Exposed 1
by Steam Train

copyright 2007 by Steam Train, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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A series of unrelated short stories capturing the humiliation and embarrassment suffered by the stories character when their late or early development is exposed upon being made naked in public.

Story One

It all happened so suddenly that I really don't remember all the details. One second I was riding my surfboard, the next I was dumped and struggling to breathe and move.

Fear and panic gripped me as I felt myself sinking. Try as I might I couldn't move my arms or legs. More panic set in, I needed to breathe my lungs had been winded, but I was under water, sinking... sinking...... sinking.........

The next I knew I was being dragged onto the beach, I could hear voices, panicked voices.

Confusion reigned around me!

As my eyes focused; there was my father leaning over me and my mother behind him on her cell phone talking in a panic to some one. My best friend Jack was next to dad looking concerned and my younger brother Charlie and my sister Katie were standing beside him along with Katie's friend Bethany and Charlies friend Theo.

"You alright son" my father asked in a concerned voice.

I struggled to reply, "Can't breathe, can't move my legs, dad what's happened to me?"

Just lay there Ben, mum's calling an ambulance.

I was scared, real scared I could feel nothing. I was sure I was dieing. I didn't want to die. I was only 14, what happened to me? Panic and fear gripped me just like in the water. I felt the blood draining from me.

"He looks very pale Mr Chick, just like he did when I first pulled him up on my board out of the water" I heard Jack comment then nothing.........

When I came too I was in an ambulance. Dad was sitting with me and an ambulance officer.

It's all a bit of a blur really, the ride to hospital, being moved into emergency, but as time went on I felt a little better. I was not dead, I was still alive, I was breathing but I still couldn't feel my body.

As I was being taken into Emergency, I remember mum running up and joining my dad closely followed by my brother and sister, both of whom looked real worried accompanied further behind by Jack, Theo and Bethany.

"Where did you park the van' dad asked mum.

"There is a public car park around the corner we parked there. Put three hours in the meter, Katie remind me when the three hours is nearly up' mum replied.

Katie nodded.

My thoughts had turned from dieing to fear of the unknown. Was I crippled? What did they call it? Paraplegic, quadriplegic or some names like that?

After the triage nurse had assessed me I was taken into acute care by the ambulance officers accompanied by a nurse. It is hard to follow where you are exactly as your wheeled along laying on your back trying to take things in without moving, but it was only a short trip then we were in a large room where I could make out patients in beds with monitors and breathing apparatus and some beds with curtains drawn around them.

I was taken to a vacant bed and carefully lifted by the ambulance officers and nurses off my trolley, still lying on the spinal injury board that the ambulance officers had originally placed me upon at the beach.

Once on the bed, the board was carefully removed from under me and the ambulance officers wished me and my parents well, then left, their duty of care done.

The curtains were drawn around me and an old male doctor of about 35 to 40 years of age or so with grey flecks through his dark hair who I hadn't noticed till now began talking to my parents about what had happened. My parents introduced themselves to the doctor then told him my name was Benjamin Glanville Chick.

The use of my full name made me blush. The first real feeling I had had since the accident. I was sure I heard my friend Jack and possibly Theo and Bethany as well let out a short giggle before stopping themselves. I had forgotten they had accompanied my parents in with me. Everyone knew me as Ben and almost certainly had never heard my real name used.

At the giggle, the doctor looked over to the back corner on the right side of my head besides my bed where Charlie, Katie, Jack, Theo and Bethany were huddled and asked my parents, "Your children? Only two visitors allowed with each patient in Emergency" the doctor stated.

"Two are ours, the other three are friends, they were all at the beach with us when Ben had his accident. Jack the tallest boy pulled Ben to safety on his board when Ben was drowning. I am responsible for them all right now and I don't want them left out in the waiting room unattended. Please allow them to stay up in that corner out of the way, they will be no trouble I assure you Doctor Kippax" mum replied.

The doctor grunted and looked unhappy but said no more just nodded his head briefly in agreement as my parents went on to tell the doctor I was aged 14 years 6 months, in the 9th grade at H. P. Crowne Memorial High School and then repeated in detail what they had told the triage nurse about events at the beach. As they did so the doctor listened intently making occasional notes.

Meanwhile at the same time two nurses one about the age of the doctor and the other in her early twenties had came over to me and asked my name, introduced themselves and told me they would be looking after me.

"Ben we don't want to move you as you have suspected spinal damage but we need to get you out of that wet suit so we can run some tests. Just lay there and don't move and we will cut it off you carefully to ensure we don't damage anything, ok?" the older nurse informed me.

"Don't cut it please, it's brand new" I pleaded

It was true. I had got some money for my 14th birthday which I had not spent at the time and with other savings I had saved up I went with mum and Charlie only this last week and purchased it.

"I'm sorry Ben, but we have to cut it off, we can't afford to injure you by trying to move about to get it off. We could cause you permanent damage and leave you a cripple if we did that" the older nurse informed me.

Mum must have heard my plea because she interrupted her discussion with the doctor and said, "Don't worry about your wet suit Ben, your far more precious, when your out of here and all better the first thing I will do is go back to the store with you and buy you a new one, ok?"

"Ok" I replied.

I had been too worried about myself up until this time but as mum and dad faced back to the doctor and continued to recount my misadventure to him the younger nurse cut up the left leg of my wet suit then all the way to my neck on the left side of the suit. The older nurse did the same on the right cutting my suit into two halves. They then lifted the top half off me exposing my black and red rash vest and black and white board shorts.

As I said I hadn't been too worried about myself up until
this time but now my thoughts turned to the forlorn hope that it was only the wet suit that needed to be removed. I hoped it was, but I was certain that at least my rash vest would be removed and possibly even my board shorts as well, leaving me wearing only my Speedo's in public!

I never wore just Speedo's in public. I was a pretty modest guy and Speedo's didn't hide very much.

The last thing I wanted was for my sister and brother and the friends to see me laying there with so little cover. Being the eldest and so modest it had been years since my brother and sister had seen me anywhere near as naked as just wearing Speedo's and the same applied to my parents. My best friend Jack who was the same age as me had never seen me in less than board shorts and the same applied to Theo and Bethany.

The nurses didn't try to remove the bottom half of my wet suit from under me but instead as I feared the older nurse cut away my rash vest and then to my horror and humiliation, the younger nurse attacked my board shorts. Very efficiently these were cut away then peeled off the front of me leaving me naked from my neck to my dark blue Speedo's, the only item of clothing I had left on. Still no effort was made to remove the cut away wet suit, rash vest and board shorts that were still lying underneath my body.

I felt myself blushing. It spread across my face and down my chest. There was nothing I could do about ti. I was still too scared to try and move and I am sure the nurses would not have wanted me to move in an attempt to cover up anyway!

For the first time since the accident I could again feel something. The trouble was it was a tingling in my groin. Surly I couldn't pop a boner lying here in front of my family and friends so scantily clad when the rest of my body was still numb and paralysed!

To the right of my head in the corner where Charlie, Katie and the rest were huddled I heard Theo whisper to Charlie, "Your brother doesn't have much of a packet for a high schooler does he".

"Na he don't does he, maybe it's shrunk from the sea water or from having his clothes cut away. The cold does that to me sometimes too, though I don't think I ever get that small these days" my brother boasted.

Bethany who had heard the conversation giggled quietly as did my sis at Charlies comment.

I was still getting used to the humiliation and embarrassment of being exposed in my Speedo's when the older nurse grasped the waist band of my Speedo's on my right side and lifting it up began to cut the cloth with her scissors, soon after the younger nurse began to do the same thing on my left side.

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was so shocked I didn't even call out and tell them to stop, I just let out a guttural whimper of despair and humiliation which bought a further set of soft giggles from the group huddled in the corner by the right side of my head.

I looked down over my naked chest as first the older nurse finished cutting down the side of my trunks then the younger nurse finished on the other side allowing the back part of my Speedo's to fall on top of the cut remnants of my board shorts and wet suit. All that remained to cover my modesty was the small padded triangular front piece of blue speedo fabric that was still connected to the back piece through the gusset between my legs.

I could hear the rapid breathing of Bethany and Theo as excitement at my imminent exposure mounted. Jack, Katie and Charlie on the other hand seemed to have stopped breathing completely, holding their breath in anticipation of my humiliating exposure.

It was the young nurse that did it. She casually reached over and lifted up the loose front piece of fabric exposing the lily white skin below my tan line and pulled the remnant of my Speedo's down and with a gentle tug pulled the remainder from under me from between by legs.

I was naked!

Totally exposed!

My parens had not noticed my naked state as they still had their backs turned talking to the doctor but I heard the gasp from Katie and Bethany along with the chuckles from Charlie Jack and Theo. I closed my eyes as if not seeing everyone would somehow make them go away. It didn't of course and the first whisper I heard from Bethany confirmed just where everyone was looking.

"Katie look, Ben doesn't have any hair yet!!!" she teased.

"Wow yeah, I thought he would have, I thought all boys at his age had hair down there" Katie replied in a shocked but smirking voice.

"Look at how small his dick is!!" Theo pointed out to my brother as they stared at my humiliating 2 inch flaccid penis.

"His nut sack is no better; his balls are that small his micro dick still manages to hide them from view" Charlie replied obviously looking at my tight little undeveloped scrotum that was pulled tightly up against my crotch.

My penis didn't stay flaccid for long. Knowing that everyone was looking at my most private of parts made it start to erect.

'Not now, please!' I pleaded in my mind trying unsuccessfully to control my erection.

The huddle beside me fell silent, totally mesmerized I guess as they watched my penis stir and rise, first a little then with a reflex jerk to half mast then quickly completing it ascent to a full erection.

"Is that as big as it gets?" Jack teased as the others laughed out loudly at his comment about my 3 inch erection.

Their laughter bought the attention of the nurses to my aroused state. The younger nurse smiled at me but the older nurse being very professional just turned and interrupted the doctor and my parents.

"Doctor Kippax, I think you should see this" the Nurse interjected.

The doctor looked at me then came over and stood by my side and closely examined my erection.

Everyone now gathered around, my parents, the nurses and the doctor staring at my tiny erection sprouting from my humiliatingly hairless 14 year old groin.

"Good news Mr. and Mrs. Chick, I suspect this erection proves that Benjamin has suffered a bad spinal shock when the wave dumped him but the fact that his penis is able to erect suggests the nerves are beginning to work again. We will of course carry out a full set of tests but if my prognosis is correct, with the right care and rest I think Benjamin will very quickly fully recover and suffer no long term effects that will effect him when he starts puberty."

Why did the doctor have to add that last comment and highlight my late development I thought to myself as I felt a renewed blush sweep across my face and body.

Any other time, such good news about my injury would have been the greatest, but at that moment I was so humiliated, so ashamed that my late development had been exposed that the good news just passed over me with no effect. All I could think about was what would be the consequences at school if Jack let slip my secret or the others told their friends about this at their middle school.

And that wasn't the worst of it!

What new powers had my brother and sister gained over me now that the secret of my late development had been exposed?

I dreaded to think what lay ahead, knowing only too well that time would tell!

The End