Claire's Family

(MmFffFf incest, Ff-dog, anal)
(this is one of Puppy's stories)

Saturday with the Family

Hi my name's Claire, I'm 13 years old.  When I woke up this morning, it was Saturday, which means a fun day - no school!  I got up from my bed which is the room that I share with my sister Erica, she's 15.

It must have been a warm morning because she had kicked all the blankets off of her in her sleep.  I looked at my sister's naked body lying there.  She is so beautiful!  I sure hope I'm as pretty as she is in a few years.  Her tits are much bigger and her hips are wider.

I sleep naked too, so I put on a T-shirt and went downstairs.  Dad and Andy were at the table eating breakfast.  They were still in their pajamas.

"Good morning sunshine!" called my Dad.  I went over and gave him a kiss, the kind he likes, where he puts his tongue in my mouth.  He put his hand between my legs to feel if I was wearing anything under my shirt - I wasn't.  I liked feeling his fingers on my little cunny.

I went over to kiss my brother Andy too.  He's 17 and really cute.  When we kissed he put a finger inside of my cunny, which he likes to do a lot.  Then Mom came walking out of the kitchen.  She was wearing a skirt, but was topless from breast-feeding.  I went over and kissed her too, with tongue, then I gave a quick suck to her tit, because I like the taste of her milk and just because it's something we've always done.  My mom never stopped breast-feeding any of us.

"Go wake up your sister" said Mom.  "She shouldn't miss breakfast."  She patted my bare butt.

I went upstairs and Erica was still asleep.  I remember how she liked to be woken up, so I got down between her legs and stuck out my tongue, and slid it up and down her lips, down there.  She started to wake up, so I got more aggressive and found her little clit, and sucked it into my mouth.  Oh, I love the taste of my sister!

We were supposed to eat breakfast so I didn't let her cum.  She put on a shirt and came down with me.  I sat down at the table, and she went and French-kissed Dad and Andy.  Mom brought out breakfast for us two, and she leaned over Erica so that she could suck on one of Mom's tits.

Andy was already done eating, so he came and stood next to Erica while we ate.  She saw that he had a big hand-on, so she stroked it with one hand while she ate breakfast with the other.  She is so good at that!  She can stroke a guy and make him shoot, without even trying to hard.  I sure hope I'm as good as she is when I'm her age.

I don't eat too much so I was done quickly.  I went and sat in Dad's lap and cuddled with him.  He likes to squeeze my little titties, they aren't too big yet but he says he loves them.  Andy started to cum from Erica's hand, so she pointed him at her plate and made him cum on her French toast, then she ate it.  We both really like cum, we always have, it's a part of our family diet.

Dad's boner was really growing underneath me, so I got off his lap, got down and sucked on him.  My Dad's cock is really big so I can't get it all in my mouth, like Mom and Erica can.  But he says he really likes it when just part of it is in my mouth, so I can make him feel good.

There's some special things about our house, it's not like most other people's houses.  You can probably already tell that we're a little more sexual than your average family.  One things is that we have a bed in the living room, in front of the TV.  It's really useful!

Dad didn't cum in my mouth, he said he had to go make some phone calls.  So I got off him and went to go watch TV.  Erica came and sat down next to me.  We argued about who got the remote control, but I let her win, cause I didn't really want to watch.  I wanted to finished what I started earlier, so I let her watch while I got down on my hands and knees to lick her clit again.  Andy came over, and he must have still horny because he pushed himself into my pussy and started fucking me.  Mom came over to see what we were doing.

"Are you kids fucking already?  It's just after breakfast.  You should let your food digest."

"But Mom, Claire's little naked butt was in the air, and I was hard.  I gotta fuck her."

"Well OK, but did you check to see if your sister was wet first?  You really should be more considerate.  Here, let me help."

I pulled my face out of Erica's pussy and looked back.  I saw Mom her pull Andy out of my pussy.  She licked his cock to get it wet, then I felt her wet tongue licking my slit from behind.  Then Andy was back in me, fucking again.  It was much more comfortable now, really nice actually.

I don't how much attention Erica was paying to the TV, because she was making lots of noises from me licking her clit.  Mom sat down next to Erica and she and Erica sucked each other's tits.  Erica was the first to cum.  I was happy, I love making my sister cum.  Andy pulled out of me, and I got out of the way so that he could come up and fuck Erica.  I saw Mom lifting her skirt and pointing at her pussy, so I scooted over and went down her next.  Her clit is so big, and she tastes really different than Erica.  It's really wet when she comes, too.  Mom came, Andy came, we untangled and they walked away.

Visiting Tania, Playing with Sam

I was kinda bummed because I never got to come!  I went to go bug Andy about it.

"Come on Andy!  Let's fuck.  I'm all horny and nobody else will help me."

Andy just smiled at me.  Older brothers can be so infuriating!  "OK Claire, you want to come with me to Tania's house?"

Tania was his girlfriend, and she lived only a couple houses from us.  She was 15, and really pretty.  I liked her, and had been over to their house lots of times, but I had never had sex with her.  I knew that she knew about our family, how sexual we are, and I suspected that she might be doing something with her family too, although she only lives with her mom.

"Sure Andy.  You wanna have sex with Tania and me at the same time?"

"Yeah, maybe she'll like that.  Come on!"

We put on some outside clothes, and went over.

"Andy!" said Tania, when we came in to her house.  She threw her arms around him and they did lots of kissing.  They're always doing that, but I think it's boring.

"Hey guys, Andy brought me over for a reason."

"Yeah." said Andy.  "Tania, you wanna have Claire join us in bed?"

"Your little sister?" said Tania.  "Well, sure."

We went up to her bedroom and they fell onto the bed and went back to kissing and petting each other.  This was leaving me out again, so I got on the bed with them and helped them pull off their shirts.  Tania's tits are nice, not as big as my sister Erica's, but pretty.  I pulled off my own clothes.  Tania stopped kissing to look at my naked body and little cunny.

"You actually fuck your 13-year-old sister?  I didn't start fucking until 14."

"Yeah, you know our whole family has sex.  Dad and I both fuck her from time to time, when we aren't taking care of Erica or Mom."

"Wow.  Have you fucked her ass?"

"No, I'm not supposed to do that yet." I said.

"That's probably a good idea." said Tania.  "I do everything now, but I didn't start until my body was more mature."

"You do it with girls too?  Do you do it with your mom?"

"Sure." said Tania.  "Come on, get up here and let me lick your cute little pussy."

I came up and sat on her tits, then moved my cunny to her mouth.  She's such a nice person!  I saw Andy pull off her pants and go down on her too.  Her tongue felt really good my clit.  I was getting pretty close, and I think Tania was too, but Andy wasn't getting anything so he moved us around.  He sat and Tania sucked his cock, while I got under Tania and kept licking her.  Then Andy wanted to fuck, so he got on top of Tania and slid into her pussy.  They got all hot and heavy, kissing and fucking.

They were having a great time, but I still hadn't come yet.  "Hey!  Andy, you said that I could cum if I came over."  They let me get back on Tania's face.  This time I had a nice cum on her mouth, then Andy came in her cunny.  After they got done with the kissing and "I-love-yous", I pulled him out and sucked him clean, then went down on Tania's messy cunny until she came too.

"You're really good at giving head to a girl." she said to me.  I glowed at the praise, although of course I have lots and lots of practice with Erica and Mom. "Andy, you can bring her over any time."

"I wanna go again." said Andy.  "But I don't know if I can come again.  I came already once before, at breakfast."

"You forget I'm a nasty girl, I bet I can make you come." said Tania smiling.  "But first, I wanna see you fuck your sister."

We sucked him a bit to get him hard again, then I lay down and Tania helped him get into my cunny.  We started fucking, pretty fast the way Andy likes it.

"That's cool." said Tania.  "Who took her virginity, was it you?"

"Yeah.  It couldn't be Dad, he's too big.  It was only a few months ago."

"How did you do it?  Did your family watch?"

"More than watched.  We all took turns licking her and fingering her, and she got lots of attention from a vibrator.  This was on the living room bed, where we do most of our family fucking.  Then I popped her cherry, just like I did with Erica 3 years ago."

"Cool, you got to do both your sisters."

"Yeah.  It's pretty normal now.  Claire's cunt feels nice right now, but I won't come this way, not after coming twice today."

Just then there was a knock on Tania's door, Tania said "Come in!" and in walked her mom, who is a big woman, I mean she's kinda fat, although she's still pretty too, like Tania is.  Her name is Brenda.

"Hey Mom, check this out.  Andy is fucking his youngest sister, you remember her?"

"That's great." said Brenda.  She came over and sat on the bed, next to Tania who was still naked, and Andy who was fucking me.  "Claire's only 13, right?  That's younger than you were when you started."

"Yeah.  Hey, let's show Andy how nasty I am, so I can make him come.  Andy, watch this."  Tania kissed her mom on the lips, in a deep French kiss.  Her mom was kissing her back, and put her hands on Tania's naked body, moving them down to slip a couple fingers into her daughter's slippery cunny.

"That is sexy." said Andy, resting with his hard cock deep inside me while he watched them.  "But, I gotta admit, I am used to it in my house, Mom is usually kissing and fingering my sisters."

"Get naked, Mom."  Brenda pulled off her dress, panties and bra.  She sat down on the bed next to me, and spread her legs wide.  Tania got her head between her mom's chubby legs and started fingering and sucking the great big cunny.

"Cool." said Andy.  "I love to watch that."  He was fucking me again as he watched them, with Brenda getting more and more excited from Tania's licking.  A few minutes went by, and his cock was deliciously hard inside me.  "But... I won't come this way, either."

"My daughter is very anal, like me." said Brenda.  "Give me some in my ass, honey."

With my head turned toward them, I could see Tania take some of her wet fingers out of her mom's cunny and push them into her mom's ass.  Andy was also wetting his fingers, and I saw them move between Tania's legs.

"Like mother, like daughter." said Tania.  "Come on, get those fingers deeper in my ass."  We fucked, licked and fingered until Brenda came with a lot of noise.

"Watch!" said Tania as she lapped, licked and slurped at her mom's cum juices.  Then she kissed me, and I tasted her mom on her mouth, which tasted pretty nice, not too different from my own mom.

"Let's give Claire another orgasm while you're fucking her." said Tania.  They got either side of us, and she reached a hand between my brother's body and mine to rub my clit in circles.  Brenda leaned over and let her really big tits hang in my face, so that I could latch on to a nipple.  She was giving Andy instructions on how to put his left and right hands into her crotch and Tania's, with four fingers of each hand in a cunny and his thumbs in their asses.  That was a pretty cool idea, we didn't do that too much at home - Andy was sticking himself into 5 different girl holes, including my cunny was feeling really, really good with Tania rubbing it while Andy fucked it.

Suddenly I was coming, and I had to let go of Brenda's tit to gasp, "I'm coming!"

"Come on Andy, "  said Tania.  "Your 13-year-old sister is having an orgasm on your cock while you're fucking her, and you're finger-fucking the ass and pussy of me and my mom.  Aren't you gonna fill up your little sister's pussy up with sperm?"

"Ooooh." said Andy.  "I just came close, but not quite."

"OK." said Tania.  "I can get a lot more nasty, you'll find out!  Here, give Claire's pussy a rest, and fuck my mom instead.  I'll be right back."

Tania walked out of the room naked, and I scooted over, for Brenda to lay on the bed in my place.  Andy slid right into Brenda and started fucking hard, his thin body bouncing against her plump body.

"Mmmm, that's good." said Brenda.  "here, bite my nipples.  Isn't it fun to be fucking your girlfriend's mother?"

"Yeah!" said Andy.

"There's no way my pussy can compare to your little sister, though.  Come on, put it in my ass instead."  She brought her legs up higher, so that Andy had access to her ass as she lay on her back.

"OK!" said Andy, and slipped his cock into her ass.  "You sure meant it when you said you were both anal."

"Yes, it was my idea to let Tania give you her ass when she was only 14.  I knew that you would do it gently, and I knew that she would grow to love it."

Just then Tania came back into her room, still naked, and leading their dog on a leash!  Their dog's name is Sam, I'm not sure what kind he is but he's a really big dog!  I got excited thinking about what Tania might do.  I had heard about it, but never seen it.

"You're..." said Andy.  "You're not going to... are you?"

"Yes!  I'm such nasty as nasty girl, I'm gonna let you watch me have sex with Sam.  Doesn't that turn you on?"

"Hell yeah!  Brenda, you let Tania do it with Sam?"

"Sure, why not?  She's exploring her sexuality and seems to like it.  I've even tried it a couple time myself to see what it's like.  It's pretty interesting, really."

"I see you've got your cock in Mom's ass.  Good idea!  Now, watch me.  I am truly nasty!"

Tania got on her hands and knees next to Sam, and hugged him with her small, naked body.  She kissed his face, which Sam seemed to like, and reached a hand down to find his cock, which was starting to grow.

"See me stroking his doggy cock?  I like the feel of doggy cock in my hand, and I like it other places, too!"

Andy was slowing thrusting in and out of Brenda's ass, totally hard, but both of them had their heads turned to watch Tania intently.  Sam stood patiently, his tongue hanging out, as Tania got down next to him and started to kiss his cock.  The kisses got bigger and wetter, then she sucked the tip into her mouth.  Sam was getting really hard.  Tania got the whole head of Sam's cock in her mouth, and started to give it a real sucking, bobbing her head.

"You like that?" said Brenda, who had one hand rubbing her own clit as Andy fucked her ass.  "You like watching my daughter giving a blow job to a dog?  You like watching her use her pretty little girlish mouth to suck hungrily on dog cock?"

"Yeah!  Tania, you really like it?"

Tania pulled her mouth back long enough to say "Oh fuck, yes.  I love the feeling of his cock in my mouth.  I wanna get it into my throat but I haven't learned to get it very deep yet.  But I can suck hard!"  She went back to her task.

"Does Sam... does he come like that?" asked Andy.

"No." said Brenda.  "You're thinking about that, aren't you - wondering if Tania is nasty enough to drink dog cum, to let Sam cum right into her mouth.  Well, he doesn't come that way, but he does come other ways."

"Here, Claire, come help me." said Tania.

I went over and got down on the floor with Sam and Tania.  She was stroking his cock.  "You wanna try sucking it?"

I looked down at Sam's cock, which was big and funny-shaped, then looked up at Andy.  "Come on Claire, I'd love to see you do it."

"Here." said Tania.  "Watch."  I got down so that my face with level with hers, right next to Sam's cock, and she held it by the base and brought it to her mouth for a suck, then she took it out and held it up to my face.  I opened my mouth and sucked it in.  I didn't taste bad, actually, kinda nice.  I tried to move my tongue around it and suck like I would with Andy or Dad.

"All right Claire!" said Tania.  We started going back and forth, taking turns sucking Sam.  "My Mom and I did this once, gave Sam a double blow-job.  Lucky doggy!"

"You gonna come?" Brenda asked Andy.  "Your cock feels really nice in my ass, but I think you might come soon, the way you're wiggling from watching my daughter and your sister giving head to our dog."

"Not yet." said Andy.

"OK, let's fuck!" said Tania.  "Claire, this is where I really need your help."  She explained how she was going to be on her hands and knees, and I would help Sam mount her and help aim his cock into her.  It was actually pretty easy!  I think Sam was getting plenty of practice at it.  I held his really-hard cock, and used the tip to find Tania's very wet little cunny.  Tania made lots of little noises as Sam was going in, so I think he was pretty big for her.  Once he was most of the way in, he started fucking really fast!  I helped hold him in place so he wouldn't slide off of her.

"Yes!  Yes!  Yes!" said Tania.  "I'm the nastiest girl!  I'm a dog-fucker!  Watch me, Andy!  Watch me dog-fucking!"

"That is so fucking hot." said Andy.  "Is Sam going to cum in her?"

"Usually does." said Brenda nonchelantly.

"He's coming now!" said Tania.  Sam's hips, which I was holding, jammed themselves forward one last time, trying to get deeper in Tania's little cunny, then his doggy-cock was coming inside her.  I wondered what the doggy-cum looked like.  Was it white, like people cum?

"Quick!  Pull off!" said Tania.  She scooted forward, and I saw the bulge at the base of Sam's cock.  "It's lucky that his cock doesn't go in all the way, but there's always the danger of the bulge locking me in and stretching me."  She went over to the bed where Andy was fucking Brenda.  "Tell me Andy my love.  Aren't I the nastiest girl?"

"Yes you are.  Now will you do a couple more kinky things, and then I'll come."

"Sure, anything!  I'll do anything to prove my nastiness."

"Stick a couple fingers in your pussy, then suck them."

"Ooooh, you want to see me eat dog cum, do you?  No problem!"  She knelt on the bed, her legs spread slightly and her hips arched dramatically.  She fucked herself quickly with a couple fingers, then brought them up dripping cum, and made a big deal of sucking them, slurping.  "Delicious hot dog cum!"

"Now feed your mom."  Andy was really getting into giving directions!

By this point I was on the bed as well, so I could get a good look.  Tania brought some cummy fingers up to Brenda's mouth, and Brenda hungrily sucked them.  We started playing with the cum, rubbing it onto Brenda's big tits.  I stuck out my open mouth, and got some cummy fingers to suck.  It became a fun game, and we quickly all ended up with dog cum on our tits, and sucking it off of each other's nipples.

"Gonna come in mom's ass yet?" said Tania smiling.

"Not yet.  Squat over your mom's face.  Let the dog cum drip into her mouth."

Tania just smiled and climbed up and over Brenda, facing away from Andy.  She squatted, and I saw a dribble of cum go right into Brenda's open, willing mouth.

"Brenda, spread your daughter's ass cheeks.  Claire, lick Tania's asshole."

This I was used to, often being asked to do it at home.  Brendas made it easy by making Tania's ass reachable.  I got my tongue down there and started licking around and inside Tania's ass.

"Ooooh!  I love having my ass licked!" said Tania.

"Lower yourself more.  Put your pussy right on your mom's mouth so she can drink the cum.  Claire, stand back."

I pulled my head back but I didn't want to be left out, so I knelt on the bed, facing Tania.  Our hands found each other tits and we kissed.  Looking over her shoulder, I could see Andy pulled out of Brenda's ass, and bringing his rock-hard cock rapidly up her body to Tania's ass, which I had made wet and ready.  Within a couple thrusts, he was buried completely in his girlfriend's tight asshole.

"Oh fuck YES!  Fuck my little ass hard, and squeeze the dog cum out of my cunt into my mom's hungry mouth!"

"Oh God, I'm COMING!" said Andy.  Finally! I thought.  Andy clutched Tania's body as he held him cock deep up her ass.  Her tongue was in my mouth and her hands on my tits, and her wet pussy was making a seal with her mom's mouth which was making slurping sounds.  Eventually he pulled out, and went off to the bathroom to wash off his cock.

"I don't know about you, but that got me way too turned on, and I need to come NOW!" said Brenda.

"Here Mom." said Tania, spinning around and lowering herself in a 69.  Andy came back just as they were reaching a loud, mutual orgasm on each other's mouths.

"Ah, a lovely pile of mother-daughter fuck-flesh!" said Andy smiling.  He says the funniest things!

"I'm going home." I said, got dressed and left the three of them making out together in Tania's bed.

Telling the Family about Sam

Back at home, I found Dad sitting in the living room.  When I started to tell him about my adventure at Tania's house with the dog, he got all turned on, and called Mom and Erica so that they could all hear the story together.

I started the story again.  "Yeah, Tania was trying to show how nasty she could be.  So, she was naked on the floor with the dog..."  Dad was tenting in his shorts, so Mom unzipped him, pulled out his big cock and started to suck it.  After a minute, he patted her head for her to stop, and motioned for Erica to lean over and suck him instead.  Now, Erica's only 15 but she can give head as well as Mom, way better than me.  She can take Andy into her throat easily, and with a little warm-up, she can do Dad's big cock the same way.  Mom lifted Erica's skirt, and started to rub Erica's clit and finger her cunny as she bent over Dad's lap.

When I got to the part about me sucking Sam's dog cock myself, Dad announced that he wanted to ass-fuck while he listened.  It was only a couple steps to the living room bed.  Mom lay back and let Erica suck her cunny, while I helped Dad into Erica's ass.  It's too big for my ass, I mean, even my brother's cock is too big for back there, but Erica has totally learned how to relax and take Dad's cock deep in her butt.

I told them the story, about helping Sam's dog cock into Tania's little cunny, and how Andy fucked Tania's mom's ass, then we all played with the dog cum on our tits.  Dad was really slamming Erica in the ass, and seemed to love the cum-playing idea.

"Play with this!" he said, pulling out of Erica's ass and squirting a giant load of cum all over Mom's tits.  Erica and I bared our tits, and rubbed handfuls of Dad's cum onto our tits as well.  Then my mom, sister and I had a fun time licking, sucking and kissing the cum off each other's tits.  Erica had gotten really close to cumming from her ass-fuck, so she rubbed some of Dad's cum into her sunny to let us know that she wanted to be licked there.  Mom and I went down, and gave her a great big orgasm.

Tania gets acquainted with the Family

Over the next few weeks, Tania started asking to get involved in our family sex, and we all welcomed her.  She seemed to want to try every kind of sex with everyone.  Talk about a nasty, adventuresome girl!

She came over and had Andy fuck her in the living room, with everyone watching.  When nobody paid much attention after the first time, she got bolder and asked to watch Andy with Erica.  She seemed to really love the idea of brother-sister fucking, and I think she really loved watching Erica's body.  She did threesomes with Andy and me, or Andy and Erica, before working up the nerve to approach Mom.

Mom totally loved being asked, and jumped right in bed with Tania and Andy, much to Tania's surprise.  She taught Tania some things about how to give head, demonstrating on Andy.  She taught Tania to gently fist her, and took Tania's fist in her pussy while Andy fucked Mom's ass at the same time.

Dad was next.  She started by helping Erica give Dad and double-blowjob, then moved up to letting Dad fuck her.  She never did try to get Dad's giant cock in her ass, but she did try a double-penetration with Dad in her cunny and Andy in her ass.  She found herself eating Dad's cum straight from the source, and also drinking Dad and Andy's cum from the other three cunnies in the house.

Erica expressed interest in trying Sam, and I went with her over to Tania's house.  Erica turned out to love it - sucking dog cock, and getting fucked in particular.  The first time, they managed to get Sam to come twice, once in Tania's cunny and one in Erica's.  Afterwards they 69'ed, making each other come as they drank dog cum from each other's cunnies.  On another visit, I heard that Tania and Erica had actually managed to get Sam's doggy cock up Erica's ass for a long, deep doggy ass-fuck.  Not to be out-done in nastiness, Tania had insisted on trying it too.

The Inevitable Orgy

Eventually Tania's Mom also asked about coming over to our house, and it turned into a great big orgy.  It's a good thing that the living-room bed is a King Size bed!  We started with just the girls.  After a long hot shower to get every spot clean, we came downstairs.  Me, Erica, Mom, Tania and Brenda, all naked and climbing on the bed.  Brenda had brought some massage oil!  It started with lots of kissing and massaging, and moved on to fingering, licking, tit-sucking and pussy-licking.  Mom and Brenda totally made out and fingered each other before moving on to each other's daughters.  Andy and Dad sat watching until they couldn't stand it any more, then they approached the edge of the bed with hard cocks pointing out, which were sucked and fucked by a wife, mother, sister or girlfriend, using whatever hole was available.  The first loads of cum went onto Tania's and Brenda's faces and mouths, where the rest of us licked and sucked it off.  As girls, we took turns ganging up on one person until she came.  I had my orgasm with Tania's mouth and fingers on my cunny, Brenda's tongue in my ass, my face in my Mom's cunny and my sister sucking my tits.  Then it was time to let the boys onto the bed.  We let them crawl into our pile of slippery naked females, rubbing them down and fitting them into our bodies.  Dad got a triple blowjob: Erica's mouth on his cock, Tania licking his balls and me tonguing his ass.  Dad then proceeded to fuck my cunny, Tania's cunny, then Brenda's ass while she sucked her daughter's cunny and they fingered her asshole together.   After Dad came, Andy got a triple blowjob from Brenda, Mom and me, then fucked Tania's ass while she sucked Dad's cum out of her mom's ass to show how nasty she could be.  Wow!

After the orgy, sex between our houses got even more casual, if you can imagine.  I had to keep myself clean all the time because I never knew when someone would want to suck, lick or fuck me.  Tania would be hanging out with Andy, then suddenly pull my Mom and I onto the bed with her for some quick girl-girl orgasms.  Andy or Dad would wander into my room - the room that I share with Erica, and slip a cock into one of our holes while we were reading, studying, whatever.  I once did a half-hour of Math homework with Andy fucking my cunny and fingering my butt.  Erica's ass was an especially popular choice, and I often fell asleep to the sound of Andy or Dad giving her a quick, deep ass-fucking, sometimes muffled with the other cock in her mouth.  Dad and Andy would go over to Tania's house and double-fuck whoever they found there - usually with Dad in Tania's pussy and Andy in her ass.

I started really looking forward to the day when I would ready to take it in the ass myself.  I started practicing with a small dildo, and gradually got bolder.  I wanted to try the real motion of fucking, so Erica got a strap-on from Brenda and fitted it with the small, flexible dildo that I could take.  The first time that Dad and Andy saw us do this, it became a popular activity to watch!  The "sister-sister ass-fuck" was soon requested often, and got the guys so excited they usually came in whoever's mouth was available.  Erica fucked my ass in different positions, then I was asked to strap-on and fuck her ass too.  The strap-on idea spread though our families, and we bought a bunch of them!  I fucked both of Mom's holes, she fucked me, she fucked Erica.  Tania and Brenda fucked each other in the ass.  We were always careful to judge the dildo size by the limits of the individual girl.  Soon we were doing double-penetrations.  Erica, Tania or I would fuck one of Mom's or Brenda's holes, so that their other hole would be tighter for the guy fucking it.

All this fucking wasn't doing too much for me, since I still wasn't having orgasms from fucking.  Thankfully, getting attention on my clit was also now very casual and easy.  Instead of Dad just watching Erica fuck my ass, I would ask him to get under me.  That way I could 69 with Dad, and he could lick me to an orgasm while having an excellent view of his older daughter ass-fucking his younger daughter.

Erica's Boyfriend

A few months went by.  The sex in our house started to be less frequent.  The guys weren't so turned-on any more by watching us girls with the strap-ons.  Andy was the one who still had the most sex drive, I guess because he was 17.  He would still go over to Tania's house and fuck her and her mom, and every so once in a while he would do Erica or me.

Erica got a boyfriend at school.  She told me everything about the dates they went on.  She really wanted to fuck him on the first date, but she also knew she should be careful about the reputation she might get at school if he freaked out and told his friends.  So, she waited until they knew each other better.  On the first date, she let him play with her tits, and made out a lot but never went further than that.  She was so horny and frustrated when she got home that she practically jumped on Dad, and begged for him to fuck her, which he did for a solid hour.  She came up to our room with Dad's cum dripping from her cunny, which I licked up then sucked her clit to another orgasm, so that she could calm down enough to sleep that night.

On the second date, she gave her boyfriend head (he was 16, and had a car which they drove off and parked somewhere private).  She taught him how to make her cum with his fingers (which isn't hard - she comes really easy that way.)  Then, she took his virginity, leaning against his car and having him fuck her from behind.

She was already really careful not to let him know about our family.  They started fucking regularly, and on special occasions Erica would let him have her ass.  Now both my siblings were getting their sexual needs filled, and I wasn't getting enough sexual attention!  I considered getting a boyfriend, but there wasn't any boy at school I liked enough.  I also thought about the girls I knew, but I didn't think any of them would be open-minded enough to go with me.

Claire's 14th Birthday

I was going to turn 14 soon, and since birthdays are usually a time for special sex in our house, I asked Mom and Dad for what I wanted most.  They said OK!

On my birthday night, we invited Tania and her mom over.  Mom made a great dinner, and we did the birthday cake and presents.  Then, Mom took me upstairs to get me ready for my present.  We got naked, turned the shower on nice and hot, and she cleaned my asshole really well.  She used soap and water, her fingers, and the massaging shower head to squirt water way into my ass and clean it.  Then we went downstairs.

They were already getting warmed up on the bed.  Erica was sucking Andy's cock, and Brenda and Tania were sucking Dad's.  My Mom set my naked body in the middle of the bed, and all the attention shifted to me.

"We all know that you haven't been getting enough sex lately." said Mom.  "Now, tonight is your special night."  She kissed me and played with my tits, and that was the signal to begin.  I remember that Dad was the first one to lick my cunny, while everyone else rubbed and played with my body and sucked on my tits.  They rotated around, until all 6 of them had kissed my, sucked my tits, fingered my sunny and licked my clit.  I was in heaven, I just lay back and enjoyed it.  I came once when Erica was licking me, and just stayed on a sexual plateau after that point.

Then it was time for me to turn over.  Brenda offered her plump body as a cushion, so I lay down on top of her with my cunny on her mouth and my head on her big soft belly.  Then each person took a turn licking my asshole!  Mom was first.  Brenda was underneath me, gently rolling my clit around on my tongue.  Mom was really good, French-kissing my clean asshole like it was a mouth.  Andy and Erica were next, and they each got their tongue into my ass but didn't stay very long.  Tania was the most unrestrained.  She spread my cheeks with her hands and after some delicious kisses, poked her tongue out and fucked me with it, trying to get as deep in my ass as she could.

Lubricated dildos were next.  Mom held it in her hand, and gently probed into my ass, letting me relax and get used to it.  She worked up to a larger dildo, then switched to a long butt-plug, the kind that stays in without having to be held in place.  Andy got behind me and started fucking my cunny.  I was so tight with the butt-plug in me, that even as incredibly wet as I was, it still took a little time for him to work his cock into my cunny.  The fucking motion was good, actually really intense with the plug in my butt, and Brenda's mouth on my clit, I almost came.  Andy pulled out and Dad fucked me.  This took even longer to get his big cock into me.

"How's your daughter's tiny little cunt?" asked Tania.  She still really got off on the fact that our family sex was incest.  To her, sex between girls wasn't so kinky, because she was used to it with her mom.  But, seeing Andy and Dad fucking their female relatives was really a turn on for her.

"My daughter's cunt is incredibly tight." said Dad.  I know he was calling me "daughter" instead of "Claire" for Tania's benefit, to turn her on more.  "With the plug in her ass, this is the tightest cunt I've ever fucked in my life, even tighter than when I fucked her for the first time a year ago, on her 13th birthday."  He had his big cock all the way inside me, and instead of fucking, he was wiggling it back and forth inside of me.  This was making my already engorged clit stick even further out into Brenda's mouth, and it felt fantastic.

"OK, it's time." said Mom.  "We all know that Claire, as a little 13-year-old girl, has never taken anything more than a finger or small dildo in her ass.  Well, she's 14 tonight, and ready for her first real ass-fuck by a man.  Andy?"

My brother came around to my face to give me a sweet kiss, then moved around behind me.  Dad pulled out of my cunny and the butt plug was removed too.  I felt so empty!  Andy was kissing my asshole again, this time longer and deeper.

"So, Andy is going to take his sister's anal virginity?" said Tania, rubbing herself and totally turned on by the scene.

"Yes." said Mom.

Andy pulled his mouth away from my ass and I felt the tip of his cock, at my ass!  I was totally relaxed, from my orgasms and resting Brenda's big soft body underneath mine.  I felt the tip of his cock slip into me.

"Eventually Andy took Erica's virginity, when they were old enough." said Mom, explaining to Tania.  "A lot like tonight, with everyone helping and lots of oral sex orgasms to warm her up.  A year later he took Erica's anal virginity, then a year ago he fucked Claire's little virgin pussy.  Finally tonight he completes his two sisters' six holes."

Andy was all the way inside me know.  I almost didn't hear Mom talking, because my attention was completely on the feeling of my brother's cock sliding up my ass.  It was incredibly intense!  He started fucking, and Brenda started moving again on my clit.  I was delirious.

The room was heating up with sexual intensity.  Erica came around to face me, kissed me, then put her face into Brenda's crotch and started sucking.  Dad came around behind Erica and slid into her pussy.

Tania was hugging Andy from behind, her tits pressed against his back.  She held her body against his with one hand, their bodies moving as one as he thrust into me.  Her other hand was on my ass, as Andy's hands were on my hips pulling me against him, probing deeper and deeper up my ass.

"You like fucking your little sister's ass?" Tania was saying.  "I bet it's even tighter than my ass.  I want you to do something really nasty for me.  Pull out of her ass and put it my mom's mouth.  Her mouth is right there next to to Claire's pussy and her head is at the right angle to take you deep."

I felt Andy's cock leave my ass, and Brenda's head tilted underneath me.  He must have gone deep, because Brenda's body shook underneath mine, probably from the shock of having her throat suddenly penetrated.  I glanced over my shoulder and saw Tania with an intense look on her face. She was pushing her body again Andy's, forcing it forward.  "Fuck my mom's face!  Ram your cock down her fucking throat!"

"I'm coming!" said Andy.

"Don't deprive Claire." said Tania.  Suddenly my ass was full again, in one intense thrust!  "Pump your cum into your little sister's virgin asshole, Andy."  Andy make one last thrust, and I felt it happening!  My brother was making me a real, complete sexual woman, with hot cum far, far up my ass.

I heard cries and I think someone else was cumming, but I was too far gone to tell who it was.  Andy pulled out of my ass, and Tania was sucking the bits of cum off his softening cock.  I felt empty, and it seemed like the sex around me was winding down.  I didn't want it to end, though!

"I want my daddy!" I managed to say.

This got everyone's attention.  "You mean, you want him to fuck your pussy again?" asked Mom.

"No, I want my daddy in my ass."

"But Claire." said Erica.  "He's so big.  I couldn't take him until a long time after Andy started doing my ass."

"I took Andy with no problem though!  I can take Dad."

They were looking at each other questioningly.  Finally Mom said, "It's your birthday."

"Cool!" said Tania.  "Well?" she asked Dad.  "Your little girl is asking for your cock up her ass.  You gonna give it to her?"

"Hell yes." said Dad.  He came around and got in position.  Mom lined him up and he started.  The head of his giant cock pushed against my little ass.  It hurt, but I didn't say anything - I didn't want them to see me give up after I'd asked for it!  I hurt even more when he got the head in and started working it in deeper.

My mom sensed my pain.  "More lube!" she said, and Dad pulled out to get lots and lots of lube on his cock before putting it back in my ass.  This time it went deeper, and kept going.

"She's taking it!" said Tania.  "This is so incredibly hot.  I need something up my ass, now."  She looked down at Andy's cock, which I guess wasn't hard enough yet, because she picked out a dildo from the dildo pile, and started working into her own ass.  "C'mon, I wanna see lots of assholes filled up.  It'd really turn me on, won't you help?"

The other women murmured their agreement.  Dildos of varying sizes were picked and lubricated.  Erica picked a medium-sized one, and I watched her working it up her ass.  Tania handed her a big one, and Brenda, still underneath me, lifted her legs up and apart to allow Erica to force the big, slick dildo up Brenda's ass.

"I'm hard enough now." said Andy.

"Do your mom's ass." said Tania.  Mom got on her hands and knees next to me and Brenda on the bed, and Andy slid right up her ass.  By now, Dad was all the way up my ass and started to fuck it.  He wasn't going to last long, and we all knew it.  Tania, fucking her own ass, was really getting off on watching Andy and Dad fuck mother and daughter.  She had one hand on her clit, and she was egging them on.  "Fuck that ass, fuck that incestuous ass.  Oh fuck yes, family ass-fuck.  Oh, fuck!!"  She came loudly.

I was almost about to cum, and told my Dad to stop moving.  He pushed in to his balls, and stopped.  I focused on the feeling of Brenda's mouth around my clit, and thought to myself, "My daddy is fucking my ass.  My daddy is fucking my ass."  I was repeating it to myself, maybe it was even out loud.  I felt my orgasm building, and came hard, and almost passed out.  I remember feeling my Dad coming inside me, flooding my ass with a giant load of cum.  I remember Tania getting off on watching her mom drink the cum that trickled out of my ass down to her mouth, and the feeling of Tania's mouth on my ass as she licked out the cum to feed to her mom in a spermy kiss over my cunny.  I found out later that Andy had managed to stay hard long enough to ass-fuck Mom, Erica and finally Tania, while she 69'ed with Erica.  It was a completely anal evening, with every woman getting a chance to come with their ass totally filled.

Following tradition, after the sex died down, Mom and Dad took me upstairs to shower me.  I was worn out, so they held me gently, kissing me all over, as they washed the seat and cum off my body, then my Dad carried me to bed and they tucked me in.

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