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Boyz Being Boyz
This site contains a varied and ever growing collection of drawings, paintings, sketches, original comics and stories depicting fictitious spankings of minor males as well as some material depicting adult males.  Some material depicts minor girls being spanked in addition to boys.
Boyz Being Boyz Added January 2, 2010

Pueros-Zelamir Archive
collected by Céladon Puerulus
Contains stories in English, Dutch and German
Verhalen in het Nederlands, Engels en Duits zijn welkom
 Geschichten auf Deutsch, Niederländisch und Englisch sind willkommen

A collection of stories about young boys ages 8 to 16 in slavery or in reform schools, taking place in societies in the past, in the future or in alternative worlds. Also stories about boys in other harsh conditions, and some good stories with femdom and consensual dom/sub relations.
Pueros-Zelamir Archive

Jane Marwood's Femdom Stories

Femdom stories by Jane Marwood, some with underage characters.
Jane Marwood's Femdom Stories

Handprints Spanking Art and Stories Page

This site features a large collection of drawings and comics of young girls being spanked, as well as some girl spanking stories.
Handprints Spanking Art and Stories Page

Male-Male Spanking Archive:
This site has a large collection of male to male spanking stories, many involving young boys.
Male-Male Spanking Archive

Georgie Porgie:

Georgie Porgie writes stories of girls age 4 to 12 who are usually, but not always, naked, humiliated, helpless, terrified, crying, and either screaming or gagged. The stories usually have bondage, exhibition, humiliation, and spanking.
Georgie Porgie

Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository:
Host of this site and home to tens of thousands of a wide variety of sex stories, something for every taste. A real treasure trove!
Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository

The Weltby Fantasies:
Stories by the The Courageous Pedagogue centering on young female domination in a school setting in which school age characters interact with same age, younger or older characters.
The Weltby Fantasies

Mule's Barnyard:
Mule's excellent femdom story site.
Mule's Femdom Fantasies, Fetishes, and Spanking

Y. Lee Coyote:
Y. Lee is a masterful story teller. His stories run a wide gamut from spanking to stripping and humiliation to gay sex to straight sex. Many stories feature young characters.  One of Nialos' favorite authors!
Y. Lee Coyote

Wolfcub's Stories:
Some crossover interest with this site. Check the Stay-boy stories, for example...
Wolfcub's Stories

Don's Spanking Pages: 
Don A. Landhill's excellent spanking story site, featuring works by himself, Sam Past, Kayley, Nadia A. Salem, Jen, and HuggedLots, features a great links page. 
Don's Spanking Pages

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