Brothers Bare All

By Steam Train

Copyright 2012 by Steam Train, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Shea could not wipe the smirk and look of expectation off her face. Her brothers were standing there before her three friends, her parents and herself in just their boxers, blushing profusely and looking more and more embarrassed and humiliated by the second as the moment they would have to remove their boxers revealing all fast approached.
Shea and her friends DI, Jemma and Shaz had discussed in secret what her two brothers might look like naked and the four girls had even tried to spy on 14 year old Trey and 13 year old Jon, but with no success until today, when the boys brought about their own naked exposure.
For years Trey and Jon had teased, bullied and given Shea a hard time. They had an attitude problem, not just to girls but also to guys, especially in the last few years. It was as if the boys were always trying to prove they were superior to everyone their age. They had few close friends due to their aggressive and assertive demeanour.
What bought the boys to their current humiliating and embarrassing state of undress in front of everyone was entirely their own doing. In front of Di, Jemma and Shea Trey had grabbed Shea and held her arms behind her back whilst Jon moved to the front of Sheas one piece swim suit and ruthlessly put his hands down the front of it and casually removed the two small silicone pads that the 12 year old Shea wore to give the appearance of nubile breasts leaving her chest as flat as a pancake, with not even the smallest nubile bulge showing through her swimsuit.
The boys thought their act would leave Shea mortified and were sure word of their actions would not escape to their parents. To safeguard their actions they even threatened to tell her late development secret to all in her grade, once school resumed next week after the summer holidays.
What the boys didn’t know was that Di, Jemma and Shez already knew Shea was a late developer. During many sleepovers at their respective houses the girls had watched and noted puberty flower first in Shaz, then Jemma and finally about six months ago in Di. The three girls knew that Shea had not commenced puberty at all and had suggested she talk with her mom about it.
They also didn’t know that their mum had bought the special silicone pads for Shea.
Shea’s mum had readily agreed to buy her the specialised padding till puberty finally kicked in for her daughter because she too had been a late developer and her mother had insisted that she remain looking like a little girl despite her pleas when all her peers had noticeable breasts. Shea’s mum was determined not to treat her daughter the same!
So the boys plan had totally backfired.
Shea was of course embarrassed when her two brothers removed her padding but her friends immediately came to her aid grabbing the padding and then the four girls manhandled the boys from the pool into their house and reported their actions to Sheas mother.
The fact that the boys had threatened to blackmail Shea by tell all at school only compounded their crime in the eyes of Trey and Jon’s parents!
The resultant punishment was swift and enduring. The boys were informed that their family was leaving the next morning on the much threatened weekend shopping excursion to Benjamin County. Because of the distance to travel they would stay Saturday night in a hotel in Edwardsville and return Sunday. The boys would not be allowed any dress exemptions and so would be naked the whole time they were in Benjamin County.
The bad news did not end there and the boys faces went even paler when their dad announced that they were grounded indoors till they left tomorrow morning and that their naked time started immediately!
The boys had protested vehemently they they couldn’t strip then and there as they were not in Benjamin County. Their dad dismissed this as of no consequence as they would only be naked in their own home as they were grounded. When this failed the boys protested that the girls and their mom would see them naked if they undressed now. Their mom this time dismissed their protest citing the fact that everyone in Benjamin County would see the two boys naked from tomorrow and as Di, Jemma and Shez could not be in Benjamin County tomorrow that should not mean that they should not miss out on the boys humiliation and embarrassment for trying to embarrass Shea in front of her three friends.
After a number of escalating threats to the boys by their father when they failed to start undressing they had finally conceded defeat in the face of the horror of being brought before the juvenile officers in Benjamin County and being made public property for the weekend.
So the moment Di, Jemma, Shez and Shea had long wanted to see was about to unfold. The four girls had discussed what the boys might look like naked. Based on how Shea was a late developer and so had been her mother the girls had decided that Jon and possibly even Trey may not have started puberty. Shea also knew from her mother that her dad was an even later developer, her mum informing Shea in private that her dad did not get his first pubes till he was sixteen! When Shea had asked her mum how she knew that she winked but said enough questions and did not answer!
Trey was 14 years and 9 months old. He was to start as a High School Freshman when the summer holidays finished. Jon was 13 years and six months and he was to start eight grade when school resumed. Trey was not tall for his age but neither was he short. HE had been working out since this time last year and had more muscle development that Jon but only about an inch and a half in eight over his younger brother. Neither boy was excessively modest, but they always wore long baggy shorts or board shorts. They often went about shirtless revealing a hairless upper body on both brothers, even in their arm pits. Their exposed legs were equally hairless, showing not even the beginnings of a first fuzz on their shins.
Both brothers cringed when their father reminded them that there was no covering up allowed when they removed their boxers. So very slowly Trey and Jon lowered their boxers, first exposing the extreme tan line where skin the sun never saw was now exposed. The white hairless flesh seemed to emphasise to the girls how hairless both boys were. Both pairs of boxers continued to be lowered exposing more and more hairless skin till the waist bands of both were immediately above the boys penises!
No hair could be seen on either boy!
When the boxers continued their final decent no pubic hair could be seen anywhere. Trey and Jon were still totally bald!
The brothers were not just bald but totally prepubescent as their family genetics had hinted at!
Both boys were flaccid but Treys penis was a fraction thicker in circumference than Jons though both looked about the same in length! Their scrotums showed no signs of darkening and were tiny little sacks tucked up tight to their bodies protecting their equally juvenile, almost unnoticeable testicles!
The smirk on Shea’s face turned into a full smile which was joined by smiles and giggles on the faces of Di, Jemma and Shez whilst the two parents even appeared to have a smirk on their faces. Trey and Jon on the other hand had never felt so humiliated, embarrassed and powerless in their whole lives!
They knew the weekend in Benjamin County would be hell for them and now their own private secret of late development would be known at school as their mum had just informed the girls that it was ok for them to reveal how undeveloped Trey and Jon were to their classmates and friends!


(The End)