Legs, Penises, And Lincoln Logs

By Running Bare

Copyright 2011 by Running Bare, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and sexual activity of preteen and young teen children for the purpose of punishment. None of the behaviors in this story should be attempted in real life. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now. 

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As reported by Running Bare
I find myself recounting the story of a proactive mother who recently recanted the following facts, situations and conversations. Names have been changed to protect her anonymity.
It all reached a head on a late June trip to Hampton Beach with my twelve year old son, a life-long friend and her two girls.
“What’s with Jack’s legs?” Marilyn, my best friend since childhood, asked as she sat on the beach, visually glued to my twelve year old son Jack.
“What do you mean?” I questioned further. Being his mother, I was curious as to just what my kooky friend was getting at.
“I mean, his legs are like white. It’s the middle of June. Most little boys are pretty tanned up by now. His are white as ghosts.”
“I told you he won’t wear shorts. He has some kind of block about showing his legs in public. His father and I have tried everything we can to encourage him to wear less clothing, but he just isn’t going to do that.”
“You mean the same boy, who at six would strip his trunks off and swim naked at public beaches is that modest now? I do remember looking at his little appendage and thinking, if it is that long at six, he’s going to make some woman very happy when he matures.” I blushed at her accurate memory of Jack’s rather well endowed penis. “You’re his mother. Just tell him what he’s going to wear. What’s he twelve now?”
It was evident she wasn’t in touch with preadolescent boys attitudes, “Yes, he’s twelve, but he has had this problem since he was eight or so. He has this impression that men, ‘real men’, don’t wear shorts. Swim trunks are okay at the beach, but that’s it.”
She drew my husband into the discussion, “Well, Bill wears them. He’s his dad. Is he insinuating Bill isn’t a ‘real man’?”
I felt compelled to push the issue, “Why is this such a problem for you, Marilyn? I mean does his desire to stay covered like an Amish kid really bother you?”
“First of all he’s not Amish. Second, those legs of his are the best shaped boy legs I’ve ever seen. I mean look at them. They’re muscular, well, defined, long and smooth. Those knees are well pronounced but not overbearing.”
“Hey, hey, he’s not a glass of wine. You’re talking like he’s a glass of Merlot,” I tried to shut off the line of conversation.
“God, he’s a good looking kid. Everyone should see as much of him as they can. I’m not asking you to make him run around nude, just put some shorts on him. You know, short-shorts like the boys wore in the early seventies. Remember?” She paused her parental coaching, and as she intently gazed at my son she continued, “Though, nude would be ideal. Like I said, I remember his little winky when he was six. It was about three inches long uninflated.” Marilyn chuckled. “It was a real treat to help him wash it, and that little ball sack…” she temporarily drifted off with the memory of the times she’d cared for him while I was off to a class at the local community college. Then she began mumbling, “that firm little bag. He was completely oblivious to my joy in helping him wash those parts. You know those little legs have always been beautiful. I mean if he were my kid, I’d make him at least walk around in short-shorts, probably without underwear for the occasional flash view of his boyhood.”
“Marilyn!” I shouted with faux distain. “First of all, what the hell do you remember about the seventies? You weren’t a glint in your father’s eyes in the early seventies. Second of all, he’s my son. Maybe I made a mistake leaving him with you all those times.” I smiled kiddingly.
“Well, I’ve seen pictures of boys in the seventies. They wore shorts up to their asses to school. Yeah, sometimes they wore knee socks, but they didn’t have to. And second, you know I love the kid as if he was my own. I just think we need for you and Bill to take the bull by the horns and tell him what he’s going to wear, if anything. He needs to know who’s in charge. Don’t you think?” She replied questioningly. “I mean bare those legs and let him troll for the little girls.” Then with a sarcastic mumble she added, “And, maybe some big ones too.” We both sipped our wine and blankly stared seaward watching their children playing in the surf. Then, Marilyn continued, “Have you seen his ‘winky’ lately?”
“What kind of question is that?”
“It’s a simple question. Have you seen the boy’s dick or haven’t you?”
“Marilyn Stafford, shame on you. This conversation is getting a little weird.” My response was in some ways designed to shield my own desire to watch my handsome offspring walking around completely nude. Yes, his boy package above average in size for kids his age. His handsome tanned face with those hazel eyes and black hair were mesmerizing. The only other well tanned area on his body were his arms to just above the elbow. The rest of the milk white skin did contrast noticeably with the very pronounced parts. Secretly, I’d give anything for my handsome son to even out that tan. But, more erotic was my thought of him exposing his assets to the world while maintaining a consistent golden brown over his entire body. I was shocked out of my trance.
“You haven’t answered my question. Have you seen him naked or haven’t you?”
“Well, yes, for what it’s worth. Dr. Williams had me come in during his physical last month.”
“Does he have hair down there yet?”
“Marilyn, what is with you today? He’s almost a nephew. What kind of question is that?”
“It’s just a straight forward question. Does he have hair down there? Why am I having to repeat myself so much today?”
“No. But his package is larger than it was a year ago. It won’t be long before he blossoms. Are you satisfied?”
“Well yes, I kind of like the clean look of hairless little boys. Have you seen him with a hard-on?”
“Marilyn, I’m appalled,” I half giggled as I playfully punched her arm.
“Well have you? I mean is that little helmet of his still pink and prominent?”
“Let’s talk about something else.” I couldn’t help but visualize my handsome offspring walking around with a stiff penis bouncing back and forth. Or even, visualizing me inspecting his harden phallus to make sure he was developing properly. What excuse would I give to do that? I don’t know, but I know Marilyn would have a catalog of ideas for that.
To ease the minor tension of the conversation I offered, “You know Dr. Williams thinks making him expose himself to others might help with his modesty problem. He agrees with us, he’s just too young to be so guarded about his body.”
“See, even the doctor is concerned.”
“Well, he says little boys shouldn’t be so modest. He does feel, when he begins puberty, he may have some problems with the other boys in the locker room. Most of them are not going to be shy about stripping in front of each other and he might get teased and that will make him even more overly modest. Says it won’t be good for his sex life. Bill is inclined to agree. He reminds me boys used to skinny dip even at the school and organizations’ pools back in his day. They had girl and boy sessions and the boys were made to swim nude. He has a bunch of pictures of him at camp when he was a kid and in most the photos the boys are naked as the day they were born, covering their packages with canoe paddles or their hands.” Then I snorted a chuckle and added, “But, some of the pictures were taken when they were not so vigilant as well. Their dongs are clearly visible.” Then another chuckle, “And, some showed kids who were evidently rather stiff as well.”
Marilyn slapped my forearm as we continued to giggle over that comment. “See? I told you. Jack shouldn’t be so shy. It’s not normal for a boy his age. Tell you what, would you mind if I try to get him to loosen up? May be we can even get to see a stiffy sometime.”
“Have at it and good luck with that.” Though my tone was sarcastic, I secretly hoped she would be successful. The thought my son would be showing off his gorgeous legs was exciting, but, if she could get him to spend time completely nude I’d be more than pleased. I began imagining exhibiting to the women and girls in our neighborhood. It would be like unveiling my masterpiece to the world. Even
more exciting was the idea that they would be able to touch as well as see his remarkable appendage. No sooner had I completed the daydream, Marilyn was at it.
“Hey, Jack, come see Aunt Marilyn for a minute.” My son approached dripping wet as he’d just come out of the water.
Wiping his face of the left over water he asked, “What?”
“Hey, why don’t to take off the swimsuit? You’ll tan to a sexy brown and you’d be surprised at how free you’ll feel.”
A predictable and wide-eyed response followed, “Are you crazy. You mean get naked and swim? Look at all these people. I don’t want people looking at me.”
I responded to my son, “Aunt Marilyn is only kidding, Honey.”
“No I’ m not. I’d love to see your winky again. It’s been six years since, oh wait I did see it when he was eight. I made him bathe at my house with the bathroom door opened and I did go in and have a peek while he was getting out of the tub. Anyway, it’s a beautiful penis and people would admire it.”
“Marilyn, leave the boy alone.”
She began to beat a dead horse with another line of approach. “At least you could start wearing shorts so those gorgeous legs of yours could get tanned and you could take off your shirt so that pretty little chest of yours could tan a bit. You look really funny with a tanned face and arms and milky legs, chest and back. Whata ya say? Want to go shopping with Aunt Marilyn for some shorts tomorrow?”
“Nooo. I don’t want to wear shorts.”
“Isn’t it hot in the classroom while you’re at school or don’t you get sweaty when you play in the neighborhood? You’d be a lot more comfortable with those legs exposed. Don’t most of the other boys wear shorts to school and play?”
“Yeah, but I don’t like wearing them.”
I felt now was an appropriate time to follow Marilyn’s lead. “You know, Honey, she’s right. You’d probably be more comfortable in shorts. You wouldn’t be so hot. Daddy wears shorts when he’s not at work. It’s not unmanly, you know? And, Mike and Kenny and most of your other friends are always wearing shorts. Kenny’s mother says he’d wear them all the time if she didn’t make him wear long pants when it’s cold or for special occasions.”
Jack had to express his opinion of my reference to his eleven year old friend’s shorts fetish, “I know. Even the pants to his dress suit are shorts. His mother said he made her do that. He’s nuts Mom! He looks like a little boy when he wears that suit. You know like a four or five year old kid.” He then adamantly added, “I just don’t like them.”
“You have to admit Kenny’s legs are cute as can be. And, they are always tanned looking. So why not show them off. Yours are every bit as cute as his are though. You know, Dr. Williams wants you in shorts as well. So if Dr. Williams, Aunt Marilyn and your father and I want you in them, you’re just going to have to adjust to them.” I was getting a little pissed at him and his hard line attitude.
“Moooommmmm, please I don’t want to. Everyone teases me about my legs. I don’t like that.”
My window of opportunity opened, “Jack, they aren’t teasing you. They’re admiring you. Your legs are beautiful.”
Marilyn added, “And, they’ll be a lot more beautiful with a good tan on them.”
My son began to pout. He shrugged and said, “I don’t care. I don’t want to wear shorts.” It was evident he knew he was losing the argument and no amount of gentle coaxing was going to change his view of the topic.
Half teasingly Marilyn said, ”Oh come over here and let Aunt Marilyn rub some sunscreen those little legs or yours. If your mother made you wear Speedos I could put some on the bottom of those cute little ass cheeks too.”
With that last comment, she’d predictably touched a nerve. In response, Jack barked out a “No! Leave me alone!” Then he pouted to me, “Mom, if I wear shorts then my legs will tan, but the rest of me will have tan lines. So what’s the use?”
Marilyn couldn’t help herself, “Well, there’s a way to take care of all of the tan lines. And, while you’re young it isn’t a big problem. Just run around naked in the sun and you’ll even things out.” She looked right at the boy with a smirk.
“Shut up, Aunt Marilyn!” He hollered adamant and angry through his tears.
I immediately responded with a tone of rage, “Jack, watch your mouth.” Bill and I didn’t allow one iota of disrespect from children. “She’s an adult. You’ll do whatever we feel is best for you. If it’s naked outside we decide, then you’ll be naked outside. Now, I think you have something to say to Marilyn.”
“Sorry,” he spouted.
“Say it like you mean it.” I ordered.
“I’m sorry Aunt Marilyn. I’ll do whatever I’m told.” The apology at least sounded more genuine.
“If your father heard your tone, he’d take his belt to you. You know that. You’d be naked on the beach here while he whipped the fire out of your bare backside.”
“Mom, I said I was sorry.”
I just let it drop. Dismissing himself, Jack ran back toward the water. She, Marilyn, was right those legs were perfect for a twelve year old boy. I must admit I did also watch his ass as those wet trunks clung
tightly. If he knew how much his little ass was outlined, he’d run to the car to put clothes on over them. Far be it for me to tell him though. I couldn’t help but rub it in a bit. I sarcastically threw out, “Well, that went well. Don’t you think?”
“Look, Julie, I told you. You and Bill are his parents. Force him to do it.” Marilyn was very evidently getting pissed at my sarcasm.
“Let me talk it over with Bill. I’ll let you know what he says,” I used the suggestion we’d have to come to a joint decision before I’d attempt that.
“My neighbor has a bunch of kids. The boys wear shorts all the time. They even argue with their parents about being allowed to wear them in the winter. And, I know for a fact their sisters have many opportunities to see their boy parts, because they run around nude in the house all the time. Sometimes they can be seen naked as the day they were born, running through the sprinkler in the back yard. Granted the eldest is only ten, but, he’s not shy about his dick at all. Comes to the fence to talk to me and doesn’t even attempt to cover up even if it’s hard. Now, that’s how little boys should feel about their bodies.” She rattled back in an annoyed tone.
“Look, I said, I’d talk it over with Bill. If he agrees we can go forward with the plans.”
“Okay.” Then she had to push the envelope. Turning toward a woman and her husband enjoying the beach with two elementary school aged girls and what appeared to be an eight or nine year old boy she embarrassed the hell out of me, “Excuse me folks, excuse me”, she had their undivided attention, “would you be offended if we had our little guy there take off the swimsuit and romp naked for a while?”
I must admit they two strangers didn’t express surprise or shock at the suggestion. The guy just shrugged his shoulders and the woman calmly said, “What the heck, he’s just a kid. If he wants to be naked, let him be naked.”
Then Marilyn added, “That’s just it, he doesn’t want to be naked. We (pointing back and forth between her and me) want him to be naked. He’s really a good looking kid and we’d like to kind of even out the tan.”
“Well, looking at him those legs are kind of white aren’t they? Probably be good to let the rest of him catch up with his face and arms, huh?” Tapping her husband she continued, “Don’t you think, Tim?”
Then Tim asked, “How old is he?”
I responded entering the conversation for the first time, “He’s twelve. He’s kind of shy about his body.”
The woman responded, “He’s a boy and little boys shouldn’t be so modest.” Her husband nodded in agreement. “If Randy was that shy I’d make him stay naked all summer and then some.”
I had to ask, “Well how old is Randy?”
“He just turned nine last week.”
“How would he feel having to be nude on the beach?” I inquired.
“Actually, he’s very comfortable with running naked. Sometimes it embarrasses me. When his sisters have their friends over he’s been known to invite them to fondle him. That causes some sticky situations and we’re working on it. But, we usually have to fight with him to keep his clothes on. He’s been kind of a free spirit since he was a baby.”
As she expounded I was entranced watching her well tanned boy digging in the sand, clueless to the conversation his parents and I were having.
I mentioned, “It’d be a lot easier if I’d been a little less OCD with my son. Maybe he wouldn’t be so shy about his boy parts.”
Much to my surprise Tim spoke up, “Tell you what, if you can get your son to remove his suit, we’ll have Randy take his off too. Then your son won’t feel so obvious. Randy will really be fine with it. So would our girls, they might grab your son’s package out of interest or curiosity, but we can fix that if it happens.”
Marilyn again had to put in her two cents, “Oh, that’d be great. Let the girls finger his balls as much as they want. My girls would probably follow the lead. At least Hannah would.”
I couldn’t help but think, at this point, that Bill and I had been too modest in our handling of Jack’s development. It seemed the majority of parents were less guarded than we had been and it may be that we caused the shyness in our son. I began to feel the clock was running as far as getting my son over his awkwardness with his body. In my mind, puberty which was a stone’s throw away in his development would define the point of no return. Perhaps we could break this problem before he got there. I mean we had what probably amounted to one summer to try to change it. I also felt having little girls finger his genitals at will would make him feel the pleasure of natural arousal and might strengthen his heterosexual drive. Maybe I was off base, but in my limited way of thinking I became committed to breaking this ceiling he’d put around himself.
“I’ll let you know,” I said to the couple. They resumed their chatting and keeping an eye on their kids.
We both returned to sipping our wine. Though I wasn’t going to give Marilyn the satisfaction of knowing how much I loved her ideas, I was increasingly intrigued with the idea of having more opportunities to display the most artistic masterpiece of my life—my son—to the public at large.
“You know, Julie, he…”
I stopped her mid sentence. “I think you have to drop issue. Okay? The boy will wear shorts when he is either made to by his father or me. Until then it’s moot. As far as running around naked, the same thing holds true. Unless he decides he’s comfortable enough to do either or his father or I order it, he’ll be just fine. Frankly, I’m not sure making him run around naked wouldn’t end up with us in jail. You know,
if you think this is so important for him, why don’t you make Heather or Hanna run around naked? They could lose the tan lines as well.”
“Whoa, I didn’t mean to hit a nerve. Take it easy, Julie. Take a breath. First, Hannah has passed the puberty threshold. I know she’s the same age as Jack, but she’s got hair in the vital spots and her tits are developing. He’s still young. Second, you want to see Heather run naked? Do you?”
I was still perturbed. Even though I’d love to make my son run around naked, I found the decision to be personal and not one someone outside the immediate family should make. Truth be told, I really felt an estrogen rush at the thought, but I wouldn’t give her the benefit, best friend or not. In an annoyed tone I took her up on the challenge, “Yeah, make Heather strip and stay nude right here at the beach. Go ahead miss know-it-all let’s see you do that.” Heather was a really cute little eight year old girl. She was slim and athletic and she too had beautiful legs. Having her run nude would not render the same hormonal slam as having my son naked, but I just had to call Marilyn’s hand.
Unbelievably she yelled, “Heather! Heather!” the child looked toward her mother from the shoreline. Marilyn waved her child toward the blanket, “Come up here for a minute Honey”, defying her mother’s call, the child continued to attend to the sand castle she’d been working on, and Marilyn yelled authoritatively, “Heather, NOW!” The eight year old shrugged her shoulders and defiantly began the trek to the blanket.
“I was trying to finish my castle. What do you want?” the girl spouted disrespectfully at her mother.
“Heather, I want you to take off you swim suit and play naked for awhile.”
“What? You want me to be naked right here in front of everybody?”
“Yes, I want you naked right here on the beach. You’ll be okay. No one will bother you. I want you to get an even tan. You’re a cute little girl and Aunt Julie and I want you to play naked for awhile.”
“Look at all these people, Mom. I can’t be naked here. I’ll be naked at home in our pool, okay?”
Marilyn glared at her daughter. I was kind of anxious to see if the child would win this match so I could rub it into Marilyn’s face. She then followed a very angry, “I said take off the suit NOW! If I have to take it off I’ll slap that bare little ass of yours until you can’t sit. Now, get it off.” To my surprise the cute little eight year old peeled off her bottoms and handed them to her mother. Her little vulva now exposed she removed the top which really served no function anyway other than to make it look like a female’s suit. The nipples and shoulder lines were white compared to the reddened skin around them. Her little bottom and her vulva were just as white contrasting with the brown legs. “Now, go finish your sand castle.”
The child slowly walked down to the shoreline again. As I looked around there were folks who pointed. I could see some were shocked by the expressions on their faces, but most had that look of “Isn’t that cute?” The lifeguard looked in Heather’s direction and then went back to scanning the beach as if nothing unusual was happening. I had to hand it to Marilyn, “Well, I guess you’re right. Not much
excitement over it. To tell the truth I didn’t think you could pull that off. No pun intended.” She just smiled.
“See? It’s just that simple.”
Momentarily, Hanna, Marilyn’s eldest approached the blanket. “Mooommmm, Heather is naked. She took off her swim suit. She’s nude—on the beach! I mean completely nude!”
“I know, I told her to do it. I want her tan to even out. She’s fine. Just mind your own business.”
“But, Jack can see her naked.” The girl argued. Why she just singled out my son I don’t know. There must have been two or three hundred little boys on that beach. One of them, Randy, was no more than ten feet to her left working on his own sand creation. Not to mention a hundred or more adults within viewing range.
“It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. Just mind your own business. I don’t want to have to say it again. Go play with Jack and ignore it.”
Marilyn’s finger went up as she glared with “the look” into her child’s eyes. With that Hanna ran back to the water to join my son who, it appeared, was definitely interested in Heather’s situation. He had a smirk on his face as he watched the naked little girl working on her sand creation. There were many others to the left and right who were doing the same thing. Some were even photographing the scene. Oh well, none of them knew us and it was highly probable none of these people would ever see us again, so what’s the harm?
Heather was to remain totally exposed on that beach for the next four hours. Every thirty minutes she was summoned to the blanket for a coat of sun screen. The first two trips she petitioned her mother to allow her to dress. Both times she was turned down, so she stopped asking and accepted her nudity as a fact of a kid’s life. On the fourth trip to the blanket, my son was opening the cooler to get a Coke when Marilyn said, “Hey Jack, would you put this sunscreen on Heather for me?” It caught me off guard. I wasn’t sure what to do—object or allow it. I just went along with it as my curiosity got the best of me.
“Here just rub it into her skin really well. Be sure you get her little “cookie” and backside very well. They aren’t used to the sun.” I wanted to object, but my mouth wouldn’t work as my interest overpowered what I thought was right. Surprisingly, he didn’t object. In fact, he smiled as he knelt down next to the girl lying on her back with her legs and arms spread slightly. Also just as surprising Heather didn’t say a word to object. Were these kids that close? Were they that trusting? Anyway my son began applying the lotion to her face. He gently rubbed it in. Heather’s eyes were closed as if she was in ecstasy. Jack’s hands proceeded to rub lotion on her chest and he did take his time as he moved his finger tips in circular fashion over the tiny nipples. Momentarily he cupped his hand over the breast area. Why, I don’t know, there wasn’t a sign of breast development. The truth be told, I was curious about how he would approach her vaginal area. I was breathless as he did her stomach and navel area. Using his
index finger he made sure her “inny” was covered as well. Then down to the groin area. Again, I was surprised when he felt no hesitation to massaging the vulva with the lotion by actually cupping each side in his left and right palms. Heather let out a small moan at that point. It was then my self-consciousness caused me to survey neighboring blankets. Predictably, we had an audience. Not a widespread audience, but audience none the less. Tim and his wife on the blanket next to us were mesmerized as they watched. I could tell Marilyn was horny as hell at this point. She was very obviously hot with passion as my twelve year old son began applying the lotion to her daughter’s genital area.
“Heather, spread your legs so Jack can get your cookie,” she ordered. “We don’t want to get burned down there, now do we?”
It was very apparent the little girl was more than liking the attention my son was giving her. She spread wide without a moment’s hesitation. It was clear she was enjoying his touch. “Jack, see that little thing there? It’s her clitoris; make sure you get some lotion on it.” My son gently massaged the clitoris causing Heather to shiver with pleasure.
“I think I need more on there, Mom.”
“Jack, she wants more on her clitoris. Go ahead and put some more on. And stick your finger in the hole to make sure you get the whole area covered.”
I wanted to stop this, I wasn’t sure I wanted my son to have this much sexual experience at such an early age. Before I could decide, he complied with Marilyn’s direction. I heard, “Oh my God, would you look at that” from a distant blanket.
When he had finished, Marilyn had him do the same for the anal area. I’m sure the neighbors would love that too. Then Heather rolled over and he did her back. Needless to say the backside was unremarkable compared to the show they’d put on during the front side application. Following the application to the back of the legs, both she and Jack were dismissed by Marilyn.
Jack arose with a very noticeable boner. He tried to cover with his hands and Marilyn snapped, “Put your hands down, don’t play with yourself in public, Jack.” Obediently he complied exposing a four inch tent. “Don’t worry, that’s normal. It’ll go away in a little while. Go play.”
I reiterated her comments and told him he’d be all right. Again, a quick scan of the neighboring blankets showed folks point as my son’s condition and laughing. As I watched, a middle aged woman approached the blanket. I thought, “Oh boy, here it comes”.
“Hi, are you those children’s parents?” she asked.
“Yes, Heather’s my daughter. And Jack is her son.” Marilyn was firm as she pointed toward me. I thought if this lady isn’t careful she’ll uncap a can of whip ass she didn’t want to mess with. Marilyn had a hair trigger to anger and butting into her business was the quickest way to find that out.
“Well, I just wanted to say, it’s too bad other people aren’t that open about their kids’ bodies. I think making them comfortable with their bodies is extremely important to future sexual development.” Then she turned toward me, “Dear that is one good looking little man there. How old is he?”
I replied, “He’s twelve.”
“And, why isn’t he naked as well?” That was kind of forward for someone we didn’t know, but I answered.
“He’s very guarded about his body. He’s really shy.”
“He’s overly modest, Dear? Even more than the girls, he should be made to show off his stuff. From the size of his little erection there, I’d say he has nothing to be shy of. Freeing up that penis and those testicles would do him good. I know it’s none of my business, but as a grandmother I’d make him show them off, if he was with me.”
“Thank you for your interest and your compliments, but…”
Marilyn interjected, “We’re working on him now. I agree he should be naked as well, but Julie there isn’t strong enough to get the job done.”
I could have killed Marilyn for saying that. “I…” Just as I prepared to defend myself against the remark, the old lady interrupted.
“Well, my youngest daughter is 16. She’s over there on the blanket. With your permission, I’ll have her sneak up behind him and pants him. Then he’d have no choice. He doesn’t know who she is. What could he do?”
Marilyn jumped on that, “I like it. Come on Julie. Let her do it.”
“Well,” I began to ponder and again my hormonal response told me to go ahead with the idea, “well, if she wouldn’t mind.”
Marilyn went farther. “Tell her not to just pull them down. Tell her to take them off and run off and dispose of them somewhere he can’t get to them.”
The lady left the blanket and walked over to her daughter. I could see her pointing at Jack and the girl broke a devious smile. She tapped her age mate on the shoulder and two of them went toward the beach. We watched as they slowly walked toward my son who was ankle deep in the surf. He was totally unsuspecting as he gazed out to sea. In one quick move both sides of his trunks were grabbed by the woman’s daughter and a quick yank resulted in a boy nude from the knees up. His reaction was one of surprise as he tried to grab his suit. The girl’s accomplice pushed him into the surf and his suit was wisked off completely. The daughter threw the suit to her friend who took off in a rapid gate toward the parking lot.
Again I surveyed the surrounding area and most everyone was laughing. It was apparent that Hanna was enjoying it as she was forcefully prying his hands off his erect penis to expose it to the public. Jack was crying as he had eventually wiggled loose from the girls and ran to the blanket seeking my protection. As he grabbed for a towel, Marilyn pulled it away.
I took the time to say, “Jack, I want you to stay that way for the rest of the day. No towel, no suit, just stay naked.”
He was crying and begging for me to reconsider as he held his hairless genitalia. The glans of his beautiful circumcised penis protruded above his hands, showing its pink head prominently. “Jack, put your hands down. It looks like you’re playing with yourself.” He complied and his extended phallus just bounced into a place sticking straight outward. “Now go play.”
Marilyn stopped me, “No I think he needs some sunscreen on. Come over here Jack and let me take care of that.”
“Go over and let Marilyn put some sunscreen on you.”
“Let’s start with that penis. I’m sure it needs a lot of this because it hasn’t been out in the sun in years. She grabbed the hard on and began sliding her hand back and forth as she rubbed the lotion in.”
“I can do my own private parts, Aunt Marilyn.” He objected through his sniffles still teary eyes.
Both Heather and Hanna approached. “Mom, I’ll do that for you.” Hanna offered. “I’d love to get a hold of his thing.”
She quickly responded, “I’ll do it, Hanna.” Then she answered my son’s plea to do his own genitals. “Oh no, Jack, I want to make sure it’s done right. I’ll take care of it. Let’s do that little ball sack, huh. It’s just as important.” She began moving her hands around manipulating my son’s testicles through the “purse” surrounding them. His penis jumped noticeably.
“Oh please, Momma let me do it,” Hanna begged.
“No I get to do it. He did me.” Heather joined the argument.
“We’ll have Randy strip and you girls can put lotion on him, if you’d like.” The woman from the blanket next to us hollered. Then she summoned her nine year old to the blanket telling him to remove his suit. Surprisingly, the boy complied without argument and was sent over to us. “Do you need our sunscreen or can the girls use yours.” His mother asked.
I couldn’t believe it. There stood another naked male with a woody sticking out. Only difference was Randy wasn’t trying to conceal his. I remember thinking, “this kid must be a budding pervert”.
“No we can use ours.” Marilyn smiled and returned to coating Jack. “Now lie down and I’ll do the rest of you.” He stretched out on his back as Marilyn positioned his limbs with arms and legs spread wide. The penis stuck up like the mast on a ship. She grabbed it again as she twisted the glans between her fingers
and palm. Jack just lay there silently staring up at the clouds, tears running down his cheeks. She continued to apply the lotion giving a second helping to his genital area. Then she said, “And now, I get to rub those legs, those beautiful legs.” Following the front side she rolled him over. It was evident he preferred to be on his stomach as his genitals were not only out of her reach, but were not in sight of any of surrounding scrutinizers. He was fine until my good friend decided to explore his inner sanctum and inserted her finger deep into his rectum. “Be still, I just want to check your little prostate.”
“Please Aunt Marilyn, get it out. Get it out. I’m gonna poop”, he cried.
“You won’t poop,” she removed her finger, slapped his ass and said, “Now, go play on the beach.”
He pouted, “I just want to stay here.” It was apparent he was thinking if he stayed there on his stomach he’d only be exposing the less embarrassing parts of his body and not his boy parts. I was indeed aroused by the whole goings on and ordered him up. “Go down to the water and play. Aunt Marilyn and I have some things to talk about.”
His remark was immediately followed by Randy’s mother, “You girls do the same coverage your mother did. Don’t forget to rub it into his stiffy there. And, if you want to explore his little hole feel free.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this boy’s parents. It wasn’t long before the nine year old with the average sized package was spread eagle on the sand next to our blanket. Heather, still completely naked, and Hanna began to argue over the lotion.
Jack begged not to have to go. But my excitement over the situation told me to make him do it. So I did and off he went clutching his still very erect penis. “Jack, hands down!” I yelled. As he walked that way cameras clicked. Some of the beach goers were so bold as to actually run in front of him to photograph that hardened appendage as it bounced to and fro. His red face was evidence not of sunburn, but true embarrassment. One hurdle had been crossed.
“I think we should let the girls put on the next coat of sunscreen, don’t you?” Marilyn asked. “I mean look at the fun they’re having with Randy there.”
“I guess so,” was all I could say. “You sure we aren’t going to have some problem here? I mean isn’t this against some law or something?”
“If someone makes a comment just say we’re European and that’s how he swims all the time. It isn’t a problem over there. I mean, what are they going to say? First, no one responded to Heather being nude and then Randy here”, she patted the little stranger’s leg as her girls rubbed the erect penis, “ is naked too. What exactly could they say? ‘The kids have to put their suits back on’. Quit worrying about it.”
“Yeah, with that New England twang that ‘European’ shit will be believable.” I just had to point out how dumb that comment was.
“Okay, go ask the lifeguard. If you want an opinion ask him. Shit, he’d know if it’s okay.”
So I did. I approached the stand and the well tanned, twenty something year old kid looked down at me. “Can I help you?”
“Well I guess you can. Is my son going to have problems parading around nude?”
“Who, that boy over there?”
I thought “well duh” who else could we be talking about? “Yes, the naked boy over there.”
“He’s fine. The ordinance states children past puberty must wear covering, but he’s pretty hairless isn’t he? Did anyone say anything about that little girl who is with you, or that boy the girls are playing with?” He smiled a little as he nodded at Marilyn’s girls still rubbing Randy’s dick.
“No, not yet.”
“Then I guess he’s okay. I’m sure he’s pretty embarrassed, but he’s perfectly legal. I mean if you’re his Mom and you think that’s okay, no one will be able to bother you.”
“Thank you.”
I returned to the blanket. “Well, what’d he say?” Marilyn curiously asked.
“He said it was up to me. He said, as long as they haven’t passed puberty they were within the law.”
“See, I told you it’d be okay. Just think when he starts puberty we can shave his thingy there and extend his time.” She chuckled at her cleverness in circumventing the law.
We alternated our observations between him staying in the surf up to his navel in a successful attempt to cover his penis from view, and the girls stoking a nine year old with a hard on.
When they finished Randy ran back to his parents’ blanket. Yes, hard as a rock. And the girls joined Jack in the surf. Hanna bounced as she sliced the waves on their way to breaking on shore, while obviously trying to coax Jack out of the water. Then Marilyn broke the silence, “So, what are you going to tell Bill? You know Jack will complain to him.” As we talked Jack hit Hanna’s arm as she apparently attempted to cop a feel by grabbing his package under the cover of the surf. Actually it was kind of cute. He had that insulted expression on his face and she had a faux-apologetic look. She giggled and grabbed at it again as the two fell beneath the surface during the tussle. Both surfaced momentarily with Jack striking at her. Instead of intervening I just continued the conversation.
“First of all, I hold more sway with Bill than he does. Second, I think Bill will like the fact I finally ‘balled up’ as he puts it and made him do something he didn’t want to do. I’m pretty sure he’ll be good with it. He’s just as concerned about his body shyness as I am.” Actually, I was very sure Bill wouldn’t balk at it. He and I had many an argument over me stripping the boy and whipping the fire out of his ass when he needed it. I was much more inclined to try being positive than punishing. Really, my attempts were not nearly as successful as Bill’s method, so I resorted to using the belt occasionally and it seemed to get quicker results. Screw the psychologists. Anyway, I didn’t think I’d get much flak.
“Let’s make him ride home nude. I’d like to let the girls explore, if you know what I mean.”
I again pointed out the obvious. “You told the girls to dispose of his suit. He doesn’t have anything but flip flops to wear now. So, I guess he’ll have to ride home naked.” As I watched my child still waist deep in the surf I couldn’t help but confide in my friend. “You know, I think I’m going to like showing him off.”
“That’s the spirit.” Marilyn was delighted. “Isn’t it time for another coat of sunscreen on him. I mean we don’t want him to burn.”
A touch of deviousness hit me, “Yeah, this time let’s let Hanna put it on him.
Marilyn and I load our kids in the car. Jack still cupping his penis complained about not being able to find his suit. Secretly, I was loving his humiliation. In fact, I made him ride in the back seat next to Heather who’d since returned to wearing her suit. On several occasions I actually said, “Spread your legs and put those hands somewhere else so Heather can learn about boy parts. You got to touch her girl parts on the beach, she can feel yours all the way home.” With his boner stiff as a tree limb, Heather’s little hands went to work rubbing the penis, pulling at the loose skin on his scrotum and fingering the testicles inside. She asked the usual questions about what she was exploring. I just prayed he wasn’t even near a point where he could ejaculate. That was answered by at least two dry orgasms induced by the girls’ touch.
My husband returned home later that day. While my fully broken son was up in his bedroom presumably still trying to get over his embarrassment of the day, I was faced with the task of explaining to him—what I’d made our son do before he could complain to his father.
“Bill, Marilyn and I have been discussing Jack’s problem with modesty.”
“Well, you know how Doctor Williams thinks we need to do something too?”
“Again I ask, and?’” Bill had an inquisitive look as I continued.
“Well, Marilyn suggested we take all of his long pants and make shorts out of them. She thinks we need to take away all of his underpants as well. She and I argued over making him run naked on the beach while we were there. She even wanted to let her girls play with his penis and…”
“Whoa, whoa! What’s this all about?”
“Well, today at the beach I made him stay naked for about four hours. I mean completely naked. I also let Marilyn and the girls put sunscreen on him.”
“All of him?” Bill asked with a half chuckle and big smile.
“Well, yes all of him.”
“Penis and all?”
My response was in the tone of another duh, “Of course penis and all.”
“Well now, good for you. You balled up and made him do the impossible. I’m proud of you and excited for him. Just think, twelve years old and already fondled by the female set. Geezzzz, even I didn’t have such an experience at that early and age.” He continued to grin. “Where is he?”
“He’s up in his room. I haven’t allowed him to dress yet.”
“He’s still naked?”
“He’d better be.” I feigned toughness.
“When did you get the courage to be a bitchy mother? I mean I’m just really happy to see it happen. It would have been great if you’d started when he was two or three instead. Not that it isn’t a welcomed development, now. Are you going to make him stay naked forever?”
“No, I just wanted to continue to flex some muscle over him. It feels pretty good.”
“What was the occasion that brought this on, Hun?” He was still not at all put out with the idea.
“It’s about getting him to view is body in a more positive way. It’s about making him less guarded about himself. We’ve discussed this before.” This wasn’t news to my husband. He and I had discussed this many times over the last three or four years and he was acting like we’d never discussed it before. I guess my tone was somewhat that of being perturbed.
“You don’t need to get pissed off. I was just asking. I’ll agree he needs to get over this modesty thing. And, I’d say we have little time left, if we’re going to be able to straighten him out. If you think making him wear shorts all the time is something we need to do, then, let’s do it. Take his long pants away and even his underwear. I think it might work. He’ll feel awkward for the first few weeks, but eventually he’ll see it isn’t so bad.” Then he put his hand on my leg and looked me in the eye, “But, do you think making him parade around nude and allowing other people to feel his genitals will serve any good purpose?”
“Yes, I do. I think allowing others to stimulate his hormones by playing with his penis and testicles will definitely spur a healthier body image and even help him develop a more healthy sexual identity as he enters puberty. Marilyn made sense. What could do more for his self assurance than standing naked as the day he was born in front of complete strangers?”
“Well, I don’t know.” Bill was guarded. “It sounds a bit drastic to me. I mean, I wouldn’t want to do that would you?”
“No, we’re adults. And, did you do that when you were his age? Remember the stories of swimming at the Boy’s Club and the scout camp ordeals you are so fond of? What about all those photos of you as a kid with all those other naked boys? Bill, you did develop without the inhibitions we see in Jack.”
“I guess you’re right. Let’s do this. Let’s call Dr. Williams and discuss the plan with him. If he agrees, then I’m on, if not, let’s find a less drastic way to work on it. Okay?”
“Okay,” I was optimistic of getting a green light from Dr. Williams. I hoped to. I couldn’t tell Bill one of the other considerations was how aroused I’d get showing off my son’s beautiful form to everyone. It was a mix of hormones and pride, and I was excited. “I’ll call him tomorrow.”
The next morning Bill and I chatted as I prepared breakfast. Jack was up in his room. I’d relented and allowed him to dress in boxer shorts for sleeping.
Bill asked, “What’s on the agenda today?”
“Well, I’m going to call Dr. Williams about what we discussed and get his professional opinion. I think Jack’s going over to Mike’s today. They’re heading to the woods for the day. Those boys live in the woods during the summer.”
“Oh to be twelve again--the woods instead of the office. Are you going to make him go naked?” There was a chuckle in his tone.
“I haven’t decided yet,” I knew it wasn’t going to happen until I’d talked to Dr. Williams and discussed it further with Bill.
He chuckled aloud, kissed me, and said, “I should be home at five or so today. You two have fun.” And, he left for work.
Later in the morning, Jack showed up in his jeans and t-shirt ready for his day of exploring.
“I think you’d be more comfortable in shorts. It’s going to be very warm today. You’d find them more comfortable and probably you’d find having your legs exposed would make it easier to climb and run.”
“Mom, please stop. I’m not wearing shorts. I don’t like them. We’ve talked about this before. NO SHORTS! Got it?”
I swatted his backside hard, “Who do you think you’re talking to, young man? You don’t talk to me like that. I should pull those pants off and wear out that bare bottom of yours. Then you can just go naked with Mike to the woods. How’d you like that?”
I could tell by his somber look he knew, after yesterday, it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibilities, “I’m sorry, Mom. I just wish you wouldn’t keep the shorts thing going.”
“Mike will be wearing them.” I was certain as I offered the final attempt.
“But, Jack won’t be.” He was adamant. What he didn’t know was he was strengthening my resolve. Now it wasn’t just his modesty I was after, but there was a touch of wanting to demonstrate my control mixed with a little punishment for his insubordinate attitude. He finished his breakfast and took off on his bike for his day with his friend.
I couldn’t stand it. I dialed Marilyn and gave her a blow by blow of my chat with Bill. Her biggest concern was what Dr. Williams would think. I didn’t share her concern. I was confident I could sell him on the idea even if he was skeptical. Anyway, I invited her to come and help me adjust Jack’s wardrobe options while he was gone for the day.
“Do you want to just shorten his long pants or do you want to buy some shorts for him?” Marilyn said as she walked into my kitchen holding a pair of pinking shears.
“Well, it’s nice to see you too.” I grinned at her devious smile. “You know if we hemmed his long pants, we could determine how short they were. I don’t want any of those that cover his knees like many of the kids are wearing.”
“Oh no, we’d never let him cover his knees. How about half way up his thigh? Or better yet right up to the ass cheeks.” She snipped the shears open and closed still sporting that devious grin.
“Well, let’s get started. I’ll set up the sewing machine here in the kitchen.” I was anxious to get started.
“No, I’ll set up the machine. You go and get his pants.” Marilyn directed.
I rounded up every pair of pants the boy had except for the ones he was wearing when he left. I brought them to the kitchen. Marilyn was just finishing threading the machine when I came down.
“These are his suit pants. Do you think we should have him put his coat on so we can cut them to the right length?”
“No, we’ll just give them a three inch inseam. That should be long enough. We can always let them down a little. I’ll leave enough in the cuff if we have to.” She grabbed the wool pants to his suit and cut them off with about six inches of inseam left. He began folding them under and pinning them at three inches. I started a pot of coffee.
Two hours later we were finishing up his jeans. I had decided not to hem them but leave them as cutoffs. It reminded me of the years of my childhood. Eventually the long threads would hang down the legs until you had to cut them off shorter. But how cute would it be for my son’s exceptionally shapely boy legs with that fuzzy hemline of cutoff shorts. I couldn’t wait. Marilyn hacked them off a little short in my estimation, but, hey, if his lower butt cheeks were showing so what. There’d be no underwear delineating the hem line. I was really aroused just thinking of my baby being so exposed.
I returned the revised clothing to his drawers and closet and we disposed of the pant leg remnants in the garbage can out by the garage. Marilyn and I sat for a quiet cup of coffee to celebrate the success of step one of the devious plan.
“Oh, did you get his underwear?” Marilyn asked.
“Oh my God, I almost forgot. If he had underwear that’d never do,” I grabbed a plastic shopping bag and ran up to his room. I emptied the drawer of all his tighty whities and took them back down to
Marilyn. “Here you take these and get rid of them. That way he won’t be able to dig them out of the trash.”
Marilyn left about three that afternoon and she took Jack’s underwear with her. Dr. Williams returned my call about a half hour later.
I will try to summarize his remarks. He was quite glad that I was finally “taking the bull by the horns” and “establishing a get tough” attitude. He recommended I keep one of Bill’s belts at hand to use on my frequently ornery son’s bare backside when needed. He was well into the shorts idea and said to use them even in the winter restating “it’s viruses that cause sickness not temperature”. What really got my attention was his agreement the boy should be exposed publicly whenever possible and occasional fondling wouldn’t hurt him at all. He also told me that Bill or I should massage him being careful of the genital area. First, I straightened him out with “Bill isn’t going to do that. He’d find it kind of ‘sick’.” Dr. William’s response? “Have him call me.” Even at that there was a fat chance Bill would touch his naked son other than maybe to hug him. But then, my fondest desire was give a stamp of approval. I could feel my son’s ‘private areas’ without guilt of molestation. A trained specialist was telling me to go ahead and stimulate his boy parts. I hadn’t felt Jack’s penis or scrotum since he was six or seven and then it was either for a maintenance function or quick examination. Now, I was to spend time eventually giving him a pleasurable experience.
I asked about ground rules to touching. Dr. Williams was quite clear. “I don’t want you to masturbate him, just gentle touch. If he balks, go at it slowly. If not feel free to manipulate gently as much as you want. He did get specific, “I want you to gently rub the shaft, use your finger tip around the bottom of the glans and gently rotate the glans between the thumb and fingers. You might want to gently press the urethra with you little finger as if to seek entrance. You may want to play with his erection by gently slapping it so it flops back and forth. If so, go ahead. Gently rub the scrotum two or three of your fingers and then manipulate the testicles by moving them around. Be gentle.”
At that point I’m definitely sure Bill would not comply. It was completely out of the question. I could hear him now, “That’s why it’s a good thing that women are the childrearers.” He was that way about diaper changes when the boy was young. He certainly wouldn’t rub his penis and scrotum. But I was excited just thinking about doing it.
The boy’s physician continued, “If you find yourself curious about his anus, you may wish to position him so you can slip your index or middle finger into the opening and stimulate his prostate. Then again you may be repulsed at the idea. But don’t feel guilty about doing it. Believe me it won’t be an activity most people would relish.” He didn’t have a good feel for me. If I could explore my precious son’s body completely I would be in heaven. I couldn’t wait.
He reassured me that keeping him nude 24/7 as much as possible would be the biggest hurdle. And, using the belt liberally would help in taming Jack’s oppositional attitude. And that occasional welts or bruises would show I was making my point.
I did ask if others could engage in these activities. He told me that was up to me. But, he did caution if those I empowered to do it were young or weren’t well known to me I should supervise. I do remember his final remark, “If this doesn’t break his modesty, nothing will.” After reassuring me he’d be glad to write the program as a prescription, I was satisfied we were headed in the right direction.
After hanging up, I set about making dinner. At five thirty, Jack came home.
“How’s Mike?”
“Oh, he’s fine.”
I glanced at my returning explorer. “Oh my God, what happened to you? Take those jeans off outside and leave the shoes out there too.” He was filthy. There was mud caked on his clothing. And I could see mud crumbs where he’d walked through my kitchen. “Now, outside, clothes off then get a bath.”
“I’m not taking my clothes off outside. People will see me.”
“I said outside take the clothes off and get a bath. No one has any interest in some boy taking his clothes off. It’s no worse than the beach yesterday. Just do it and don’t argue.” I pointed to the door and gave him a push in that direction.
I stood at the back door as he removed his shirt. He then began to loosen his belt. “I think you’ll find it easier if you take the shoes off first.” Sometimes I don’t know what males are thinking or for that matter if they think at all. He kicked his shoes off so they flew onto the back porch. Then he undid his belt and slowly looked left and right for any sign of neighbors attending to his disrobing. Seeing none, he quickly slid his jeans down and off. As he stared toward the door in his underwear I couldn’t help myself. I had to exercise my power, “Those too”. He gave me a surprised look, but didn’t argue he slid off his underwear and clutched his penis as he headed quickly toward the door. “I should make you stand out there while I hosed you off,” I half teased. In the back of my mind I told myself, “That’ll come, that’ll come.”
My now nude son flew up the stairs to the bathroom for a well needed shower. I yelled instructions to him, “Ears and elbows. Use the brush on those elbows.”
I went back to setting the table for supper. Bill would be home soon and I customarily had things set for the evening meal. Ten minutes later my revelry was broken with Jack’s yell.
“What?” I returned suddenly realizing what was to follow and getting a devious grin on my face. “What?” I asked again.
“From the upstairs hallway came the response, “Where are my pants?”
“Well, Honey, they’re in your drawer.”
“No, my pants.”
“They’re in your drawer.”
“All that’s in there are shorts.”
“Yes, and those are your pants.”
“I told you I don’t want to wear shorts.”
“And, I told you, you should be. Now, put a pair on and get down here for dinner.” I was excited.
“MOM, where are my underpants? I don’t have any clean ones.”
“That’s because you don’t have any dirty ones either. You won’t be wearing underwear for at least the rest of the summer. Just put on shorts and come down here.”
I could hear him stomp his feet and begin to cry in frustration. It was ten more minutes before I heard him come down the stairs. He was wearing a pair of the cutoffs. “Look how short these are.”
“Yeah, aren’t they great? I think so. Just look at those beautiful little boy legs. Gosh, you look really sweet, Jack. I like it.”
“I hate these. I mean why can’t I wear the shorts other kids wear?”
I couldn’t believe he was ready to compromise. “Well, for two reasons. One, I like seeing those legs of yours and I think other people will too. And, two, we had to do the best we could with what you had up there. I don’t need to be spending the money on shorts when I can make them with what we have on hand.”
“But, you cut them too short.”
“I think they’re just right. Now, quit complaining.”
“Why can’t I wear underwear? I mean with these shorts and no underwear, people will see my balls and stuff.”
“Oh they may get a peek at your testicles and penis, but they won’t see them all the time. You don’t like the shorts, just take them off and you won’t have to wear them.”
“Where are my long pants?”
“I told you there aren’t any more long pants. Just shorts!”
“So, if I take these off, I have to stay naked?”
“Looks that way. Now, help me get the dinner on the table. Your father just drove in.”
I couldn’t wait to share with Bill, that Dr. Williams was in complete agreement with the plan—all of it. Jack was soon to be introduced to public nudity and secretly I couldn’t wait. The doctor also suggested I
make sure to coat his penis, testicles and backside with sunscreen until Jack adapted to the exposure to the sun. As Dr. Williams had recommended I regularly rub his penis and testicles to keep them stimulated and even gave me the go ahead to stimulate his developing prostate--all this just to protect my son’s health and stimulate his hormonal action in preparation for puberty. I wasn’t complaining. I couldn’t wait. Secretly, ever since the other day at the beach, I wanted to hold his penis and feel his scrotum. He was developing so quickly and I wanted to literally hold on to my little boy a while longer.
The next morning, I instructed him to wear nothing but a pair of cutoffs and his athletic shoes. I intended to see his back and chest tanned to match his face and arms as well. He wanted to call Mike and cancel their exploration of the woods and the stream, but I insisted he go. When Mike arrived, even he noticed the lack of covering.
“Man, you’re wearing shorts, just like me. See it’s not so bad. It’s better than pants.” I could have kissed the eleven year old for encouraging my son. “Are you going to wear a shirt?”
“My MOTHER won’t let me,” he bellowed sarcastically. I ignored it.
“Hey Mrs. Bryant, can I leave my shirt here too?” Guess the boy wanted to be just like his best friend. I must admit little Mike wasn’t a bad looking kid either. In earlier days he would sleep over and I’d put them both in the tub. Yes, I cleaned his little boy parts just like I did Jack’s. His penis was a bit shorter, but not really that small. Maybe the circumcision made it look that way, but then Jack was circumcised too. I guess I say from my memory of three or four years ago, there many who’d have loved one Mike’s size. He was a dirty blond and had the usual summer burr cut as did Jack. His legs were well formed too and definitely always tanner than Jack’s. The kid lived in shorts, but apparently he was also aware of my son’s abhorrence of them.
“If you boys are going to play in the water take off your pants and skinny dip. I don’t want muddy, wet shorts showing up here this afternoon. Remember naked if you go in the creek.”
“Wow, your Mom’s neat. She doesn’t care if we play naked in the woods.” Even I found that remark strange as it left the eleven year old’s lips. I mean if they were eight, I’d kind of get it, but even at eleven this child didn’t seem to have any hang-ups about exposing himself. Wouldn’t I love it if my son was so uninhibited. That’s when I became determined to get my boy to that point by hook or crook. And, suddenly, I was overtaken by the thought that Mike might be just the ticket. His best friend wasn’t concerned about nudity and I thought it might be a good time to talk with his mother. Maybe I could ease the two into almost continual nudity for the summer. I called her.
During the conversation I told her of my dilemma with Jack including the day at the beach, the doctor’s concerns, Bill and my concerns. She’d already become aware of his dislike for shorts having offered to let him borrow a pair from Mike so he’d “be more comfortable”. We really didn’t talk much as parents and one thing led to another and she came to the house for coffee and a more extensive discussion about the problem. I remember her interest in his reaction to having Hanna and Heather play with his
“peter” as she referred to it, while we were at the beach. Seems Mike’s sister and many of her friends took advantage of his often.
She told me about one day when he was nine, how his sister made him strip naked for a girl who didn’t have any male models to observe and how she, four years his senior and in-charge when his mother wasn’t home, made him stay nude the whole afternoon so her friend could explore at will. When she came home from work they had him laying across her friend’s lap on the couch. “His little boner was pointing right up at her”. I did ask, “And that didn’t bother you?” Her response was he was a boy, and boys shouldn’t be modest. She also said the young girl and he both enjoyed the experience so she made him stay nude all weekend and invited the girl to bring her friends by. She finished the story with, “He had a woody all weekend long. Secretly, I couldn’t keep my hands off it either. What a kid, not an ounce of propriety.” I couldn’t believe it. Maybe Bill and I had missed something in our parent training. Maybe we should have made him run nude all along. Perhaps that would have averted the situation we found ourselves in at the time.
I do remember a jealous twinge when she talked of fondling her son whenever she wanted. Let’s face it cleaning their little appendages and giving enemas and all the other things we mothers do aren’t really a chore. We like doing it. At least I did. And, now I was on the threshold of losing that.
Sylvia (Mike’s Mom) suggested a no-nonsense approach to introducing Jack to the world of public exposure. She suggested it might behoove me to drop him at their house for a sleep over and we’d strip him naked, make Mike stay clothed to strengthen the embarrassment. Then we’d coach Mike to explore his friend’s body parts. She’d noticed little boys are much more interested in those of the same gender than girls of that age are. We decided it was a comparison thing. Reminded me of Bill’s stories of scout camp where fondling and mutual masturbation abounded. Anyway, she also suggested a good dose of Adrian’s female friends being encouraged to do the same should result in the weekend boner for sure. I was “in”. I loved the idea of just blasting the whole modesty thing out of my son’s life and this seemed like a great plan. My nude son at the mercy of other kids’ lust and perusal was just the ticket.
I do remember asking, “What if he won’t strip?”
Her response, “Then we beat him with a belt until he does. Or, we turn him over to the girls and tell them to strip him and not to stop until he’s naked. Tell them they can do whatever they want to him after he’s naked. You know as well as I, girls can be very aggressive when they want something.”
Sylvia and I agreed to begin the whole process the beginning the last weekend of the month. She even said she’d keep him longer if it looked like he was sufficiently uncomfortable with the situation. I so hoped he would. Anyway, that Friday afternoon just before supper I walked him to their house. He had his backpack full of things only boys felt of value and a change of clothes. Oh how I wanted to tell him he wouldn’t be needing the clothes, but I liked the element of surprise. As we walked and talked, he showed definite excitement for the coming weekend. I was just looking forward to what was going to happen to him within the hour—things he was oblivious to.
Dr. Williams was pretty specific. He told me if we did make him “run around naked” I should spend some time massaging his skin. He specifically told me not to shy away from the penis, scrotum or anus either. He again reiterated that Jack’s comfort during such encounters was the barometer for measuring how successful we were at changing ‘the boy’s attitude toward his body’. I started to relive the hormonal rush at the thought of the intimate connection, or whatever you wanted to call it. Not to mention the comfort of having a prescribed activity would definitely protect me from intrusions by the self-righteous social workers at Child Services.
When Jack came home from Mike’s, I made him strip naked right in front of me. Of course, I had to ward off the typical objections, but the belt I had sitting beside me sent the necessary motivational message. I couldn’t help but think as he yanked his shorts down, the weekend had definitely loosened his attitude somewhat.
When he had finished undressing his hands were cupping the areas of interest. A simple order for him to put his hands to his sides was all it took to expose the hardened penis. My order was to “come over here” and he complied hesitantly. I positioned him on the floor and knelt down beside him. His legs were drawn up with the soles of both feet touching I had him place his hands behind his head. He did so, but avoided making eye contact with me. His little ball sack was retracted into a tight lemon sized package, but the penis was sticking out at least four of five inches. There wasn’t much of the usual leaning with his tip pointing upward. The little glans capped the penis off with its pale pink mushroom shape like a crow’s nest on a mast, the urethral opening winked right at me. I slowly reached for the stiff appendage.
I remember my thrill as I gently wrapped my hand around the hardened phallus and began the massage with the slippery lotion. To my surprise he didn’t protest, he just moaned. Maybe the weekend at Mike’s and being boy and girl handled constantly helped. As I pondered it, I worked around the head gently fingering the opening to the urethra. His tight ball sack was the size of a plum and the feel of the marble sized testicles moving ahead of my touch made me wish I could do this to him all night. The thought occurred to me that they would soon be double the size and most likely “out of play” for me within the next year.
In order to keep it at least looking as non-sexual, I moved on to his firm muscular legs rubbing them along the long smooth contours. When I finished, I instructed him as I placed my hand in his, “Jack, place my hand anywhere on your body you’d like me to spend more time massaging.” Surprisingly, he chose to place it between the hardened penis and his belly button. I read it as his signal that he wanted me to again stimulate his rock hard appendage and its attached testes, but he didn’t want to make it look like his idea. I wanted to touch it, pull on it, and twist and turn it so I took the time to work from his navel to the penis once again and then the scrotum. He didn’t balk. As I worked his genital area Bill showed up with the camera and began shooting pictures of the session. Almost immediately Jack sprang up objecting to the intrusion. I slapped his bare thigh and said, “Lie down and let your father take pictures.” Jack complained again stating his concern over the permanence and access to any such photos. “Grandma would love to have some of these to show to her bridge group. She’s very proud of you. We’d like to have some to remember you at this age. Daddy will be tasteful.” And he was was
tasteful in selecting the photos to go into our online album. I remember Bill asking if we should put a password on them. My response was no. I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the full body of our beautiful boy. I find it exciting, even today, as I run across pictures of my son naked and hard on various other photo sites which pirate family albums of nude kids. I find it a compliment to the beauty of my masterpiece.
As the summer went on, I would follow the massage regimen two and sometime three times daily. Jack eventually cooperated without complaints he used weeks before. I think he enjoyed it. Eighty percent of the time he’d put my hand on his erect penis when asked where he wanted more touch. My gentle touch would often result in dry orgasms as his hips lifted right off the floor and slammed back down again. My favorite sound was the low moan I could hear as I worked that area.
Notably, when I pressed my index finger tip on to his anal area he jumped. I explained to him it was just a part of his body and I was going to rub another hidden part. At that point I shoved my finger in with a huge thrust. Jack cried out in what seemed a painful way, but quickly settled as I felt around inside him. I found the “small lump” Dr. Williams had described and I rubbed my finger over the firm smooth surface. Jack begged me to remove it, or he was “going to poop”. I continued for a few more seconds before removing it. Dr. Williams was right, it was kind of messy, but I was determined to do it each time. I enjoyed seeing the mix of discomfort and pleasure Jack showed during the intrusion.
Funny but Sylvia and my plans were premature. Seems the second weekend of the month saw the beginning of my son’s “coming out party” and I’m glad it did. I, not Sylvia, would be the first to observe and fully enjoy my son being accosted by another child—his best friend Mike.
“Hello there Michael. How’s life?” Jack’s best friend entered the kitchen from the backdoor. I hugged him and gave him a quick kiss.
“Ah, Mrs. Adams, cut it out. That’s embarrassing.”
“I can’t help it. You’re just so cute and good looking. Just look at those muscular little legs. You’re beautiful.”
The eleven year old blushed and then asked, “Is Jack home?”
“Yeah, he’s upstairs. You can go up.”
The kid bounded up the stairs to my son’s room. Unbeknownst to him, he’d find Jack completely nude and having to stay that way. I wandered to the landing to listen to the surprise from both sides.
“Whoa, Dude, I’m sorry I didn’t know you were naked.” Mike had barged into Jack’s room. I heard him retreat to the hallway as the door slammed.
“I’m not allowed to wear anything until my mother or father says I can.” The muffled verbal return was blunted by the closed door.
“How come?” Mike was interested but not put out by the information.
“Dr. Williams says I’m too modest. Whatever that means. He says I have to be naked in front of people and that will make me more like a normally developing boy.” Again, the exchange was obviously through a closed door.
Mike was Jack’s best friend and it seemed to me a little odd he’d never or rarely seen Jack nude, or for that matter, his penis in any circumstance. I decided this was silly and I went up the stairs. Acting like I wasn’t aware of the situation I came upon Mike sitting cross legged outside Jack’s room. “What are you doing out here, Mike?”
“Jack’s naked and he doesn’t want me in there,” the boy explained.
“Ridiculous, he can be naked while you’re with him,” I pushed open my son’s door. “Come on in here Mike.” Jack was sitting at his desk as we entered.
“Mom, I don’t want him in here,” my angry offspring hollered.
“He’s your friend and he will be in here. You don’t have anything he doesn’t have and you shouldn’t have any secrets at all. You mean all those times I told you to skinny dip in the park you didn’t?”
Mike answered, “No, I got naked all the time. If he went in the water, he just wore his underwear or rolled up his pants legs and stayed in the shallow part, when we did that.”
I turned to my son who was now pouting. “You should be ashamed of yourself, young man. You’re a boy and he’s your friend.” I then angrily shouted, “Turn around and spread our legs. Now!” He turned still shedding tears. “Spread ‘em. Let Mike see what you’re hiding.” Jack spread his legs exposing a very hard four or five inch erection. “Mike, go over there and grab it.”
“Oh, I don’t know if I should do that Mrs. Adams. I mean that’s his private part.”
“No, Mike, for the next few months Jack doesn’t have private parts. I said, go grab it.”
Mike released a giggle stood and hesitantly reached for my son’s penis. He encircled it with his hand.
“Now pull it! Pull it hard!” Mike responded with another giggle and gave it a half hearted tug.
“I said hard, Mike. Now, pull it.” The boy yanked Jack’s erect phallus hard enough to pull him forward on his chair a few inches.
“Mike for the next hour I want you to hold his penis or play with his testicles. You can pull, you can rub, you can squeeze them whatever you want.”
“This is kind of gay, Mrs. Adams. I mean boys aren’t supposed to feel other boys, are they?” His voice spouted the “appropriate” words, but his body language said, “Please don’t accept my reluctance, it isn’t real.”
“Mike you know you wanted to feel his boy parts and don’t deny it. It’s normal. Boys your age are full of latent homosexuality and curiosity. You want to compare and feel each other. Admit it, Mike. You kind of like having permission to do that. Now, don’t you?”
The boy blushed, “Well, yeah. I like pulling on it and all, but it’s weird.”
“It’s weird because you have permission isn’t it? You don’t have to hide.”
After watching him casually examine the urethral opening, I said, “Well, you can do that to him anytime from now on. If he isn’t naked you order him to strip and if he doesn’t tell me and I’ll strip him, whip him with a belt, and then let you whip him too. How’s that? And, while he’s naked you can do whatever you want to him or even share him with other kids.” God, what a hormonal rush I got from empowering this little guy to sexually exploit my son. I was beginning to see what men enjoyed about watching two women making out.
As I awakened from my temporary trance Mike was swatting my son’s hard-on back and forth and saying “boing, boing, boing” even Jack was beginning to smile at the kid’s antics. I was again amused when Mike shouted, “Oh no, it’s a snake,” and grabbed it putting a choke hold around the shaft while letting the enlarged head peek out from his clenched hand. With that, even Jack giggled.
“I have to go down and get dinner ready. Mike, you want to stay?”
“Can I play with Jack’s dick some more?”
“Sure as much as you want. Oh and while you’re here, it’s penis not dick.”
“I’ll stay, if my Mom says it’s okay.”
“Why don’t you boys come down to the living room and continue your play and I’ll call your mother, Mike.”
“Don’t tell her I’m touching Jack’s wiener and stuff. She might get real mad at me.”
“Don’t worry you just play away.”
“Hey, can I play with his butt hole too?”
“Sure any part of his body you want to. If he gives you any trouble, just call me and I’ll straighten him out.”
I excused myself and went to the kitchen to call Mike’s mother. As you will recall she and I kind of hatched this plan earlier and I couldn’t wait to tell her of the success so far. Turns out when I described the entire event, she responded with, “I can’t wait to turn it around when they’re over here.” After talking with Sylvia about the new found enjoyment of being a voyeur during preteen sex play, I called Marilyn with the blow by blow. Speaking of blow, I’ll describe more about that later. Naturally, Mike was staying for dinner and I arranged for a sleep over as well. I wanted him to just wear out Jack’s genitals by playing with them all night.
You may have not known this, but from my experience boys tend to find anal exploration almost more enticing than penile and testicular play. Perhaps it’s because they can’t really see their own holes and it’s truly unexplored territory for them. Somewhere during the evening Mike summoned me to the rec room where he had Jack splayed over the table with a wide opened view of his hole. As I entered, I couldn’t help but notice Jack’s demeanor was changed. He wasn’t pleased with all the exploratory work of his best friend, but he wasn’t angry about it either. Maybe in this short time period we’d made some headway toward losing his modesty. “What did you need, Mike?”
“I need something to shove up his butt.” The kid wasn’t the least bit shy about his intentions.
“Well let me see, what could we use? I know over there on the toy shelf are some Lincoln Logs, will that do?”
“Oooooohhhhhhh, you’re going to get a log shoved up your ass, Jack,” Mike teased.
“Mooommmmm, don’t let him do that. It’ll hurt.”
I couldn’t resist, “How do you know? It might just fit in there fine.”
Mike came running with what appeared to be a ten inch log. He was so excited he skipped over to my still spread eagle son. He looked at me then at Jack’s hole and back at me. I just nodded as if to say, “Go ahead.” The boy pushed the tip of the log in to the first notch. Jack feigned pain to try to avoid the inevitable next move. Mike twisted it a little as he shoved it in further. Jack yelled as if in pain and suggested he was going to “shit all over him” if he didn’t remove it. I do remember Mike saying stay still or I’ll twist it and you’ll get splinters in there. Twist it he did and buried it another two inches. “How deep is his ass?” the child asked as he again put pressure on the log to shove it further in. I became a little concerned myself about potential damage from the log and said, “Okay, that’s far enough Mike.”
“Okay, Jack, now standup with the log in your butt and if it falls out you’re going to lick it off.” The kid was so excited about his power.
“I will not,” Jack slowly slid up as if he too was wondering if it’d fall out on its own. Unbelievably as my son took to his feet with a firm erection and a Lincoln Log tip sticking out of his anus, he grinned too. Maybe it was the fact the damn thing stayed in there that made him grin.
“Run up and down the stairs with it in there,” Mike ordered.
Surprisingly, my son complied. Even I was tickled at the sight. Rather than running up and down the stairs as ordered, he took the steps quite slowly and deliberately so the log stayed in. I wondered what Bill would have said to allowing such play, but he was out of town on business. I’d recap with him when he got home. I predicted he would have raised hell about it if he was here, but after the fact he just tended to solemnly question the activity and the safety of it.
“Mrs. Adams, can I show Meagan and her friends?” Mike was wound up.
“Sure next time she’s home and has her friends, just tell Jack you want to do that to him. If you do it this summer you won’t even have to ask him to strip. He’ll probably be naked already.”
“Oooooooohhhhh, Jack’s gonna be naked, Jack’s gonna be naked. And, all the girls will get to see his wiener.” Mike chanted his little spontaneously made up jingle.
“And, they can touch him too.” I added just to shake up my son.
Mike went into a forced laugh in an attempt to rub it in. Jack got pissed folded his arms and pouted.
To temper the situation I just added, “Mike, be careful, paybacks are hell.”
Jack sarcastically whined back, “Yeah, Mike, paybacks are hell.”
Jack pulled the log out of his ass. I took the opportunity to outline some game rules. “Did Mike say you could take that out?”
“No. It was hurting.”
“Well, the rules are Mike puts them in and Mike gets to tell you how long they stay in. Mike pulls your penis and pinches your testicles and Mike decides how long and how hard. Got it?”
One thing I took away from that evening and the day that followed is that boy’s like to explore other boys’ bodies. Sometimes they’re afraid to get physical and only look, but given the opportunity there are curiosities about their own bodies that can only be answered by same sex exploration and play. They should be encouraged to do that. They shouldn’t have to hide in a garage or out in the woods, we parents should encourage it in the comfort of the home.
Following the weekend of continual fondling, I called Sylvia (Mike’s mother) with a thorough recounting of the fun fest. She returned the favor for the weekend they spent at her home which I’ve summarized below. Seems paybacks were swifter than either boy had thought. Only difference is Mike’s nine year old sister and some of her friends were eager participants as well.
As Sylvia recounted, “When Jack arrived, much to his surprise, Mike was nude, waiting and stiff as an oak limb. I decided to make Mike stay naked as well, because I felt Jack would feel more comfortable. After you dropped Jack off, and, by the way, making him come nude sure made matters easier, there weren’t any clothes for him to argue about putting on. Anyway, I had Meagan work on his penis and testicles in a ‘getting to know you’ session first thing. She and I were both impressed at how well hung he was. You know, I don’t think I ever saw him nude before, but what a treat. Mike sat and watched while his sister squeezed, twisted and slapped Jack’s penis and squeezed his testicles until he buckled. She thought the painful cringe was funny when she pinched his balls. I had to tell her to stop, I was afraid she’d hurt him. Saturday, I let her bring some of her friends over to see and play. Funny, three of the girls she invited were in Jack’s class at school last year. He was totally humiliated. I found the humiliation stimulated erotic ideas for me. Anyway, the girls literally played with both boys all day.
They loved making them pose for photos. Thank God for digital cameras, huh. Couldn’t you see us trying to get those developed and printed at the store?” She chuckled and continued, “The boys wanted to go to the woods. I think they just wanted away from the girls. They thought I’d buckle and let them wear something, but I just told them to be back by supper. Jack asked if they could wear shorts or swimsuits to the woods. I said walking naked the five or six blocks to the park wouldn’t be such a big deal. That most people know what boys’ penises look like and they would be fine. I didn’t say, ‘but your penis is a perfect specimen especially when it’s hard’ to Jack but I wanted to. God, he’s a beautiful nude, isn’t he?”
I asked, “So, did they go?”
“Yeah, they went. When they came back I said I wanted them to bathe and then I would check them for ticks and such. After their shower I thoroughly inspected Jack’s boy areas. I made him bend over while I spread his cheeks and checked out his anus too. Mike is used to that treatment from me, but Jack wasn’t and he immediately popped a boner. I sent them to the rec room while I fixed dinner. I made sure Meagan and her friends understood I wanted both boys hard as rocks all the time. I left it up to them how they would make sure they stayed erect. They spent a lot of time giggling and then Andrea, you know her don’t you?”
“You mean Andrea Lane, from Jack’s class?”
“Yeah, Andrea Lane, she asked if they could whip the boys with a belt if they lost the erection. She said then it would be their responsibility to keep themselves hard. I said I didn’t care. They could punish them however they wanted. So they took one of Richard’s old work belts and…”
“You still have his belts?”
“Yeah, when he moved out, he left some stuff. I kept the belts to use on Mike when he gets into snits. They’re a very good tool to adjust his attitude. I lay those straps on his bare ass and it’s miraculous. Anyway, it turns out the girls put the belts to good use.”
The visual image of a nude eight or nine year old getting his ass warmed by a leather strap was very erotic to me. Had I taken Bill’s advice and used a belt on Jack, I may have found some pleasure I missed all those years. Getting my mind back on the conversation I asked, “Did they whip them?”
“Did they whip them? It was a nonstop torture chamber down there. It was good to hear the boys scream as the girls connected the leather to their asses. Some of them swung a pretty good belt. I told them I wanted to see welts if they whipped them and they didn’t disappoint. Three held the boy down and one wailed away with the belt. Funny the harder they whipped them the less likely the boys could keep those erections. At some point the pain overwhelmed the sexual drive. When the girls started the spanking, both boys were stiff and their penises jumped with each swing, but as they went on the boys lost their stiffies. Anyway, they spread Jack’s legs and gave his balls and dick a few lashings as well. I’m sure that would take the arousal out of it for him. Mike couldn’t sit for supper he had to stand. His little
ass was so striped and red I made Meagan spread some lotion on both boys’ asses after supper. Hope you don’t mind I let the girls whip them?”
“Oh, no, I just wish I could have been there to watch and cheer them on. I don’t know about Mike, but Jack needs to understand who’s in-charge. A good whipping from the girls probably made that clear to him. Did he cry?”
“He sure did. He begged them to stop.”
“Good. They must have been pretty good with a belt, huh?”
“Yeah, they tore the boys up. But, then they made Mike suck Jack’s penis. From what I could hear, before I went to watch, he didn’t balk too much. Mike gave the usual lame excuse, ‘That’s gay. I’m not going to do that’. Meagan whipped his ass for that while two of the other girls held him down. Then he complied afterward, but I think he wanted to try it anyway. Just this way Jack would think he tried not to have to do it. I must say, Jack enjoyed the oral stimulation. He groaned and all the whole time. It was cute watching Mike milking that with his lips wrapped around the shaft. Then that Andrea, she’s a sex pot, suggested they do a 69. So they made Mike suck Jack and Jack suck Mike at the same time. Jack needed the belt for persuasion just like his little buddy, but he got the message. It was hysterical to watch. Jack was crying the whole time but sucking, Mikey had Jack’s unusually large hard on so far down his throat it was triggering his gag responses. The girls were in stitches the whole time. I tried to remain calm but I started laughing as well. Anyway, Mikey got frustrated and bit down on Jack’s penis right at the cleft there behind the head and he screamed. We all laughed again as Jack started yelling and crying, ‘He bit me. You bit me.’ I had the girls examine Jack’s penis and they said it didn’t break the skin, but it left impressions where he chomped it. What’s it they say, ‘Fun was had by all’? Well, in this case all but two. Mikey was angry and Jack was crushed emotionally. It was all worth it. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a thing all I have pictures of sucking session and some close ups of your son’s tooth imprinted penis.”
“Great, I need copies of all the pictures. Just don’t let Bill see or hear of that activity. The girls playing with the boys’ penises were okay, you can share that and the belt whippings. He whips Jack with a belt and make him strip before he does it, so he’d be fine with that. I think the sucking part would push him over the edge though.”
“Then the girls did the Lincoln Log thing with both of them. After you told me about that, I broke out Mikey’s old set and made it available to them after I told them what Mike did to Jack. They both were impaled for hours. You remember the part when Mike told Jack he’d have to lick it off if it fell out of his butt?”
“Well, I think we ought let the girls make them lick them off just for the fun of watching it. I didn’t, but I was so ready to do that.”
“Hey, they’re yours when they are at your house. If you want them to do that, make ‘em do it.”
“Oh we had them lick each other’s balls and anuses. I mean it was a regular orgy. Jack cried after the licking session and said he wanted to go home. I just said, ‘No’ and made him stay. I don’t think he liked having Andrea and the two other girls from his class here. I know he hated the photographing of the activities for posterity. He suspected, and is probably correctly, the pictures will be all over school next year.”
“What about Mike? Did he object to the photos?”
“No, he’s used to it. Don’t you spend any time on the net? Nude pictures of him are all over the web. Meagan and I put them on a photo site and don’t use passwords so the pedophiles out there can take what they want. They really do. They take them and spread them everywhere. Anyway, Mike’s a naked regular in cyberspace. Sometimes I visit the favorite sites the pedos frequent and read the comments about his pictures. They like his little pecker head exposed and the comments turn into a ‘to circumcise or not to circumcise’ blog. I’m just glad those guys enjoy the pics so they aren’t out hunting for the live meat.” Then she lamented, “Oh, listen to me. I just let five little girls do whatever to our two naked sons and I’m concerned about pedophiles.”
Though I’d convinced Bill to do the same, I wanted Sylvia to think I was a novice to that idea, so I hesitantly offered Bill’s concern, “Yeah, well those are gown men and women. They aren’t age mates and they aren’t girls aren’t the same sex.” I added my observations about the difference. “I wouldn’t want a grown man to do the things to Jack that I encouraged Mike to do. I don’t think I’d let the boys butt-fuck or something like that.”
My remark put Sylvia on the defensive, “I guess I stepped over the line letting them suck each other then, huh?”
“No, you didn’t do anything. It was the girls who made them do it. I think it’s cute. They both can work out that latent homosexuality doing that with each other. Like I said before, better they do that at home in front of us rather than in the woods or hiding in the garage or something. I think it’ll lead to a healthier sexual outlook. I do want to see the pics though.”
“Are we going to keep them naked for awhile?” Sylvia was really excited.
“Well, I don’t know about Mike, but Jack will be struttin’ his stuff all summer. No clothes at all this summer, at least when he’s home or exploring the woods. He’s showing it all to the world—his debutant party if you wish.”
“I like it. Mike will stay naked too.”
“Yeah, but it won’t be as tough for him as it is for Jack. I mean Mike didn’t ‘cover up’ all the time.”
“Oh, he doesn’t like being nude. He’d run around in shorts or underwear, but he didn’t want the naked stuff especially when Meagan and her friends were here.”
I couldn’t help but offer, “Yeah, but Jack wouldn’t wear shorts, he would never run around in his underwear even in front of us, and even taking off his shirt was a problem. I think making him be on display will force his attitude to change.”
“I guess you’re right. Did you or Bill make him run naked when he was little?”
“Well, yes and no. We kind of left it up to him. If you talked with my friend Marilyn, she’d tell you when he was five and six he’d strip naked to swim both at home and at the beach. But, something happened in the meantime. Sure don’t know what-- just all of a sudden he went modest on us. A couple of weeks ago I made him run naked at the beach. Was he embarrassed. It was cute though watching that penis bounce back and forth as he walked and it made me proud at the attention he got from other folks. After he started, a lot of the others stripped their own kids and made them run naked as well. But, I must admit none of the other naked kids appeared to be over eight or nine.”
“Okay, I have to go. Feel free to fondle Mike or use a belt on him whenever you need to. He can be a real handful, and, in this case, in more ways than one. When he’s there, he’s yours.” She reassured my authority. ”By the way, they’re on the way to your house. I watched them hide in the bushes from house to house as they made their way toward your house. It’ll take them awhile to get there at this rate.”
During the fourth of July weekend the boys were at our house. Mike and Jack both naked as the day they were born. It had been a really rollercoaster ride during June with the arguments over whether my son could wear anything at all or not. He had finally come to the conclusion asking to wear a pair of shorts was not likely to happen. Actually, the only time shorts were provided was when Bill or I decided to let him wear them. That only happened when we were going out to eat or another place where the boy’s nudity might cause a problem.
To both Bill and my surprise Jack was really adapting to his continual state of exposure. After having his ass beaten for covering his genitals a few times, he understood that all was to be displayed for anyone who might be interested. And, he also learned if they wanted to “pull it” or “feel it” he was to spread wide and allow the fondling. In less than a month we’d come a long way. Shorts were no longer considered out of the question. They had become preferred attire as it was a step up from his nudity. He was to wear short pants with short and long sleeve shirts, jackets and coats, as the weather dictated, to school and everywhere.
By the end of his thirteenth year he was still hairless in all the expected places, and, as such, was to be nude most of the time. Neighborhood girls had become accustomed to pulling on his penis and inserting various objects in his anus (though always with my prior approval). Mike’s visits and Jack’s visits to Mike’s house were always sans any clothing at all. Sylvia was to allow Meagan and her friends all kinds of latitude with the boys genitals and power over engaging them in sexual activities with each
other. Though neither Sylvia nor I would allow the girls to order activities that involved anal intercourse, mutual blow jobs were a regular event.
Jack was first to begin wet orgasms and Mike was told to “swallow it”. Shortly after that started, so did the hair growth. Bill had a deal with me, “when there’s hair, no more bare”. In other words, Jack would no longer have to exhibit himself after the onset of puberty. I managed to squeeze a little more time by shaving his groin on a weekly basis. He hated it, but I got more exposure time from him as a result. In his fourteenth year, Bill became concerned at Jack’s hairless groin and wanted me to take him to Dr. Williams for a check-up. It was then I stopped the shaving sessions and Jack was allowed to cover his “private areas” as he saw fit for the first time in years.
Marilyn and the girls had collected a huge number of photos of Jack in the all together over those three years. Much to my son’s discomfort, neither she nor the girls ever tired of playing with his boy parts and anus. The photos were spread throughout the school population and posted on internet photo sites. They were never password protected and as a result are commonly used to initiate many peoples’ masturbatory behavior, I’m sure. But, as I often told Bill, who the hell cares.
After his sixteenth birthday we allowed him to add long pants to his wardrobe again. Interestingly, he still prefers shorts whenever he could wear them.
My son was and continues to be my personal masterpiece and what a piece of work he is.
All I can add is the best way to help a boy with poor body image or insecurity turned out to be long periods of public nudity and limiting his attire. Dr. Williams was right. Oh, and don’t be afraid to use the belt to drive home the point. Turns out it was as Bill puts it, a great tool for getting boys’ attention and keeping it.

(The End)