A Friend Who Cares 12

By Rick1463

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A Friend Who Cares is a Friend Who... Spanks Bare! - Chapter 12
When Kenny and Vicky's moms returned from their walk along the beach, they were not at all surprised to find a pouting Vicky parked in a corner of the condo's living room with her red bottom on display. They briefly complimented Kenny -who was reading a book on one of the living room's sofas- for acting upon whatever naughtiness the misbehaving girl had now caused, without even asking for specifics. Then they stepped into the kitchen discussing their options for lunch, as if Vicky's spanking was something so casual and ordinary that it barely registered as an afterthought.
Behind both moms came Lucy, who wasted no time to start giggling and taunting her punished older sister. Vicky grumbled and fumed, but didn't dare talk back, or else she would risk earning a new dose of that awful leather sandal. Kenny let Lucy have her fun, since he knew it would embarrass Vicky further and he considered it part of her punishment.
Then Lindsey stepped out from one of the bedrooms, wearing fresh clothes. She had taken a long shower and looked definitely cheerful. She giggled at Vicky's predicament and took a seat beside Kenny, holding his hand.
"It looks like you had quite a workout, boyfriend,” Lindsey said, staring at Vicky’s glowing buns. “You must be even hungrier than I am!" Lindsey said.
"Yeah, I’m pretty hungry," Kenny said. "Mom is cooking something, I think. Vicky, you've had enough cornertime, go put some clothes on so we can all have something to eat."
"Maybe we're having some roasted ham," Lindsey said. "Even though Vicky already had her hams roasted!"
Lucy laughed and high-fived Lindsey. "Good one!" Lucy said. "You're a natural, girl! I think I'm starting to like you."
Covering her breasts and privates as best she could, Vicky hurried to one of the bedrooms, grumbling under her breath.
Everyone sat at the table for lunch. Most of them seemed to be happy about the trip so far, and the conversation turned light and cheerful. Only Vicky was frowning, and she kept fidgeting over her hard, wooden seat, due to her bottom's unrelenting sting.
After lunch, there were some chores to be done around the condo and everyone was given a task to do. Kenny was washing the dishes when Lindsey, who was in the process of sweeping the floor, approached him and whispered in his ear: "Hey boyfriend, I think Lucy just pulled a disappearing act without doing her share of work, probably hoping no one would notice. Does your... hard-handed authority apply to her, too?"
"What? She's gone?" Kenny said, as he dried his hands with a kitchen towel. "Yes, it definitely applies to her, too. And I'm about to apply a painful reminder to that girl's sneaky little butt!"
Lindsey giggled and did a little jump. "Awesome! Can I watch? Can I?"
"Um, sure I guess..." Kenny said, arching an eyebrow. Lindsey's level of excitement was a little surprising to him. "We can finish our own chores after we deal with her."
"Great! Let's go find the brat," Lindsey said.
They found Lucy relaxing on a beach lounger in the pool area, giggling as she used her cell phone to check her facebook account.
"Reading some pretty funny posts, huh?" Kenny said, standing behind her with Lindsey at his side. Lindsey mimicked his no-nonsense posture, with hands at the waist, but she couldn’t take the smile off her face.
"Yeah, listen to this one..." Lucy started to say. Then she realized she'd been caught and turned around in surprise. "Oh! I... I was just, uh..."
"Hiding from your chores, I know," Kenny said. "Now your bottom's going to pay the price. Let's go."
Kenny grabbed her ear and carried her all the way back to the condo, while Lucy protested and whined. A few kids who were swimming in the pool laughed at the scene, and Lindsey merrily hopped along, looking rather pleased.
They entered the condo, Kenny still tugging Lucy's ear, and the two moms simply shook their heads and chuckled at the sight, not bothering to stop working on their own chores or ask about Lucy's current misdeed. Vicky chuckled at her younger sister, too, as she kept folding towels and arranging other items.
The three kids entered one of the bedrooms and closed the door from the inside. Kenny sat down on the bed and swiftly pulled Lucy across his lap, while Lindsey took a seat on a nearby chair to watch the fireworks. Kenny easily peeled off Lucy's bikini bottom, as the 12-year-old girl struggled uselessly and whimpered, knowing very well what was about to happen.
"I can see that you're already getting a nice tan," Kenny said, looking at the girl's tan lines and wriggling bubble-butt. "But you know you've just earned these cute buns of yours a nice, deep tanning, too. So keep still!"
Kenny adjusted her a little and then the rain of smacks started pouring over Lucy's bouncy rear end. On cue, the punished girl started kicking and crying right away.
"WAAAAAAAA! WAAAAAAAA!" Lucy cried out, not bothering to plead or protest any longer.
Kenny spanked away vigorously, managing to keep the squirming girl in place. As opposed to her older sister, Lucy bawled at the top of her lungs from the very start, but Kenny did not let that make him spank any less hard or any less fast.
A few times during the punishment, his eyes spied Lindsey, who was leaning forward on the chair. Grinning from ear to ear, her eyes sparkling, Lindsey seemed to be delighted -even ecstatic- with the powerful spanking. Kenny wondered about it and decided he should look into that later.
His focus then returned to Lucy's reddened behind and he spanked and spanked, not giving the screaming brat even a second's respite. Lucy just kept making a huge fuss, crying loudly, swinging her legs and making a mess of tears and snot all over her face.
When the spanking was over, Kenny let Lucy do her spanking dance and then walked toward the door. Lindsey had stood up but seemed to be enthralled by Lucy's wild dancing, and Kenny had to call her three times before she snapped out of it and followed him outside. Then they both finished their chores and, minutes afterwards, they supervised Lucy as she finished her own chores, still weeping softly and rubbing her burning bottom from time to time.
A while later, the four kids were enjoying themselves in one of the swimming pools. Both Vicky and Lucy were actually enjoying it a bit more than the others, as the cool water helped with their recently warmed-up bottoms.
A few other kids were in the pool, too. Two of them were a pair of twin redheads who happened to be Lucy's classmates at school: Marky and Mandy, the son and daughter of a marriage who were friends with Vicky and Kenny's moms. The four adults relaxed on beach chairs near the pool, sharing drinks and chatting cheerfully, while the kids got to know each other and played in the water. Marky and Kenny raced each other underwater while the girls talked.
"You guys swim in the beach yet?" Lucy asked Mandy.
"Not yet," Mandy said, brushing her wet, short, red hair aside with a finger. "The sun is setting soon, though, so I guess we'll do that tomorrow."
"Maybe it's for the best," Vicky said, looking sideways at Lindsey and snickering. "I heard they found some sea urchins at the beach today. They can pretty painful, you know? Particularly if they sting you on a certain plump, soft spot."
Lindsey caught Vicky's taunting and grumbled, but she wouldn't let the dark-haired girl have the last laugh. "Yeah, maybe. But I also heard that you could get a pretty good tanning at the beach today. Particularly if you brought leather sandals, they said. Weird, huh?"
Vicky's snickering turned into grumbles. Both girls stared at each other with blazing eyes and gritted teeth, even as they secretly rubbed their bottoms underwater, remembering the aforementioned experiences. Their tempers were burning almost as much as their teenage rear ends had burned only a little while ago.
"Huh? What was that all about?" Mandy whispered in Lucy's ear. "Sea urchins and sandals?"
Lucy giggled. "Let's just say they're both finding the beach hotter than they expected," she whispered back. Then her smile disappeared as she remembered her own recent experience and secretly caressed her own bottom as well. "I guess we're all finding it too hot, actually. Listen, um... I heard we're having a barbecue with you guys tonight, right?" she said, trying to change the subject.
"Yeah! Dad's cooking sausages and stuff. Maybe we can play some board games or something. We brought a few."
"Cool," Vicky said. "And maybe you can sit next to Marky, Luce. How about that, huh?"
"Would... you... shut… up?" Lucy muttered between her teeth.
"Huh? What does she mean, Lucy?" Mandy said.
"Oh my god," Lindsey said, understanding and sensing the opportunity to tease the younger girl. "She means that Lucy likes Marky, isn't that right? She means that Lucy has a crush on him!"
"She what?" Mandy said, "Oh my god, is that true, Lucy?"
Lucy rolled her eyes and sighed. "Well… sort of..."
"Oh my god!" Mandy said. "You have a crush on my brother! And you'd never told me about it? We've been together at school since, like, kindergarten - my brother, you and I!"
"I just thought you'd tell him, I guess," Lucy said. "I mean, you guys are twins. You probably tell each other everything, right?"
"Whatever, this is huge news!” Mandy said, looking excited. “We definitely gotta get you guys together!"
"Totally!" Lindsey agreed. "This is going to be fun!"
"H-hey, wait a minute!" Lucy said. "I'm... I'm not sure that this is a good idea. I mean..."
"Does he like someone else, Mandy?" Vicky said.
"I don't think he likes anyone in particular right now," the redhead said. "He's still too interested in sports and boy stuff, that's all he ever talks about. But, I mean, I know for a fact that he's already getting excited about girls..."
"How do you know?” Lucy said. “I mean, you're saying that he doesn't talk about girls, so how do you...?"
Mandy only giggled in response, looking at each of the three girls in turn, and blushed softly.
"She means she's seen him get a stiffie," Lindsey said, snickering.
"A wh…? Oh!" Lucy said.
Mandy giggled again. "Caught him watching porn on TV last week, with a little tent in his pants. Then mom walked in and saw what he was watching. She immediately pulled down his pants and briefs for a good spanking, and so I confirmed what that little tent was.”
Vicky and Lindsey giggled, but Lucy just blushed and looked uncomfortable.
"Plus," Mandy continued, shrugging her shoulders. "We see each other naked all the time."
"You... you what?" Lucy said.
Before Mandy could answer, the four girls were showered on their faces with water. They turned to find that it was Kenny and Marky who were splashing them and laughing as they did.
The girls retaliated with some splashing of their own. The war went on for a little while, the six kids enjoying it, until Lucy felt too much water get into her eyes and decided to get out of the line of fire, climbing out of the pool. The other girls swiftly followed.
The two boys celebrated their victory, cheering and high-fiving each other. Standing just out of the pool, the girls were still laughing.
"We'll get you next time!" Mandy said to the boys, standing in front of the other girls with a smile. Then she felt a curious breeze. She saw the boys' faces become surprised, wondered what it was they were staring at...
Then she realized it. She looked down to find her bikini bottom at her ankles, a pair of hands letting it go after having lowered it. Her small patch of red, wet pubes was now in plain sight.
"EEEEEEEEK!" Mandy shrieked. Then she hurried to pull up the garment, setting it back into place.
"Vicky!" Kenny said, accusingly. He couldn't believe that the incorrigible girl was up to her pranks again, so soon after getting her bottom blistered. He was already promising himself that she was not going to be able to sit down for a week after this…
"Uh... I'm right here," Vicky said, waving. She was standing a few steps at Mandy’s left.
Kenny frowned. It hadn't been Vicky? But then who...?
Lindsey stepped out from behind Mandy. They all stared at her in disbelief. Lindsey? The role model of perfect behavior? Innocent, angelic Lindsey?
Lindsey shrugged and smiled nervously at all of them. "Um... little joke?" she offered.
To Be Continued...


(The End)