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Mother's Little Helper


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Mother's Little Helper
by rache

~Chapter Five~



I needed a snort of that coke and I had it before I even left the driveway, promptly backing into our mailbox two minutes later. That made me laugh and swear and try it again. That pill hadn't been enough. Two pills and a hit of coke, now two hits, it wasn't enough. Not for a day like the one I was having and I wasn't in a mood for more family court in my kitchen.

"Fuck him." I shook my head, driving slowly because I knew I was fucked up.

I went to Gary's house, but found it dark and empty, like he'd said it would be and I frowned. I wanted to be with someone who didn't care. Who didn't have a family. Who could just help me relax, and thinking all that, it made me wonder why I'd thought of Gary. I wanted him to have sex with me, probably. I frowned at that thought too. Gary was an asshole. I hated him. So why had I come to his place? Because he'd give me more coke and then have sex with me, call me a whore and humiliate me and not give a shit about my problems. 

The only other place I had to go was the first place I would have gone, if I'd been in my right mind. I drove to Stacy's because that's what best friends are for. If I couldn't fuck my drug dealer's cock, I'd cry on my best friend's shoulder. It was all the same, right? I giggled at that. Fucking and crying, what's the difference? I did them both at the same time nowadays. I could afford to take another pill anyway, because Stacy would have some. She took them too, although I didn't know why. Her life seemed perfect compared to mine.

Maybe perfection is its own form of hell. That was another funny thought and I started admiring my own cleverness as that pill dissolved slowly in my tummy. I'd be in a fine mood once I got to Stacy's condo. Too fine for crying. Those pills were great. I just wished they lasted longer. After more than a month of taking them, it seemed like they weren't as strong as they'd been in the beginning. I wondered briefly if Gary was giving me the right ones, but no, they were the same pills. It's just that my life had gotten more stressful. That's what it had to be, I was sure. Too much stress for one little pill, or even two.

"Gina?" Stacy opened the door with a curious smile.

"Hi." I made a little face. "Bad time?"

"What? No…Come on in. What's wrong?" She let me into her place and it was comfortable, if a tad small compared to my home. It was just her and her cat anyway, the occasional boyfriend maybe. Stacy didn't have a family to anchor her down.

She was an attractive woman, my own age, but looking five years younger. Stacy hadn't given birth to three kids either though. That was a big plus in her favor, even though most people wouldn't guess that I was a mother at first glance. At least not if I dressed nicely and made up a bit more than usual, otherwise I had to admit that I did look like the middle-aged soccer mom I really was. 

Not Stacy though. She was tall, maybe five ten or so, an inch or two taller than me anyway, with dark brown hair. She liked to put some red in it, giving her an auburn look that went well with the woman's green eyes and wonderful skin tone. She looked like she had an early summer tan, not brown, but getting there, and I'd envied that about her, because I'm so pale by comparison. Stacy's body was firm and she had the luxury of being single, so she could afford the time it took to stay in shape. I was blessed with good genes and a frantic pace, which combined to keep me fit and trim.

I told her the whole story over a glass of white wine, which made me very giddy, much like that the tequila had the night previously. Those little green pills didn't like alcohol very much, or liked it too well perhaps. Either way, by the time my crying was done, along with my wine, I felt very little pain at all.

"Let's go out tonight," Stacy suggested. "Drink, dance, and throw our worries away."

"Right!" I giggled and rolled my eyes. "I was out last night, remember?"

"So? There's no rule says you can't have fun two nights in a row."

"Ohhhh…Little do you know!" I grinned. "That is a new rule, one of Jack's."

"Really?" Stacy laughed. "Well…Rules were meant to be broken, then."

"Nah, I shouldn't." I shook my head, fighting for sanity. "I need to get home and see my kids."

"Oh, they're not going anywhere." She waved that idea away. "Come on, we'll just have a little fun. I'll have you home by midnight."

"I'm not even dressed for it!" I protested. 

"I have clothes! Don't worry, we'll fix you up."

"You're a bad influence, Stace," I surrendered with a sigh.

"I know." She wrinkled her nose at me.

Stacy did have a large wardrobe and we were close enough to the same size that I did alright shopping her closet. I wore a pair of pink short-shorts, of all things, and I laughed as I buttoned them closed, turning this way and that in front of the fashion mirror attached to the back of her bedroom door.

"God! Look me, I have a butt!" I grinned and my ass looked nice and I knew it, but usually I had to hide it away under soccer mom clothes.

"You have some legs too!" Stacy grinned. She went for a modest black skirt and matching top, decorated with scarlet roses around her full breasts.

"Yeah." I agreed, smoothing perfumed body lotion along my calves and thighs. I had awesome legs and a gorgeous ass. It didn't even hurt anymore, not after the wine. "Amazing."

I wore a white halter top, a nice one, showing some good cleavage and just a hint of dark nipple as a bra would be wasted beneath it. I borrowed Stacy's makeup and brushed my blonde hair, pulling it back in a loose ponytail and I actually looked twenty-five again, or maybe twenty-six. A college grad student, that's what I looked like, and it was a real contrast from my whorish appearance the night before. I looked almost innocent.

"Hmmm…The boys are gonna love you, Gina," Stacy decided and I laughed, giving her a shake of my head.

"We're not looking for boys, okay?" I said.

"Right, sure," she agreed too easily. "Men only!"

"What? No! Not men either." I laughed. "I'm married."

"Oh, leave your rings here…Or just the wedding band, leave your engagement ring on. Guys like that."

"What?" I rolled my eyes.

"I swear, if they think you're getting married, they're desperate to fuck you." Stacy giggled. "Well, they're desperate anyway, but you know what I mean."

"No, I don't." I shook my head. "I don't wanna know either. I'll leave my rings on."

"Suit yourself," she shrugged. "Did you wear them last night?"

"I didn't do anything last night," I said. "I was a good girl."

"Uh-huh." It was Stacy's turn to roll her eyes.

"I swear! Come on." I frowned. "Are we going or not?"

"Oh, now I'm holding you back?" She laughed at me. "Yeah, we're going."

Stacy drove and I just sat back, enjoying the ride, enjoying my buzz. She drove a sports car, a little red corvette, and that reminded me of Jack suddenly. I frowned, feeling the sting of guilt deep in my tummy and I wondered what I was doing. I loved him, I knew that. I hadn't been acting like it though, nor had I been feeling it for some reason. All I'd been able to see lately were his faults and I looked for reasons to blame him for whatever might be bothering me at any given moment. 

I knew that and I understood it, but not the reasons why and so I didn't know how to change it. Going out with Stacy though, that wasn't going to change anything. I was suddenly filled with love for the man and that was probably the drugs and wine, but it felt real. It felt like it used to and my heart ached. I wanted to tell Stacy to take us back home, or just to take me home. I looked good and I could make Jack feel good, like he deserved. That's what would change me; get me out of this weird emotional funk I was in regarding my husband. Spending more time with him.

But we were already downtown, already at the dance club and I blinked with some surprise as I realized Stacy had brought me to the same club that Gary had the night previous. I swallowed hard and felt a little paranoid for some reason, like I was revisiting the scene of a crime. Begging to get caught. I wondered if my best friend had brought me her for any specific reason. Like maybe Stacy knew what I'd been up to, but that was ridiculous and I pushed it away with a forced smile.

"Have you been here before?" I asked Stacy.

"Hmmm? Oh yeah, all the time." She smiled back. "It's my favorite."

"Oh." I shrugged at that as the valet opened my door.


The club was exactly as I remembered, like I'd never left, except I was with Stacy now instead of Gary. Her intention, obviously, was to get picked up by a guy and while I'd been unwilling to admit the same, just the fact that I was there seemed proof of my own willingness to cheat on my husband. Still, I liked pretending that I wasn't interested and even telling myself that same thing, working hard to rationalize what I was doing. I was just keeping Stacy company, that's all. Just having fun, nothing more. I'd have a couple drinks and watch people dance. I wasn't up to no good. I wasn't looking to hook up with a strange man for a one night stand. I was just there.

I lied to myself so well that I even believed it for a little while, sitting alone while Stacy danced with a couple different men. I'd turned down three offers and one of those guys had been a serious hunk, making my knees knock under the table. But I'd remembered my husband, seriously, and told them all thanks, but no thanks. I felt quite proud of myself by then and thought I'd finally found the answer. After tonight, I'd go home and love my husband again. Everything would be fine, if I could just stay high all the time.

"Hi. You're sitting all alone!" A fourth man appeared, setting a drink down in front of me, a White Russian, I thought.

"Hey, yeah…Um…" I was ready to say goodbye, even though he was very decent looking, in a Clark Kent sort of way. Like Superman with glasses.

"We should dance. Come on." He had a great smile too. Perfect teeth.

"Oh, no." I shook my head and gave him my best apologetic smile. "I'm, uh...waiting for someone. I don't want to dance."

"Okay, well…" He shrugged, bending at the waist so we didn't have to talk quite so loud over the throbbing music. "How about a little blow then?"

"Excuse me?" I widened my eyes at the guy. Who did he think he was, asking me for a blowjob like that?

"Huh? A little coke?" he said, not understanding why I looked so shocked. "You want to do a some with me?"

"Oh." I gasped, finding my breath again. I blinked rapidly and felt my face turning red. "I thought you meant…Oh, yeah…Never mind what I thought!"

"What?" He chuckled and smiled with amusement as he caught up. "Oh no! No…God! I wasn't…Can we start again?"

"Yeah, maybe." I nodded, having managed to embarrass us both.

"I'm Lance." He put out his well manicured hand. "Would you like to dance with me?"

"Hi. I'm Gina and no, thank you," I replied with a giggle. "I don't really want to dance."

"Okay." He rubbed the back of my hand with his thumb, putting his mouth close to my ear. "Would you like to snort some cocaine with me, Gina?"

"Uh…" I hadn't decided on that yet. I wanted to say no, I really did, but a hit of coke would feel so good right then.

"Come on. We have a booth, we can do some there," he suggested. "Nobody will see."

He tugged gently at my fingers, coaxing me to my feet and I shrugged and smiled, standing up slowly and leaving my purse along with my drinks at the table. Stacy's stuff was there anyway.

"Okay," I agreed. "Just a little."

He led me towards the wall, where the booths were, and he had friends, a pair of twenty-something guys like Lance. They were half drunk and smiling, making room for us. I ended up in the middle, of course, with Lance to my left and Derek on my right. He was blonde and blue and smelled like peppermint for some reason. On the other side of him sat Ron, a tall, well-built black guy. He was bald, which looked surprisingly good. I'd never met a bald guy before.

"Yeah, now we're having a party!" Ron grinned at me and I smiled. Lance was getting his coke out and that's all I was really interested in.

"You're married, huh?" Derek asked me, gesturing at my left hand.

"Yeah," I ssaid with a self-conscious smile. "Married."

"Cool," he nodded. "Where's your husband?"

"Oh…" I giggled nervously and I didn't really want to be reminded of him just then. "He's watching the kids."

"Kids too?" Derek laughed.

"Shit, that's a cool old man you got." Ron chuckled, leaning over his friend. "Let a woman like you out of his sight."

"Oh, yeah. He trusts me." I shrugged, not knowing what else to say.

"Here you go, just turn a little…" Lance said, holding a small metal tin, an Altoids box with several short lines inside it. 

He gave me a rolled up hundred, probably wanting to impress me and it had been taped that way, like it was his permanent coke straw. That made me smile and I turned away from the club, bending over like I'd lost something in the cushions. I did the two lines real quickly.

"Ummm…" I blinked rapidly, rubbing my nose with my thumb and sniffing.

"Good huh?" Lance grinned and I felt every hair on my body suddenly standing on end as that coke hit me.

"She likes it," Derek said with a smile. His left hand found my right thigh, stroking me slowly, sliding way up the inside because those shorts were extremely short.

"Here, take a hit on this now," Ron insisted. He held a glass to my mouth, reaching across Derek.

"Head back…" Lance grinned as he put his coke away.

I had no idea what was going on. That coke hammered my brain and I just tilted my head and let Ron pour into my open mouth. It was vodka, like a double shot flavored with pepper, and I had a real mouthful, swallowing hard and then gasping as it burned all the way down.

"Good huh?" Ron asked. "That's real Stoli there."

"Shit, that stuff's for wimps," Derek scoffed. "Try this one…"

"Wha…Ommphh…" He poured another drink between my lips, his other hand lifting gently at the bottom of my chin so I'd look up.

"Quervo Gold all the way from Mexico!" he told me as I gulped it down.

"Oh God…" I opened my mouth wide, breathing because it almost hurt, that alcohol burning all the way down to my tummy.

"Here, try mine…" Lance said and I shook my head, feeling like I'd fallen onto a merry-go-round. I flashed hot and cold and a violent shiver went up my spine.

"Open up, Gina," Derek insisted and I found myself swallowing a double shot of Bacardi Dark, spilling half of it as I tried to swallow while Lance poured.

"Oh, she made a mess!" Lance said and I felt his hand on my halter, stained now with rum, and he massaged my left tit through the spandex.

"No…That's enough…Oh, God," I breathed.

I looked around in a daze. The guys were talking to me, all of them at once it seemed like and I couldn't understand what they were saying. Derek kept playing with my leg while Lance worked on my tits, moving his hand back and forth between them. Even Ron started touching me, leaning over so he could feel my bare stomach beneath my top, working his black fingers along the waistband of my shorts.

"I'm fucked up," I said seriously and they thought that was pretty funny.

"Another round!" One of them said and I barely realized what was happening until Lance pressed another glass to my lips.

More rum, followed by tequila and vodka. I drank some and spilled some, giggling as Derek licked the alcohol off my exposed nipples. They'd pulled my top down and I tried to protest, but Lance covered my mouth with his and pushed a mouthful of rum across my tongue. I had no choice but to swallow as he made out with me in the middle of the club. I even spread my legs, giving Ron's fingers a chance to rub my pussy through my shorts and I didn't know if it felt good or not. I was numb all over.

At some point I looked around for Stacy, but I couldn't find her. I wanted to get my purse too, but we were going the wrong way, I realized. Why were we going the wrong way? Why were we going anywhere? I wanted to ask and maybe I did ask, I can't remember. The coke and the green I'd swallowed a few hours before, the drinks…A glass of wine. A rum and coke with Stacy that I'd been nursing. Then...How many double shots of vodka, tequila and rum? Was that right? No wonder I was a mess. I laughed and stumbled as they held me up, trying to tell those guys I shouldn't be there. I should go home.

"I'm married," I said, I think when Lance was opening the door to the hotel room, but maybe it was before that, or after that.

I remember laughing; laying on the bed and watching Ron tug my shorts down my legs. They seemed very long, like ten feet long and he seemed so far away. I laughed and watched him and then I couldn't see him anymore. All I could see was a big cock standing out stiffly with a pair of hairy balls swinging beneath it. Someone, Lance, was straddling my head as I lay there, bringing his cock to my mouth and urging me to open up for him.

He had it in his hand and slapped my closed lips with it, hot and heavy, thumping on my chin and mouth like he was knocking on the door. I did open, smiling and thinking this was so weird. I wasn't gonna do any of this. I wanted to go home and see my husband. I wanted to love him, but I was here and I didn't even know where here was, or how I'd gotten there. It had to be a dream, but it felt so real. I almost didn't want to wake up.

"Oh yeah…Gina…Suck it, baby," Lance groaned as he pushed his average sized cock into my mouth. It wasn't large or small, just average and I took most of him before I ran out of room.

"Mmmphhh…" I moaned around the dick in my mouth as I felt something big and hard and very thick pushing into my sex.

I didn't know who that was until I heard Derek urging Ron to fuck me good. He felt huge and I reached down, between my wide spread thighs to feel the shaft of his black cock. It really was huge, I thought. I couldn't see it, but I could feel it, and how long it might be I had no idea, but the man's girth was considerable.

He made me jerk and wriggle my ass, trying to get comfortable as that cock split me wide open. I could feel my pussy resisting him, struggling to stretch around the man. I wasn't very wet either and it hurt a little, my pussy being rubbed raw it seemed as I was much too sensitive to anything right then. I grew moist quickly though and as it began to feel better, I started sucking Lance the way he wanted me too. My cunt was stretched now, opened wide and getting juicy. Ron's precum began flowing to ease his passage and I found myself enjoying it finally. I moved my legs, wrapping them around the man I couldn't see, locking my ankles at the small of his back and pulling him into me.

I washed Lance's cock eagerly, finding myself suddenly aroused by what they were doing to me. My heart had already been beating fast, but now it was like a freight train speeding down a mountain, driving drug and alcohol filled blood to my feverish brain. I had my hands on Lance's ass, feeling him smooth and warm, squeezing his round, muscular cheeks and pulling his cockhead into my throat as I opened for him. His balls settled against my chin and he groaned with delight, holding his cock deep while I felt his pubes tickly my flattened nose.

A moment later I felt the third guy, Derek, taking my right hand away from his friend and putting it on his hard cock as he knelt nearby. I wrapped my fingers around it, squeezing him and jerking the man off slowly while I fucked and sucked his two friends. Time meant very little then and things blurred together. I had no control over what we were doing. I could have been a blow-up sex doll for all the willpower I had. Whatever the three men wanted to do with me I accepted without any complaint whatsoever.

Ron came inside me, stabbing his cock so far into my stretched cunt that I felt him punch my cervix. Like a fist in the gut, his generous prick knocked the air out of my lungs, making me shudder with an orgasm brought on by the pain as much as the pleasure. I'd never been fucked like that in my life and it really did hurt, but I was so full of other feelings that it hardly mattered. The pain went away as quickly as it had come. All I could feel after that was the black guy's hot sperm filling the depths of my pussy as he held himself deep, ejaculating with loud pleasure into a married white woman.

"Shit, I made a mess in there!" Ron announced with a chuckle. "She was tight too. That husband of hers must have a little dick."

"Or maybe she doesn't like to fuck him," Derek suggested, laughing as well. A moment later I felt his cock moving inside me. 

He was smaller than his friend, but it still felt good. Like getting a nice massage on the inside of my sore pussy, that cock of his working Ron's thick sperm around inside me. That's a special feeling all its own, believe me. I was going to cum again just from that and I was getting seriously mouth fucked by Lance just then. He leaned over me, his cock pointing down as I looked up, keeping my lips in a tight round O for him. He just moved his dick in and out of my mouth, using my face like a pussy. I'd tickle him with my tongue and stroke his thighs with my fingernails, but all he was just using my mouth to get off. 

Lance came hard and long, filling my mouth with several hard spurts before pulling out so he could finish himself on my flushed cheeks. I swallowed his slightly bitter semen while the man jerked off, painting my face white with his creamy spend. It stung my eyes and went up nose, some of it, into my hair as well. Lance had cum a lot and when he was finished, he used his cock to shovel semen into my open mouth. He wiped his shaft and cockhead across my cheeks and lips, watching me swallow whatever he could give me.

Ron took Lance's place a short while later, after they'd moved me onto my hands and knees on the bed. Derek began fucking me from behind and Ron sat down in front of me, presenting me with a cock that turned out to be only pretty big. Not huge like I'd imagined, but certainly bigger than anyone else I'd ever fucked. Thick too. More than the length, it was the thickness of that black cock that I'd really felt. My fingers wouldn't go all the way around it and I hard to stretch my lips wide just to get the swollen head and a few inches more into my mouth.

"Check out this ass, man," Derek said from behind me.

He spread the pale cheeks of my butt wide and I felt some discomfort there. I'd tried anal sex for the first time in my life the night before and the delicate tissue been torn up by Bob's eager cock. I'd been bleeding afterward and very sore inside. Apparently the guys could tell as they laughed at my raw, red asshole.

"This bitch likes it up the ass, huh?" Lance chuckled and I started to lift my head, because even high as I was right then, I didn't want anything up my butt!

"Don't stop, wifey," Ron told me, putting his hands on my head and keeping my face impaled on his thick black cock. "Keep sucking me off. Yeah, I bet your husband's missing this tonight, huh?"

"Mmphhh…" I moaned in protest as I felt a finger being pushed against my anus, forcing my tender sphincter to open up and let it in.

I rocked my hips, trying to tell them no, but Lance and Derek took it as an invitation and I felt Derek pulling out of me. The guys were moving like they were playing musical chairs or something. Musical Gina and everyone would get a comfortable seat but me.

"Yeah, get underneath," Derek told his friend. "You do her pussy. I'll do her in the ass."

I pushed against the bed with my hands, determined to get my mouth off that cock and say something, but it was useless. I wasn't strong enough and maybe all that fight was just in my head anyway. I couldn't trust my body at all and it seemed like what I wanted and what I was doing were two different things.

Lance got beneath me and they moved my body so that I could ride his once again stiff cock. I felt him sliding easily into my well-fucked hole and that was pretty good. I gave up even the idea of resistance at that point, working instead to make Ron's cock throb under my tongue as I concentrated on the smooth glans. I rode Lance for a few minutes like that, grinding my cunt down and around him, and then I felt another set of hands holding my hips, wanting me to be still.

That was Derek, suddenly forcing his slippery penis inside my asshole and I groaned loudly, making muffled sounds of pain as he stretched my already wounded ass around him. I jerked and struggled briefly, but I was caught helplessly between those three men, all of them big and strong and determined to fuck me all at once. Lance's cock was buried to the hilt in my cunt and after a minute of steady pressure, Derek slid balls deep into my asshole, my rectum burning then with the pain of being stretched once more.

They started fucking me together slowly, working in tandem to find a rhythm that would feel best for all of them and in truth, it felt pretty good for me too, despite the pain. I was stuffed full of cock now, taking three men at once in all of my holes like a real whore and my fuzzy brain seemed to relish the idea. I was completely filled, doing three guys and they knew it. That was the real kick inside. They knew what a slut I was, a married woman taking three strangers like that.

I was fucked up, yeah, and they'd fed me coke and drinks on purpose, just to get me into their hotel room, but I'd gone to that club in the first place. I'd gone looking for it, or something not so different. That's what those guys were thinking and that knowledge turned me on the most. I started cumming, through the pain and pleasure and humiliation I felt. I was cumming hard while those men used me and that seemed like the biggest betrayal of all. My husband wasn't ever going to forgive me for this.

They all came inside me at least three times each. Ron didn't try and fuck my ass though, for which I was grateful. He just wanted to dump his load in my pussy, especially after he made me confess that I wasn't protected. He thought that was seriously funny. Derek and Lance both came in my pussy as well, and both of them in my ass and mouth. I felt worn out, bruised and sore all over by the time they were done with me. I had bruises and bites on my shoulders and throat, especially on my hips and thighs from where someone had been holding me, Lance I think, while he'd fucked my ass. He'd been digging his fingers into me hard.

My breasts had love bites on them, especially around my nipples. Dark hickeys that Ron had given me while I rode his big cock. He'd bitten and chewed my skin, deliberately marking me so my husband would know, and those wouldn't go away for days, maybe a week. My asshole was bleeding again. I stumbled into the bathroom and wiped my ass with some tissue and it came away streaked with crimson blood floating in the dirty semen. I was coming down though and I had no idea what time it might be. I took a shower, Derek joining me and determined to fuck me one last time, but he took too long and couldn't cum. He finally gave up with a disappointed laugh and pissed on my pussy before leaving me alone.

I got dressed slowly, while the guys watched me, talking between themselves like they'd just conquered the world. They weren't talking to me at all and I felt deeply ashamed by then. I wasn't so high anymore and I knew what they'd done to me. What I'd let them do. I felt like crying and I wanted a pill desperately. That's what I needed, another pill and some more coke, but I didn't even have my purse. All I had was my shoes, panties, shorts, and a halter top stained with rum. I didn't even have a hairbrush.


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