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Just Plain Jane 03 ~ Initiation Gang-Bang


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Codes: F+/M, F/F, Romance, Reluctant, Oral, Cheating, Masturbation, Creampie
Synopsis: When Janey is assigned to find the Initiation Stud for a sorority gang-bang, the college sophomore has little choice but to recruit the only stud she knows -- Her boyfriend!


Initiation Gang-Bang
by Just Plain Jane

I sat sullen with discontent behind the wheel of my Jaguar XKE, an old convertible that my father had bought me for a high school graduation present. It was forest green, with a cream colored leather interior and a wonderfully powerful 12-cylander engine that demanded a tune-up every other month, but I loved that car. It was everything I wasn't. Sleek and sexy, pretentious and posh, and the envy of every other student on campus. A few of the professors, too. When people saw me driving by, I knew what they were thinking -- A plain Jane like me didn't deserve a car like that.

That's not why I was unhappy, but it is a pretty good metaphor. See, my boyfriend was the same way. Robert was tall, dark, and handsome and not just because I loved him, any girl will say that about the man she's going to marry, if only to be polite. No, he really was the hottest guy at college. He had a strong, muscular body that begged to be licked, kissed, caressed, and nibbled. His perfect ass might have been chiseled out of marble, but soft and warm at the same time. Broad shoulders and narrow hips, a washboard stomach, and just enough hair on his chest to hold the damp musk of his sweaty arousal and give a girl something to play with after a long evening of sex.

And Robert knew all about sex. Like a porn star, he didn't fuck a girl for two or three or ten minutes at a time. The man had been having sex his whole life, or so it seemed, and he could go for hours. As if God had decided one boring Thursday afternoon to create the ultimate expression of male glory, Robert had been blessed with beautiful sapphire eyes, a strong jaw and aquiline nose, and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps if he wasn't careful. A girl could get hurt if he gave her a look when she wasn't prepared for it.

She could get hurt riding his cock, too. A man like Robert, so perfect in every other detail, wouldn't suffer average in the penis department. His cock was six inches long when soft, and nearly eleven inches when angered. His balls were proportional, large and heavy with potent sperm as they hung low in a silky soft scrotum lightly furred with black pubic hair. My boyfriend was the complete package and he even came with a personality that belied his physical beauty. Robert wasn't a stuck-up asshole, although I sometimes wished he was. No, he was friendly and considerate, a genuine nice guy with a sort of empathy for women. He didn't know what we were thinking, but he certainly knew what we were feeling.

"You're mad at me, huh?" he sighed. "Look, Janey. You know I love you. You're the only girl in the whole world for me. I don't want anyone else."

"That's what you keep saying," I sighed.

"Come on." He smiled, but not too much, and slipped his left arm around my shoulders. "You knew when we started dating what I'm like. I've never lied about it, have I?"

"You're a slut," I told him, shrugging at his hand. He squeezed my shoulder, gently coaxing me closer.

"I know," he said. "I'm a cheating slut who can't keep his dick in his pants, but I always come back to you. Don't I? Huh?"

"Stop smiling at me," I told him with a frown.

"I love you so much, Janey, and I respect you," he continued. "Nobody else makes me feel the way you do and I think you're amazing."

"But all those other girls..." I pouted, closing my eyes as Robert cradled my cheek against his chest.

"I have needs," he reminded me in a soft, plaintive voice. "My cock was made for fucking. My whole body needs sex, Janey. I can't help it. I need a real woman to make me feel good, that's all."

"And I'm not a real woman?" I made a face and my hand went to his crotch, pressing against the bulging muscle trapped in his jeans.

"Of course you are," he sighed, kissing my limp hair. "Don't say that, but you're not like other girls. You're a virgin, right? You're saving yourself for our wedding night and I don't want to spoil it for you, for either of us."

I knew what Robert really meant. I wasn't like other girls because I wasn't tall and slender and slinky. I didn't have firm, upturned tits with nipples a man could hang his hat on. My ass wasn't a pert, heart-shaped Mecca where men came to worship the Goddess of Sex. I didn't have a face that anyone would remember ten minutes after meeting me. My legs were too short, my eyes were bland, and my hair was boring. My pussy was interesting, but only because I was the only girl in my sorority with a real, live, genuine hymen and Robert really did love that about me. It was one of the biggest reasons he loved me, because he wanted to marry a woman he could respect.

"What if I wasn't a virgin?" I asked, just to put a pinch of fear into the man.

"Don't say that," he quickly replied. "Those other girls..."

"The real ones?"

"...they have gorgeous bodies, sure. They have awesome tits, full and firm, and their nipples aren't small and soft like yours, they're thick and stiff and perfect for sucking on."

"Don't forget their butts."

"Oh, yeah." He chuckled. "Real girls with real butts. Yours is okay, Janey, don't get me wrong, but a woman with a full, round ass bending over in front of me, just begging me to let her screw her tight asshole onto my cock? You can't compete with that. I wish you could, but you can't."

"I know."

"Some girls are just built to satisfy a man like me and some aren't," Robert explained. "You know, like when some long legged hottie puts her knees over my shoulders and pulls my cock into her tight, wet, pussy..."

"Especially if she's beautiful," I reminded him.

"Exactly." He nodded. "A sexy woman with a cover girl face, they don't ask a guy like me for sex. They use me, Janey. It's almost like they're raping me, you know?"

"Yeah," I sighed. "You don't have any choice."

"None at all," he whispered, staring into my eyes. "It's not that I want to fuck them, you know that. I wish I could stop myself, but I can't. When I feel her wrapped around my cock, pushing her tongue into my mouth, and scratching my back..."

"You're a slut, Robert."

"I really am," he agreed. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"I forgive you," I whispered, letting his tongue slip between the words into my mouth.

He kissed me deeply and I had no doubts about his love. That had never been a question to cloud my heart, I only wished he could control his body's desperation for pussy. Women did use him, but only because Robert let them. He didn't cruise the campus looking for sex, quite the contrary. My boyfriend tried so hard to avoid temptation, but women were drawn to him like bees to honey. It didn't seem very fair to me, but what could I do about it? We were madly in love and I'd known what I was getting myself into from the moment we'd met back in tenth grade.

"Do you want to go inside?" I asked, smiling and red-faced, and soaking my panties with girl goo after five glorious minutes of French kissing my boyfriend.

"We could skip it," Robert suggested, knowing that's what I really wanted. "How about a movie or something?"

"No." I took a deep breath. "They're waiting for us. I kind of promised we'd be there."

"Are there going to be any other boyfriends?" he wondered, eyeing the large Victorian house that served as the Lambda Pi headquarters.

"I don't think so," I admitted. "Men aren't really allowed at the initiation, but..."

"You volunteered me?" Robert made a frowny face. That's what I called it, because he looked like a petulant little boy and it always made my heart stutter. God! He was so cute like that.

"Well, they always get somebody and, uh..." I smiled sheepishly. "At least this way I'll know where you are. Right?"

"Janey..." He sighed, brushing some dirty blonde hair out of my eyes. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"I'm not sure," I teased him, feeling my tummy doing flip-flops. My nipples throbbed and my pussy seemed to be melting, it was so hot and wet inside. "Maybe you should tell me again, just to make sure."

"I'm going to show you on our wedding night," he promised, pressing his hand lightly between my thighs. "Do you want to rub yourself off on me?"

"Yeah," I breathed. "I think I'd better."

"Come here then," Robert said, chuckling softly as he lifted me out of my seat. Jesus! He was strong!

I didn't weigh very much anyway, being a petite sort of girl, but my boyfriend held me easily, setting me down so I could straddle his left thigh. Robert squeezed my butt while we kissed, pulling my panty clad crotch against his thigh while I rubbed my tits against his chest. This was the only way I could get off, the only way he'd let me orgasm when we were together, by grinding my cunt against his leg. He wouldn't risk breaking my hymen with his fingers, or even with his tongue, although I didn't think that would be possible.

I desperately wished Robert would go down on me like he did with those other girls. Heck, I wished he'd tear my panties off and fuck me, but he wouldn't do that. My virginity was precious to him, a constant reminder that I wasn't like other women. I was smart and responsible, respectable and faithful. I'd never kissed another boy, not even once, and my boyfriend loved that about me. He boasted to his friends about how much he trusted me. They knew he fucked other girls, everyone knew, but he always came home to me and that made the humiliation bearable.

"Oh yessss..." I hissed between clenched teeth as all the butterflies in my tummy seemed to explode between my legs. I clenched my thighs against Robert's, grinding my virgin pussy against him like a bitch in heat, spilling my oily cum through my panties and into the denim of his pants.

"I love it when you cum," Robert told me, hugging my shivering body to his. "Do you feel better now?"

"I think so," I breathed, smiling and then giggling with the euphoria of pleasure. "I feel so empty though. We don't have to wait. We could get married this weekend and..."

"Janey..." He kissed my wet cheeks. I liked to cry when I came. "We already told our parents we were getting married after college, remember? We can wait. The anticipation makes it better, right?"

"Sometimes," I agreed, but not always. We were sophomores and I had to look forward to three more years of waiting. "I just want to feel you inside me."

"I want to make love to you so badly it hurts," Robert said. "Sometimes I think I'll just throw you down and knock your silly ass up!"

"Oh!" I giggled and he laughed.

"But then I think about how pure and innocent you are and all I want to do is wrap you up in my arms and hold you forever."

"Kiss me a little bit more," I whispered. "Please?"

"I might not be able to control myself," he sighed. "We'd better go inside. I really need to drain my balls now."

"I could suck it for you," I offered, reaching down to give his bulge a squeeze.

"Yeah, but..." Robert shrugged. "It's not the same. I mean, it's kind of nice, Janey, but..."

"You want a real woman sucking your cock," I sighed. "Alright. Let's go inside. I know what you need."

"Just don't be mad," Robert said, kissing me again as I climbed off his wet thigh. "It's not your fault you're not beautiful."

"I know." I nodded, smiling as if I didn't care. "You love me anyway. Right?"

"You know I do!" Robert smiled back at me and even if I wasn't a real woman and couldn't satisfy him sexually, I still felt pretty good about myself.


I'd joined the Lambda Pi sorority the year previously, as an eighteen year old freshman, largely because I was Robert's girlfriend. I had no illusions about that. The Lambda Pi girls were the elite. Most of them were cheerleaders and all of them were attractive, vivacious, and popular. I was none of those things, but being engaged to a man like Robert made all the difference. It's amazing how shallow some people are, and if I'm to be honest about it, capitalizing on my boyfriend's popularity made me feel pretty shallow, too.

Robert had joined a fraternity, of course, and naturally enough, he'd joined the Alpha Omega House. They were the college jocks and Robert had been a big football player in high school, but he'd decided to give that up so he could spend more time with me. Now he was just a regular student, or as regular as a guy like him could be, and happy just to hang out with the college players. They'd accepted him anyway, because Robert had always made friends easily. People liked him a lot and so they liked me, too. Or at least they were willing to pretend they did just so they could be around my boyfriend.

That's the reason I'd volunteered to bring Robert to my sorority's initiation. My sisters had insisted on it, actually, because they traditionally pulled a train on some hapless college stud they pumped full of Viagra. I'd been a member of the planning committee, so I knew looks weren't as important as size. The stud in question had to have a cock at least nine inches long and six inches in diameter, which sounds pretty thick, but it's really not. A Coke can is almost nine inches around, I know because I measured it. Lisa, one of my new best friends, had measured Robert.

"Okay. I'm going to assign Janey to finding the stud for this year's initiation," she'd told us at the first meeting of our committee.

"Me?" I blinked at her.

"Plain Jane?" Amy rolled her eyes. "We need a someone who can talk a boy out of his pants, not put him to sleep."

"Does she even know what a cock looks like?" Wendy wondered.

"You want to send a virgin out to do a woman's job?" Heather giggled. "No offense, Janey, but we need this guy wrapped around our fingers."

"We're gonna abuse him!" Wendy said with a grin.

"He has to stay hard for at least eight hours," Amy said. "That means a lot of little blue pills and a tourniquet."

"As soon as you tell a guy you're Lambda Pi, he's going to want to run," Heather predicted, and probably accurately. "Every guy on campus has heard the stories."

"Maybe I could find a masochist," I suggested, but in truth I had even less confidence in myself than my friends did.

"You're going to have to audition guys," Lisa explained. "Check out their cocks, you know? Take measurements and take them for a test drive."

"You mean..." I stared at her, feeling my cheeks growing warm.

"We have to make sure the guy will fit in," Heather agreed. "Did you ever hear about Brad?"

"No." I shook my head.

"About four years ago they got this guy named Brad to be the Initiation Stud," she told me. "He was cute, he was gullible, and he had a cock the size of Florida."

"That's big." I nodded.

"Really big," Wendy said with a knowing smile. "I've been to Florida!"

"What?" Heather shook her head. "Anyway, the guy was perfect. He showed up on time, took his Viagra like a good little boy, and didn't even complain when they put a ring around his cock. Brad's balls were going to explode before he ever pumped a nut into one of our sisters!"

"That's so cool," Amy said, grinning at Lisa. "Pump a nut."

"The only problem is that Brad turned out to be gay," Heather told me. "A raging, full throttle, lumberjack lovin', homosexual cocksucker, and it ruined everything!"

"He passed out," Lisa said, nodding sadly.

"Fainted dead away as soon as he saw his first vagina," Amy agreed.

"It isn't very much fun if the guy's asleep," Wendy sighed. "I'm glad I wasn't there."

"None of us were there," Heather told her. "And that's the point. We don't want our sisterhood to go through another fiasco like that. Do we?"

"No," we all agreed.

"We need a guy who likes girls," she said, looking at me. "One we can use, abuse, and lose once the initiation is over."

"A lifesupport system for a penis."

"Who won't pass out if he's tied down and used like a doorknob by seventeen horny girls all night."

"Someone who won't run to the cops just because we gang-rape the prick."

"Or to the dean," Lisa reminded us. "That would be bad."

"I hope he cries," Wendy said. "That's the best part."

"Yeah!" Heather gave her a high five. "That's always cool."

"So..." Lisa smiled at me. "Now you know what we're looking for. You've got all week to find him. Don't let us down, Sister."

"Uh..." I swallowed hard. "Okay."

Of course, Lisa knew I wouldn't spend my week chatting up college guys, arranging quick auditions in their dorms or maybe in the restroom, measuring their cocks and trying them in for size. For one thing, I was a total virgin and during my initiation, twelve months before, I'd only watched the other initiates fuck the stud. I hadn't even touched the guy, because I loved Robert and I had no interest in having sex with someone else. I'd taken some teasing about that, but nobody had tried to force me into anything.

Maybe that's why Lisa wanted to punish me this way. Every other girl in the sorority was gorgeous. They were all outgoing and confident, and any one of them could audition a dozen guys before lunch. I was plain old Jane and my unusual popularity didn't extend so far as to include seducing boys. I wouldn't know what to say to a guy even if I didn't look like a totally average, boring, run of the mill geek girl without the glasses. Of course, if I looked like my friends, I probably would have learned how to pick up guys back in seventh grade, like my sisters. My real ones, Julie and Jilly, they would pick up a guy at one end of the mall and dump him at the other end -- Just for practice! I'd seen them do it.

Anyway, Lisa wasn't dumb and she knew exactly what she was doing. Her plan wasn't to force me into being something I wasn't, that would have been impossible without a lot of drugs, psychotherapy, and cosmetic surgery. No, she'd assigned me to find the Initiation Stud knowing full well that I'd have only one possible option, although I put it off as a long as I could.

"Wait..." I stopped us at the bottom of the steps leading to the front door. "This thing tonight, um...They're going to have sex with you."

"They are?" Robert cocked an eyebrow.

"It's kind of a tradition," I explained. "See, they get a guy with a big, uh...cock, and they sort of, um...gang-bang him."

"They're going to gang bang me?" He chuckled softly.

"Yeah. See, they're going to tie you down and, oh! They're going to give you some Viagra first, because it goes on all night, and then they put a ring or something around your, uh..."

"Cock?" Robert hugged me. "It's alright, Janey. I've heard the stories."

"You have?" I looked up, pressing my chin against his chest. "You mean you already knew?"

"Well, I kind of suspected," he said. "I don't mind. If it'll make your friends happy, if it'll make you happy, Janey, then I'll do it."

"For me?" I smiled brightly as he nodded.

"I wouldn't do it for anyone else," he assured me. "But how can I ever say no to you?"

"Yeah, but there's seventeen initiates and..."

"As long as you're there, I don't care how many girls fuck me," Robert said. "You're the only one that matters."

"Ohhh..." I sighed. "Thank you, Robert. I should have told you before, but...I love you so much."

"I only want to make you proud of me," he said, kissing me on the top of my head. "Come on. Let's go in there and get this over with. I've never been gang-banged before."

"Last year they had a black guy," I told him. "But I only watched."

"Really?" Robert smiled. "I wish I had your strength, Janey. I'll probably cry like a baby before it's over."

"You?" I giggled as we took the steps. "I'd have to see that to believe it!"

"Well, seventeen hot college coeds banging my balls all night?" He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I guess it's too late to chicken out now."

"I think so, too." I nodded, pushing open the front door. Sometimes I really wondered if I knew what I was doing.


"We own your sexy cock now!" Lisa said, smiling down at my bound and helpless boyfriend.

Neither one of us had expected to get mugged as soon as we'd walked through the front door, but that's precisely what happened. At least, Robert got mugged, I just had to get out of the way as a half-dozen college girls grabbed his arms and legs, hurling obscene verbal abuse at the poor man as they dragged him through the house and into the Lambda Pi Rumpus Room, as it was called.

"Good job, Janey!"

"Your own boyfriend? That's so cool!"

"That dick is awesome!"

"You're the best, Janey!"

My sorority sisters were congratulating me with eager smiles, much laughter, and a big glass of extra salty margarita. It was going to be one of that kind of night.

What happens at the initiation is secret, but let's just say it's a celebration. The hazing and degradation was all over with. That's what the pledge period was for, tonight there were seventeen brand new Lambda Pi Sisters to congratulate in typical sorority fashion. It was kind of like Girls Gone Wild, except...Well, okay. It's exactly like Girls Gone Wild, but without the annoying frat boys trying shove their dicks in everyone else's face. We only had one frat boy and he wasn't doing anything but laying on a bed, tied to four sturdy posts with his impressive cock standing stiffly at attention.

I tried to avoid the Rumpus Room as much as I could, for obvious reasons. It was bad enough listening to the high pitched squealing of a girl barely out of high school cumming all over my boyfriend's penis. Another one would be cumming all over his face, and the two girls in question would invariable be riding Robert to the exuberant cheering of everyone else. But there were other things to do as well. I mean, the Initiation Stud wasn't the only entertainment of the evening.

For those sisters who weren't into men as a general rule, and like any sorority we had a small, but vocal number of lesbians, there was also an Initiation Slut. Unlike the stud, however, the slut was always a volunteer and a Lambda Pi member in good standing. She'd been tied down as well, but only because she wanted to be. This year, a senior named Brenda had the honor of being the Initiation Slut, and she was a good one by all accounts. I'm not gay myself, or even bisexual, I don't think, but I didn't mind sitting on the sofa, sipping my margarita, and watching Wendy strap the girl's pussy while they made out like bandits.

I always knew she was a little queer, but Wendy loved cock, too. She had one of those sexy, curvy bodies that were best suited for pink angora sweaters and pleated skirts. Like me, she was rather short and had a vagina, but that's where all similarity ended. Unlike me, she had thick, golden hair and bright blue eyes, a perfect smile, and a pair of amazingly large, firm boobs that defied gravity. I think she wore a 32-DD cup bra, when she bothered with a bra, that is. Most often she liked to do without and campus life pretty much came to halt when she bounced across the commons on her way to class every morning. I would have killed someone to look like her for eight minutes.

Brenda, being tall and dark, with smallish breasts, narrow hips, and the build of a fitness model, looked good beneath Wendy. I wouldn't have minded trading places with her either. Well, maybe not just then! There were an assortment of strap-on dildos and double dongs, and funny looking vibrators and anal probes and butt plugs for the girls to use on the Initiation Slut -- Or themselves, if they preferred. Wendy had picked out a very large black strap-on and she was pounding it into Brenda's pussy hard and fast. Their tits were mashed together and the two girls had been swapping spit for the last fifteen minutes.

"Mind if I join in?" Kylie asked, and she didn't wait for an answer.

The black girl, the only one currently in our chapter of the Lambda Pi Society, pushed her round, black butt across Brenda's nose and shoved her neatly shaven pussy against Wendy's mouth. Just that quickly, Kylie had one girl licking her asshole and the other tongue fucking her snatch. All I could think of was how I wished I had the confidence to do something like that, you know? The girl was stunning, sure, but Kylie had an attitude that was more than skin deep. What would it be like to walk into a room and just sit down on a girl's face? What did that feel like, I wondered. Not the face sitting, but having super powers and knowing I could do anything I wanted and get away with it.

Kylie became my instant hero!

"I didn't know you were, uh...bisexual," I said, since I sat only a few feet away and the other two girls weren't able to say much more than...

"Ummmph!" and "Mmmph!" while they double teamed Kylie's two holes. Wendy seemed to have most of her tongue inside the black girl's pussy, while Brenda made soft, wet sucking sounds as she went butt snorkeling.

"Me?" Kylie giggled, sitting on her knees and leaning back on straight arms. Her majestic tits pointed towards the ceiling and she had a tight, washboard tummy. "Oh! I'm not really bi or anything. I just love getting eaten out. How about you?"

"Uh...Sure," I agreed, clearing my throat. "Yeah. I love getting head more than ice cream."

The sad truth was that I'd never been licked down there in my life. Not my pussy and certainly not my asshole, although I had a sneaking suspicion that it would feel pretty amazing to have a girl like Brenda worming her tongue into my rectum. Of course, I wasn't about to let Kylie know that I wasn't only a virgin, which was embarrassing enough, but the furthest I'd ever gone with a boy was second base. If you don't count rubbing myself off on Robert's thigh, that is. It was hard enough getting even a little respect out of my Lambda Pi sisters, I didn't need to lose it completely.

"I bet," she said. "Your boyfriend is the best pussy licker I've ever had. He made me cum so hard the other night, I thought he broke something."

"The other night?" I swallowed hard. I'd been studying and Robert had called me from his dorm room, telling me how much he loved me while some girl sucked his cock. I hadn't realized the girl had been Kylie, but I hadn't asked either.

"Yeah." The black girl grinned at me, and then balanced herself on one arm for a moment while she grabbed a fistful of Wendy's hair. "Suck my clit for awhile. I want to cum before I have to piss."

"Um-hmmph!" Wendy agreed, and she didn't miss a stroke as she kept pumping Brenda's juicing cunt.

"Ohhh...I love clit cums," Kylie sighed. "They're the best."

"Oh yeah." I nodded quickly, but I didn't even know there were different kinds of orgasms. I wondered what the other ones were.

"Anyway, your boyfriend...Hey! Are you guys really getting married?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded. "Yep. As soon as we graduate."

"Awesome! Congratulations, Janey."

"Thanks," I said, smiling back at her. "But it's still a long ways off."

"You're a lucky girl," Kylie sighed. "Ohhh...Um! Watch the teeth, Wendy. What are you doing down there, Brenda? Get your tongue in my ass already!"

I took a large swallow of my margarita and tried not to stare at the girl's perfect black tits. I wondered if they were fake, and decided she'd probably been born perfect. She didn't even have kinky hair, not like most African Americans, although there's nothing wrong with kinky hair. Don't get me wrong. Kylie had straight hair, kind of thick and not real silky, but it made her even more attractive as it framed her lovely face.

"I love lesbians!" She giggled. "But I swear, your fiancé sucks pussy as good as any dyke I ever met. He made me cum three times before he shoved that big white motherfucker of his into my cunt. Do you know what happened then?"

"No." I shook my head.

"I met God," she told me. "I had a transcendental moment of sublime clarity."


"Oh yeah," Kylie whispered, staring into my eyes. "He told me the secret."

"Ummm...What's the secret?"

"I don't know," she said with a laugh. "I can't remember, but it must have been a good one!"

"I guess so," I agreed, laughing along with her. My margarita was almost gone and I decided I should probably drink a lot more. This was going to be a long night.

"Don't worry," Kylie said as I stood up. "When he pops your cherry, you'll know the secret, too."

"Maybe I should write it down," I said, and that made her grin.


"Hey! Plain Jane!" I looked up to see Barbie strutting towards me. "Guess what I just did?"

"Ummm..." I shrugged, smiling self-consciously because the initiate was completely naked. Her skin had a warm, pinkish sheen to it and her face was obviously red after some recent exertions, but it was her gaping, sperm dripping pussy that really got my attention.

"I made your boyfriend cum!" she told me, along with a dozen of our sorority sisters.

We were in the recreation room watching bestiality videos, which are exceptionally weird, by the way. Francesca, who had come to our college all the way from Brazil, had brought a collection of her favorite dog and pony videos with her. Apparently, bestiality is very popular down there, along with Queen and transsexual prostitutes. What made it sort of awkward was that they were home videos and Francesca was the star in every one of them. Or it would have been awkward if we hadn't been so drunk on tequila. Under the circumstances, we were all talking about how much fun it might be to go down to Rio for spring break and visit Francesca's horse ranch.

Of course, we'd all deny it in the morning.

"Did you hear me?" Barbie, who sorta looked like Barbie, being a willowy blonde and a former Miss Teen California, asked with a giggle. "I said I fucked your boyfriend and made him cum in my pussy. What do you think of that?"

"Uh...I hope you're on the pill."

"Good one!" Amy giggled and slapped my thigh.

"That's telling her!" Lisa agreed, sort of falling over me as she'd tried to slap my other thigh and missed. She was pretty hammered.

"You're such a loser," Barbie said, and there's one at every party. "Letting other girls fuck your boyfriend. What's up with that?"

"Shut-up, Barbie!" Marne waved the girl away. "We're having fun tonight."

"You're dripping all over the carpet!" Shelly frowned. "Go to the bathroom or something."

"I got a better idea," she said, standing right in front of me by then. "Why don't you clean me up, Janey? It's your boyfriend's mess. Lick it up!"

"Shut-up," I said. "I'm trying to watch TV here."

"Come on, pussy," she taunted me. "A little girl like you probably likes it, huh?"

"Just leave me alone."

"Watching other women fuck your boyfriend." she said. "Rubbing their tits all over him. Kissing him while they milk his big balls for that hot baby gravy. You get off on it, huh?"

"Go away!" I pushed at her and that's all the excuse Barbie needed to grab my hair and yank me headfirst off the sofa. "Yeeeow!"

"Pussy bitch! You don't deserve a man like Robert!" Barbie slapped my face, pulled my hair, and even tried to kick me! "You're not a woman. Shit! You're not even a girl. Just a little pussy baby. Are you crying? Roll over, pussy. Suck the cum out of my cunt!"

It wasn't the first fight I'd ever been in and like all the others, I lost quickly and completely. I just couldn't stand up to someone like Barbie and the humiliation was acute. I felt shamed, which is much worse than being slapped, and while I looked pathetic, she was tall and blonde and beautiful. I'd run from people like her my whole life and her beauty had made her a bully. It does that to some people, I'd noticed, and they could pick on ordinary people like me with impunity.

The other girls didn't help me, at least not beyond telling Barbie to chill out. I suppose if I'd fought back and turned it into a real brawl, they would have pulled us apart. But I hadn't done anything except fall to the floor and curl up. Nobody was going to save me, not after I'd already surrendered, and some of the other girls probably felt the same way. How could they respect me when I let other women fuck my boyfriend? It confused them, it really did, and like I said, this wasn't the first fight I'd lost -- Or the first time I'd sucked Robert's sperm out of another girl's well-fucked cunt.

I think part of me kind of liked it, although mostly I wanted to crawl away and hide. I wept like a baby as I pushed my tongue against her plump, distended cunt.

"Oh yeah! Pussy! Get your tongue up there," Barbie demanded, sitting on my face and rubbing her swollen vulva all around my mouth. "Dig that sperm out of me! Swallow it, bitch! Pussy licker! Lezbo!"

I stiffened my tongue and pushed it past the mouth of her sex, wriggling it around inside the gooey, salty mess that my boyfriend had left behind. They must have loosened his cock ring finally, after some two or three hours of constant fucking, and Barbie had been the lucky girl sitting on his dick. Robert had definitely given her a monster load and the stuff would flow down my tongue and fill my mouth, the slightly sour flavor of semen tainted with Barbie's tart girl cum. They were all mixed up and inseparable, and I found myself swallowing eagerly as my hands went to her smooth thighs. I wasn't pushing her away.

"Uh-huh! I knew a pussy like you would go for a hot cream pie like mine," she teased me. "You like the taste, huh? Love eating that fuck, don't you, pussy?"

"Unnmph!" I nodded, sealing my lips around her hole and jamming my tongue as deeply inside as possible.

"Christ! This pussy is good!" Barbie announced, giggling as she rocked her hips and pushed with her vaginal muscles to keep the flow going. "I wonder if Robert knows his ugly girlfriend is a cum sucking dyke. How about it, Janey? You ever tell your boyfriend how you want to eat the sperm out of another girl's pussy?"

"Nnnmph!" I shook my head.

"Well, if you make me cum, I won't break the bad news," she promised. "How about that? Are you gonna make me cum all over your ugly face?"

"Do it," someone said. "Cum on her face!"

"Suck that pussy, Janey!"

"Swallow, Janey! Don't waste it!"

Now that the other girls knew I was more than happy to clean Barbie's pussy, they started getting into it. There wasn't going to be a fight, we were having a party and whatever happens at the house, stays at the house. Nobody would ever know I got off on being forced to suck my fiancé's cum from another woman's cunt. Other than the sixty-odd members of my sorority, I mean. They'd know, and I had little hope that they'd ever forget it -- Or let me forget it! After cleaning Barbie, and sucking her off to a messy orgasm all over my flushed face, I could look forward to cleaning the cunts of every Lambda Pi girl who ever fucked my boyfriend.

Considering I had three years of college left, that would probably be a lot of cream pie for a plain Jane like me to eat all by herself.


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