Swim Story

By Kernel

Copyright 2011 by Kernel, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and/or sexual activity of preteen and young teen children. This is fantasy, and the author in no way endorses or practices these things on real life. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now. 
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In 1960 I lived in a community just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. with my folks and younger brother. There were a large number of kids in our block most around 14 years old. Some were a little older and some a little younger. We played with each other and knew each others parents and siblings
Excitement filled the air as summer ended and the anticipation for the start of school filled our heads. Our school district had passed a referendum and built a new Jr. High School which included an Olympic size swimming pool. Our excitement was concentrated around our experiences at the lake that summer swimming at the beach. We expected the pool to be similar to swimming at the lake. We couldn’t have been more wrong.
The first sign of any trouble concerning the new pool was when the girl across the street, also age 14, told us that she heard that the boys would be swimming naked in the new pool. We didn’t believe her and thought she was just making that up. We would learn otherwise later.
The first day of school arrived and we set off with great anticipation of gym class. We picked up our supplies and assumed that we would be issued swim suits for our swim class. Much to our surprise and shock, we were told that the boys would be swimming naked. The girl next door was right. I hated it when she was right and I knew she would tease us about it. It seems the girls were issued standard one piece suits, but the boys would swim nude. Some of the parents called to complain but were told this was necessary because fibers from the suits would plug the pool filters. I wondered if the boys’ suits would plug the filters, why the girls’ suits wouldn’t plug the pool filters. I guess this question wasn’t important because the rule wasn’t changed.
I was right about the girl next door teasing us. She made statements about how silly she thought we were going to look swimming naked. None of us felt good about this naked thing and her comments didn’t help at all.
Our schedule called for us to swim two days a week one week and then three days the following week. Our class had swimming first period, which was hard getting to school and having to be ready to swim at 7:30 in the morning. The morning for our first swim class arrived and I was very nervous about it. We first got to meet our swim instructor. He was an ex-marine and was very strict. We were told that we would have to follow his rules exactly and particularly when were in or near the pool area. We were shown the locker room, shower room and the pool. It was a beautiful area and the pool looked very inviting. We were instructed to bring our combination locks with us to the next class to secure our things in a locker during class.
The shower room was an open area with faucets around the outer walls and on the inner columns. There were not any modesty dividers and everyone was basically showering together. We were told that next week we would be swimming naked and not to bring any suits with us and if we did, they would not be allowed. This made us nervous as none of us were used to being naked in front of other boys or teachers.
When I was in 5th grade, my folks signed me up for swim lessons at the local YMCA. I was 11 years old and we swam naked at the Y. Only parents were allowed in the spectator section. My mom could not attend, but other mothers were there and I recall I did not like having those other women present while I was swimming nude. I did not feel comfortable naked in front of strange women. I was very modest.
The next week brought us to the day of our first swim class. We were all nervous about this naked thing and arrived at the locker room with great apprehensions. We were instructed to select a locker and remove all of our clothes. We were told to put our clothes in the locker and lock it with the combination lock. I sat at the bench in front of my locker just looking at it. The other boys started getting undressed and I finally took off my clothes too. I left my underwear on until the last and then removed them too. I looked around and saw my friends and classmates all naked. This was the first time I had seen them naked and I was somewhat interested in how they looked, but at the same time was embarrassed to be naked in front of them. Some of the boys had already started puberty and they were larger than others. One boy who could be a bully made some fun of my penis which was smaller than his. He also had a small amount of hair at the base of his penis. I had never seen another boy uncircumcised and this was the first time I even heard of circumcision. I didn’t know little boys came with a hood over the tip of their penis. Over 95% of the boys were circumcised. This was the custom at the time.
The showers came next. Our teacher told us the importance of being clean before we went into the pool and we were reminded to wash all areas of our bodies and hair. We would be checked before class for our most personal hygiene. Washing completely and thoroughly was the order for the day.
We all filed into the shower area to wash and clean ourselves completely. No one wanted to be checked and rejected back to the shower. We were all sparkling clean when we lined up at the door to the pool and waited for our coach to give us permission to enter the pool.
When the coach arrived, he was wearing swim trunks. He told us to go into the pool area and followed us in. The pool was large and had a tiled area all the way around it. It was very institutional in that the tile was cold and white which made the blue water in the pool look very large. Much larger than the Olympic size that it was. I could smell the chlorine that was in the water and the smell made me nervous. It brought back memories of my naked swimming at the Y. We noticed two older boys who were standing along the front of the pool. They were wearing swim trunks like the coach. They were older and not in our 8th grade class. We were instructed to line up along one end of the pool in a single line by height. We did the best we could, but coach changed a few of us around as he could see better than we could who was taller.
Coach next introduced us to the two assistants who were the older boys we noticed when we walked into the pool area. They would be assisting him with our class instruction. These boys looked older to me and I guessed they were juniors or seniors but they were definitely older than we were. We learned later that these boys were on the diving team and were selected by the coach to help with our 8th grade class. These two boys were apparently allowed to wear swim suits as they had them on. It seemed a little confusing to me why we were naked, and these boys and the coach were wearing suits. I was thinking that if it was good to swim naked to save the pool filter, shouldn’t everyone be naked? I never did get an answer to this question. Coach next went over the pool rules again.
No one was allowed in the water unless he was there and we had to follow his or his assistants instruction at all times. When in the pool area at the start of the class we were to line up dress right dress. This was apparently a military term that referred to the spacing between us. We would line up and put our right arm out touching the shoulder of the boy to our right adjusting our spacing so our fingers just touched his shoulder. This spacing spread the 45 boys in our class all the way across the end of the tiled pool area.
Coach was in front of us and at the center of the line. His assistants were at both ends and in front of our line. They were looking us over and seemed to take some pleasure in having us younger boys naked while they were clothed. I was embarrassed to be naked in front of my friends, the coach, and the older boys. I did take a peek at the other boys as I had never seen any of my friends naked before. The difference in the several uncircumcised boys intrigued me.
The coach reinforced the rules as he made his way down the line of boys checking each boy’s hair for oil and looking over each boy’s privates for any smegma or build up on his penis. I am circumcised as were most of my friends, but several of the boys were uncut and he paid more attention to the cleanliness of their privates by having them pull back their foreskins and then checking them. I was glad I was circumcised which avoided this invasive check.
Coach now informed us that we would be required to have a physical exam before we started our swim classes. This was a complete surprise to all of us because the school required a physical from our family doctor before school started. Coach told us that for swimming, a separate physical was needed. He then told us that the physical exam would be done that morning and it would be done by the school nurse. We couldn’t believe our ears. The school nurse was going to do our physical? Could this be happening to us on our first day of swim class? I guess it could.
The nurse at the elementary school was the mother of one of my neighborhood friends. He lived diagonally across the street from us. He was a year younger than I was and his mom was a very beautiful lady. She was about 5’ 8” tall and was quite trim. I knew her very well as my brother and I would play at his house and his mom would make lunch for us and was good to us. She had been the nurse at the elementary school when were in school there the year before.
Coach signaled toward he girl’s entrance to the pool and the nurse appeared in the doorway. As she came into the pool area from the opposite end of the pool we realized that most of us knew her as she was the school nurse at the elementary school before we moved on to the Jr. High school. She had been our nurse, but had never seen any of us naked before. I was afraid my friend’s mom might be the nurse at the new school and my fears were realized as soon as I saw her face.
As she walked toward us, most of us were still in shock. She was in her early 30’s and a very attractive lady. She was wearing a nurse’s uniform that consisted of a white pant suit with a white blouse. She had one of those white nurses’ hats on her head. She also wore white shoes. She had on a red sweater that was not buttoned over her blouse. Her blouse was buttoned, but the buttons near her bust line were pulled a little tight and if she was in the right position, you could see her white bra under her blouse. She was not a busty woman, but her breasts were full. She had a pretty face and wore lipstick and some make up. Her hair was shoulder length and dark brown. It was curled but not in a fancy hairdo. It was just an every day style. I don’t think she saw me right away with all the other boys in the line, but I knew that she would recognize me once the physical exams started.
My mind was racing now on how I could get out of this situation. I couldn’t come up with a solution and it looked like there was no way to avoid having my friend’s mom sees me naked. I covered myself and approached the coach. I told him that I knew the nurse and didn’t want a physical exam that morning. He was annoyed by me approaching him and he told me to get back in line. That approach didn’t work, so I went back to my spot in line with the other naked boys.
The second shock of the day was about to be sprung upon us. Another woman entered the pool area behind the nurse. This woman was the secretary in the principal’s office. She was wearing her street clothes which consisted of a skirt cut above her knees and a sweater that showed off her very nice figure. The sweater had a sweep neck line that revealed the top of her bust and showed some cleavage. She had on her street shoes with a medium heel which gave her legs a nice sexy look. She was single and in her 20’s and we also knew her from our registration for school in the front office. She was cute and most of us had a crush on her. What was she doing here with the nurse? Why did it take two women to give the physicals to the boys swim class? I guess our question was answered when we saw the clip board in her hand. Her job was to mark down the statistics on the boy’s exam results.
We stood in line with our hands trying to cover our privates. We wanted to run but couldn’t. It was if we were tied with invisible ropes. We were trapped and could not escape. How could our pool experience have gone so wrong? We anticipated a day at the beach, but here we were naked in front of two women who would be checking us out. There was no way out of this. Embarrassment and humiliation was coming next.
The women walked to the coach and stood next to him at the front of the line. They talked for a few minutes and laughed about something they found amusing. I don’t know if it was about us or not, but seeing them laughing while we were naked didn’t make us feel at ease. Coach instructed us to dress right dress and we were once again spaced across the end of the pool. I, along with most of my friends, tried to cover our genitals, but when coach saw this, he told us to keep our hands at our sides. Some of the boys would not lower their hands and coach repeated his command to lower our hands only this time in a very loud voice. I lowered my hands which was very difficult to do with the two ladies present.
The nurse had a stethoscope around her neck and blood pressure cuff in her hand. She went down the line listening to each of our chests and taking blood pressure readings. When she got to me, she recognized me, as I knew she would, and greeted me by name. I was hoping that she wouldn’t notice, but she did. When she put the blood pressure cuff on my arm, my penis began to throb and get hard. She looked down at my penis and told me to relax and to settle down. Relax and settle down? Exactly how was I supposed to do that with my friend’s mom looking at my naked penis? Sometimes my penis had a mind of its own and would get hard at the most inconvenient times. This was one of those.
The nurse and her assistant continued down the line checking blood pressure and listening to the chest of each boy. Those who developed erections were told by her to relax and settle down. This was the same thing that she told me to do.
When the nurse finished with the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, she returned to the front of the line. She asked one of the assistants to get a small stool from the coach’s office. The stool had casters on it so she could sit down and roll the stool from boy to boy. Now her head was about even with each boy’s chest. She started with the first boy and studied his penis. She took his penis in her hand and checked the underside. Her touch caused him to become hard and the nurse and secretary were open eyed as his little penis became engorged and swelled from its small size to a larger size sticking straight out from his body. She then put her finger in his groin and asked him to turn his head and cough. This was repeated for the other side and only enforced the rock hard erection the boy obtained.
I was pretty tall for my age and was at the front of the line. There were only two boys to my right. The boy next to me was not circumcised so in addition to examining the boy’s penis, the nurse asked him to pull back his foreskin so she could examine the head of his penis. He immediately became erect and he no longer had to pull the foreskin back as his erection did the job for her. The nurse took a minute to point out to the secretary that my friend was not circumcised. She was instructed to make a note of this on the clip board for each boy. I don’t know why they needed this information but she made the notation. She went on and explained that in circumcised boys, the foreskin was cut and removed when they were babies. She then pointed out the difference between my friend’s penis and mine. She showed her how the head was covered on my friend’s penis and exposed on mine when we were flaccid. On the erect penis, the head was exposed as the foreskin was drawn back along the shaft of the penis so the circumcised and uncircumcised penis looked the same when hard. I was now being used as a biology specimen to show the secretary the difference between cut and uncut boys. The secretary was very interested in this and made the requested notation on the clipboard. I was also interested as I had never seen an uncircumcised penis before today. All this time I thought all boys just came that way and now I was learning that my penis had been cut when I was a little baby. I wondered why they did that. Probably for the same reason the boys had to swim naked.
The nurse asked each boy to step out of line and walk away from her, turn and walk back toward her. This was I guess to check the straightness of his spine and posture. It was very, very humiliating to be standing naked in front of these two women not to mention walking around in front of them with a boner.
My turn was next. When the nurse took my penis in her hand, my body jerked at her touch. I was bound and determined not to get an erection. Here I was with my friend’s mom holding on to my penis. Her touch was very soft and delicate. She looked at the underside of my glans and examined my penis. While all this was taking place, I was looking up at the ceiling trying not to get hard, but while doing this my eyes made contact with the eyes of the secretary and she made a little smile and winked. I could feel my penis starting to get hard. The nurse now talked with me and asked how my mom was doing and how I liked the new school and pool. I couldn’t think. My mind got all jammed up. Here I was standing naked with my friend’s mom holding my penis. All I could say was OK. She said it was nice to see me and wow was she seeing me. I tried not to think of this woman, my friend’s mom, holding my penis in her hand, but it was too late. I felt my penis start to throb in rhythm with my heart which was pounding. She cradled my penis in her hand and turned the head over examining the underside. Her soft fingers were sliding along the underside and for a moment I thought I would ejaculate into her hand. I thought now that she must be trying to get the boys hard. Was this was a conspiracy for the nurse and secretary to see each boy with a hard on?
I now looked down toward the floor. I saw the legs of the secretary. Her skirt was above her knees and she had very nice legs. They were long and very shapely. I looked at her chest and she had very nice breasts. Her sweater was cut far enough down to show some cleavage that hinted of the nice breasts that were hiding under that sweater. Her sweater revealed the outline of her bra and I imagined how her breasts looked under the sweater. She was older than we were, but not that much older. Boys our age fantacized about women like her. Here I was naked in front of this fully dressed secretary and I had a hard on as big as I have ever had.
The nurse moved on to my testicles. She took my scrotum in her hands and her thumbs and fingers separated my testicles and she rolled each of them between her thumb and forefinger. The nurse now asked me about how school was going. What was she thinking? How could I think about school while she was holding my balls in her hands? I couldn’t answer and just mumbled something to her. This whole experience made my little penis rock hard. The secretary was now looking straight at my crotch and was enjoying the presentation of my erect little penis. How humiliating could this get? I was rock hard in front of these two young women. The nurse was one thing, but what medical training did the secretary have? I think she was along just for the show and was enjoying getting to see all the young boys as they got hard.
The nurse asked me to step out of line and walk a few steps away from her and then back. As much as I tried, I could not make my penis go soft and it swung back and forth as I turned and walked back toward her. This front position gave me a chance to look down the line and I saw that over half the boys still had erections. I think the nurse’s goal was to get the boys hard from the way she handled my penis. I had never seen so many boys with erections. Some were long and some short. Some thick and others were not so thick. It seemed you couldn’t really tell from a boy’s build what his penis would look like. Some had hair and some did not. Most were bald and this only made their little penises more pronounced against their naked stomachs.

The nurse was finished with me and gave me one last look as she said to say hello to my mom. How was I to do that and not have to think about being naked in front of my friend’s mom, the nurse? My penis was still hard as she moved on to the next boy in line.
About this time, I noticed that the assistants were watching with eager interest as the examinations of their younger counterparts were proceeding. I guess they felt privileged that they were not included in the exams and were getting to see the younger boys with erections.
The nurse and secretary continued down the line of boys. More erections and more humiliations were experienced and even when they were finished, all the boys were still visible to the ladies and the rest of the class. Once finished with all the boys, the nurse returned to the coach and they discussed the assistants. The coach said that they would be included in the physicals and the assistants were very surprised. They thought that because they were wearing swim suits that they would be exempt from the bare naked physicals. Wow, were they wrong.
The nurse asked the two assistants to remove their suits in front of the other boys. These two boys, who were older, were reluctant to remove their suits and a sharp command from the coach was necessary to make them quickly step out of their swim trunks. The nurse and secretary seemed surprised to see the difference in the penises of the older boys. We were very surprised too. The older boys had a full compliment of pubic hair and their penises were quite large. Several of the younger boys had penises almost as large, but most of us were considerably smaller with no pubic hair. One of the assistants was cut and the other was not. We could now see the extent of the exam as it was performed on the older assistants. Both of these boys had erections as soon as their suits hit the floor. The nurse’s palpations of each boy’s penis only reinforced their erections. She held his penis as she examined it and his penis was rock hard as she cradled it in her hand. She did not make a comment, but continued with the examination checking for a hernia on each side and holding the boy’s scrotum and testicles between her thumbs and fingers just like she had done to us.
She then asked the boys to step out in front of her and walk away and back toward her as she had done to us. The boy’s swinging penises were very visible to the rest of us and we felt better that these assistants who acted so aloof to the rest of us would be experiencing the same embarrassment and humiliation that we were forced to endure. The assistants put their suits back on when their physicals were completed. It was funny to see these boys putting on their suits with full blown erections. Not an easy job.
The exams were now completed and the nurse and secretary were talking with the coach. They laughed a little and the nurse checked her watch apparently to see if she had completed her task on time. The hour seemed to drag on forever, but the clock on the wall showed that we were naked in front of the two women for almost an hour.
The coach thanked the women for their help and they proceeded toward the girls’ pool entrance. The secretary turned toward us and gave us one last look and smile. Most of the boys were now flaccid, but I experienced a small amount of fluid discharge on the tip of my penis. I think several of the boys had the same experience.
Coach told us to return to the showers and get cleaned up for our next class. The other boys and I hurried into the showers. This was another chance for us to compare our private parts to each other. I got another look at one of the uncircumcised penis and still wondered why they cut the rest of us at birth. Oh well, maybe some day I would know. We finished showering and quickly got dressed. We returned to class and it was back to normal.
The next day we saw the secretary in the hallway. She was really cute and knowing that she had seen us naked with erections was very humiliating. It was my only time to have a hard on in public in front of two strange women. I was embarrassed and humiliated, but the secretary just smiled at me in the hall and said hello. I guess my nakedness and erection wasn’t as much of a deal to her as it was to me. Even after all these years, I still vividly recall my embarrassment and humiliation.
I was dreading going to my friend’s house to visit. He never said anything about it so apparently his mom didn’t tell him that she did the physicals on the other boys. I really felt funny when I saw her at their house knowing that she had seen me naked and with an erection. She treated me the same and never mentioned it, so maybe it wasn’t a big deal to her but it certainly was to me. I still vividly remember it to this day.
Jr. High was just part of growing up, but I won’t ever forget my first swim class.
(The End)