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Update 30 January 2018
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14 February 2018
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19 June 2007

PZA's regular monthly update is in the last week of the month or in the first week of the next month. Interim updates will be made as soon as a few stories are ready for publishing and I have time….
The stories and chapters from the interim updates are not always indexed in the various lists.

PZA Boy Stories

A text only site with gay-erotic stories with boys from 7 to 16 years old - but to be read by adults only. Stories include the whole range of boy erotica, and a limited number of stories that can be seen as pornographic stories.
You will find love stories between a man and a boy or two boys, stories about boy slaves in slave societies, stories about men keeping boys as sextoys (consensual as well as non-consensual), non-consensual stories where men abuse boys against their will*, and even a few stories of boys dominated by women. To each his own!
Since everyone has his personal preferences carefully check the story categories and the story codes. If you don't like stories about boy abuse, don't read stories marked "non-cons". You'll find the stories per category here.
Finally this: if an author publishes his stories on PZA, that does not imply that that author likes all other stories on this site.
* on PZA are NO stories where boys are killed for sexual pleasure (so-called 'snuff-stories')

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Happy reading, but…
don't even think of abusing boys (or girls) in real life

Interim update 14 February 2018

A Friend in Need by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
The Joy of Owning Boys by Dirt (slaveboy/body-modification)
Meine Ausbildung zum Lustknaben von Silvereagle (consensual man-boy) German
Modeling is 'Hard' Work by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy)
Mijn vriendje Roland door Ronnie*nl (boyfriend) Dutch
The Pawn by Dirt (slaveboy)
Skilled in the Line of Beauty by Dream Weaver (prostitution & boyfriends)
Those Black Eyes by Dirt (slaveboy/body-modification)

From the archives
Nog by Jay ('boy'friends/fantasy)
Die Überraschung von KS-Baerlin (consensual man-boy) German
Zijn eerste orgasme door onbekend (consensual man-boy) Dutch
Zuberi the Orphan by John D (consensual muscleboy)
Приключения Тэйса-натуриста по Йону (consensual man-boy)

Another Country, ch. 22-23 by Zelamir (non-consensual story)
The Beast, ch. 4 by Diabloa5 (gore sword&sorcery)
Boys: Road to the abyss ch. 23-24, by Yaro Minnaar (non-consensual man-boy)
BoyToys, Inc. ch. 10, Pts. 2-3 by Dirt (slaveboy/body-modification)
Dimitri's Return, ch. 12 by Daemon Way (non-consensual man-boy)
Family Ties ch. 4-5, by Yaro Minnaar (coercive teen-boy BDSM)
Hawk Boy: Memoirs of a Child Porn Star, ch. 53-54 by dcs (consensual man-boy)
Symbionts: Ultimate Cut ch. 14-15, by Yaro Minnaar (coercive science-fiction)
Trapped, book 2, ch. 1 by Diversasy (boyfriend)
Travels With Nicolau Ribeiro, book II, ch. 15 by J.O. Dickingson (consensual man-boy)

Update 30 January 2018

Stories with are uploaded with the monthly update of 30 January, the others were in the earlier interim updates of 4, 11, and 18 January.

Adventures with Summo and Timo by Maiocxx (fantasy)
The Angel of a New Age by ChronArch (consensual/real-life) 11-1
The Babysitter by Unknownwriter (age regression/diaper) 4-1
Beach Party by Damnd1 (boyfriends) 4-1
Escape from Orgasm Hell by Snowslake2 (milking/tentacles story)
Fixing Jack by Damnd1 (milking story) 18-1
Gold by Funtails (consensual man-boy) 4-1
Holy Fuck-up! by Dirt (slaveboy)
The Kingdom of the Isles by Calvinus (sword&sorcery & slave-boy) 4-1
Leather by Liam by Unknownwriter (tie-up) 18-1
Making Mark by Unknownwriter (other story) 4-1
Mothers Don't Always Know Best by Cutter09 (consensual man-boy) 4-1
The Naughty Nephew by Unknownwriter (tie-up/diaper) 11-1
The Problem by Damnd1 (milking story) 4-1
Rape? by Dirt (real life) 18-1
Showers by UliH (boyfriends)
Sin Tech Expo by Callum (slave-boy) 4-1
Steven – A Christmas Story by Damnd1 (milking story) 4-1
Sweet Child of Mine by Donatello Xi (consensual incest) 18-1
Two Boys, a love story by Dirt (boy-slave) 4-1
Tyrone and the White Sheriff by Mister Red (non-consensual man-boy) 11-1
Wally's Sleepover: The Boys' Stories by Mister Red (consensual man-boy) 4-1
Wet by UliH (boyfriends) 4-1
Winter Storm by Sarge (non-consensual teen-boy) 18-1
Worlds Apart by Callum (slave-boy) 4-1
Xanadu Pleasure Dome, Part II Menagerie of Extraordinary Boys (and A Tale of Two Boys) by Dirt (slaveboy) 18-1

From the archives
Alex by Adam (boyfriends) 4-1
A Dark and Stormy Night by Jack (boyfriends) 4-1

All the World's a Stage, ch. 50-58 and Epilogue by Erastes (consensual man-boy) 4-1
Another Country, ch. 19-20 by Zelamir (non-consensual story) 11-1
The Beast, ch. 2 and ch. 3 by Diabloa5 (gore sword&sorcery) 11-1, 30-1
BoyToys, Inc. ch. 10, Pt. 1 by Dirt (slaveboy/body-modification)
Boy Vignettes 65, by Unikue (slave & eunuch boy) 4-1
Castaway Hotel: Next Generation, Book 2, ch. 23-42 by Bill W (consensual man-boy) 4-1, 11-1
Caught, ch. 45, by Diversasy (boyfriend/femdom story)
Chance of a Lifetime, ch. 46-53 by Erastes (consensual man-boy) 4-1
Chesapeake Boy, 2203 AD, ch. 6 by Bill/Dēda (slave-boy) 4-1
Dimitri's Return, ch. 11 by Daemon Way (non-consensual) 18-1
Dunn's Chronicles, ch. 13 by Diabloa5 & The Aconite Acolyte (non-consensual fantasy & school story)
Inter-dimensional milking, ch. 17-22 by Damnd1 (milking/sci-fi story) 4-1, 11-1
The New Cumbria Chronicles, ch. 1-6 ch. 7-10 by Trennor (boyfriends) 11-1 30-1
The Slave Boy Planet, ch. 3 by Quozax (slave-boy & sci-fi) 4-1
Travels With Nicolau Ribeiro, book II, ch. 14 by J.O. Dickingson (consensual man-boy) 18-1

Edited stories
The Unwilling Sperm Donors by Damnd1 (milking/sci-fi story) 18-1

Tony en zijn vriendjes, verhalen 7-11 door Tony Podia (consensual man-boy) 4-1
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Stories in all languages are welcome, as long as an English translation* is provided
or as it is a translation of a story on PZA
* for for Dutch and German stories an English translation is optional

Some frightening statistics
  • Before today is over 4 children will DIE from being abused. One will be a baby less than a year old. Two probably haven't yet celebrated their fifth birthdays
  • 2,700 children will be physically and sexually abused today
  • Approximately 1 in 4 women in North America were molested in childhood
  • Approximately 1 in 7 males have been sexually molested before the age of 18
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Extreme Stories

Since early 2013 some of the more extreme and violent stories, as those by John Fitz and Dale10, are no longer on PZA. For these kind of stories Dembster56 made a special website on the Tor network at http://dembtxt2izv4tnpb.onion/
Disclaimer: ASSTR and PZA are not responsible for the contents of DEMB.