Oregon Boy

By JK Churchill

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Oregon Boy

First a boy cousin is exposed and humiliated as a sex education lesson in front of his aunt and neighbors, then the girls learn the facts of life and female orgasm. The aunt develops a thing for the boy and, as the story goes on, word gets out and more boys and girls come around to the little red house in rural Oregon.

by JK Churchill
Jeff, just turned 11, and Julie, almost 12, were typical cousins. They were curious, quarreling but generally very well behaved to their mom and aunt. They lived an innocent life in rural Oregon, several miles from the nearest town, in a little red three-bedroom house, with Julie’s mother - Jeff’s aunt. His parents farmed in central Saskatchewan where going to school was simply too hard and far away, so they sent him to live with his single aunt and her daughter.

Sex was never talked about at home, nor at the 14 student school the cousins attended. They knew pretty much nothing about how things worked. Julie knew that somehow babies were made in women and came out of that extra little hole she had. Jeff knew he had boners but didn’t even know why.

Julie, short brown hair and barely budding breasts (size of half lemons) was a small girl at 5 feet and 94 pounds. Jeff was as tall as she was, skinny as could be. He had strawberry blond hair.

After Jeff had been with them just a week, Martha had her bi-weekly tea party on Saturday. There would be her neighbor Emma and her 70 year old mother, another old friend Susan and her daughters who were 14 and 17, and of course Julie and her best friend Sarah, also 12.

It was a warm September Saturday and Jeff was wearing nothing but shorts, laying on the floor, as he played a video game, oblivious to the preparations for tea. Julie, wearing shorts, came and stood over him to watch and he looked up to see her panties. Instantly he had his little boy erection, his not quite 5-inch boner pressing against the thin fabric of his shorts.

What’s that?” Julie asked, thinking he had something in a pocket. Jeff blushed, and rolled over. “Nothing!” he said. Martha had been watching.

It’s an erection,” Martha said.

A what?” said Julie.

Turn the game off,” Martha instructed Jeff, who obeyed his aunt. She sat on the couch and pulled him over to her. “Stand here,” she said, then she motioned for Julie to sit next to her. With Jeff positioned in front of them she began to undo his pants. Jeff grabbed her hands but she slapped them. “Stop it!” she said. “Put your hands on top of your head.” When Jeff hesitated, she slapped his leg hard, then quietly but firmly said “right now” and Jeff obeyed.

It’s time for both of you to learn some things,” said Martha. With that she unbuckled the boy’s shorts, and then pulled them down to his ankles. He made a move to stop but one glance and his hands were back in place. Martha gently pulled the elastic of the boy’s underwear and slid it over his now pounding boner. Jeff thought he would die of embarrassment. His first thought was why is it standing up like this, that is so embarrassing.

Julie was fascinated. She just stared at the first boy part she had ever seen. Martha began explaining to both of them why Jeff was erect. The young boy jumped as her hand took his penis in her hand, showing the sensitive areas to Julie. She used her fingers to gently cup Jeff’s ball sack, explaining why they were there.

Touch it,” she told her daughter. Julie couldn’t wait, and her tiny hand explored the soft yet hard shaft, and then the balls.

What boys need is release,” Martha explained. “He won’t be putting that thing in a girl anytime soon so the nice thing to do when he is erect is help release the pressure, like this.”

This was all new to Jeff and he could hardly breathe. The thrill of the touch was something he had not even imagined. He had never masturbated, never even had a wet dream. And here his cousin was exploring his balls while his aunt was caressing, slowly and then more violently, his penis. It was 24 seconds later that a shot of white sperm came out. Martha had pointed his penis up so it landed on his stomach and her hand. Julie was beside herself. This was amazing and she felt a wetness within her tiny little slit.

Now he will go limp,” Martha explained, “and be more comfortable. Go get a wash cloth,” she told her daughter. Jeff stood dripping, humiliated, not knowing what to think. That was the best feeling ever but how could he face his cousin again.

Julie took the warm wash cloth and washed the sperm off her cousin, still fascinated with his hairless 4 inch penis. When she was done, and Martha was cleaned, Jeff reached for his pants.

No,” Martha said. “No clothes today. I want Julie and the others to learn how a boy works and this is a good opportunity. You are young and you will get erect again soon, so leave them off.”

With that she ordered the naked boy to come in and help with the tea, which was to start in 30 minutes.

His pleading fell on deaf ears and finally earned a stiff rebuke and slap to the head. Jeff couldn’t imagine how it would be to be naked in front of strangers and classmates.

The doorbell signaled the first arrivals, and Jeff instinctively put his hands over his parts. “If you do that again you will be spanked in front of everyone, do you understand?” Martha asked? Jeff nodded, terrified. “Hands at your side, that’s a good boy!”

First in was Emma and her ancient mother, Rebecca. They hugged all around and then they noticed Jeff. “Why, how delightful!” Rebecca, 70, cried. “I haven’t seen a boy in years!” She grabbed Jeff’s arm and then took him with her while she took a seat. Seated, she immediately began examining the boy, pinching his penis between her fingers. “That is just sweet,” she said satisfied. Her daughter Emma, 34, looked at Jeff and then at his face with a smug look that further shamed him. He was already starting to get erect again. When Jeff was free to go he returned to the kitchen.

Soon Susan, 33 and her daughters Kelly and Kara, 15 and 17, were all seated. Soon, Jeff was ordered to bring in more cups.

Oh my god,” said Kara. “He is naked.”

Yes, it is time for a lesson,” Martha said, once all were seated. “Jeff, start with Kelly and introduce yourself and your penis to everyone.” Jeff walked to Kelly who put her hand over her mouth and laughed at the boy standing in front of her, his face red and his penis hard. But then she fondled him, cocking her head to one side and curiously touching his ball sack and squeezing his little penis. He was hard again. Kara took a turn, trying to look nonchalant even as her sweet little slit was getting moist. She stared at the tip, curious about what it must be like to see a boy shoot his sperm out. Their mother took her turn, shaking his dick like she was shaking his hand, making everyone laugh. Jeff felt so humiliated he couldn’t stand it.

When it was Emma’s turn she turned Jeff around, pushed him on the back to bend him over and pull his cheeks apart to look as his ass. As she did her hand slid down and fondled his balls from behind. Jeff took a deep breath in, startled and incredibly excited. “He likes that!” Emma said, as all the women laughed.

Julie, show us what you learned today about helping a boy release,” Martha said. Julie came to the center of the room and Jeff obediently approached her. She knelt down and began sliding her hand up and down his shaft, not as skillfully as the mother, but it didn’t matter. Jeff was incredibly turned on. She massaged his balls with her other hand and in a minute Jeff was shooting a small load from his little dick. The women applauded even as each of their pussies became various levels of wet. None wetter than Julie, Kelly and Kara.

To be continued


(The End)