The Outsider Chapter 1
by Aldric

Copyright 2007 by Aldric, all rights reserved.

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The Outsider, Chapter 1

"Well Peter, I think you're going to like it here at Cutter Middle School. We have a lot of excellent programs that hopefully will challenge you. Too bad about requiring two periods of gym though, but it is a state requirement." Mr. Darcy, the principal at CMS, seemed like a nice guy, but I wasn't looking forward to leaving the school I had been attending to attend here.

My mom was pregnant and my dad had left so she couldn't afford to send me and my sister to the private academy we had gone to for the last few years. At Pikeland Academy sixth grade was considered part of the grammar school and didn't have a formal gym class. But here at CMS gym was required for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. I was starting in seventh grade and therefore had two gym classes, one with my grade and one with sixth graders. My sister Cassie didn't have that problem since she was in sixth grade.

And that wasn't the worst of the news, in order to cut back even more on expenses my mom had sent me and my sister to stay at her sister's house until the baby was born. My aunt was divorced and had two kids, Scott and Ginny. Ginny was fourteen and loathed me. Not that I'd shown her any love either. She called me an outsider and told me I was going to hate it here.

"How about the other students, Mr. Darcy? Peter's small for his age and I'm worried about them picking on him because of his size."

"Mom! I thought we agreed we weren't going to talk about that. I'm fine; I'm just a late bloomer."

"More like a dead bloom. You haven't grown in more than a year. I'm already taller than you and even Scott is the same size as you."

"Cassie; that will be enough out of you," my mom said.

Scott is my other cousin, Ginny's little brother. He's ten and I have to share his room. Scott's in fifth grade and Cassie's right, he is as tall as me. I'll be wearing his old clothes soon if I don't start growing. I'm twelve years old and I turn thirteen in less than three months, but I'm only five feet one inch tall and I'm a bit on the skinny side.

"No need to worry about that here, we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying here. Make sure you read about it in the student handbook. If there are any problems just report it to any teacher or any member of the administrative staff and we'll take care of it. We're very strict here."

Mr. Darcy seemed okay so far, but I'd have to wait and see how much he really knew about what went on in his school. They said they watched everything at Pikeland too but a kids still found ways to torment me about my size.

"Well honey, I'm just worried about you," my mom said to me. "You don't have the friends here to protect you like you did at Pikeland."

My mom would really be worried if she knew that a few of the kids she thought were my friends were actually the ones who picked on me the most.

"You don't need to worry Mrs. Cautier. As I said, we're very strict here and the students all know it. Punishments are swift and severe and all of the staff has had training to recognize symptoms of bullying. We don't have any problems with that here I'm proud to say."

Well, like I said, I'd just have to wait and see. But all the papers were signed and it was time for me to escape from my mother and find my way to my first class. The school year was already a month old so the other kids knew their way around and where their classrooms were by now. But if I was going to make it here I sure couldn't start off my having my mother escort me to my classroom, so while she and Mr. Darcy were getting Cassie's schedule done I excused myself and left.

It was between classes and the hallways were full of kids. I had only been in the hall for a few seconds before somebody said "Hey, check out the new kid!"

So far, my cousin Ginny was right--I hated everything about this school—the kids were bigger, everyone dressed like farmers (which nearly all of their parents were) and they made fun of my pleated pants and dress shirt.

"Hey preppy, what grade you in?" asked one of the kids.

"Seventh," I answered, noticing that his three friends had moved around to stand next to me and behind me.

"I don't remember seeing you here when school started. Were you here last month?" he asked.

"No. I just started today. I'm transferring from Pikeland Academy, just across the state line in Central City."

"I know where Central City is—do you think I'm stupid or something?"

Actually the thought had occurred to me but I was smart enough not to say what I was thinking.

"Anyway, that must be where you got all the fancy clothes. Makes you look like the outsider you are. And we don't like outsiders here. We normally greet them during the second week of school, but we've already finished with them. Well most of them anyway" he said, eyeing one kid who started to move more quickly down the hallway. "Unless you were born here, we don't like you, so you'd better figure out who the other outsiders are and see if they'll let you hang out with them. But I'm guessing they won't have anything to do with you either."

"You do anything, and I'll go to Mr. Darcy and..." before I could finish, my books were knocked out of my hands. As I bent over to pick them up, my shirt was pulled out of my pants and up over my head. I stood up to try and pull it down and felt something cold and wet on my back.

"If you know what's good for you, you won't say a word to anyone." He and his three apes turned and started to move on down the hallway.

"You'd better leave me alone" I called after them, tucking my shirt back inside my pants.

"Or what?" The boys turned around and came back. "That isn't how you tuck in your shirt; don't you even know how to dress yourself? Help him out boys."

My arms were suddenly pulled out to the side, and my thin black belt undone. Before I could begin to protest, my pants were unhitched and pulled to my ankles, leaving me standing in the hall in my boxers. They then pulled my shirt back up over my face and let my arms free. "Now you can tuck your shirt in properly" he said, as they all walked off, leaving me in a hallway full of laughing kids.

I quickly pulled my pants back up amid the snickering, noticing that several girls were watching closely.

"It's a lot better to just let them have some fun; they can really get carried away otherwise." The kid standing next to me was watching the other boys walk away. "Oh, by the way, so that you don't need to find out the hard way—outsiders aren't allowed to use any of the boy's bathrooms without permission. If you have to pee, you have to go outside."

"That's stupid; they can't stop me from using the bathroom."

"It's not just them—anyone will pick on you and nobody will help you. My family moved here when I was four and I went to elementary school with these kids. I had lots of friends in grade school and never knew anybody cared where I came from. But once I started middle school it was a different world. I'm an outsider even though I've lived here for eight years. Even the guys who used to be my friends got into it. But as long as you stay cool, nothing really bad happens—they'll punch you, knock your books out of your arms, maybe depants you. If you don't fight it they lose interest pretty quickly. But if you tell a teacher, well, uh, I guess my advice is just don't tell anyone. It'll only last a week or so, maybe less if you're a good sport about it, and then it stops."

As he walked away I though over what he said, but Mr. Darcy had said they were really strict here. If they picked on me, I would tell and see how strict they really were. But this time I wasn't going to be a passive victim. That decision made, I checked my class list to see what I had next: Gym class. That meant a stop at my locker to grab the stuff my mom had bought for me last night.

Today was my sixth grade gym so I headed towards the small locker room next to the cafeteria to join the other sixth graders.

I was thinking that at least here I was a year older than everyone else I wouldn't have to worry about any problems from my fellow classmates. As I entered the locker room, however, a sense of dread came over me. I had expected private change areas, but there were just two long benches with lockers on either side. Several boys were already getting undressed.

I had never been naked in front of other people before, well, at least not since I was like 5 years old. Even my cousin Scott hadn't seen me naked—we shared a bed room but I changed clothes in the bathroom. I moved to the back of the locker room, hoping to escape notice.

I quickly removed my black loafers, noticing a few scuff marks on then. Then I took off my socks and pulled my gym shirt out of my bag. I pulled off my street shirt and then remembered the boys had put something on my back. I pulled the gym shirt from my bag and wiped it as best I could but I couldn't tell if it did any good. Next I laid out my jock strap and shorts, and after looking around to see if anyone was watching I removed my pants. As soon as I hung them in my locker, I was spun around and pulled into the middle of the crowd of boys.

"Hey guys, we have a new outsider thrown in with us." The voice was familiar, and I turned to look at him. It was the bully from the hallway. "What's that big red 'S' on your back supposed to mean? Do you think you're superman or something?"

I pulled away and went back to my little corner, hearing all the laughter and insults from boys a year my junior. I pulled my boxers off, and dropped them on the bench and reached for my jock strap, but it was gone. I quickly searched in my gym bag, but couldn't find it. I decided to put my boxers back on, but now they were missing too. I quickly pulled my gym shorts on and turned around.

"Give me back my clothes" I said to the boy closest to me.

"What clothes? I don't have your clothes" was his response.

Not sure where the gym teacher was, I put the rest of my stuff in my locker and locked the door, and followed the class out to the gym.

A few minutes later, the teacher came out and blew a whistle. All the boys lined up and I followed suit.

"Okay, men, a few jumping jacks to get us started" the teacher said.

"Excuse me Mr. Kuntz, but I don't think the new kid knows he's supposed to wear his jock" said one of the boys in the front.

Mr. Kuntz came over to me and asked "Do you know you're supposed to be wearing a jock strap?"

"Yeah, I do, but..."

"And do you have a jock strap?"

"I did, but someone took it."

"Someone took it?"

"Yeah, while I was getting dressed."


"I didn't see, it was just missing."

Turning back to the class, he asked "Who here took this student's jock strap?"

"I saw it in his gym bag" said another boy. "I think he just didn't know how to put it on." This resulted in a large round of laughter.

Looking back at me, he asked "What's you name son?"

"Pete. Peter Coutier."

"Well, Mr. Coutier, is your jock strap in you gym bag?"

"No sir. I looked for it before I locked everything up."

"Let's go have a look." He turned back to the class and said "Mr. Decker is in charge. Everyone had better behave, or you'll run laps the whole period." The bully from the hall stepped up to the front of the room and began to lead in jumping jacks.

Mr. Kuntz opened the locker room door and followed me to my locker. "They were making fun of me, and when I got distracted they stole my jock strap" I said as I reached my locker. "They took my underpants too." Then I noticed something odd, my gym bag, which I was sure I had locked in my locker, was setting there on the floor.

"These are serious accusations you're making. I don't mind a few harmless pranks, but stealing I won't tolerate. And I won't tolerate lying either."

I opened my gym bag, and right in the bottom was my jock.

"Look son, you're new here. So the boys picked on you a little. Lying to me just to get them in trouble isn't going to work."

"But I..."

He grabbed the jock strap out of my hands and pulled me back towards the gym. "You said you looked in there before you left and it wasn't there. I'll tell you what I think happened—they teased you and you decided to get them in trouble."

We had reached the gym by now. Mr. Kuntz held my jock strap up for all to see. "Look, I understand you guys were picking on Mr. Coutier here, and he got angry. But I want to remind you guys about the consequences of anti-social behavior. Mr. Coutier is new here and you need to help him fit in."

He handed the jock strap to me. "Now show these guys here that you really do know how to put this on correctly."

"You mean right here?"

"Unless you'd rather do it outside. That's were we're going next."

"You can't be serious."

"I told you, I don't like a liar. Put it on now or I'll have the boys here dress and undress you at the start and end of every class for a week."

I lowered my shorts and began stepping into the strap.

"Wait a minute; I don't think we can see if you're doing it right. Take your shirt off."

I stared at him, but he stared right back at me and didn't back down. I pulled the shirt off and dropped it to the floor. As soon as I did, everyone howled with laughter when they saw the red magic marker on my back. My face was burning from the embarrassment. I quickly pulled my jock strap up and reached for my shorts.

"What the hell are those lines on your back supposed to mean?"

"Some kids did it to me."

"While they were stealing your jock strap I suppose." Realizing that I wasn't going to win this battle, I stayed quiet. After staring at me for a few seconds, he turned to the class. "Okay, everyone, outside for soccer!"

"You shouldn't have told the teacher" said the boy next to me as we ran outside. "A lot of the teachers will turn a blind eye to outsiders unless it gets too extreme. And for telling a teacher, Decker's gonna get you again. My advice is just put up with it, mostly it's really not too bad and they get bored with you after a little while."

"Why is Decker in this class anyway?" I asked. Clearly he was older than I was.

"He failed sixth grade once, and he was suspended last year. He should be in eighth grade."

We spent the rest of the time playing soccer. I was selected to play the goalie position for one team. Nothing unusual happened during the game and eventually Mr. Kuntz blew his whistle.

"Okay men; that's all the time we have today. Hit the showers, and NO HORSEPLAY."

He unlocked the door to the locker room and we all poured in. I quickly pulled gym clothes off hoping to get showered and out of here as quick as I could.

I made it into the showers first and quickly rinsed off, not worrying about soap. But before I could exit, Decker, Tyler, and Schwartz came in.

"Outsiders stand against that wall there with their arms spread out to the side until everyone else is done."

Not wanting to risk another confrontation I move over to where he had pointed. "My god, he's not even as big as you eleven year olds" Decker said, pointing at my dick.

He looked around the locker room and said "I said all the outsiders!"

Three other boys joined me along the wall and each of them gave me a look of pure hatred. At least nobody paid any special attention to me. Once they were all done, I was told to stay there until the other three boys were done and to then take my shower before coming back into the locker room. By the time I entered everyone else was dressed and they were standing by the door waiting for the bell to ring.

"Outsider, I want you to show some respect for the kids who belong here" Decker said before I could open my locker. "Stand right here and salute all of your classmates until the last one is gone." The spot he pointed to was right in front of the door.

I looked around but didn't see anyone who might come to my rescue. In fact, most of the boys were laughing at me. I nervously stood in the indicated spot and gave the best salute I could.

The bell rang and the door opened wide to let the kids out. As the hallway filled up I saw other kids looking in, and soon there was a crowd standing at the door staring at me and laughing.

Decker waited until all the other boys were gone. "You make one more mistake and I'll make you my pet project for the rest of the year. From here on out I'll be watching you." He left and the door closed behind him.

I opened my locker and there was another gym bag inside that looked just like mine. When I turned around one of the boys next to me must have switched it and hid mine. I searched through both gym bags and my locker for my boxers, but couldn't find them. I finished dressing as quickly as I could so I wouldn't be late for my next class.