A Friend Who Cares 6, 7 and 8

By Rick1463

Copyright 2013 by Rick1463, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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A friend who cares is a friend who... spanks bare! - Chapter 6
"This is not good, Vicks," Kenny said, shaking his head, as he looked at the papers in his hands. "This is not good at all."
Vicky swallowed and felt her body shiver. The two kids were sitting on Vicky's bed, and Kenny was looking at her latest quiz results. They were not exactly good, and Vicky knew what to expect. She had been dreading this moment all day and now, finally, it had arrived. There was nothing that she could do or say to get out of it, but at least the painful wait was over. She sighed, stood up and started unfastening her skirt.
"What are you doing?" Kenny said, looking up at her.
"Huh? I... I'm preparing myself, of course," Vicky said, puzzled at his question. "You, um... you always spank me bare, right? Except for yesterday, but that was because we were outdoors I guess..."
"I'm not going to spank you now," he said.
"You're... you're not?" she said. A glimmer of hope sparkled in her chest. "But I thought... Do... do you mean it?"
"What I mean to say is that I'm not going to spank you right NOW," he said. "Instead, I will spank you this evening."
"W-what?" she said, the glimmer of hope vanishing like a mischievous ghost. "But... but that's even worse! I've been enduring this terrible wait the entire day, and now I have to wait even longer, thinking about my spanking to come? Oh no, pleeeaaase can we do it now?"
"That's exactly why we're waiting until evening," he said. "I thought that this way we could would make it a day-long punishment, which is exactly what you deserve for earning such terrible results at school."
"Oh, maaaan," she said, whimpering. "The history quiz results aren't THAT bad."
"You're right, but they're still unacceptable. Which is why you'll only get a hand spanking for those, tomorrow."
"WHAT? I'll get another spanking tomorrow?" she said, horrified.
"Would you rather get the two spankings today? We can do that if you want."
"N-no! No, I..."
"All right, then it's settled: You'll get a handspanking for the history results tomorrow and a hairbrush spanking for your AWFUL science results tonight."
Vicky whimpered loudly but realized that it was as fair a deal as she was going to get.
"AND," Kenny said, standing up and reaching for his backpack.
"What? There's MORE?" Vicky said.
"And you get to wear this for the whole afternoon," he said, drawing something from the backpack and holding it up so Vicky could see it.
It was a t-shirt. A blue t-shirt that read 'Wild 1' on the front and, as Kenny turned it around, Vicky saw that it read 'Spanked Girl Walking' on the back.
"Oh no," she said. "Oh no, Kenny, please, it's too embarrassing! Lucy is bringing Beth over and they're going to laugh their asses off!"
"Good. The idea is precisely that you feel embarrassed," he said, with a devious smile. "I have an aunt that makes t-shirts, so I had her make this one special for you. My first thought was that you should sometimes wear it after a spanking, at least here at home, and maybe in other places as well depending of your naughtiness. But today I think you should wear it for the rest of the day as a reminder of your upcoming spanking. Now, put it on."
Vicky pleaded some more but it was useless. She finally desisted and reluctantly took the humiliating garment from Kenny's hands, asking him to look away as she put it on. When she finally let him turn around, Kenny couldn't help chuckling at her, making her grumble and blush. She thought that this was going to be a very long afternoon for her.
A little while later, Kenny and Vicky were doing some homework at the dining table, when Lucy and Beth walked in and immediately started laughing at Vicky's t-shirt. Vicky had been hunched over the table, not realizing that this would give any passerby the opportunity to read the back of her new t-shirt.
"You see, Beth? I told you we had a Spanked Girl Walking situation today!" Lucy said.
"I can see that," Beth said. "Too bad we missed the fireworks, though."
"She's not been spanked yet," Kenny said, looking up from his seat. "She'll get it tonight. The t-shirt is just a reminder."
"That’s a great idea!" Lucy said. "So is Mr. Hairbrush coming to visit my naughty sister tonight? I bet she's been naughty enough to earn a visit from him, right?"
"Yes, her appointment's with Mr. Hairbrush," Kenny said. "And you girls better behave, too. Remember that you can also earn a visit from him if you don't watch it."
"Awww, you wouldn't spank this gorgeous little bottom, would you?" Lucy said, sticking her bottom out and giving it a playful smack. "You know I'm always such a gooood girl."
"We're both good girls," Beth said. "I haven't been spanked since forever. But it's healthy for little girls like Vicky to keep getting it nice and regular until they grow out of that naughty phase, right Vicky?"
Vicky clenched her teeth and felt as if smoke was coming out of her ears, but she forced herself to keep calm. "I… I guess you're right, girls," Vicky said, amazed at her own self-control. "Spanking IS good for misbehaving brats, and I guess I deserve what I'm getting tonight. I just hope mom lets me have some of those cookies she baked today. After she finds out about my grades, she might not let me have any."
"She baked cookies?" Lucy said, looking intrigued. "You mean... chocolate chip cookies?"
"Yeah, you know how good those are when they’re just out of the oven. Oh Kenny, could you pleeeaaase tell mom that you're already spanking me tonight as punishment for my grades, so she will let me have some of those cookies?"
"Uh, sure..." Kenny said, puzzled. "But your mom's never punished you with-"
"Thank you, thank you!" Vicky hurried to say, interrupting him. "They're my favorite dessert of all time, you know? Lucy's favorite too, as a matter of fact."
"Uh... ok, sure..." Kenny said, and returned his attention to his homework.
"Well, we're, uh..." Lucy started to say. "We're going to leave you to your work, then. I look forward to your concert tonight, big sister. See ya!"
The two little misfits walked out of the room and Kenny looked up at Vicky. "I didn't know you were such a cookie fan," he said.
"What?" Vicky said, smiling despite herself. "Oh, um... well, I do love mom's cookies, she's pretty good with desserts, you know? But Lucy, she just can't live without them, she's crazy for mom's cookies. I'd bring you some right now, but mom always tells us to wait until after dinner, so they won't spoil our appetite."
"Oh, ok, we'll try them later then," Kenny said.
"Yeah. It's a long wait, though..." Vicky said, her smile widening. "But we can all wait, right? Yeah, I guess we can all behave until dinner."
"You're acting strange today, girl," Kenny said, arching an eyebrow at her. "And most of the time that means trouble."
A short time later, Vicky and Kenny finished their homework and went back to Vicky's bedroom. Lucy heard the bedroom's door close, and then she sneaked out of her own bedroom, followed by Beth. Both girls walked with a careful, silent step.
"Why are we being so secretive about this?" Beth whispered, once they had entered the kitchen.
"Because we're not supposed to have any cookies before dinner," Lucy said. A tray full of cookies was in plain sight. Lucy reached for it as the warm, delightful smell hit her with a promise of heavenly pleasure.
"Then what if someone realizes that some cookies are missing?" Beth said, looking nervous.
"I've done this lots of times before and mom's never found out," Lucy said. "And the reason, as you can see, is that mom always bakes too many cookies, so she never realizes when there's a few missing. And I'm telling you, Beth, these are WAY better when they're just out of the oven. They're still warm, see?"
Beth accepted the cookie that her friend was offering and took a bite. Her eyes sprang open. "Wow!" she said, mumbling through the mouthful. "You weren't kidding, these are awesome!"
"Told you so," Lucy said, through a mouthful of her own. "Hey, what's this?" she said as she picked up the thing that had caught her attention. "It's mom's nail polish. Oh, and it's my favorite color. Let's go do our nails!"
"But... does she let you use her stuff?"
"She doesn't, but she misplaces her things sometimes, so it wouldn't be the first time I use them and then leave them somewhere for her to find. I have my own nail polish, of course, but this one's more expensive. Mine doesn't come in this exact color, either."
"But won't she see our nails when we're having dinner at the table?"
"She'll never think of checking us. She thinks we're the best behaved little girls in the world, remember? Besides, she probably hasn't realized that she misplaced this in the first place. Stop being such an old lady and let's go."
In Vicky's bedroom, Kenny and Vicky listened to music and relaxed, as they talked about the trip to the beach they were going to make the following day.
"Don't forget the frisbee," Vicky said, lying on her side on the bed, holding up her head with one hand.
"Yeah, I'll bring it," Kenny said, from the sofa. "And don't you forget to bring your music, or else we'll be stuck listening to our moms' music in the car and in the room."
"Is it going to be a big room?" she said.
"It's more than a room," he said. "It's like a small apartment. It has a full kitchen, living room, two bedrooms... You're going to love it, you'll see."
"Oh man, I really want to go to the beach. This is going to be fun!"
"I think so, too," he said, but looked thoughtful.
"What are you thinking about?"
"Huh? Oh, nothing."
"Don't give me that, I know that face. What's bugging you?"
"Ah, it's nothing, really. I'm having lunch with Lindsey tomorrow and it makes me a little nervous, that's all."
"What? Why hadn't you told me about it? This is big!"
"It's just lunch."
"It's not just lunch, you blockhead, it's a sign that you two are getting more comfortable with each other. This thing with Lindsey is happening fast!"
"Now you're just making me even more nervous."
"Oh, you have nothing to worry about, playboy. I'm pretty sure she's seriously interested in you by now, so drop the distressed attitude and breathe."
"Yeah, I guess I should try to keep my mind off it and relax," he said, taking a deep breath. "And speaking of dropping things, it's time for you to drop that skirt."
"W-what?" Vicky said, sitting up on the bed, her face becoming instantly concerned. "You're going to spank me right now? B-but I thought you said..."
"No, I'm still spanking you later tonight," he said. "This is just another stage of your punishment. Losing your skirt and walking around the house in your panties will be another constant reminder of the spanking you're due."
"But Kenny, that's...!"
"Embarrassing, I know. Do I really have to explain this every time? Embarrassment is part of your punishment. Now, drop it."
Vicky grumbled but knew she had to comply. She stood up, unfastened her skirt and took it completely off, revealing her white, ordinary panties.
"Those are a little more... conservative than the ones you were wearing yesterday..." Kenny said, blushing a little with the memory of Vicky's sexy, lacy red lingerie from the day before.
"Uh, yeah, I... I like to alternate styles, that's all..." Vicky said, blushing even more deeply than Kenny.
But she asked herself what the real reason for wearing that adventurous pair of panties the previous day had been. She knew that there had been a chance of getting spanked by Kenny that day, since she had just received some quiz results, so she had worn that pair of panties knowing that he might be seeing them (which he did). But what did she hope to gain from that? Embarrass him? Or at least surprise him? Or maybe it was a way to let him know that she's not a little girl anymore? That she can be just as attractive as Lind-?
She stopped her thoughts cold. She didn't need these confusing, problematic feelings bothering her now. Not when she was about to spend a fun weekend at the beach with her BFF. She would have her all to herself then, without any little airheaded blondes taking away his attention. She willed herself to focus on that appealing prospect, laid back down on her bed -face up- and crossed her arms behind her head.
She felt body-conscious about her now-bare legs and found herself turning her head toward the nightstand, where the big, bad, merciless hairbrush rested. She winced at the sight.
"Well, you were right," she said. "Now I can't think of anything but tonight's spanking."
"Good," Kenny said, leaning back into the sofa with a smile. He crossed his arms behind his head just as Vicky had done. "That means it works."
"Oh, Kenny, does it haaaave to be the hairbrush?" she said, wincing. "You've been getting very, um.... effective with your hand lately..."
"Out of the question, Vicks. Those quiz results were pretty awful. You're getting it good with the brush and that's that."
"Aw, maaaaan..." she said, hers buns clenching at the thought. "This wait just keeps getting worse and worse..."
"And I guess those two little brats are going to tease you harder at dinner when they see you in your panties. I'll give them a warning if they overstep, though."
"Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about that," she said, her lips twisting into a devious smirk. "Let them have their laugh. Pretty soon they might not feel like laughing at all..."
To Be Continued…
A friend who cares is a friend who... spanks bare! - Chapter 7
Dinner time arrived and, just as Kenny had predicted, the two 12-year-old girls exploded in laughter at the sight of Vicky's skirtlessness. They teased the 14-year-old girl all through the entire meal and Vicky just blushed and took it, but in her eyes the growing anger was evident. Vicky's mom, Ms Hill, told Kenny that having Vicky walk around the house in her panties for the rest of the day had been a good idea as part of her punishment, and she encouraged him to do it more often to keep the misbehaving girl on her toes.
When dinner was over, Ms Hill announced that it was time for a little dessert and brought the tray with cookies to the dining table. Kenny noticed that Vicky was staring at the tray with peculiar interest, her eyes narrowing in concentration. He smelled trouble brewing in the air.
"Hey, mom?" Vicky said, arching her eyebrow. "Didn't you tell me earlier that you had baked thirty cookies? I count only twenty-five."
"What? Really?" Ms Hill said, and began counting the cookies herself. "Why, that's right, there's five cookies missing. Did any of you kids take them? You know I strictly forbid having any dessert before dinner!”
Lucy straightened up in her seat. "Well, mom," Lucy said, sounding rather confident. "You know who the well-behaved girls in this house are. And who the troublemakers are. Or IS, I should say."
"Vicky? Was it you?" Ms Hill said, taking the cue from Lucy.
"I'd never do that, mom," Vicky said. Then she sighed exaggeratedly. "If only there were some way for us to tell who ate those cookies... Hey, wait a minute, there IS a way!"
"There is?" Ms Hill said.
"There is?" Kenny said.
"T-there is...? Ow!" Beth said nervously, as Lucy kicked her under the table.
"Sure there is," Vicky continued with a big smile. "Mom, you used blueberry-flavored chips instead of chocolate chips for the cookies, right?"
"Yes I did, because you asked me to," Ms Hill said, looking confused. "You actually brought them after school and asked me to bake some cookies, have you forgotten already? So I used those, even though I've always thought they put too much artificial coloring in those blueberry chips, I've told you that before."
"Yes, you have," Vicky said. "And you're right, the coloring is too intense. Which is why the cookie thief -or thieves- should be wearing a beautiful blue tongue right about now! I'll go first: Blaaaaaah!" Vicky said, sticking out her tongue for her mom to see that it was a natural-colored tongue. "Go on, Kenny, you're next!" Vicky then said, amused.
"Uh, ok... Blaaaaaah!" Kenny said, sticking his own tongue out. It was natural-colored, as well.
Ms Hill then turned to Lucy and Beth, who looked as if they didn't fully understand what was happening. Beth's face had gone pale and she seemed to be softly shivering. Ms Hill crossed her arms and looked growingly annoyed.
"Well?" Ms Hill said, staring both girls down.
"Um... b-blaaah?" Lucy said, reluctantly sticking a little of her tongue out.
"B-b-b-b..." Beth said, trying to command her own tongue to stick out, with little success. "B-blaaaah...." she shut her eyes and finally succeeded in sticking it out of her mouth.
The tongues of the two 12-year-old girls wore a radiant shade of blue.
"Lucy Evangeline Hill!" Ms Hill said. "How could such a good girl like yourself do a thing like that? I've got half a mind to ask Kenny to turn you across his knees and-!"
"Oh, mommy, I'm so sorryyyy!" Lucy said, her voice becoming astoundingly sweet and babyish, like that of a much younger girl who was terrified. "It's just that you always make the tastiest, bestest cookies in the whole world! I just couldn't help myself, honest! But I won't do it again! Can you please forgive me? Pleeeeaaaaase?"
Lucy's eyes grew and looked as if they were starting to water. Vicky felt like vomiting. 'So she's playing the scared little girl card,' Vicky thought. 'She's a good actress, I'll give her that, but I didn't come all this way to see her slip off her cute little butt from Kenny's lap just when I almost got it there. No, I was ready for this and she's not getting away that easy...'
"Well, I... um..." Ms Hill said, unsure of herself as she stared at Lucy's huge, puppy-dog eyes. "I guess... I guess you've always been such a good girl and... and it's only a few cookies, after all..."
The corner of Lucy's lips started to twist and she had to force herself not to smile. Lucy knew she had her. She only wished Beth's teeth would stop chattering.
"Say, mom," Vicky said, before Ms Hill could finish her thought. "Isn't that... Is that your nail polish on Lucy's nails? Oh my god..."
"What?" Ms Hill said, looking down at Lucy's fingers. The young girl had been holding her own hands -as if in prayer- while she had pleaded with her mom, and so her nails were showing. "It is?"
"Huh? N-no, of course not!" Lucy hurried to say, hiding her hands under the table. Then she realized the move would look suspicious and she brought them back up, barely showing them.
"It's, uh, it's my own nail polish. I've got a very similar color to mom's, and-"
"Hmmm... No, I'm pretty sure that's mom's color," Vicky said. "You can see the difference if you look closely."
"Let me see," Ms Hill said, taking Lucy's hands and leaning down to inspect them. "Yes, that's right... this IS my nail polish! No doubt about it! Lucy, how...?" Ms Hill paused, her mind racing to connect some dots. "Wait a minute... so THAT'S why I'm always running out of cosmetics? I've been wondering for years how is it that these expensive stuff never lasts for more than... so you... you were the one who's been...? LUCY EVANGELINE HILL!"
Lucy shuddered at her mom's voice - she'd never heard her so mad! She tried desperately to think of something to say. "B-but...! But mommy! I was just... I w-want to be like you, don't you see? Yes, that's why I used your color! You're soooo very beautiful and that's why I-"
"SAVE IT," Ms Hill said sternly, and now Lucy looked sincerely scared. "I'm not buying your act anymore. You've been stealing from under my nose for so long, do you know how expensive those things are? First the cookies and now this. It seems that I've been wrong about your 'perfect' behavior for a long time. But I promise you: My eyes are open now, and I'll be keeping a strict eye on you from now on. Oh, Kenny? Be so kind as to give my youngest daughter a good, long spanking, would you?"
"MOMMY!" Lucy protested, standing from her seat.
"I'll be glad to, Ms Hill," Kenny said, looking at Vicky from the corner of his eye.
"And don't forget her little accomplice, as well," Ms Hill said, looking at Beth. "If Beth misbehaves in my house, she pays the same price as my own naughty daughters. I've talked to her parents about it before, and they perfectly agree."
Beth started to cry on the spot, her terrified eyes looking at Kenny.
"MOMMY, NO! I DON'T WANT A SPANKIIIIING!" Lucy said, finally losing all remnants of self-control.
"Oh, and Kenny? Do use that heavy hairbrush of Vicky's on this pair of brats. I want them to remember this spanking for a long time. Make sure they won't sit comfortably tomorrow."
"Don't you worry, Ms Hill. They probably won't sit at all." Kenny said.
"NOOOOOO! NOT THE HAIRBRUSH! MOMMYYYYYYY!" Lucy squealed and stomped her feet on the floor.
"Let's go, girls," Kenny said, walking toward them and then grabbing each girl by an ear. "We've got a loooong talk coming so we'd better get started."
"OOOWW!" Lucy cried as she was dragged out of the kitchen by the ear, along with her already-bawling friend. "SHE SET ME UP! OOOWW! IT WAS VICKY, MOMMY! OOOWW! SHE SET ME UP FOR THIS! OOOWW!"
Both girls were led by their ears towards Lucy's bedroom. Ms Hill heard the sound of the bedroom door closing and then she turned to look at her eldest daughter.
"Is that true?" Ms Hill asked Vicky. "Did you set them up in some way?"
"What, did I put the cookies in her mouth?" Vicky said. "Did I paint her nails? Get over it, mom: Your perfect little girl just isn't as perfect as you thought. But don't worry, she's very young and we can still do something about it. And about that, I have to admit that my discipline regime under Kenny's authority has really helped me, you know? So maybe you should...?"
"Yes, you're right," Ms Hill. "I will ask Kenny to start keeping a closer eye on Lucy. He'll have to check her homework, her grades, everything - just as he does with you. And he'll have full authority to spank her when he believes it's convenient, of course. I'll talk to him about it as soon as he's done with those little rascals. Now, would you like some milk to go with your cookies, dear?"
"Sure, mom!" Vicky said, reaching for a cookie and taking a big bite. She smiled triumphantly as she overheard the first smacks raining over the soft flesh of a young girl's rear end. This was just the beautiful start of a new chapter in the life of her younger sister's butt, and Vicky was so very glad to be the cause of it. She was so happy that, for a moment, she could almost forget about her own upcoming spanking that night. Almost.
Kenny first stripped them from the waist down. Lucy struggled and wrestled with him, but he finally managed to get her pants and panties down and off. In contrast, Beth cooperated fully, focusing on bawling her eyes out as she stood patiently, waiting for Kenny to finish taking off her lower garments, as a toddler would. Kenny saw that both girls had small tufts of pubic hair, definitely smaller than Vicky's triangular bush. They blushed deeply and Kenny realized that this must be the first time that their privates had been revealed to a boy.
He decided to start with Beth and pulled her across his knees, instructing Lucy to stand with her hands on her head and witness the spanking, or else he would give her the belt as well as the hairbrush. Lucy looked both annoyed and scared, and tears were already streaming down from her eyes. As instructed, she reluctantly put her hands on her head and stood in attention.
Then Kenny went to work on Beth's behind. He guessed that his smacks were perhaps stinging more on these younger girls than they did on Vicky's butt. Beth's all-out bawling couldn't possibly be louder, anyway.
At some point during the spanking, there was a knock on the door and Vicky walked in without waiting for anyone to open it.
"Sorry to interrupt, guys," Vicky said, smiling. "But I thought you needed this." She handed the big, wooden hairbrush to Kenny.
"Oh, thanks," Kenny said. "Just in time. Beth's warm-up is over, so now it's time for her to learn the taste of the hairbrush."
Beth went ballistic when she heard their conversation, and she started struggling and kicking madly, but Kenny's firm grip around her waist prevented her from escaping. Lucy started whimpering louder at the sight of the scary tool.
"Well, I'll leave you guys to your fun," Vicky said. "I look forward to your 'concert', little sis," *SMACK!* Vicky said and connected a well-placed smack in the middle of Lucy's bare butt, producing a high-pitched yelp and a jump from the younger girl, who struggled to keep her hands on her head instead of rubbing her bottom. Vicky giggled and left the room, closing the door behind her.
Kenny whacked Beth's butt with the hairbrush for quite some time. When he stopped, her plump behind was the color of blooming roses. He let her up and she started a frantic spanking dance all around the room, while Kenny wasted no time in pulling his second customer across his knees. Lucy panicked as she felt his pull and she tried to pull away, but he had no trouble getting her into position very quickly.
Kenny took a deep breath and felt his second wind arriving as he began Lucy's spanking, determined to make it absolutely memorable. His hand rained harder and faster than it had with Beth, and Lucy also struggled harder than her friend had. Unlike Beth, though, Lucy's crying was not continuous and rough like that of a small baby's, but uneven and desperate like that of a 12-year-old girl receiving her just desserts.
After a while, Kenny switched to the hairbrush and made sure to keep swinging just as hard and fast as he had been doing so far. He also made sure to whack the top of her thighs every now and then, making her howl with renewed vigor. Streams of tears and snot mixed in her face, before raining and puddling on the carpet below. Kenny thought that this was now one very well spanked and very sorry little girl... and then he thought he would keep going, anyway.
The hard, merciless wood cracked across the young girlish buns, squashing them inwards, after which they bounced outwards one again, regaining their original, rounded shape - and then the implacable wood came down again and again, repeating the sequence endlessly. The sound of the brush striking bare flesh was staggering, but it was surpassed by the wild howling of the frantic, punished girl.
Kenny felt sweat run down his forehead and slip into his eyes, and he tried to blink it away. His breathing had become labored and he realized that the length and intensity of the spanking was starting to tire him. But then he remembered all the times that Lucy had tortured and mocked Vicky, all the times that the little misfit had made life miserable for his BFF. The memories ignited something in his chest, something that expanded his lungs -fresh air rushing in- and just like that his strength was back. And not only his strength was back and firing on all cylinders, but also the determination in his stern eyes and in his gritting teeth and the urge in his gut that kept insisting that this girl deserved every single tear he could draw out of her and that urge kept pushing him to swing harder, faster, to paint the bouncy, fleshy canvas across his lap an even angrier shade of red.
After what seemed like forever, Kenny finally stopped. Lucy sprang to her feet, dancing madly around the room, as she rubbed her shining posterior and cried louder than Kenny would have thought possible of such a (previously) proud young girl. Kenny watched the humbled girl dance for a while, quite satisfied with his work. Then he walked out of the room and left the two girls to their crying.
Standing on the hall, he stretched his spanking arm and guessed that it would take at least a half hour for it to recover. He decided that he would wait a little longer than that - he wanted to be perfectly ready to deliver the other spanking that was due that evening. For there was still an unspanked young girl's bottom in that house and he was going to remedy that very soon. He smiled and walked toward Vicky's bedroom, and toward his appointment with her cute, plump, naughty behind.
To Be Continued...
A friend who cares is a friend who... spanks bare! - Chapter 8

"Oh my god, Kenny, that was AWESOME!" Vicky said, jumping on her bed and brimming with delight. "Those two had it coming for soooo long! And the spanking you gave them was freaking mythical! I could hear their crying all the way here. It was simply delicious!"

"Yeah, thanks. I always try my best when dealing with misbehaving brats, as you know firsthand," Kenny said from the sofa. "By the way, Lucy was right, wasn't she? You did set them up, didn't you?"
"I... I might have nudged things a bit... but it was them who committed the crime, not me!" Vicky said.
Kenny laughed. "All right, all right, I'll let it go this time because you were absolutely right: They had this coming for a long time, and maybe there were times when I should have spanked them for taunting you way too much, and I had let it slip. So now you got even. Just don't try that again or it'll be three spankings I'll be delivering next time.”
"Ok, ok, I got it."
"Speaking of which, please come over here ."
"W-why? Is it time already...?" Vicky said, stepping down from the bed with a worried expression.
"Not just yet, but it's time for the next stage of your punishment. We'll be taking off your panties now."
"We'll WHAT?"
"You heard me. You'll be panty-less for the rest of the evening. In about an hour or so we'll do your actual spanking, so you’ll have to spend that hour completely naked from the waist down. It'll make you think even more about the spanking to come. Not to mention embarrass you even more."
"B-but... it's my last shred of dignity! Am I not suffering enough already?"
"You were jumping on the bed with glee only seconds ago," Kenny said. "So no, I don't think you're suffering enough. Now come here."
"B-but I don't want you to see..." Vicky said, slowly approaching Kenny, her fingers protectively grasping her panties.
"Don't be silly, I've seen you down there many times before, every time I spank you," Kenny said, grasping the hem of the panties. "Now move your hands away. You've earned this, remember? You want me to go get the belt?"
The threat of the belt was enough for Vicky to reluctantly let go of her panties. Her arms hugged her chest and she started shivering. Her face blushed as she felt her panties begin their gradual downward motion, revealing her lush triangle of dark hair. Then Kenny made her step out of the panties, one foot at a time.
"There," Kenny said, placing the panties on a nightstand. He swallowed as he stared at Vicky's pubes, suddenly feeling a little nervous himself. "Now, uh... just remember that you're not allowed to cover yourself."
Vicky whimpered and climbed back on her bed, lying down on her stomach. She knew that the position let Kenny see her bare bottom, but she guessed that it was better than the alternative. And she was now very aware of her imminent spanking, thinking about how much it was going to hurt, and how much she was going to cry, and about that horrible hairbrush, and...
"Oh man, can't you just spank me already?" she said, wincing. "The wait is killing me! Let just get it over with."
Kenny chuckled. "That's good to hear. It was exactly my intention! You'll just have to wait a little longer."
Vicky grumbled and let her face fall on the bed, in defeat. What could she possibly do to take the spanking out of her mind? Maybe if she talked to Kenny about other stuff?
"Um, so... what else are we doing at the beach this weekend?" she said, turning her head toward him.
They talked for a while about their beach trip, the conversation flowing smoothly at first. But after a while, Vicky started to notice that Kenny seemed a little nervous about something. His voice was wavering and his face was blushing. What was the matter with him? Then she observed his eyes closely and she knew: During the conversation, Vicky had inadvertently turned her body –still lying on the bed- on her side, so her entire frontal side was now aimed toward Kenny. She was flashing her privates to him and she hadn't even realized it! Her first instinct was to turn herself back on her stomach, in order to cover herself... but then she also realized that she was enjoying Kenny's visible nervousness. She just LOVED to see him blushing and off his game. He was now squirming in his seat, crossing one leg tightly over the other leg, as if he wanted to pee. She savored his expression. And she felt a sudden urge to be evil.
"So what do you think, Ken?" Vicky said, as she checked her nails, trying to look casual. "Should I stick with softball at school or switch to the swimming team?"
"W-what?" Kenny said, his eyes madly switching from Vicky's face to her bush and then back to her face, over and over again. "I, uh... I don't know... whatever you like best, I guess..."
"So you're saying my body is athletic enough for any sport I choose?" she said, her fingers now playing with her hair. "You're trying to say that? About my body?"
"About your b-b-b-...?" he mumbled. "Y-yes... I mean, no... I mean, s-sure, you do have beautiful, uh... s-skills for whatever you choose..."
"Beautiful skills?" she said. Then she laughed, unable to contain her amusement.
"I mean... w-what I meant was..." Kenny said, mortified. He tried to look away from her as he struggled to put his thoughts in order. The sight of a pretty bottomless girl having a casual conversation with him was too much for his nerves and he realized there was no way he could stay cool about it. For some reason he felt that the scene was producing an even stronger reaction in him than those moments when he actually spanked her. "Um, w-why don't we go ahead and give you that spanking already? I guess we've waited long enough..."
"What? So you think I've suffered enough?" Vicky said, still amused. "I'm supposed to be the one suffering, right? But now you don't look so hot yourself. Are you feeling ok?"
"M-me? Yeah, of course! W-why wouldn't I? It's just... I was just thinking that, uh... m-maybe I've been too harsh with you. In fact, why don't you put your panties back on while we wait? We don't want you catching a cold right before our trip..."
Vicky laughed some more. She took a mental picture of his flushed face so she could enjoy it later. "Oh no, I'm not about to reject your kind offer," she said. "You said we can get my bottom roasted now, so we'll get it roasted now so this unbearable waiting can finally end, thank you very much. You want to do it on the sofa or on the bed?"
"Let's, um... l-let's do it here on the sofa. Come over here and let's get started."
Vicky climbed down from the bed, and her mind was immediately cleared of all evil thoughts about teasing the boy further. Now all she could think about was that frightening hairbrush awaiting her over the nightstand! She bit her lower lip and made her way toward Kenny, letting him guide her across his lap and then adjust her so her bottom was perfectly positioned to receive its punishment. She felt his grip around her waist, his hand rubbing her bare buns as they always did before a spanking, and then she heard the frightful sound of the hairbrush being picked up.
"W-what? You're going to use the hairbrush ALREADY?" said Vicky, in alarm.
"Yeah, it's getting late, so no handspanking warm-up for you tonight," he said. "We'll get down to business right away. Besides, you're getting another spanking tomorrow, remember? We'll do this one short and intense, and maybe in tomorrow’s spanking we can take our time slow-cooking your bottom. We have to keep changing patterns, you know? Or it might starting becoming dull."
Dull? A spanking? It was just about the least dull thing that Vicky could think of, and not in a good way. But she guessed that it was probably better to get it over with quickly, even if it was to be an 'intense' spanking, as he had called it. Maybe the intensity was worth it if that meant it was going to be a short session.
Or maybe not.
The excruciating pain of the very first smack had taken Vicky completely by surprise. She had never been whacked with such force before! She swore that she could even hear the sound of the hairbrush slicing the air as the terrible weapon swung down to meet her bouncy posterior. Had Kenny started working out or something?
Vicky's bawling reached full-strength from the very beginning. She squirmed around frantically but fruitlessly. Kenny pounded away with full force, making sure to get a shining shade of red on his friend's derriere, as well as on the top of her thighs. Vicky's tears and snot flew here and there, and her voice had become coarse before the spanking's end.
Kenny did keep his promise to keep the session short, although he guessed that it was small consolation to Vicky, considering that her bottom looked more punished than after most of her spankings. Perhaps it had never looked as punished as it looked after this particular session. Vicky jumped around and rubbed her bottom, her spit flying through the room as she howled harder than a newborn.
Kenny watched her dance for a little while, proud of a job well done, before leaving. Vicky cried herself to sleep that night, the fire on her bottom never seeming to subside.
The next day, Vicky frowned at Kenny at school, her bottom still stinging considerably. She squirmed on her seat all morning as he chuckled at her, earning more frowns and grumbling from his well-spanked BFF.
After school, Vicky waited for Kenny to arrive at her apartment to deliver her second spanking before their beach trip. She couldn't imagine how on earth she was supposed to endure another spanking with her bottom still unrecovered from the previous one, but she knew she had earned it, so she waited nervously.
But Kenny did not come. The time that her mom and Kenny's mom had agreed on to start their trip was nearing. She started to feel a little better - there would not be enough time for her spanking before the trip, so now they'd have to do it at the hotel, later that evening. That would buy her bottom some extra time to recover and get ready for its next spanking. But still she wondered why he hadn't come.
The time finally arrived for them to start their trip, and everyone started loading their bags in Vicky's family car. Lucy was already waiting in the car, while both moms searched their respective apartments for anything that they might have forgotten to pack. Vicky waited beside the car, watching the street for Kenny's arrival. Why wasn't he there already? Could something have happened to him? She could not help worrying.
Then she saw him.
He appeared at the end of the street, having turned a corner, and he was hurrying toward her. Hurrying toward their trip. Hurrying toward their fun, fun, FUN weekend together at the beach, where no one would be able to bother them (except for Lucy, but Vicky suspected that she was going to behave in the short term, at least while her bottom still stung). Vicky's face beamed and she smiled and her eyes smiled, too, as she saw Kenny approach, looking rather happy himself. Yes, she was going to have him all to herself for a couple of days. Never mind that spanking she would get that evening - she could only feel joy at moment, knowing that she was about to spend some quality time with her BFF. Just the two of them and the beach and the sun...
"There you are, blockhead," Vicky said as he got close enough to hear. "C'mon, get in the car and let's go get tanned already. And no jokes ‘tanning’ me already last night, you hear? My bottom still stings quite a bit, so it’s not going to be funny."
Kenny stopped right in front of Vicky, breathing heavily as he tried to recover from his run. "Hey, Vicks... *huff* ...you'll never... *huff* ...believe what just happened... *huff*"
"What?" Vicky said, puzzled. "What do you mean? What just happened?"
"I had lunch with Lindsey... *huff* ...like I told you, remember? ...*huff*"
Lindsey? Lunch? Right, he had told her about it, but she had completely forgotten it. So that's why he was so late - he was spending time with that airheaded blonde! Well, never mind that now, he was about to spend a whole weekend with her, so she wouldn't let such an inconsequential thing like that bother her.
"All right, that's cool, you can tell me in the car," Vicky said.
"You don't understand, I... I told her how I feel about her," Kenny said, standing upright and smiling like an idiot. His eyes shone with liquid brightness.
"What? You told...? But she...?"
"She said... she said she felt the same about me! Can you believe it, Vicks? I have a GIRLFRIEND now!"
A girlfriend?
A... what?
"W-what?" Vicky said. Her mouth hung open as she stared at her friend. She tried to make sense of what he had just said, but for some reason her mind refused to understand.
"Yeah! And guess what, it gets better: She's coming with us to the beach! Isn’t it AWESOME?"
"She's...?" Vicky thought that she heard some sort of ear-piercing noise, like the sound of nails scratching a blackboard. A lump formed in her throat. A strange coldness ran up the back of her neck. The world around her went white with the exception of the boy with a stupidly joyful expression standing in front of her. Then she moved her mouth for a couple of seconds before managing to get any sound come out of it. "She's... with... SHE'S WHAT?"
To Be Continued...


(The End)