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The Dog Lovers


The author condones, endorses, and encourages all activities portrayed in this fictional story. Educate yourself before engaging in bestiality.

Story Codes: F/m, Fm/dogs, Romance, Bestiality, Oral, Petting, Masturbation, First
Synopsis: Julie and her former student, sixteen year old David, love their dogs. After David is caught having sex with his yellow lab, Julie invites the young man to join her as she moves to a small town upstate where Julie has accepted a new job.

NOTE: This is the companion story to "Goddess" and a direct continuation of "Shadow" -- You should read those before reading this.

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Copyright 2008-2011 Rachael Ross


The Dog Lovers
by rache


David and Goddess were waiting for me near the covered bridge, which was very real and very old. It had been turned into the centerpiece of a small park just outside of town. I thought my new friend would be more comfortable hanging out there than he'd be watching me pack my things. David needed a little time alone.

"Hey!" I smiled at the sixteen year old boy as Shadow, my boyfriend and three year old black lab, bounded eagerly past me. Dogs love parks.

"Hi, Ms. Sands…Uh, Julie." David smiled back and I was glad. I hadn't really been sure that he'd still be there when I returned.

Goddess, David's yellow lab, was resting on top of a picnic table while her boyfriend sat on the bench beside her. She looked gorgeous with the bright afternoon sunlight turning her golden hair pale and the dog seemed to know it. She seemed serious as well, very confident and almost regal, I thought, but it's hard to explain really. Shadow, by contrast, had a much more cavalier and outgoing personality. Like an overgrown puppy, he bounded through the park happily and it wasn't long before he found Goddess.

"I think they'll get along okay," I said, watching Shadow lift himself upright with his front paws on the picnic table. He pressed his nose between Goddess' rear legs, getting the scent of her and probably disappointed that she wasn't in heat.

"What's his name again?" David asked me.

"Shadow," I said, standing a few feet away in a pair of cutoffs and a t-shirt with some old sandals on my feet.

The shorts were very short, showing off my long legs, while the shirt was rather tight and I hadn't bothered with a bra. It was deliberate, although I'd tried to tell myself it wasn't, but the truth was that I wanted to see David's reaction to me. I know I'm attractive. A lot of men like the way I look, a lot of high school boys too, and I'd never gone out of my way to encourage anyone, but I wondered what David would think. He loved his dog, just like I loved mine, and I guess this was just my way of testing that.

The boy hardly looked at me and I won't say it bothered me, it didn't. It was reassuring to know that he had as little interest in girls as I did in boys, strange as that sounds.

"He's great," David said, stroking Shadow's back while the dog gave Goddess a tentative lick across her sex. She didn't seem to mind.

"Watch out." I laughed. "He's a total attention slut, too. If you start rubbing his back like that, he won't want you to stop."

"Heh!" He grinned at me. "Why would I want to stop?"

"Oh God!" I sighed theatrically. "Hear that, Shad? You're gonna be spoiled!"

Shadow had satisfied himself that Goddess wasn't ready to mate and so for the moment the two dogs had little interest in each other. They'd get along well enough, being male and female like they were, and having David and I close by helped, of course. Goddess was getting a little jealous though, maybe, and she turned her head towards David and pushed her nose in his unkempt blonde hair. She wanted her own attention and he grinned at her.

"What? Now you want a kiss?" he asked, sounding like he was continuing an earlier argument. Or not that, but a tease between girlfriend and boyfriend.

Goddess licked the boy's face and he glanced at me, suddenly remembering I was there. David probably wondered if he could really trust me or not. We were alone in the park, but he'd been through so much since the day before when his sister had caught him and Goddess making love…He didn't want to be hurt any more than he already had been and I understood that completely.

"Go ahead." I smiled at him. "Kiss your girlfriend before she makes you sleep on the couch."

"Mmmm…" David smiled at that and Goddess rubbed her nose against his, wanting her fair share of attention.

"Shadow, come here now." I slapped my thigh. "I want a kiss too."

It seemed like a good idea to demonstrate my own affections, just to help David relax a little more, and Shadow pushed himself away. He was a really good boyfriend and a second later I had his paws on my shoulders, the big dog letting me rub his back with both hands while he kissed me. I was a little nervous, being outside like we were, even in a deserted and out of the way place like that park, but maybe it was better that way, too.

Besides, if anyone did happen to see us, it would just look like Shadow was licking my face. But what he was really doing was kissing me nice and deep as I let his long, wet tongue enter my mouth and we'd done this a lot. I closed my lips around it gently, tickling Shadow's tongue with mine and immediately feeling the heat rising in my tummy. I always loved that, kissing Shadow, kissing any dog really, but especially my boyfriend, and now someone was watching us. Someone knew our secret and that was something I'd missed over the years, being able to share my feelings with another person who would understand.

Shadow kissed me for a long minute before I pushed him away with a breathless giggle. I licked my lips and saw David watching us with interest, looking at me with interest, I should say. It was a look I'd long been familiar with and I realized that the boy finally saw me as a sexual being and it had little to do with how pretty I was, but everything to do with how I interacted with Shadow. This was kind of deep for me though and I really didn't understand what was going on between us yet, but I wasn't frightened by any of it.

"That was awesome," David said, smiling almost shyly, and I smiled back.

"He loves to make out," I explained, unnecessarily. David would understand, I knew, and it was very awesome, like he said.

"So does Goddess," he told me, finally giving in to the dog and wanting to show me that he was just as serious as me.

I watched as David extended his tongue and rather than letting Goddess kiss him deeply the way Shadow had kissed me, they were content to keep their kiss in the open between them. The boy and his dog licked each other, his nose touching hers while their tongues flicked and tickled and stroked each other. It looked sexy as hell and I'd never seen a person kissing a dog before, although I'd kissed dogs myself a million times. It's hard to see yourself when you kiss.

My heart went a little quicker and I started getting moist, I'm not kidding. My motor was running now and my nipples grew hard and itchy. David closed his lips, trapping the tip of Goddess' tongue and sucking it for a second until she'd draw back. They were playing a game I knew well and I drew a ragged breath as I noticed David's hand had gone to her tummy, to her nipples, playing with them while they made out.

This was what I'd been missing, I thought. What I'd always wanted without realizing it. I needed someone who loved dogs as much as I did, someone I could share it with. I'm not sure it mattered if the other person was a boy or girl, but I'll admit I was happy just then knowing that David was a guy. I very much wanted to see him fucking Goddess, it was a desire as strong as anything I'd ever felt in my life. But we couldn't do it here, obviously, and we had a long drive ahead of us.


My car was small, but luckily I didn't have a lot of stuff anyway and we made room for David's backpack in the trunk. Barely. Most of my things were still at my parents' house and had been for a long time. After college, I'd decided to wait until I found a real and permanent full time job before getting completely settled anywhere and I guess I'd always been practical about stuff like that. So long as I had my dog I was pretty happy and I sensed David would feel very much the same. I'd asked him if there was anything he wanted from his house, since all he had was his backpack, and the boy had said no. He had Goddess and that's all that mattered.

Now they were in the back seat, David and his girlfriend. Shadow rode up front with me, sticking his nose out the window, which was rolled three-quarters of the way up. It was a nice day and warm outside, but the wind could be a bit chilly and it made talking difficult as well. I wanted to talk and I felt ten years of pent up conversation struggling to get out, but I wasn't sure where to start and the boy seemed happy with his own thoughts as the world went slowly by.

So we were riding in silence for a long while, which wasn't so bad, I suppose. I was used to not talking intimately other people, and David probably was too, but still, we were together now, right? I mean, we were on our own, together, and I felt that responsibility. I decided I'd just be kind of…blunt.

"Hey, uh, David?" I caught his eyes in my rearview mirror. "Have you fucked a lot of dogs? Or just…"

"Uh…" His mouth opened and his blue eyes got bigger, which was cute, but he didn't blush or anything. I think he just wasn't used to hearing a teacher talk like that, the F word, I mean.

"I've fucked a bunch of different ones," I said, feeling my tummy tighten. It was exciting to confess, to talk sort of dirty about my big secret. "I'm kind of a slut, I guess. I love fucking dogs a lot."

"No, I've just done it with Goddess," David said slowly.

"That's cool." I smiled at him and we were quiet for half a minute.

"How many, um, times or…" he asked hesitantly.

"How many different dogs?" I giggled and made a little face. "You'll think I'm bad."

"No, uh-uh." He shook his head. "I'm curious."

"I don't know, um...A dozen different ones? Maybe?" I shrugged. "Mostly when I was in high school. Some in college, too. Where I grew up it seemed like everybody had dogs, you know? Everyone except me. I was real popular with the neighbors."

"You were?" David smiled.

"Yeah. I mean, I'd always give the dogs baths and stuff," I explained, giggling at the memories. "I even made money doing it sometimes, just five bucks here and there."

"But you were really, um..." he cleared his throat, "...fucking them?"

"After their baths? Yeah!" I grinned over my shoulder.

"You didn't have Shadow?"

"Shad? No, not until I was almost done with college, then I moved off campus and got him," I said. "He was at the shelter. They were gonna, well…You know…"

"Yeah," David sighed, and he was stroking Goddess as she half-laid on his lap. "I know what they do."

"So I rescued him." I smiled, pushing the bad thoughts away.

"That's cool," he decided, smiling back at my reflection. "But when you were my age…"

"I fucked every dog I could find!" I laughed, sticking out my tongue. "God! I was a serious little bitch, too. I'd get a dog, you know, I'd give him some food and get him into my bedroom after school. It was so much fun, but I was always terrified of getting caught."

"Yeah, me too," David agreed. "When Candy caught us, that was bad."

"Your sister?" I asked, and he nodded. "That must have really sucked. What did she say?"

"She just threw-up mostly." The boy laughed, but not happily. "Seriously, she ran for the bathroom and puked after she saw what we were doing."

"Well," I shrugged, "that's her problem then."

"Yeah." David frowned. She'd made it his problem too and I had to remember that.

"A girl like that needs a good dog fuck," I said, mostly to myself.

We rode in silence for awhile after that, both of us lost in our own thoughts. I mostly wondered what David would do in the days and weeks ahead. He was coming with me, but he was only sixteen and a runaway now. I wasn't sure how much trouble I'd be in legally for helping him run away. I knew that if we had sex or whatever I wouldn't be in trouble. Sixteen was the age of consent and…Sex with David? That made me pause and I wasn't sure if I was really thinking about that, or if I was just using it to define our standing with regards to the law. But the idea was in my head suddenly. People would assume we had sex, if anyone found out we were living together. Did I want to have sex with the boy?

Maybe. That was a weird thought just because I'd never wanted sex with any boy, but seeing him with Goddess...Yeah, I could see why she loved him. He was cute and nice. Goddess probably loved getting David's hard cock inside her and I wondered what that would feel like. Boys weren't shaped like dogs, I knew that. Would it feel good? I smiled to myself, maybe even giggled as all these strange thoughts came out of left field.

"You want to stretch?" I asked him, seeing a sign for a roadside rest area ahead. "Give the dogs a break?"

"Yeah, that would be good," David said, and we were about halfway to Apple Grove, maybe a little less. It would be about a five hour drive, assuming we didn't get lost once we left the highway.

We found the designated pet area, which looked just like the rest of the place. It was on the other side of the parking lot from the bathrooms and vending machines, and the big map that said 'You are here!' That was fine with us anyway; nobody else was near us and so we didn't bother using leashes or even collars. David had taken off Goddess' and I rarely used a collar on Shadow.

The two dogs were getting along and that was good, taking the opportunity to sniff each other as much as the trees and grass. David and I just walked around slowly, watching our two dogs and smiling at them. That was nice, seeing David smile as he followed Goddess with adoring eyes. I realized that I did the same thing, just enjoying the way Shadow capered happily on the grass. I'd never really thought about it before, but I imagine I was always smiling around Shadow.

"I was thinking you should call your parents tonight," I said gently. "They're going to be worried."

"Yeah." David took a deep breath. "I don't know. I left them a note, anyway."

"Well, that's not the same thing as hearing your voice though," I told him, but it was his decision.

"Maybe," he said. "My mom will be worried, but my dad…"

"What? You don't get along with him?"

"No, we're okay," David told me. "Just, he's not gonna understand if he finds out about me and Goddess, you know?"

"Yeah." I nodded. "I do know. My dad keeps asking me when I'm going to get a boyfriend. I can't tell him I already have one."

"You think he'd be mad?" he asked. "If he knew you and Shadow, um…Did it?"

"If he knew we fucked?" I asked, just to see David's reaction and the boy smiled, looking down. "Daddy would freak out, yeah. But he doesn't want to think about me having sex with anyone, so…"

"Yeah, I guess not," David said with a smile. "You really never had sex with a guy?"

"Nope!" I laughed lightly. "I'm still a virgin. Sorta."

"Me too!" He laughed with me and stole a look, but tried hard not to be obvious about it. I liked that.

"You guys do it a lot?" I wondered.

"Have sex?" David turned his head to give me a real look and I nodded. "Yeah, just about everyday. Goddess likes it a lot."

"I bet you do too, huh?" I bumped my hip against his playfully and this was a first for me, flirting with a boy.

"Yeah." He grinned. "It's better than anything. How about you?"

"Every chance we get," I said seriously. "Shadow's just three, so all he wants to do is eat and fuck and fall asleep afterwards."

"I know that feeling," David said, and we walked for minute and then turned around. The place just wasn't that big. "I never, um…How do you guys do it?"

"How?" I laughed. "Uh, I don't know. Like anybody does. Mostly he likes it if I get on my hands and knees, you know. Doggy style?"

"Doggy style!" He stuck his tongue out with a childish giggle. He was amazingly cute with his innocence.

"But we do it other ways, too. I like it when he's on top of me, when I can kiss him and see his eyes," I said. "Missionary, kind of. That's always pretty great for me, like romantic. We take our time when we do that."

"Yeah, we do it that way too," he said. "It's kinda hard though because she's really small that way, but I can kiss her then and just...See her, you know?"

"On her back?"

"Yeah, I have to go really slow when we do it that way," David told me. "It's kinda hard, but she's so beautiful."

"I know," I said, feeling warm just from talking about sex. "I'd like to see that sometime."

"You would?" The boy blinked at me.

"Well…yeah!" I giggled. "That would be seriously sexy. Watching you and Goddess? Definitely."

"Okay." He swallowed hard.

"What?" I grinned at him. "You mean I can watch?"

"If you want to," David said, looking away from me, but then he turned his head and gave his bright blue eyes. "I've never met anyone like you, Julie. I mean, I didn't even know there was someone like you."

"Well, here I am!" I said, grinning at him. "Do you want to watch Shadow fuck me?"

"Yeah," he breathed, obviously getting just as hot as me with his pink cheeks and eager smile.

We'd stopped walking and we were leaning against the car by then. I had my long legs stretched out, digging the heels of my sandals into the asphalt with my ankles crossed. I knew David was looking at my thighs which were smooth and toned, and lightly tanned after the long summer. His eyes took in my flat tummy and my breast as they were pushed outward. I had my arms straight behind me so I could lean on them. I pretended not to notice David's interest, but it excited me and I was trying to understand why.

"I suck him too," I said softly, tossing my head because I'd let my hair down. It wasn't terribly long, but past my shoulders anyway, and the wind blew it like an auburn cloud around my face.

"I lick Goddess," he answered, and I hadn't shocked him at all.

"You have no idea how cool this is for me," I had to say. "I've never talked about this stuff with anyone."

"It feels good, doesn't it?" David asked, and I moved closer.

"I was lonely," I said, touching his arm, stroking his shoulder with my hand, "and I didn't even know it."

"Me too." He swallowed hard, looking in my eyes and seeing me. Not just my body, the way other boys saw me. And I don't mean David was seeing me as a woman who loved her dog. I'm sure that was part of it, but beyond that…I thought he was seeing the real me, like all of me. Nobody had ever looked at me that way and it meant something special.

I can't explain it and I didn't expect it. We just had a connection and when I looked at David I saw a boy, a young man really, who was strong and sensitive and so eager to be the good person he was growing into. I loved Shadow with a passion, but I never thought I would love a person that same way. I never thought I'd meet someone like David either, and I had a sudden hint, or premonition, or maybe just a flash of desire for something deeper than just friendship between us.

It frightened me, it really did, but even that felt good somehow. A wonderful sense of fear and excitement, and a reluctance to hope for something that I didn't completely understand. I wanted to think about it and maybe more than that, I didn't want to spoil it somehow.

"We should get going maybe," I said, turning away from his steady gaze. "Shadow, come on!"

"Goddess!" David whistled, and our dogs came running.

"Hey! Stop!" I pushed Shadow away as his nose pressed into my crotch. He could smell my excitement and he was trying to reach my moist pussy with his tongue.

"He looks a little excited." The boy grinned at me. A bit of Shadow's cock had slipped his furry sheath, the red tip exposed with just a little precum starting to dribble out.

"Yeah, he gets that way when he smells something he likes," I said without embarrassment, at least about that. What was going on between me and David though…

"Goddess too," he said, and I laughed as the bitch pressed her nose into his crotch. I was reasonably sure David's cock had gotten hard in his jeans, probably dripping precum, too. Boys are like that.

"Hmmm…" I rolled my eyes. "Silly dogs."

We put the dogs in the backseat, David asking me if he could ride in the front, and of course, I wouldn't say no. He'd felt the connection, I could tell, and I think he wanted to sort it out just as much as I did. I'd bet he'd never looked at a girl before in his life, at least not with any kind of sexual desire. We were the same, him and me, and that seemed almost miraculous to me.

Unfortunately, neither of us had any experience with expressing our emotions to another person. It's hard enough even if you're normal, I suppose, and socially speaking, David and I were a long ways from that! We didn't say a word for half an hour or so, David probably thinking he should make the first move because he was the man, and I figured I should say something because I was some five or six years older.

Thirty minutes north of the rest area I saw a sign for a motel. There was a truck stop, a couple fast food places, a tavern with on and off sale liquor, and a motel with air conditioning and HBO. I was horny and a little frustrated by my inability to talk with David, and so without warning, I just pulled off the freeway. We needed to break the ice, I thought. We'd chipped at it a little and then we'd gotten stuck. We needed to go the rest of the way and find out just what was going on between us, because it was a little maddening. I'd never been known for my patience.

"Where are we going?" David asked.

"Get a motel room." I glanced at him, smiling and really hoping he would be okay with that. It hadn't even occurred to me that he might not be.

"Oh," he said, clearing his throat. "Just, um…One?"

"It's okay, right?" I asked him. "We can share?"

"Yeah." He swallowed hard.

"Okay." I nodded, thinking we were acting like a couple virgins on a first date. Which we were, in a manner of speaking.

"Do you want me to pay half, or…"

"Huh?" I laughed. "No, my dad will pay. Don't worry about it."

"Your dad?"

"Yeah, he gave me a credit card for stuff like this," I explained. "Well, not exactly like this, but he'll understand. I don't abuse it."

"Alright, cool," David said. "As long as he's not gonna get mad at you or anything."

"My dad?" I scrunched up my nose. "As soon as I tell him I have a real job, he won't care how much I spend, believe me."

"I wish my dad was like that," he sighed, and I had to sympathize. Somehow I doubted my dad would be so eager to pay my bills if he knew I was getting a motel room so David and I could fuck our dogs.

"Hang out here. I'll get us a room," I said…And ten minutes later... "One oh three." I tossed the room key wrapped in the receipt on the dash. "All the way at the end."

"Can the dogs stay in there?" David wondered.

"Oops!" I stuck out my tongue. "I kinda forgot to tell her we have pets."

"Heh!" He grinned at me and turned around in his seat. "You guys'll be good anyway, right?"

"They better be," I agreed, knowing Shadow and Goddess would be fine, so long as we didn't get caught sneaking them in and out.

"Just one bed," David observed after opening the door.

"But it's a big one." I smiled, slipping past him as the boy stood just inside the room. "I'm going to take a shower I think."

"Okay, um, I'll just get my bag and...Do you need anything?"

"Just my little blue suitcase," I said. "And there's food for the dogs. Shadow's bowls are there, too. Goddess can use his water dish."

"Kay." David nodded and I was in the bathroom already, pulling my t-shirt over my head while I talked.

I hadn't closed the door, but I was out of sight anyway, or so I'd thought. But as my t-shirt came off, I caught David's reflection in the wall mirror, the angle giving the sixteen year old a good look at me as I stood there topless now. He could see my firm breasts, and my upturned nipples hardened, just like my tummy tightened at the realization that he was staring at me. I didn't move. I stood there letting the boy look while I watched his face. After a long second or three, his eyes found mine and he turned away quickly then. I frowned as I hadn't meant to embarrass him.

After David had gone outside to get our things, I thought about closing the bathroom door, but I didn't. I was excited by this game, this flirting and seduction, if that's what it was. I finally had some understanding of what my friends, the few I'd had in high school, had felt growing up and discovering boys and feelings for one in particular. I'd only loved dogs and so I hadn't understood any of what they were talking about, but now I did. I wanted David to look at me and like me. I wanted him to want me.

My panties were wet and I smiled at myself for that. I peeled them down my legs, tossing them next to the sink so I wouldn't forget to wash them. David. I looked at the mirror, seeing around the corner and into the motel room, but he was still outside. Goddess had gotten on the bed, sitting up with her head high, while I could just see half of Shadow's twisted body as he cleaned himself on the floor. It gave me a sense of family, a feeling that came out of nowhere with a genuine warmth, a contentment that I could feel in my stomach. This was what I'd been missing, I thought.

The water felt nice and hot, and while the motel soap was small and cheap, it did lather up just fine. I washed my body slowly, spending far too much attention to my breasts, and after a few minutes I gave up all pretense and pressed my fingers to my pussy. I was shaking inside, moving my fingers over and through the fine thatch of curling pubic hair covering my sex and finding my clitoris. She was stiff, like a tiny cock exposed at the top of my slit and I gasped with pleasure when my fingertips found her.

I wanted David to come into the bathroom and join me. That was my fantasy of the moment as I worked my fingers around in a small circular motion, massaging my clit and swollen labia, the thick outter lips of my cunt. They were ripe with excitement and greasy with my juices. I pinched and pulled them, enjoying that particular sensation greatly. My left hand played over my breasts, rubbing and squeezing them, slippery with soap and feeling my nipples aroused and burning. I thumbed and pinched the left, tugging at the rubbery nub and imagining David's mouth there.

Masturbation was hardly new for me. I enjoyed it a lot, but thinking about a boy was very different than my normal fantasies and I wanted him to hear my soft moans and weak gasps. David would come into the bathroom and see me, stare at me while I pressed a finger into my pussy, pumping my cunt slowly with my eyes closed and back arched. He'd join me, I imagined, taking off his clothes without a word, stepping inside and surprising me. I'd jerk at his touch, and then smile and look into his eyes, pulling the boy close so that the water rained over us both.

I could feel his cock against my tummy as we stood there. He was so tall, about the same height as me. His eyes were level with mine as my nipples rubbed his chest, sliding across his skin when we moved. David's hands would find my ass, his arms encircling me and the boy's strong fingers digging into my flesh. He pulled me tightly against him and I knew he wanted to kiss me. Our first kiss. My first ever with a man. I wanted it and I waited, closing my eyes for it and at the last moment opening them because I had to see it. I wanted to look into David's face when his lips found mine. His tongue teased my lips and I opened like a ripe fruit, sweet and moist and eager to be eaten.

David was kissing me and I was cumming hard, fucking myself with two fingers stretching my cunt, hunched over beneath the shower and barely able to breathe, it felt so good. The moment took a long while to pass, several minutes at least, and I was breathless and giggling by myself, blinking against the water spilling over my face. I remembered the open door and looked, peering around the thin shower curtain and I couldn't say if I wanted to find David standing there or not. Part of me did, but after my orgasm, I felt a rush of embarrassment too, and that happy confusion was crazy.

As it was, I had no idea how much or little David might have seen. The shower curtain wouldn't have disguised what I was doing at all, merely distorted the details, and I'd had my eyes closed. I didn't know if the boy had heard me and seen the open door, and decided to take a peek. God! I hoped he had, and just as fervently I hoped I'd never find out.

David sat on the bed when I came out of the bathroom, feeling a little nervous, a little shy wrapped in a towel from the top of my breasts to just below my butt. Of course, he looked at me and I was looking at him. This was the moment I'd arranged so awkwardly and like any teenage girl on her first date, I had no idea what I was supposed to say or do. It made me feel ridiculous and I was suddenly afraid that I'd screwed this up...whatever this was. I'd known the boy for half a day. What was I doing?

"I, uh…Guess it's my turn, huh?" David cleared his throat and I didn't understand what he meant at first.


"The shower." He blushed, smiling and trying so hard not to look at me, but he didn't have much of a choice.

Goddess slept on the bed, her chin over his thighs, and Shadow had curled up on the floor. He looked up at me and wagged his tail, wondering if we wouldn't fool around a little, since we often did after my bath. I wouldn't have minded it either. Physically, I was primed for a good hard fuck, but emotionally I felt like a kaleidoscope inside, my tummy turning as I tried to understand how and why I felt an attraction for David. I hadn't expected that.

It wasn't unwelcome, I don't want to say that, but I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. He was only sixteen and had been through so much over the last twenty-four hours. David was fragile, I thought, vulnerable and I wanted to be his friend before I could be anything else. I wanted to protect him, and me too. Was this love? Or just some infatuation, or a juvenile sex thing? A woman my age was supposed to know what she was doing, but for all intents and purposes, I could have been the same age as David. I was sixteen again, that's how it felt, and before I gave myself away I wanted to be sure of what I was feeling. All the warnings my mother had given me, words of wisdom that I'd never needed because I only loved dogs, came flooding back. Respect myself, she'd told me. If I did that, the boy would respect me too, but...oh God! I felt like a little girl.

"Oh." I smiled and my face warmed noticeably. "The shower, yeah. We can eat at the diner, if you want. Afterwards, I mean."

"Okay," David agreed, moving slowly and getting out from under Goddess. "Hey, uh…"

"Hmmm?" I bit my bottom lip, a sure sign of my nervousness.

"I just…I really don't know what I'm doing," he said, softly in a hesitant voice. His blue eyes were big and full of emotion; I could see the uncertainty, the fear and hope, like looking in an emotional mirror.

"I don't know what I'm doing either," I admitted.

"Am I supposed to do something? Or say something?" David asked, seriously. "Because I really, um…I think you're beautiful."

"Do you?" I swallowed hard and the young man nodded, and then he laughed, looking away from me. "I'm scared to death."

"Me too." I giggled. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Do you like me?" he wondered, closing his eyes and almost bracing himself for rejection, it seemed to me.

"Oh, David," I sighed, unintentionally making it sound like the dumbest thing I'd ever heard a boy say. "I think I love you."

"Uh…" He looked at me again, blinking rapidly while he sorted that out in his head.

"I mean, um..." I was struggling to breathe suddenly as I realized what I'd just said. "I've never loved anyone, so…"

"Me neither." He combed his fingers through his hair, but he couldn't hide his smile. It wasn't a big one, just a flicker at the corners of his mouth and I knew he felt the same way I did. He had too because we were the same inside.

"I'm so scared of screwing it up," I confessed. "Of being wrong, you know?"

"Yeah." David nodded. "I wanted to say it before."

"Say what?" I asked him gently. "That you're scared?"

"Um, no." He smiled and his cheeks were flushed. "That I think I love you, too."

"Oh." I felt warm all over and we had that thing going on, that electricity again. Every time our eyes met it was like a little shock went through me and there was something in the air. Anticipation, I thought, or maybe expectation? I didn't know and it made me tingle because I wanted to find out so badly all of a sudden.

We were quiet, like we'd run out of things to say, except we hadn't. David and I were speaking to each other, but not with words. He waited a half minute, maybe longer, and it seemed like an eternity, but then he walked towards me and I didn't move. He was standing in front of me and I swallowed hard, wishing my heart would slow down, but it didn't.

I'd never been kissed by a boy before and when it happened, I was waiting and so completely not ready for it. David's lips were soft and dry and touching mine. His hands went to my hips, to the damp towel I wore, and he barely held me at all. I closed my eyes and it was nothing like I'd imagined. It was everything I'd imagined. My first kiss lasted just a few seconds and I blinked rapidly as David pulled back. I'd forgotten to open my eyes and that made me frown.

"I'm sorry," he said, and I put my arms around his neck and pulled his mouth back to mine.

He opened easily and my tongue slipped inside. It was like kissing Shadow, but very different, too. With Shadow, it was playful and loving and utterly sexual; with David it felt sensual and romantic and, yeah, loving. He sucked my tongue much as he sucked his dog's, I was sure, but unlike Goddess, I didn't pull away from it. I gave him all of me, wriggling my tongue against his, molding my body against the boy and savoring the feel of his hands as they became firm and strong, moving behind my back to hold me tightly.

We broke that kiss with soft gasps and deep breaths and then David kissed me the same way. His tongue filled my mouth and I sucked it greedily, swallowing our saliva and digging my fingers into his hair. One of David's hands found my ass, tentatively at first but all I did was moan with pleasure, encouraging the boy to take me the way he wanted. My towel was slipping, the knot between my breasts loosening and the back fell away.

Our bodies held the front of the towel in place, but behind me David suddenly found my bare skin. I felt his hand sliding down my butt. One finger, his middle finger, slipped between my cheeks and I wriggled happily at the sensation. His fingertip found my asshole, which seemed totally daring and sexy, and I loved it. He kept going, too, the boy dipping his shoulder, getting lower so he could reach my sex from behind. I followed him, twisting my body and keeping our mouths together while we half-giggled, half-moaned. It was crazy and clumsy and nothing like making out with a dog.

"Mmphh…" I gasped and almost lost my balance when David's fingers found my pussy.

Just his fingertips, stroking my fiery sex from behind, and I had my legs spread for him. I gave the boy all the access he could want and my pussy burned for his touch. My clitoris throbbed and thrummed, begging for attention and I felt so empty inside. I wanted to be filled, to be fucked and not just that, but to make love. I wanted David inside me, to feel him and know what it was like to have a man inside my body. I'd been missing this for so long and I hadn't even known it. Not just any man, that's not what I mean. I'd been missing David, the one person in the world I could love completely. The one man I could trust with all my secrets and share all of my desires with.

"I need you," I breathed, staring into his eyes and then I giggled. "I'm not scared anymore. Are you?"

"No." He took a deep breath through his nose, letting it out through his open mouth. "I feel like I'm dreaming."

"Yeah!" I grinned. "Oh God, David. This is so…"

"Weird?" He stuck out the tip of his tongue and I shook my head.

"Perfect," I decided. "We're supposed to be here, right now, like this. Can you feel it?"

"I feel it," he whispered, and I relaxed my arms because I'd been holding him tightly around the neck. His hands were on my hips, squeezing me gently, and then letting go.

The towel fell away completely then, as our bodies separated slightly, and I smiled at him. I stood completely naked and not shy at all. So many men had wanted me exactly this way, naked and yielding and hungry. None of them had been David though.

"Is Goddess going to be jealous if you fuck me?" I asked him, using the word deliberately. I did like talking that way when I was horny, even though my usual partners didn't understand a word of it.

"I don't know." David smiled back at me and we both looked at the bed and Goddess was watching us. "What will Shadow say?"

"Mmmm…I don't know!" I laughed.

It was a pretty good question though. Shadow and Goddess were getting along fine, basically because they were male and female and there was little for them to contest since we didn't even have a home at the moment. But anyone who owns a dog knows that they can get as jealous as anyone else. Not of sex, but just the attention. They hadn't done anything but watch us so far, but that could change quickly. The thing that's important to remember, and so easy to forget, is that dogs are always dogs. They don't always react to things the way a human would.

"I know I want to fuck you though," I said softly, tugging at David's t-shirt, lifting it up his body slowly. "I want your cock inside me."

"God…Julie…" David breathed, raising his arms for me as I pulled the shirt over his head.

"I want you to fuck me like a dog," I said, nodding as his head reappeared. David's blonde hair had gotten tousled and he was a good looking young man. As if I'd never seen a boy before in my life, I couldn't take my eyes off him.

"You're so beautiful," he told me, and as soon as his shirt was off, David brought his hands to my tits, touching them gently at first while I ran my fingers over his bare shoulders and down his arms.

"You can touch me," I said. "Squeeze them. Play with my tits. Feel my nipples."

"They're hard," he whispered, finding my swollen nipples with his thumbs. I shivered, pressing myself against his hands.

"Yeah," I sighed. "Pinch them for me. It's okay."

"Alright." He smiled and we just looked at each other while David explored my body. "Does it hurt?"

"No…Do it harder," I urged him. "Pinch them really hard."

"Like this?" David asked, and I gasped sharply, bending my back so that my pussy found David's crotch, the bulge in his jeans.

I leaned backwards and he didn't let me go. He had my nipples between his thumb and finger, pulling my breasts into taut cones of pleasure. It felt amazing for me, exactly what I needed, and I had my hands behind David's neck, my fingers interlaced so that a moment later I was pulling his head down.

"Suck them. Bite my nipples," I demanded, feeling very selfish all of a sudden, but David didn't mind. "Oh fuck! Bite my tits for me!"

His mouth found my left nipple and he began nursing hard while I cradled his head. I'd moved my legs, putting my right thigh between David's, grinding my pussy against him as much as I could. We were going to have to sit down soon, or better yet, I wanted to lie down on the bed with him. My body felt hot and weak, my legs almost rubbery, and I wanted to be touched and kissed and licked all over.

"Oh fuck, David…Ummm…" I turned my head down, whispering in his ear while I began to nibble his earlobe. I could feel his tongue washing my fat nipple and then his teeth, hard and sharp, but so gentle. It only felt good and I'd never had my tits sucked before in my life, it was the one thing Shadow just couldn't do for me.

David went to my other breast after half a minute, giving my right nipple the same loving treatment. I kissed and licked the boy's ear and neck and flushed cheeks through his hair. His hands had gone to my ass, holding my body tightly and pulling me against his leg. My pussy ached with the need to be filled. I wanted a cock in me so badly just then that it was making me a little crazy. That and the way my hard little clit kept rubbing across the rough denim of David's pants. The way his mouth worked around my tits and his hands squeezed my butt, his fingers digging into the firm cheeks of my ass...I loved all of it.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum…Don't…Don't stop!" I gasped, moving up and down, holding David's mouth against my breast while he chewed my burning nipple. I shivered, barely able to stand without his help, and his leg was right there, bent at the knee, giving me something firm to ride as my cunt seemed to collapse in on itself, contracting around the emptiness. I found that frustration almost a pleasure in itself.

I whimpered, there's no other word for it, and I had my eyes tightly shut against the explosion of raw joy between my legs. It wasn't just there though, it was everywhere. My entire body rocked with my orgasm, a much better and different one than I'd had by myself in the shower. David made me cum. A boy was bringing me off and I felt lost in the new experience for a few seconds, for that wonderful eternity when the world is just too beautiful and all a girl can do is cry.

"Are you okay?" David asked.

"Huh?" I was in a happy fog, smiling at the boy and wondering why he would ask me that.

"You're crying," he whispered, and I focused on his face. "Did I hurt you?"

"God no!" I giggled. "Fuck…No…I feel good."


"Really good." I couldn't stop smiling and felt almost desperately eager to make love with him. "Hey!"

"I guess he's tired of watching." David smiled as Shadow pressed his nose between my thighs from behind.

"Ohhmmm…" I sighed as the boy still held my ass with both hands. He pulled my butt cheeks apart, deliberately giving Shadow all the access the dog could want.

"Lick her, Shadow," he said, and I giggled at that, watching David's face as he looked over my shoulder.

"Oh yeah!" I wriggled as I felt Shadow's long, rough tongue on my dripping pussy and then my tight little asshole. He could taste my juices and went to work licking me everywhere and anywhere his tongue would reach.

"Goddess licks me too," David said, and he didn't even blush. "It feels really good."

"Mmmm…" I just smiled and closed my eyes, and I was seriously going to fall down in a second. My orgasm hadn't done anything to take the edge off my desire and now Shadow's tongue was slapping my cunt, spanking my sex with his rapid lapping. I was incredibly wet; my juices literally running down my thighs, and he loved the flavor.

"What are you doing?" David asked, and I knew he was hard, his cock probably hurting from being trapped like it was.

"I can't stand up," I said a little breathlessly. My lungs just didn't want to work anymore and my heart wouldn't slow down. "So I'm gonna suck you."

"Oh." His handsome face took on a curious look, but he was smiling as I slipped out of his grasp and down to my knees.

Shadow didn't mind, he was used to having me on my hands and knees anyway. It was fine for him and I had my legs spread wide so that the dog could keep tonguing my pussy. I knew he would mount me soon and as much as I wanted to fuck David, I hadn't been lying when I said I was a slut for dog cock. I was primed and ready for any hard prick that came along and Shadow was going to be nice for me. I'd let David fuck me afterwards and maybe that was only fair, since Shadow was my boyfriend.

"Oh! Sorry!" David laughed self-consciously as I'd opened his jeans and pulled them down, his underwear too, exposing all of him at once. His cock had jumped out like a jack-in-the-box, slapping me right on the chin.

"Heh!" I giggled and stared at his manhood, the first one I'd ever seen live and up-close. "It's big."

"Is it?" David asked me seriously, and I nodded. "I didn't mean to, um, hit you with it."

"I don't mind." I looked up at him and wiggled my hips because Shadow was trying to get his tongue inside my ass.

"I never did this. I mean, sometimes Goddess sucks it…Sorta, but…" David was nervous and talking too much, but I enjoyed his fluster.

"Shhh…" I stuck out my tongue. "I never did it either, remember?"

"Yeah, okay." He nodded, lifting his feet as I pulled his jeans off completely. His socks too, since they looked kind of silly on a naked man.

"A couple virgins," I sighed, and then giggled because it felt like Christmas. I looked over my shoulder at Shadow. "Fuck me, boy. Go ahead. That's enough licking. Fuck me."

I braced myself with my palms on the carpet and my arms straight beneath me. Shadow knew what I was saying and he was ready for it. He pushed himself up easily, wrapping his strong forelimbs around my waist and I could feel his claws scratching me. I kept them pretty short and I'd have to trim them again soon, but I wasn't thinking about that just then. I was much too busy trying to help that big dog cock find my eager cunt. He stabbed hard against me three or four times, missing almost painfully as a dog's penis is extremely rigid, then his sharply tapered cockhead found my hole and I had the air kicked out of me with a whoosh.

"Jesus, that's cool," David breathed, watching as Shadow dropped his bony chin onto my shoulder, hunching his back and digging his rear paws into the carpet for leverage.

"Uh uhhh uhhhmmm…Fuck!" I groaned loudly, finding myself helpless beneath the animal's assault. "Sha-adow! Je-sus!"

He must have been seriously worked up, or maybe my boyfriend just wanted to assert himself in front of David. Whatever was going through Shadow's dog brain, he was fucking the shit out of me! His cock split my pussy easily and that felt really good, but every other stroke found the bottom of my sex, my cervix probably, and it was like getting hit with a cattle prod. Shadow was driving me across the floor, literally as I crawled awkwardly beneath his weight, not to get away, but just to relieve some of that pressure. He was fucking me too hard and too deep.

"Shoot, are you okay?" David didn't know what was going on. He was smiling, probably thinking this was pretty normal, and stepping back to stay out of the way as I moved around in search of some relief.

"He's just…Um! Fuck…In a mood," I said, gasping the words out. "Oh God! Shad!"

"Maybe you should stop," he said. "Or something."

"Heh!" I looked up at him and laughed weakly. There would be no stopping now. Shadow was fucking his bitch and like any female dog, once I'd let him inside me, there was no going back. A lot of times he would mount me, fuck for a few seconds, and then get off, repeating that until he was comfortable and willing to finish. Other times though, Shadow would get something in his head and I'll admit that I did like it when he played the alpha male to my submissive bitch. I just wished he would have warned me.

It wasn't a bad fuck though, not at all, just a little rougher than what I was used to and not at all what I'd been expecting. I'd been fucked like this before though, many times, and I knew it would feel good soon enough. As soon as Shadow locked me up, all the discomfort would melt away and I'd cum then. That's what I was waiting for and already Shadow's knot was growing larger, slowing the dog's thrusts down as he had to force it into my cunt and then yank it back out. That felt really good too, and a little uncomfortable maybe, but I loved it.

After fucking me for just three minutes or so, the knot was firmly lodged just inside my pussy, about the size of a tennis ball maybe. It wasn't terribly huge and if I really needed to pull it out. I could, although that wouldn't feel very good at all. It was just the perfect size to lock all those juices inside me, to make me feel comfortably stuffed with my pussy wrapped around it. The rest of my cunt was impaled on dog cock, all the way up to my cervix where the tip of Shadow's penis was nudged hard up against me. He was cumming, too. Oh God! I could feel his cock loosing dog sperm in a steady flood to fill me up. He always came quickly after locking me up, like a switch had been thrown, and Shadow would cum a lot before he was finished. He had a great pair of balls, except he didn't like it when I played with them. I liked to kiss and lick them while he slept.

Shadow's orgasm made me cum finally. I had my elbows on the floor, my head down and my eyes closed, forgetting about everything else but my dog and his beautiful cock. His sperm was inside me, looking for my eggs and trying to give me puppies. That always got me off. Not the idea of having puppies, but just the idea of making love to Shadow like that. Of being receptive to his cum and letting him fill me. I liked being filled with his orgasm and I was having those sweet little cums that I loved, riding them like waves, up and down.

"Good girl...Beautiful girl…"

I became dimly aware of David whispering and I opened my eyes to see him fucking Goddess. The blowjob I'd wanted to give the boy had gotten sort of lost beneath Shadow's eagerness to fuck me. I felt kinda bad about that, but not too bad. David and I could do it later, I knew. We could do it anytime we wanted, and as often as we wanted. I watched as the young man held his beautiful dog by the hips and fucked her slowly; working his cock in and out, and it looked so nice, so wonderfully different than how a dog would fuck her. David was gentle and loving, stroking Goddess' back and neck, leaning over her to kiss her pale fur. I thought it was just about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, a boy fucking his dog.

It made me cum again, just watching them and Shadow had already turned around, standing on the floor now with his hinged cock still inside me. It would take awhile before the knot shrank enough to let us go and that was fine with me. I had my fingers on my clit, rubbing myself and enjoying the way the knot seemed to make my pussy all fat and puffed out around it.

David caught me looking at him and he smiled, moving a little faster then, and I was surprised to see Goddess fucking him back. She whined softly, but only with happiness. David wasn't hurting the dog, obviously, and she pushed herself against him. I'd never seen anything like it, but then again I'd never seen a man fucking a dog before either. I thought it was incredibly sexy and proof that dogs enjoyed sex every bit as much as people did. She wasn't grinding her cunt around that cock out of instinct alone, Goddess liked it and I wondered if she was ever confused that David couldn't lock her up the way a real dog would have.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum," he groaned and he'd been speaking to his girlfriend all during their sex. "Goddess…Fuck, I love you…Ah!"

I rubbed my clit frantically, wanting to cum the same time he did. David had been fucking her hard at the end, really driving his cock into the dog like she was a real girl, and now he arched his back, holding her tightly with fistfuls of fur. His cock was buried to the hilt in her hot sex and that had to feel good for the boy. I could see it on his face, the rapture of spilling his seed into the bitch he loved. I might have felt a small pang of jealousy, but it was really envy I was feeling. I couldn't be jealous of Goddess because I had Shadow, but I did want to know what it was like to feel David's cock deep inside me, to see that same look on his face and know it was for me.

That seemed like it would be really cool.

"Come here," I said. "Let me clean it off."

"You want to suck it?" David smiled, red faced and catching his breath, and I nodded as he withdrew his semi-hard penis from the dog's cum-filled vagina.

"Yeah, I want to taste her on your cock," I said, and the boy lost no time and didn't even get off his knees.

"Oh Christ, Julie!" He laughed. "This is crazy."

"Mmmphh…" I made happy sounds as I opened my mouth and took David's wet cock between my lips.

I'd never tasted anything like it. The flavor of human sperm mixed with the fuck juices from Goddess' pussy. I had no idea how to tell them apart, or even if I could. I was innocent of such things, like a little girl, but the taste was wonderful. They were rich and salty, almost bitter, but not in a bad way. I was able to get most of David's cock in my mouth, since he wasn't completely hard anymore and truthfully, he wasn't nearly as large as Shadow.

It was a nice cock though, soft, but firm with a smooth round head that felt rather funny after spending almost ten years sucking dog cock. Boys were a lot different. David was circumcised too and I sorta wished he wasn't. I always liked playing with Shadow's sheath, licking around and inside it when he was soft, coaxing his cock to come out and play. I liked the pissy flavor and the musky odor that dogs have. David had nothing like that, his cock was all right there all the time.

"That feels good," he told me. His hands were in my hair which was still loose and still damp from my shower, although that seemed like ages ago to me.

"Ummph hmmph!" I agreed, washing his cock all over with my tongue, hollowing my cheeks as I sucked and swallowed my fuck flavored saliva.

David soon rewarded my efforts with another erection, his cock stiffening after just a minute or two of sucking on it. He was recovering fast as I began sliding my tightly stretched lips up and down the shaft for him. He'd told me that Goddess sucked him sometimes, but not like this, I was sure. I loved sucking cock, or dog cock anyway, and I'd been doing it a long time. David was reaping the benefits now as I didn't let him come close to leaving my mouth. I breathed easily through my nose, sucking and swallowing quickly as the boy leaked precum to mix with my spit.

"Just fuck my mouth," I said, pulling away long enough for that and a quick lick of my lips. "Do it like a dog, okay?"

"Uh, okay." He grinned at me, probably having no idea what I meant.

Sometimes I liked to sit up a little, usually against the side of my bed with some pillows behind me, and Shadow would get his front paws up on the mattress. He'd straddle me with his back legs and his cock would be right there, right at my open mouth. All I had to do was close my lips around him and he'd fuck my mouth like it was a cunt. I loved that, even though it could be a little uncomfortable if I didn't hold him. Shadow would fuck his cock right into my throat if I let him, and sometimes it happened, but if he caught my throat when it was closed…Ouch! Like getting jabbed in the back of the mouth with a sharp stick, so I'd grab the base of Shadow's cock, the knot was really handy for that, and make sure he only fucked me with about half of his dick.

It was a lot easier with David. He held my head in his hands, tentatively at first, but then his grip became firm when he realized exactly what I wanted. He pushed with his hips, shoving his cock into my mouth and then pulling back, over and over, slowly and gently, and then harder and faster. He pulled my mouth down the shaft finally, jamming his cockhead against the entrance to my throat, and I was able to open for him. It isn't hard once you learn how to do it, and just like that I suddenly had my nose pressed flat against his stomach.

"Oh fuck!" He gasped and he held me there for a few seconds, his balls against my chin, his cock inside my throat as I worked those soft muscles around him. I was trying to swallow him down and when I did it for Shadow he liked to bark; David just moaned.

This was what I wanted to show him; maybe out of pride? I don't know. Maybe I was just a little jealous of the pleasure David took from fucking Goddess, but I knew she couldn't do this. She couldn't deep throat a cock like I could and we were sharing something brand new and exciting for both of us. We did it a lot too; for three or four minutes probably. David fucked my throat and I actually started getting a little sore. I was getting sloppy too, because the thing about being mouth fucked is all the spit and precum just spills down my chin. Dogs have a lot of precum, David's cock seemed almost dry by comparison, but I was still getting very wet down my chin and neck, all the way down to my tits.

Somewhere in the middle of sucking off David, Shadow was finally able to pull out of me. It felt like the dog was trying to turn my pussy inside out, but then the knot seemed to pop out of me like a cork. A heavy tide of our mixed up cum drained out of me as if I was pissing myself. We made a serious stain on the carpet and the smell of our fuck was pungent, a tangy musk that was suddenly that much stronger.

I rubbed my pussy with three fingers, getting them inside me easily. It felt good, massaging my tired sex while David continued to push and pull his cock between my lips. A moment later my fingers were replaced by a long rough tongue and I thought it was Shadow, but it wasn't. David was all smiles, telling me it was Goddess licking my pussy clean while Shadow was busy washing himself in the corner.

"I think she likes you," he breathed, getting closer to cumming, and I was willing to agree with him. Goddess sure seemed to love licking my cunt!

David lasted longer than I might have expected, since he'd cum once already inside Goddess, but it was still over relatively quickly. I think I only sucked him off for five or six minutes before he warned me that he was going to cum. He'd stopped moving then, in case I wanted him to pull out, I guess, but I didn't. I wanted to taste his orgasm all by itself. I kept sucking him, the head mostly, and used my hand to jerk him off. It didn't take much and my mouth was soon filled with a small explosion of hot semen that I swallowed greedily.

It was different than a dog's, David's semen being a little thicker, saltier too maybe, and less bitter. There was also a lot less of it, or so it seemed to me. I enjoyed the way it spurted out of him though; dogs tend to just spray their load, but David's orgasm was pulsing and his whole cock would jerk inside my mouth. I could feel him under my fingers while I held him, throbbing as his muscles spasmed. It was all fun for me and exciting, and I chided myself for having ignored boys for so many years. But not too much.


Later that night we were in bed, all of us, and it was warm and comfortable and very cozy, I thought. David and I were in the middle, with Shadow beside me and Goddess on the other side of David. We still hadn't made love, but now we were finally going to. It was funny and we were giggling and smiling at each other in the dark, not wanting to wake up our canine lovers.

I lay on my back and David on his right side facing me. Our legs were scissored, over and under and between each other, giving his hard cock access to my horny pussy. I held it in my hand, rubbing the smooth head up and down the furrow of my sex. That felt good all by itself and David didn't seem to mind. He liked to play with my hair in the dark, touching my face with his fingertips, and I felt very much complete just then.

"I'm a little nervous," I whispered.

"Why?" he asked, and I shrugged. "I really do love you, Julie."

"I know." I shifted my butt a little and then grinned as his cockhead suddenly slipped between my labia. "Oh! There...I love you too!"

David kissed me on the cheek, pressing his cock inside as I turned my mouth to find his. I liked the feeling of his cock entering me, it felt nice and comfortable and nothing like a dog's penis. I took him easily and imagined him comparing the differences between me and Goddess. It was only natural and the best part wasn't what we were feeling physically, but the emotions behind it. I was going to get off on being with David, on making love with him, and whatever stimulation my body felt was just icing on the cake. We were doing this because we wanted to be joined completely.

"I'm never going home," he sighed, working himself in and out of me while I lifted my hips and pulled at the boy with my legs and hands.

"I know," I said, agreeing softly.

"Even if it's okay, I mean." David kissed me again. "I don't want to leave you."

"Don't leave me," I said into his mouth, shivering with my first little cum.

"I'll call my parents tomorrow," he decided after a moment's thought and a deep breath. "I'll tell them I'm okay, but…"

"Yeah. I know," I panted, rocking myself against him, feeling his cock stirring up the juices inside me.

"…I can't ever go back," David repeated, and we just looked at each other, moving our bodies and making love for a nice long while.

"I'm going to cum pretty soon, Julie." He licked his lips. "Are you, I mean…Can I? Inside you?"

"Yeah." I bit my bottom lip. "Inside me. I want to feel it."

"But what if…"

"It'll be a miracle." I giggled. "God's plan, okay? Let Him decide what happens."

"Are you sure?" He started moving faster and any second he was going to lose it. My former student, now my lover, held me tightly, pulling me onto his cock, and I was so ready for it. I'd waited my whole life for this.

"You'll have to marry me if I get pregnant," I teased him breathlessly.

"Oh, Jesus…I'll marry you," her replied seriously, and I blinked at him.

"I'll marry you too," I said, wondering where this had come from, and most especially why it made me feel so good inside to share it.

"You will?" David grinned and then gasped loudly.

His cock pushed one more time into my womb, as deep as the young man could get it, and I pulled him to me, covering his open mouth with mine as we climaxed together. I could feel him filling me with his semen and I'd already made up my mind that I was going to keep him there as long as I could. I wanted to fall asleep with David's cock inside me, his sperm bathing my womb while we dreamt in each other's arms.


The End