The Sisters' Plot 4

By JC6

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Jon hurried home worried that someone would see him naked.  This fear was mostly unfounded as he cut through Vivian's backyard into his own, but the paranoid and embarrassed preteen was taking no chances.  Just because you don't see someone looking doesn't mean they aren't looking!
Entering the house Jon turned to close the door when he heard a loud giggle behind him.  He looked back over his shoulder to see his sister, Sally, with her hand over her mouth trying, unsuccessfully, to smother a laugh.  "O-M-G little Jonny, your butt is so red!  Did Ms. Vivian spank you?  Oh, I am so telling mom.  MOOOOOM!  My bratty, naughty little brother was misbehaving again!" she called out in a sing-song voice as she practically skipped down the hallway towards the living room.  "He must have been a total brat to Ms. Vivian, because, boy, are his little cheeks rosy!" she said unable to contain her mirth.
Jon hurried along behind her trying to explain.  "Sally, wasn't like that...I..." he tried but was drowned out by his sister's proclamations.  The flustered and blushing boy entered the living room on his sister's heels and was greeted by two stern looks - one from his oldest sister, Bethany, and one from his mother, who was sitting in her comfy chair her arms crossed over her chest.  The look she was giving him made Jon anything but comfortable.
"So young man," his mother said sternly, "I spanked you this morning, your sisters spanked you this morning, and already you are misbehaving?  Already you had to have your little bottom spanked for you, again," she said her voice taking on a dangerous edge.  
"No, no ma'am, it's not like that..." Jon began only to be interrupted by Sally.
"It sure looks like a spanked butt to me!" she said dragging Jon around by his arm until his bottom faced their glowering mother.  "See how red it is?" she said her eyes sparkling with amusement.
"Jonathan David, bend over and put your hands on your knees.  Let me see that bottom of yours properly," the children's mother said her voice brooking no argument.
Stifling a groan, Jon did as he was told.  "Legs further apart young man, and get that bottom well stuck up!" she continued causing Jon to jump.  He quickly did as he was told knowing that any delay would mean a long and hard spanking in front of his gloating sisters.
"Does that look like a spanked bottom to you Bethany?" his mother asked glancing over to her eldest daughter.  Bethany leaned in closely inspecting Jon's bottom and ran a hand over his sore cheeks.  "It certainly is red and it's definitely hot to the touch," she said as if she were presenting evidence in a court of law.  "I'd bet my own butt that my little brother here has indeed been spanked."
"How about you Sally," their mother asked, "Would you bet your butt that  your brother has been spanked?"
"Uh, what do you mean?" Sally asked uncertainly.
"I mean a bet.  I'll call Vivian.  If Jonny has been spanked, well, we will each take a turn blistering his lying little fanny.  If he hasn't then you and your big sister here will be taking a trip over my knee for a bare bottomed tanning while your brother watches.  Do we have a bet?" 
Jon opened his mouth to protest but his words were cut short by Sally's cheer.  "Heck yeah! You bet I bet!  That butt of his is so going to pay!"
Jon's face fell as his mother picked up the phone and dialed.  He bit his lip nervously knowing that the next few minutes could be wonderful or a disaster.  If Vivian told his mom that he hadn't been spanked - and really, he hadn't; well, not really.  Sure, she had given him a few swats here and there but it wasn't a real spanking - then he would have the pleasure of seeing Bethany and oh-so-deserving, Sally getting their bottoms spanked long and hard by their mother, but if she said she had spanked him, he shivered even thinking about it. 
"Hello Vivian," his mother said cheerfully into the telephone.  "I do hope Jonny was helpful today .... Oh, he was?  That is good to hear.  I couldn't help noticing, though, that his bottom seemed quite red .... yes, rather rosy indeed .... Uh huh, I see.  So he needed a little motivation did he? ... Slow and easily distracted .... Hmmm..." she said continuing the one side of the conversation Jon could hear.  Needless to say, what he heard did not sound good.  He glanced at his sisters; Bethany looked very serious where as Sally was practically jumping up and down in excitement.  "A few swats to keep him going?  I see .... Yes, that seems very wise.  Thank you for letting me know.  Have a great day.  Good bye," she finished hanging up the phone and looking at her son sharply.
"So do you still maintain you were not spanked young man?" she said quietly her eyes locked onto Jon's with a piercing stare. 
"I...well, I...Viv...I mean, Ms. Vivian s-said that..." Jon stammered, "Uh...she just said a few smacks..."
"Sally, go and get me the dictionary," the children's mother said cutting Jon off.  With a grin the young teenager did as she was told.  "Now, give it to your brother," her mother ordered when Sally returned.  Jon took the book uncertainly and looked at his mom.  "Open it to the definition of spank and read it to me."
His hands shaking a little, Jon did as he was told.  "Umm...s-spank...uh...verb...t-to slap on the buttocks with a flat object or with the open hand, as for punishment," he said his face flushing.
"And?" his mother said sternly.
"And...and...uh, noun, a-a slap on the buttocks," Jon finished his stomach dropping.
"Exactly," his mother said, "Now, given what you just read, I ask you again, did Vivian spank you?"
Jon sighed and nodded his head.  "Yes ma'am," he said quietly causing Sally to pump a fist in triumph and Bethany to sigh along with him.
"There you have it girls.  Your brother, contrary to his early statements, was indeed spanked.  I think it is high time we showed him what happens to little boys who continue to misbehave and then lie about it in this house.  You first Sally.  Sit down on the middle couch cushion, and get ready to give your brother the spanking of his life."
End of part 4



(The End)