded as he fixed my panties for me under his coat, giving my pussy a little spanking with his fingers for being such a horny little slut.

And then he left me, avoiding the looks from other men and shuffling out the back door. I had to get up too and I shivered with a chill. The air was cool and I was hot, wet and sticky and that was a feeling I'd been growing used to all week. That realization made me giggle and some guys smiled at me, older guys. Grown men who probably had daughters my age and I knew they wanted to fuck me! That was the best feeling in the world.


"Uh, Erin…Hi," Gary smiled hopefully when I found him at his locker.

"Hi," I smiled back at him, just so he'd know I hadn't come looking for him just to kick him in the balls or something.

"Last night, um…" he looked around and there were a lot of kids around, a lot of seniors since it was that end of the school.

"It's okay," I told him.

Some girls were close by, listening in for the good gossip. We were the hottest couple in school, at least rumor-wise, but the other way too, being attractive like we were. I mean, all modesty aside, I was the prettiest girl in ninth grade and Gary was a seriously hunky senior. We were kind of a soap opera, especially with Gary acting so silly all the time and me flirting with all the boys, and blowing Tommy Fisher on the bus…That was going to get around school quickly!

"I saw the roses," I said, just for the other girls. "They're really nice. Thank you."

"Oh, uh…yeah," Gary nodded. "I'm glad you, uh…"

"They're really sweet," I sighed, reaching up and pulling the boy down for a kiss. Just a little one on his lips. "You're such a great boyfriend."

"Okay." He just stood there smiling like a dope while the girls giggled.

"I gotta go," I said. "I'll see ya later, okay?"

"Yeah," he nodded quickly. "See ya later, Erin."

"You still love me, right?" I asked him loudly, walking backwards and smiling.

"What? Yeah!" he blushed and looked around.

"Say it!" I teased him, just because I wanted to hear it. I wanted the whole school to hear it.

"I, uh…I love you," he said to the delight of fifty of his classmates. Gary was in love with the biggest slut in school and everyone knew it! That was so hot!

"Good!" I stuck my tongue out at him and turned around, feeling my pussy dripping into my soaked panties.

Ten minutes later I was sitting in homeroom…

"You didn't really suck off that guy on the bus," Sheila stared at me, turned around in her seat and whispering. "Did you?"

"Yeah," I shrugged. "He's kinda cute."

"God!" Paula blinked at me. "What about your boyfriend?"

"Gary?" I smiled. "He's okay with it. He knows it doesn't mean anything."

"He knows?" another girl asked, Mandy Parker who was sorta chubby and usually pretty quiet.

"I think so," I told her. "Even if he doesn't, he'll find out probably."

"You're crazy," Sheila said without smiling.

"You sound like a slut," Paula decided.

"Maybe I oughta play the game, huh?" I asked her with a grin and she just stared at me.

After homeroom, I found Stacy and Lisa in the girls' bathroom…

"I heard you sucked off a guy on the bus!" Lisa grinned at me.

"Sorta," I giggled, ignoring the looks from the other six girls who were in there. "He came too fast though. I didn't really suck it very much."

"Virgins," Stacy sighed, brushing her thick black hair in the mirror. "I keep telling you…"

"What did Gary say?" Lisa wondered and she was putting eye shadow around her almond eyes, as if she needed any. God!

"He loves me," I grinned at her, leaning against the sink. "We made up last night."

"Last night?" Stacy narrowed her eyes. "You mean after I dropped you off?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "He, uh…cleaned me out."

"He did?" Lisa stared at me and then laughed. "You mean all that…"

"Uh-huh," I nodded. "Sucked the cum right out."

"Did he swallow it?" Stacy asked. "Or just kinda puke?"

"He didn't puke!" I laughed. "He swallowed all of it, I swear."

"That's awesome!" Lisa sighed. "What a great boyfriend!"

"Yeah," I agreed. "That's what I told him this morning."

"How about your mom?" Stacy put her brush in her purse, sorta turning her face one way and then the other in the mirror.

"She was there," I said. "Mom kept Gary entertained while he was waiting for me."

"Heh!" Lisa stuck her tongue out at me.

"Gary and your mom?" Stacy giggled and looked at Lisa. "We're keeping her."

"Yeah," Lisa nodded. "That's what Heather said."

"Keeping who…Me?" I giggled, having no idea what they were talking about.

"Oh yeah!" Stacy said and then the bell started ringing.


"You know," Heather said, carefully peeling a hard boiled egg with her blood red fingernails, "I'm not sure we even need to have a game."

"What?" Stacy looked up sharply. "Why not?"

"You can't change your mind!" Lisa blinked at her. "We've already cast the spells and everything!"

"Huh?" Denise had been staring at Heather, but now she looked at Lisa, and both girls ignored her.

"What spells?" I asked around the long, thick carrot stick I'd been sucking on for Dan and Mark and a table full of football players.

"The secret spells," Stacy said out of the corner of her mouth, kind of impatiently, I thought.

"Well, we've already found the biggest slut in school," Heather smiled at me.

"Yeah, but…" Lisa shrugged, "…it's fun!"

"Who's the biggest slut in school?" Denise wondered.

"The spells are secret?" I asked Stacy, smiling back at Heather and feeling my tummy tingle.

"And she's not just the biggest slut," Heather laughed lightly. "We all know that!"

"No, the spells aren't secret," Stacy glanced at me. "They keep the secret."

"Ohhh…Secret spells!" I giggled.

"Who's the biggest slut?" Denise repeated, looking around the table at each of us.

"It just seems like such a waste," Lisa sighed. "I really wanted to see Janey come out of her shell, you know?"

"Hmmm…" Stacy nodded sympathetically. "She's seriously repressed!"

"Depressed too," Lisa said. "She'll be so much happier if…"

"We can't save the whole world," Heather said with a shrug.

"What are they talking about?" Denise asked me, since we were best friends and everything.

"Beats me!" I smiled at her. "They're always talking like this."

"We're talking about Erin," Lisa said, just to shut Denise up. "She's the biggest slut in school."

"She is?" Denise stared at me and I shrugged.

"That's not saying much though," Stacy giggled. "She's got a lot more potential than that!"

"It's like putting Einstein in a school for retards and saying he's the smartest boy in his class," Lisa nodded.

"Retards?" I made a face. "Be nice."

"Really?" Denise asked, kinda looking like a retard just then.

"They're mentally challenged," Heather said. "The same way all the girls around here are sexually challenged."

"Exactly!" Lisa jumped on that with both feet. "That's why we oughta have the game anyway!"

"We shouldn't leave these girls hanging," Stacy agreed. "After getting them all psyched up, just to drop them…"

"It's mean," Lisa sighed, looking at Heather. "You don't wanna be mean, do you?"

"Shut-up!" Heather rolled her eyes.

"Who's playing?" I asked. "I mean besides, Janey Swanson. There's five girls, right?"

"Yeah," Stacy nodded. "Janey, Melody, Justine, and the two Beths."

"Beth Pierce and Beth Wright," Lisa explained, but Denise and I knew all those girls pretty good anyway, since they were freshman.

"They're playing that Tag game?" Denise sort of gasped.

Except for Justine, who liked to tell everyone she was a slut, the other four girls were like the purest of the pure…for being as totally hot as they were. Beth Wright was a pretty, auburn haired girl who sang in the choir at St. Johns. She looked like an angel and more than that, she looked like she'd never even imagined kissing a boy and so far as I knew, she hadn't. The girl collected Barbie dolls, you know?

And Beth Pierce was kind of a small girl, definitely cute, but she looked like one of those Romanian gymnasts. All ass and legs, no tits, and a smile that said, "Come fuck me and I'll visit you in prison later!" But she wouldn't give a boy the time of day and I'd heard she was totally lesbian and her girlfriend had been her summer camp councilor the previous July. I had no idea if that was true or not, but finding out was on my list of things to do, believe me. Beth Pierce was definitely edible!

It was sort of nice knowing I was a bisexual slut!

"It's up to Heather," Stacy said and we all looked at the blonde cheerleader.

"Those poor girls could die virgins," Lisa sighed.

"I'd like to fuck Beth Pierce myself," I said to no one in particular.

"She'd do you," Stacy grinned at me. "Go ask her."

"What?" Denise blinked at me.

"Please?" Lisa pouted, flashing her almond eyes at Heather.

"God, Lisa! If you've got a thing for Janey…" Stacy sighed

"Shush!" Lisa frowned at her friend. "I know you want to see it too!"

"Yeah, but there's a lot girls out there," Stacy said. "And we still need to find one more like Erin."

"And we're not going to find her around here," Heather reminded her.

"Like me?" I giggled.

"You're special!" Stacy grinned at me.

"Why?" Denise wondered.

"It took a long time to find you," Lisa told me and then she looked at Heather again. "It'll take a long time to find your sister too, so…What difference does it make if have a little fun before we go?"

"You're going?" I blinked at her.

"We're all going," Stacy said. "Don't worry."

"We are?" I blinked at her too.

"Alright," Heather sighed. "We'll stay just until the game's over, but then that's it."

"Awesome!" Lisa grinned and clapped her hands! "Thanks Heather!"

"No pets!" Heather stared at Lisa.

"I swear!" the Japanese girl said, crossing her heart three times real quickly and kissing her fingers.

"Yeah," Stacy laughed. "Remember that one girl she wanted to keep? What a pain!"

"Cindy? She was cute!" Lisa shrugged. "So what."

"Just don't do it again," Heather said.


"No…" I giggled, leaning against the lockers with Dan and Mark standing close. They were so big, I seriously doubted anyone else could even see me…except Gary, he was standing a few feet away, but we weren't paying a whole lot of attention to him just then.

"Come on, baby," Dan said softly, rubbing my pussy through my panties while I bit my lip.

"You know you want it," Mark nodded and he was holding my left hand to his crotch, so I could squeeze his big, hard cock through his trousers.

"Yeah, but…" I shrugged, "…where are we gonna do it?"

"Downstairs," Dan suggested. "The wrestling room."

"Nobody down there," Mark agreed. "We can do it all afternoon."

"I got classes!" I said, sticking out my tongue.

"So?" Dan, pushed my panties deep between my puffy labia and I was really wet. "Your pussy isn't gonna care."

"Ummm…" I rocked my hips against the boy's stiff finger.

"Come on, Erin," Mark whispered, leaning close enough to lick my ear. "Don't be a tease."

"I'm not," I swallowed hard and licked my lips. "I'll fuck you guys. I just don't want to get in trouble."

"Just tell the teacher you have a tummy ache," Dan chuckled and he was closer too, enough so that he could grab my cunt in his fist and give me a nice, hard squeeze.

"Yeah," Mark said. "Tell him you gotta go to the nurses office and come downstairs."

"Uh!" I gasped softly, feeling my clit thrum with desire.

"We'll be waiting for you," Dan told me. "Okay?"

"Y-Yeah," I agreed. "Ten minutes…"

"Okay," Mark grinned at me.

"Cool," Dan nodded and he let me go so suddenly I almost fell down. He'd mostly been holding me up by my pussy for a minute there.

The two football players left me there, smiling at my boyfriend as Gary sort of scowled at them.

"What did they want?" he asked as we started walking towards my next class. We had a couple minutes before the bell rang.

"They just wanna have some fun," I shrugged, knowing my face was pink as I smiled at a couple guys who were watching me.

"Fun?" Gary narrowed his eyes.

"Yeah," I giggled, grabbing his arm. "You don't mind, Gary. Do you?"

"You mean they want to…"

"Fuck me," I whispered happily. "I think Mark's got a huge dick too!"


"What?" I frowned at my boyfriend. "I thought you'd be happy for me!"


"Yeah!" I smiled at him. "Everybody likes me. All the guys want to fuck your girlfriend."

"Yeah, but…"

"They're so jealous of you!" I giggled. "God! You should be really proud."

"I just don't like…"

"What?" I gave him a frown. "It's just a little sex. I've got needs too, Gary!"

"I know."

"And besides," I pulled him closer. "You know I'm gonna let you do that thing after they're done."


"I know you love it, Gary!"

"I love you," he said. "I don't really…"

"I know!" I kissed his cheek right in the middle of the hallway. "You're such a great boyfriend!"

"Um, thanks," he smiled, but Gary still didn't look too sure about sharing me with other guys.

"I told them you have to be there," I lied, but for a good reason. "Since we're going out and everything."

"You did?"

"Uh-huh…Hi guys! Wow!" I giggled and waved at a couple cute boys, juniors who smiled back at me.


"They didn't really like the idea," I sighed. "They're so jealous. They think if you're there, I'll just want to have sex with you all the time."


"But I told them that was crazy!" I laughed. "I just want you to watch, you know. I promised I'd let them fuck me good."

"You did?"

"Yeah!" I nodded. "As long as they cum in my pussy, I mean."


"Cause I know you like it so much!" I sighed contentedly. "You're the best boyfriend in the whole world, I bet."

"Yeah," he agreed slowly, smiling a little and nodding.

"So, you gotta be in that wrestling room place in ten minutes," I told him. "Okay?"

"Yeah," Gary said. "I'll, um…I'll be there."

"Good!" I grinned as we'd stopped outside my classroom. I glanced inside and made a face. "I gotta pretend I got a tummy ache."


Just like some girls are born to be sluts and helpless to resist their natural desire for sex, so too are some boys destined to love them hopelessly. They'll suffer the most outrageous things, ignore the ridicule and pity of their peers, and crawl between the cum stained thighs of the sluts they love. They're the only truly hopeless romantics I've ever come across and nothing is more precious to a young girl's heart.

"Oh God!" I gasped loudly, staring at Gary as Mark pinned me to the floor. "Fuck me with your big dick!"

"Yeah, Erin! Oh! You're so hot, baby!" he told me with a breathless chuckle, driving what had to be eight solid inches of senior man meat into my eager cunt.

"Get your mouth on my balls, slut!" Dan told me, and he'd been introducing me to his favorite sport…tea bagging.

"Ummmph!" I suddenly found a big, soft scrotum and two large balls filling my mouth as Dan's cock dripped precum onto my neck and heaving breasts.

My nose was buried between his smooth butt cheeks, pressed right up against his musky asshole and I couldn't see anything then. My legs were high over Mark's broad shoulders, my ass rolled up off the thin, blue wrestling mat and giving the boy a straight shot all the way down to my cervix and he was drilling for cum! God! I'd cum once already, as soon as I'd felt that monster dick of his splitting the soft muscles of my cunt, but that had been nothing compared to the pile driving fuck he was giving me a couple minutes later.

"Yeah! Wash those balls!" Dan laughed, pushing down on his cock and sort of slapping my bare skin with it. "Your girlfriend sucks pretty good, Gary!"

"She fucks good too!" Mark said and I could hear his grin. "Jesus! Her cunt is sucking on my dick, dude!"

"Mmmph!" I came again, grabbing my tits and squeezing them hard as I washed Dan's balls with my tongue. I was glad I'd let Dan and Mark undress me, although I'd been a little nervous about getting naked in school. We were fucking though, so how much more trouble would I be in just because I wasn't in uniform? At least this way I could grab my firm little tits and squeeze them while my body rode that sweet roller coaster up and down. Once I started getting those little cums, they just never stopped!

"Lick my ass for awhile," Dan breathed, pulling his balls carefully out of my mouth and I drank cool air for the first time in five minutes. It was hard panting through my nose!

"Oh, man!" Mark chuckled. "What's with that?"

"What? I saw it on the internet," Dan said, moving his hips and bringing his asshole to my mouth so I could lick it.

"Whatever, dude," Mark said. "Hey! Gary! Your girlfriend's licking Dan's ass!"

If my boyfriend had anything to say about that, I didn't hear it. I was way too busy working my tongue around Dan's butt hole. He had a nice one too, not like all hairy or anything gross like that, it was smooth and puckered and smelled like Zest soap kinda. Tasted like soap too, mostly, except maybe he was a little bitter once I got the tip of my tongue inside his asshole and started really wriggling it around. Dan seemed to like that a lot and I thought he was jerking off while I tried to get even more of my tongue inside him, but I couldn't be sure.

I didn't get to lick his ass very long anyway because Mark told us he was about to cum.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna blow!" he groaned. "Ummm…I'm gonna blow in your girlfriend, dude! Fuck!"

When he said that I suddenly remembered these guys were supposed to be wearing condoms. That had totally slipped my mind for some reason, probably because I was so looking forward to feeding my spermy cream pie to Gary after Mark and Dan were done with me. Asking those guys to wear rubbers, or even pull out and shoot on my tits or face or whatever, that would have been really selfish! I don't think they would have listened to me anyway, to tell the truth. Some guys are like that.

"Yeah! Cream the bitch!" Dan said. "Hurry up!"

He was getting impatient, as he should have been after waiting almost fifteen minutes. Christ! Mark was a total stud! His girlfriend was some cheerleader named Wendy and if I'd been her, I'd never let that guy out of my sight! Too bad for her! I was going to make sure she knew I'd fucked her boyfriend good! Everyone in school would know. She deserved it!

"Ohmmph!" I moaned against Dan's asshole as he rode my face, and down between my legs, Mark threw his dick into my pussy as far as it would go. I felt him punching my cervix one last time and then he was shooting his hot semen, strong jets of it spattering against the entrance to my womb and making me cum again. My pussy grabbed his prick and rippled with pleasure, caressing his shaft from one end to the other as he filled me with his hot spunk.

We were both moaning loudly, telling my boyfriend that we'd cum together right at the end, and that was my favorite thing in the whole world. Our juices were getting all mixed up inside me and I'd floated away on something like a runner's high. Everything felt beautiful and I never wanted to come back down from it. Mark had given me the best fuck of my young life, better than any of those college guys even, and if I hadn't been tongue fucking Dan's ass, I'd have told the boy how much I loved him for it!

"My turn!" Dan grinned, pulling me up and turning me so that I was on my hands and knees, staring at Gary. "Watch her face, man. She's gonna love this!"

"Hi!" I giggled and stuck out my tongue at my boyfriend and then… "Ohhhh! Fuck! Yesssss!"

I blinked and gasped and hissed as Dan shoved his cock inside my pussy from behind, doing me doggy style while Gary stared at the pleasure on my face. He wasn't small in the cock department ether! Dan was a healthy seven inches at least and I told myself I needed to put a measuring tape in my purse, because I really wanted to know how big was big! Dan was fat too and he had those big, low hanging balls of his all warmed up after I'd sucked them and now they were slapping my clit! That was kind of amazing and I didn't think I'd ever felt anything like it before. That spwap! spwap! spwap! of his soft scrotum spanking my pussy while he fucked it with his big dick.

"Um um um…Ummmm…" I shivered and came again, pushing my ass back to meet the boy's thrusts and I wanted to grind!

I rocked my hips and rolled my butt like I was a cocksocket, holding Dan's prick deep inside my cum filled pussy while he held my hips. That was nice of him, giving me that cum and letting me do my thing, but he liked to fuck too and a minute later he was back at it, hammering away at my cunt like there was no tomorrow. I tried to keep my head up and watch Gary's face while another boy fucked me, but it was hard. I was cumming too much and my arms wobbled, feeling weak and rubbery, and finally I dropped my face to the mat and just kept my ass in the air.

Dan didn't mind. He was going to take long either, which was probably a good thing. After the long fuck Mark had given me, I was feeling a little sore down there. Thankfully though, the semen was nice and hot, real soothing as Dan's fat prick stirred it up in the depths of my pussy, plus I'd been cumming so much I wouldn't know sore from ice cream. Everything felt really, really good, but I'd pay for it later, that's all I'm saying. After these two guys, I'd really need my boyfriend's loving tongue to make me feel better and I was smiling at Gary, mouthing silent words of loving devotion just so he'd know how special he really was.

"Christ, dude…" Mark chuckled as he sat down next to Gary, "…your girlfriend is a total slut."

"Yeah," Gary nodded.

"Love tapping this bitch!" Dan said, punctuating his words with rapid thrusts of his prick. "You're a lucky bastard, Gary. Getting this anytime you want it? Shit!"

"Yeah?" Gary almost smiled at that.

"I heard her mom's hot too," Mark said and he'd already dressed again, now he was just watching Dan fuck me. "You seen her yet?"

"Erin's mom?" Gary did smile then and he nodded slowly. "Yeah, she's really hot."

"What's she look like?" Dan wondered and I was getting a little annoyed, so I gave my butt a sharp wiggle to get Dan's attention back where it belonged!

"Looks like her older sister," Gary told them. "Except she's got pussy hair."

"What?" Mark grinned. "You've seen her pussy?"

"I fucked her pussy!" Gary grinned back at the other boy. "Nailed her last night. Both of them at the same time."

"No way!" Dan said with a grunt. "The same time?"

"Yeah way!" Gary nodded. "Erin's mom knows how to fuck too."

"Better than this slut?" Dan asked and then he picked up the pace, really pumping my pussy hard and fast.

"Ummm…" Gary looked at my face and I was frowning.

"You can tell us later, dude!" Mark laughed. "Don't wanna get you in trouble. Your girlfriend's looking a little pissed."

I was a little pissed. Like, who wouldn't be? These guys were talking about my mom and totally ignoring me! I mean, if you're with a girl, you shouldn't be talking about some other slut! That's not right and Gary knew it. And if he said my mom fucked better than me, which she probably did, but that's besides the point, if he said that, I was really gonna be mad! Mark and Dan could say whatever they wanted, I didn't care. But a boyfriend should have more respect for his girl than that, even if she is getting hammered by two other guys right in front of him.

Especially then!

"I'm gonna cum…Ugh! I'm cumming, slut! Feel that? Oh shit!"

"Ummm…" I sighed happily as another little orgasm rocked me, spoiling my bad mood and making me forget all about Gary for a moment.

Dan's cock throbbed against my contracting cunt, spitting his thick ball juice right up against my cervix, much like Mark had done ten minutes before. I was loaded with semen and the sensation warmed me all over. My body was flushed and damp with sweat and I trembled with the joy of knowing all that boy cum was seeping deeper into my body, being drawn through the tiny bottleneck of my cervix to find my womb. It wasn't the idea of getting pregnant that excited me, it was the possibility that I really liked and I wished Mom hadn't given me those morning after pills and maybe they wouldn't work anyway!

"Oh! Thanks for the fuck, Erin," Dan breathed, pulling his semi-hard cock out of my pussy slowly and then slapping my ass with it.

"You're welcome," I said with a breathless giggle, trying to catch my breath as I lay with my cheek in a small puddle of drool. That was kind of embarrassing.

Dan got dressed and I rolled over onto my back, turning so Gary could see my pink pussy slightly gaping and leaking cum down to my ass. I crooked a finger at him playfully with my right hand, while I rubbed my clit with the left.

"Come and get it, boyfriend!" I sang softly and Gary's handsome face reddened as he glanced at Mark and Dan.

"What's she doing?" Dan wondered and his friend shrugged.

"Hurry up! I'm all messy," I giggled. "I need you now."

I think Gary almost changed his mind, but he'd been watching two guys fuck his girlfriend while he'd had to sit there rubbing his own hard dick through his trousers. He was horny and eager to please me, since he really loved me and all that stuff. Maybe he even liked sucking sperm out of my freshly fucked pussy, I wasn't sure. Mom thought so and I supposed she'd know about something like that, but it kind of made me wonder if my boyfriend wasn't sort of a fag. Even if he was though, I probably wouldn't care. His tongue felt amazing!

"Oh! Dude!" Mark laughed. "You're sick!"

"He's eating her out!" Dan laughed too. "That's my cum, man!"

"Mmmm…" Gary tried to lift his head, but I wasn't letting him go anywhere!

"Shhh…Oh! yes! Suck it! Lick all that nasty sperm out of me! Ah Gary! Oh! That's it! Uh! Uh! Uh-huh!"

I came again, while my boyfriend held my ass in his big, strong hands, hunched over and tongue fucking my sperm filled cunt, I came hard! I closed my thighs against his face and hunched my hips, grinding my pussy against his mouth. My pussy spasmed happily, pushing all that semen down, forcing it out of my hole into Gary's waiting mouth. Big, gloopy drops of other mens' semen slithered out of my hole and onto my boyfriend's tongue. It was thick and creamy and I could hear him slurping up wads of the stuff and swallowing noisily.

"What a fag," Dan said. "A spooge sucking fag!"

"No shit!" Mark agreed. "No wonder she's going out with him."

"No wonder he's going out with her!" Dan laughed. "What a slut!"

"Don't listen to them," I whispered, blinking and smiling as I came down from my orgasm. "You're not a fag. You just like making me feel good, right?"

"Umph-hmph!" Gary sort of nodded, but he wasn't doing anything but trying to lick my uterus by then!

"You're the best boyfriend in school," I decided, stroking his hair. "Those other guys have no idea how special you make me feel."


"When you lick the cum out of me, it's like…Hmmm…I know you really love me," I sighed. "Watching those other boys fuck me and you didn't even complain…"


"…I'm so proud of you!" I giggled. "Lie down now. I got some really deep in there. I'm gonna see if I can push it out. You just can't get enough of that stuff, can you, Gary?"


It took about twenty minutes before the whole school knew Gary was my sperm sucking boyfriend. Mark and Dan had told their friends right away that they'd fucked me and of course, the punch line was that Gary had not only watched, but eaten my creampie afterwards. I hoped that didn't bother him too much and I reminded myself that I'd have to be extra nice to him all weekend, just to make sure he was still my spunk eating boyfriend come Monday. It would be kind of embarrassing if he got all upset and did something silly…like dumped me!

I figured I'd invite Gary over for a little heart-to-heart with my mom. She was pretty good at that stuff and she liked Gary just fine anyway. Mom would have plenty of good advice for him and afterwards, we could double team him again! That would be really cool and I knew Mom would go for it. We were really developing a good relationship, me and my mom, and I always heard about those other teenage girls who hated their mothers or whatever and I just shook my head. I was glad I wasn't one of them!

"Another party?" I giggled as Lisa leaned against the lockers next to mine.

"Not really," she shrugged. "It's a full moon tonight."

"So?" I put all my books away and it was Friday, so I wasn't bringing any home with me either. Homework on a weekend? No way!

"We're gonna make you one of us," Lisa said and I gave her a look.

"What?" I asked. "You're gonna make me a cheerleader?"

"No!" she giggled. "It's kind of an initiation thing. You'll see,"

"You guys are really weird sometimes," I decided. "I never know what you're talking about."

"You will," the Japanese girl promised me. "After tonight, you'll understand everything."

"If you say so," I shrugged, but I wasn't sure if I believed her or not. "What time?"


"Midnight?" I frowned. "My mom's not gonna let me go anywhere at midnight!"

"Yeah she will," Lisa scrunched up her nose. "She knows about it already."

"Knows about what?" I sighed, closing my locker. "See? This is what I'm talking about."

"Your mom was initiated too," Lisa told me. "So just tell her that's what you're doing and she'll be fine."

"She was?"

"All the winners are," Lisa nodded. "It's like a club for sluts, kinda."

"Heh!" I stuck out my tongue.

"I'll pick you up," she said. "About 11:30 okay?"

"What should I wear?"

"Whatever," she shrugged. "We're gonna take everything off you anyway!"

"Ohhh!" I rolled my eyes.

"Don't forget!" Lisa started walking away. "See ya later, Erin."

"Bye Lisa," I gave her a little wave.

A club for sluts? That sounded almost reasonable. Yeah right! The fact was that for all the talk about this girl and that girl, and who was going to play the game and all that…I figured I was the only slut in school. I mean, I didn't hear about anyone else sucking dick on the bus, or fucking a couple football players in the wrestling room. I for sure didn't hear about any of my classmates getting gang-banged. Twice!

I wondered if Nora was in that club, since she'd been the winner the year before. Was she even a slut though? If she'd really been the biggest slut in school and had really gotten pregnant and all that, how come she wasn't fucking all the boys this year? That puzzled me as I walked towards the bus stop and my ride home.

Maybe Nora was fucking all the boys, but just being real low key about it. That sorta made sense, maybe, since I seriously doubted Nora's mom was a slut like mine. I could get away with having fun, but if I had one of those moral majority bitches for a mom…God! That would suck! I wondered what Nora's mom was like and figured she was probably normal, meaning she'd freaked out when her fourteen year old daughter had started puking after breakfast and eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Most moms would and once again, I was thanking my lucky stars that mine wasn't even close to normal!


"Home sweet home," Lisa grinned as I got off the back of her motorcycle.

"How do I look?" I asked, trying to fix my clothes after driving across town doing a hundred and ten.

"Like you just stepped out of a tornado!" she laughed. "Don't worry about it."

"Yeah," I nodded, thinking that was good advice. Don't worry about anything.

Mom had gone out for the evening and she hadn't even blinked when I'd told her Lisa was picking me up for some midnight initiation thing. She'd just smiled and told me to have a good time. I wondered if Lisa hadn't put Mom under some kind of spell, you know? I mean, she'd never been much of a real mom, not like other kids had, but Mom had never been this relaxed before either. It was almost spooky.

Anyway, I didn't think about it too much as I pulled my t-shirt back into place under my leather jacket. I pulled my jeans back up, but I hadn't bothered with a belt and they fell right back down to show off my hips and pink panties. I hadn't dressed up at all, since Lisa had told me I'd be getting naked anyway and I still had no idea what was going on. I never did.

"Oh!" I stepped into Lisa and Stacy's condominium, the empty one without any electricity, and stopped abruptly.

The big pentagram still stained the white carpet in the living room, but now the candles were lit, five of them at every point of the star. That was kind of cool and at least I could see something. What really stopped me though were all the people, at least I thought they were people, girls in fact. There must have been two dozen of them, wearing long black robes with hoods, or cowls I suppose, covering their heads and hiding their faces. The only reason I knew they were women, some of them, was because their boobs were kind of obvious, their female shapes.

That and the soft chanting. Definitely female voices, except I had no idea what they were saying, it just sounded like singing, kind of. They were standing around the room against the walls, so they made a square more than a circle, but a circle was the impression they gave nonetheless. The whole thing seemed really strange, like something out of a cheesy movie and I almost giggled as I started asking Lisa what was going on.

"Come on…" she said, leading my by the hand. "We'll get you ready for your initiation."

"What are they doing?" I wondered. "Who are they?"

Lisa ignored my questions though and in her bedroom we found Heather and Stacy painting a third girl. That's the only word for it. They had little clay pots and used their fingers to draw designs on her naked body, like symbols and funny curlicue things, almost like tribal tattoos some of it, and the stuff they were using was red, like blood.

"Justine?" I blinked at her and she didn't even seem to notice me, the fifteen year old girl just stood there staring into the big mirror mounted to the dresser.

"Hey, Erin!" Stacy grinned at me.

"There she is," Heather smiled too. "We're just getting our virgin sacrifice ready."

"What?" I smiled back at them. "Is she okay?"

"Yeah, she's fine," Lisa told me. "We gotta get you undressed. It's almost midnight."

"Is that blood?" I asked, unsnapping my jeans and pushing them down my legs with Lisa's help.

"Goat's blood," Heather nodded. "Kinda gross, but it works good."

"Really gross," Stacy sighed.

"First we're going to sacrifice the virgin," Lisa explained as she pulled my panties down. "Then, after Heather's Daddy shows up, he's going to fuck you. Okay?"

"What?" I stared at her.

"He's going to wake you up," she said. "It'll be fun. You'll see."

"He's got a big dick!" Stacy giggled.

"What do you mean…sacrifice?" I looked at Justine.

She was kind of tall and thin, with small tits but a great ass and a hairy little bush at the top of her slit. I'd known her for a long time, but we weren't really friends or anything. We'd just gone to the same schools since we were little. She had light brown hair and hazel eyes and all she ever talked about was all the boys she had sex with. Justine was that kind of girl, you know, but as it turns out, she'd never had sex with anybody!

"You're not going to like…kill her?" I lifted my arms so Lisa could pull my t-shirt over my head. "Are you?"

"What? No!" Lisa made a face at me and Heather giggled.

"We're just gonna pop her cherry," Stacy explained. "A little virginal blood for the pentagram."

"Oh!" I nodded quickly, feeling relieved. "Good! For a second there…"

"Pop it with this," Heather said and she picked up a knife from the dresser.

"What?" I gasped, staring at the long, wavy blade. It wasn't straight at all, but it looked really sharp!

"Other end," Stacy said.

"Oh! I forgot," Heather turned the knife around and the handle looked like a long, thin penis. "We use this end."

"Oh God!" I rolled my eyes.

"She was teasing," Lisa made a face. "But back in the old days…"

"I don't wanna know," I sighed, standing naked now and Lisa had a black robe for me, just like the others had been wearing.

"Are you ready, Justine?" Heather asked and the girl nodded slowly.

"Yes," she said in kind of a dreamy voice.

"Keep the hood up, but pull it down too," Lisa was telling me. "Keep your face covered, okay?"

"Uhhh…" I shrugged and that robe was kind of itchy and a little too big for me.

Stacy and Heather were putting on their own robes, as was Lisa, and all three of the girls did it quickly. Justine stayed naked, except for all the blood that was drying on her pale body and this was so weird.

Heather went first, followed by Justine and then Stacy, I followed next with Lisa behind me. We made a solemn procession from the bedroom, down the long dark hallway and into the living room. Lisa pointed to a spot on the floor, kind of giving me a little push until I was standing where she wanted me. I wasn't with the others, but maybe six feet away from the pentagram, standing all by myself, and I wondered if I was supposed to be chanting or whatever. I decided I'd just sort of hum a little, you know, since I didn't know the words.

My three friends put Justine in the middle of the pentagram, laying down on her back and they were careful to make sure she didn't knock over any of the candles. Her head was near one point of the star, at the top I guess, and they spread her arms wide along two other points and then spread her legs towards the last two. I could see her breasts rising and falling slowly, small and pulled tight against her thin chest, but the girl's brown nipples were stiff and pointing up. I could see her pussy too, Justine's teenage slit looking tight and virginal between her spread thighs.

It kind of turned me on and I wanted to see her get popped. That was kind of cool. I just hoped they didn't hurt her or anything because that knife looked pretty wicked when Heather laid it on the girl's flat tummy. Heather knelt near Justine's head and Lisa and Stacy knelt on either side of her and they started chanting too. Everyone got louder, those twenty-some women standing around the room, and they seemed to be dancing, kind of. Or swaying, I guess you could say, rocking on their hips and rolling their shoulders. I couldn't see any of their faces, but it was kinda cool and I was moving too, without really thinking about it.

Without saying anything, Heather picked up the knife and held it above Justine with the blade pointing down, like she was going to drive it into the girl's heart or something. I was almost going to yell, seriously, because fun was fun, but I didn't want to have anything to do with something like that! My heart was going fast with adrenaline and I really did think Heather was going to do it, just for a second, but then she tuned the knife, gripping the bronze handle close to the blade and rubbing the smooth head up and down Justine's pussy.

It looked like a cock, a golden one, and the girl moaned as Heather leaned over her, but Justine didn't move. Heather pushed the handle until it started to enter Justine's pussy, sort of turning her tight slit inward. I couldn't see her labia or anything, just a fatty crease where her vulva split around her vagina. Heather teased the girl like that for awhile, teasing all of us really, as we waited for her push that phallus inside Justine's pussy and tear through her innocent hymen once and for all.

The women around me were moaning, like I was, and I hadn't realized it, but I was wet! My pussy was dripping and my skin tingled, my tummy churning with excitement. I had to rub myself through the robe, finding my bare sex beneath the black cotton, and I pressed my fingers against my cunt. We all did, every woman in there was jilling off with gasps and groans. Some of them used both hands, others were grabbing at their breasts through their robes, working hard to get themselves off.

The air became thick and heavy with the scent of female arousal. The sharp musk filled my open mouth as I panted for air and I could taste our collective desire. I breathed it deep and swallowed it down, grinding my wanton sex against my fingers as I sought relief from the building excitement. I had to cum! But I wanted to see Heather fuck Justine with the handle of that knife. I was begging for it, urging her to fuck the girl and rip through Justine's cherry. I wanted to see her bleed and I had no idea how or why I'd ever have thoughts like that, but I did.

How long our torment lasted, I had no idea. An eternity, it seemed like, and I'd been on the verge of orgasm forever when Justine gasped loudly. She tilted her hips, trying to get her butt off the floor as Heather gave a sudden grunt and shoved about three inches of bronze cock inside the girl's virgin pussy. I came then. We all did and I could hear the girls around me voicing their release. My body shook and I could barely remain on my feet. Everyone else could lean against the wall, or against each other in many cases, but I stood alone, hunched over as my pussy spasmed and the juices spilled down my legs.

Heather fucked the handle of the knife in and out of Justine slowly at first, but gradually sped up and went deeper as the girl got used to it. The cock must have been six or seven inches long and Heather was finally giving all of it to Justine's clasping sex. She was cumming too, just like the rest of us, and I could see her juices leaking from her slit as Heather would pull the knife back slowly before driving it inside again. Dark blood trickled down Justine's snow white skin, her virginal blood from her torn hymen, and as it fell onto the pentagram beneath her, Heather looked up at me, although her face was hidden in the shadow of her cloak.

"He's coming," she whispered. "Get ready."

Heather pulled the handle of the knife from Justine's pussy and Lisa and Stacy rose slowly. They helped the girl slowly to her feet, whispering to her, but I had no idea what they might have said. Justine looked flushed, panting for air and trembling with her recent orgasm and who knows? It might have even been her first. They were taking her away, out of the room, and Heather waved at me, drawing me closer.

"What do I have to…"

"Shhh…" Heather shushed me, pulling the robe off my body until I was naked and then she pushed me down so I was laying on the pentagram the same way Justine had been a few moments before.

"He's here!" Heather said and I widened my eyes as the front door opened.

"Anybody home?" a man's voice wondered and then he chuckled and I blinked at that, lifting my head to see someone closing the door behind him as he stepped into the house.

"Daddy!" Heather breathed.

"Clark?" I stared at him.

"Ohhh!" the two dozen women sighed as they rubbed their bodies frantically.

"Hi Erin," he smiled at me, pushing his black glasses up his nose and taking in my naked body from head to foot.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, wondering if I was dreaming.

He looked just like he always did on the bus. He wore a dark suit and his black hair was neatly combed. He smelled like Old Spice or something and he was really handsome, you know, like Superman in his Clark Kent disguise. He certainly didn't look like anyone named Heather's Daddy!

"Not what you expected, huh?" he chuckled softly and started undressing. "You expected horns and wings, a funny tail maybe?"

"Uhhh…" I shrugged.

"I hope you're not too disappointed, Erin," he said, tossing his jacket to the floor and loosening his necktie. "You certainly haven't disappointed me."

"Who are you?" I whispered.

"Who do you think?" he asked with a grin, removing his white dress shirt.

"I don't know," I said, swallowing hard as he started undoing his belt.

"Yeah, you do…" he drew a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I've been waiting a long time for this."

"You have?" I stared at his boxers, light blue ones with little red hearts all over them.

"Since before you were born," he nodded, pushing his underwear down and his thick, hard cock sprang free, pointing right at me!

"Oh my God!" I giggled nervously, because his dick was huge!

"Not quite," he laughed. "But you can call me Daddy. I like it."

"Ow! Ummm…Oh! Daddy!" I gasped as the man covered my body with his, bringing his cock to my trembling cunt and pushing inside me quickly.

"Time to wake up, Erin," he breathed, covering my open mouth with his.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, clutched at his strong body with my small hands, and groaned into his lungs as he drove the full length of his prick inside my pussy. There was a sharp pain, much like I'd felt when I'd lost my virginity to Gary, but this was deeper somehow and I came immediately. My whole body seemed to contract around the cock that impaled me and then I exploded with a rush of pleasure unlike anything I'd ever experienced before. I pulled him against me, kissing his face, biting his shoulder as he started to fuck me with long, steady strokes.

I could see him finally and my heart opened like my eyes. He wasn't a man, he was golden and beautiful with bottomless eyes that stared into my soul. His skin burned me wherever I touched him, his cock stretched my vagina mercilessly, pressing against the tender walls of my sex and forcing my body to yield to his immense strength. He did have horns, dark and curling like those of a ram and his leathery wings grew out of his powerful shoulders, spread wide and beating the air while we fucked.

Beside us, watching intently, Heather's disguise had melted away and I could see her as she truly was. Like her father, she had golden skin and black eyes, small horns protruding from her temples and the thick mane of red hair that fell around her beautiful face and slender shoulders. Her wings were smaller and they wrapped around her lithe form like shadows. She was intensely beautiful and looking at her was an exquisite pain deep in my heart.

"Lilith…" I breathed and she giggled softly with a sound like moonlight, ancient and cold and beautiful.

"Who are you?" Lucifer whispered, driving his cock effortlessly into my sex over and over. "Do you know your true name?"

"Aliyus," I gasped. "I am the…Other…Oh!"

"And so shall you always be," he told me, joining my orgasm with his scalding semen.

He held himself deeply inside me and I burned beneath the flood of his demonic seed. I trembled like a child, clutching him to me for several long minutes until it was over. My sex was full of our combined juices and they spilled onto the pentagram as he withdrew his cock from my gaping hole. I let him go reluctantly, falling back onto the floor and gasping for air. I touched myself, pressing my fingers low against my belly and I could feel him there. I was full of his semen and I giggled weakly, sliding my hand further down to find my puffy, sperm soaked cunt.

I didn't notice him leave. The girls and women had removed their robes and they gathered around me, naked and flushed with excitement. My mom was there and I smiled at her as she got on her hands and knees, bringing her mouth to my pussy and lapping at our Master's juices. They all wanted a taste and I found Nora and pulled her mouth to mine, kissing the girl deeply before someone else replaced her.

There followed a lesbian orgy and our naked bodies writhed on the floor. I sucked and licked and bit the soft flesh around me, and they did the same to mine. Someone had pulled away the drapes to expose large windows with the full moon shining through them, giving everything a silvery glow. More candles were lit, but they weren't necessary and I found myself with Heather, who looked like her normal self again, but I knew who she was now. Lilith, the Angelic Demon of Lust, and she showed me the mark left on my skin, the same sigil of servitude that all those girls wore, and only visible by the light of a full moon.

"Hmmm…" I smiled, looking down at my sex, at the 666 that seemed branded onto the swell of my Venus mound.

They all had it, even my mother and Nora, and all the other girls who had won the game over the years and been initiated into the Order of Lust.

"I'm Tang," a beautiful oriental woman whispered, sliding her caramel body along mine and kissing me softly on the lips.

"I'm Erin," I sighed and surrendered completely to her tongue as another woman, this one with milk white hair and jade green eyes, found my pussy with her mouth.

She was Petra and I met them all over the course of the night, making love to them in twos and threes, twisting our bodies and using every part of ourselves to find and give pleasure. Veronica, Alice, Rachel and Kara and more, they introduced themselves with tender kisses and warm smiles, gentle hands and soft lips. I had countless orgasms and I drank girl cum and wore it on my flushed skin. I had dozens of bites and bruises, my nipples had been nursed on until they were raw and throbbing. It was a surreal dream of never ending sex and by the time I found myself being comforted and soothed between Lisa and Stacy, I felt exhausted and drunk with the experience.

"You're different than these girls," Stacy told me and I nodded.

"I know who I am," I said.

"You're going to be fourteen forever now," Lisa giggled, petting my left breast while we watched the orgy play on.

"Yeah," I smiled. "We have to find my sister."

"We will," Heather said, sitting behind me and pulling my back to her breasts. "She's out there, waiting to be born just like you were."

"Daddy really fucked me good," I sighed and then I caught sight of my mom locked in a passionate 69 with a red haired girl of about twenty. "Brandy's going to miss her daughter."

"She'll be happy," Stacy said. "Gary's going to stay with her now."

"Yeah," I nodded at that. "She deserves a good husband."

"They're perfect for each other," Lisa agreed.

"Where's Justine?" I wondered.

"Daddy's taking care of her," Heather giggled. "She won't sit down for a week!"

"You mean he's…" Stacy widened her eyes.

"Ass fucking her," Heather nodded.

"Ouch!" Lisa giggled nervously.

"I haven't tried that yet," I sighed. "I think I'll have to pay Father Stevens a little visit before we leave."

"You're so bad, Erin!" Stacy giggled.

"I'm a succubus," I shrugged. "I was born to be bad."

"So was I," Heather laughed lightly. "I'm glad you're awake, it gets kind of boring hanging out with these two mortals all the time."

"What?" Stacy frowned.

"Hey! Be nice!" Lisa made a face at Heather. "If it wasn't for us you'd still be roasting marshmallows in hell."

"Yeah right!" Heather rolled her eyes and gave me a squeeze. "Don't listen to them. Stupid witches."

"Who are you calling a witch?" Stacy giggled and she looked at me. "Sorcery is real magic."

"Yeah, whatever," Lisa said. "I got more magic in my little finger than…"

"Shhhh…" I whispered, deciding it was time to use a little magic of my own, "…sixty-nine with each other for awhile. You're giving me a headache."

"Good idea," Heather kissed my hair. "See what I've been putting up with?"

I just giggled, watching as Lisa and Stacy embraced each other on the carpet in front of us, burying their faces between the other's thighs. They couldn't resist a suggestion like that, but I needed to practice my skills. It had been a long time since I'd been loosed from the fires and I had a lot to remember. The body I wore was Erin's, but the soul born into it and the will of our existence was mine alone. I was a demon who fed off the lust of men and women, corrupting them for my pleasure in the service of my Master. It was good job and I was good at it, and I'd been on vacation far too long.

"Do you like this body?" I asked Heather, looking down at myself.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Do you?"

"I think so," I shrugged. "I guess I'm stuck with it now anyway."

"We'll tell people you're my little sister," Heather said. "That'll be fun."

"Hmmm…" I giggled, turning my head so I could look at her. "Incestuous sisters, I hope."

"Are there any other kind?" she asked.

"Not where I come from!" I giggled. "Give your little sister a kiss now."

"Yeah," Heather sighed, closing her mouth over mine and a few minutes later we were right beside Lisa and Stacy, licking each other's pussies eagerly.



"So Janey won, huh?" I smiled at that, but I'd been betting on Melody.

"I knew she would," Lisa grinned at me.

"Forty-seven guys isn't very many though," Stacy said. "Stupid catholic schools."

"This one isn't catholic…is it?" Lisa narrowed her eyes and I shrugged.

"I don't think so," I said. "What did Heather do with all the pictures and stuff?"

"The losers you mean?" Stacy looked at me and I nodded.

"Yeah," I smiled at her. "I never got to see them."

"She burned that stuff," Lisa said. "She always does."

"The threat's all the matters," Stacy sorta explained. "If we really used that stuff, they'd have nothing to lose."

"It would just be mean," Lisa giggled.

"Did she tell them?" I wondered and the Japanese girl shrugged.

"I don't know," she said. "Not like it matters. They're sluts now."

"They always were!" Stacy laughed.

"Yeah, but now they know it," Lisa told her and looked at me. "How many guys did you fuck?"

"I wasn't playing, remember?"

"I know," she grinned at me. "But you were doing it anyway. How many?"

"About fifty, I guess."

"More like seventy!" Stacy rolled her eyes. "You're such a liar."

"I am not!" I frowned. "I wasn't keeping score. So what?"

"Just keep your eyes open," Lisa told me. "Heather said there's some real sluts at this school."

"Real ones?" I giggled. "Like the rest are all fake?"

"Shut-up!" she said. "You know what I mean."

"I'm gonna fuck the principal this afternoon," I decided. "He's kind of a dick."

"A big dick?" Stacy wondered with a grin.

"Maybe," I shrugged. "I'll let you know after school."

"How far is this place anyway?" Lisa frowned and I shifted my butt around on her lap.

We were riding in Stacy's Mercedes-Benz, on our way to our first full day of school. We'd found a nice house in the hills, a big one with a swimming pool and it was all paid for, of course. Daddy took good care of his little girls. I just wished I was old enough to drive and now I never would be. Like my three friends, I'd never get a day older than I already was and that was mildly frustrating, but on the other hand…being a fourteen year old slut did have its advantages!

"Hi," a cute boy smiled at me as I arranged my new locker during lunch. "I'm Chad."

"Hey," I smiled back at him. "I'm Erin."

Chad was a senior, I thought, older the way I liked my boyfriends and definitely cute. He had nice eyes, blue and curious and so eager to fall in love. My friends and I were going to have a good time at this school, I could tell.


        The End