Jim and the Farmers Daughters Part 1
By Bob's Your Uncle

Copyright 2010 by Bob's Your Uncle, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Jim rushed home from school; he had just finished his last day at school and was looking forward to summer vacation. He had just turned 15 and he had passed grade 9 with honors. Jim was a very shy boy; his father had abandoned the family when he was only 4 years old. His memories where foggy but he had recollections of his father coming home late, yelling, and the sounds of his mother screaming in pain.

He later found out that his father was alcoholic and he regularly beat her and left many bruises on her body. I used to hide behind her and she protected me from my father as much as she could. We never knew where he went, he just left us high and dry, but in the end we were better off without him. I guess you could say that Jim was a mamma's boy, he was bullied at school and often chased home from school and he would find refuge at home.

Jim was a late bloomer; he did not reach puberty until he was 15. He was very sensitive about his penis size. All of the other boys in his class had reached puberty before him. He hid his genitals from all of the other boys and made sure no one ever see him nude. When Jim finally reached puberty he looked forward to seeing his penis grow in size but was disappointed when it still stayed small. When flaccid is penis was only 1 inch long and when erect it was a puny 3 inches in length and one inch in girth. His pubic hair was very long and his penis barely peaked out from his bush. Jim had been circumcised at birth and his mother had not seen him nude since he was 4 years old. When Jim got home he found his mother cooking in the kitchen, he got a warm hug from hug from her.

"I love you mummy."

"I love you to Jimmy, how was school?"

"It was okay, I am glad it's finally over. I am looking so forward to summer. I plan on going to the park and playing with my friends."

"Well you get washed up for dinner. I have a surprise you."

Jim ran up stairs and washed his hands; he had to pee so he locked the bathroom door and closed the curtains so nobody would see his penis. When he had finished he went back down to the kitchen and waited for his dinner and see what his mom's surprise was. Soon she served Jim his favorite supper, macaroni and cheese. And then she announced, "I got a call from your Aunt Mary today she wants you to move in with her and her 3 daughters for the summer. They need help on the farm and I think that the fresh air would be good for you."

Jim was dumbstruck how could this being happening? "No, please don't send me there, Aunt Mary is mean and I hate her daughters, they are always trying to get me in trouble."

"Don't be silly, you are going there and that is final."

Jim started to cry, his whole summer just disappeared before it even started he ran up to his room and cried himself to sleep. The next morning when Jim awoke from his sleep his mother already had the car packed and before he knew it they were on their way to his Aunt Mary's house, she lived in the boonies on a 100 acre farm, his aunt raised sheep and grew some crops and worked very hard to keep things going. Jim had 3 cousins all of them girls. The youngest was Janet, she was 8 years old, next was Deb, 14 and the oldest Faith she was 18. The last time Jim was at the farm all of the sisters tried to gang up on him and tried various ways to see Jim's penis. They had not succeeded; he had been saved by his mother and had escaped there without any damage to his modesty.

The three sisters met secretly out in the barn, Faith shushed the girl and said quietly. "Jim is coming back to the farm; he is going to be here all summer long."

"Maybe we can see him nude this time," stated Janet

"Let's put our heads together, if we do this right we can keep Jim nude all of the time. All we have to do is make some plans that will trick our mom into pulling down Jim's pant and we can all see him get spanked." said Deb.

The girls secretly made some plans for Jim; he was in for a nasty surprise.

Jim and his mom where getting close to the farm, Jim was starting to stew, he knew that the 3 sisters where going to make life miserable for him, he also knew that his Aunt Mary was a strong disciplinary woman who stood for no nonsense, he had heard rumors of bare bottom spanking and plenty of nude time for young boys who misbehaved. Jim knew he had to be on his best behavior if he was going to get through this summer unscathed. Finally Jim and his mother arrived at his aunt house. The nearest neighbor lived a mile away the farm was totally isolated. The house was a 2-story solid brick house; it must have been more than a hundred years old. There where sheep in the meadow and chickens and geese wandering around the grounds. Aunt Mary and the 3 girls where waiting for Jim and his mother and plenty of hugs and hello where exchanged. Jim was given his own room on the first floor and he slowly unpacked all of his belongings and before he knew it his mother was getting ready to go home.

"Well Jim it's time for me to go back home, remember your aunt is the boss now and you must do as she says. Your job here is to help your Aunt Mary and do as you are told." He got a big kiss from his mom who was soon off and driving away leaving him alone with his aunt and 3 cousins. Jim was feeling lonely already and he didn't notice the smirks on his cousins' faces.

"All right Jim, first we will go over some of the rules, firstly you are to stay on the first floor, and you have your own bed and toilet downstairs. You must not go upstairs; the girl's room is up there and if I see you anywhere near them you will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes Aunt Mary."

"You will also have daily chores to perform, I expect you to be at the breakfast table every morning by 7:00 a.m., do you understand?"

"Yes Aunt Mary."

"Any deviance will result in you being punished. I am a firm believer in spare the rod, spoil the child. This is your one and only warning Master Jim. I will stand for no nonsense in this house. Just because you're 15 is no reason why you won't receive a bare bottom spanking, and in this household all spankings happen where the offense is committed and in front of anyone who is peasant, do you understand that?"

"Yes Aunt Mary."

Jim's face turned beet red, he could see his cousins grinning with glee at the prospect of seeing him naked and having his bottom being spanked. All of a sudden he realized that he was getting an erection, he looked down and saw that his pants were tenting out in the front with an obvious erection. The girls started to giggle.

Janet pointed her finger and asked, "Mommy, what is that bump on Jim's pants."

"That's a naughty penis Janet; it's the type of behavior I will not tolerate. Tell me Jim, why are you being disrespectful to me and your cousins, why are you standing there with an erection?"

Jim stammered, "I, I, I don't know aunty, it just happened."

Jim thought that the jig was up, here he was just arriving and already he was going to get spanked. His knees where shaking and the 3 sisters were smiling smugly that they were going to see his penis.

"Well young man, since this is your first day I will let you off with a warning. I suggest you set your alarm for 6:30 and get ready for bed. I expect to see you bright and early tomorrow."

Jim sighed with relief. He quickly left the room and went to his bedroom, he set his alarm clock for 6:00 a.m. and then went to the bathroom. He was dismayed that there was no lock on the bathroom door, he turned his back to the door and pulled out his penis. It was still hard; Jim had to push it down so he could pee into the bowl. He was careful to pee on the sides of the bowl so there was no splashing sound.

While Jim was in the washroom Faith silently went into his room. She reset his alarm clock for 7:00 a.m. and then quickly left the room. When Jim exited the washroom he noticed that the girls where giggling to themselves, he knew something was up but he had no idea what to expect. Jim crawled into bed and tried to go to sleep. He tossed and turned for a while but he finally went to sleep.

The next thing he knew he was awakened by the sound of his alarm clock going off. He woke with a start, he was not sure where he was. It finally dawned on him that he was on the farm, he looked over to the clock and was astounded to see the time being 7:00 a.m. He raced to the toilet, had his morning pee, got dressed quickly and went out to the kitchen. He could tell that his Aunt Mary was hot under the collar. She stood tapping her foot. The three sisters where standing behind their mother, all of them with big grins on their faces. They knew they were in for their first show.

"All right young man, what did I tell you about being on time?"

Jim just stared at the floor. He was mortified, he knew that the sisters were about to get their wish.

"Janet, go to my closet and get your dad's belt that is hanging on the back of my closet."

Janet ran as fast as she could and brought back the belt. It was a wide black belt 40 inches long and 2 inches wide. Jim's stomach dropped when he saw the strap and tears started to roll down his cheeks. The 3 sisters made sure they were in the best position possible to see all of the action. "Well young man, you have earned your first spanking. I want you to take off your shirt aand hand it to Janet. Okay, now take off your shoes and socks and place them on the floor." Jim was blushing; his tears were running faster, he was so dreading the next statement. It came far too soon. "Pull down your jeans and underpants." Jim slowly took of his jeans and gave them to one of his cousins. "Can I please keep my underpants on aunty?"

"I told you the rules yesterday. Take those underpants off right now!" Jim slowly put his fingers on the elastic of his underpants and slowly pulled them down. It wasn't until his penis got caught up on the elastic that he realized he was sporting an erection. It sprang up and down and the end was leaking pre-seminal fluid. The girls ogled openly, trying to see both his penis and testicles. All they could see was the glans poking out from behind a mass of pubic hair; they were all disappointed that they could not see more.

Faith started to laugh when she saw how small Jim's penis was. "Oh my God, is that ever small," she said. Jim was blushing even more and now he was crying from both the humiliation of being nude and also from the impending pain that he was about to receive.