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Dominant Black Transsexual Cheerleaders

Chapter Six




"Do you know how embarrassing this is going to be?" Stacy yelled and I blinked back tears, really not wanting to add to my humiliation.

"Calm down, Stace!" Heather told her friend and most of the other cheerleaders nodded and whispered in agreement.

The other boys were staying meek and quiet, but they were checking me out too. Everyone stared at me, and at Stacy of course, as she threw her tantrum. I'd been hoping she'd be okay with me being a girl, sort of. I mean, technically I was still a boy and I had a lot to learn about being a girl, but I'd already grown used to the idea. Like being a girl might have been something I'd always wanted without even realizing it, you know? My mom sure liked the idea and that Swan girl at the mall thought it was cool. The guys all seemed to think I looked pretty hot and even some of the cheerleaders had smiled and nodded their heads when I'd walked into the girls' locker room before school.

Not Stacy though.

"Calm down?" Stacy turned on Heather. "Everybody's gonna think I'm a lesbian! Look at him!"

"I'm sorry," I whispered, flushed with humiliation and not a little despair as I realized how much I disappointed the girl.

"I want a white boyfriend!" Stacy said, emphasizing the word boy. "Not some faggot cross-dressing slut!"

"I dunno," Rita offered with a shrug. "I think Mattie's kinda cute like that."

"Yeah," Wendy nodded. "I'd do her."

"Shut-up!" Stacy yelled at the two girls and looked back to me. "God! All you had to do was dress up, have a little fun, and come running back to me…Not…Not…Not…"

"Get a sex change?" Karen suggested with a giggle. "She's still a boy, Stacy."

"You're still a pussy fag, right?" Veronica asked me and I nodded quickly.

"Yeah…Yes, uh…Mistress," I said, even though I thought the Mistress rule only applied at the clubhouse. I wasn't taking any chances and she smiled at that.

"The whole school is going to know my boyfriend is cocksucker!" Stacy shook her head. "What am I supposed to do with you now? Huh?"

"I don't know," I said sadly, looking down at my new shoes, black heels that were surprisingly comfortable.

"You could whore him out," Paula spoke up for the first time. "Make some money off the slut."

That idea got everyone else whispering and exchanging looks, and I just blinked at the girl, wondering if she was serious or not.

"Hmmm…" Stacy pursed her lips and looked me up and down. "I'd have to find a new boyfriend though."

"You need one anyway, right?" Paula shrugged. "Mattie could be club property."

"Club property?" Rita giggled and some of the other girls were nodding.

"He could pay for a lot of parties, I bet," Heather said.

"Twenty for a blowjob, fifty for a fuck?" Karen wondered, looking around at her friends. "What do you think?"

"That's probably about right," Paula agreed. "We can't charge too much."

"Yeah!" Rita grinned. "It's only high school; half those boys don't even have real jobs!"

I just jerked my head around as the seven beautiful, black, transsexual cheerleaders decided my fate. They weren't asking for my opinion either! I felt a wave of nausea or something as I slowly realized they were serious and Stacy was actually considering turning me into a prostitute for their little club. Having a lot of sex sounded like it might be fun, but I seriously doubted I'd enjoy it very much! If being a whore was really great, all the girls would want to do it, don't you think?

Plus the fact that all my customers would be the same boys I went to school with everyday! It would be bad enough once my classmates saw me in my new clothes, in my new makeup, and acting like a girl. I mean, I was probably lucky in that I'd only been at the school for little more than a week, so most of the kids didn't really know me anyway. It might not be too hard for them to accept me as a transsexual or whatever, but if they knew they could get a blowjob or fuck me in exchange for their hard earned milk money…No way! I wouldn't even be a slut, I'd just be the school whore and even a cross-dressing fag like me wants a little respect!

"All right," Stacy was nodding and I'd been kind of lost in my own unhappy thoughts for a moment. "That's what we'll do then. We'll whore the faggot out and whatever money he makes, we use it for club stuff, parties or whatever."

"You guys have to be Mattie's pimps," Heather said, looking at the six boys. "Kevin's in charge."

"Why him?" Josh wondered with a small scowl.

"Because I said so!" Heather shot back at the boy and Josh swallowed hard.

"And if they fuck it up, you'll know who to kill," Veronica giggled at her and then turned to Kevin. "Just make sure you get cash before anybody fucks her…Is Mattie a her now or still a him?"

"What the fuck are you, faggot?" Stacy asked me.

"I, uh…I'm a girl now," I said softly, deciding I'd just have to standup for myself…kinda.

"Whatever," Veronica waved her hand in my direction. "Get cash before anybody fucks her. No checks, no promises, no bullshit."

"Keep her busy too!" Paula said.

"Yeah," Heather nodded. "More fucking than sucking, we need the money."

"No reason she can't do both at the same time," Karen shrugged.

"Maybe we should offer group rates," Rita suggested.

"Nah," Wendy shook her head. "Let's see how good business is first."

"What if Mattie doesn't want to do it?" Kyle asked, giving me look of genuine sympathy.

"What?" Stacy stared at him and then looked at me. "She wants to, don't worry about that. Don't you, sissy?"

"Ummm…" I swallowed hard and looked down.

"You'd better say yes," Paula warned me. "Otherwise we'll tie you face down over the toilet, shove your panties in your mouth, and charge ten bucks a ride on the Mattie-go-round."

"Ouch!" Karen laughed along with the other girls, and some of the boys too. "For ten bucks, every cock in school's gonna want your ass!"

"Twice!" Wendy agreed with a smirk.

"We might even make more money that way!" Paula giggled, but she was only teasing…I hoped.

I thought about calling their bluff and just walking away forever, but the hard lesson of the silent treatment had taught me that these girls could be serious about stuff. The idea of being bound and gagged over a toilet didn't appeal to me at all and so it was pretty easy to say…

"Yeah," I nodded, closing my eyes tightly as my face turned fifteen shades of red.

"Yeah what?" Stacy demanded.

"Yes, I want to be, uh…your whore," I whispered.

"What are you fags giggling at?" Veronica demanded, staring at the other boys. "Anybody else want to be a whore?"

They were all very quiet then, looking down at the floor or at the ceiling and shuffling their feet nervously.

"Didn't think so," she snorted.

"So who's your new boyfriend gonna be?" Paula wondered and Stacy shrugged.

"I don't know yet," she admitted. "Someone a little more manly than this pussy though."

"But not too manly!" Rita giggled.

"Yeah!" Stacy laughed, staring at me and shaking her head. "No more pretty boys for me though, definitely."

About then the first bell rang, announcing five minutes until homeroom started.

"Aw fuck!" Heather frowned. "I didn't even get my dick sucked!"

"Me neither," Karen looked around unhappily and none of the cheerleaders had gotten their customary before school blowjobs. They'd been too busy making plans for me and now it was too late.

Good for them, I thought, but I'd sorta been looking forward to sucking Stacy off. Except she didn't want me anymore and that totally made me ache inside. I felt like crying. In fact, I had been crying, but only a little, the real one would have to wait until I got home and could sob in the privacy of my bedroom. For the time being, I had to go introduce myself to the rest of the school and I had no illusions about the reception I'd get. High school kids can be he biggest jerks in the world.


"Do you think they're really gonna make me do it?" I asked, walking between Kyle and Dave towards our homeroom.

"They sounded pretty serious," Kyle said.

"Yeah," Dave nodded. "They were serious."

"God," I sighed. "I don't want to be a whore."

"Who does?" Kyle asked with a soft laugh, but it didn't cheer me up.

They were the two prettiest boys in school and I mean pretty the way it sounds. All the cheerleader's boyfriends were cute and none of them were manly as Stacy probably defined the word, but the three of us were definitely pretty and now I was trying to be a girl. Kyle wanted to be a girl too, I could tell. As soon as he'd seen me dressed that morning, he hadn't been able to take his eyes off me. Not because I was a hot little blonde girl with a dick either, but because he wondered what he'd look like in sexy girl clothes, with his face made-up and his hair brushed and styled around his shoulders the way mine was.

Kyle didn't want to be a prostitute though and so he wasn't going to say anything. And besides, it would really depend on his parents too. I mean, I'd gotten super lucky with my mom, but what were the chances of Kyle having cool parents? Not very, I thought, and it made me wonder about our girlfriends. How do seven black boys become seven seriously hot cheerleaders without anybody noticing that they have dicks? Didn't they ever have to get naked for gym class, or after cheerleading practice or whatever?

Some of those girls had tits too, like all the older ones did. Stacy, Heather and Veronica, and Wendy too…They all had perfectly firm, gorgeous breasts. Only the younger girls, Rita, Paula, and Karen had smaller tits, but they were still awesome! They had to be getting some of that female hormone treatment that my mom had been talking about, except she said it would probably make my little dick even smaller and not as hard as often. Those girls had huge cocks! And they were always hard, it seemed to me. So maybe they weren't on hormones and just…What?

"Hey! Who's the new girl?" a boy's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Wassup?" a seriously cute black guy smiled at me. Reggie somebody or other, I thought.

"Don't walk so fast," a third boy chuckled, making me feel naked the way he looked at me.

They were three of the seniors, some of the school jocks, and all three of those boys were tall and sorta muscular. The other two were white and I wasn't really interested in them, but Reggie had caught my eye! I smiled at him over my shoulder, dropping my eyes to his crotch and wondering how big his dick might be.

"That guy's so hot!" I giggled softly, catching Kyle's smile as he nodded.

"He's got a nice dick too," Dave told us, whispering as we walked down the hall.

"How do you know?" Kyle wondered, glancing around because it was sorta crowded with kids slamming their lockers and going to their classrooms.

"I sucked him off last year," Dave said with a grin and Kyle and I exchanged doubtful looks. "No! Really. Him and couple other guys at the YMCA."

"Black guys?" I asked and Dave nodded and then tossed his head to get some fine brown hair out of his face.

"Yeah!" he said. "I only like the black meat, you know that."

"You only lick the black meat!" Kyle giggled. "He's queer?"

"No way!" Dave made a face. "They thought they were making me do it."

"They did?" I narrowed my eyes, not really understanding him.

"Yeah," Dave shrugged. "You know, like picking on the little white kid? They said I had to suck their dicks or they'd beat me up."

"God!" Kyle grinned at that. "Did you cry and everything?"

"No," Dave laughed. "We were in the shower, so they wouldn't have been able to tell anyway."

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I just pretended like I really didn't want to do it," Dave said with his green eyes full of mischief. "And then I did all three of them! It was pretty cool."

A minute later I sat down at my usual desk in Ms. Patterson's classroom. She taught English mostly, and French too, but I only had her for homeroom. The other kids were all looking at me, of course, and I could hear them whispering. Some of them knew I was me, but some of them seemed to think I was someone else, like a new girl in school, and that was seriously cool. Except I felt unbelievably nervous and I wore a continual blush on my pretty face. I remembered to cross my legs anyway, and my skirt was amazingly short, even by high school standards! The tops of my white stockings were obvious, the lace pattern hiding the elastic underneath, and I caught Darrel staring.

"Matt?" he asked me and I smiled at him, sort of hopefully because I really wanted to get along with my classmates. Plus, Darrel was a good looking black boy and I'd noticed the lump in his pants plenty of times. That boy had a big dick!

"Matthew?" Ms. Patterson stared at me before I could answer him. She held her attendance sheet and had been checking her students off by sight, but when she saw me…

"Here!" I squeaked, kind of raising my hand and feeling kind of silly, so I put it back down.

"I see that," she said. "Uh…Okay. Did you bring your note for yesterday?"

"Oh! Yeah," I nodded quickly, opening my purse as thirty kids watched me. Mom had written an excuse letter for the day previously when we'd been at the hospital with my dad.

"Well, bring it up here," Ms. Patterson told me, kind of smiling and I knew she just wanted to get me in front of the class.

I got up slowly, smoothing my skirt, although leather doesn't need a lot of smoothing anyway. I was just nervous. And I walked to the front of the classroom on my heels, click-clicking as I went because the room had gotten sort of quiet. Everyone knew I'd stolen clothes from the girls' locker room a few days before, so I would have been the talk of the town even if I didn't totally look like a girl in my own brand new outfit.

"What a slut!" some girl whispered loudly, Renee Weatherly, I thought, and that totally embarrassed me as everyone started talking then.

"She's hot!"…"He's a fag!"…"Is he crazy?"…"Look at her!"…"Check her out!"…"That's a dude?"

"Settle down!" Ms. Patterson frowned and took the note from my trembling fingers. "So…What do we call you now, Matthew?"

"Just, um…Mattie?" I said with a shrug, making it sound like a question. Behind me the class still giggled and whispered and I really didn't want to turn around, but…

"Okay, Mattie…" the teacher nodded, "…Why don't you introduce yourself to the class."

"W-What?" I blinked at her.

"Class!" She clapped her pen against her desk. "Quiet down. We have a new girl in school and she'd like to say hello."

"A new fag in school!" some boy said from the back and my skin burned with humiliation.

"Go ahead, Mattie," Ms. Patterson told me and I wasn't sure I could even breathe, let alone talk. What did I expect though? I knew I'd have to face the school, I just didn't think a teacher would go out of her way to embarrass me, but that's what it felt like as I turned reluctantly to look at the class.

"I'm, uh…Mattie," I said softly, not looking at any of their grinning faces.

Kyle was there and Rita as well, the black cheerleader not saying anything, but just smiling at me from the front row. I didn't know if she smiled because she liked me and felt sorry for the teasing, or because Rita enjoyed seeing me humiliated. Kyle definitely looked sympathetic though, and I did catch his soft brown eyes for a second as the boy tried to smile.

"Twat? We cunt hear you!" a big white boy named Eddie laughed and he was sort of a bully, I'd figured that much out in my first week of school.

"Tell us about yourself," Ms. Patterson said. "What do you like to do for fun, Mattie?"

"Besides steal clothes!" a girl giggled.

"I bet I know what she likes to do for fun!" a boy said to a chorus of laughter and crude comments. The girls were just as bad as the boys too, believe me.

"Are you a virgin?"…"I bet she swallows!"…"Who's your boyfriend?"…"Where's your tits?"…"Where's her dick, you mean!"

They were all talking and the teacher wasn't even trying to keep her class quiet. Trying to introduce myself or whatever was pretty pointless and that was the point, Ms. Patterson just wanted to display me in front of the class and it felt like punishment. I stood there for two or three minutes, listening to the stupid things they were saying, before she finally told me to take my seat again so we could get started on homeroom announcements and stuff.

Ms. Patterson was one of the younger teachers, which might have explained her tolerance for the teasing. I mean, she looked like she'd graduated high school three days ago and nobody really took her that seriously anyway. The boys thought she was kinda hot, for being a teacher, and the girls just ignored her. Ms. Patterson wanted to be liked, that was her problem, and so she'd let her class make fun of me. It didn't seem very professional, in my opinion, and I wondered if she just didn't like me, or if she really had something against boys who looked like girls.

I figured I'd be wondering about a lot of people all day long and I sat there with my head down as the "news" played on the television set mounted above the whiteboard. That was how we got announcements every morning, the school's audio-video club put on a television show with students acting like newscasters. It was kinda cool, but right then I thought it was pretty stupid. I thought everything was stupid and I felt like going back home and taking off those stupid clothes and washing my face and just being a boy again.

Except I liked being a girl, or more precisely I liked being a girl with a dick. I knew I'd never want to be a total girl and get some weird operation. I wanted to be like Stacy and the other cheerleaders, even though I was obviously white and my little dickie and pink balls weren't ever going to make a cute boy drool with lust. Still though, that's what I liked, you know? And I especially liked Stacy and her friends, which was why I stayed with them. They were weird and different and strange and…totally uncaring about anybody but themselves.

Selfish, beautiful, black teenage transsexual cheerleaders. It didn't seem fair. Stacy had picked me and now she wasn't going to let me go. Did I even want her too, though? Part of me wanted to run, but some of me liked the way she told me what to do. I liked the way Stacy ruled me, how she fucked me and called me names, humiliated me every chance she got. I deserved it. That's how it felt anyway. Stacy was black and beautiful and her cock owned me. I didn't think right when she was around, any of them, and those girls only confused me with mixed emotions that left me incapable of making rational decisions. I should have run, but like I said…It was totally unfair!

"Mattie!" Kevin caught me by the arm as I walked towards my first class of the day.

"Hey," I smiled at him, glad to see a friendly face, but then caught the gleam in his dark blue eyes.

"In here," he said, tugging me towards the boys' bathroom. "You have to be quick though."

"Quick? What?" I sort of stumbled after him as I tried to keep my balance in my heels.

"Your first customer," Kevin said as the bigger boy pulled me through the door.

"But…No!" I widened my eyes and then saw Bam Mitchell, a black senior and one of the biggest kids in school.

He must have been a foot taller than me and about three hundred pounds of ebony muscle. Everybody called him Bam because his first name was Alabama, but also because his nickname on the football field was Bam-Bam, like the Flintstones character. Except he was black and the club he carried was swinging between his muscular thighs as Bam stood in the middle of the bathroom with his pants around his ankles and his arms crossed over his chest.

"This the faggot?" he asked Kevin, looking me up and down as about six other boys stood near the sinks watching and talking.

"Yeah," Kevin agreed, pushing me forward. "Mattie. She loves black dick."

"Shit! What bitch don't?" one of the other guys asked with a chuckle. They were all big and black, all football players like Bam, and I felt my heart thumping wildly with fear and excitement.

"I dunno," Bam gave me doubtful look. "I never had a fag suckin' my jones before."

"Jones?" I felt confused.

"We gotta hurry though…" Kevin started saying, thinking about how we only had five minutes between classes.

"Yo!" Bam stared at Kevin. "I'm doin' you a favor, homes. Chill your punk ass out!"

"Just close your eyes and do the bitch," someone said impatiently.

"You're gonna like it anyway, Bam," another guy laughed. "White boys eat dick better than their sisters do!"

"No shit!" one of his friends agreed. "I get my shit waxed every motherfuckin' day by the punk next door. That boy be beggin' for my shit!"

"This boy looks like he's ready to choke some pole hisself!" a guy grinned at Kevin. "How about it, bitch? You want some of this?"

"Fuck yeah!" one of them reached for Kevin, pulling him forward. "All you white boys want black dick…Get on your knees, fuckboy."

Kevin didn't really look like a fag, being eighteen and a healthy sort of young man with a firm, smooth body and some toned muscles…but I knew he was a serious slut for black dick. Just like the rest of us! He didn't even whisper a protest as the black boy put Kevin on his knees and my friend was soon surrounded by four large, black seniors as they unzipped their pants.

I didn't have much of a view then, but I didn't need one either as Bam decided to go ahead and try a little faggot mouth himself.

Very little in the way of reluctance stood in the way as I knelt on the cold tiles and let Bam's thick fingers pull me towards his prick. It really was, as I found out later, the biggest dick in school. Like nine inches of fat, heavily veined black cock with an uncircumcised head that I quickly exposed to my small, pink tongue. I could smell the boy all hot and sweaty and he must have been working out before school started or something. The ripe, rich odor of male strength filled my nose and I imagined I could even taste his bitter-sweet musk. The sensation overwhelmed me and I held his stiffening cock upward and out of the way as I pressed my nose into Bam's soft scrotum, kissing it even as I breathed him into my lungs.

The lesson Principal Davis had given me about warming up a man's balls before making him cum wasn't lost on me. I moved my face around, just to feel that soft black skin on my cheeks and nose and chin. Bam's pubic hair tickled and teased me as I extended my tongue and began lapping at his balls while his cock lay semi-hard across my forehead on a pillow of golden hair. I licked and kissed and drew the skin into my mouth to suck and chew on it gently. I worked Bam's scrotum for several minutes, wasting precious time and not caring when the bell rang just as I took one of his black orbs into my warm, wet mouth.

The sound of my loving attentions were drowned out by the laughing and endless talk of the other boys as Kevin found himself sucking off four black pricks at once. I might have been a little jealous, except I was a little busy with the huge one right in front of me. Bam didn't get quite as hard as Stacy and the other cheerleaders. I mean, they got seriously rock hard! Bam just had too much dick for that, it seemed, and he got long and firm, but stayed soft enough that I could bend the dark shaft and feel it pliable beneath my fingers. I liked that, actually, and I smiled at Bam's smooth, purplish glans as I pulled his foreskin all the way back and started washing the boy's cockhead with my tongue.

"Ohhh…Yeah! Fuck! You do that good, white boy!" Bam grinned down at me. "Like a little sister! That's it…Suck my black motherfucker, bitch!"

I was sucking him! Or as much of his dick as I could. I had the head inside my mouth and found barely enough room to wiggle my tongue beneath it. I stretched my mouth as wide as possible, making wet, sloppy gasping noises as I'd cram another inch inside and then have to pull off with a lot of spit and precum drooling down my chin. I'd suck a quick breath of air and do it again, bouncing my head a half-dozen times and gagging on that beautiful prick as it tried to find my tight throat. I pulled off again and gathered a wad of gooey saliva and spit on Bam's dick, sliding my hands up and down the shaft as if I could get him slippery enough to fuck my mouth with every inch of his huge cock.

"Nasty ho!" Bam chuckled, watching as I stuffed my flushed face with his cock. "Look up here…Open your mouth, faggot!"

When I did as he wanted, tilting my face upward and opening my mouth, Bam gathered his own spit and leaned down to drop it from his thick, black lips onto my waiting tongue. I swallowed it for him with a breathless giggle, enjoying the smile on his rugged face, and then went back to work on his fat dick, deciding that I'd never be able to deepthroat that monster. I contented myself with bobbing my head up and down quickly on as much of his dick as I could take, using both hands to jerk him off in time with my lips as they slid along the shaft.

My own penis had long since grown hard in my panties and I could feel the wetness down there as I leaked precum into the satin. I tried to ignore it as Bam held my head tightly and I knew he had to be getting close. He didn't say much, just breathed hard, staring at my face as I concentrated on giving him the best blowjob I could. I wriggled my tongue as much as possible, tickling the underside of his cock or giving the head a quick swipe when I could. I breathed through my nose and squeezed his prick with my fingers, pulling at the man like I was milking a bull for a big load of hot ball cream…And that's precisely what I was doing! I wanted to drink him down and drain those big black balls into my girlish tummy.

"Ummmm…" Bam sighed, sounding almost like he was taking a piss or something, but it wasn't urine flooding my mouth!

The semen rushed out of him and I could feel his cock jerking with sharp, quick contractions, but his cum didn't spurt into me. It poured into me! A steady stream of hot semen filling my mouth as I tried to swallow it down. The flavor was strong too, very salty and bitter enough to make my tongue curl, but delicious all the same and I savored the tang of Bam's orgasm even as I finally lost control and started choking on it. I coughed and sputtered around his prick, but refused to let it go. I fought my way through the momentary panic and swallowed some more, sucking that cock like a huge, black straw. I'm proud to say I swallowed most of Bam's load straight from the tap. Not all of it, of course, but most of it and my belly was full!

"Shit!" Bam chuckled, stroking my hair as I gave him my shining blue eyes and licked the remains of his orgasm off the shaft of his dick. "That was some serious dick suckin', bitch! Daaaaamn! You is one fucked up white boy, huh?"

I just shrugged, giggling as I dragged my tongue along the underside from his balls to his glans, circling the swollen head and then sucking some at cum that still leaked from his pisshole. Behind me, I heard some of the other boys complimenting Kevin on his cocksucking skills and a couple of them must have cum already, but he was still working on the others. I was tempted to see if my friend needed any help, but I really needed to fix my face! One look in the mirror told me everything I needed to know about being a girl…It was going to be a high maintenance job!

A boy can suck a big, black dick and swallow a big load of semen and all he has to do is wash his face afterwards. Two minutes, tops! A girl though, ugh! My lipstick was totally smeared, my eyes had watered with the effort of taking as much of Bam's huge prick as possible, and so my eyes were total mess with eye shadow and mascara staining my cheeks. I had a glaze of spit and sperm around my lips and chin, even down my neck. I'd gotten some on my t-shirt too, but that wasn't a big deal. I spent ten minutes washing my face and putting fresh makeup on, brushing my hair and washing a little semen out of my bangs. At least that gave Kevin time to finish those four black boys he was blowing and he grinned at me as they walked out, talking shit and laughing, telling Kevin what a great cocksucker he was.

"Twenty dollars wasn't enough for that," I said with a giggle, but I sorta meant it too. "That guy had a big dick!"

"Biggest one in school," Kevin agreed. "That's why he didn't have to pay."

"What?" I blinked at the boy as he rinsed his mouth out with water in the sink.

"He wasn't gonna do it otherwise," Kevin shrugged.

"So why…" I didn't understand.

"I thought you'd like it," he said with a sheepish smile. "I mean, I just kinda feel sorry for you."

"So you got me a sympathy dick?" I laughed and rolled my eyes. "What about Stacy? The girls are gonna be mad if they find out I did it for free."

"I'll tell them its like advertising," Kevin shrugged. "Bam's got a lot of friends and a big mouth. As long as he was happy…"

"He was," I agreed with a grin. "Definitely."

"Then you'll have all the dick you want," Kevin told me. "See? Next time we'll charge for it."

"Should charge for you too!" I teased him. "God! You sucked all four of those guys?"

"Five," he grinned and then looked serious for a second. "But don't tell Heather, okay? She's kind of, you know…"


"Yeah," he sighed. "She'll spank my balls if she finds out."

"Really?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Oh yeah," Kevin nodded. "Heather likes that stuff a lot!"

"Oh!" I had no idea what that stuff was, but having my balls spanked would probably hurt.

"I kinda like it though too," Kevin giggled. "She always makes me feel better afterwards."

"She goes down on you?" I asked, kind of surprised at that idea, but he shook his head.

"No way!" he said. "None of those girl's would go down on a little white dick like mine."

"Yeah," I agreed with a sigh and that's another thing all us boyfriends had in common. Besides being decidedly cute, we all had pretty small dicks compared to our girlfriends.

"Heather gets one of the other guys to do it while she fucks me," Kevin explained. "I like Kyle the best. He's really sweet when he sucks, but they're all pretty good."

"Oh yeah?" I smiled at him, but I didn't think any of my friends fooled around with each other, at least not like that.

"They'll make you do it probably," he told me. "Just make sure you pretend like it makes you mad."

"Makes me mad? Why?"

"Because if they know you like it, they won't let you do it!" Kevin said. "Just act like sucking a little white dick is the worst thing in the world. Trust me."

"Well…" I stuck my tongue out at him, "…it kinda is, I think."

"Yeah!" he laughed. "Kinda."


I had other things to do that day, besides get yelled at by my girlfriend, embarrassed by my classmates, and turned into a whore. I also had to return Millie clothes to her as well as Shauna's underwear. Mom had insisted on that and I had to agree, it really would be the polite thing to do, but still…I didn't expect any appreciation, you know?

Naturally, I wanted to find those two girls alone as much as possible. I mean, it would be bad enough facing them, but to do it in front of a lot of laughing high school kids would really suck. I could sorta put it off that way too, being a typical sixteen-year-old boy in that respect at least. I didn't want to do anything until the last minute. Especially the stuff I didn't want to do!

"Uh, Millie?" I swallowed hard, standing behind the school just as lunch started and trying not to attract too much suspicion.

Millie and that Wren guy, her boyfriend or whatever, were sneaking a smoke and so it was just the two of them and that seemed pretty cool. They leaned against the red brick wall, looking like a couple vampires caught in sunlight. Sorta. They weren't burned to a crisp, but they definitely didn't look very comfortable out there, kind of wincing and under the glare of a very bright sun in a clear blue sky. It was actually a pretty nice day outside, but I guess Goth freaks aren't into nice weather. I sorta wondered why they didn't go to night school or something.

"Huh?" she blinked at me and then frowned, blowing a cloud of blue smoke out of her nose like a dragon. "Oh. It's you. What do you want?"

"You're the guy who took her clothes," Wren said, as if I didn't know that. He had sort of a high, nasal voice and dark eyes that tended to blink a lot when he spoke, like punctuating his words, and I found it sort of distracting.

"Yeah, I nodded and cleared my throat, holding up her folded clothes with her shoes on top. "I'm sorry, um…I washed everything and ironed it and, uh…I used Downy, so it smells good."

"Hmph," Millie just looked at me as I stood there feeling very uncomfortable.

"It was just a joke," I explained weakly. "On me, I mean, not you. My friends were…"

"You're Stacy's boyfriend, huh?" Millie asked and I nodded. "So why are you dressed like that?"

"Ummm…" I glanced down at myself.

"Are you a fag?" Wren asked me. "I heard you sucked some guys off in the bathroom this morning."

"Yeah," I swallowed hard. "Just, um…one guy."

"So suck him," Millie said, jerking her head towards Wren. "I wanna see it."

"What?" I blinked at her.

"Suck him off," she repeated without a trace of humor. "You owe me anyway."

"But I don't…" I looked between them and Wren might have been an okay looking guy, except he looked like a mime. He had pasty white skin and black lips, black eyes too, and wore a baggy black suit, but with a blood red t-shirt underneath the coat, not a tie or anything.

"I never got a blowjob from anyone else," Wren smiled at the girl. "This is gonna be cool."

"Yeah," she smiled back at him. "Don't say I never gave you nothing, huh?"

"He's your boyfriend though!" I said. "Isn't he?"

"Wren?" Millie looked at me like I was retarded. "He's my brother, stupid."

"Oh." I looked between them and maybe there was a resemblance, except it was hard to tell because they looked like a Halloween party.

"Twins," the boy nodded. "Hurry up, before someone catches us."

"I hope someone does," his sister said, pushing herself off the wall and taking the clothes from my arms.

"But, um…I'm not really…I mean, I…" I stammered not really wanting to suck the guy off. Black guys were cool. God! I love black dick! But this guy? I didn't find him attractive at all, for one thing.

"Show me your cock too," Millie commanded, because it didn't sound like a suggestion. "You still got one, right?"

"Yeah," I said slowly, feeling my face redden.

"So show me," she insisted. "I wanna see you jerk off while you suck my brother."

"I gotta go," I decided, feeling the rush of adrenaline that I always got when it was fight or fight time.

I wasn't a fighter either and I often wished I'd taken after my dad instead of my mom, believe me! My dad would have taken on Patton's Third Army single handedly before he'd ever get on his knees in the dirt and suck a dick! Dad would probably win too, or at least make old George wish he'd stayed home in bed that day.

"Fuck you," Millie breathed and then she slapped my face hard. SLAP! "Suck his dick, faggot!" SLAP! "Or I'll kick your ass!" SLAP!

By the third slap, I was crying and she didn't hit me again. Millie just pushed me down and my knees were already weak and shaking. My heart hammered in my chest, my lungs labored for air, and my body burned with humiliation…But I didn't fight her. I didn't run either, I just knelt in front of her brother as he fished his thin, white dick out of his pants and waved it in front of my tear stained eyes.

"What a pussy," Wren smirked, slapping his soft dick against my lips. "Open up…Come on, dicksucker…You wanna be a girl? Then act like one!"

Millie giggled at that and she pushed my head forward as I reluctantly parted my lips for her brother's cock. I had no choice, that's what I told myself. They were making me do it and despite my fear and humiliation, and my anger as well, I realized my penis had gotten hard in my panties. Wren's dick was still soft as I took half of it in my mouth and began sucking, but mine ached with raw excitement and I didn't know why. I didn't like this, did I? Yeah, I liked it. Deep down in my gut, I liked it a lot and having Millie's fingers in my hair, pushing and pulling my mouth along her brother's dick was the best part.

"Take out your cock, like I told you to," she told me. "Lift your skirt…No! Don't stop sucking. Just do it!"

Wren's pale organ grew stronger as I used my tongue around the head and under the shaft. He wasn't very large, nothing like Stacy or especially that Bam guy, but more normal sized I suppose. Long enough so I couldn't quite get all of his dick in my mouth without opening my throat, and thin enough that I had plenty of room for my tongue to play with him. It was actually sort of nice, except I really wished he was black. White dicks just look boring and he didn't taste as good as a black dick either, I didn't think, but that might have been just in my head.

"Fuck!" Millie giggled as I pulled my skirt up high enough that she could see the tent in my damp panties. "She's got a boner!"

"She does?" Wren chuckled. "Cool. So do I and…Uhhmmm…She sucks dick good!"

"I meant, he's got a boner," Millie corrected herself, sounding kind of annoyed. "Jerk off while you suck, homo…Take your little dick out."

"Mmph!" I agreed, sliding my right hand inside the waistband of my panties while I bobbed up and down on Wren's cock.

Millie had let me go, stepping back to enjoy the show as she lit another cigarette. Her brother had both hands on my head and he started thrusting with his hips, fucking my face while I just kept my mouth open and concentrated on breathing through my nose. Every now and again he'd go too deep, making me gag for a second, but like I said, he wasn't all that big anyway.

"I said show me your dick!" Millie reminded me impatiently. "Get those panties down…Never mind…Stand up!"

"Don't stop!" Wren held my head tightly as I tried to pull of his dick.

"Up!" Millie slapped my hip and I didn't know why she wanted me like that, but I managed to get on my feet, bent over at the waist as I continued sucking Wren's prick. It wasn't too uncomfortable, but I figured I'd probably get a backache after awhile or something.

"Ummph…Mmmm…" I groaned around the boy's cock, swallowing a lot of precum as Millie pulled my panties down with her free hand.

First the left side, then the right while I wiggled my ass sorta and my panties were soon around my knees. My small, pink balls dangled between my creamy thighs and my hard little penis jutted forward like a pink missile as I finally swallowed around Wren's cock and took the head into my throat. It was a good position for doing that, at least, and I liked the sensation of having every inch of him inside my mouth.

"Aw man! She's got the whole thing in her mouth!" Wren told his sister with a grin and I squeezed his thighs to let the boy know I really needed some air!

"Spread your legs a little…Yeah…What a fag! He shaved his balls and everything!" Millie giggled, slapping my ass as I widened my stance just for her.

I figured I knew what was coming then, Millie wanted to spank me and in truth, I wanted her to! I swear, like the idea of getting spanked by the girl while I sucked of her brother was almost enough to make me cum right then and there! I hoped she'd do it hard too! I'd never felt so helpless and humiliated, but I always say that anyway. The moment I'm in always seems like the best and I was waiting for Millie to degrade me further, to make me pay for stealing her clothes and making her look like an idiot in front of the whole school.

"Umph!" I gasped around Wren's prick as I felt a pair of hands, not Millie's hands, grabbing my hips firmly and a second later the unmistakable sensation of a hard cock piercing my unprepared asshole!

"Yeah, fuck him!" Millie said and I tried desperately to turn my head and see who was shoving a dick up my ass, but Wren wasn't letting go of my head.

"Now that's a tight pussy!" a boy said with a laugh, his voice neither deep nor high, but sounding like any high school kid's, and I had no idea who he might be.

"Relax," Millie giggled. "You don't have to know who's fucking you. Just enjoy it."

"Nmmph!" I pushed my hands against Wren's thighs and tried to jerk my butt away from the guy behind me, but they both held me too well.

The cock in my ass had stretched my sphincter quickly, before I really knew what was happening, and so the guy pushed the rest of his dick inside me easily. My butt warmed with the pleasure of being stretched and I'd lubricated myself with that KY Jelly stuff before leaving for school that morning. Mom had given me some good advice there and I'd been hoping Stacy would want to fuck. She hadn't wanted me at all, as it turned out, but at least my efforts weren't a total waste. The boy behind me was fucking my ass hard!

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" He grunted like a pig as he drove his cock inside my boy cunt over and over, rocking my body forward so that I had to take Wren's prick deep into my mouth.

We got a rhythm going, the three of us fucking that way, and despite my unhappiness that I had no idea who was riding my butt, I couldn't help but like it! I mean, it felt good having a hard dick sliding deep in my ass, stretching my tight little hole and reaching for the tender pillow of my prostate. The dull slapping of his body meeting mine was like music to my ears and I imagined I could feel his hairy balls tickling mine everytime he got especially deep. He'd give me a little grind then too, a nice one that had me moaning around the cock in my mouth.

Jesus! That guy knew how to fuck! I rocked my hips and rolled my ass against him, forgetting about sucking Wren and focusing on the pleasure building between my legs. My swollen penis dripped with precum and my balls tightened with the need for release. I clenched my asshole around the boy, squeezing and releasing his prick to make it as good for him as it was for me. I wanted to feel his cum inside my rectum and the desire had me right on the edge. I wasn't even touching myself, but when he came inside me, when I felt his hot semen flooding my ass, I knew I'd cum with him.

"Fuck! I'm gonna blow!" Wren warned us and he'd been fucking my face for several minutes as I just kept my mouth open for him. I couldn't even think about sucking, not with that dick pounding my horny ass!

"On his face!" Millie said quickly. "Shoot it on his face so everybody can see it!"

I barely heard the girl, let alone understood what she was saying, but I got the point a second later. Wren pulled his dick from my lips and stroked himself off with his fist for a few seconds before hot jism exploded onto my flushed face. Like all teenage boys, he had a lot of sperm built up in his balls, and I guess Wren's twin sister didn't take care of the boy as often as she should have. No wonder he was excited to have his dick sucked by someone else. What a couple of perverts!

Wren painting my face with his salty load was the least of my worries right then. The guy behind me must have gotten off on seeing me get a facial because just a few seconds after Wren started cumming, he groaned loudly and slammed his prick one last time into the depths of my clasping ass and unleashed a torrent of soothing man cum to fill my bowels.

That was all it took! My own penis spasmed wildly, spewing my own thin cream onto my thighs and stockings, onto my shoes and the dirt between them. I gasped loudly, shaking with the pure joy of cumming without so much as a finger stroking my dick! I'd cum from being fucked by a man, or at least a boy, and that might have seemed amazingly cool if I'd had the wits to think about it. All I could do was grind my ass on the swollen dick that impaled me, moaning like a slut and licking the salty sperm from my lips as Wren put the finishing touches on his masterpiece by cleaning his cummy dick with my hair.

"Did you cum?" Millie asked the guy, somewhat stupidly I thought, and I giggled weakly, feeling dazed and confused by the whole experience.

"Hell yeah!" he said and I looked over my shoulder to see another Goth guy, another vampire wanna-be with black and red hair and like ten piercings on his face. I didn't know his name and I didn't even want to, but I'd seen him around and now he'd had my ass. That was sort of embarrassing.

It was pretty disappointing too as I'd been imagining a handsome black stud drilling my white boy pussy, and some of the pleasure I'd been feeling went away at the realization that some guy who looked like an extra from Hell Raiser had just fucked me. But he'd done it good too! I couldn't deny that and my cum drooling penis was the proof. A long, silvery strand of semen hung from the tip of my dick, refusing to fall away completely, and I stared at it with my head down as Wren stepped back and started putting his dick away. The guy behind me pulled out of my ass slowly, with a strange, distinctive popping sensation as my anus closed up tightly, trapping his warm semen in my well-fucked rectum.

"Now we're even," Millie told me as I stood up slowly and looked around, realizing that about a dozen kids were out there and had seen everything.

"Thanks for the fuck," the pierced guy grinned at me. "Let me know if you wanna do it again, huh?"

"How was she, dude?" someone asked him.

"Awesome!" he said. "Best piece of ass I ever had."

"Only piece you ever had!" Wren teased him, reaching inside his coat for a cigarette. "She can suck a dick though!"

"Yeah, yeah…" Millie frowned at him. "She a fuckin' fag, don't forget."

"You made her cum, man!" someone pointed out as I tried to clean myself up, digging the one lonely tissue I had out of my purse.

Everyone was talking about me, staring as I stood there dripping cum from my face, my dick, and finally my butt as the load in my rectum sought escape. Stacy and her friends had wanted me to be a whore, but so far I'd sucked off two guys and fucked another one, and I hadn't made a dime.

"What a slut!" a girl giggled and there were a few of them out there, hanging with the boys and smoking after eating their lunches.

"No doubt!" another girl replied. "Mattie's the biggest slut in school. Everybody knows that!"


        Chapter 7