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Sister is an Italian who writes wonderful stories involving children being stripped, humiliated, spanked and degraded.

English is not Sister's native language and his prose reflects this.  In some of Sister's stories, for purposes of clarity and readability, the editor has in certain cases corrected grammar, misspellings and typos.  Many such errors have not been corrected so as to as much as possible maintain the flavor of the original work as submitted by Sister.  

Warning: The underage participants in these stories do engage in non-consensual sexual activity, including unwanted erections, forced masturbation, oral sex and object penetration.
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St. Ann & James Mixed School

The St. Ann & James Mixed School has very strict dress and conduct codes that subject violators to very embarrassing and painful public punishment.
St. Ann & James Mixed School Chapter 1 June 19, 2010
St. Ann & James Mixed School Chapter 2 June 25, 2010
St. Ann & James Mixed School Chapter 3 August 9, 2010
St. Ann & James Mixed School Chapter 4 August 18, 2010
St. Ann & James Mixed School Chapter 5 August 28, 2010
St. Ann & James Mixed School Chapter 6 September 8, 2010
Puppy Dog J
Ten year old Jeanette has been a very naughty little girl. She's punished by being made to act, live and dress like a puppy dog, with nine year old Silvia as her owner. Silvia just loves to discipline her naked little puppy and take her on long walks to the park to share with the other kids.
Puppy Dog J Part 1
Puppy Dog J Part 2
Puppy Dog J Part 3
Puppy Dog J Part 4
Puppy Dog J Part 5
Puppy Dog J Part 6
Puppy Dog J Part 7
Puppy Dog J Part 8

The Evil School
Corporal punishment has just been reinstated at this school.  Spanking, forced nudity, humiliation, and even some B & D are among the evils visited upon those students who dare mess up.
The Evil School Part 1
The Evil School Part 2
The Evil School Part 3

Summer Camp
Preteen boys and girls at a discipline camp for young brats pay an embarrassing and painful price for misdeeds.
Summer Camp 1: Mike in the Show

Summer Camp 2: The Spanking Duo

Stripped, Humiliated and Spanked
The young assistant leader of this neighborhood gang is captured by the enemy from the next apartment block. He is promptly "tortured" to reveal his military secrets.
Stripped, Humiliated and Spanked

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