Eric's Humiliation

By Olga's Little Boy

Copyright 2012 by Olga's Little Boy, all rights reserved

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Eric and his friends, Bobbie and Ryan, got to the indoor swimming pool by mid afternoon and it was crowded.  They slipped into the men’s changing area, just past the women’s, and got into their swim trunks except for Eric who already came in his loose swim shorts and just had to remove his shirt and sandals.  Eric always felt a tantalizing curiosity passing the women’s side knowing females of all ages were undressing and wondered if he might ever get a peek.
He was 12 years old and his sexual hormones were starting to heat up, but he looked smaller than his 12 years and almost girlish with long blond hair in a buster brown look or sort of like a girl’s bobbed hair style. And his slim body was smooth milk white as snow with small feet.  He looked “pretty” for a boy.  The blond hair and alabaster velvety white skin came from the Swedish in his family.
By late afternoon most people had left, it was getting very cool, but Eric decided to stay longer even after his buddies went home.  He hoped to talk to Linda, a 12 year old girl he knew by sight from school who remained late chatting with some of her girl friends.  He had a bit of a crush on the pretty dark haired girl but she seemed more interested in the older boys.  She had her hair pulled back in a pony tail with a yellow one piece bathing suit that clung tightly to her young preteen body emphasizing her small budding breasts. 
There was no one left at the pool and Linda felt a little bothered by the boy who kept staring at her.  She had seen Eric at school and he looked cute but a little too juvenile and girlish for her taste.  Eric kept looking at Linda every so often while huddled a few yards away wrapped in his towel against the growing chill in the air.  
He thought about getting his courage up and talking to the girls so he could make some contact with Linda just as several older raucous boys came into the pool area.  Eric’s stomach tightened and he felt nervous as he recognized a couple of the boys he had tattled on a few days ago to the school principal.
They had spray painted some lockers in the boys gym and because of Eric they had certainly paid by having to clean up and stay late after school.  They had found out that he was the rat and determined that he would pay.  Eric knew they had a rep for being reckless and he started walking toward the exit intending to leave just as they spotted him.  Sure enough Mark, the obvious leader looked right at him and started his way with the other boys following. 
Mark wanted to humiliate Eric, especially with all the cute girls watching nearby, and he immediately grabbed Eric’s towel and yanked it away. 
“Hey, gimme back my towel,” yelled Eric.  Without the towel Eric stood in just his loose bathing shorts against the cooling late afternoon breeze and he felt vulnerable and a little scared. 
“Take it away from me Shorty” said the older boy.  The girls had turned to look at the growing commotion a few feet away and besides feeling physically vulnerable Eric now seemed the center of attention.
“Hey little girl,” taunted one of the other boys “why don’t you beg and say please and maybe you’ll get your towel back.”
“You know, he does look like a girl with long blond hair and milky skin,” said Mark as the boys surrounded Eric in a threatening manner. 
“Let’s find out! Let’s take his shorts off and see what he’s got between his legs,” yelled out one of the other boys to Eric’s utter shock and horror.  It was bad enough yelling out that they wanted to publicly strip him nude, but to have the cute girls nearby and especially Linda hear his impending plight made him blush deeply, the reddish color spreading quickly over his milk white cute face.  The other boys were mostly 14 and 15 year olds and at 12, a smallish 12 year old, Eric didn’t stand a chance. 
As the older boys grabbed the preteen and lifted him off his feet it became apparent that his fate was sealed and Linda also blushed as she imagined Eric stripped completely nude.  She had never seen a real live nude boy before and she, along with the other girls, stood nervously expecting that Eric was about to be forcibly undressed naked before their virgin but eager eyes.  She wondered nervously what he looked like, what any boy looked like between his legs.  She felt some sympathy for the hapless boy but she gave way to her sexual curiosity and a carnival, mob atmosphere had taken hold.  The lust of the moment infected her and the other girls. 
The boys noticed Eric’s obvious embarrassed reddening as they picked him up off his feet and one boy loudly exclaimed “look he’s blushing like a little virgin girl, ha!”  Eric’s embarrassment grew along with his deepening blush and he protested plaintively “no…n…… nooo, please don’t…put me down… let me go…,” as he felt himself lifted helplessly off the ground.
He wished the older boy hadn’t yelled out about his blushing since it embarrassed him even more knowing everyone could see the embarrassment on his normally snow white, now red face.  Four of the boys held him tightly by his arms and ankles as Mark approached to perform the offending act of forcibly stripping Eric’s shorts off leaving his milk white body bare nude.
Eric’s eyes opened wide in desperation and embarrassment as Mark approached realizing that in another moment he might actually be stripped nude in public, in front of the girls standing nearby watching his predicament.  He tried to kick as he struggled but the boys had foreseen that possibility by grabbing his slim white ankles when they had surrounded him earlier.
“Well little girl let’s see what you look like naked” smirked Mark as he reached for the waistband of the hapless preteen boy’s loose swim shorts. Eric’s white body twisted as he struggled and Mark lasciviously caressed his torso, to Eric’s discomfort, as he tried to hold him still to grasp the waistband of his shorts.  Linda and the other preteen girls knew they were about to see a real live nude boy and they felt excited with anticipation. 
Eric’s alabaster white body continued struggling as if he could prevent his impending nude exposure but he felt the older boy’s fingers at his waist and knew that in another moment the shorts, his only garment, would come off exposing his young boyhood penis to the excited on looking girls.
“Nnn…noo..p…please don’t” cried the hapless preteen almost in tears as he felt the waistband pull away from his lower tummy as the shorts slowly came off.  Desperately the preteen boy gave a final thrust in his struggles, enough to throw his captors off balance, fending off Mark and stop the shorts from coming off altogether but it was just a temporary reprieve as Mark yelled “hold him tight!”  The older boys jeered and made fun of Eric’s helpless desperation as they held him.  
The shorts were now at his hips exposing most of his lower smooth white abdomen.  Eric could feel his buttocks exposed.  His boyhood package was barely covered but another yank and his small penis and testicles would be exposed.  He looked around at the girls and his captors, his eyes wide in panic and embarrassed desperation knowing he could not win and he would be stripped completely nude in a moment. Linda gazed at the white expanse of Eric’s almost nude, struggling body and felt some erotic arousal, even though at her innocent age she couldn’t describe the feeling.
Mark reached for the shorts again in the commotion and tugged the garment off the preteen boy’s hips exposing his totally hairless boyhood genitals to the on lookers, boys and girls alike.  Linda gasped as she could see Eric’s small pink penis and scrotum, both looked shriveled from the cool air and the day’s swimming.  Mark continued tugging the shorts down Eric’s legs and then helped hold his ankles to get the shorts completely off and tossed wantonly aside leaving Eric’s lily white body and pink genitals completely exposed.
Eric kept blushing deeply and groaning in dismay in his hapless state.  He could almost feel the girl’s eyes on his nude body and genitals and, almost in tears, he sighed and groaned aloud as the older boys held his naked legs wide open completely exposing his hairless genitals to the girls.  His shriveled penis looked like a peanut just above his pink scrotum.  The girls could see the cleavage of his bare white ass cheeks just below his shriveled scrotum and as he struggled his pink virgin anus.  With her hands over her open mouth, Linda felt nervous and a little faint at the sight of a real live nude boy so exposed with his legs wide apart.
“Hey, Mark, you think he’s ticklish?” yelled one of the taunting boys holding one of his arms open exposing Eric’s sensitive hairless underarm.   “OOOH GOD, NOOOO…NO…PLEASE DON’T TICKLE ME...” hollered Eric when he heard the word “ticklish.”  He was extremely sensitive all over his body. 
“Yeah,” said Mark, “let’s tickle him for a while.  He’s almost crying like a baby so that’ll make him laugh instead.” Mark ran his fingers along the boy’s bare sides and ribs triggering instant involuntary laughter from the helpless preteen boy.  “HAA.HAAAA..HEE, OH P…P…PLEEASE DON’T T…T…TICKLE MEEE…P…P..PLEASE” Eric begged almost through dry tears. 
The small group of kids, the girls and young tough’s holding Eric smiled and laughed at the helpless boy’s predicament and infectious laughter.  “I’m getting tired holding him up.  Let’s lay him on the bench over there,” said one of the boys holding Eric’s leg.  “Ok, but don’t let him go, yet,” said Mark.
They laid Eric on his back on a flat bench without any back rest a short way from the pool.  The boys held his arms wide open and his legs spread apart on either side of the bench as the other two boys held his ankles tight.  Linda felt beside herself at the lily white expanse of Eric’s nude body on display with his small penis prominently sticking up about a half inch just above his pink, shriveled scrotum. 
Mark lightly ran his fingertips along the boy’s exposed hairless underarms and again Eric laughed uncontrollably and tried twisting free but the older boys held him down tightly on the bench.  As Mark continued his merciless tickling, Linda, to her delight noticed Eric’s penis growing.  “Oh, my god…he’s getting an erection,” thought the young girl. 
Sure enough, Eric could feel to his utter embarrassment, if the stripping hadn’t been embarrassing enough, that his small boy cock was getting hard and erect.  He couldn’t help it; the tickling and public exposure stimulated his preteen sexual hormones making him get an erection as he lay nude, his milk white virginal body completely exposed to the kids tormenting him. 
As Mark continued tickling the helpless boy, he also noticed Eric’s boy cock rising and said aloud for all to hear including the girls to Eric’s eternal embarrassment, “he’s getting a hard on!  He likes getting ticked.  I’ll keep tickling him some more!”  Mark came down to Eric’s small girlish feet and stroked his finger along the soles of the helpless boy’s feet as Eric involuntarily laughed without control and struggled on the bench.  Linda, her eyes wide in a lascivious aroused trance, noticed the boy’s pink shiny glans as it peeked out from his foreskin.  
Eric’s small boy cock erection seemed less than four inches at most and bobbed about against his lower abdomen as the boy struggled against Mark’s tickling fingers.  “His cock is pretty tiny,” said one of the boys’s holding him down further degrading the helpless preteen boy.   
As if his humiliation at being stripped in front of Linda and the other girls and boys, and then the tickle torture and his boy cock becoming completely erect in full public view, Eric could feel another growing discomfort threatening further complete humiliation.  He hadn’t gone to the bathroom for some time and his bladder felt uncomfortably full.  He knew to his utter dismay that if Mark kept tickling him he would lose bladder control and pee all over himself in front of everyone.
He begged his tormentors to stop but he could barely get the words out through his uncontrollable laughter and heavy breathing.  “P…P…P…PLEEEASE…NO MORE…NO MORE…I…I…H…H…HAV…HAVE TO PEEEEE!” He yelled almost without thinking.  Maybe if he yelled that he needed to pee they might let up. 
“Hey, that’ll be a sight.  Let’s tickle him ‘til he pees!” one boy yelled out in glee.  “NOOO…NO..N…NOOOO..P…P..PLEEEASE…,” hollered the tormented nude boy, almost through tears, trying desperately to hold his pee and keep from laughing while Mark, without mercy, stroked the smooth bare soles of his small feet.  One of the other boys also lightly stroked Eric’s hairless exposed underarms adding to his tickle torment while the nude preteen boy writhed on the bench.
At one point Mark reached up and tickled the nude boy around his upper thigh and his exposed buttocks, sometimes lightly fingering his pink scrotum, knowing that it would increase the boy’s tension to hold in his pee.  Linda gulped with arousal as she saw Mark’s lascivious tickling of the nude boy’s exposed buttocks and genitals. 
“AAAHHA…HA…OOOH…HOO” cried the helpless boy as he twisted as struggled to contain his full bladder and the relentless tickling fingers all over his smooth naked body.  Suddenly he felt that he could no longer hold the pee in his bladder and he felt a squirt emerge from the tip of his penis and wet his abdomen as it fell warmly against his naked body.
“Look!  Look he’s peeing himself,” yelled Mark as another squirt of pee shot suddenly out of the boy’s erect penis.  Then Eric, with embarrassed dismay, felt his bladder almost burst as his pee squirted out of his penis in a scattered stream as he struggled, his penis bobbing about spraying the warm pee all over his nude body.
He could hear the girls giggling and laughing with undisguised glee and sexual curiosity while the boys taunted him as he disgraced himself further by peeing in public.  Linda would never forget her first close up view of a naked boy’s genitals and thought about the bizarre sexually charged incident often as her girlish sexuality overwhelmed her growing body especially while she lay in her room alone at night.   

(The End)