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Ten year olds Darlene and Nikki get their change to render embarrassing and humiliating revenge upon Darlene's bratty eleven year old brother Peter when the boy is accidentally hypnotized while in the audience at a local community magic show.
Catnip Chapter 1 December 7, 2010
Catnip Chapter 2 December 30, 2010
A Christmas and New Year's Eve Story Challenge Entry:
Catnip Chapter 3 January 31, 2011

I Know What You Did
Following the instructions in a note reading "I know what you did! And so will others unless you do follow these directions exactly" causes twelve year old Brandon to suffer some very painful, embarrassing and humiliating consequences.
I know What You Did May 15, 2010

My Humiliation

Eighth grader Melissa Witten agrees to do anything her stepbrother wants in order to keep him from revealing what he knows about her best friend Brenda. The agreement proves to be a two edged sword, saving Brenda from serious trouble but causing Melissa much embarrassment and humiliation.
My Humiliation Part 1 May 4, 2010

Thomas Wright's School Days
After molesting a ten year old female classmate, fourteen year old Thomas Wright suffers some very embarrassing, humiliating and painful consequences at he hands of the revenge seeking girls at his school.
Thomas Wright's School Days March 25, 2010

Cara's Revenge

In this sequel to Alex the Reluctant Nudist Cara exerts her revenge upon her cousin Alex. She promptly acts on her promise to Alex that that this will be the worse summer of his life, with much embarrassment and humiliation for the fourteen year old boy.
Cara's Revenge Part 1 June 7, 2009
Cara's Revenge Part 2 August 12, 2009
Cara's Revenge Part 3 October 8, 2009
Cara's Revenge Part 4 October 17, 2009
Cara's Revenge Part 5 October 28, 2009
Cara's Revenge Part 6 November 6, 2009
Cara's Revenge Part 7 November 14, 2009

The Boy Trap
At a sleepover, eleven year old Portia and two of her fiends set a trap to catch Portia's ten year old brother Peter naked. Ecstatic at their success, they concoct a plan to use Peter as bait to trap even more boys.
The Boy Trap Part 1 June 17, 2009
The Boy Trap Part 2 October 8, 2009

Alex the Reluctant Nudist
When some neighborhood girls learn that fourteen year old Alex  molested a twelve year old girl, they decide to punish him for his misdeeds.  The result is that Alex is forced to become a reluctant nudist. To his dismay, he quickly learns that being naked in public is only the starting point of the embarrassment and habilitation he must endure as a consequence of his behavior.
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Parts 1-6
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 7
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 8
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 9
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 10
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 11
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 12
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 13
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 14
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 15
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 16
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 17
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 18
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 19
Alex the Reluctant Nudist Part 20


Justin has a plan to avoid the school bullies who've been threatening him all day.  Unfortunately for him the plan backfires and he's trapped by the bullies, a group of boys and girls from his school.  They give him two choices, either suffer the worse "beatdown" anyone in the school has ever received or to engage in a series of very humiliating and embarrassing actions.
Beatdown Part 1
Beatdown Part 2
Beatdown Part 3
Beatdown Part 4
Beatdown Part 5
Beatdown Part 6

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