The Sister

By Sergal

Copyright 2011 by Sergal, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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When I was nine we moved house. Not too far, I still went to the same junior school, but it meant I was walking home with different boys than I had done before. It was because of this that a friendship grew up between me and a boy who lived on a farm close to our house. A friendship which was to change my life dramatically.
It was in the summer holidays of my tenth year that I first met his sister. She was a beautiful thirteen year old with well formed breasts and long red hair, but of course at that age she seemed almost an adult to us. We had a large secluded play area well away from the house, in amongst trees and containing an old stable where we could play if the weather was bad. It was an ideal situation for boys our age, and also for Sam’s sister Mary who’s only real friend in the area was away for the summer. In our boyish games I had just been captured and was about to be tied to a tree and tortured by Sam. Normally this meant being tickled, at least until Mary arrived on the scene.
Mary’s age immediately gave her the right to dictate to us, and I quickly found myself, minus my shirt, and with my arms stretched over my head and tied to a convenient branch of a tree. Sam’s fingers immediately went for my arm pits which he knew to be extremely ticklish, while Mary removed my plimsoles and started tickling one of my feet at a time. I was soon in hysterics and having trouble breathing as I begged for them to stop. Calling a halt, Mary decided more advanced torture was needed in order to get me to tell where the treasure was hidden. Holding me close to her, her hands slid down my back and to my bottom which she forced forward against her crutch. A strange feeling passed through my body, I really knew nothing at all about sex back then, and was more confused by it than anything. Her thumbs slid into the waistband of my shorts and I squealed as I felt them being pulled down. I couldn’t remember the last time someone had seen me naked, and I could feel the heat of my embarrassment and blushing. I tried to cross my legs to hide myself but quickly had my ankles tied apart to two trees.
Mary stood in front of me her eyes fastened to my cock while one hand was under her short dress stroking herself between her legs. My embarrassment tripled as I felt myself getting hard then my eyes must have practically bulged out as Mary pulled down her knickers and I was sure I had a glimpse of hair. With a big grin on her face, Mary told me to open my mouth and pushed her knickers into it. They were wet and tasted strange but not too unpleasant. I couldn’t help but notice that Sam was also concentrating his gaze on my cock, and finally he asked Mary why it looked different to his, and she explained that I was circumcised and what that meant. Sam was then sent off to cut a willow switch to use on my bottom, something he cheerfully did while Mary slowly masturbated me until I had my very first climax. I had played with myself before, but when the feeling started getting too intense I’d got scared and stopped. But there was no stopping Mary, my bottom should have really hurt from the switching, but rather it glowed and added to the feelings which overcame me.
Whether it was love or infatuation doesn’t really matter as I fell under the spell of this older girl and remained there for many years to follow. I had thought my holidays were all but ruined as Sam was going away camping for two weeks with the scouts, and I wouldn’t have anyone to play with. In truth it couldn’t have worked out better for Mary who with the absence of her brother could much more readily fulfil her fantasies with me. So it was that having untied me and allowed me to get dressed, Mary sent Sam off to check he had everything ready for camp, while she told me to be back again in the morning to play with her.
Part 2
Walking the short distance home I felt confused. I wasn’t sure what had happened just that I wanted more of it. The idea of a girl had changed in my mind from something to be basically ignored into something that could give you a wonderful feeling. Despite my bottom being rather sore I masturbated three times that night thinking of Mary and what she might do to me in the morning. Breakfast the next morning was rushed, I could hardly wait to get back there to find out what Mary had planned. Mary arrived shortly after I did.
“Why are you still dressed?” were her first words, “in future you will undress and leave your clothes in the stable, and be kneeling down waiting for me, and you’d better have that little cock of yours hard for me as well when I arrive.”
Still very embarrassed about being naked in front of her, I slowly undressed and knelt where she pointed. My cock didn’t need any help it was already hard the moment I saw her.
“Did you wank that cock of yours last night?”
I nodded and blushed.
“How many times?”
“Three” I murmered.
“Did you spurt every time?”
“Yes, Mary.”
“In future you will only touch your cock to pee unless I give you permission to wank.” Mary said sternly. “You are going to have to be punished for breaking the rules.”
After sending me home the day before, Mary had obviously spent some time preparing the ground for her planned activities. Standing me up she tied my hands behind my back, wrist to elbow, then she took hold of my balls in both hands and squeezed hard enough to make my legs buckle and me to cry out. Using the grip she had on me she dragged me over to where three wooden tent pegs had been hammered into the ground. My ankles were tied to two of them so they were well spread out, then my arms were pulled up from behind me and tied to the branch of a tree above, forcing me to bend over. Finally the third peg came into use as she tied string several times around my balls and stretching them painfully, fastened them down.
Mary then produced a heavy leather strap, obviously part of the harness for a horse and told me I would get ten strokes for every unauthorised spurt.
“Don’t you dare spurt without my permission.” Mary told me just before bringing the strap hard down across my bottom.
The force of the blow made me stagger forward pulling hard on my balls at the same time, and I felt as if my bottom had caught fire. Not surprisingly my cock had become soft and Mary gently took it in her hand and stroked until it was hard once again. The second stroke of the strap relit the fire and slightly softened me until Mary’s hand once again worked its magic. Within five strokes the tears were streaming down my face and my bottom felt like I was sitting on hot coals, but my cock was remaining hard. After every stroke of the strap Mary stroked my cock five times. I was begging her to just give me a few more strokes with her hand as I felt so close to spurting every time she touched me.
“Remember you haven’t got permission to spurt” Mary reminded me.
Every five strokes she stopped and ran her hands gently over my bottom exclaiming how red and hot it was and how much pleasure she was getting from spanking me. Then she would pat my tightly tied balls and tell me that later she would find out how much pain I could take in them. My emotions were swinging between scared and excited.
After ten strokes of the strap Mary stood in front of me and slowly slipped off her knickers.
“Look at me” she demanded, “do you see how wet you have made me? Do you know what it means when a woman is wet like this?”
“Does it mean you’ve spurted?” I ventured to guess.
“No, but it does mean you have made me very excited and you’re going to help me to spurt.” Mary explained.
My eyes were naturally riveted to Mary’s sex, the first I had ever seen. There was a triangle of curly dark red curls above and just within the tan lines of what must have been a swim suit. Just below a small stiff knob of flesh poked out from under a small tent like cover then there were the puffed up fleshy lips slightly parted and glistening with her juices. The smell was intoxicating as Mary stepped forward and holding my head slathered my nose and lips with that slippery cream.
“Lick me” Mary demanded, “ I will stop spanking when you make me cum really nicely.”
My tongue started to lick frantically as the strap descended vertically across my bottom, the end of it starting a fresh fire into my so far virgin inner thighs. The pain this caused was far worse than it had been just on my bottom and it also had added greatly to the fear factor as I could feel the wind of it’s passing on my stretched out balls. Eventually Mary guided my head so that I was licking that little nubbin of flesh I’d noticed.
“Yesssssssssssssss, lick my clit” she shouted as she ground herself against my face. Her moans of pleasure were getting louder, her grinding against my face more rapid and the strap all but stopped hitting me. I felt her shudder then I screamed as the strap hit my balls full on. My scream must have done it for her, she cried out and fell backwards onto the ground in front of me. The pain I was in vied with the obvious pleasure I had given Mary, but the pleasure won hands down when Mary took hold of my cock, told me to spurt, and within ten strokes of her hand had me doing precisely that.
My education at Mary’s hand had got off to a good start as far as she was concerned. She was a natural sadist who was also clever enough to have me always willing to come back for more. There were many more days of that summer holiday to come still, and Mary was determined to expand her experience using every one of them.

(The End)