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Worldwide Boy Gladiators
by istari
In the not too distant future, Extreme Action Broadcasting has become the most watched network in the world.  Needing a Saturday night blockbuster program to go beyond anything they've done before, a young producer comes up with the concept of 'Worldwide Boy Gladiators."  Lured by the huge amount of money they'll be paid upon expiration of their indenture contracts, ten young boys ages 10 to 14 are recruited to be the initial gladiators.  Each week, these athletes will participate in extreme completions that are as humiliating, embarrassing and painful as the organizers can devise.  Between competitions, the boys are subject to an arduous schedule of conditioning and training.
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 1
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 2
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 3
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 4
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 5
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 6
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 7
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 8
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 9
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 10
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 11
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 12
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 13
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 14
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 15
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 16
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 17
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 18
Worldwide Boy Gladiators Part 19

Gestapo Torment: The Sequel
by Platypus
It's March of 1943 when 13 year old Fritz is arrested for being involved in the hiding of a Jewish family.  At the hands of Major Bremer he endures a very painful torture session intended to punish him and to get him to betray the Jewish family.
Gestapo Torment: The Sequel

Gestapo Torment
by Platypus
In 1942 Germany 13 year old Rolf helps hide the Jewish family of his best friend from the Nazis. The Gestapo arrests the boy and subject him to a series of very painful torments to get him to reveal the location of the hidden family.
Gestapo Torment
Pick a Card
by Platypus
Their father gets in serious trouble with a casino, thirteen year old Richard and his twelve year old brother Ronnie agree for the remainder of the week to perform in an underground show in order to save their dad from avery  bleak future.  By agreeing, the boys have cast themselves to undergo onstage a series of painful, embarrassing and humiliating ordeals.
Pick a Card

Polygamist Boy's Lot
by Platypus
For behavior deemed to be against the standards of their strict religious community three thirteen year old boys must undergo a very painful Ordeal to determine if they will be permitted to stay or will be exiled to the outside world.
Polygamist Boy's Lot

The Traitor's Son

by Zelamir, adapted by Pueros
Set in ancient Rome, 11 year old Marius , a young boy from a privileged wealthy family, suffers many abuses and humiliations when he's made a slave after his father fails in a coup attempt against the Emperor.  This great story first appeared at a couple of other web venues under the title of 'Sejanus'. However, this renamed version has been especially adapted, with the author's permission and oversight and with amendments and fresh scenes, for this site by Pueros.
The Traitor's Son Chapters 1-4
The Traitor's Son Chapters 5-8
The Traitor's Son Chapters 9-10 
The Traitor's Son Chapters 11-14
The Traitor's Son Chapters 15-16
The Traitor's Son Chapters 17-20
The Traitor's Son Chapter 21
The Traitor's Son Chapter 22
The Traitor's Son Chapter 23
The Traitor's Son Chapter 24
The Traitor's Son Chapters 25-27
The Traitor's Son Chapters 28-30
The Traitor's Son Chapter 31
The Traitor's Son Chapter 32
The Traitor's Son Chapters 33-34
The Traitor's Son Chapters 35-36
The Traitor's Son Chapters 37-38
The Traitor's Son Chapters 39-40
The Traitor's Son Chapters 41-42
The Traitor's Son Chapters 43-44
The Traitor's Son Chapters 45-47
The Traitor's Son Chapters 48-49
The Traitor's Son Chapters 50-51
The Traitor's Son Chapters 52-53
The Traitor's Son Chapters 54-55
The Traitor's Son Chapters 56-59
The Traitor's Son Chapters 60-63
The Traitor's Son Chapters 64-65
The Traitor's Son Chapters 66-69
The Traitor's Son Chapters 70-71
The Traitor's Son Chapters 72-73
The Traitor's Son Chapters 74-76
The Traitor's Son Chapters 77-78
The Traitor's Son Chapters 79-82
The Traitor's Son Chapters 83-84
The Traitor's Son Chapters 85-87
The Traitor's Son Chapter 88
The Traitor's Son Chapters 89-91
The Traitor's Son Chapters 92-96
The Traitor's Son Chapter 97


by Pueros
After a shipwreck, eleven year old English twins James and John are stranded alone on the coast of mid-nineteenth century Africa.  But that quickly becomes the least of their worries when they're taken captive by a tribe of fierce African warriors.  Their capture sets in motion an "adventure" in which the boys suffer one painful, embarrassing, and humiliating ordeal after another.
Wrecked Chapter 1
Wrecked Chapters 2-4
Wrecked Chapters 5-6
Wrecked Chapters 7-8
Wrecked Chapters 9-15
Wrecked Chapters 16-20
Wrecked Chapters 21-25
Wrecked Chapters 26-30
Wrecked Chapters 31-38

Longwood Reform School
by Platypus
(250 KB novella length story, approximately 110 pages)
Longwood Reform School is a privately run facility for the re-education and confinement of boys aged 12-14. The sadistic overseers believe harsh punishment is an effective tool to curb and modify sinful behaviors. This novella depicts the experiences of several boys who for their own good are sentenced to serve time at this barbaric institution.
Longwood Reform School

One Week Vacation
by Albert Jackson
Two eleven year old boys and their twelve year old friend are looking forward to being away from home for their "one week vacation" at camp. When they get stranded by a storm and stumble upon the wrong house, their vacation ends being very much different then they had anticipated.
One Week Vacation

Spartan Boys

by Pueros
This five part story is based on fact, depicting the harsh training of the real Spartan Boys of ancient Sparta in Greece.   Spartan boys spent much of their time naked or nearly so and were subjected to extreme hardship and suffering.  All characters depicted are true historical figures.
Spartan Boys Chapter 1
Spartan Boys Chapter 2
Spartan Boys Chapter 3

Slaveboys From New York & Moscow

by Pueros
(sequel to the Codicil)

In this sequel to The Codicil, the further painful adventures of Sergei, Yuri, Sasha and Viktor continue. At the same time, five newly unwillinginly enslaved American boys undergo very painful experiences of their own.
 Slaveboys From New York & Moscow Part 1 Chapters 1-6
Slaveboys From New York & Moscow Part 2 Chapters 7-10
Slaveboys From New York & Moscow Part 3 Chapters 11-15
Slaveboys From New York & Moscow Part 4 Chapters 16-18
Slaveboys From New York & Moscow Part 5 Chapters 19-20

The Lycian Prince
by Pueros
This long saga, describing the adventures of a young Prince in the Roman Empire of the 3rd Century AD, was originally posted elsewhere but has been revised and amended, including a changed ending, for this site by the author. The tale is mainly a work of pure imagination and the writer hopes that historical truth will be forgiving!
The Lycian Prince Chapters 1 & 2
The Lycian Prince Chapters 3-5
The Lycian Prince Chapter 6
The Lycian Prince Chapter 7-9
The Lycian Prince Chapter 10-14
The Lycian Prince Chapter 15

Lucifer's Disciples
by Pueros
Thirteen year old Stephen becomes entrapped in the evil rituals of a wicked satanic cult.
Lucifer's Disciples Part 1
Lucifer's Disciples Part 2
Lucifer's Disciples Part 3
Lucifer's Disciples Part 4
Lucifer's Disciples Part 5
Lucifer's Disciples Parts 6-9

The Codicil
by Pueros
This is the first of five parts of a story about sexual sado-masochism involving young boys, as rumored to be practiced by some of the new multi-millionaires and billionaires of modern Russia.
The Codicil Part 1
The Codicil Part 2
The Codicil Part 3
The Codicil Part 4
The Codicil Part 5

Achieving Manhood
by Aldric
Rick and his younger brother Eric are on a multi-year overseas expedition with their scholar father who is studying a tribe that has had little contact with the modern world.  The tribal elders have set a condition that in order for the family to stay, the two boys must become members of the people, living and being treated just like the native boys.  In the second year of their stay, the now twelve year old Rick shows the physical sign that he's now mature enough to be selected to go through the local  rites of passage.  An ordeal that the shy American boy finds to be particularly embarrassing and extremely painful.
Achieving Manhood

Boys on Safari
by Armingford
Three boys aged 10, 12 and 14 are on an African Safari. One morning when their mother isn't feeling well, the three boys accompanied only by their driver explore the surrounding countryside. Not long into the excursion, their vehicle is hijacked by local bandits.  Very quickly all three boys are subjected to a series of very painful and humiliating ordeals.
Boys on Safari

Last Boy Standing
by Nialos Leaning

Three boys, ages thirteen, twelve and eleven, make a weekend visit with their parents to the town of Edwardsville in Benjamin County.  To their disbelief and shock, the boys quickly learn that "little boys shouldn't be so modest" is county law.  A law that their parents wholeheartedly agree with.  A law that's strictly enforced with very painful, embarrassing and humiliating court ordered punishments for those boys who dare not to be bare in public.  As a result of  their refusal to undress in a public parking lot, the court sanctions the three boys to seven days of Public Nude Juvenile Punishment and along with a fourth boy to take part in a show designed to literally determine who will be the "Last Boy Standing."  
Last Boy Standing Part 1
Last Boy Standing Part 2
Last Boy Standing Part 3

The Young Templarian Prince
by  J. de Molay
Fourteen year old Prince Bernard is a Templarian knight charged with being the guardian of a very precious and sacred artifact.  The enemies of the Templarians subject the young prince to relentless unimaginable pain and suffering in an attempt to to get the boy to reveal the location of the artifact.  But despite inflicting one horrendous torture after another on the greatly suffering Bernard, they're unable to break him and his resolve to protect his secret. 
The Young Templarian Prince

My Stepmother's Dungeon

by Platypus
Jeremy is twelve-and-a-half years old on the night that his stepmother and her three live in boyfriends decide it's time for the hapless boy to pay a visit to the dungeon beneath the basement in order to suffer the consequences of not showing proper respect to the adults in his life.  That first thoroughly embarrassing,  completely humiliating, and seriously painful visit is only the beginning of his torments at the hands of his torturers.
My Stepmother's Dungeon Parts 1-3
My Stepmother's Dungeon Parts 4-6
My Stepmother's Dungeon Parts 7-9
My Stepmother's Dungeon Parts 10-12

Stevens School Runaways
by Platypus
Two thirteen year old boys are sent by stern juvenile court judges to the brutal but politically correct Alexander X. Stevens School.  The boys run away, only to be recaptured and returned to the reform school.  They then suffer the rather unjust desserts of prolonged and severely painful punishment as part of a secret government research project to study pain endurance.
Stevens School Runaways Part 1
Stevens School Runaways Part 2
Stevens School Runaways Part 3
Stevens School Runaways Part 4
Stevens School Runaways Part 5
Stevens School Runaways Part 6
Stevens School Runaways Part 7
Stevens School Runaways Part 8
Stevens School Runaways Part 9
Stevens School Runaways Part 10
Stevens School Runaways Part 11
Stevens School Runaways Part 12
Stevens School Runaways Part 13
Stevens School Runaways Part 14
Stevens School Runaways Part 15
Stevens School Runaways Part 16
Stevens School Runaways Part 17
Stevens School Runaways Part 18
Stevens School Runaways Part 19
Stevens School Runaways Part 20 - Conclusion

Classroom of Pain

by Platypus
Four delinquent 7th & 8th grade boys are selected to be the the inaugural participants in their community's new extreme punishment regime.  A regime that involves the infliction of  serious pain and suffering by using ordinary shop tools as instruments of torture and retribution.
Classroom of Pain

Pain Factor

by Platypus
Middle school age boys compete for a large winner take all cash prize on a game show inspired by the hit TV program Fear Factor.  Except in this show the objective is to inflict upon the young naked contestants as much pain as inhumanly possible, until all but one have dropped out.  In pursuit of this objective, the rules allow anything and everything short of major   permanent body damage, serious injury, or more than minor disfigurement and scarring.
Pain Factor Part 1
Pain Factor Part 2
Pain Factor Part 3
Pain Factor Part 4
Pain Factor Part 5
Pain Factor Part 6
Pain Factor Part 7 - The Conclusion

Special Detention

by Nialos Leaning
Eighteen naked boys ages 10 to 14 must take part in a Saturday Special Detention for misbehaving at school.  A detention in which they're split into nine boy teams to compete against each other in a series of games designed to inflict extreme pain.  As an incentive to win, the losing team of each game is awarded a special pain penalty; the overall losing team suffers a penalty much worse than anything else they've endured during the day.  As the day progresses, the tortured battered boys truly learn that "pain is the name of the game."
Special Detention

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