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A Girl Named Pissie

Portions of and personalities depicted in this fictionalized account are based on persons real or imagined and should not negatively impact global warming, the war on terror, or the ongoing ice cream scandal in Holland. If it does...I'm sorry.
Story Codes: FF, Lesbian, First, Romance, Consensual FemDom, WS, Public, Shaving, Masturbation, Etc.
Synopsis: When 19 year old Prissy goes to college she decides it's finally time for her to be herself. She dyes her hair blonde, changes her name to Pissie, and comes out of the closet as a lesbian piss slut...But will she ever find true love?

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Pissie - Chapter 4


"Pissie! Telephone!" I heard Lonnie's voice yelling for me and that was strange, because little Lonnie Ebertowski hardly ever spoke above a whisper.

But she was right next to the dormitory's telephone, doing some sort of homework there in what we called the living room, but I didn't know exactly what it was. I was busy doing my own, and I wasn't too sure exactly what that was about either. Sometimes that college stuff could be hard.

"Thanks Lonnie." I smiled at her and she blushed beneath her straight black hair, cut short so it just reached her shoulders.

"Hello?" I answered the phone, wondering who could possibly be calling me. I thought maybe it was my dad, but it wasn't.

"Is this uh, Pissie?" A girl's voice asked me.

"Uh-huh." I nodded, even though she couldn't tell. 

I was mostly nodding at Lonnie anyway, looking at her big brown eyes, because they were looking at me. She was wearing a pair little reading glasses that made her look smart. They were round and black and cute like she was. Lonnie only wore them when she was doing her homework, but I thought she ought to wear them all the time.

"Hi! My name is Wendy and I'm with the Phi Kappa Sorority."


"Have you heard of us?" Wendy asked, but she didn't wait for an answer. "Of course you have. Listen um, have you thought about joining a Greek House yet?"

"No, not really…"

"Good…I mean, good you haven't picked a different one, because we'd really like to ask you if you wanted to stop by this Friday and…"

"Friday?" I squinted and I could see Lonnie was doodling, or something. I leaned closer to see that she was drawing a heart, and actually she'd made a whole bunch of them, all different sizes, in the margins of her text book.

"…What? Yeah, this Friday. See, rush week is coming and we have a little list of girls that we'd like to meet and…"

"I guess I can come by, sure," I shrugged.

"…You can? Fantastic, wow…Okay, well we're going to start about seven and…"

"Can my friends come?" I asked her, thinking it would be pretty cool if I could bring Heather and Carla, and Suzy especially, I thought she'd like being in a sorority.

"Your friends?" Wendy seemed to think that over. "Well, see this is kind of a special party, so uh…We'd just really like it if you could come all by yourself, you know, and…"

"Uh, no that's okay." I said. "Thanks anyway."

"Wait, hold on a sec…CLICK" I hung up on the girl.

"Bye Lonnie." I gave her a smile and she looked up at me from her book without even a hint of expression.


"Pissie! Telephone!" Lonnie was yelling again and I scratched my head.

She was smiling at me this time, holding the phone and looking sort of apologetic.

"Thanks, Lonnie." I wiggled my eyebrows and she dropped her eyes a little. 

She was so cute! It was like impossible not to do something every time I saw her. I thought that Lonnie was the cutest girl in the dorm, probably the whole college, even if she was the quietest one too.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Pissie?" It was another girl, a different girl.

"Uh…Yep." I replied and I was looking at Lonnie's toes, since she was sitting in a big padded chair with her legs up, her knees pulled close to her chest and her heels on the edge of the chair.

"Hey, this Janice, the President of the Phi Kappa Sorority and…"

"Oh, I already talked to Wendy and I can't make it on…"

"I know, I know…Hold on…Wendy was just a little…confused."

"She was?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Yeah, it happens sometimes, you know. She's blonde." Janice giggled.

"I'm blonde too." I told her and Lonnie smiled at me again, just a little one and her pretty little toes wiggled while I counted them slowly in my head. She had ten of them, every time.

"Oh." Janice stopped giggling. "Anyway, uh, you were asking about your friends, right?"

"Yeah, I want to come, but I'd like to bring my friends, you know. Cause they're my friends."

"Oh sure, friendship is important. It's one of the qualities we look for in a Phi Kappa girl."

"It is?"

"Absolutely and we'd…uh, we'd love to meet you and your friends, Pissie."

"Oh." I smiled. "Great."

"Yeah, so Friday night, right? About seven o'clock, do you know where we are?"

"Ummm…By the library, right?" 

"Yeah, just behind it, look for the big Phi Kappa letters on the lawn."

"Okay, sure." I agreed with a nod. 

I smiled back at Lonnie as she shifted a little, spreading her short legs, cause she was only like five feet tall and so small, and I could see the insides of her thighs all white and soft. All the way up to her cut-off shorts, which were loose enough so that I could even see a bit of her little white panties inside.

"Great! I can't wait to meet you…You know we've heard so much about you, Pissie!"

"You have?" I pursed my lips. "Like what?"

"Oh, you know. Girl talk!" Janice laughed. "See you Friday!"

"Sure, okay. Bye." I said, hanging up the phone and wondering what girl talk meant exactly, but I hoped it was good. Maybe that was what Patty had been talking about, I thought.

"See ya later, Lonnie." I smiled at her.

She just looked over her book at me, sucking the end of her yellow high-lighter and moving her knees back and forth slowly, in and out like pale butterfly wings.


"Pissie! Telephone!"

"Thanks Lonnie." I stuck out my tongue a little and she looked at me, holding the phone and biting her bottom lip with a smile playing at the corners of her little mouth.


"Is this Pissie?" It was some other girl I didn't know.

"Uh-huh…Who's this?"

"I'm Laura, the secretary for the Lambda Pi Sorority, how are you?"

"Uh…I'm just peachy." I shrugged and Lonnie giggled at me softly. 

Lonnie had her legs tucked under small round butt now, sitting kind of sideways in that huge chair with her book over knees. She looked young and old at the same time, I thought. Like an 18 year old sixth grader, that's how Lonnie seemed to me, and it made my tummy do little flip-flops.

"Wonderful! Hey, I'm calling to find out if you'd given any thought to joining a sorority yet. Rush week is coming and…"

"Sorta." I told her. "The Phi Kappa girls called me and…"

"Phi Kappa?" Laura sounded shocked. "Oh my God! Those girls are total sluts!"

"They are?" I blinked at the phone and Lonnie's doe eyes got big, even though she didn't know why. "Total sluts?"

"Yeah, like major cock sluts!" 

"Major cock sluts?" I swallowed hard. 

Lonnie blushed at that, looking back down quickly, and she had a black pen in her fingers. She was using it on my jeans as I stood close by her chair, but I didn't mind since they were old and faded and ripped at the knees anyway. Lonnie was drawing little hearts on me now and I could feel the pen like a soft scratching on my thigh.

"They're no good for a girl like you, Pissie!" Laura decided.

"They're not?" 

"Oh no, not unless you're into getting boned by half the frats in town."

"Uhhhh…" I didn't know what to say to that. There was a big boy's college nearby, but I didn't know much about frats or whatever.

"You're not, are you?"


"Into…You know…Getting boned?"

"I don't think so." I said, thinking I was pretty much a lesbian and very happy to stay that way.

"Good…Whew…You had me worried for a minute there, Pissie." She laughed.

"Me too." I swallowed nervously.

"We're a real sorority, Pissie. The Lambda Pi girls are a group of like minded young women who like to like other like minded young women…You know what I mean?"

"Uh…" I scratched my head.

I was mostly looking at Lonnie's fingers because they were delicate and not very big at all, and she was writing her name a whole bunch of times now, all over my right thigh, on my jeans I mean, and in between the hearts. 

"And that's why we like you, Pissie." 

"Oh, well…Sure." I shrugged. "I like that too."

"Great! We're having a little get-together for our special pledges and, well, you're not a pledge yet of course, but if you could come by and meet us…"

"Can my friends come too?"

"Friends?" Laura seemed to think about it. "Well, see the thing is we're really selective about the kind of girl we're looking for and we'd just want to meet you first, and then…"

"Uhhh…" I sighed. "Thanks, but I can't make it."

"Hold on, Pissie, maybe we can…CLICK" I hung up the phone and leaned close to Lonnie.

"If it rings again, I'm gonna kiss you." I whispered and she just stared at me over her glasses and smiled.


"Pissie! Telephone!"

"Thanks Lonnie" I grinned at the girl and she was licking her lips and her little pink tongue looked like a sweet piece of taffy.

"Hello." I sighed.

Lonnie had dropped her book in her lap, and she was stretching her arms high with a soft moan, putting her fingers together, you know. When she did that her thin white t-shirt was stretched nice and tight over her smallish breasts, and most especially her hard dark nipples, I could tell because I don't think Lonnie ever wore a bra. She had the smallest boobs of any girl at the university, I thought, and I found that really interesting.

"Hi, Pissie? This is Veronica and…"

"Hold on a second, okay?" I leaned over Lonnie as she sat there, looking up at me and I put my face close enough to hers so that my blonde hair fell into her eyes.

I kissed her then, just like I'd promised and Lonnie just sat there, letting me do it. She didn't really respond, I mean she wasn't acting eager or anything, but she was more than willing. Her mouth opened for my tongue, and I Frenched her for a half a minute before I figured that was enough for a first kiss in the middle of the dorm commons. A couple other girls were sorta watching.

"Told ya so." I whispered and Lonnie swallowed hard, lowering her eyes sweetly and licking her lips.

"Sorry, I had to kiss a girl." I said into the phone.

"Uh…Excuse me?"

"The girl who answered the phone, I owed her a kiss." I shrugged and mostly I was saying it because Lonnie was so cute when she blushed.

"I see…Well, now that's exactly the sort of girl we're looking for!"

"Uh, who are you again?" I asked, but it was hard to care about that anyway because Lonnie was writing on her text book, on all the pages when it was closed, and opposite the spine, if you know what I mean.

"Veronica. I'm the President of the Lambda Pi Sorority, and I think Laura called you a little bit ago?"

"Yeah, I can't make it so…"

"Hold on…ohhhh wait a second, Pissie…Laura was just a little mixed up."

"She was?" I asked, tilting my head a little to see that Lonnie was writing my name on her book, in cute curling letters and big ones too, since that book was a couple inches thick easy.

"Oh yeah, definitely mixed up, uh…We want to meet you and all of your friends." Veronica told me, speaking quickly just in case I was going to hang up on her.

"I see, well…Okay." I giggled, but just because Lonnie was writing her name too, after mine, and she'd put a big plus sign between them.

"So Friday night we're having a little party, sort of a get together with a few girls that we think are special…Like you."

"Uh-huh." I nodded. "What time?"

"Oh, around eight o'clock, is that good for you? We're pretty relaxed so…"

"Sure." I nodded. "That's fine. You're by the Auditorium, right?"

"Yeah, just across the street, you can't miss us." Veronica sounded happy. "So we'll see you then right? You and your friends."

"Sure." I nodded. "Bye."

"If it rings again…" I hung up the phone slowly and caught Lonnie's eyes with mine. "…I'm going to fuck you."

The eighteen year old freshman swallowed hard and blinked rapidly at me, and then looked around quickly like someone might have heard me and a couple girls did, I was sure; Carol was there, and Olivia too.

"Bye Lonnie." I waved my fingers at her and she licked her lips.


"Pissie! Telephone!"

I smiled to myself as I walked towards Lonnie and the telephone she was holding out in her left hand. She was closing her books; stuffing them in her little Powder Puff Girls backpack along with her pens and highlighters with her other hand.

"Hello." I answered the phone. "Hello?"

I stared at the phone for a second before I realized I could hear a dial tone and I looked at Lonnie and she was smiling, but it wasn't a shy one this time, for the first time, and I didn't think anyone had ever seen her smile like that before. It made me quiver all over inside.

"Let's go to my room." She said.


"I just want to watch you first." Lonnie told me, closing the door of her room behind her and leaning against it.

"Sure." I grinned. "Uhhh…"

"Take off your clothes." Lonnie's voice was quiet, just barely a whisper, but she seemed changed somehow too.

I mean she was still barely five feet tall and all of ninety five pounds, maybe, if she had a lot of stuff in her pockets. Unbelievably cute, at least to me, I think I'd been in love with Lonnie since she'd moved in two days after I had. She didn't have breasts so much as just big brown nipples, plain as day under her tight t-shirt. Narrow hips, almost boyish and those pink shorts, they were killing me. Her legs were creamy and smooth and her tiny small feet and little pink toes…God!

The girls I used to dream about, like in my head when I was growing up and wishing in bed at night, none of them looked like Lonnie. Not even close. None of them were as sexy as she was either and I guess maybe life is like that. The best things really are what you have and not what you think you want, so I was probably lucky that I suddenly wanted what I had. But that's pretty deep for a wanna-be blonde lesbian piss slut like me.

Changed, that's what I was talking about. Lonnie seemed different, as soon as the door was closed, or maybe even before that, when she'd said we were going to her room. She wasn't the shy girl anymore and I thought I'd be the one suggesting things and wanting to do things, you know, talking her into it. But now it was different and I liked that, and best of all, Lonnie knew it.

"Let me see you, Pissy." Lonnie repeated and I almost blushed, because the only other girl who had ever looked at me the way she was right then, had been me practicing in the mirror back in Seattle.

"Okay." I smiled and I undressed for the girl slowly, just standing in the middle of her room.

It was afternoon and the sunlight was streaming through the big window and Lonnie's dorm room looked just like mine, or anyone else's. Simple furniture, a few personal things, but not too much. We'd only been there a few weeks, almost a month, and so we were only slowly making the place our own. 

I took off my top and I wasn't wearing a bra either, like why would I? I was at home. My nipples were already hard and puffy, and colored pretty pink like Lonnie's toes. She was looking at them too, over the rim of her glasses still perched on her nose. I tossed my clothing aside and unbuttoned my old jeans, not feeling shy at all, or embarrassed, but only excited now because I'd been waiting for this a long time.

I stepped awkwardly this way and that, getting those pants off with a giggle and dropping them half inside-out. I peeled my panties off last, tight little bikini panties, which were the kind I liked most, just plain and white and practical. I pushed them down and kicked them off, letting Lonnie see every part of me that she wanted to. My clit was hard and pink, my pussy lips already ruddy and plump with excitement. I even had goosebumps, which was way cool.

"Do you like me?" I asked Lonnie, sucking my bottom lip. I had my hands behind my back and I was twisting a little on my hips.

"Yeah." She breathed and I could barely hear her.

"Do you um…Need to pee?" I asked, cause maybe she did. 

Maybe that was really the only reason she wanted me to come to her room. Lonnie hadn't undressed at all, so I was a little unsure of what we were doing, but it was fun anyway. It was a different sort of game, this getting naked and being watched. I liked the way it was making my heart stutter a little.

"Maybe." Lonnie smiled, just a little. "Is that all you want?"

"Uh…" I blinked at that because I wasn't sure what she meant.

"Do you just want to be a piss slut, or do you want something else?" 

She was undressing now, starting with her shorts and I watched her unbutton them slowly. Lonnie let them fall down her pretty legs and her panties had little strings on each hip. Lonnie just gave them a tug, smiling at me and letting the flimsy white material fall loose between her thighs, the crotch clinging to her moist pussy momentarily and then finally letting go.

Lonnie's pussy was a beautiful nest of black hair, trimmed neatly and thin, so that I could see her sex low beneath the soft swell of her mound. I licked my lips and tried to understand what she was asking me. What did I want, really? It should have been easy to answer, but I was having a hard time with it and I worried that maybe I was disappointing this girl somehow.

"I just want to be happy." I shrugged and that at least made her smile.

"Would a girlfriend make you happy?" Lonnie asked, and she was walking towards me now, not that it was very far of course. Those dorm rooms were small.

"Yeah." I nodded. "I want one."

"Me too." She sighed. "I want you to be my girlfriend, Pissy."

"Me?" I laughed, but it was a happy, surprised one.

"I want you to be my piss slut too, would you like that?" Lonnie was close to me now, wearing just her t-shirt and I could have reached out and touched her if I'd dared.

"I…Yeah." I nodded. "I've never had a…"


"..Ow!" I gasped and blinked and jumped all at the same time because Lonnie had just spanked my butt. It didn't hurt at all, it just surprised me. Lonnie was full of surprises, which shouldn't have surprised me, uh...Maybe.

"Get on your hands and knees, Pissy." Lonnie told me and her voice was soft and sweet to my ears, but something in it…

"Okay." I swallowed hard and I moved to do as Lonnie told me, watching curiously as she was opening her dresser.

"Do you know what this is?" Lonnie was holding something that looked an awful lot like a big white cock, except it had long red straps hanging from it.

"Uh…A dildo?" I giggled and Lonnie laughed and nodded.

"A strap-on dildo." She pushed up her glasses and looked at it closely. "I got it six months ago, mail order."

"Mail order?" I smiled.

"Yeah, my folks would have killed me if they knew I had this under my bed." Lonnie was putting it on now. "I just hid it away and late at night I'd look at it sometimes."

I was listening to her and watching as she put that fake cock on around her narrow waist. It looked huge, especially on her since Lonnie was so petite anyway. I had no idea if it was a big cock or a little one though, I mean compared to a real one. I'd never seen a real live hard one and I'd never wanted to, but seeing that cock on Lonnie was making my pussy quiver, and I rubbed my clit gently as I knelt there waiting for what I knew had to be coming.

Lonnie was going to fuck me.

"I never used it though, not even on me." Lonnie shrugged and she was pulling it a little, playing with it to make sure it was nice and firm against her pelvis.

"Why not?"

"I was saving it for my girlfriend." Lonnie smiled at me. "I never had one, but I knew I would someday."

"Am I your girlfriend?" I asked, just teasing myself really, cause I knew the answer.

"Yeah, Pissy." Lonnie was walking over and getting behind me. "You're my girlfriend now, nobody else's. Right?"

"Yeah." I swallowed hard, looking at her over my shoulder. "Just yours."

"We're going to be in love." Lonnie predicted, rubbing the firm, but somewhat flexible cockhead up and down my slit, and I dropped my hand away from my clit, bracing myself on all fours.

"I think I already love you." I told her seriously.

"I know." She giggled and that had to be a rare sound, high and sweet as it was.

"I um…I never did this before." I bit my lip nervously, feeling that cock splitting my labia, just barely and any second Lonnie would be pushing it inside me, I knew.

"Me neither." Lonnie stroked my back and I trembled right then, almost cumming at her touch. 

"Ohhhh….Slow…" I moaned because Lonnie was pushing then, guiding her phallus with one hand and pressing down on the small of my back with the other.

"It's okay…Just relax…" Lonnie was trying to reassure me, but I'd never been fucked before.

I'd never even been really fingered, except by myself. My hymen had long been broken, I knew that, but I was still pretty small down there, pretty tight, and that dildo seemed huge right then. My pussy just didn't know what to do and I was holding my breath, and it was uncomfortable more than painful. 

I just kept looking at Lonnie though, my head turned so I could watch her as she watched me, pushing her cock inside me a little, then pulling it back some. She did that over and over and pretty soon my pussy knew what to do. It started feeling better and I relaxed a bit and that helped even more, and then we were fucking. 

Lonnie leaned over me driving that cock as far inside me as it would go, just so she could kiss me. It was awkward and fun and I just sort of collapsed beneath her with a squeal of pleasure. The girl was straddling my thighs then, as I lay on the rough carpet, and she was grinding me as much as fucking me. Lonnie didn't move that dildo in and out so much as back and forth, or maybe side to side too. I was grinding back as much as I could and her sweet little tongue was wriggling in my mouth.She'd spank me too, which I didn't mind at all. Lonnie would ram that big fake cock inside me so that my whole body rocked forward, and then she'd give my butt a slap with her hand, the left one, or the right, and that just made it better. I was her slut now, small, shy Lonnie's slut and that was all I'd ever wanted to be. I was telling her that too, in between spankings and kisses and gasps. I was telling Lonnie that I loved her and she was smiling because she loved me too.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, while Lonnie was fucking me good, she took off her t-shirt and that made it better. We were both hot and sweaty and my nipples were being rubbed raw on the carpet and then I felt hers on my back. They were hard, like little pebbles pulled from a fire, scratching across my sensitive skin as she moved. This was what Lonnie wanted, more than anything else, she'd been dreaming of using that dildo on her girlfriend, and now she was. I was glad it was me.

I didn't cum from that cock inside me, but I did cum from being with Lonnie. After she'd satisfied herself and withdrawn the dildo slowly from my well-worn pussy, she had me lick it clean and tell her how much I loved her cock. Lonnie was going to be fucking me with it a lot, she promised, every night. And then we kissed for a long time, still on the floor and lying side by side. We made out and touched each other everywhere. Lonnie made me cum with her fingers while I kissed and nibbled at her small hard nipples. I suckled them hard and even bit them, because Lonnie told me she liked it rough like that. I could pinch and pull them, twist and bite, even chew them until they were dark and red and puffy, and Lonnie loved it.

She confessed how she was always a little self-conscious about her A cup boobs, but I was in love with them, in love with all of her, and I proved it. I was going to make sure Lonnie wouldn't ever feel bad about herself while I was her girlfriend! I went down Lonnie's body slowly, kissing and licking, and when I reached her small cunt I ate my new girlfriend as best I knew how. I licked around the girl's pussy slowly, teasing her while Lonnie smiled and sighed and giggled breathlessly. It was a game now, hardly serious one moment, and desperately intense the next, like riding the best roller coaster ever, but one built just for our hearts. 

It took us by surprise, I think, both of us, how deeply emotionally lovemaking could be. I'd imagined that sex was merely sex, and that would be pretty great anyway, but anything else was a faerie tale for romance novels. Lonnie was giving proof to that lie though, and I was very nearly in tears when we kissed and hugged and just looked into each other's eyes and smiled. When I did cry, as I finally had to, Lonnie kissed my tears away and I tasted my happiness on her lips.

It wasn't piss, but somehow it was even better.


"Come on…" Lonnie was tugging at my arm.

"Hmmm…" I blinked and it was dark outside. 

We'd moved from the floor to the bed and had a nice sixty-nine before taking a little nap in each other's arms. I remembered all of that like it was a dream, but better than a dream because I wouldn't forget it two minutes after I woke up. It was in me now, the experience a part of me, part of us, and I smiled at Lonnie and she tugged me again…Hard.


"Come on, girlfriend." Lonnie giggled and she didn't seem very much like the quiet shy girl I remembered.

"Where?" I asked, giggling and trying to wake up a little more as I moved. I felt sticky and a little… "Ow…I'm sore." …I rubbed my pussy with a little frown.

"Your room…" Lonnie grinned at me.

"What? Why?" I was at least on my feet and Lonnie was grabbing me a towel.

"Wrap this around you." She had a bathrobe for herself, one of those thin cotton Japanese sort of house coats with kanji all over it.

"Lonnie!" I giggled.

"I need to pee!" She made a little face.

"Oh." I blinked at her and then I smiled. "Okay…So right here…"

"Not in my room!" Lonnie giggled. "Your room is the bathroom, my room is the bedroom…Come on."

"Our bedroom?" I laughed at that and Lonnie was giggling, a sound I'd never get tired of in a million years.

"You're my girlfriend, right…" She shook her head impatiently. "…I really gotta go."

"Okay, okay…" I stuck my tongue out a little, but I was moving quickly too. I really wanted to drink her.

I suppose we must have looked a little funny, having just rolled out of bed after a whole afternoon of sex and a quick nap afterwards. I was definitely sticky, and walking a little funny, sort of hoping that big dildo hadn't busted anything. I felt a little rearranged, if you know what I mean, way down deep. Plus, all I had was a purple bath town wrapped around my boobs, so it barely covered my ass, and Lonnie looked seriously well fucked. I mean she looked sexy with her black hair mussed up and her skin pink, she had a real post-coital afterglow…Isn't that a cool phrase? When I start my rock ‘n roll band…Never mind…

So yeah, some people looked at us like we were from another planet. Pissie the lesbian slut coming out of Lonnie's room? Most people didn't even notice Lonnie, I was sure, but they were missing out. They noticed her now though and she ignored them. For being rather quiet and new to the whole out of the closet lesbian thing, Lonnie was pretty bold. I was actually sorta proud of her, if that makes sense, and I was glad she was my girlfriend.

"Pissy…I was looking all over for…Oh…Hi Lonnie…" Carla was right by my door like she was waiting for me, but she wasn't. It was just good timing.

"Hi!" I giggled.

Lonnie didn't say anything, which was pretty normal for her actually and Carla really didn't expect her to say much anyway.

"Are you…I mean, is Lonnie going to, um…You know…" Carla giggled nervously, but she was always kind of shy talking about what we did around the dorm for some reason.

"I'm Lonnie's girlfriend now." I said, as if that would explain anything and I was opening my door.

"Do you want to watch?" Lonnie asked Carla, surprising her I think. It surprised me.

"You're going to pee?" Carla looked down at Lonnie, who was a whole lot smaller than she was.

"She's my piss slut now." Lonnie said and she stared up at Carla like maybe Carla would have something to say about that.

"Oh." Carla narrowed her eyes a little. "Can we still uh, you know, use her?"

"Well see." Lonnie nodded. "But right now I really have to pee, so…"

"Yeah, uh…Kay…" Carla didn't know what to say and I was just giggling. 

It was kinda cool for me; I mean the way they talked like I wasn't even there. That might have bothered some girls I suppose, but I was a genuine piss slut, so why would it bother me? I seriously did hope Lonnie would let my friends use me though, I really liked it a lot, but it was up to her now. I wasn't like Lonnie's slave or anything, but being a girlfriend does carry with it certain responsibilities, don't you think?

"Here…" I was moving quickly because I didn't want to keep Lonnie waiting, plus I was totally dying to know what her piss tasted like.

I grabbed a couple towels and took hers off, and laid down on the floor on top of them, figuring that would be easiest and best maybe, but I didn't know what Lonnie liked yet. She might have wanted to do it standing up or something. Lonnie wasn't complaining though and Carla was right behind her, closing the door and leaning against it so she could watch.

"Like this?" Lonnie was asking me softly, kneeling over my head and lowering her pussy to my mouth and I just nodded a little.

Lonnie's pussy was small, just like the rest of her. Proportional I guess, and I liked it a lot. I especially loved her tiny lips, I swear, Lonnie's pussy really did look like a little girl's, just because her labia were thin and barely there outside her slit. Her clit was just a little bump too, but I'd already found out how sensitive it was. Lonnie's clit was extremely tender once she was going and after awhile Lonnie had made me stop licking it, simply because it had started to hurt her almost.

But now her clit was hiding and I pushed my tongue against Lonnie's little hole, easing the tip inside and splitting her easily, and just as I pressed my open mouth against Lonnie's skin, she started letting loose with her bladder. Hot salty urine flooded my mouth and it wasn't too bitter at all, just perfect I thought. Tasty and tangy without being overpowering the way Suzy's could be after some Thai curry. Lonnie's was delicious and I swallowed as fast as I could.

Lonnie moaned softly, looking down at me with her big brown eyes wide open, holding her breath and sucking her tummy in a little, or trying to. I think that's really almost impossible when you pee. And she had her fingers on her sex, on her soft Venus mound, like pulling it up a little so she could see better what I was doing. Her piss filled my tummy and whatever I couldn't swallow ran down my flushed cheeks and chin and neck, into my hair and into the towels I was laying on. 

It was a lot of pee and I was mouthing her cunt while Lonnie let it go. I had my tongue inside her, playing it across her urethral hole and the hot urine spraying out of it. I was tickling and sucking her, my hands around her thighs while I squeezed my own legs together. I wanted to touch myself, to make myself cum while I drank my new girlfriend's piss, but I wanted to touch Lonnie even more. I was bathing in her piss and proving to the girl that I really was her piss slut. I'd do this whenever and wherever Lonnie wanted.

"Ohhh…God…Lick it…Now…Yeah…" Lonnie was done pissing and I was cleaning her.

This was the part my friends liked the most, and probably Lonnie would too. I didn't mind. I loved sucking a pissy cunt. It was like being in heaven, tasting the remains of Lonnie's pee mixing with her fresh sex juices as they began to flow. I was going to bring her off good. This was our first time doing it, and I wanted Lonnie to like it as much as I did.

"Ooops…Hey!" Carla said suddenly. 

I turned my head as much as I could, which wasn't all that much, and saw that Carla had been rubbing her pussy while she watched. She had been wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, but the pants were off now and Carla had her right hand inside her black panties. But she was a little off balance right then, since Heather had pushed my door open without any warning at all.

"Oh! Sorry…Is Pissy…Oh…" Heather blinked at us, clearly not expecting to see Lonnie riding my face.

"There's a line." Carla said, kind of sarcastically.

"Uh, well…Alright…" Heather said and then she giggled as she stepped into my room, giving Carla's hand-filled panties a little look.

"Pissy is Lonnie's girlfriend now." Carla told Heather, as if that would make sense.

"Lonnie's a lesbian?" Heather's eyes got kind of big and she looked at Lonnie, who was pointedly looking down at me.

"I guess so." Carla laughed.

"Yeah, well..." Heather nodded. "You know what they sa-ay…Hey Watch it!"

Heather was shoved suddenly as my door opened and of course it had to be Suzy.

"Hey guys…Where's Pissy? Oh my God…Lonnie?" Suzy laughed. 

"You have to take a number." Carla giggled. 

"What?" Suzy narrowed her eyes. "You guys are waiting for the bathroom?"

"Well, duh!" Heather laughed at her friend.

"Oh, man! I gotta pee bad!" Suzy protested.

"What do they say, anyway?" Carla asked Heather, who hadn't gotten to finish her thought.

"What? Oh…It's the quiet one's you have to watch." Heather nodded sagely.

"What?" Carla laughed. "You're so weird."

"Can I go next?" Suzy asked. "Please?"

"No way." Carla shook her head. "I've been waiting fifteen minutes."

"I've been waiting five." Heather shrugged.

"Ohhh…" Suzy made a face and bounced a little on her heels with frustration.

I was little too busy to pay anymore attention to them though, since Lonnie was cumming nicely and that was all I really cared about for the moment. She was rocking her hips and rolling her cute little ass in tight circles, and just flooding my mouth suddenly with her orgasm. She had her fingers in my pissy damp hair, holding me against her, like I was gonna go anywhere? Heh! And Lonnie was gasping with sweet high pitched squeaks. They seriously turned me on.

"Ohhh…Whew…Uh…Next…" Lonnie actually giggled and her body was flushed pink and she was about as un-shy looking as a girl could be. This was like the new Lonnie and it was surprising my friends.

"Was it good, Lonnie?" Carla grinned and she was peeling off her panties quick.

"Yeah." Lonnie sighed and she was moving to sit on my bed so she could watch our three dorm mates use me like the piss slut I was.

"Carla…Please?" Suzy had to go so bad it was almost funny and I giggled at her as I licked my lips.

"Oh, good grief…Fine…" Carla sighed. "…But you better be quick, Suzy, we all have to use the toilet."

"Thanks, oh God you saved my life!" Suzy sighed happily.

She was wearing sort of a long skirt, like an Indian wrap thing from India, all tie-dyed and pretty, and Suzy was out of it quick, peeling her yellow thong down and it was a little spotted with pee maybe, but there wasn't a lot of thong there to spot anyway.

"Hmmm…This is a good time to talk about using my piss slut, maybe." Lonnie said, having caught her breath finally, and that almost stopped Suzy in her tracks, but not quite.

"What?" Heather stared at Lonnie, as did Carla and Suzy, but Suzy was getting on my mouth too.

"She's my girlfriend." Lonnie said in her soft, quiet voice. "So she's my piss slut."

"Well…That's not fair." Heather frowned.

"Yeahhhhhh…." Suzy sighed as she let go of her bladder.

She didn't care where she pissed, as usual, Suzy just liked to make a mess, especially now that she had an audience. That was seriously turning Suzy on. I was moving my mouth, my whole head really, trying to keep my lips around Suzy's pussy, but she was moving around a lot, giggling and teasing me, talking like always too, and it was hard to keep up. I was getting seriously soaked and I started thinking we should have moved this to the real bathroom. I'd have to do some serious cleaning later.

"Get your tongue in my hole, Slut!" Suzy laughed. "Fuck my piss…Wear it…God, you're a slut!"

"Pissie should make up her own mind." Heather was saying, being the self-appointed spokeswoman for the three girls.

"I'm not forcing her to do anything." Lonnie shook her head. "I'm her girlfriend though and we sort of get jealous about things like this…" Lonnie looked over at me sucking Suzy's cunt and I caught her smile out of the corner of my eye.

"Uh, well…Okay…" Even Heather had to agree that Lonnie had a right to get a little jealous about her girlfriend eating pussy and drinking pee not her own.

"Lick my pee hole now…Suck on it, Pissy…Clean it good, potty mouth!" Suzy was having a lot of fun with me.

"So, I just think that if you want to keep using Pissie then it would be better if I got something out of it too." Lonnie said in a reasonable voice as she rubbed her clit gently.

"What? You mean like…Pay for it?" Carla asked her.

"No, just do my chores for me, how about that?" Lonnie offered.

"Chores, huh?" Heather seemed to consider it.

"Oh, fuck me…Make me…Ugh!…Cum…Goooooood…!!" Suzy was giving me a little flood of juices now, grinding herself against my pissy face.

"There's three of you and just one of me, so…" Lonnie was smiling, I could hear it. "…It's just one extra chore every three days, maybe less if other girls want to use Pissie too."

All the girls in the dorm were assigned something to do everyday, sort of a rotational thing, like vacuuming the living room, or taking out the trash, helping Patty cook, or clean up the kitchen after a meal. It was all easy and not very time consuming anyway. Having to do two things every third day, well, how bad could that be? They'd get to use me as often as they wanted, within reason I supposed. Lonnie would have to set some time aside just for us, I hoped.

"What about Pissie's chores?" Heather asked.

"Oh, I don't want her to get spoiled." Lonnie giggled. "Besides, Patty will probably just assign Pissie to keep her bathroom clean."

"Yeah, that could be a fulltime job by itself." Carla laughed.

It sounded like a good plan to me. My goal was to drink piss from every single girl in my dorm before the end of the school year, some of them were bound to like it and come back for more, and it would be kind of nice not having any chores at all. Except keeping my bedroom...I mean my bathroom clean. It was real incentive, even though I didn't really need it. Lonnie was going to be a super cool girlfriend, I could tell already. But right then I was getting ready for Carla, who was going to pee nice and slow so I wouldn't miss a drop. Not that it mattered after the bath Suzy had given me!

"I guess we can do that." Heather agreed finally. "Right?" 

She looked at her two friends and Suzy was just trying to breath after I'd drank what seemed like a quart of her cum and piss all mixed together. My little tummy was full and I still had two girls left! But she nodded, Suzy did, and even managed a breathless giggle, reaching down to give her hard clit a little tweak.

"Yeah, fuck yeah…" Carla was agreeing too, as I drank her slow stream of hot urine. She had really excellent bladder control, as always, but Heather was going to be waiting awhile before she could use my mouth. Carla always took her sweet time.

I guessed those girls were just going to have to get used to it though. I had a real girlfriend now!